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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on B&B
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Monday, January 24, 2011

At the Forrester guesthouse, Dayzee said Stephanie had given Dayzee permission to use the place whenever it was too late for Dayzee to return to town. Marcus mentioned the unorthodox way that Dayzee and Stephanie had met. Dayzee expressed her admiration for Stephanie, who willingly helped others in their battles while fighting personal battles of her own.

Dayzee and Marcus discussed what a special evening it had been, and Marcus sent his father a birthday text message. Turning the topic to his parents, Marcus said he'd support them getting back together, because they seemed to make each other happy.

Dayzee asked how Marcus' love life was going. He said it was okay, but she might be able to help him with it. He remarked he'd met a beautiful woman who'd opened his eyes to new things. Dayzee advised him to let the woman know what he thought of her. "I will," Marcus replied and kissed her.

After the party at the beach house, Donna and Justin had drinks on the patio at Bikini Beach. Justin remarked that he, Marcus, and Donna were a family in every way that counted — except one. Justin received a birthday text message from Marcus, and Donna said she regretted keeping her pregnancy from Justin. She admitted that the photo album had been for her, too, and Justin stated that she'd also missed Marcus' childhood.

Justin urged Donna to focus on the good things. He was happy that he'd just shared his birthday with his son, and they were creating new moments to cherish. While thumbing through the photo album, Donna and Justin joked about being the jock and the prom queen in high school. Justin said he'd always wondered why she'd suddenly broken it off, and Donna replied that she couldn't let him give up his dreams to support her and the baby.

Donna said she appreciated Marcus' adoptive parents, but she still regretted giving up her child. She expressed that finally reuniting Marcus and Justin wasn't enough for her. "I'm giving you my letterman's jacket. What more do you want?" Justin jokingly asked. She tearfully replied that she wanted the family that they'd started back then, and she didn't want to wait for it. She hoped that he didn't, either.

Donna professed her love for Justin and said she didn't think she was asking for too much. Justin stated that he didn't need persuading, because he'd always loved her and always would. To Justin's surprise, Donna got down on one knee and asked him to marry her. He pulled her back on her feet, because proposing was his job. Donna, however, didn't mind as long as it happened for them. "Yes!" Justin answered, and the couple kissed and held each other.

On Nick's boat, Nick told Stephanie that he'd rather walk the plank than quit smoking cold turkey. Stephanie reasoned that continuing the habit was like walking the plank daily. Nick wanted more time to think about things, but she warned him that he'd wind up being one of the statistics that he hated hearing so much about. Nick offered to cut back to one or two cigars a day or to change his brands, but Stephanie told him to stop kidding himself.

Nick didn't want to hear anymore, so Stephanie ended the discussion with some final thoughts. She said he was strong enough to beat the habit for Jack's sake, and she'd be there for Nick every step of the way. Jack returned upstairs, and Stephanie decided to leave the guys to their fun. Nick thanked her for caring and promised that he'd quit.

The father and son took the boat out, and after they returned, Jack noted that Nick and Stephanie had seemed worried earlier. Making silly faces, Nick asked, "Do I look worried now?" They hugged, and Nick told Jack not to worry, because Nick would be around for a long time.

While Jack got some juice, Nick went to the top deck with his box of cigars. "I'm done!" Nick declared. He tossed the cigars overboard and crushed the empty pack in his hand.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

by Pam

At an outdoor restaurant, Stephanie joined Nick for a meeting. Nick pried several pieces of nicotine gum out of a package and chewed them. He proudly pointed out that he had not smoked in more than twelve hours, but Stephanie reminded him that he had probably slept for eight of the twelve hours. Nick corrected her. "Six hours," he said.

Stephanie worried that Nick thought "kicking the habit" would be easy. Nick agreed and admitted that he hoped the nicotine gum would take the edge off his addiction. Stephanie reminded him that he could not substitute the gum for cigars. He needed to quit nicotine altogether. Stephanie apologized for lecturing, but she said that Nick might need more help than gum.

Nick disagreed. He said that he had made progress. He hadn't had a cigar with his morning coffee. Stephanie agreed. She reminded him that he had to take good care of himself. Nick responded that he did not have cancer, but Stephanie interrupted. She reminded him that he had a spot on his lung, and he had to set a good example for Jack.

Stephanie promised to help Nick in any way she could. Nick popped more gum out of the package and into his mouth. Stephanie left, and Nick waited at the valet stand for his car. Restaurant patrons were lighting up cigarettes and cigars all around Nick, and Nick caved in. He pulled a cigar out of his pocket and asked another nearby smoker for a light. After Nick's first puff, Stephanie walked out of the restaurant and caught him. "I thought you quit," Stephanie said. "I thought you left," Nick said.

