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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ridge and Brooke enjoyed breakfast in bed and discussed their remarkable holiday at Dayzee's. Brooke wished that everyone could be as committed to giving as Stephanie was. Ridge said Stephanie had inspired Brooke, who'd then inspired him.

The couple's mood darkened when Ridge saw the backstage photo of Brooke and Thomas in the newspaper. Brooke insisted that the world knew it was just a publicity stunt. Ridge wasn't so sure about that, but he did suspect that whoever had taken the photo had set out to hurt them. Brooke couldn't imagine who'd do such a thing, but Ridge vowed to find out.

In Ridge's office later, Ridge and Thorne met to discuss the unknown culprit behind the photo. Suspecting that the photographer hadn't been targeting the company, Thorne asked if Ridge had made any new enemies. At first, Ridge drew a blank; however, after pondering more, he uttered, "Wait a minute. Wait a damn minute."

Ridge realized that there was one person who couldn't stand him, and he'd had an argument with that person before the fashion show. Ridge recalled Whip accusing him of interfering in the Joneses' marriage. Thorne asked if it were true, and Ridge said Whip hated that Taylor and Ridge were in communication about Thomas and Brooke. Ridge grabbed his keys, and Thorne asked where he was going. "Where do you think?" Ridge replied and exited.

At Taylor's house, Whip and Taylor discussed starting their community service. Whip chuckled when he saw a magazine featuring Brooke and Thomas on the coffee table. Taylor scoffed, asserting that there was nothing funny about it. Taylor blamed Brooke for the photo, but Whip reasoned that Ridge should have stopped the campaign before things had gone too far.

Thomas entered and groaned when his mother ranted to him about the photo in the magazine. Thomas tried to defend himself and Brooke, but Whip expressed concern about Ridge allowing his wife to change clothes in front of his adult son. Thomas said that his father trusted him; he wished his mother would, too.

Thomas left, and Taylor whined that she was the only one who cared that her son was headed for disaster. Whip claimed that he cared, but he said she'd done all she could to convince Ridge of it. Whip concluded that she'd have to give up on Ridge, who was lagging in his parental role, and Taylor pouted.

Later, Whip was alone when Aggie arrived. She saw the newspaper in his hand and guessed that he'd seen the photo. She'd discovered that it was in newspapers across the country. "Then I'm a hit!" Whip exclaimed. Aggie worried that he'd created an avalanche, but Whip replied that it would fall on top of Ridge. Whip asserted that nobody had stood up to Ridge before, but the "Whipster" had finally done it.

Whip imagined that Ridge was toiling over who'd done it, but Aggie figured that it'd inevitably boil down to Whip. He doubted it, because dozens of photographers had been there that night. Whip was quite proud of himself. He raved that he'd outsmarted Ridge and taught Ridge that the Joneses' marriage wasn't his playground.

Alone later, Whip was in the living room, enjoying the havoc he'd created with the photo. The door opened behind him, and he guessed that Aggie had returned. He gloated that the picture had spread everywhere. "It was you. You did this!" Ridge declared. Whip turned, startled to see Ridge glaring at him.

On the rooftop at work, Thomas took a call about the photo. The person asked if it were a stunt, and Thomas replied, "What do you think?" After the call, Brooke arrived, and he called her his favorite partner in crime. Grimacing, Brooke couldn't believe how well he was handling everything. Thomas said they were at war with their competition, and they were winning.

Brooke stated that Ridge wanted to find out who'd taken the picture, and so did she. She asked if Thomas were concerned about his parents' feelings. Though he expressed concern, he couldn't deny that the picture was hot. He wondered if the person would catch him and Brooke in the shower the next time. Brooke ordered him to stop joking about it, because they had to find a way to prevent it from happening again. Grinning, Thomas refused to tone down the campaign.

Taylor arrived, and Thomas pretended to be caught with Brooke again. Taylor said that people had crowded around the building, and she'd heard teachers, parents, and pastors complaining about the photo on talk radio. Thomas was cavalier about it, but Taylor insisted that he was a role model. Thomas declared himself a fashion designer, who needed marketing to sell his designs. "And that's where this hits a homerun," he added, pointing at the picture.

Taylor worried that Thomas had compromised his integrity; however, Thomas said he had a moral line, and he hadn't crossed it. Brooke interjected that she hadn't, either, and she never would. Taylor asked where Brooke's line was in light of the new underwear picture. Brooke reminded Taylor that the photo hadn't been part of the campaign, but Taylor said that made it even worse. Brooke insisted that if Thomas hadn't shielded her from the reporter, then the picture would have been worse.

