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Monday, December 6, 2010

At Oliver's house, Oliver feigned innocence, but Bill reasoned that it didn't take a genius to figure out that Oliver had derailed Liam and Hope the night of the party. "Nicely done," Bill applauded. Confused, Oliver apologized for the stunt and promised never to do it again. "You are going to do it again; only next time, you're going to be much more successful," Bill said.

Oliver reminded Bill that Liam was enamored with Hope. Bill responded that Oliver, who was Hope's first love, should be the first to score with her. At Oliver's stunned look, Bill said he'd assumed that since Oliver had "nailed" Brooke, Oliver possessed enough "mojo" to take care of her daughter, too. "Wow, you are offensive," Oliver replied.

Oliver guessed that Bill didn't like Hope; however, Bill said he'd like for Liam to settle down with someone like Hope - in about 20 more years. Bill wanted Liam to toughen up, and that couldn't happen if Liam continued to be Hope's little puppy. In Bill's view, Bill Spencer III should be bedding a different girl every night, not chasing one who couldn't decide whether or not to put out. "I'm gonna leave the finger-crossing to you," Bill decided.

Bill raved that Oliver's chances with Hope had just dramatically improved. Oliver, however, asserted that he'd get Hope on his own, and he definitely wouldn't scheme with Bill.

In town, Liam took Hope to a vacant apartment, and she joked about it being a creepy date location. Liam flashed some keys and said, "Welcome to my home." They discussed what a slob he and his last three roommates had been at his old place. Liam offered to let her keep a toothbrush at the new place in case she spent the night, and they shyly stared at each other.

Liam and Hope ordered takeout and ate by candlelight on a floor pallet. Remarking on the exciting changes in his life, Hope asked him not to forget that he was "Liam Cooper." He claimed he knew that, but he might consider becoming "Liam Spencer" in the future. She urged him to get to know his father better first, and Liam admitted that he was enjoying watching Bill figure out what was best for "his son." Liam was sure that, deep down, Bill respected that Hope was the girl for Liam.

In her bedroom, Taylor admired her wedding photo, but suddenly had flashes of her first wedding and honeymoon with Ridge. She tried to snap out of it, but her mind reverted to making love to Ridge in that same bedroom, and she recalled him saying he'd take flight straight to her.

At home, Ridge worked on his laptop in the bedroom, and Brooke was aroused by the thought of all the "gigabytes and hard drives at his beck and call." She lured him to bed and advised him to hit "file and save" because he'd be busy for the next few hours.

After Ridge and Brooke made love, Taylor called to see if Ridge had read an email from Steffy. Taylor expressed her pride in Steffy, and Ridge remarked that their daughter was just as beautiful and talented as her mother. Brooke rolled her eyes, but Taylor blushed on the other end of the line. Taylor thanked him for visiting earlier, and he said they could talk more the next day.

Once Ridge ended the call, he wondered what was wrong with Brooke. "You seem awfully chummy with Taylor," Brooke bitterly noted. He claimed that he and Taylor sometimes needed to discuss things as parents. Brooke stated that she understood; she just hoped Taylor remembered that Taylor was married to Whip, not Ridge.

As Ridge checked his email, Brooke asked how Steffy had reacted to "the kiss." Brooke was surprised to hear that Steffy was promoting the new lines without making catty comments, as Steffy's "beautiful and talented mother" had trained her to do. Brooke reasoned that though Taylor had simmered down, no one knew how long it'd last. Ridge claimed that Taylor knew nothing would happen between Brooke and Thomas, and Ridge admitted to telling Taylor that his marriage would end if anything did happen.

Brooke was outraged that Ridge had told Taylor such a thing, but he said it wasn't anything that he hadn't already said to Brooke. "Come on, Sweetheart, after all these years, she is the other great love of my life," Ridge remarked, and Brooke scoffed. Brooke complained that Ridge had told Taylor just the thing she'd been waiting to hear. Brooke was sure that Taylor would be watching like a hawk for any mistake, so she could guilt Ridge into keeping his word.

Ridge hadn't meant to upset Brooke, because he was confident that nothing would happen with her and Thomas. "She's gonna think about it, you know," Brooke warned. Certain that Taylor would contemplate a life with Ridge, Brooke guessed that Taylor was probably thinking of him at that very moment. Ridge assured Brooke that the Forresters and the Joneses were happily married couples, and Taylor had probably forgotten what he'd said.