At Katie's house, Donna shared the good news of her engagement to Justin with Brooke and Katie. Donna told them about the romantic evening that she and Justin had shared in honor of Justin's birthday. Donna told her sisters about the photo album that she and Marcus had made that held all the photos of Marcus from the time that he had been a baby. Donna said that she and Justin had bonded over all the lost years.

Brooke and Katie said that Donna deserved to be happy, and they were pleased that she and Justin had reconnected after so many years. Brooke and Katie teased that they wanted to see the ring that Justin had given Donna, but Donna explained that Justin had been taken by surprise. Donna had been the one to propose.

Embarrassed, Donna said that she hadn't been able to help herself. She'd realized how many years they had missed together, and she didn't want to spend any further time apart. Donna, Katie, and Brooke laughed when Donna said that they probably thought she was crazy. Brooke said that she had proposed to Ridge once. Donna teased that it had been the third or fourth time that Brooke and Ridge had been engaged.

At Spencer Publications, Justin entered Bill's office and thanked him for the birthday party. Justin added that he and Donna had made plans for their future, and Donna had proposed. Justin and Bill laughed that Donna had beaten Justin to popping the question. Bill congratulated Justin and said that it was about time Justin and Donna had gotten together. They shared a son and had finally reconnected. Bill welcomed Justin to the family and advised him that having a Logan girl for a wife was a privilege.

Justin told Bill that he had not had a chance to get Donna a ring, so Bill called a jeweler, who promptly showed up in the office with a selection of engagement rings. Justin chose one that he had decided was unique and perfect for Donna. Justin called Donna and said that he had to see her. Donna said that she had shared their news with Katie and Brooke at Katie's place. Justin said that he would be arriving shortly.

Donna announced that Justin was on his way over. Katie and Brooke asked Donna about Marcus, and she said that she and Justin had wanted to share the news together with Marcus. Donna was thrilled that after all the years that had passed, they were finally going to be a family.

Justin entered, and Brooke and Katie kissed and congratulated him. The sisters quizzed Justin and Donna about how much time they had to plan a wedding. Justin and Donna agreed that they did not want to wait to start their lives together. They announced that it would only be a few days before they married.

Justin said that he had something important to say to Donna. Brooke and Katie offered to take a walk on the beach, but Justin wanted to include them. Justin reminisced about the first time that he had ever seen Donna. He'd wanted to ask her out, but he had been too shy. He remembered that Donna had asked him out. Donna said that she had worried that Justin would never have asked her out if she hadn't made the first move.

Justin smiled and said that Donna had also beaten him to the proposal. He knelt down and took Donna's hand. He said that he wanted to make their engagement official, and he presented Donna with a sparkling diamond ring. Donna cried happy tears of joy, and she and Justin promised their love to one another.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Summer walked past Madison, who was outside Thomas' office. Summer mentioned that she had a date with Thomas. Madison seemed surprised, and Summer realized that she had hurt Madison's feelings. Summer tried to pass it off as a spur-of-the-moment date, and Madison said that she understood. However, Madison looked angry.

In Thomas' office, Brooke coldly reminded Thomas that the kiss that Thomas had planted on her on the Paris trip had been out of line. Thomas dismissed it as nothing and begged Brooke not to tell his father about his mistake. Brooke said that she didn't like keeping secrets from Ridge. Thomas insisted that his focus was the men's line, and he did not want anything to interfere with it. Brooke warned that if Thomas had feelings for her, she would quit working with him.

Thomas told Brooke that he did not feel anything for her but gratitude. He said that he had been caught up in the moment, and nothing would ever happen again. He wanted to drop the subject because it was over and he wanted to forget about it. Brooke seemed unsure.

Madison burst in and asked Thomas how he could plan a date with Summer when she thought they were dating. She reminded him that they had kissed in his bedroom. Thomas reminded Madison that they had never promised an exclusive relationship.

Brooke offered to leave, but Thomas told her to stay. Thomas told Madison that he would be traveling and unable to be devoted to any woman. He hoped that Madison would understand because he enjoyed spending time with her. He encouraged Madison to see other people. Madison agreed and she left.

Brooke dredged up the kiss again, and Thomas wanted to forget about it. Brooke worried that Taylor had been right about Thomas' feelings for Brooke. Thomas disagreed and promised that he would never cross the line again. Brooke looked unconvinced.

At Jackie M, Owen and Jackie made out in her office, and Stephanie interrupted. Stephanie asked to speak to Jackie alone. Owen exited, and Stephanie dished that Nick had some medical problems. She told Jackie all about the spot on his lung and that he had to quit smoking. Stephanie was convinced that Nick needed help. Jackie was shocked and concerned.