Thomas couldn't take Taylor's ranting anymore, and he asked her to trust him. He didn't want to be treated like a helpless little boy in the clutches of a female predator. Taylor stated that the picture made her ill. She couldn't imagine what kind of sick person would take that photo and sell it for a profit.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

by Pam

Ridge accused Whip of taking the backstage photo of Brooke and Thomas that had landed on the Internet. Ridge started calling Whip names. Ridge added that he knew why Whip had done it. Ridge surmised that Whip was angry when Ridge laughed when he heard that Taylor had called out Ridge's name when she was in bed with Whip. Ridge noted that Whip was clearly not confident in his relationship with Taylor because he felt threatened by Ridge.

Whip said he was confident in his marriage, but he wondered if Ridge had been threatened by Thomas and Brooke working so closely together. Whip coyly denied taking the photo, and he baited Ridge. Whip said that Ridge should feel threatened because Brooke was an attractive woman who had rubbed her hands all over Thomas' body in photo shoots. Whip added that Thomas would have to have had ice water in his veins if he hadn't been turned on by Brooke. Whip reminded Ridge that Ridge had been a flirtatious young man, much like Thomas.

Ridge angrily said that that he was confident his son and his wife were under control. Ridge wondered why Whip would risk his marriage with a photo. Ridge warned that Taylor would be furious with Whip for posting the photo of Brooke and Thomas. Whip agreed, and stated that it supported his denial. "Why would I do that," Whip asked. "It doesn't make any sense."

Whip added that the entire "Taboo" campaign had been a tremendous success for Forrester, but it was causing a lot of trouble in Ridge's family, and with Taylor. Ridge calmed down and apologized for barging into the house and making accusations. Ridge left. Whip mumbled that he hadn't finished with Ridge yet. Outside, Ridge muttered that he knew Whip was guilty.

At his new apartment, Liam stared at the bed and remembered awakening with Amber. A tear streaked down his cheek, and he regretted the incident. He recalled his blurred vision and headache when he had seen Amber. His phone rang and interrupted his thoughts. Hope called and told him to drop everything and meet her. Liam felt guilty, and Hope wondered if something was wrong because he had sounded "weird." Liam said that he looked forward to seeing her.

At Hope's, Liam discovered that Hope had set up a picnic in the garden for him. She apologized again for leaving his party and for not seeing him for a few days. She wanted to make up for it. They kissed and hugged, and Liam told Hope how beautiful she was. She noticed the bump on his head and he said that it had all happened the night of the party, and he didn't remember anything.

Hope reiterated how sorry she was that she had walked out on his party. She admitted that she had been angry at Bill Spencer for parading Liam around as the most eligible bachelor, complete with Spencerettes. She wished she had never left.

Liam said that he loved Hope, and he understood that Bill's comments had made her uncomfortable. Liam said that he should have said something to Bill. Liam added that it had been a bad night. He paused and told Hope that he had to tell her something important. Hope joked that Liam must have kissed the Spencerettes, but Liam was very serious.

At Oliver's house, Amber congratulated herself for making Liam believe that they had made love. A knock at the door interrupted her daydream, and Tawny, Amber's mother, entered. Amber immediately asked her to leave, but Tawny suggested that Amber needed to lend her mother a hand. Tawny explained that she had fallen on hard times and lost everything.

Amber said that she was also broke. They quizzed each other on how they had each lost everything. Tawny looked around the beach house and wondered who owned the house that Amber was staying in because someone had to have money. Oliver entered, and Tawny rudely quizzed him about what he did that he could afford a beach house.

Shocked at her behavior, Oliver explained that a friend had allowed him to live in the beach house, but he paid rent and took care of the house. Tawny continued to ask if he was rich, and Oliver said that he had a job that he loved, and he got by like most people, but he was far from rich. He left.

Tawny insisted that she needed a place to stay, but Amber refused. Tawny wondered if Amber had latched onto a man since she had returned to Los Angeles. Tawny asked about Rick Forrester, and Amber said that Rick wanted nothing to do with her. Tawny insisted that there had to be a guy and a plan because there was always a guy and a plan with Amber. Tawny pressed Amber to figure out how Amber could hook up with a man with money.

Amber explained that she had been chasing Bill Spencer's son, and that he thought they had slept together, but nothing had happened. When Tawny pressed her for details, Amber said that Liam had a girlfriend and that Amber had hoped that Liam would tell his girlfriend what had happened, or what he thought had happened.

Then, Amber anticipated that the girlfriend would dump Liam, and Amber would show up to console him. Tawny excitedly said that she wanted to help Amber make the plan work because she always wanted what was best for her girl. Amber looked doubtful of her mother's sincerity.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

by Pam

At Hope's, Hope wondered why Liam was so serious. Liam responded that he had made a big mistake. She teased that he should keep it to himself so that it didn't ruin their evening picnic together. Liam laughed and agreed to her terms. Hope told Liam that she wanted some "alone time" with Liam, and she didn't want anything to spoil it.

