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Monday, March 7, 2011

In Justin's office, Donna arrived and cooed as his departing assistant called her "Mrs. Barber." Donna told her husband that she'd found Bill in a dark mood earlier. Justin remarked that threatening Bill's family had put Amber in a dangerous position. The Barbers thanked God that their son wasn't involved with someone like Amber Moore.

Marcus arrived to announce his return to Paris that evening. The conversation continued about Bill and Amber, and Marcus said Bill couldn't be too upset about Amber if he'd loaned her his new house. Donna asked where Marcus had heard that, and he lied that Thomas had told him. Justin asserted that Amber slept around and had the morals of an alley cat. Marcus contended that Amber couldn't be that bad, and Justin asked exactly how well Marcus knew Amber.

Marcus nervously claimed that he was friendly with everyone. Justin frowned upon any association with Amber, but Marcus claimed that there were no worries, because he'd be in Paris. The family said their goodbyes, and as Marcus headed out, Justin advised Marcus not to hang around women like Amber, because Marcus didn't want to end up like Liam.

In Bill's office, Steffy accused Bill of knocking Amber over the ledge; however, Bill shouted that Steffy hadn't seen him commit any crime. She quipped that he'd torn out of there as if he had. Bill insisted that he wouldn't be held responsible for Amber's death. Steffy tried to explain what she'd seen upon looking over the Malibu ledge; however, Bill decided that she hadn't seen anything, because she hadn't been there. "You weren't there. I wasn't there. What happened to Amber was a tragic accident," Bill concluded.

Steffy said that Bill hated Amber. Bill replied that Amber was trying to destroy Liam. "So you decided to kill her?" Steffy asked. Bill asserted that he hadn't killed Amber. He admitted that he'd contemplated it; however, Amber hadn't died by his hand.

Bill predicted that the police would soon find the body. He reiterated that the cleanest way to handle it was for him and Steffy to agree that they'd never been there. Steffy wanted to be honest with the police, but Bill warned that they'd be on the cover of magazines for months. Bill said he'd had the means, the motive, and opportunity, but he hadn't killed Amber. He urged Steffy to look shocked and surprised when the news of Amber's death surfaced.

Someone knocked at the door, and Bill said it could be the police. He asked if they were on the same page. An indecisive Steffy sighed, and Bill asked the visitor to enter. Bill's office door swung open, and his eyes bulged when he saw Amber on the threshold.

Puzzled by Bill's shocked expression, Amber asked if it were okay to enter. Steffy invited Amber inside, and Bill coolly uttered that he was surprised to see Amber. Amber guessed Steffy had told him about the accident. "I damn near got killed!" Amber exclaimed.

Amber thanked God that Steffy had found Amber clinging to a tree root on the ledge. Amber said she'd be dead on the beach if it weren't for Steffy. Amber asked Bill to hire a tree trimmer for the property because a fallen branch had sent her over the cliff. "You must have been terrified," Bill blandly replied. Amber said he'd almost lost his grandchild and its mother.

Steffy asked about the baby, and Amber said she planned to get herself checked out. Seeing Bill's unsettled expression, Amber assured him that she was okay. She asked him to call a satellite company, too, because she needed Wi-Fi. Bill shot her a cold look, and she asked if Liam were out of the hospital. Bill affirmed it, and Amber said she knew Liam would be okay.

Amber asked Bill to have Liam call her, because she was sure he'd want to know about her accident. Thanking Steffy again, Amber assured a gloomy Bill that he didn't need to worry about her and the baby. Amber left, and Bill pointedly asked why Steffy hadn't told him that Amber had survived. "Disappointed?" Steffy quipped.

Steffy claimed that Bill ought to be thanking her, because attempted murder was a serious charge. She reasoned that murder was even worse. Bill reiterated that he hadn't done anything. Steffy was sorry he felt the need to lie to her, but he insisted that he wasn't lying.

Recalling that he'd admitted to contemplating murder once, Steffy surmised that he'd knowingly bought the dangerous property and isolated Amber in it. Bill asserted that Liam couldn't survive Amber, but Steffy said Bill wasn't giving Liam enough credit. Bill raged that Amber had to be stopped, but Steffy yelled, "Not like this!" Steffy contended that even Liam wouldn't want to see Amber dead.