Brooke hoped that he was right and that Taylor had gotten over him. Ridge joking said they should face that no one could completely get over someone as fabulous as he was. As they hugged, Brooke said that he shouldn't put notions in Taylor's head. "I know how a woman thinks - especially her," Brooke pointedly said.

Back in Taylor's bedroom, Taylor pulled out some lingerie to wear for Whip. Her mind flashed to the "man and horse" pronouncement at her last wedding to Ridge. She murmured that things would have been different if Brooke hadn't crashed the ceremony.

Whip entered, and upon seeing the lingerie, he guessed that she'd been thinking about him. Taylor reacted coyly to her husband. Laying her on the bed, Whip decided that the lingerie wasn't needed, because he'd just take it off anyway. As they made love, images of Ridge flashed through Taylor's mind. Succumbing to her fantasies, Taylor cried out, "Oh, yeah, Ridge...Oh, Ridge!" Whip pulled away and stared incredulously at her.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

by Pam

In Taylor's bedroom, Taylor called Whip by Ridge's name during a lovemaking session. Whip was insulted and got out of bed. Taylor apologized. "It didn't mean anything," she said. Quietly and angrily, Whip told her not to insult him any further by lying to him.

Taylor blubbered that she'd had a life with Ridge at one time, and they had constantly disagreed recently. She and Ridge had finally reconnected and agreed on how to deal with Thomas, and she had been relieved.

Taylor added that she had many memories of Ridge in her house with their kids. It had been some of the happiest times of her life. She said that she had felt safe then, and she had felt that same feeling of love and safety in Whip's arms. It had returned those feelings of safety that she'd had so many years before.

Taylor told Whip that she loved him, but a part of her would always love Ridge and her past life. She explained that people could have different kinds of love for the people who had been part of their lives.

Whip remained unconvinced. Whip said that he knew that Taylor and Ridge had spent a lot of time together recently talking about their kids and the scandal with Thomas. He understood that, and he understood that she'd had a life with Ridge before Whip showed up.

Whip said that he couldn't appreciate her feelings because he had never really had a marriage or children. He told Taylor that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He loved her, but he reminded her that he had wanted to be reassured that she was over Ridge before they had married.

Whip was concerned because he believed that Taylor was thinking of Ridge touching her rather than Whip. Taylor disagreed and said that she wanted only Whip. "I love you," she said. "You." She added that their marriage was everything she had hoped it would be. Whip wanted to be first in her life, and he thanked her for sharing her feelings. They kissed and promised each other to move on. Taylor cried and hugged Whip tightly, but Whip was clearly hurt and insulted.

At Oliver's beach house, Bill told Oliver that if he wanted to be with Hope, he should have gone after her. Oliver didn't trust Bill, and suggested that Bill leave. Bill promised his help. Oliver said that he planned to tell Hope and Liam about their conversation. Bill warned Oliver that making foolish threats only angered him. Bill philosophized about how to successfully get everything that Oliver wanted in life. Oliver wondered why Bill wanted to sabotage Hope and Liam's relationship.

Bill said that he wanted Liam to concentrate on work and not on Hope. Bill added that Oliver should be grateful rather than asking questions and making threats. Bill reminded Oliver that Oliver had hired a phony limo driver to keep Liam from Hope's party. "What if Hope found out about that?" Bill asked.

Bill chattered on about how he knew what was best for Liam and that Oliver should be happy that Bill was willing to help Oliver get what he had wanted so badly -- another chance with Hope. Oliver wondered how Bill planned to accomplish that.

Bill arrogantly told Oliver that he had plenty of power. Bill called Liam and told him to be at the office very early the next day. After he had hung up, Bill told Oliver that Liam was with Hope. Oliver wondered how Bill knew that, but Bill said that he just knew.

Bill explained to Oliver that Liam would be very distracted and busy with work for a while. Hope would have a lot of free time on her hands. Bill said that he would be in touch with Oliver, and he left.

Outside, Amber had listened to the entire conversation. After Bill left, Amber entered. Oliver explained that Bill had connected the limo scam to Oliver with a credit card receipt.

