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Monday, February 14, 2011

At Dayzee's café, Thomas' kiss frazzled Dayzee. She started to retreat to her work, but then turned to ask why he'd done it. He said he'd gotten caught up in the café's benevolence and in her generous nature. Dayzee said she didn't get it, so Thomas cited that she'd given Anthony the shoes. He added that Brooke and Stephanie had hated each other before meeting Dayzee.

Dayzee refused to take credit for Brooke and Stephanie's new relationship, but Thomas said that because of Dayzee, he'd had the best Christmas of his life at the café. Dayzee figured that the kiss had been her reward for it. "No, it was mine," he replied.

Thomas apologized for the kiss and his impulsiveness, but Dayzee said he didn't have to do that. He figured that meant his kiss hadn't been the worst thing to happen to her that week. Dayzee shyly grinned and giggled when their gazes met. Thomas called Marcus lucky.

Thomas decided to put a rush on Dayzee's tee shirts, but Dayzee said it wasn't necessary. Insisting upon it, Thomas stated that he'd personally deliver them, so he could see people's reactions to them. Dayzee went back to work, and he sighed to himself.

At the hospital, Bill suggested that Amber get herself an attorney to handle her extortion case. Dr. Montgomery opened the envelope and announced that Liam was the father of Amber's baby. Bill demanded that the results be run again at a different hospital and with a different lab.

The doctor said his staff had run the tests twice already. Justin arrived, and Bill ordered Justin to get the test results analyzed. Katie said Bill usually trusted Dr. Montgomery, but Bill insisted upon having a second opinion. Hope lunged at Amber and yelled that Amber had trapped Liam. Liam carried Hope out of there, Justin left, and Brooke said she didn't know how the manipulating Amber lived with herself.

Later, Tawny let Amber and Carl into her trailer. Tawny stated that they'd done it, and their lives would change. "When do you think that's gonna be?" Carl asked. Tawny said she'd call Carl when the first check arrived, and Carl took off.

Tawny wanted to celebrate, but Amber sulked because everyone despised her. Amber said she'd ruined many lives that day, but Tawny countered that Amber had saved at least one life. Knowing Tawny meant the baby, Amber said her unborn child was already living a lie.

Amber doubted Liam wanted the baby, but Tawny said Liam knew how it felt to grow up without a father. Declaring it a done deal, Tawny said the Spencers couldn't weasel out of it. Amber wished Tawny wouldn't gloat. Tawny said she'd give the Spencer men a reprieve, but she'd have to contact them eventually, because Amber needed doctors and a clean place to live.

Stuffing potato chips in her mouth, Amber bemoaned becoming a single parent. Tawny thought that Liam might take an interest in Amber, whom Tawny considered a catch. Amber asserted that it was really Oliver's baby, but Tawny said to stop talking like that. Tawny, who would have jumped at the chance to raise Amber in style, praised Amber for giving the baby a new life. Tawny hugged the dubious Amber.

At the beach house with Liam, Brooke, Hope, and Katie, Bill was livid at "that bitch" for destroying his son's life. Bill vowed that Amber wouldn't get away with raping his son for child support checks. Liam told the shell-shocked Hope that he couldn't believe it. Hope stated that she loved him, but he couldn't pretend that things would ever be the same again.

Bill interrupted to take Liam outside to talk. On the porch, Bill said they'd make the problem go away by writing Amber a sizeable check and ensuring that she did the right thing. "Are you talking about...?" Liam asked. Bill said they had to take their medicine and swallow it hard, because Bill was certain that Liam did not want to be attached to "that skank" for the rest of his life. "And you will be if she has that kid," Bill concluded.

Bill stated that he'd rather set his money on fire than give it to Amber, but they had to make her and the kid permanently disappear. Liam murmured that he was about to be a father, but Bill ensured his son that Amber would make life "hell" for the next 19 years. Liam stammered that he didn't know how he'd feel about walking out on his own child.

