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Monday, January 3, 2011

At Brooke's house, Liam pleaded with Hope to say that their relationship wasn't over. Brooke descended the stairs, and Hope ordered Liam to leave. Once alone with her mother, Hope explained what had happened with Liam and Amber the night of the party. Hope said Liam couldn't verify that he'd slept with Amber; however, Amber had confirmed that it had happened.

Brooke stated that Amber was liable to say anything, but Brooke wasn't so sure that Hope should easily believe Liam's story, either. Hope cried that every guy she'd loved had hurt her. Brooke said Hope would one day have a relationship with a wonderful man. Hope revealed that she'd anticipated spending the rest of her life with Liam. She wanted to believe he hadn't been unfaithful, but she didn't know how to be sure of what had really happened between him and Amber.

Brooke figured that Hope needed more information, and only one other person knew what had happened, since Liam had suffered a concussion. Brooke decided that she'd talk to Amber about it. Claiming that she could tell when Amber was lying, Brooke asserted that she'd get to the bottom of it. A grateful Hope hugged Brooke.

At Bill's office, Liam arrived, and Bill was relieved to hear that Liam would recover from his concussion. Liam, who'd decided to "go on record" with his father, said that his new bachelor persona was glamorous and exciting; however, he didn't want it if it meant lying about himself and whom he was in love with. Liam didn't want to let his father down, but he insisted that he had to be himself.

Though Liam still wanted to work with Bill, he said he'd no longer deny his relationship with Hope. Liam had already gotten a taste of what it might be like to lose her, and he hadn't liked it. Bill asked how he could help fix things, but Liam said it wasn't something Bill could fix. Liam wished he'd gone to Hope's house instead of going home that night. Liam expressed that Hope and Bill were all Liam had. Liam didn't want to lose Hope, but he feared that he would if he kept going down his new path.

Bill decided that Liam was in own man, and Bill wouldn't stand in Liam's way. Bill had enjoyed his own bachelorhood; however, finding Katie had been the best thing to ever happen to him. Because of that, Bill vowed to support Liam in his bid for Hope's affections - as long as Liam understood that he was too young for marriage. Liam recalled Bill saying that a man should fight for what he believed in, and Liam decided that he wouldn't take "no" for an answer from Hope. "That's a Spencer," Bill replied.

At Oliver's house, Tawny continued to talk Amber into lying to Liam about the baby's paternity. Amber, however, thought Tawny was crazy to believe they could pull the scheme over on Bill Spencer. Amber wanted to focus on delivering a healthy baby, and she and Tawny recalled the stillborn child that Amber had carried. Amber felt blessed to be given a chance to have another baby, and she insisted that it would be loved, no matter who the father was.

Tawny suggested that Amber leave the details of rigging a paternity test to Tawny. Amber said she'd been hoping to win Liam over, but she didn't want to do it by lying about her baby. Tawny asserted that it might be the only way to get a man like Liam. Tawny believed that if Liam were a stand-up guy, he'd do the right thing by Amber and the baby.

Amber continued to express reluctance about Tawny's plan. Tawny reminded Amber of the kind of life Amber had lived while married to Rick, but Amber said it had all ended when her lies had unraveled. Tawny stated that Amber would play it smart with Liam. She insisted that she and Amber both deserved a break, and it could be Amber's opportunity to grab some happiness.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

by Pam

At Brooke's house, Liam knocked on the door, and Brooke laid into him because he had hurt Hope. Brooke suggested that Liam leave because Hope would not want to see him. Liam said that he hadn't intended to hurt Hope, but Brooke refused to allow him into the house. Hope overheard Liam and Brooke, and she told Brooke that she wanted to see Liam.

Brooke warned Hope that Liam had already hurt her enough, but Hope insisted that she wanted to see him. Brooke's phone beeped, and Brooke said that she had to leave. Hope said that she would be fine. Brooke glared at Liam, and walked out the door.