Amber reminded Oliver that Bill had offered to help him get back with Hope. Oliver didn't want to be dishonest about getting Hope back in his life. Amber said that Oliver wasn't doing anything wrong. Amber promised that Hope and Liam wouldn't be together long because Hope and Oliver were meant to be together. At Liam's new empty apartment, Hope and Liam ate by candlelight. Hope suggested that mirrors would brighten the place up and Liam joked that he could put them on the ceiling.

Hope didn't think it was funny. She said that she had known that Liam had been with other girls, but she had never been with anyone else. They promised to make lovemaking a mutual decision.

Hope smiled and said that she looked forward to spending more time with Liam at his new apartment. Hope said that she felt "at home" at his new place. Liam and Hope said that they loved each other, and they made out.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

by Pam

At an outdoor café, Brooke wrapped up an interview with a reporter, and Whip overheard it. He asked Brooke if coverage from People or Newsweek was next. Brooke admitted that the new line had gained a lot of coverage for Forrester. Whip commented that it was all due to Brooke, who looked younger than her daughter did. He added that the entire world had been talking about the campaign because of Brooke and not because of Thomas.

Brooke was flattered. She asked Whip how his job and marriage were going. Whip covered and said that everything was fine. He asked about Brooke and Ridge, and Brooke said that they were madly in love, as always.

Whip conceded that the house was becoming a problem for Whip and Taylor, and they were planning to move. Brooke acknowledged that Taylor had raised her children in that house, but Whip pointed out that she had raised them in the house with Ridge. Brooke wondered if that had become a problem, and Whip related that an incident had caused some trouble.

Whip refused to disclose it because it had to stay between husband and wife, but Brooke noted that it involved Ridge. Whip said that Taylor had been thinking a lot about Ridge and it had brought up a lot of old memories. He added that those memories had become oppressive for an outsider. Brooke agreed that moving might be a good idea. Whip worried that the house might not be the only problem. Brooke grabbed his hand.

At Forrester, Jarrett interviewed Thomas, Ridge, and Taylor about the "Taboo" line and Brio shot photos. Jarrett said that Thomas was the next generation of a legacy fashion house. "The glory days are back at Forrester," Jarrett said.

Jarrett assumed that Taylor and Ridge were proud of their son's creativity. Jarrett said that even the Europeans were talking about the campaign. Thomas agreed and said that it was "cutting-edge with a sense of humor."

Ridge asked if the family photo would be a front-page story, and Jarrett confirmed that it would. Jarrett congratulated Thomas for appearing on the cover of Eye on Fashion twice in one month. Thomas thanked Jarrett and said that he had another reporter waiting in his office. Thomas said that he had an interview with a TV station. Jarrett said that he understood, and he left.

Taylor and Ridge were impressed that Thomas had a TV interview, but Thomas related that he had only used it as a ploy to prove that the "Taboo" line was getting a lot of media attention. Taylor stated that she was uncomfortable with the way he had been promoting "Taboo." Thomas rolled his eyes and wondered why Taylor still disliked that Brooke had worked on the campaign.

Taylor said that she was impressed with how gifted Thomas was and that he deserved great success. She added that Thomas and Ridge were great together, and they were the most important part of her life.

Ridge pointed out that Thomas had gotten the best of both of his parents. Ridge said that most if it was from Taylor. Thomas laughed and said that it was nice to see that his parents had maintained a friendship after everything that had happened. Ridge said that he would always love Taylor, the woman who had created Thomas and his sisters. Thomas exited.

Ridge wondered why Taylor was still mistrustful of Brooke. Taylor said that she was trying to change, but she felt that Ridge was naïve. Ridge called Taylor "Doc," and then apologized because she had asked him not to do it anymore. Taylor smiled and said that it was okay, and she had actually missed the nickname. Ridge agreed and hugged Taylor. He reminded her that she could trust Brooke. Taylor disagreed.

Taylor confided that Whip was dealing with the fallout of the success of "Taboo," and that it was hurting Jackie M. Taylor wished that Whip could have some of the success that Forrester had. Ridge encouraged Taylor to find Whip and cheer him up.

Taylor shared that they'd had an argument, and Ridge asked what had happened. Taylor said that she could not discuss it with Ridge, but Ridge pressed her to tell him because they had always been able to talk about everything. She embarrassingly admitted that she called out Ridge's name while making love to Whip.

