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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 22, 2010 on B&B
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Monday, November 22, 2010

In the limo, Liam grew agitated with the disguised Amber, who claimed that her instincts had gotten them lost. "Well, get found. I've got to be at that party," Liam insisted. She asked if he had a map, and he reached for his phone to use in figuring out where they were. When he couldn't find it, he guessed that he'd left it at home. Liam asked Amber for her phone, but in her thick Russian accent, she claimed that she couldn't afford one.

Amber offered to take Liam somewhere more fun, like to see the Hollywood sign, but he implored her to figure out where they were, because he couldn't miss his girlfriend's special night. He explained that he and Hope hadn't been spending enough time together, and Hope was a sweet, understanding person. Amber thought he could do better than Hope, and Amber suggested that he try her cousin, who needed a green card.

Liam recognized a street, but Amber turned in the wrong direction. The car "ran out of gas," and Liam grimaced. She said they could walk to a gas station; however, Liam gave her money to buy a phone and gas, and he hopped out of the limo.

At home, Bill made another crack about Liam becoming a ladies' man, but Katie asserted that Liam was happy with Hope. Donna asked if Bill had a problem with Hope. Bill didn't; however, he thought Liam and Hope were too young to be in love. Hope called and asked Katie where Liam was. Katie had assumed that he'd headed straight to the party, but she asked Hope not to worry, because Liam probably had a good excuse for being late.

After the call, Bill contacted his car service and found out that his original house pickup had been canceled. He requested a car for Donna, and to Katie and Donna, he guessed that Liam had preferred a cab to a pretentious limo.

Donna left, and Katie and Bill kissed on the sofa until his phone chimed. She hoped that it was Liam; however, Bill checked it to discover that Jarrett had forwarded him some "lame email." Next, Donna called to ask if she should tip Joe, the driver. She also wanted to give Joe her phone number. Katie asked Bill if Joe were seeing anyone. "Yes. Lance," Bill replied. Katie advised Donna not to do it, and once the call ended, Bill and Katie resumed kissing.

At Hope's party, Hope left another message for Liam. Madison assured Hope that Liam would show up. As Hope waited for him, she stole a glass of wine off a drink tray and sneaked a few sips. She received a text message from Steffy, who congratulated her on the party. Hope guessed that Steffy would love to know that Liam had stood Hope up. Hope drank more wine and pulled Oliver onto the dance floor.

Rick grabbed everyone's attention so that Hope could speak to the crowd. She thanked everyone for taking the time to spend the evening with her. She said it was times like that when she learned who really cared. She became teary-eyed as she thanked everyone for showing up.

The party resumed, and Oliver received a call from Amber. She said she'd detained Liam for as long as possible; however, Liam was running down the canyon as they spoke. "You don't want to know," Amber added and suggested that Oliver get Hope out of there.

Oliver found a sulking Hope, who just wanted to go home after Liam had stood her up. Oliver saw Madison and Thomas kissing on the dance floor and noted that Madison wouldn't be leaving soon. Oliver offered to give Hope a ride home, but he had to get his car from his house first. Hope didn't mind joining him on the short walk to his place, and the two left together.

Later, Liam trekked through the canyon and rushed into the party, covered in dirt. He asked Marcus where Hope was. Marcus looked at the frantic Liam as if he were crazy, but directed him to speak to Madison. Madison and Thomas informed Liam that Hope and Oliver had gone to Oliver's house, and Liam bolted out the side door.

When Hope and Oliver arrived at Oliver's house, he grabbed his keys and headed back toward the door. Hope, however, took a seat and asked for water-or something stronger. He got her some water because she was under-aged. She fumed about Liam being a no-show, but Oliver was glad about it. Scooting closer to her, he said everything happened for a reason.

Hope uttered that Oliver was supposed to take her home. He asked if she really wanted him to, but she replied that she didn't know. Oliver noted that she'd planned to celebrate her success with people who cared about her; however, no one cared about her more than he did. He asked her to spend the night with him.

Oliver placed Hope's hand on his heart and asked her to look into his eyes. As she did, he kissed her and expressed his deep love for her. He said that he was her first love, and he wanted to be her first lover. Hope seemed enthralled as he stated that he wanted to make love to her that night. Oliver kissed her, and she kissed him back. She sighed as he planted kisses along her neck.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

by Pam

At Oliver's house, Hope and Oliver made out, and Oliver told Hope that he would always love her. He wanted to become her first lover, not just her first love. He kissed her again and again. Hope admitted that she still had feelings for Oliver, but she hadn't been convinced to dump Liam.

Oliver kept the pressure up and reminded Hope that Liam had let her down on her biggest night. Oliver rubbed it in that Liam had left Hope all alone at her own party. Hope agreed, but Liam burst in the door, and said that he'd known Oliver would try to take advantage of Hope.