Upon returning inside, Liam told Hope that he wasn't ready to be a father. Hope said she'd dreamed of having a child with him, but he'd instead have one with Amber. He repeated that he wasn't ready, but Hope said she wouldn't let him give up on his child.

Aside, Brooke raged to Katie about Amber, who'd infected two of Brooke's children. Brooke said Hope and Liam were Amber's victims, just as Rick had been. Brooke felt that Liam and Hope had to cut their losses immediately.

Approaching Liam and Hope, Brooke assured Liam that the test results hadn't changed how she or Hope felt about him. Brooke acknowledged that the day's events had been tragic, but she felt that the couple still had many things to look forward to. Brooke said that difficult decisions had to be made sometimes, and in Brooke's mind, there was only one thing to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

by Pam

At the beach house, Brooke advised Hope to take a step back from her relationship with Liam. Hope argued, but Brooke reminded Hope that any relationship she had with Liam was going to include Amber and a baby. Hope snapped at Brooke that her father had no involvement in her upbringing. Brooke doubted that Liam would be that kind of father. Hope hugged Liam and said that she wasn't going to change her mind about Liam.

Brooke said that they all needed to remember just how manipulative Amber had been with Rick. Hope didn't want Brooke's advice. Brooke left, but Bill and Katie followed her outside. Bill ranted that Brooke had a lot of nerve, telling Hope to dump his son. Brooke warned that she had to look out for her daughter. Katie suggested that they all needed to take a step back and re-evaluate what had to be done. Bill angrily said that he refused to allow Amber to ruin his son's life. Bill left.

Alone inside the beach house, Hope told Liam that he needed to focus on being a dad, but Liam said that there was no baby yet. He added that he had months to learn how to become a father. He was concerned about holding onto Hope. Liam asked Hope if she loved him, and she answered that she did. Liam promised that nothing could tear them apart, and he wasn't going to let Amber ruin what they had. They embraced.

Brooke told Katie that she was worried about what Bill might do. Katie agreed, but she knew they all needed some time to figure out their next moves. Katie received a call from Nick, who told Katie that his friend was selling his Malibu beach home. Nick suggested that Katie look at it as a home for her and Bill. Katie agreed to see it, and she left. Brooke peered through the beach house window at Liam and Hope embracing.

In Amber's trailer, Amber told her mother that she was worried about going up against Bill Spencer. Amber realized that if Bill Spencer ever figured out what Amber had done, he would go after her and anyone who helped her, including Tawny and Carl.

Tawny promised that once the baby was born, they would be in the money and everything would be fine. Amber warned that Bill would not give up quietly. Amber worried that he would be out to get her. Amber suggested that Tawny get out of town. Tawny argued at first, but Amber said that she would be fine. She planned to begin designing again and making a life for herself and her kids. Amber promised that when the first check arrived from Bill, she would make sure that Tawny and Carl received their shares.

After Tawny left, Bill arrived. Amber stood up to him at first, and called him Grandpa. Bill seethed as he spoke to Amber. He asked what it would take to get rid of her and her problem. Amber patronizingly told Bill that he needed some time to get used to the idea of being a granddad. She reminded Bill that she would be forever tied to Liam through a Spencer heir. Bill warned that it would never happen.

Bill asked again what it would take to get Amber and her problem out of their lives. Amber said that her baby was not a problem, and she asked if Liam had known what Bill was suggesting. Amber said that she didn't think Liam would approve, and she knew what a media frenzy all the news of a Spencer grandchild would create. She refused to do anything but have a happy, healthy baby.

Bill warned that Amber was not going to have a pleasant life if she messed with him. He threatened that she would look back on her days in the trailer as the happiest times of her life if she went up against him. Amber reminded Bill that she and Liam had a lot to talk about. Bill advised that she stay away from Liam and deal strictly with him.

Amber haughtily refused to take orders from Bill. She reminded Bill that the baby would be part of his family. Bill disagreed. He promised that she would regret messing with him and his family.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

by Pam

At the trailer, Amber didn't cower under Bill's warnings. She sneered and said that she was unafraid of Bill, but Bill warned that she was in over her head. He advised that her scams with the Forresters might have worked, but he wasn't going to be an easy con.