Anger and tears brewed behind Bill eyes as he said that he was responsible for his only child, Liam. Bill admitted that he'd never experienced that kind of emotion before, but it was the strongest instinct he'd ever had. Steffy implored him to see that he couldn't protect Liam by killing Amber, and Steffy woefully advised Bill to just accept the situation.

Bill stood silent, and Steffy stated that she'd returned from Paris because she'd missed him. She admitted that she hadn't been able to get him out of her mind. Noting that his life was out of control, Steffy said they needed each other. She vowed to help him get through the situation, because he could never think murderous thoughts again.

Steffy made Bill promise to never think about murder again. Sighing, Bill agreed, and Steffy hugged him. She said that his secret was safe with her.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Taylor confided in Ridge that she had some concerns about their children. Ridge sighed and wondered why Taylor was still fretting about Brooke and Thomas. Taylor deflected his negative comment and said that it was Steffy she was worried about.

Taylor shared that Steffy had dished that she was interested in Bill Spencer. Taylor worried that Steffy planned to pursue Bill and had no regard for Bill's marriage to Katie. Ridge insisted that it was infatuation, and that Steffy was simply looking for a reaction out of Taylor. Taylor disagreed and worried that Bill might want revenge on Steffy, since she had successfully returned the company to Forrester ownership. Taylor believed that Steffy's feelings were genuine for Bill Spencer.

Ridge adamantly believed that Steffy was saying that she had feelings for shock value. He warned that Taylor was overreacting again. Ridge reminded Taylor that she had been wrong about Thomas and Brooke. Taylor admitted that she had trusted her instincts, but she had been wrong in Thomas' case.

Taylor said that she had to trust her instincts. Ridge said that she was right most of the time, but he didn't believe that Steffy planned to pursue Bill. He promised to keep an eye on their children. He reminded Taylor that he trusted Steffy, and he trusted Brooke.

At Spencer, Steffy forced Bill to admit that if the branch hadn't fallen on Amber at the beach house, and if Steffy hadn't been there to save Amber, Bill would have killed Amber. Bill refused to discuss it. Steffy said that Bill had to get a hold of himself because Liam needed his father. She added that Bill would have been no help to his son if he had been accused of murder.

Steffy reminded Bill that he had no reason to kill Amber. Steffy added that she and Bill needed each other, and they could trust one another. She promised to keep his secret. She knew he wouldn't share it with anyone, even Katie, because Katie would judge him. Steffy promised not to judge Bill.

Steffy begged Bill to promise never to consider murder again. Sighing, Bill agreed, and Steffy hugged him. She said that she would always be there for him. Steffy persuaded Bill to confide in her if he ever had thoughts of harming Amber. Steffy said that she wanted to protect Bill from doing something stupid that would put him in jail for the rest of his life.

At Katie's, Donna arrived to find that Katie had prepared a romantic evening for Bill. Donna tattled that she had been at Spencer and had seen Steffy entering Bill's office. Donna quizzed Katie about why Bill would have been meeting with Steffy. Katie said that she trusted Bill, but Donna pointed out that no one could trust Steffy.

When Bill entered his home, Katie was waiting in black lingerie. They kissed passionately, and she promised to help him unleash the pent-up tension he had. They made love and later chatted about their days. Bill didn't want to talk about his, but Katie warned that Donna had seen Steffy in Bill's office. Katie worried that Steffy would stop at nothing to destroy Katie's family, and Steffy had been relentless when she worked to return Forrester to the Forrester family. Katie begged Bill to be watchful of Steffy.

In Thomas' office at Forrester, Brooke and Thomas reviewed designs, and Brooke asked about his trip to San Francisco with Dayzee. Thomas glowed when he spoke about Dayzee. He admitted that she was very special to him, and Brooke said that Dayzee had a positive impact on everyone she had met. Brooke admitted that she had seen Thomas kiss Dayzee when they were at her home.

