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Monday, January 10, 2011

At Taylor's house, Ridge arrived to pick up Thomas' laptop. Ridge needed to get some files that Thomas hadn't transferred before he'd left for Paris. Taylor was shocked to hear that Brooke and Thomas had embarked on the trip, but Ridge told Taylor to get over it, because he wouldn't have condoned the trip if he'd had even an inkling that something could happen.

Taylor said she'd tried to give Brooke some leeway, but because of Brooke's history, Taylor didn't understand why Ridge had permitted Brooke and Thomas to be alone on the jet overnight. Ridge said Thomas was responsible, but Taylor deemed their son emotionally immature because he'd never been in love. She blamed herself for being gone in Thomas' youth, but Ridge noted that Brooke had been there. "That's exactly right!" Taylor exclaimed.

Taylor explained that men tended to be attracted to women who reminded them of their mothers; however, Brooke had wound up substituting in the motherly role for Thomas. Ridge doubted that it meant Thomas would fall in love with Brooke; however, Taylor wondered what Ridge had been thinking to send their son to the most romantic city in the world with Brooke and all her sexual energy. "Obviously not what you're thinking!" Ridge replied.

Taylor commanded Ridge to get on the phone and order the pilot back to Los Angeles; however, Ridge objected, citing that Thomas would never speak to either of his parents again. "Thank you for leaving all this on me to pick up the pieces when they come back and something has happened," Taylor retorted. Ridge, however, insisted that Brooke, who treated Thomas as one of her own, would do nothing but look after Thomas in Paris.

On the jet to Paris, Thomas gazed at the sleeping Brooke and had an inner revelation. He gasped, guessing that it was the altitude, or he needed some rest. Still sleeping, Brooke placed her hand over his. She then rolled over, releasing him, and he sat in a chair.

While reviewing the "Taboo" campaign photos, Thomas fixated on the underwear photo of him and Brooke. He recalled the scandalous runway kiss that had started it all. He tried to clear his thoughts, but looking at the sleeping Brooke again, he remembered that while complimenting him, she'd said that he was very much like his father.

Thomas knelt beside Brooke on the sofa, and she murmured and giggled as she dreamed. Chuckling, he tucked her in and returned to his chair. Thomas picked up some paperwork, but his eyes returned to Brooke. His countenance fell as his thoughts tormented him.

At Nick's house, Jackie embraced her son and thanked Aggie for getting him to the ceremony. Nick said it wasn't often that he wore his dress whites, or that his mother renewed her vows. Though Nick was pleasant, his face bore a reluctant and disdainful expression as he asked to get on with the proceeding, so he could go to his boat. Jackie rejoiced about his presence, but he warned her not to get too excited. "Let's just see how things go," he advised.

Nick commenced the ceremony and jokingly pretended that he'd forgotten Owen's name. "Nicky..." Jackie said. Nick decided that since he was a sea captain, he had to do things his way. He tossed aside the minister's script and said they needed to clear the air.

Nick felt that the Knights embodied the word "obstacle," and he cited Owen's infidelity and the child that had resulted from it. Nick figured that most normal women would have run away, but Jackie hadn't done so, despite Nick's advice. He realized that he'd been wrong, and that he'd been passing out his own judgments about what marriage should be.

Nick felt that he'd been hypocritical, because he was a man who refused to bend to anyone else's rules. He'd gotten that trait from his mother, and he humbly thanked her for it. He figured that if he lived by that creed, he had to respect that she'd do the same. Turning to Owen, Nick said that the husband and the son were as different as the surfer and the sailor; however, they both loved Jackie and wanted her happiness. After warning that he'd always be watching Owen, Nick decided that it was time for the Knights to exchange vows.

Jackie went first, expressing that she'd been doubtful but flattered when she'd first captured Owen's affections. Even after he'd proposed, she hadn't allowed herself to hope that the thrilling relationship would last. Jackie said his generous heart overpowered his good looks, and he'd taught her the meaning of love. She pledged herself to him always and forever.

Owen said that Jackie was a part of him. To him, their emotions were inseparable; her happiness was his happiness, and her pain was his pain. He regretted ever hurting her, because life had little meaning without her. He said that he loved her, and he'd never stop.

