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Monday, January 31, 2011

At Spencer Publications, Hope and Liam burst into laughter when Amber announced her pregnancy. Liam guessed he should congratulate Amber, but the more he thought about it, the surer he was that he hadn't had sex with her. Insisting that he'd been too injured to perform, Liam demanded that Amber stop the games and tell him what had really happened that night.

Amber stood by her story, and Hope asserted that Amber had done the same thing to Rick. Amber said she'd really had Rick's baby, but it had been stillborn. Hope recalled that afterward, Amber had passed off another baby as Rick's. Hope figured that Amber had slept with other men besides Liam, men who'd actually been awake at the time.

Amber declared Liam the father, and she said she'd submit to a paternity test. Hope couldn't believe Amber would put them through the expense, and Amber wondered when Hope had ever had to worry about money. Hope figured money was Amber's motive, but Amber said that, rich or poor, Liam was the father. Liam decided that they'd get a test at the first available opportunity. As he threw Amber out, he reminded her that extortion was a crime.

In her trailer, Tawny marked "nap" and "beer run" off her to do list. Tawny felt good about getting things done, and she hoped Amber was getting things done, too. When Amber arrived, Tawny was anxious to know how things had gone. A disillusioned Amber stated that she'd done as her mother had instructed, but Hope and Liam had laughed in her face.

Calling herself a joke, Amber contemplated whether to tell Oliver the truth or just leave town. Tawny said to snap out of it because Carl was their trump card. Tawny assured Amber that once the paternity test deemed Liam the father, things wouldn't be so funny. Amber continued to fret about being believable. Tawny assured Amber that no one had to believe her at that very moment, and once the money started rolling in, things would be a lot easier.

At the Spencer beach house, Brooke implored Stephanie to end the feud between their families. "Forgiving is living, right? Well, I'm all for living these days," Stephanie decided. Brooke hugged Stephanie. Pam and Stephen returned, and Stephanie told Stephen that she'd forgive him if he forgave her. "Done," he replied, and Stephanie asked Pam where she wanted to have her wedding. Pam hugged Stephanie and thanked her.

Stephanie said that everything was forgiven, but if anything happened in the future, all bets were off. Stephanie warned Stephen not to hurt Pam, and he assured Stephanie that he just wanted the best for his bride-to-be. Stephanie believed that time would tell, but she said that they had a wedding to plan. Pam hugged Stephanie again.

At the Forrester mansion, Donna arrived to tell Eric about her pending nuptials. Eric congratulated Donna, and she grinned, remembering the happiness she'd shared in the mansion with Eric. He agreed that they'd had good times, and he wished her luck on her big day. Before leaving, Donna gave Eric a bottle of honey to remember her by.

When Donna arrived at the Spencer beach house later, Brooke awaited with good news about Stephanie and Stephen. Brooke explained that it was a whole new era. Stephanie had accepted Pam's engagement, and the Forrester feud was over.

Donna shared that she'd told Eric about her wedding. Though a part of her would always love Eric, she realized she was marrying Justin, the man of her dreams. Brooke tearfully declared that, starting the next day, all three Logan women would be married to fabulous men.

Later, Stephanie arrived home and told Eric that they had another wedding to attend. Eric doubted they'd be invited to Donna's wedding, but Stephanie said she'd meant Pam's wedding to Stephen. Eric was surprised to hear about that one, but doubted they'd be invited to it, either. Stephanie impressed Eric by saying she'd made amends with Stephen.

Eric filled Stephanie in on Donna's earlier visit. He admitted that he'd had a wild ride with Donna, but he finally understood that he was "damn lucky" to be with Stephanie. "For today," Stephanie concluded. Eric insisted that it would be forever and a day. He thanked her for giving him a second chance. She smiled as he kissed her cheek.

Eric made Stephanie a martini and stated his pride in her for making amends with Stephen. Eric loved the woman that Stephanie had become, and nothing made him happier than being with her. "Nothing?" she asked. He revealed that there was one thing he was missing in his life, and Donna had reminded him of it. Eric pulled out the honey bottle, and Stephanie started coughing as he pretended to want to pour it on her. As they laughed, Eric guessed that martinis were more his and Stephanie's thing.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's, Brooke, Katie, and Donna prepared for Donna's wedding to Justin. The phone rang, as Justin called to tell Donna that he loved her. Justin said that he realized it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but he wondered if it was safe to call her. Donna laughed and called him superstitious. Justin said that he had waited two decades to marry Donna, and he didn't want to risk anything.