Thomas teased that Brooke had been spying on him, but Brooke said that she hadn't wanted to interrupt them. Brooke added that Ridge had told her about the trip to San Francisco. Thomas said that Dayzee made him very happy. Thomas said that he had finally found someone special.

Thomas realized that Brooke had to be relieved, since he had kissed her on the plane. Brooke told him not to discuss it. She reminded him that it was their secret and that no one could ever learn what had happened. She warned that he had crossed the line on the plane and that it would never happen again. They agreed no one could ever learn their secret.

Outside the office door, Taylor had heard everything.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

by Pam

In the photo studio, Ridge, Oliver, Brooke, and Thomas worked on a photo shoot for Taboo. During a break, Thomas shared that he had a plan for continuing the success of the Men's Line. He wanted to take another overseas trip to Milan to meet with the press. Since he and Brooke had done so well with the foreign press in Paris, Thomas wanted to add another junket to keep Taboo in the headlines. Ridge supported the idea, and acknowledged that Thomas and Brooke had been a huge hit in Paris.

Oliver finished the photo shoot and promised to submit proofs after his next photo shoot with Hope. Oliver added that it had been rescheduled several times because Hope had been going through some things. Ridge and Thomas left, and Brooke took a moment to talk to Oliver alone. Brooke shared that Liam and Hope had broken up. Brooke told Oliver that Liam had a lot of drama in his life with Amber and a baby on the way. Brooke suggested that Hope's breakup might serve as an opportunity for Oliver to cheer Hope up because she'd had her heart broken again, and she was hurting.

Hope entered, and Brooke left. After the photo shoot, Hope thanked Oliver for making the shoot easier. She surmised that he had known all about her breakup. They talked about Liam, and Oliver promised that things would improve. Oliver showed Hope some photos they had taken at an arcade booth when they had first started dating. They laughed over the details of the date. Oliver got them wrong, and Hope corrected him. Oliver said that he had recreated the atmosphere of a photo booth, and he set the camera up to automatically shoot. Afterwards, they laughed, and Oliver kissed Hope on the cheek.

In Thomas' empty office, Taylor entered and recalled what she'd overheard about the kiss that Thomas and Brooke had shared and their plan to keep it a secret. Taylor angrily sat down to wait for Thomas. After Thomas entered, Taylor solemnly told him that she'd overheard his conversation with Brooke about the kiss on the plane. Taylor ranted that she had been right all along, and no one had listened to her. She reminded her son that she had warned everyone about Brooke's spell on all the Forrester men. She said that it had only been a matter of time before Brooke went after Thomas because she had already used her magic on Eric, Ridge, and Thorne.

Thomas corrected his mother. He told her that he had initiated the kiss. Taylor angrily admonished Thomas for trying to cover for Brooke's irresponsible actions. Thomas insisted that it had all been his fault. He explained that Brooke had been asleep when he kissed her. Taylor softened and reminded her son of the Oedipal complex that she had discussed with him.

Thomas tried to argue, but Taylor recalled that the first time Thomas had kissed Brooke, it had supposedly been a publicity stunt to promote the Men's Line. The second time, she said, he had kissed Brooke on a private jet -- another inappropriate action in private, and he had no excuse. Thomas stammered, and Taylor said that she knew he couldn't help himself -- just like his father, grandfather, and Thorne. Thomas said that he had wondered if he was immune to Brooke's charms and that was why he had kissed her and nothing had happened. Taylor was unconvinced.

Thomas denied that it was anything to worry about. Taylor argued that it was a problem because Brooke had functioned as his mother when Taylor had been gone. Taylor said that Thomas had become too close to Brooke when he worked with her. Taylor forced Thomas to recognize that his professional involvement with Brooke had turned personal. Thomas reminded his mother that it wasn't Brooke's fault, but Taylor started up her litany of how Brooke knew no boundaries and almost destroyed Stephanie and Eric's marriage. Taylor called Brooke a sexual predator who had needed intensive psychiatric help for a long time.

Thomas interrupted that Brooke had wanted to tell Ridge, but Thomas had begged her to keep quiet. Taylor continued to blame Brooke and warned that Brooke would never change. Thomas begged Taylor not to tell Ridge. Taylor said that things had to change, and she left.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge discussed that Thomas and Dayzee appeared to have a growing relationship. They were pleased that Thomas had found someone that he really liked. Brooke added that she hoped Oliver and Hope could rebuild a relationship because Liam had hurt Hope.