Nick called for any objections, but quickly declared that there were none. With the power invested in him by Poseidon, god of the sea, Nick pronounced that they could continue "doing [their] thing." Nick cringed as he stated, "Owen, you can go on and kiss my mother." As the Knights kissed, Nick said he was eager to kiss his "Naggie Aggie," and Aggie readily responded.

Owen asked Nick to make a toast, and Nick wished the couple the best. Owen toasted to never letting Jackie down again, and Jackie toasted to her most cherished men, Nick and Owen. She said Nick had made it the most perfect day of her life, and Owen had taught her to live, love, and trust. "To you, Owen. To us, forever beautiful, forever young," she uttered, and each couple kissed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

by Pam

In Paris, the press flattered Thomas and Brooke at a press conference. Thrilled to be in Paris, Thomas called it a "dream come true." Brooke added that Paris offered architecture and history, and Thomas chimed in that it also offered romance. Thomas told the reporters that Paris was the first stop on the European continent for a press conference and that he and Brooke were happy to answer questions about "Taboo" and anything else.

Reporters commented on how beautiful Brooke looked and then asked about Thomas and Brooke's close working relationship. The reporters specifically asked about the photograph in the dressing room, and one reporter asked if it had been staged. Another reporter said that it had appeared that Thomas and Brooke were embracing, but Brooke and Thomas put the kibosh on the gossip. Thomas admitted that he had been protecting Brooke from the view of the camera of some unknown paparazzi.

A female reporter commented on the fact that Brooke had known all the provocative Forrester men, and the reporter found Thomas was the most handsome of them all. "If you don't take him, I will," the reporter said, and it prompted laughter from the press, Thomas, and Brooke.

Another reporter called Brooke a "siren that no man can resist." The reporter asked if Thomas' heart had beaten a little bit faster when he kissed Brooke. Thomas avoided the question, and said that his heart had been beating faster ever since he started the "Taboo" line. Another reporter blatantly said that his readers wanted to see a kiss between Thomas and Brooke, and Brooke said, "No, that's taboo."

When the press conference moderator asked Brooke and Thomas for some final words, Brooke said that Thomas was "as creative and as talented as any man, and irresistible just like the fashion line he represents. Keep watching because you never know where "Taboo" will take you."

After the press conference, Brooke told Thomas that the success of "Taboo" in Europe was impressive. Thomas commented that the press had wanted them to cross the line, and Brooke said that it captivated them in Europe but not stateside. Thomas said that he was pleased to continue playing the game and to be working and spending time with Brooke.

Brooke smiled and said that their time together had been special for her also. Thomas said that he understood how Brooke had become a legend because she was an alluring, captivating woman. "That's really sweet and it means a lot," Brooke said. They toasted with champagne to the success of "Taboo."

At Forrester, Taylor met with Stephanie, and Stephanie related that her health had improved and that her cancer was not in remission yet, but the doctors had been pleased with her progress. Taylor started her rant about Thomas and Brooke in Paris, and Stephanie tried to calm her, but Taylor was angry. Stephanie interrupted Taylor and quizzed her about Whip's involvement in the photo of Brooke and Thomas. Taylor finally admitted that Whip had taken the photo, but she didn't want anyone to know. Stephanie blamed Whip for exacerbating the situation with Brooke and Thomas.

Taylor quickly returned the conversation to her mistrust of Brooke and Brooke's involvement with Thomas. Taylor worried that Thomas was an inexperienced young man who had lost his mother at a young age. When Brooke replaced Taylor as his mother and made him feel safe, Thomas had developed confusing feelings for his stepmother. Taylor worried that Thomas was in Paris with Brooke and that the "Taboo" campaign might just be a publicity stunt to Brooke, but it was a confusing and emotional rollercoaster for Thomas. Stephanie hugged Taylor and said that she was worried about Taylor. "Help me protect my son," Taylor begged.

At the beach, after surfing lessons, Marcus and Oliver returned to Oliver's rented beach house and Marcus picked up a bikini on the patio. Oliver said that it was Amber's, and that he had grown tired of her leaving things everywhere. Oliver complained that Amber's mother had also moved in. Marcus wondered why Oliver had been so nice to Amber, and Oliver said that he remembered what it had been like to be down and out.