Bill congratulated Amber and said that she was not very smart, but she got what she had wanted. She had managed to get herself knocked up. Bill wanted to know what it would take to make Amber and her baby disappear. He wondered if $500,000 was enough. Bill suggested that she could buy a couple of brand new double-wide trailers for herself and her mother and still have enough left over for shopping sprees at the flea market.

Amber replied that 18 years of child support for a Spencer baby had to be worth more than that. Bill was furious. His phone rang, and it was Katie. She asked him to meet her at a Malibu beach house to look around because Nick knew the owner was listing it the next day. Bill refused to meet her because it wasn't a good time. Katie begged Bill to meet her because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Bill agreed to meet her.

Bill gave Amber a final warning before he left. He added that she might want to disappear and forget about having a baby. Amber reminded him that she was pregnant with his grandchild. Bill told her that she was dead wrong if she thought she could pull something over on him.

At Forrester, Hope entered Ridge's office, and asked for help on a tag line for the spring campaign. Ridge's chair was turned away from Hope, and when the chair spun around, Steffy was in it. Steffy teased that the new slogan should be "Hope for the future beyond the mall." Hope looked disappointed to see Steffy. Steffy feigned that she was hurt and insulted that Hope wasn't glad to see her. Steffy teased that she wondered why there were no loving blood relatives to greet her.

Steffy realized that Hope was not herself. Steffy promised her stepsister that she had no plans to go after Liam or Oliver. Hope still didn't perk up, and Steffy asked what was going on. Hope dished that Amber was pregnant with Liam's baby. Hope explained the circumstances, and Steffy agreed that Liam was a great guy, and she knew what Amber was like. Steffy understood that Amber had targeted Liam, and it was no wonder he didn't remember it because of the concussion.

Steffy asked what was next for Hope and Liam, and Hope said that she had no idea. Steffy and Hope chatted about Amber setting herself up to be on the receiving end of Bill Spencer's rage. Steffy surmised that Bill would go to the ends of the Earth to protect his family just like Steffy would. Steffy promised that there was no way that Amber was going to get away with hurting Liam and Hope. Steffy said that Amber had underestimated Bill.

Brooke showed up at Amber's trailer and reminded Amber that she might have succeeded in getting the free ride she had wanted in life, but she was going up against Bill in the process. Amber begged Brooke to leave. Amber added that Bill had already offered to buy her off to get rid of Amber and her baby. Amber said that she was not for sale. "I am not going anywhere and neither is my little baby," Amber said.

Brooke said that she didn't think that things were going to end well for Amber. "You never know what Bill Spencer is capable of," Brooke added. She advised Amber to stay away from Hope, and to watch out for Bill.

At the Malibu property, Bill met Katie, and Katie suggested that lawyers should deal with Amber rather than Bill, but Bill refused. Katie asks him to focus on the house for the moment. Nick showed them around and said that it needed some work, but it was a great place for them. Nick warned about getting too close to the edge of an overlook because it needed to be reinforced. Nick said that people had fallen off the overlook, and Katie wondered how they had survived the fall. Nick said that they hadn't. Bill stood at the edge of the overlook and imagined Amber standing there.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

That evening at Forrester, Steffy's family enthusiastically welcomed her home. Brooke entered, and Steffy feigned surprise that Brooke and Ridge were still together. Steffy was anxious to see her grandmother later, and she mentioned that she couldn't believe the news about Hope. Brooke interrupted, saying she wanted to deliver that bit of news herself.

Brooke told everyone about Amber and Liam and added that Bill was livid over it. Thomas asked what Liam planned to do, and Brooke answered that Liam wanted nothing to do with Amber. Thomas figured Liam would have a lot to do with Amber, because it was his baby.