Ridge burst into laughter. "Oh, my God, Taylor, you didn't," he said laughing. Taylor smiled and said that it had been weird. Suddenly, Ridge stopped laughing after Whip appeared in the doorway. Taylor turned, and Whip angrily stared at Ridge and Taylor.

Bill called Oliver and reminded him that they had a deal. Bill expected Oliver to get under Hope's skin. Oliver didn't like Bill's suggestions, and did not want any part of doing something underhanded to get Hope back. Bill warned Oliver that Hope wouldn't like hearing about Oliver's limo plan. Oliver hung up on Bill, and Bill started to curse at Oliver, but Liam entered.

Liam asked his father if their meeting was about a bad review of Liam's work. Bill told Liam to relax and have a seat. Bill reminded his son that someday the office would be passed from Bill to Liam. Bill wanted Liam to focus on his career for a year or so. It had to become his number one priority. Liam wondered if Bill was trying to tell him something more. "I'm saying that you are seeing too much of Hope Logan," Bill said.

Liam disagreed and insisted that he was in love. Bill argued that Liam was too young to be serious. Bill told Liam that he was training for a position of enormous responsibility. "Take advantage of being Bill Spencer III," Bill said. Bill encouraged Liam to travel and added that Liam could not be committed to one woman while he was traveling.

At Oliver's, Hope entered for a photo shoot. Hope told Oliver that he made photo sessions easy because she could relax with him. Oliver asked if he still had a chance with Hope, and Hope said that she was still attracted to him, but she refused to date two guys. Oliver suggested that she dump Liam. Hope said that she was committed to Liam. Oliver told Hope that he had never stopped loving her.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Bill's office, Bill received a call from Oliver, who said he was giving his first and only update on Hope, because Hope and Liam were solid. Bill advised Oliver to hang in there. After the call, Liam entered and wondered why he'd been summoned back to the office.

Katie strode in, and Bill said she was just in time to hear his plans for his son's future. "It's time to introduce our new generation reader to our new generation leader," Bill announced. Liam chuckled, but gulped upon realizing that Bill was referring to Liam. Announcing his desire to unveil his son to the world, Bill crowned Liam the new face of Spencer Publications. Bill said he was entrusting Liam with the company's reputation, and nothing was more sacred.

Bill instructed Katie to hire an image consultant and asked how Liam felt about adventure sports. Liam didn't consider himself a daredevil, but Bill stated that, as the crown prince of Spencer Publications, Liam would become every man's envy and every woman's desire. "Starting today, son, you're the second most exciting, badass dude on the planet," Bill declared.

Liam figured he'd never be "Prince William, Cliff-Diving Man of the World," but Bill said it was about creating an exciting persona for their audience. "So no more gushing about the girlfriend," Bill ordered. Katie agreed that Liam should keep his private life private, as long as he remembered that commitment was a sexy trait for a man to have. She kissed Bill and left.

Liam insisted that he wasn't a playboy. Bill, however, stated that it was about image, and Liam would become the hottest guy on the planet. Liam chuckled, unable to fathom it. Bill boasted that Liam had it in him because Liam had the hippest dad on the planet. Bill said Liam's name was on the building, and Liam belonged there next to his "old man."

Liam figured he'd have to become a younger version of Bill. Bill said he understood Liam's apprehensiveness, because Bill had spent a lifetime battling not to become like his own father. Liam claimed he didn't feel that way -- anymore. Bill implored Liam to help, because Bill needed his son. Liam responded that he needed Bill, too.

Liam hadn't ever thought he'd need a father, but after his mother had died, he'd realized that he was alone. "Well, you're not alone now," Bill said. The men shook hands, and Bill pronounced Liam the new face of Spencer Publications. "I'm honored," Liam replied.

In Ridge's office, Whip was outraged that Taylor had divulged the details of their sex life to Ridge. Taylor asked Ridge to give her and Whip some time alone. Before leaving, Ridge suggested that Whip go easy on Taylor, because she already felt bad about the situation.

Backstage in the Forrester showroom, Thorne and Oliver conducted a "Taboo" photo shoot with Thomas and Brooke. Oliver created a seductive scene by photographing Brooke removing Thomas' shirt. "Whoa, whoa! What is this?" Ridge complained upon entering.