Liam thanked Hope because she had agreed to see him. Hope told Liam that she understood that he wanted to make everything better, but she warned that he was making it worse. Hope reminded Liam that when she broke up with Oliver, she had been a mess. Hope said that she had never wanted to feel that way again, but she did. Hope said that she had not been looking for a relationship after Oliver. When she had met Liam, she had been in a vulnerable state.

Hope remembered that Liam had been funny, charming, and sweet, and that she had fallen for him because she didn't think that she was taking a risk. Liam interrupted and said that he was still that same guy. Hope disagreed.

Liam understood that Hope had been afraid to trust Liam, and he admitted that he couldn't help it because he didn't remember what had happened because of the concussion. Liam insisted that they could put the incident behind them. He said that he had blacked out, but nothing had changed. He still loved Hope. He wanted another chance.

Hope blamed Bill Spencer for Liam's problems. She claimed that Liam had become a different person since he had found out about his father. Liam disagreed. He told Hope that he had already talked to his father about giving up his job if he had to. "I have confronted the great and powerful Bill Spencer for you," he said.

Liam added that his father understood and supported Liam and Hope. Liam asked if Hope wanted him to walk on hot, sharp, burning coals or eat a slithering snake to win her back. Hope softened. Liam said that he would eat his shoe if that would convince Hope to get back together with him. Hope agreed, and Liam obediently chewed on his boot until Hope stopped him. They laughed and kissed. "Don't you dare let me down again," Hope said.

At Bill's office, Bill called Oliver and told him that their deal was off. Bill didn't want Oliver to pursue Hope any longer. Oliver wondered why Bill had changed his mind, but Bill quickly said that Liam and Hope belonged together. "This is how it's going to be, understand?" Bill asked. "Keep the hell away."

Katie showed up with takeout, and Bill kissed her. Katie said that he they had missed dinner and breakfast together. She wanted to know if he had time for lunch. Bill kissed her and said that Liam had stood up to him, and Bill was proud. Bill added that he had agreed that Liam no longer had to be the world's most eligible bachelor. Bill understood that Liam was devoted to Hope. Katie smiled.

Bill worried that Liam said that he might have lost Hope because he had done something stupid the night of the party. Bill admitted that he was concerned.

In an outdoor grotto, Amber and Brooke met, and Brooke thanked Amber for meeting her. Brooke quizzed Amber about what had really happened the night that Amber claimed to have slept with Liam. Brooke wanted the truth about whether they had actually had sex. Brooke admitted that she was worried that Liam had hurt Hope and was lying to her.

Amber coyly avoided the topic, but Brooke pressured her. Brooke reminded Amber that Liam had been diagnosed with a concussion and claimed that he didn't remember anything. Brooke accused Amber of seducing Liam when he was unconscious. Insulted, Amber said that she wouldn't have done that. Brooke said that she knew Amber's style and that Liam couldn't remember anything, so it would have been easy for Amber to pull one of her lies. "Did you and Liam make love that night," Brooke asked.

Amber replied that it was none of Brooke's business. Amber said that she knew how much Brooke hated her. Brooke denied it, but added that Amber had been misguided. Amber whined that she had not had an easy life. She had been grateful for the job at Jackie M.

Brooke brought up that Amber had tried to steal the "Hope for the Future" line, and Amber said that it was a misunderstanding. Amber angrily stated that Hope had her own clothing line at Forrester and had never earned it. Brooke pointed out that Hope had learned from the experience.

Amber said that she habitually worked to earn something really great and then blew it. Amber said that she got that from her mom. Amber said that Brooke was a lot like Tawny -- very protective of her little girl and to a fault.

Brooke angrily said that Amber had been dodging the question about what had happened. Amber replied that people did stupid things, and Hope was a big girl. Brooke pointed out that she wanted to protect Hope if Liam was lying with his far-fetched story that he had bumped his head.

Brooke angrily accused Amber of seducing Liam when he was impaired. "He loves Hope," Brooke said. "What did you do to make him throw all of that away?" Amber coyly insisted that she and Liam had slept together. Amber said that people could get carried away.

