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Monday, January 17, 2011

At home, Katie forced Bill to cut a phone call short so that they could make out. As they kissed, Bill stated that he was enjoying the profits that Forrester was reaping from Taboo. Katie, however, worried that the gimmick would take a toll on Brooke's marriage.

Bill cited that it was just advertising, and none of it seemed to bother Ridge, who hadn't married Brooke for her innocence and charm. Bill stated that he and Ridge had married the sisters because they were sexual, sensual women. Bill pondered whether Thomas would fall for Brooke, though. Katie insisted it could never happen, but if it did, it would be explosive.

At the hospital, Nick encountered Ridge, who was in the lobby, waiting to take Stephanie home from a doctor's appointment. Nick broached the seedy implications of the Taboo campaign with Ridge, and Ridge guessed that Nick had been talking to Taylor. Ridge insisted that Thomas and Brooke wouldn't cross any lines. "Whatever. We know how she is," Nick replied.

Nick cited that Thomas was a lot like his father, and Ridge countered that Ridge wouldn't make a play for his father's wife. "Come to think if it, that's exactly what you did," Nick quipped. Nick didn't believe Ridge didn't share Taylor's concerns. Ridge touted that he and Brooke were unbreakable; any man who'd tried to get between them should know that. "Even you," Ridge concluded. To Ridge, the thought of Thomas and Brooke together was laughable.

Ridge mentioned that he had to pick Brooke and Thomas up from the airport soon, and Nick offered to drive Stephanie home from the hospital. After waiting a while longer, Ridge took Nick up on the offer and left.

A doctor called Nick into his office to discuss the results of Nick's physical. The doctor said that the physical results were good; however, he referred to some chest x-rays and noted that Nick had a spot on his lung. Nick apprehensively wondered what that indicated.

On the jet, Thomas' kiss startled the sleeping Brooke, who awakened and asked what he was doing. Thomas apologized and attributed his actions to the Bloody Marys. As he played it off, Brooke asked if he were starting to have feelings for her. Thomas claimed that he'd had feelings for her since he'd been a kid - but none of them had ever been inappropriate.

Upset, Brooke said he hadn't kissed her for a press stunt that time. She realized that she should have listened to Taylor, but Thomas thought Brooke was overreacting. He said he respected that she was his father's wife, and he wouldn't cross that line. He implored her not to mention it to Ridge. Brooke said she hated to keep things from Ridge. Thomas begged her to keep quiet, so a silly little kiss wouldn't ruin what they'd accomplished.

Once the jet had landed, Ridge boarded and asked how the trip had gone. Thomas and Brooke were awkwardly silent, and Ridge conveyed that the press conference had gone beautifully. He hoped the intrigue of Taboo would last a long time. Ridge asked why they were so quiet, and Thomas claimed that he and Brooke were just tired. Ridge hugged Brooke and said he wanted to hear all about her trip. Over Ridge's shoulder, Brooke stared pointedly at Thomas.

At an outdoor table at a restaurant, Amber begrudgingly met her mother, who claimed she wanted to make sure that Amber remained healthy. Amber cringed at the bowl of oatmeal Tawny had ordered for her, and Tawny resumed pressuring Amber to go after Liam. Amber asserted that Bill, Katie, and Liam would do anything possible to keep Amber out of their world.

Changing the subject to Little Eric, Tawny asked if Amber had visited him at his school. Amber hadn't because she hadn't been in the best frame of mind. Tawny thought it was a good thing that Deacon had stepped up to pay the child's tuition. Tawny wondered if Amber had any money in her savings account, because Tawny needed $5,000 to tide herself over.

Amber asked why they were at an expensive restaurant if Tawny had no money. Tawny admitted that she'd managed to hold onto her trailer, and Amber quipped that they both might need to live in it. The bill arrived, and the women bickered over who'd pay it. The waiter approached, and Amber shoveled out all the money she had on her. At Amber's prodding, Tawny dug into her pockets and bra for the rest of the necessary cash.

Tawny noted that they wouldn't have that problem if Amber were a Spencer. Tawny said Amber had already laid the groundwork by spending the night with Liam, but Amber replied that she'd done it with the hope that Liam would really care about her someday. Tawny said Liam might really get into Amber and the baby, but Amber wouldn't know unless she told him that she was carrying his child.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

by Pam

At home, Ridge and Brooke shared how much they had missed one another, even though Brooke had only been in Paris for a few days. Ridge realized that the press tour had been very quick and exhausting for her. He promised that the next time he sent Thomas and Brooke to Paris, he would plan a week for them. Brooke quickly put the kibosh on the idea and said that she never wanted to travel without Ridge again.