Ridge ordered the shoot to stop, because it was inappropriate, but Thomas claimed that the campaign was designed to hint that more was brewing behind the Forrester scenes. Ridge said they had to walk a fine line without going too far. "And this is going too far," he decided.

Ridge asked what Thorne had been thinking to let it go on, but Thorne said it was Ridge's idea. As they contemplated rethinking the concept, Thomas reminded them that the showing was that evening. Brooke sent Thomas off to brainstorm ideas, and after everyone left Brooke and Ridge alone, Ridge warned that one wrong move could land them in dicey territory.

Though sales were good, Ridge still thought there was something inherently wrong with the idea of her and his son. Brooke said she and Thomas weren't related by blood, and there was nothing going on between them. Ridge, however, wasn't sure about the campaign anymore. Brooke said they'd rethink things after the showing, and she'd do whatever he wanted.

Back in Ridge's office, Taylor squirmed as Whip demanded to know why she'd reveal their intimate life to Ridge. Shrugging, she said she and Ridge just shared things with each other. Whip guessed that Ridge didn't "just share" what was going on in his and Brooke's bedroom. Taylor claimed she'd just wanted to show Ridge that "Taboo" was a major preoccupation for her. Whip quipped that she'd wanted to show Ridge that Ridge was her major preoccupation.

Taylor doubted Whip really thought that about her, but he said he didn't know what to think. Whip figured Taylor had never set boundaries with Ridge, but Whip insisted that their marriage was sovereign territory. Taylor said she hadn't meant to embarrass Whip, but she was sure she'd embarrassed herself by continually putting her foot in her mouth. "The man laughed. You told him the most intimate details of our relationship, Taylor, and he laughed!" Whip raged.

Taylor suggested that they not talk at Forrester. "Oh -- oh, now you want everything private?" Whip asked. Taylor guessed she'd deserved that, but she swore that her problem was "Taboo," not Ridge. Whip didn't buy it. He suspected that she'd wanted Ridge to know that she'd been thinking about him during sex. Whip said he'd warned Taylor that their marriage wouldn't work unless she put Ridge behind her. "And you haven't done that," Whip declared.

Stomping out of the office, Whip passed Ridge, who then asked Taylor what had happened. She huffed that Whip had walked out on her, but Ridge figured Whip would cool off. She said she couldn't discuss her marriage with Ridge anymore, and Ridge said he'd respect that.

Oliver entered to say he'd deleted the photos from the earlier shoot. Before exiting, he handed Ridge the only remaining hardcopy photos. Grimacing at the risqué photos, Ridge said he'd called off the "Taboo" shoot earlier because it had seemed inappropriate. Taylor insisted upon viewing the photos, and she exploded in anger upon seeing the provocative poses.

Ridge assured Taylor that they'd tone it down and that Brooke knew it'd be over if she crossed the line with Thomas. Asserting that Brooke had no judgment, Taylor asked what would happen if Ridge weren't around to stop the next inappropriate act. He said their son was a grown man, and the campaign was under control. Taylor claimed to be terrified for Thomas, but Ridge promised not to let anything happen. As they embraced, Whip watched from the doorway.

Friday, December 10, 2010

At Nick's house, Aggie anxiously prepared the perfect dinner for Nick, Jackie, and Owen. Praising Aggie's efforts, Nick said not to worry about Jackie's approval, because he liked everything about Aggie. Jackie and Owen arrived, and Jackie smelled the aroma of her favorite dishes wafting through the house. "I did a little research," Aggie bashfully responded.

Nick noted that Jackie was dressed to impress, and Jackie said she'd felt like dolling herself up upon learning that Forrester was hosting yet another fashion show. After chatting about the food, Jackie decided to get down to business. The foursome realized they faced tough times ahead without a lead designer. Owen mentioned that Forrester was turning up the heat by presenting their new lines again. Unable to figure out why Ridge had let the Thomas and Brooke incident slide, Nick said the Forrester family was vying to be "more twisted than ours."

After dinner, Nick proposed a toast. He hadn't thought it was possible for them to gather together without a food fight, and he thanked Aggie for making the evening possible. Nick also toasted to the Jackie M family. He said if they stuck together, they'd persevere and overcome.