In Nick's office, Nick tried to apply a nicotine patch, and Owen entered. Nick asked for Owen's help because he had no idea where to physically place the patch. Owen congratulated Nick for attempting to quit, and Nick said that it was not as easy as he had hoped.

Owen wondered why Stephanie had decided to visit Jackie. Nick immediately showed concern, and exited his office to catch up with Stephanie. In Jackie's office, Nick entered and told his mother that it was nothing serious. Jackie wondered why Nick hadn't told her about his medical problems, and he responded that nothing was wrong.

Stephanie interrupted that if Nick did not take care of himself and quit smoking, the spot on his lung could become something more. Nick promised that he had been trying everything in his power to quit. He agreed that he needed to be healthy to stay around for Jack and his mother and friends who were so concerned about him as he pointedly looked at Stephanie.

Jackie and Stephanie ganged up on Nick and insisted that he quit smoking. Nick promised, but Stephanie continued to badger him, and Jackie joined in. Stephanie was concerned that Nick had been smoking around Jack, but he dismissed the idea. Stephanie insisted that Jack had told her Nick stunk, and she had seen him smoking. Jackie was concerned and reminded Nick that Bridget would never have allowed Nick to be anywhere near Jack when he was smoking.

Nick apologized and exasperatedly shouted that he would quit. He hugged his mother.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

At the Spencer beach house, Marcus rushed in, and Justin indicated that there was something wrong with Donna's finger. Holding up her hand, Donna said she couldn't stop staring at it. Marcus saw her engagement ring and expressed his happiness for his parents. He felt that it was "a long time coming," and he was blessed to have them in his life.

Stephen arrived and congratulated the couple. He stated that he was getting married, too, and Pam entered, humming the wedding march. Pam suggested having a double wedding, and Donna promptly sent Marcus and Justin out to lunch together. Once the two men left, Donna asked Stephen if he'd forgotten what Pam had done to her.

Stephen claimed that he and Pam had talked about it, but Donna asked about Beth. He figured Beth would want him to be happy. Donna wanted her father to give her away, but she refused to have Pam at the wedding. Pam asked to speak to Donna alone, and Stephen went outside. "Let me go on the record. I will never accept you as my father's wife!" Donna seethed.

Donna doubted that Stephen was ready for marriage, or that Stephanie would approve. Pam reasoned that she and Donna had shared good times together, but Donna recalled being attacked by a bear, locked in a steam room, and much more. Pam asked Donna for forgiveness. "You tried to kill me!" Donna asserted. Donna felt Pam should be in jail for what she'd done.

Pam said she hadn't been herself, and she had the scar tissue from her brain in a jar at home, if Donna wanted to see it. Donna got disgusted, but Pam swore Stephen had turned her into a different woman. Pam implored Donna to allow her to attend the wedding with Stephen. Stephen returned and asked if the women had reached a verdict.

At the trailer park, Tawny let Amber into Tawny's home, and Amber gasped to see cats everywhere. Covering her nose, Amber said it was unhealthy for her to live like that. Tawny asserted that Amber didn't have to, because the baby was her ticket to a new life. Tawny tried to convince Amber to go along with Tawny's plan, but Amber insisted they couldn't pull it off. Tawny said to just hold on until she returned.

Tawny left, and Amber found a scrapbook, which reminded her of her glamorous life as a Forrester. Tawny returned with a friend she'd met through an online dating service. "This is Carl Ferret," Tawny said and explained that he was a lab assistant at a ritzy hospital. "The one that all the rich people go to," Tawny hinted, and Carl wondered why he was there.

Tawny asked how Carl liked his job. Carl complained that he knew as much as the lab technicians, but he was just a lowly assistant. Tawny claimed to have a job for him, if he were trustworthy. Tawny explained Amber's pregnancy situation and said they needed Liam Spencer to be the father of Amber's baby.

Amber said the plan was insane, and intelligent people, like Bill and his doctor, wouldn't fall for it. Tawny had done her research, and she'd discovered that Dr. Montgomery, Bill's doctor, would most likely perform the paternity test. Carl revealed that he worked on most of Dr. Montgomery's lab tests. Having worked on plenty of paternity tests, Carl figured he could do it.

Amber said they were dealing with complicated DNA, but Carl replied that it wasn't about the samples. He said it was about making sure she didn't have a zero probability answer on the results page. He bragged that he was a bit of a hacker, but wondered what was in it for him.

Tawny said that Amber would get thousands of dollars in child support, and "we" would be generous to anyone who'd helped along the way. Amber was still apprehensive, and Carl figured he was wasting his time. Tawny asserted that Amber had no home, money, or future; however, the plan was Amber's one chance to give the baby a good life.