Oliver admitted to a one-night stand with Amber. Oliver added that Amber's mother was nothing but trouble. "It's no wonder Amber is such a mess," Oliver said. Oliver also acknowledged that he was still hung up on Hope. Marcus told him that Hope and Liam had broken up, but had gotten back together. He encouraged Oliver not to give up.

At Dayzee's, Amber explained to Tawny that Dayzee had converted the coffeehouse into a place where homeless people had jobs, and it was all due to Stephanie Forrester's philanthropy. Tawny whined that she and Amber needed some of Stephanie's philanthropy. Amber rolled her eyes, but Tawny continued to promote her scheme of pretending that Amber was carrying Liam's baby. Amber stopped her mother, and then caught sight of Hope. Amber begged her mother to avoid causing a scene.

Hope confronted Amber and accused her of fabricating that she and Liam had done anything the night that Liam had a concussion. Amber and Tawny tried to persuade Hope that Amber and Liam had been intimate, and they had done "the deed," Tawny said. Hope reminded Amber and Tawny that she had heard all about their gold digging schemes from Rick. Hope warned that it would not work with Liam.

Back at the beach house, Tawny pressured Amber to buy into the scheme to convince Liam that Amber was carrying William Spencer IV. Amber insisted it was not a good idea, but Tawny continued her crusade. Amber insisted that she was going to tell Oliver about his baby as soon as he arrived. Oliver walked in and said, "Tell me what?"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

by Pam

In Paris, Thomas and Brooke enjoyed a private dinner in Brooke's suite; Thomas had set the entire thing up. Brooke appreciated Thomas' efforts and commented that he was very much like his father. Thomas promised that he had more surprises than his father had, and he toasted to surprises. Thomas commented that the European reporters had really bought into wanting Brooke and Thomas to cross the line. Thomas had adoringly told Brooke that she was the main attraction in Europe, and he was just along for the ride.

Brooke disagreed. She said the press, especially the females, were very interested in Thomas and curious about his creative juices. Thomas said that his creativity and what excited him would surprise the press. He added that seeing a place, or person, as you'd always seen them could turn into a surprise when you suddenly discovered them in a new light.

Brooke and Thomas exited to the outdoor terrace of the suite. Brooke told Thomas to take in and enjoy the view of Paris. Thomas complimented Brooke and reminded her that every man in his family had fallen in love with her. He said that he, too, loved her. He professed his love for her. Brooke looked slightly concerned, but smiled.

At Forrester, Thorne, Eric, and Ridge met in an office to discuss Brooke and Thomas' press conference in Paris. Ridge admitted to his father and brother that he could not convince Taylor that the trip to Paris was just about publicity. Ridge acknowledged that Taylor had been very concerned about Thomas and his lack of experience around women. Ridge added that Taylor was concerned about Thomas' relationship with Brooke.

Thorne sided with Taylor, and Thorne said that Brooke's pattern had been to roll through the Forrester men. Ridge scoffed and said that nothing would happen between his son and Brooke. "That's what I thought," Eric blurted out.

Eric and Ridge pointed out that Thomas had been dating many different women much like Ridge had at that age, but Thorne disagreed. Thorne noted that Thomas had spent little time in relationships with women -- he had dated but had never become serious with any woman.

Thorne surprisingly wondered if Thomas might be gay. Ridge laughed, but he admitted that Taylor had been concerned that Thomas' lacked experience with women. Ridge argued that Thomas had been focused on his clothing line, not a relationship with his stepmother or other women. Eric and Thorne were not convinced.

At the beach house, Oliver entered the room after Tawny and Amber had discussed Amber's baby. Amber prepared to tell Oliver the truth about the baby, but Tawny interrupted. Tawny dished that Hope and Liam had broken up because Amber had slept with Liam after his party. Tawny encouraged Oliver that he still had a chance to get together with Hope, thanks to Amber.

Oliver wondered if Tawny's claims were true, and Amber agreed that they were Oliver was shocked that Liam would have slept with Amber and hurt Hope, but Amber explained that she had followed Liam home and he had suffered a concussion. Tawny crudely said that he had not been too out of it to perform.

Oliver expressed concerned that Hope would find out, but Amber said that Hope had already heard all about it and had already forgiven Liam. Oliver wondered if he still had a chance with Hope. He guessed that he might have a chance, as long as Amber wasn't living with him and Hope never found out that he had slept with Amber.