At Forrester, Whip stewed silently in the doorway as he spied on Taylor and Ridge's hug. Taylor fretted about Thomas and Brooke, but Ridge said he couldn't squash Thomas' dreams. Taylor hoped Ridge wouldn't regret his decision to allow the line. Ridge kissed her forehead and took off for the showroom. Whip entered and told Taylor, "You're still in love with him."

Whip said he'd seen Taylor in Ridge's arms, and it was the second time that day she'd been in an intimate situation with her ex-husband. Taylor claimed she wanted Whip, not Ridge. Whip said she had him; however, it wasn't enough, and she was in denial to think it was.

Taylor claimed their marriage was everything she'd ever wanted, and her slip the other night had been meaningless. She insisted that she was under a lot of stress due to the Thomas situation, but it shouldn't have followed her into the bedroom. She asserted that nothing had changed between her and Whip, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Whip softened and called her spectacular. He said he'd tried to ensure that her feelings for Ridge had been behind her before they'd married. With it all bubbling up again, he didn't know what to think. He didn't want to lose her, but he felt as if she were already slipping away.

Sobbing, Taylor said Whip wouldn't lose her, not to any man. She'd made a mistake, and she felt horrible for it. "I wasn't thinking of Ridge when we were making love. I wasn't. You're everything to me. You're all I want. I love you. Just, please — I want you to forgive me!" Taylor cried. Whip said he loved her, too, and she implored him to forgive her and put it behind them.

Unable to imagine his life without her, Whip accepted her apology, but said it'd take time to trust her again. He assured her that he was good for her, and he'd always protect her. "But you've got to protect us, okay? I love you," he said. They kissed and hugged each other.

Backstage in the showroom, Thomas scrambled to prepare for his show, and Summer slipped him a kiss. She asked if they'd get together that evening, but he said that he could only focus on his line at that time. "Such a waste," she murmured as he walked off.

Ridge arrived to warn Thomas to keep the campaign under control. Thomas said Ridge had signed off on the ideas and had even named the line. Thomas tried to reassure Ridge, but Ridge ordered Thomas not to push things over the line. Thomas claimed that he understood the art of the tease, and he asked Ridge to just enjoy their success and Thomas' "coming of age" at Forrester. Ridge expressed his pride in his son's accomplishments; however, he warned Thomas not to pull any stunts on the runway.

Ridge returned to his office to find Whip making himself a drink. Ridge said Whip shouldn't be there alone because he worked for the competition. Whip concluded that they were more than just business competitors, but Ridge stated that Whip was overreacting. Whip accused Ridge of invading Whip's family, and Whip refused to put up with it any longer.

Ridge apologized for upsetting Whip; however, Whip didn't want an apology. He wanted Ridge to stay away from Taylor. Ridge said it wasn't possible, since they were dealing with a family issue. Whip reasoned that Ridge had caused the issue by launching "Taboo," and it was a bonus for Ridge that the line kept Taylor upset. Ridge stated that he wouldn't encourage anything with Taylor, but he wouldn't push her away, either. "No, you're just going to keep telling her how much she means to you," Whip responded.

Whip figured Ridge couldn't see how he was leading Taylor on. "You want the blonde and the brunette?" Whip asked, and Ridge asserted that Brooke was all he wanted and needed. Whip asked why Ridge kept feeding Taylor's vulnerabilities. Ridge claimed that he was trying to assuage Taylor's fears, but he couldn't help it if she kept returning to him for reassurance.

Besides calming Taylor down, Ridge didn't know what else he should do. Whip ordered Ridge to stay out of Taylor's head and stop tying her to him. Though Ridge didn't want to interfere in Whip's marriage, Ridge insisted that he and Taylor would deal with their children together. Whip asked how Ridge would feel if someone messed with his marriage.

Annoyed, Ridge rendered another apology. He repeated that he had no intention of invading Whip's marriage, but he wouldn't stop relating to Taylor about their kids. Just then, Marcus entered to talk business. Ridge advised Whip to be a good husband and stay out of Ridge's life. "Because there really isn't anything you can do to me," Ridge concluded.

Whip left the office and wandered down to the bustling showroom. Backstage, he spotted a "Taboo" poster featuring Thomas and Brooke. "Nothing I can do to you, Ridge? We'll see about that," Whip uttered with a satisfied grin.

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