Brooke and Ridge's conversation changed to how much Thomas had turned out like his father. Ridge said that Thomas had become a talented designer and also developed a talent with the ladies. Ridge said that Thomas had moved from Madison to Summer to Dayzee. Ridge teased that Thomas didn't have time to hit on his father's wife. And Ridge added that Brooke would tell him if he had. Brooke looked surprised.

Later, Brooke burst into Thomas' office to tell him how excited Ridge was about their next trip for Taboo. Thomas seemed depressed and distracted. Brooke teased that she was leaving Forrester and starting her own design house, and finally caught Thomas' attention. Thomas explained that Taylor had found out about their kiss. Brooke was shocked. Thomas worried that Taylor would tell Ridge. "The morality police stepping in," Brooke said. Brooke confidently stated that she trusted Ridge's love for her.

Taylor marched into Ridge's office and said that she desperately needed to talk to him. Ridge assumed it was about Steffy again, but Taylor said that Brooke should have backed away from the Men's Line in the beginning. Taylor unleashed her Brooke-bashing, and Ridge tried to stop her. He stated that the inappropriate kiss on the runway and the first photo shoot had been ancient history. Ridge argued that he had just attended the photo shoot with Thomas and Brooke, and it had been tame. Ridge was confident that Thomas would make a bigger name for himself in the fashion world as time went on.

Taylor lamented that Brooke had not changed, even though everyone, including Stephanie, thought she had. Taylor complained that Brooke had a warped sense of morality. She moaned that something had happened on the plane ride when Thomas and Brooke returned from Paris. She frantically said that it was something really horrible, and she debated about telling Ridge. Clearly distraught, Taylor said that she had to tell Ridge.

"What the hell is going on?" Ridge asked. Nearly in tears, Taylor said that Thomas and Brooke "were kissing" on the plane ride home from Paris.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

At Forrester, Thomas suggested that he and Brooke beat Taylor to Ridge, but Brooke was sure that they were already too late. Thomas decided that they'd let Taylor rant and rave, but cooler heads would prevail when he and Brooke spoke with Ridge later.

Brooke feared that it would damage the father and son relationship; however, Thomas stated that Ridge should understand that Thomas had been caught up in the moment. Brooke decided that if Taylor hadn't told Ridge yet, Brooke would do it herself, because she'd promised to keep no secrets from Ridge. Thomas and Brooke were confident that Ridge would understand.

Later, Thomas arrived in the studio to review proofs with Steffy. She noted his disgruntled mood, and he confessed that he'd kissed Brooke on the plane from Paris. He claimed that the kiss had been an innocent show of appreciation, but Taylor was on the warpath about it. "Duh, Thomas! What's gotten into you?" Steffy quipped.

Steffy was sure "all hell" would break loose once Taylor told Ridge. Thomas explained that it had already happened, and Brooke was sorting it out with Ridge at that moment. Steffy huffed that it wouldn't be so simple as "sorting it out." She couldn't imagine what Brooke had done to Thomas. Thomas cut her off, asserting that there was no Logan black magic. He demanded that he get some credit and support from his sister for once.

In Ridge's office, Taylor declared that Ridge's wife and son had been kissing on the return trip from Paris. Ridge thought Taylor had misunderstood something, or Thomas had played a joke on her. Taylor said Thomas had admitted to it when she'd confronted him earlier. Ridge said he trusted his wife, who'd never allow something like that to happen.

Taylor explained that the kiss had happened on the jet while Brooke had been sleeping. Taylor assumed that Thomas had been overwhelmed when he'd done it. Ridge zeroed in on the fact that Brooke had been sleeping. "She may have been in her lounging pajamas, I don't know," Taylor guessed, but insisted that the Taboo line was just encouraging Brooke. Ridge asked what he should do, and Taylor said pulling the line was the only way to stop things from escalating.