Tawny tried to offer her opinion, but Oliver reminded both Amber and Tawny that his one-night stand with Amber had been a mistake. Amber looked defeated. Oliver reminded her that his future was with Hope. Amber caressed her abdomen, and agreed to pack. Amber and her mother left, but returned to deliver keys to Oliver.

Amber discovered that Oliver had left some cash for Amber to find a new place. Tawny tried to grab the cash, but Amber furiously told her mother to get out. Tawny reminded Amber that she could pass the baby off as Liam's if they worked together. Amber declared that she wanted to get as far away from Tawny as she possibly could. Amber said that she would raise her baby on her own terms.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

At Forrester, Ridge found Stephanie in his office. She joked that she was making sure he wasn't running the company into the ground. Ridge said he'd forgive her for slacking in the family business since she'd been doing such meaningful work at Dayzee's. He commended her on making friends and forging a new relationship with Brooke.

Stephanie admitted that Brooke had a good heart, and it had only taken Stephanie a lifetime to find it. Stephanie had realized that there was more to Brooke than her sexuality. Stephanie said there was a goodness about Brooke that made her appealing to everyone. Ridge, who'd known that for years, said he wouldn't be surprised by whoever felt drawn to Brooke.

Stephanie stated that Taylor was still upset about Brooke and Thomas. Ridge said Taylor was overreacting, and she'd tried to make him recall the jet. Stephanie guessed she hadn't spent enough time reassuring Taylor, who might be threatened by Brooke and Stephanie's new relationship. Ridge and Stephanie deduced that Taylor was feeling alienated.

Ridge worried that Whip, who'd most likely taken the latest photo, was feeding Taylor's paranoia. Stephanie figured Taylor couldn't see that Thomas was a sensible adult. Stephanie doubted that Thomas would place himself in an "untoward" situation with Brooke.

Later, Stephanie arrived at Dayzee's to find that business was booming. Dayzee said the "pay what you can" policy was the reason behind the success. Pam, however, had been making ten dozen lemon bars a day, and Dayzee couldn't sell them all. Stephanie suggested that Dayzee give them away. Updating Stephanie on the workers, Dayzee said many had gotten apartments, including Anthony.

Eric arrived and joked that he'd mop the floors at Dayzee's if it meant spending time with his busy wife. Eric stated that Stephanie had been right to reopen the coffee shop, and he wanted her to admit that he'd been right in saying that Brooke wasn't the bane of their family's existence. "That remains to be seen," Stephanie responded.

On their hotel balcony in Paris, Thomas said he loved Brooke, who'd been there for him from the time that his mother had been presumed dead. He noted that Brooke's incredible ability to charm the world had made his dreams happen. Brooke thanked him for making her feel special. Thomas said she was more than that. She was like a fine wine that had aged to perfection. He felt he owed her a lot, and he said he'd never lose his admiration for her.

Brooke and Thomas agreed that they made a good team. Thomas said that being around her and soaking up her knowledge had changed everything. He was amazed that his crazy idea to kiss her and the indecent photo had worked to their advantage. Brooke credited the success to Thomas' talent, but figured they wouldn't get more accomplished unless they got some sleep.

In his room later, Thomas recalled the compliments Brooke had paid him at the press conference. He received an email from Oliver, containing a new sensual "Taboo" promotional song. He returned to the main room to let Brooke hear it, but paused and listened in when he saw her video chatting with Ridge.

During the call with Ridge, Brooke cooed about how well everything had gone. She said Thomas was on cloud nine, and he'd been a professional gentleman the entire time. Ridge had seen the conference online and thought it had gone well. Brooke told her husband about Thomas' sense of gratitude, and Ridge was glad that Thomas was enjoying himself.

Brooke confided that she and Thomas had discussed how she'd raised him during Taylor's absence. Ridge was surprised that Thomas still thought about that time. Brooke called Thomas a sweet, sensitive, and appreciative person who was very much like his father. She felt that she and Thomas had shared a magical time in Paris, and even though Thomas had faced hard times, he'd surmounted them to become an exemplary person. Ridge said he was very proud.