After Donna had hung up, she told her sisters how fortunate she felt to get a second chance with Justin. Her sisters told her that she was glowing. Donna wished that their mother could be there, but the girls had taken comfort in the fact that they had placed photos of Storm and their mom with the bouquet. Katie gave Donna "something borrowed and something blue," a beautiful bracelet that Bill had given her for their first anniversary. Brooke said that they had all found wonderful men to marry.

At the entrance to the beach house, Stephen and Pam entered and admired the flowers and decorations. Ridge welcomed them and congratulated them on their upcoming wedding plans. Pam and Stephen gushed that they were very happy together. Pam exited to advise the caterer that she had "made tons of lemon bars." Ridge warned Stephen that he had better treat Pam well because Ridge would be watching.

Marcus and Dayzee entered, and Marcus introduced Dayzee to Stephen. Dayzee suggested that Marcus should spend some time with his mom. Justin arrived and welcomed his cousin, Olivia Winters, from Genoa City. She happened to be in Los Angeles and had gladly accepted the wedding invitation. Bill commented on Olivia's beauty. Bill joked that Olivia and Justin could not possibly be related to one another. When Bill teased that Justin had fallen for "the ball and chain," Olivia appeared angry and found no humor in Bill's teasing.

Bill spotted Ridge, and welcomed him to the house, but admitted that he had bet against Ridge showing up. Ridge admitted that he felt out of place among so many Spencer friends and relatives. Ridge said that he felt that he was in enemy camp, but he said that he was doing it all for Brooke. Bill joked that no man was immune to Brooke's charms, judging from the recent press junket that Ridge's son had taken with Brooke.

Pam spotted Jarrett, and she told him about how happy she was that she had fallen in love with Stephen. Jarrett commented that it showed because Pam had never looked lovelier or happier. Pam promised to work on Jarrett's love life.

Brooke and Ridge went outside and kissed. Brooke thanked Ridge for graciously joining her at the wedding. Ridge teased that he wouldn't hold a grudge although he had reason to hold more than one. Ridge reminded Brooke that Justin was the one who had exposed Brooke's transgression with Oliver. Ridge added that Donna had squeezed Forrester shares out of Eric and sold them to Bill.

Brooke and Ridge laughed and reminisced about Ridge's near wedding to Taylor that had been scheduled at the beach house. They recalled that Brooke had ridden onto the porch on her horse to stop the wedding. Brooke hoped no interruptions took place to ruin Donna's day.

Inside, Donna primped in Katie's room, and Marcus entered. He told Donna that she was "a knockout." Donna told her son how happy she was that they had become a real family after all the time that had passed. After Marcus exited, Stephen, Brooke, and Katie entered. Stephen asked if Donna was ready as the wedding march started to play. The family agreed that Storm and Beth were looking down on them and smiling. Everyone but Donna exited, and Donna donned a beautiful strapless wedding gown.

In the living room, Katie and Brooke marched through the front door and proceeded to the fireplace, where the minister waited with Justin and his groomsmen, Marcus and Bill. Donna entered, and Stephen escorted her to the minister and Justin. Tears of joy filled Donna's eyes.

At Liam's office, Hope and Liam chatted about Amber's crazy claim that she was carrying his baby. Liam dismissed the idea, but Hope worried that there was a possibility that Amber was telling the truth. The duo tried to determine who else Amber had slept with. They realized that Amber had been with Oliver when she stole the designs. In fact, they had seen Amber with a very drunk Oliver several times -- "all over him," Hope said.

At Oliver's, Amber visited, and Oliver warned that there was no possibility that he would allow her to move in again above the garage. Amber blurted out that she was pregnant. Shocked, Oliver recalled that they had used protection in their one night together -- at least most of the night. Amber told him to relax because he was not the father.

Oliver wondered how she could have been so sure, and Amber declared that women knew those things. Amber reported that she had slept with Liam, and she had already informed Liam that he was the father. Amber added that Hope and Liam had laughed in her face.

Oliver was stunned that Amber had told Hope and Liam the news. He asked if Amber had also dished that she had slept with Oliver. Amber said that she had kept it quiet that they had been together. Amber begged Oliver not to tell Hope or Liam about their encounter or that Amber had lived with Oliver.