Ridge teased that it wasn't the same "without him" on the plane, and Brooke agreed. They kissed and fell into an embrace, and then undressed and made love. Afterwards, Ridge broke out the champagne, and said that he knew Brooke was worried about something. Brooke said that they needed to get away, but Ridge said it would have to wait until after the campaign hype had died down.

Ridge thanked Brooke for her help in Thomas' success. Ridge said that Thomas was a lot like Ridge at that age, and Ridge commented on how he, too, had been charmed by Brooke. And he had found success thanks to her.

Ridge joked that reporters and everyone around him had asked if he was worried about losing his wife to his son. Brooke said that it was ridiculous. Ridge added that sales had been some of the best in Forrester history. Brooke mustered a smile, but she was clearly distant. Ridge continued to share that everyone was mesmerized by Brooke and Thomas.

At Taylor's, Thomas arrived home and gazed at family photos. Taylor entered and hugged her son. She told him how much she had missed him, and Thomas scoffed that he had only been gone a few days. Taylor quizzed Thomas about every bit of the trip, starting with who had accompanied Thomas.

Thomas answered that only he and Brooke had gone to Paris. Taylor grilled him about what they had done for the long flight, and he said that they'd slept for most of it. Thomas asked if she had seen the press conference because it had gone very well, and they had been the talk of Paris. Taylor admitted that she had found it "disturbing."

Thomas grew tired of the inquisition and said that the trip had been professional. He walked away, but Taylor stopped him and insisted that they needed to talk. Taylor reminded her son that they had always been able to talk, but she was worried about him.

She asked if he knew what an Oedipal complex was, and Thomas said that it was a boy in love with his mother. Taylor started to explain that it could take place with someone whose mother had been taken from them at a young age as Taylor had been taken from Thomas.

She explained that when a horrible event took place, the child might see the new mother figure as an ideal and almost worship her. Thomas grew tired of her theory, and said he had no interest in her psychoanalysis. Taylor reminded Thomas that she had made her living as a psychiatrist. Thomas refused to discuss it and left the room.

Thomas later returned with a sandwich, and Taylor picked up where she had left off. She reminded Thomas that he would have had feelings of abandonment as a child. Brooke had taken Taylor's place as his mother, and he probably saw Brooke as his ideal woman. Thomas called Taylor's theory "psychobabble," and he left the room.

At the medical offices, Nick's doctor explained that the spot on his lung could be a tumor or a sign of a virus or infection that had not healed properly. The doctor insisted on an immediate CAT scan, and Nick balked at first because he had a busy day and had planned to give Stephanie a ride home.

The doctor persuaded Nick to wait for the CAT scan because it meant results would be available sooner, and they would know what they had to deal with and how to treat it. The doctor exited, and Stephanie entered. Nick announced that he had planned to give her a ride home because Ridge had gone to the airport to pick up Thomas and Brooke.

Stephanie was happy to see Nick. He offered to call a car for her because he had to wait for some tests. Stephanie asked what was wrong, and Nick dished that he'd had a physical. He explained that his lung x-ray had revealed a spot on his lung. Stephanie insisted that she would wait with him.

Nick again offered to call a driver for her, but she refused. Stephanie said she had nothing more important to do than wait for Nick. Stephanie explained the entire CAT scan process and instructed him to keep his eyes closed no matter what.

After the CAT scan, Nick was clearly shaken, and Stephanie told him not to worry. She added that he had to quit smoking cigars. Nick tried to change the subject, but Stephanie reminded him that after everything that she had been through, she would do anything to prevent cancer.

Nick said that he felt foolish worrying about himself, and he told Stephanie that he admired how well she had been doing and how she had been dealing with cancer. Nick worried that he would not be as strong if he were faced with the same diagnosis, but Stephanie assured him he would deal with it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

by Pam

Nick dropped Stephanie off at the Forrester mansion, and he confided that he had been worried about her because she had looked nauseous. Stephanie admitted to Nick that she felt sick because his car had reeked of cigar smoke, and she couldn't stand the smell. Nick said that he smoked because it relaxed him.