After the call, Brooke was startled to see Thomas behind her. He admitted that he'd heard what she'd said about him, and she replied that she'd meant it. Thomas offered to play the new song for her, and they sat down together to listen. After a seductive instrumental intro, a man sensually sang, "Was it just a passing glance that lingered for too long? Or was it just a gentle touch that turned from right to wrong? I know now so well ... I'm under your spell..."

Friday, January 14, 2011

At Dayzee's, Nick encountered Taylor and assumed that she was helping Stephanie save the world. Taylor said she helped out as much as she could, and she enjoyed donating her time. She explained that Stephanie had given the café employees cash advances to rent nearby apartments, and Nick thought that was a risky move. Taylor agreed, but explained that the honest employees really wanted to work; they'd just needed jobs.

Taylor admitted that she was still stressed out about Thomas and Brooke. She swore that she wasn't obsessing, but Thomas and Brooke together was a recipe for disaster. Though Nick said Taylor had a motherly right to be concerned about the "Taboo" line, he bet that the concern had emerged due to her "hundred-year-long issue" with Brooke.

Taylor said her experience and expertise sometimes put her at a disadvantage when dealing with family issues. Nick was shocked when she theorized that Thomas had an Oedipus complex. Nick contended that Brooke wasn't Thomas' mother, and the "Taboo" line was just "promotion, acting." Nick figured Thomas wouldn't cross the line, and neither would Brooke.

Taylor asserted that Brooke had gone along with everything thus far, and Brooke seemed to be encouraging Thomas at every turn. Taylor figured that Thomas' life was changing too fast, and she feared that he'd turn to the person closest to him for support. That person was Brooke, who had a history of becoming involved in inappropriate relationships.

In Paris, Brooke and Thomas checked out of their hotel. The anxious Thomas hadn't been able to sleep the night before, and he wished the trip had lasted longer. The two boarded the jet, and Brooke said that though the trip had been magical, it was time to return to reality.

Thomas mixed up Bloody Marys just the way Brooke liked them and said he enjoyed getting to know her outside the office. For him, the trip had put everything into focus and had made him feel as if the impossible could really happen. Brooke hoped that it would happen, because she wanted him to actualize all his dreams.

Later, Brooke and Ridge talked on the phone, and she suggested that they go to Paris together the next time. After the call, she told Thomas that Ridge was very proud of his son. Thomas felt as if he could do anything with Brooke by his side, and he said he was a different person because of what she'd done for him. Though Brooke said she didn't know about that, she noted that she did see in him maturity and confidence, which were attractive traits.

Brooke became tired and decided to take a nap. Thomas watched her sleep for a while, and then he pulled a blanket over her. Slowly, he leaned in and kissed her lips. As he stared tenderly at Brooke, her eyes opened. Startled, she asked, "Thomas? What are you doing?"

In Amber's bedroom, Amber fooled around in bed with Marcus. As he dressed, he noted that something was bothering her, and she blurted out that she was pregnant. Marcus wondered how that could be, because they'd used protection every time. Amber stated that she was pretty certain that it wasn't his child. Marcus asked if she'd used protection with other men, and Amber murmured that there had been a few slip-ups.

Marcus clarified that Amber and he were "friends with benefits." Glancing at Amber's packed bags, he assumed that the pregnancy was the reason that Oliver had asked her to leave. Amber admitted that Oliver could be the father, but Marcus and Tawny were the only people who knew about the pregnancy. Marcus asked what her plans for the baby were, and she decided that she shouldn't have told him anything.

Marcus said that he was just a friend asking questions. He guessed that Amber didn't know who the father was. Assuring him that he was in the clear, she explained that it was either Oliver or another guy who didn't even remember their encounter. Marcus deduced that the other guy was Liam. "Amber...Amber Moore. What did you do?" Marcus asked.

Amber clammed up, but Marcus suspected that it had happened the night of the party. Amber said that as far as Liam was concerned, he'd awakened in bed beside her as if nothing had happened. Marcus reasoned that the pregnancy would prove her right, but she asked him to forget that she'd ever said anything.

Marcus figured Amber would need a friend to lean on, and he promised he wouldn't say anything to anyone. She thanked him because she'd been feeling alone. Marcus stated that she wouldn't be alone much longer. "No, I am having a baby," Amber concluded with a sigh.

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