Brooke wondered again exactly what had happened. Brooke accused Amber of trying another of her crazy schemes. Amber shouted that Brooke wanted to make it all Amber's fault. She refused to talk to Brooke any longer, and she walked away.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

by Pam

At Dayzee's, Dayzee struggled to train new employees, and Stephanie chatted with Anthony about registering for a bookkeeping class. Brooke arrived with a director's chair with Anthony's name on the back -- symbolic of Anthony's statement to her on Skid Row that he would "give his good kidney for a chair."

One of the servers showed Brooke the picture of Brooke and Thomas in a magazine and asked if it was really Brooke. Stephanie joked that even when Brooke was old and living in an assisted-living facility, with her teeth in a jar, some magazine would run nude pictures of her. The server also asked if there were any more photos of Brooke's stepson.

Brooke groaned and changed the subject. Brooke asked Stephanie if she thought that Amber could've had anything to do with the photo. Brooke shared what had happened between Amber and Liam, who had suffered a concussion, and couldn't remember anything other than awakening with Amber in his bed. Stephanie was shocked.

Brooke told Stephanie that Ridge believed that Whip had taken the photo. Taylor arrived and said that she hoped that Brooke hadn't poisoned Stephanie against Whip. Brooke pointed out that Ridge believed that Whip had taken the photo as a vengeful act of jealousy because Taylor had been running to Ridge with all her problems.

Taylor tried to silence Brooke, but Brooke continued that Taylor had shared intimate details of her sex life with Ridge and that it had embarrassed and angered Whip. Taylor tried to shift blame to Brooke by ranting that Brooke couldn't be trusted. Taylor reminded Stephanie that Brooke had bedded Eric and then Ridge and then Thorne. Taylor said that it was only a matter of time before Brooke tried to bed Thomas.

Stephanie disagreed. She said that Brooke would have been crazy to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with Ridge. Taylor accused Stephanie of glossing over Brooke's past, but Stephanie said that they weren't talking about the past. Brooke quickly pointed out that Whip had been at the fashion show. Taylor insisted that Whip had sat right next to her the entire time.

Stephanie asked if Taylor had been sure that Whip never went backstage. Suddenly, Taylor remembered that Whip had taken a call and excused himself. He had returned when the fashion show ended. Taylor insisted that she believed Whip. Taylor left.

At one of the tables at Dayzee's, Marcus chatted with Dayzee, and the servers clearly had a difficult time learning how to serve customers. Marcus and Dayzee bantered about Marcus' good looks, and Marcus started to teach the new employees how to serve customers.

Stephanie and Brooke had watched as Marcus instructed the new employees. Brooke thanked Stephanie for standing up for her with Taylor. Stephanie teased that Brooke was still a slut from the valley, and she worried that Taylor had lost perspective. Stephanie admitted that it had taken cancer for her to learn that life was not about what she wanted for just herself and those close to her. She realized that she had behaved as an adolescent until cancer made her grow up. Stephanie asked when Brooke planned to grow up.

At Jackie M, Nick, Whip, Aggie, and Owen mulled over Jackie's designs. Aggie said that they needed to go to the cutting room right away because they were one step away from folding. Nick disagreed that the situation was that dire. He told his mother that he loved her designs.

Whip said that he could sell them. Nick and Owen left, and Jackie, Aggie, and Whip discussed ad campaign ideas. Whip suggested that "Jackie M by Jackie M" was a marketable name, and he added that "Vanity" was also a good name. Jackie liked "Vanity" because she was a designer who could really only design what looked good on her own body. Whip liked the idea, and suggested that they all sleep on it. Whip excused himself to meet Taylor.

Nick reviewed sketches in his office, and Owen entered. Owen said that he wanted one of Jackie's designs to be prepared immediately so that Jackie could wear it for their wedding. Owen offered to pay for it. Nick wondered why Owen was in such a hurry because all the dresses were going into production. Owen explained that he and Jackie were going to renew their vows. Nick seemed surprised and added that Jackie would be thrilled. Nick offered the dress as his gift.