Stephanie quizzed Nick about how long he had been a smoker, and he responded that it had been since he was 16. He added that cigars had replaced cigarettes when he grew older. Stephanie pressured him to quit, and she warned that cancer struck a lot of people who had smoked and those who had never smoked. She did not want him to tempt fate.

Nick said that it had been unfair that she'd been diagnosed with cancer, but she added that it was in the past. Nick warned her that he didn't want to tell anyone of his situation. Stephanie agreed, but she said that she had felt the same way and that it was part of denial. Nick disagreed, but Stephanie pressured him to quit smoking. Nick accused Stephanie of becoming more smug since she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Stephanie grilled Nick about how he could justify smoking to his son. Nick said that many 90-year-olds still smoked and had healthy lives. Stephanie reminded Nick that many younger smokers had not survived. She wanted him to quit smoking to take care of his son. Nick argued that he had always been a risk-taker. He refused to argue about smoking, and headed for the door. Stephanie forced him to reconsider his habit. She said that if Jack were to ask why Nick continued to smoke, knowing that it would shorten his life, Nick's decision would devastate his little boy.

Nick teased that Stephanie had become the Grim Reaper, bossing everyone around. Stephanie reminded Nick that he had saved her life one time. She felt it was her turn to save his life. Nick insisted that he was "strong as a horse and always [had] been," but Stephanie reminded him that she had felt the same way before she had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Nick begged her not to judge him. Nick added that an occasional cigar often took the edge off stress. Stephanie did not let up. She reminded him that his mother and his son adored him, and so did Aggie. Stephanie thanked him for the ride. Nick exited, and prepared to light up a cigar outside the house, but he stopped short of lighting it. He removed the cigar from his mouth.

At Taylor's house, Madison had shown up with papers, and Whip thanked her. She explained that Forrester had planned to send the documents over by messenger to Thomas. Madison said that she had volunteered because she was in the neighborhood. Madison clearly felt uncomfortable, but she wanted to see Thomas. Whip tried to encourage her to work on a relationship with Thomas. Whip mentioned that Taylor and Whip had been worried about Thomas because he had spent so little time with people his own age.

Whip said that he and Taylor had worried about the fact that Thomas had experienced a lot of success with the new men's line, but he'd had little time to enjoy it. Madison agreed, but she added that she didn't think her relationship with Thomas was going anywhere. Whip encouraged her to deliver the papers personally to Thomas' room. Whip reminded Madison that Thomas might be jet-lagged.

Upstairs in his room, a shirtless Thomas fondly remembered kissing Brooke while she was sleeping on the Forrester jet. When Thomas heard a knock on his door, he opened it, and he was surprised to find Madison. She delivered the Forrester papers, and Thomas donned his shirt. Thomas invited Madison to stay for pot roast because Taylor had made it. Thomas shared that he hoped that Madison would eat his share.

After Thomas delivered the pot roast, and Madison enjoyed it, they joked that Thomas was not permitted to eat in his room. Madison complimented Taylor on her ability to excel at everything she did, including cooking. Thomas tried to compliment Madison on her skills, but Madison recalled that Thomas had said that he was not interested in her previously. Thomas said that he was unsure of his feelings because success with the men's line had happened so quickly.

Thomas admitted that he was unsure of the demands the successful line had for him, but he assured Madison that he was very interested in her. He kissed her passionately. Madison said that she did not want to discuss their feelings in his bedroom, and she left.

At Katie's place, Donna showed up for dinner. Donna teased that Katie was not a cook, and she hoped that Katie had not microwaved a crab dinner. The girls played their own version of the "Truth or Dare" game over a bottle of Chardonnay. Donna admitted that she missed Eric. She said that she felt stupid for becoming so enamored with Eric. She recalled that they had been wrong for each other from the beginning. However, she added that they had been very deeply in love. She admitted that she had never really expected it to last forever.

Katie reminded her sister that Justin had been her first love. Donna said that Justin would always be "the one who got away." Donna admitted that she had dreaded telling him the truth about her pregnancy because she had never wanted to trap him. Katie said that she had worked with Justin quite a bit in her new role at Spencer. Katie said that Justin was a smart guy.