Thomas received a call and stepped into the corridor to take it. On the line was Dayzee, who assumed she was returning Thomas' phone call about her shirts. Thomas said he'd called earlier to ask her to dinner. She stammered, but then asked him to meet her at the café. After the call, Dayzee and Thomas each remembered their kiss and smiled to themselves.

When Thomas rejoined his family, Steffy teased him about having a date and asked if Brooke were jealous. "Oh, Steffy..." Ridge chastised. The siblings sniped at each other, and Taylor asked why Brooke was quiet. Brooke said she was worried about Hope. Steffy said not to worry, because Hope would have a new man within a week. Brooke seemed insulted.

In the Forrester studio, Oliver and Rick couldn't get Hope excited about posing during a photo shoot. Rick suggested a break, so Oliver could talk to her. The crew cleared out, and Hope told Oliver about Liam and Amber's baby. Oliver absorbed the news and wondered what Hope would do about it. Hope seemed lost, but Oliver said her family would help her through it.

Hope wished it were a bad dream, so she wouldn't have to get through it. Oliver asked what Liam would do, and she said she wouldn't let him abandon the baby. Oliver asked if Hope knew what that meant, and she replied that continuing to see Liam meant dealing with Amber.

Oliver figured that a man couldn't have sex while unconscious, so Liam had to take some of the blame for it. Hope insisted that Amber had manipulated Liam just to get back at Hope. Oliver emphasized that Liam had gotten Amber pregnant, but Hope said leaving Liam would be like handing Amber a victory.

Hope asked why she'd had so many complications in her love life. Oliver hugged her and vowed to be there for her. Hope said she'd thought he would have learned by then that she was jinxed. Oliver advised her to cut Liam loose, but Hope worried that Liam couldn't handle Amber. Oliver reasoned that it was time for Hope to look out for herself.

Hope figured that she should give up on relationships. Oliver reminded her that they'd been crazy about each other, and they still had a connection. He thought it'd be easy to pick up where they'd left off. He said that, once she was ready, they deserved a second chance. Oliver kissed Hope, and she responded in kind.

At the trailer, Liam arrived. Amber expected him to let her have it; however, Liam wasn't there to bicker. He said he just wanted to know how the sex had even happened. Amber claimed that she'd been lonely and desperate. "And I was your target?" Liam replied. He plied her for details about that night, but she said none of that mattered, because what was done was done.

Amber claimed she hadn't set out to get pregnant, but Liam stated that she hadn't used protection. "Well, neither did you," she countered. Liam asserted that he wouldn't marry her, because he didn't even like her.

Liam asked if Amber cared that she'd ruined his life for money. Amber said it was about making a good life for the baby, not money. Liam considered that good, because Bill hadn't adopted Liam. In Liam's view, the baby was a Cooper, not a Spencer. He informed her that her payday ploy hadn't worked; however, he'd take fatherhood seriously, so his child wouldn't grow up fatherless, as he had.

Amber asked how they'd make it work. Liam stated that she'd make sure she delivered a healthy baby, and she'd stay out of his life in the process. Amber guessed he meant that she had to stay away from Hope. Liam said he and Hope had a lot to work out, and Amber told him that it wasn't his fault. "No, it's yours," he retorted.

Amber shivered and cradled herself. Liam asked her to turn on the heat before she caught a cold, but she said the heat wasn't working. When he expressed concern about her living like that, she tried to flirt with him. Liam, however, declared that he wanted nothing from her.

Amber guessed her pilot light had gone out, and she went outside to the propane tank to light it. She struck the match, and fire shot up. The flames burst through the trailer windows. A fire alarm blared, and Amber screamed, "Liam!"

Friday, February 18, 2011

In her bedroom with Ridge, Brooke received her nightly text messages from her kids. One arrived from Ridge, and she devilishly grinned at him. Tossing her phone aside, Ridge insisted that he was shutting out the world, because he wanted her all to himself.

After the couple made love, Brooke said she needed to make RJ's lunch. "It's done," Ridge replied. She asked about RJ's homework and field trip slip, and Ridge said he'd handled things. Ridge remarked that she just couldn't help worrying about the kids. Brooke said it was what moms did, and she began worrying about Hope's situation.