Amber told Oliver that he should be prepared for Hope and Liam to conduct an inquisition of every person that Amber had been near. Amber advised that Oliver had to deny that he had ever been with Amber. Oliver warned that Liam would demand a paternity test, and Amber haughtily claimed that the paternity test would prove that Liam was the father. Amber anticipated that Hope would dump Liam and run to Oliver to help her get through the heartbreak and pick up the pieces.

Amber said that she wasn't delusional. She knew Liam would want nothing to do with her, but she also knew that he had to pay child support. Amber expected that Bill would pay her off to get her out of Liam's life forever. Amber said that her pregnancy would give Oliver an opportunity to become Hope's knight in shining armor.

Amber asked to borrow $1,000 until she could get money from Liam. Oliver angrily refused. He added that Amber was nothing but trouble, and he wanted her out if his life. Amber begged Oliver to keep their secret about sleeping together. Oliver admonished Amber for creating a mess of her life. He reminded her that she had stolen Forrester designs from him and sponged off him like a parasite. "You and your mother," he said.

Amber looked hurt, but she thanked him for taking her in when she needed it. She told him that he was a sweetheart and great guy who deserved another chance to be with the woman that he loved. She begged him to promise to stay quiet about their dalliance, but Oliver refused to promise anything.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's, Brooke, Ridge, Katie, Stephen, Bill, Pam, Marcus, Dayzee, and Justin's cousin, Olivia, watched Donna and Justin exchange their vows. The minister noted that Donna and Justin had wanted a simple ceremony. The minister admitted that Donna and Justin had a complicated relationship. He added that not every romance was a fairy tale with a happy ending, but Donna and Justin had found that happy ending.

During the vows, the couple quickly blurted out "I do" without giving the minister time to review much of his speech. During the ceremony, Justin and Donna exchanged tearful personal vows and promised their love to one another. In her vows, Donna recalled that she had long before given up the two most important men in her life to allow them to be happy. She promised that she would never let them out of her sight again.

Donna added that she would never forget how lucky she had been to be reunited with her son and his father. She promised to treat their family as the "unexpected and beautiful gift that it is ." Donna said that she had been given a wonderful blessing. She wanted to make up for lost time. Donna said that she had been grateful for a "do-over" in life, a rare gift. After the vows, Donna and Justin shared a romantic kiss. They hugged Marcus.

During the wedding reception, Pam tried to persuade Donna to eat a lemon bar. Pam encouraged Donna to choose one particular piece, but Donna did not trust Pam, and refused.

Speeches and toasts were plentiful. Brooke said that Donna and Justin's love had drawn their families together. Brooke added that the Barbers, Spencers, and Forresters had connected because of Justin and Donna. Brooke recalled that Justin had been a fixture in the Logan home when he was young. He had been part of the family. Brooke added that they had all become a family once and for all. Justin kissed Donna's shoulder. Brooke shared memories of Beth Logan, Storm, and Justin and Donna's dating history in high school.

Bill said that he had experienced being married to a Logan. "She did you a favor," Bill advised Justin. Outside later, Justin told Marcus that he had hoped that Marcus would change his name to Barber, his father's name. Justin felt that it would pull the family together. Marcus said, "Marcus Barber." Justin said that he was incredibly proud of Marcus. Marcus said that he would consider the change.

Bill later chatted with Justin and Olivia, and Jarrett joined them. Bill told Olivia that she looked familiar, but Olivia had no recollection of them meeting. Ridge and Brooke escaped to the deck for some private time. Marcus later told Dayzee that he had to do some work for Forrester International in Paris. He shared that he would be out of the country for a while, but that he would miss Dayzee. They kissed. Bill toasted the newlyweds and Olivia asked for a turn to toast. She thanked everyone for their hospitality.

At Oliver's place, Oliver grilled Amber about the baby, but Amber insisted that her baby's father was Liam. Oliver wondered if Amber was lying about Liam and wanted him to lie as well. Amber said that if Hope had known that Amber and Oliver had slept together, Hope and Liam would find another reason to bond together. Amber convinced Oliver that Liam and Hope would never give up on one another as long as there was a chance that someone other than Liam was the father of her baby. Amber admitted that Hope did not believe that Liam would have had sex with Amber.

Amber left, and Liam and Hope appeared at the beach house. They wanted to know if Oliver could have fathered Amber's baby. Oliver evaded the question. Oliver laid it on thick about how Liam needed to do the right thing, and he left Hope and Liam alone.