Hope had missed Liam and regretted that she had left him alone at his party. She worried that he had a concussion after the party and that he had worked too hard. She feared that he probably had to return to work during the picnic. Liam laughed and said that he was "officially out of contact" for his father.

Liam regretted losing track of Hope the night of his party. He pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket and opened it. He presented Hope with a beautiful bracelet to remind her of how good they were together. Hope thanked Liam and suggested that he help her put it on her wrist, but Liam said that he had to tell her something first. Liam guiltily explained that something had happened the night of the party. He told Hope that Amber had followed him home and entered his apartment. Hope sadly looked away from Liam.

At home, Ridge and Brooke chatted in their bedroom, and Ridge shared that he was convinced Whip had taken the photo of Brooke and Thomas in the dressing room. Brooke disagreed. She guessed that Bill might have taken the photo, but she added that Katie would have killed Bill.

Ridge said that he didn't think anyone from Spencer had taken the photo, but Whip had been backstage because Taylor had taken him backstage. Brooke wondered why Whip would do such a thing, but Ridge explained that he knew exactly why Whip had done it. Ridge admitted that Taylor had told Ridge that she had called out Ridge's name when she was in bed with Whip. Ridge had laughed at Whip's misfortune when Taylor confided the information, and Whip had overheard their conversation. Whip had been furious with both Taylor and Ridge.

Brooke's mouth dropped open when she realized what had happened, and she was shocked that Taylor shared the information with Ridge. Brooke agreed that it sounded like an act of revenge. Ridge said that Whip had denied that he had taken the photo, but when Ridge went to Whip's house, Ridge had overheard Whip reveling in the fact that the photo had gotten a life of its own on the Internet. Brooke was shocked that Whip would do something so hurtful to Taylor and Thomas, his stepson.

Ridge said that Whip was out of control and out for revenge. Whip didn't care who got hurt in the process as long as it hurt Ridge, and Ridge worried that Whip might have more damage up his sleeve. Ridge feared that Taylor and Thomas could be hurt further, and Ridge said that he had to tell Taylor what had happened.

At Whip's house, Aggie showed up, and Whip told Aggie the he wasn't finished with Ridge. Aggie warned Whip to forget about Ridge and to work on his marriage. Whip defended his idea of using the photo to his advantage, but Aggie felt it would hurt Whip and his marriage in the end. Aggie worried that Ridge would show up at Taylor's if his marriage to Brooke ended.

Aggie advised that if Ridge told Taylor that Whip had taken the photo, it would only hurt Whip -- not Ridge. Whip doubted that Ridge would tell Taylor anything, Whip congratulated himself because he had angered Ridge and made him squirm. Aggie told Whip that he had to stop obsessing about Taylor's gaffe when she called Whip by her ex-husband's name during sex.

At Oliver's beach house, Amber tried to convince Tawny to find another place to stay, but Tawny refused to get out. Amber warned Tawny that Oliver would never accept Tawny staying at the beach house because he had wanted Amber to get a job and a place of her own.

Tawny was checking out Liam Spencer on a laptop, and she told Amber that William Spencer III would be their salvation. "Ambrosia, honey, help is on its way," Tawny said.

Amber was sick to her stomach, and she again encouraged her mother to hit the road, but Tawny was not easily dismissed. Amber decided to head to the store for antacids, and Tawny asked her to buy some beer. Amber left, and Oliver entered. Tawny asked if Oliver had feelings for Amber, but Oliver quickly explained that he was in love with Hope Logan.

Tawny realized that Hope was Brooke's daughter and that Hope and Liam were dating. Oliver left, and Amber returned. Tawny said that if Amber ended up with Liam, Hope would end up with Oliver, and everyone would be happy. Amber looked upset and said that she needed to head upstairs. She told her mother that she expected Tawny to get lost before Amber returned from upstairs.

Amber later walked downstairs and angrily looked at Tawny, who hadn't moved from her seat. Tawny asked for a beer, and Amber said that she had forgotten the beer because she was so busy looking for antacids. Amber was holding a pregnancy test stick in her hand and she babbled that in the store she couldn't remember the last time that she had taken antacids. She couldn't find them in the store.

Amber looked out into the other room where Oliver, wearing headphones, was at work on his music. Tawny saw the pregnancy test in Amber's hand and asked what had happened. Amber was upset, and she looked at the test stick. Amber sadly whispered that the test was positive.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

At the picnic, Hope was aghast to hear that Liam had been with Amber. Hope asked if they'd gone all the way. Liam said he didn't know. Amber had confirmed it to him, but he didn't even know how she'd gotten in his bed. Hope assumed he'd been drunk, but he said he'd barely had any alcohol. An appalled Hope suddenly realized she would have caught him in the act if she'd gone to his apartment that night. Liam implored Hope to listen, but she stalked off.