Katie added that Bill and Justin had gone to a boxing match in honor of Justin's birthday. Katie invited Donna to a party that she and Bill were hosting for Justin. Donna seemed unsure, but Katie encouraged her to stop punishing herself and enjoy some time with Justin. Donna agreed and asked Katie to help her find an outfit.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On his boat, Nick glanced at his doctor's business card, but decided that getting his test results could wait. Aggie entered with Jack, who was excited about having a guys' night on the boat with his father. Before leaving the guys alone, Aggie put away Nick's groceries. She discovered Dr. Lewis' card and began questioning Nick about his doctor's visit.

Nick dismissively said he'd had his physical, and Dr. Lewis was supposed to give him some test results. He claimed that he was fine as far as he knew, but Aggie asked what tests had been run. Shrugging, he said they'd been just "the usual." Aggie prodded Nick to call about the results, but he figured that the doctor would call him if something were wrong.

While awaiting her test results at the hospital, Stephanie met Judy, a lung cancer patient. Judy, who was a nonsmoker, had been diagnosed four years earlier. The women discussed the dangers of smoking and wondered why people still risked doing it.

Dr. Lewis called Stephanie into an office to say that Stephanie had no new tumors or nodules on her lungs. The brain masses had not increased in size, either. Stephanie noted that she still felt winded, but Dr. Lewis said that was normal. Stephanie mentioned Nick, and Dr. Lewis quipped that he was the patient who wouldn't return phone calls.

Later, Stephanie boarded Nick's boat and walked into a plume of cigar smoke. Waving it away, she complained about the stench and hoped that it'd be gone by the time Jack returned from downstairs. Nick claimed he wasn't a three-pack-a-day smoker, and he wasn't blowing smoke in Jack's face. Stephanie noted that Nick was puffing away, without a care in the world for the spot on his lung. "What is the matter with you?" she asked.

Nick supposed that he hadn't called Dr. Lewis because he might not want to hear what she had to say. He stamped out the cigar and wondered if Stephanie harassed every patient who visited the hospital wing that had been named for her. Stephanie ordered him to call the doctor, but he insisted he didn't have cancer. Stephanie said they'd simply call Dr. Lewis to confirm it.

Stephanie handed Nick the phone and the number, and he reluctantly called Dr. Lewis. Once the doctor answered, Nick put her on speakerphone for Stephanie's benefit. He reluctantly asked the doctor to tell him what news she had. "Do I have cancer?" he gravely asked.

At the Spencers' beach house, a birthday party for Justin was in full swing. Talking to Katie, Donna said Justin had invited her as his date, and she and Marcus had gotten Justin a special gift. Marcus arrived with Dayzee, whom he said his parents were anxious to meet. Dayzee blushed upon realizing that Marcus had been talking to them about her.

Marcus introduced Dayzee to Bill and Justin. Bill was intrigued to learn about Dayzee's coffeehouse and expressed a desire to help the cause. Next, Marcus introduced Dayzee to Donna. When Donna and Justin were alone on the porch afterward, Donna commented that she really liked Dayzee. Donna was also impressed by the work that Dayzee and Stephanie were doing; however, Donna worried that it meant she'd become impressed by Stephanie, too.

Back inside, Bill and Katie approached Liam and Hope. Bill told Hope that Liam no longer had to be the world's most eligible bachelor. Bill said that if Liam had to have a girlfriend, then he'd at least picked a good one. Hope bashfully smiled.

Bill prepared to make a toast to Justin, whom Bill called his best friend. Since the men had traveled together, worked together, and played together over the years, Bill thought it was appropriate that they were experiencing fatherhood together. Bill had never imagined that family time would outrank adventure for him and Justin, but Bill was enjoying it.

Justin wondered if he and Bill might be growing up, but Bill said they shouldn't carry it that far. Raising his glass, Justin hoped that he and Bill would celebrate their birthdays together in the old folks' home. Bill proposed another toast to hot nurses. To Bill's surprise, Hope toasted to Bill being a good father, whether Liam was a bachelor or not.

Though Justin joked that he was too old for gifts, Donna presented him with a book that she felt he'd been without for too long. Justin was surprised to see that it was a scrapbook with photos from Marcus' childhood. Donna said she'd regretted never telling Justin about Marcus, and she hoped the photos that she and Marcus had gotten from Marcus' adoptive mother, Mrs. Walton, would help Justin and Donna enjoy what they'd missed out on.