Owen also asked Nick to be his best man. Nick reminded Owen that Nick had been best man when Massimo, his biological father, had married Jackie. Nick said that he felt awkward being involved in anything that Owen did because Owen had ruined his marriage. Owen said that he understood that Nick could not forgive him for what had happened with Bridget, but he had hoped that Nick would attend the wedding.

Nick congratulated Owen, who had been a man of his word, and had remained true to Jackie. Nick offered his house for the wedding, but added that he would not attend. After Owen left, Aggie entered, and Nick complained about Owen thinking that Nick would agree to be his best man.

In her office, Jackie sat at her desk, and Owen entered. They discussed that Bridget and Logan were enjoying time in Hawaii. Owen got down on his knee and asked Jackie to marry him again. Jackie was impressed at how romantic her husband was. She agreed.

At Taylor's house, Taylor and Whip met outside on the veranda. Taylor told Whip that she had tried to persuade Stephanie that Whip had not taken the picture. Whip wondered why Stephanie's opinion was so important. Taylor explained that Stephanie thought a lot of Whip, and Stephanie was Taylor's best friend. Taylor added that Stephanie had often been the only family that she'd had over the years.

Whip wanted to take a drive, but Taylor asked what had happened to Whip at the fashion show. Whip was surprised at the inquisition. Taylor remembered that Whip had taken a call, and never returned. She demanded to know who had called him. Whip babbled and looked guilty, and said that he didn't remember.

Taylor desperately asked Whip if he had taken the photo of Brooke and Thomas. She begged him to tell her the truth. Whip admitted that he had taken the photo, and Taylor was shocked and hurt.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Taylor's balcony, Whip admitted that he'd set Brooke and Thomas up for the seemingly incriminating photograph. Taylor asked why Whip would do that to his wife and stepson. Whip raged that Ridge was too much a part of their daily lives, and no man should look at, or touch, Taylor the way Ridge did. Whip figured that Taylor probably wanted to leave him over it; however, she said wouldn't do that. She just wanted to understand why he'd done it.

Whip pointed out that when the photo had emerged, Ridge had just put on his "Brooke can do no wrong" blinders. Whip felt that Taylor was looking out for her son; however, Ridge was looking out for himself, as usual. Taylor figured that she'd made Whip feel insecure, but she insisted that setting up and publicizing that photo had been wrong.

Touching Whip's cheek, Taylor said she was glad to have someone like him in her corner. She realized Whip had a point, and Ridge probably wouldn't end the "Taboo" campaign. Whip stated that Ridge would stroke her hair and call her "Doc," but he'd never put his foot down about Brooke. Taylor admitted that she allowed Ridge to act a certain way toward her. "Like he's your husband, right?" Whip murmured, but Taylor didn't respond.

Whip said he hadn't been sure of how his photo ploy would turn out, but he figured that he'd be the winner either way. He said that either Taylor would finally see where Ridge's loyalties laid, or Ridge's marriage would end. Whip relayed that he would have been happy to see that marriage fall apart, because it would have proved that Whip could meddle in Ridge's marriage just as Ridge had meddled in Whip's.

Whip asked for Taylor's forgiveness and said he'd try to trust his marriage from that point on. He figured that they'd at least discovered why Brooke and Ridge loved each other. "They have no boundaries," Whip stated, and Taylor laughed. Whip claimed that he'd thought his ploy would be good for their marriage, but Taylor ordered him never to do anything like that again. She forgave him and decided that no one needed to know who'd taken the picture.

After the couple kissed, Taylor turned her attention to Thomas and his Oedipus complex. Whip seemed shocked by her diagnosis, but Taylor believed that it had developed because Thomas had been partially raised by Brooke, whom Ridge idolized. "Could Thomas be falling in love with his father's wife?" a worried Taylor asked.