Oliver calmly told Liam to leave because he and Hope were involved. Liam, filthy and disheveled, explained that his limo driver had been lost and then had run out of gas. Liam said that he had lost his cell phone and had been unable call Hope earlier to explain. Oliver reminded Liam that he had entered Oliver's home uninvited. Hope seemed disinterested, but Liam insisted that he needed to speak to her alone.

Hope agreed and told Oliver that they would leave, but Oliver said that they could talk in private on his patio. After Hope and Liam stepped outside, Oliver talked to Amber on the phone. Amber told Oliver that her plan had failed because she had never expected that Liam would take off on foot to find Hope. Amber pressured Oliver to fight for his girl.

Outside, Liam explained to Hope that he'd had to run from the stranded, out-of-gas limo to Bikini Beach. When he arrived, he had discovered that Hope had left with Oliver. Then, Liam had run to Oliver's house to find Hope. Liam added that he had run through the dark with coyotes on the loose.

Hope argued that it had been an important night for her, and Liam had let her down. She explained that it had been embarrassing when she sat alone at her party. Liam apologized, and Hope said that they hadn't seen much of each other. She wondered if he really wanted her as a girlfriend.

Liam said that Hope had fallen into a trap that Oliver had set. Liam had been disappointed that because he had failed to arrive at her party, she had taken off with Oliver. Hope admitted that she had been angry with Liam and that had been the reason that she had ended up in Oliver's arms. After Liam apologized numerous times, he wondered if Hope still cared for him. Hope said that she did. They kissed and made up. Inside, Oliver watched.

At Nick's office at Jackie M, Aggie and Nick made out on his desk. Aggie wondered if she should lock the door, but Nick assured her that no one would enter the executive floors of the building at night. Their kissing cooled off as Nick mentioned his mother and that he missed working with her.

Aggie and Nick agreed that they both missed working with Jackie and Stephanie. They concurred that when Jackie and Stephanie were on board, Jackie M had been a true competitor of Forrester Creations. They wanted that team atmosphere to return.

Jackie burst into the office and shouted that she had been exiled long enough. She reminded her son that her name remained on the building, and she wanted to know what had been going on. Owen and Whip followed Jackie into the office. Jackie wondered about the new line that Amber had designed, but Nick explained that the new line had gone defunct because Amber had stolen it from Forrester.

Nick said that he had hoped that Brooke could keep Amber's criminal activity out of the press and out of the courtroom. Nick told Jackie that Jackie M needed a new line quickly. Jackie said that they needed to rally together like they always had in the past at Jackie M. She announced that she and Owen were returning to work, and Nick needed Bridget to return as head designer.

Jackie knew that Nick had fired everyone in anger, but it had become time to circle the wagons. Jackie reminded Nick that Jackie M had loyal customers and no matter what scandal Jackie M had, Forrester had plenty more on its plate.

Jackie begged Nick to respect her marriage to Owen and their non-traditional family. Jackie added that she knew Nick despised the way that Owen, Bridget, and Jackie had bonded over Logan, but he had to get over it.

Owen apologetically begged Nick to understand that he loved Jackie with all his heart. Owen acknowledged that his affair with Bridget had hurt everyone, but he added that Logan's personality could soften anyone. Owen appealed to Nick's softer side when he described Logan's smiles at hearing Jackie's stories of Nick's days on the high seas. Owen added that Bridget calmed Logan at night when she sang him to sleep. Owen told Nick that he hoped that one day Nick would meet Logan.

Nick agreed that they all had to return to work. Nick told Whip to prepare a press release that Jackie, Whip, and Bridget would return to the business. Jackie insisted that Nick and Owen embrace or shake hands. Owen prepared for a hug, but Nick settled on a handshake.

Later, when they were alone, Owen and Jackie promised to stay together forever, and they kissed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Taylor, Stephanie, and Thomas chatted about Stephanie's Gamma Knife surgery. Brooke entered and asked why Stephanie had summoned her to a meeting. Stephanie said that she had wanted everyone to get together to resolve the issues that revolved around the "Taboo" line.

Thomas reminded everyone that it had been nothing more than a publicity stunt, but Stephanie gently reminded her grandson that it had consequences for the family -- embarrassing consequences. Taylor stood up and laid into Brooke for her behavior that included flirting with every man Brooke had ever worked with. Thomas argued that it had been his idea, and that it had garnered global press for the new Men's Line. Stephanie flat-out told Thomas that the stunt had been in poor taste.

Thomas insisted that it had been a stunt. He pointedly told his mother and grandmother that he had no romantic feelings for Brooke and had not planned to fall "under her spell." Thomas added that he had grown tired of Taylor and Stephanie trying to make the kiss something more than it had been.

Taylor argued that Thomas needed to stop worrying about publicity and remember that decency and class were important in business. Thomas seemed disgusted. He announced that he had to leave for a meeting at Forrester. He left.