Liam promised Hope that there was no way that he had fathered Amber's baby. Liam was convinced that if Oliver was not the father, someone else was the father. Liam all but guaranteed Hope that he had not slept with Amber. Hope worried that they did not know for sure that Liam was not the father. Liam was convinced that Amber had lied. Liam insisted that Hope had to keep the faith that Amber had lied. They hugged, and Oliver watched from the staircase.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

After the wedding, Katie settled on her sofa with Brooke. The sisters griped about their husbands working that night, and Brooke confided in Katie about the troubling airplane kiss from Thomas. A stunned Katie worried that more was going on than he seemed willing to admit.

Brooke figured that Taylor's paranoia had confused Thomas, because Brooke hadn't sent him any mixed signals. Katie asked if he had any love interests, and Brooke mentioned Summer and Madison. Brooke worried that the kiss could hurt her marriage, but Katie said Brooke hadn't done anything wrong. Brooke doubted that would matter after Ridge's previous warnings.

Katie suggested that Brooke step back and allow Thomas to take over his line. Figuring that she had to do something, Brooke decided to set up a meeting with Thomas. Katie believed that was the best thing, because Brooke couldn't let anything harm her marriage.

At Forrester with Thomas, Ridge remarked that he'd felt like he'd been in enemy territory at Donna's wedding earlier. He said Bill had called the Taboo move the kind of risky, daring thing that Bill would do himself. Ridge was proud of the respectful way Thomas had been handling himself during the campaign, but Ridge hoped that Thomas was developing a personal life, too. Thomas revealed that he definitely had a special someone.

Ridge advised his son not to let fame get in the way of love. Noting Ridge's successful marriage to Brooke, Thomas said he wanted exactly what Ridge had. Ridge felt that Brooke gave his life purpose, and he hoped Thomas would find someone as special as she was.

Thomas received a call from Brooke, who let him know she was on her way to talk to him. He claimed it wasn't a good time, but Brooke insisted. After the call, Ridge figured that the caller had been Thomas' special someone. Thomas chuckled, saying he needed to take care of some things, and Ridge guessed his son was kicking him out.

Later, Brooke arrived in Thomas' office and found a sticky note on his laptop. It said, "Meet me in the steam room - Thomas." Brooke crumpled the note up and marched over to the steam room. She swung open the door and commanded Thomas to get out of there. He claimed he was a little busy. Brooke peered into the steam and saw Summer sitting beside him.

Summer hoped she wasn't in trouble, and Thomas exited the steam room in swim trunks to deal with Brooke. Brooke embarrassingly mentioned the note on his laptop, and he explained that he'd left it for Summer. Guessing that Brooke had thought it had been for her, Thomas figured she was happy to know that he wasn't under her hypnotic spell. Brooke nodded, and he hoped that they were good. "Yeah, we're good," a relieved Brooke replied.

At Jackie M, Jackie expressed her worry about Nick's condition to Owen. Nick entered, and as he spit sunflower seed shells into a cup, he grumbled that he wasn't interested in talking about his smoking habit. Nick warned that he'd check the parking lot video footage to see if Owen had put the new ding in Nick's car, and Owen decided to leave Jackie and her testy son alone to talk.

Guessing that Nick was going through withdrawal, she revealed that her Internet research had concluded that the symptoms would abate in a few weeks. "A few weeks is a long time, and to be honest, I don't think I'm gonna make it," Nick replied. Jackie warned him not to smoke while using cessation aids. Nick snapped at her for nagging, but apologized because he was on edge.

Jackie expressed her confidence that Nick would overcome his addiction; however, Nick wasn't convinced that an occasional puff on a cigar was an addiction. She guessed he was too macho to admit that a little plant had him hooked. Accessing the Internet, Jackie told Nick that Yul Brynner was another macho guy, and he had something to say to Nick. She showed him a video of the deceased Brynner, who urged people to stop smoking.

The message affected Nick because Yul Brynner had been one of Nick's favorite actors; however, Nick said he was different because he'd never smoked cigarettes. He insisted that an occasional cigar wouldn't kill him. Jackie asserted that cigars had become Nick's friend and a part of his identity. Nick claimed it wasn't that deep, and he'd handle things his way.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie got winded again as she and Eric relaxed on the sofa. Eric offered to carry her upstairs as he'd done in the past; however, she reminded him that they were older, and she was heavier. As they discussed Donna's wedding, Eric said he was happy for the couple and for Marcus. Stephanie wondered if Eric felt left out. He said he was exactly where he wanted to be, and honey had become overrated.