Taylor went across the hall to talk to Thomas, but found Stephanie in the office instead. Throwing her arms around Stephanie, Taylor thanked God that her friend was there. Taylor announced that Brooke and Thomas had kissed on the trip home from Paris, and Ridge knew about it. Taylor didn't know how Brooke would talk her way out of it that time.

Stephanie couldn't believe that Taylor had told Ridge such a thing, but Taylor insisted that it was true. Taylor thought it was the end of the Taboo line, but Stephanie said Ridge wouldn't cancel the profitable venture. Taylor felt that it was the only way to protect Thomas from the inevitable, but Stephanie readily stated that Brooke wouldn't do that Ridge.

Taylor guessed Stephanie believed in Brooke because Brooke was convinced of her own lies. Taylor asked Stephanie to remember that Brooke had gone after Eric, Ridge, and Thorne. Though Taylor insisted Stephanie's grandson was next, a conflicted Stephanie just wasn't ready to believe it. Stephanie sensed there was something more to what Thomas had done.

Taylor quipped that it was easy to blame the men. Taylor insisted that Brooke manipulated men into doing things, and afterward, the men didn't know how it had happened. Taylor asserted that Brooke had stepped over the line with Thomas, and she'd asked for forgiveness one too many times.

Brooke entered Ridge's office, and the look in Ridge's eyes told her that Taylor had been there. Ridge stated that Brooke wouldn't keep any secrets from him. Brooke agreed that she wouldn't keep secrets - about anything important. Ridge considered his son's indiscretion to be significant, but Brooke asserted that it had been blown out of proportion. Ridge declared that Thomas' mistake had been to kiss her, and her mistake had been to not tell Ridge. "And it's a pretty big mistake," Ridge stated.

Ridge thought Brooke had already learned her lesson. He said something was seriously wrong with her not confiding in him, even when she was innocent. Brooke insisted that Thomas' kiss was from gratitude, and it had made Thomas realize that he wasn't interested in Brooke at all. Ridge sighed that Taylor had been right; however, Brooke contended that Taylor had brainwashed Thomas with her fears, and it had caused him to want a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Brooke realized that she shouldn't have kept Thomas' secret; however, she feared the repercussions that it would have on her and Thomas' relationships with Ridge. She'd also feared that she'd be accused of seducing Thomas into the kiss. Ridge said he'd never think such a thing, but Brooke murmured that everyone else would.

Ridge explained that Brooke's personality had an undeniable effect on men. He conceded that Taylor's fears might have influenced Thomas; however, Thomas had actually become affected by Brooke's charm. Ridge explained that their industry thrived on sexual energy, and keeping secrets could cause him to make the wrong decisions as a father and as the head of the business. Ridge stated that Brooke's loyalty should have been to him, not Thomas.

Brooke accepted full responsibility for her fault in the matter. She repeated that she hadn't wanted an innocent kiss to injure the personal relationships involved, but she'd made a mistake in not going to Ridge. Brooke asked for forgiveness, but Ridge gave her a wary look. Insisting that it really hadn't been a big deal, she asked him to say he forgave her.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dayzee entered the studio, and Thomas assumed she was there to see him until Pam strode in to help Dayzee find a photo that Oliver had taken of Dayzee and Marcus. Pam prattled on about a care package Dayzee was making for the homesick Marcus. In the awkward moment, Thomas asked if he could have a wallet-size print of Dayzee and Marcus together.

Pam left, and Dayzee browsed through campaign pictures of Thomas and Brooke. Thomas confided that his mother had found out about the kiss on the plane. Dayzee asked if he was worried that it would affect his line. Thomas claimed that he wouldn't let his mother's paranoia affect his career, and he was sure Brooke was handling things with his father.

In Ridge's office, Brooke, who'd learned her lesson, asked Ridge to forgive her. Ridge figured it would have been less painful if she hadn't sided with Thomas to keep secrets from Ridge. Brooke said the meaningless kiss hadn't been worth the heartache; however, she'd realized that keeping secrets had made it worse. She pleaded with Ridge to believe her.