Ridge was glad that, instead of him and Brooke, it was up to Bill and Liam to deal with Amber. Ridge didn't think the situation had to be the end of Hope and Liam; however, Brooke said that if she were right about how Amber operated, then the couple might not survive.

Brooke thought that, despite the problems, their family was growing stronger, and she and Ridge were blessed to have healthy, thriving kids. He said it was the destiny they'd always wanted. The two expressed their love for each other and kissed.

At the trailer, Tawny's house exploded, and a terrified Amber screamed for Liam. She grabbed her cell phone to call for help, and then she dragged Liam out of the burning house. As she tried to remember how to administer CPR, she told Liam that help was almost there.

In Bill's office, Katie ended a call with Nick about the Malibu house. Bill imagined the ominous cliffs there, and Katie said that, though she loved the property, Bill didn't have to decide on it that night. She knew he was still worried about the Amber situation. Bill called Amber sick and dangerous. He vowed not to let her cause more harm to his son.

Bill confided that seeing Liam's devastation over the paternity test results had made Bill want to put his arms around his son. Katie asked why he hadn't, and he stated that he'd only started to recognize his emotions when he'd met Katie. Because of the relationship he'd had with his father, Bill still found it difficult to express emotion with Liam. Katie suggested that Bill reach out to Liam the next time Bill saw him. Bill said he'd do it at some point, because there would be plenty of time down the road for the mushy stuff.

Bill got a call from Liam's phone and became enraged when he heard Amber on the line. Amber said the doctors had advised her to call Bill, because Liam had been hurt in an accident. Bill began to ask questions, but Amber clicked off the line.

Katie and Bill rushed to the hospital, and Amber explained the heating problem during Liam's visit. Bill assumed the propane tank had exploded, but Amber somberly replied that the whole trailer had exploded. "With my son inside?" a shocked Bill responded. In a jumble of words, Amber explained that she'd pulled Liam out herself; however, he wasn't waking up, and he might have internal damage.

Amber whimpered that it had been an accident, and Bill ordered Katie to get Ramon Montgomery. Bill asserted that he didn't care if it had been an accident, or that Amber had pulled Liam out. Bill said he was holding Amber responsible. "But I saved him," Amber responded. Bill raged that Liam never would have been there if it hadn't been for her. Bill roared that if anything happened to Liam, Amber would wish she'd died in that fire.

Later, Ramon briefed Bill and Katie about Liam's condition. Though his burns were minor, Liam had suffered severe head trauma and internal bleeding. Ramon noted that Liam's previous head injury might be exacerbating matters. They could do nothing but wait; however, they were hopeful that Liam would wake up. "Hopeful...Katie..." Bill helplessly uttered.

Bill ordered Amber to leave, but she wanted to stay until Liam was okay. Bill said Liam wouldn't be okay until Amber was gone. Amber said she hadn't done it on purpose, but Katie expressed doubts, because Amber had targeted Liam with the baby. Bill theorized that Amber had hit Liam over the head the night that she'd had sex with him. Connecting that incident to the explosion, Bill raged, "Has it been your plan to kill my son all along?"

Amber cried that Bill was letting his imagination run wild, and the insolent Bill lunged at her. Katie held him back, and he told Amber to think again if she believed that the cells multiplying in her body entitled her to his money.

Ramon interrupted to say that the internal bleeding had subsided, and Bill could see his son. Katie entered the room behind Bill, and she urged her husband to say what was in his heart. In a cracking voice, Bill said he was tough, and in the past, he'd pushed Liam hard. Fighting back tears, Bill said it wouldn't be any different that time. Bill coached Liam to wake up, so they could leave the hospital together.

Bill said that getting to know each other hadn't been easy, but he admitted, "I really like being your dad, and I'll be damned if I'll lose you now." Bill took Liam's hand and said he loved Liam. Bill sobbed as he laid his head on Liam's chest, and Katie noted that Liam was waking up.

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