Liam followed Hope into her house and forced her to hear him out. He claimed to have no memory of what had happened from the time he'd entered his apartment alone and to the time he'd awakened naked with Amber the next morning. Liam asserted that it might not have even happened, because he'd had a concussion at the time, and he wasn't even attracted to Amber.

Hope guessed it was Amber's revenge against Hope for implicating Amber in the designs theft. Hope said Amber had targeted Liam, and he'd let it happen. Hope asked if he'd used protection, but Liam didn't know, because he hadn't been conscious.

Hope said Amber could be pregnant, but Liam refused to entertain that thought. Hope guessed Liam was more like his father than she'd realized. Liam claimed that if anything had even happened, he hadn't consciously participated in it. Liam implored Hope to say she understood and to forgive him. Hope just coldly stared at him.

At Oliver's house, Tawny gasped upon learning her daughter was pregnant. She said it wasn't the first time Amber had gotten "knocked up." Amber recalled having a stillborn baby a "lifetime ago," but said she'd been given a second chance. Tawny ordered Amber to get her homeless and jobless head of the clouds, because she wasn't having a baby with "Mr. Bongos."

Tawny said Amber should consider other alternatives, but Amber insisted that she'd keep the baby. She headed toward the terrace and said Oliver had a right to know, because it was his baby. Amber went outside, and Tawny thought about Liam's money and status. "If only Amber had gotten preggers with - " Tawny said, but cut herself off when she suddenly got an idea.

On the terrace, Amber knocked over a stack of Hope's pictures that Oliver was working on and uttered that Hope would always be the love of Oliver's life. Amber apprehensively said she had to tell him something, and he noted her strange behavior. Before Amber could speak, Tawny literally yanked her back into the house, and Oliver resumed his work.

Tawny suggested that Amber wait a little while, and then tell Liam that it was his baby. Amber, who'd "been there, done that," balked at the idea. Amber felt that Oliver would do right by her and the child, but Tawny reasoned that it was Amber's second shot at being rich and famous. Tawny stated that the guilty Liam would most likely marry Amber on the spot, and then "Cha-ching!" Tawny exclaimed.

Amber feared the wrath of Bill Spencer, who'd assuredly order "a dozen billion" paternity tests for the baby. Tawny claimed that fudging test results happened all the time, but Amber said it didn't in her universe. Tawny figured it was risky, but it could provide Amber with "the good life." Oliver entered to get his keys, and he left out the front door. Tawny implored Amber to wait until the time was right and then tell Liam that he'd be a daddy.

At Taylor's house, Ridge found Taylor in her living room. She was still upset about the infamous photo and Brooke's influence on Thomas. Ridge claimed that nothing was happening between Brooke and Thomas. Instead, someone had set the two up to get back at Ridge. Scoffing, Taylor guessed Brooke had concocted a conspiracy to get the focus off herself.

Ridge relayed his belief that Whip had taken the photo and leaked it to the press. Taylor found the notion ridiculous; however, Ridge stated that he'd confronted Whip about it, and Whip's guilty expression had been very telling. "You're basing this on a look?" Taylor asked. Alluding that there was more to it, Ridge said he'd wanted Taylor to know the kind of man she'd married. Taylor wouldn't accept it, but Ridge swore he'd never make unfounded accusations.

Just then, Whip entered and saw Ridge's comforting hands on Taylor's shoulders. Slamming the door, Whip said Ridge hadn't been able to wait to paint Whip in the worst possible light to Taylor. "You mean the way you tried to paint my son and my wife in the worst possible light in that picture?" Ridge retorted. The men insulted each other until Taylor put a stop to it.

Taylor approached Whip and said she knew he was upset with Ridge because of the bedroom incident. She implored Whip to just tell her the truth. She asked if he'd taken the photo to get back at Ridge and to keep Ridge out of their marriage.

Whip said that he loved Taylor, and she had to know that he'd never intentionally hurt her or her son. "You would never lie to Taylor, either, to protect your own butt!" Ridge rasped. Whip raged that if Ridge really cared about Taylor, then Ridge would have ceased the "Taboo" campaign. Instead, Ridge just kept pushing it for profits. Whip wondered which one of them Taylor should believe. "Did you do it, Whip?" An exasperated Taylor yelled.

Whip turned to her and said he hadn't. Ridge tossed his hands into the air. Still yelling, Taylor decided that Whip couldn't have manipulated it so that Brooke's hands had been all over Thomas in the picture. Taylor insisted that she wouldn't change her mind, and she continued to predict that something was going to happen. Taylor ordered Ridge to leave, and Whip hugged her. On the threshold, Ridge waved his finger in warning at Whip.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, CBS Sports coverage preempted the entire daytime lineup -- The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 3, 2011 and pick up where the Thursday, December 30, 2010 episode concluded.

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