Eric gave Stephanie her pills, and she joked about having a hottie for a nurse. She thought of Nick and revealed that he had a spot on his lung. Eric asked if Nick's mother knew about it, and Stephanie admitted that she'd told Jackie, because Nick needed all the help he could get to quit smoking.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Katie sought Brooke out in Thomas' office to find out how the talk with Thomas had gone the previous night. Katie's brows rose upon hearing about the sticky note and Brooke's embarrassment over finding Thomas in the steam room with Summer. Katie assumed Brooke was relieved, and Ridge entered and asked what Brooke was relieved about. Katie pretended that the sisters were glad to have the wedding stress behind them, and Katie hastily left.

Ridge told Brooke about the compliment that Bill had paid Taboo. Noting that Brooke and Thomas were the new rage, Ridge said everyone wanted to see the two together. Summer entered looking for Thomas, and she apologized to Brooke for the other night. After Summer left, Ridge asked Brooke what that was all about. "Oh, nothing," Brooke awkwardly responded.

Ridge pressed Brooke, and she admitted that she'd walked in on Summer and Thomas in the steam room. Ridge guessed that had been what Thomas had meant by following in his father's footsteps. Brooke said the steam room was Ridge's style, and he joked that he'd teach Thomas jet seduction next. Brooke and Ridge pondered whether Thomas' someone special was Summer or Madison, and Ridge suggested that it could be someone else entirely.

Ridge thought it was good for Thomas to date around, as long as he settled down with a good woman like Brooke. Ridge hoped his son would one day find a Logan of his own. Brooke wondered what had made her husband sentimental, and Ridge claimed that it was seeing Brooke at the end of the aisle at Donna's wedding. Brooke said that she thanked God for Ridge and their family each day, and she didn't know what she'd do without him.

In Jackie's office, Jackie fretted to Stephanie about Jackie's obstinate, cigar-smoking son. Jackie revealed that she'd shown Nick the Brenner video, but it was obvious that Nick wasn't ready to quit the habit. Jackie requested that Stephanie reach out to him again.

Stephanie said she'd been trying to start a lung cancer support group. She'd been networking with people already, but she worried that Nick might be too ornery to agree to sit in on the first meeting. A grateful Jackie hugged Stephanie and assured her that Nick would do it.

In Dr. Lewis' office, Dr. Lewis told Nick that an oncologist had agreed that they should just monitor Nick's lungs for the time being. Nick was glad for that, but Dr. Lewis pressed him to quit smoking, because the spot on his lung was his wakeup call.

Nick stated that he was working on quitting, but he just couldn't fathom that an occasional cigar could kill him. Dr. Lewis suggested that he set an appointment with her if he was having trouble quitting, but he insisted upon doing it his way.

Stephanie strode into the office, and Nick welcomed her to his doctor's appointment. She said a little bird had told her where he was, and he guessed the bird had an English accent. To Dr. Lewis, Stephanie announced that she was forging ahead with her support group. Nick thought it was a great idea. "Good, because I'm going to ask you to come," Stephanie replied.

Nick grumbled that he didn't know why they'd want him there, but Stephanie said the idea of a support group was to support. "You gave me your word that you'd stop smoking, Nick," Stephanie reminded him. She urged him to think about Jack, too.

At Stephanie's house later, Nick said he couldn't believe she'd talked him into attending the meeting. She reminded him that there was no pressure, because the meeting was about her. He promised that he was trying to quit smoking; however, he'd begun to wonder if he didn't deserve a cigar at the end of a tough day. Nick figured that if Jack were in bed, there was nothing wrong with having a smoke outside. "Oh, please," Stephanie responded.

Just then, their first guest, Rosalie Gray, arrived. Stephanie introduced Rosalie to Nick and explained that, though he wasn't a cancer survivor, he had a spot on his lung and was having a tough time quitting smoking. Rosalie revealed that after being a nonsmoker for 29 years, what she'd thought was a pulled muscle had turned into a diagnosis of cancer with six months to live.

Nick looked grim, and Stephanie recounted her cancer journey. She said a friend had become pivotal in showing her that she had a lot to live for. Stephanie believed that friends were very important, and she applauded Rosalie's strength and perseverance.

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