Taylor refused to let up. She laid into Brooke for the name "Taboo" and ridiculed Brooke's career. Stephanie said that she hadn't been convinced that the line had been a good idea. Brooke reminded everyone that Ridge had already approved the line. Brooke informed Taylor that her worries about Brooke casting a spell over Thomas were ludicrous.

Taylor shouted that every time Brooke worked with a man, Brooke had a relationship with the man. Brooke reminded Stephanie and Taylor that she worked with countless men on a daily basis and had no relationships with them. Taylor begged Stephanie to side with her against the new line.

Brooke tried to appeal to Stephanie's sense of reason. Brooke reminded Stephanie and Taylor that Thomas needed to build his own career and a name for himself at Forrester. He had done that with "Taboo." Brooke warned Taylor that she needed to support Thomas rather than fight him.

Brooke told Taylor that supporting the line would mend Taylor and Thomas' relationship. Taylor disagreed, but Brooke appealed to Stephanie. Brooke asked Stephanie to see the line as a new career for Thomas. Brooke reiterated that nothing would ever happen between Brooke and Thomas. Brooke begged Stephanie to acknowledge that there should not have been any concern that Brooke's working with Thomas would result in anything more than a successful line.

At Bill and Katie's house, Liam related the nightmare evening he had experienced at the hands of a Russian limo driver that he had assumed worked for Spencer as a limo driver. Bill said that something had gone terribly wrong because the limo service had told Bill that Liam had canceled the limo. Liam said that he had never canceled the driver.

Liam related that the driver had taken him everywhere but to Hope's party. Then, Liam added that the driver had run out of gas. Liam said that he'd had to set out on foot to get to Bikini Beach, but he had missed Hope. Liam told his dad and Katie that Hope had left with Oliver. Liam added that he had needed to run to Oliver's place, and had interrupted Oliver trying to make moves on Hope.

Bill wondered if Liam had "kicked Oliver's ass and dumped Hope." Liam said that he had spent part of the night apologizing to Hope and making up with her. Bill seemed insulted that Oliver had been stealing Liam's girl and Liam had let it happen. Bill seemed even more insulted that Liam's girlfriend had been two-timing him.

Liam told his dad that he loved Hope. Liam added that he needed to take the day off so that he could spend time with Hope. Bill angrily told Liam that he had important meetings to attend, but Liam said that he had been working night and day and needed to remind his girlfriend that he loved her. Liam told Bill that Bill could handle the meetings, and Liam left.

Bill angrily muttered that Liam had been wrapped around Hope's little finger. Bill told Katie that he wanted to re-check the DNA test on his kid. Katie told Bill that Liam seemed to be "the best part of him." Bill said Liam had been pathetic. Katie reminded Bill that Liam loved a Logan just like her. Katie teased that she would take his mind off Liam, and she kissed him. Bill seemed disinterested. Katie walked away, but Bill grabbed her and kissed her. "You Logan women," Bill said.

At Oliver's house, Amber and Oliver shared coffee in the kitchen, and Oliver reminded Amber that her plan had failed. Amber said it had proven that Hope still loved Oliver. Oliver agreed that he and Hope had reconnected before Liam had arrived. Amber promised that Oliver would soon have Hope all to himself. Oliver said that he had to leave because he would be handling a photo shoot, and the photos were of Hope. Amber advised Oliver to work his magic on Hope.

At Forrester, Ridge and Hope talked about Hope's party. Hope said that it had not turned out like she had planned. Hope recounted Liam's excuse for missing the party and how upset she had been that Liam had never made it to the party. Ridge wondered if she believed his ridiculous story, but Hope explained that Liam had no reason to lie. Hope admitted that she had gone to Oliver's house after the party. She said that Liam had been working too hard, and Ridge guessed that Hope wanted Liam to spend more time with her.

Models entered, and Ridge focused on the models after Hope left. Thomas entered, and he caught the attention of the models. Ridge reminded the girls that he needed them to change into bathing suits, but the models had focused all their attention on Thomas, who flirted with them. The models left.

Thomas told his father about the meeting at Stephanie's house. Ridge wondered what had happened, and he worried that going ahead with "Taboo" might cause another rift between Brooke and Stephanie. Thomas hoped that Stephanie would be the voice of reason and realize what it meant to the company. Ridge hoped that the new line didn't tear Stephanie and Brooke apart.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Oliver handled camera duties for the photo shoot and asked Hope to give him her best "come hither" look. Hope had found it funny, and Oliver took the opportunity to invite her to dinner with him. Hope reminded Oliver that they were just friends. She left to change outfits, and when she returned, Oliver reminded her that they had reconnected the previous night. Before Hope could answer, Liam entered, and he whisked Hope away and kissed her passionately.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not air a new episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, the entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted -- and no new episode of The Bold and the Beautiful was aired. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 29, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 24 episode concluded.

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