On the Forrester rooftop, Brooke located Ridge and Thomas to discuss the latest report from Forrester International. None of them had imagined that "Taboo" would be such a big hit overseas. Ridge said that was why Thomas and Brooke had to hop on the next flight to Paris. Brooke and Thomas were caught off-guard as Ridge explained that he'd had Steffy line up a big press conference in their office in Paris. Brooke and Thomas grew excited about the trip. Thomas said that it was everything he'd dreamed of for his career.

Later, in the corridor, Madison gave Thomas his itinerary. She said that he could call if he had issues. "Not that you make a habit of it," she sniped. A stunned Thomas wondered if they needed to talk about something. She expressed her disappointment that they hadn't furthered their relationship. Though he said she was cute and he'd enjoyed spending time with her, Thomas felt that he had to focus on his work. Madison took the news well, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek for being understanding.

Brooke rounded the corner, and Madison left. Ridge strode up and told Brooke and Thomas to make him proud. Ridge thanked Thomas and Brooke for taking off at the last minute, but Ridge promised that it would be a trip they'd never forget.

On the jet, Brooke and Thomas had champagne, and Brooke noted that she'd seen Thomas with Madison. He said that he'd go on dates with women, but he wanted to make the same connection that he'd seen between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke urged Thomas to date and have fun, but he stated that he was picky, because he already had an idea of the perfect woman. His friends were getting married, but he'd started to doubt that it would ever happen for him. Brooke assured him that it would happen - sooner than he thought. Thomas grinned at Brooke.

In Jackie's office, Jackie was thrilled by Owen's vows renewal proposal. Owen surprised her when he said that Nick had agreed to let them do it at his house later that evening. Jackie rejoiced because Nick would celebrate with them, but Owen doubted that Nick would be there. She said she felt stupid for hoping that her son would get along with her husband.

Owen wished he could have persuaded Nick, but Jackie said not to worry about anything but their recommitment. The couple kissed and said they loved each other.

In Nick's office, Nick informed Aggie about the vows ceremony to be held at his home. He stated that he'd rather watch a basketball game than attend the event, because the marriage was a joke. Aggie asked if Nick were sure about not going, but he said he had no intention of sitting through Jackie and Owen's wacky vows.

Aggie worried that Nick might regret his decision, because it was a huge opportunity for forgiveness and family healing. Nick grimaced, but Aggie insisted that he think about it before the chance slipped away.

Later, Jackie entered Nick's office to implore him to attend the ceremony that evening. Nick said that Aggie would go. He admitted that he wanted to be there for his mother, but he wasn't ready to be there for Owen. Jackie murmured that she understood, and she quietly left.

Friday, January 7, 2011

At home, Whip and Taylor cuddled near the fireplace. Taylor still disliked Whip's methods of exposing Ridge's loyalties; however, she felt Whip was right about Ridge not supporting her. The couple discussed how Brooke had filled the motherly role for Thomas during his formative years. Taylor said that Thomas' feelings for Brooke were rooted in the past.

Whip seriously doubted that Thomas would kill his father as Oedipus had, but Taylor responded that Thomas wanted to replace Ridge and possess "the mother." She said Thomas had become a designer like his father, and he'd set himself up to work with Brooke, his father's muse. Taylor was worried about how far Brooke would let the complex go.

Taylor realized that the complex might have led Thomas to spend an exorbitant amount of time with Brooke instead of developing any romantic relationships. To Taylor, Thomas seemed to be biding his time to make a move on Brooke. Whip, who'd once said that Brooke had no boundaries, couldn't fathom that Brooke would let anything happen. Taylor asserted that Brooke saw all Forrester men as fair game. "My son is the next in line!" Taylor exclaimed.

Taylor was grateful that Whip was on her side, but she wondered if her instincts were off as Stephanie, Brooke, and Ridge had claimed. Whip said Taylor was a gifted psychiatrist, and her instincts weren't wrong. She asked if he'd tell her if she were wrong, and he assured her that he would. Whip reasoned that even though Taylor's suspicions might be right, there was still a chance that nothing would develop between Brooke and Thomas.