Justin flipped through the pages, and Donna stated that she'd never know for sure, but she believed Marcus had experienced a good upbringing. She said she had to believe that she'd made the best decision in giving him away. Justin grew emotionally silent, and Donna asked what was wrong.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Via speakerphone, Dr. Lewis asked if Nick were comfortable discussing his test results in front of Stephanie. Grimacing, Nick replied that he couldn't get rid of Stephanie. Dr. Lewis relayed that the spot on Nick's lung wasn't cancer, but possible scarring from a respiratory infection. Dr. Lewis wanted to schedule more tests and monitor him over the next few months. A relieved Nick said Dr. Lewis could monitor him to her heart's content.

After the call, Nick grabbed a celebratory cigar, but Stephanie asked if he'd even read the warning label on the cigar box. Nick quipped that he didn't have cancer. "Not yet," she replied. Though Nick respected Stephanie and her situation, he warned her not to preach to the world. Stephanie noted that he was just dying to light up. Agreeing that he was, Nick suggested that she scurry on out of there. "Iron lungs, baby," he declared as smoke billowed from his mouth.

"Iron lungs with a spot on them, baby," Stephanie retorted. Nick stated that, even without the cigars, he could have gotten lung cancer just as she'd gotten it. She brought up Jack's health, but Nick claimed to know all about secondhand smoke. Stephanie declared that he was addicted. He laughed, but she insisted he wasn't an occasional smoker. Citing that Nick smoked on the boat, in his car, and all over his office, Stephanie said the habit had surely affected Jack.

Jack entered to ask why Nick hadn't joined him downstairs yet. As Nick knelt down to tell the child he'd be there soon, smoke wafted into the boy's face and spiraled through the air. Jack went back downstairs, and Nick claimed, "That never usually happens." Stephanie advised him to quit the cigars for Jack's sake.

Nick said he was always careful to shield Jack from the smoke, but Stephanie noted that the boat reeked of it. She worried that Jack might develop asthma. Nick agreed that he shouldn't smoke around the child, but Stephanie asserted that he shouldn't smoke - period. "That's not realistic," Nick responded. He said he'd smoke when he felt like it, just not around the child.

Stephanie pulled some statistics off the Internet about cigar smokers contracting cancer, but Nick put no stock in Internet statistics. As Stephanie persisted, she started coughing. She claimed that she was winded from talking too much. He asked if she were okay, and she said she'd be fine once he quit the cigars. Nick admitted that he'd tried and tried, but he just couldn't quit. "That's because you didn't have me before to help you," Stephanie responded.

At the Spencer beach house, an emotional Justin went outside after viewing Marcus' childhood pictures. Donna followed Justin to the porch, where he lamented missing Marcus' life and losing his relationship with Donna. He asked why she'd chosen to give it all up. Donna explained that they'd been young, and she'd feared ruining his dreams. Justin said he had never even become a professional basketball player. Donna considered that her decision might have been selfish, because she'd wanted to finish high school.

Donna promised to make things up to Justin, but he decided they should focus on the future. "You, me, Marcus," he said. Donna's face lit up when she realized that Justin was talking about being a family. They kissed, and Marcus grinned from the doorway.

Donna and Justin returned to the party, and Bill ribbed Justin for being emotional earlier. Justin admitted that he'd gotten a little upset, but Donna had known just how to soothe him. Bill received some business reports on his phone and was disappointed that his sales were down, even after running a story on the salacious Amber Moore. Justin saw Donna heading back outside and excused himself to follow her.

On the porch, Justin embraced Donna from behind and said he'd been waiting a long time to hold her like that. She noted that he'd waited for her while she'd been married to Eric. Justin replied that he'd known it was meant to be at Katie and Bill's wedding, because he'd seen the old tree that he and Donna had carved their names into. Donna giggled and asked Justin to go steady with her. He said he'd love to, and the couple kissed.

Inside on the sofa, Dayzee suspected that Marcus had a host of women that he could have called to accompany him to the party that evening. He stammered, but admitted to having some "friends with benefits." Dayzee replied that she didn't intend on being anyone's "friend with benefits." That was fine with Marcus, but he wondered what would happen if they were more than friends. "Then some benefits would occur," she replied, and they kissed.

By the fireplace, Hope figured that she was finally over what had happened with Liam and Amber. Bill's change of heart and the closeness that she and Liam had experienced that evening made Hope want to share even more of herself with Liam. Liam almost choked on his food as he replied, "Really?" Hope sensed that it would happen soon, but she wouldn't settle for Liam being unconscious, as Amber had.

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