With her phone in hand, Amber griped that Tawny had always given her daughter bad advice. Tawny claimed she only wanted the best for her daughter, and Amber was doing the best thing for her child by letting it grow up as a Spencer. "Just do it, Amber. Do it," Tawny pleaded.

In Bill's office with Liam, Hope beamed about Donna's engagement. As they kissed, Hope brought up Amber. Liam didn't want to talk about Amber, but Hope insisted that Amber was up to something. Just then, Amber called Liam to say that they needed to talk. Liam conveyed that he had nothing to talk about, but Amber said she was on her way to meet him.

Friday, January 28, 2011

At Tawny's house, Tawny urged Amber to do what she had to do, but Amber thought it was happening too fast. Tawny and Carl reassured Amber that the plan was solid; however, Amber had to do her part by telling Liam about the little bundle of joy. An apprehensive Amber said she couldn't live with lying for a lifetime, but Tawny stated that the baby was counting on Amber. "You cannot let your baby down," Tawny insisted, and Amber left the house.

In Bill's office, Hope and Liam tried to figure out what Amber could want. Hope recalled Amber threatening to get back at Hope for revealing Amber's designs theft. Hope felt Amber thought the world owed her something, and Hope was sure Amber was on her way to collect.

Liam still didn't remember what had happened with Amber that one night; however, he seriously doubted that he'd been aroused in the state that he'd been in. After a while, Liam grew tired of waiting for Amber. He packed up his things and said she could darken his doorstep another day. As he led Hope out, Amber showed up at the door.

Hope and Amber sniped at each other until Liam asked Amber to just say what she had to say. Amber asked to speak to him alone, but Hope refused to leave. "Okay, fine. I'm pregnant, Liam, with your baby. Congratulations, you're gonna be a daddy," Amber blurted out.

At the Spencer beach house, Stephen asked Donna if Pam could escort him to Donna's wedding. Before Donna could answer, Brooke and Katie arrived. Stephen announced that they'd have two weddings in the family, and Brooke grumbled that she and Katie were happy about at least one of them. Brooke said she'd asked Stephanie to join them, and Pam wished Brooke hadn't done that. Stephen decided that it was okay, because he and Pam had nothing to hide.

Stephanie arrived and asked Pam to go for a walk. Pam asserted that Stephanie wouldn't change Pam's mind about Stephen. Stephanie expressed concern that Pam hadn't even mentioned that she was still seeing Stephen, but Pam claimed that she hadn't wanted to upset Stephanie while she'd been dealing with her illness.

Donna interrupted to say that they needed to return to the topic of her wedding, which was set for the next day. Brooke suggested that Pam and Stephen take a step back, but Stephen insisted that he and Pam were good for each other. He'd never thought he'd recover from Beth's death, but with Pam's help, he had. He declared that he loved Pam, and she loved him. Stephen wondered why none of them could appreciate that.

Brooke said that they were just concerned. Stephanie stated that their families didn't mesh, and another marriage between the clans wouldn't work. Stephen, who'd once agreed with that statement, said love conquered hate. He cited the change in Stephanie's relationship with Brooke and added that the differences between the families outweighed the similarities. He felt it might be time to put away their differences and concentrate on the good in life.

Pam assured Stephanie that she didn't have to worry about her sister anymore. Pam felt that Stephen was her soul mate, and for the first time in her life, she felt loved. Stephanie asked for Donna's opinion. Donna said she wanted her father to be happy, and it was apparent that he was. Stephanie rolled her eyes and asked Katie for her opinion. Katie agreed with Donna, and Brooke decided that she and Stephanie should talk alone.

Everyone left Brooke and Stephanie alone in the house. Stephanie admitted that she didn't know what to think about the situation, but Brooke had been right about taking a step back. "Or a step forward," Brooke reasoned. Stephanie said Brooke had to know it was a disaster. Brooke stated that she would have agreed that her father shouldn't marry "that lunatic" a few weeks earlier. Stephanie took exception and said Stephen was the lunatic.

Brooke reasoned that Stephen and Pam were taking their cues from Brooke and Stephanie's reformed relationship. Brooke figured she and Stephanie could band together to end Pam and Stephen's relationship, or they could instead end the hostilities between their families. Stephanie worried that they'd be at war with each other all over again.

Brooke insisted that supporting the union would change the dynamics of their relationships. "Love conquers all?" Stephanie wryly asked. Brooke said she and Stephanie loved each other. Stephanie banished the thought, but Brooke urged Stephanie to think of all they could accomplish together. Brooke reminded Stephanie that she'd said "forgiving is living." Brooke urged Stephanie to help end the feud between their families.

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