On the jet to Paris, Brooke guessed it was a drag for Thomas to visit the most romantic city in the world with his stepmother. Thomas said she'd made it all happen for him, and there was no one else he'd rather be traveling with. Brooke credited him with his own success, but Thomas insisted that she'd supported him every step of the way.

Thomas felt that Brooke had done more than help with "Taboo." Throughout his life, she'd encouraged him to be all that he could be. Brooke recalled how she'd stepped in to help raise Taylor's kids in Taylor's absence. During Thomas' childhood, Brooke had watched him sleep at night, and she'd imagined that he'd grow into an amazing man like his father. "And here you are. Just like I'd imagined. I'm so proud of you," Brooke stated.

Turning her attention to their itinerary, Brooke remarked that Steffy would be in Milan during their visit. Thomas said that he'd have Brooke all to himself. "How sweet," she responded, smiling. Thomas commented that her smile bred success. Brooke became bashful as he continued to say that her smile revealed her genuine spirit, and he liked that.

Thomas urged a tired Brooke to get some rest. He continued to work, but dropped his files as he watched her sleep on the sofa. She stirred at the noise, but dozed back off. Thomas pulled a blanket over Brooke, and as he gazed at her, he seemed shocked by an inner revelation.

In Nick's office, Nick asked Aggie to contact him once Owen and Jackie's ceremony concluded. Owen entered to say that the house preparations had been done, and Jackie really wanted Nick to be at the event. Under Nick's hard stare, Owen slinked out without a response. Aggie urged Nick to change his mind about going. Nick contemplated changing his girlfriend's name to "Naggie" and warned her not to press the issue.

Settling in to watch sports alone later, Nick figured that his mother could remarry her "six-pack cowabunga boy," because Nick was just fine where he was. He pulled out a cigar, and grimacing, he recalled Jackie's plea for him to attend her ceremony.

At Nick's house, Jackie found Owen's romantic setting to be impressive. She wondered why he'd scheduled the event while Bridget and Logan were out of town, and Owen revealed that he'd wanted the ceremony to be about just him and Jackie. He said it was their moment, and Jackie was the only one that he was committing himself to. Moved by his words, Jackie kissed him and went upstairs to change.

Downstairs, Aggie arrived, and the minister called Owen and canceled because he'd injured his leg. Owen growled and explained the problem to Aggie. As Owen hustled to find a replacement minister, Aggie called Nick and ordered him to put down his remote control to attend the ceremony. Nick insisted that he was happy watching the game. "Is that really more important than your mother?" Aggie asked, but Nick clicked off the line without a reply.

Aggie went upstairs to help Jackie prepare. Jackie was still disappointed that Nick hadn't shown up. It broke Jackie's heart that Nick wasn't ready to heal and move forward yet. Aggie said it was Jackie and Owen's special day, and Jackie shouldn't let her disappointment in Nick ruin it. Jackie pulled herself together and said she'd recommit herself to the man she loved, whether or not Nick was there. Aggie left, and Jackie sadly sighed.

Aggie returned downstairs, where Owen was anxious about finding a minister. Aggie urged him to focus on awaiting Jackie at the end of the aisle while Aggie took care of the rest.

Later, Aggie stood at the top of the stairs and ordered Owen to cue the music. He complained that no minister was there, but she insisted. Owen complied, and when the soft music drifted through the house, Nick entered from the study in his white captain's uniform. He said he'd heard that Owen didn't have a minister. "Oh, gnarly!" Owen exclaimed. Nick quipped that Owen should save the eloquence for his vows.

Just then, Jackie stood at the top of the stairs in her lace gown. She grinned and descended the stairs to meet Nick and Owen by the fireplace in the candlelit living room. Aggie peeked over the stair railing and saw Jackie embrace Nick and tearfully thank him for arriving.

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