Ridge paged Thomas to meet him in the office, and Brooke asked Ridge not to be hard on his son. Ridge hugged Brooke and said the secret had really hurt him. She cited that he'd shown her patience and understanding, and she asked him to do the same for Thomas. She assured Ridge that she and Thomas wouldn't make those mistakes again. Brooke said she loved Ridge, they kissed, and she left.

Thomas arrived, and Ridge asked him to explain the kiss. Thomas said it had been harmless. Ridge stated that Brooke had explained as well as she could have, but it had been difficult to justify hiding that her husband's son had kissed her. Thomas said he'd convinced Brooke to keep silent to avoid hurting Ridge. "You disrespected me. You disrespected my marriage...don't try to whitewash it to make it less than that," Ridge asserted.

Thomas guessed that it was "like father, like son," and he cited that Ridge had done much more than kiss Brooke when she'd been married to Eric. Ridge refused to get into that. Thomas likened himself to Ridge, and Ridge asked if that meant Thomas was in love with Brooke. Thomas said he had love for Brooke, but he wasn't in love. Ridge asked why Thomas would kiss his father's wife.

Thomas said he hadn't been thinking. To him, Brooke had been a beautiful, sleeping woman. Ridge asked if his son knew the inappropriateness of it, and Thomas shot back that Ridge had shared inappropriate kisses in his day. Ridge replied that it had been his wife, not a model in a steam room.

Ridge concluded that Thomas was hiding, or fighting, his feelings for Brooke. Thomas stated that he appreciated Brooke's beauty, but that was it. "I kissed her. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Get over it," Thomas said, and he insisted that it had been a simple kiss. Pushing a pad toward Thomas, Ridge replied, "And this will be just a simple memo." Thomas looked at the pad and read that Ridge was regretfully ending the Taboo line.

In Steffy's office, Taylor conjured up images of "vulnerable" Brooke sprawled out in her pajamas on the plane. Stephanie wondered what blame Brooke deserved, if she'd been asleep. Taylor said Brooke should have told Ridge that she'd awakened with Thomas' lips on her.

Taylor mentioned that Ridge had said he'd take flight straight to Taylor the next time something like that happened. Stephanie asked if that was really what Taylor was after. Taylor claimed that she was happily married, but asserted that Ridge wouldn't tolerate Brooke's lies anymore. Stephanie tried to understand why Brooke hadn't told Ridge, and Taylor insisted that it was because Brooke was to blame for what had happened.

Stephanie didn't see how, so Taylor explained that Brooke had led Thomas on with her giggles and jokes. Taylor cited Brooke's demeanor toward Thomas during the press conference in Paris, but Stephanie said it had been a part of the campaign. Taylor was certain Brooke had been trying to make Thomas want her. Taylor imagined that Brooke's ego was about to burst, because she had all the generations of Forrester men lusting after her.

Brooke entered, and seeing Taylor with Stephanie, Brooke called Taylor the town crier. Stephanie guessed that the news was true. Brooke said that she should have gone to Ridge about the kiss, but Thomas had asked her not to. Taylor admonished Brooke for pinning things on an innocent young man. Taylor insisted that Brooke was trying to cover up her same "trampy" behavior, and Brooke was just biding her time to make another pass at Thomas.

Brooke asked for time alone with Stephanie. Griping that Brooke just wanted to weasel her way back into Stephanie's good graces, Taylor asked how Stephanie could believe another word out of Brooke's mouth. Brooke asked Stephanie not to let it affect their relationship. Stephanie said she didn't want it to, but she didn't know how Brooke expected her to feel.

Over Stephanie's shoulder, Taylor sniped that Brooke had been with the father and the son, but Brooke also wanted the grandson. An unsettled Stephanie paced, and Brooke asked Stephanie not to let Taylor - or who kissed Brooke- hurt their relationship. Stephanie snapped that Brooke couldn't share kisses with family members without it affecting the relationship.

Brooke said the kiss had been meaningless, and she'd never betray Ridge that way. In a rage, Stephanie asked how Brooke could do something so stupid. Stephanie said that since Brooke had kept such a thing from Ridge, Stephanie had no way of knowing if she could trust Brooke any longer. Stephanie ordered Brooke to go, because Stephanie just couldn't talk about it anymore.

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