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Monday, March 28, 2011

In Ridge's office, models flirted with Thomas and left when Steffy entered. Steffy admired his women's collection and guessed Brooke, the seductress, was upset to see him working with female models. Thomas insisted that he didn't want Brooke, who wasn't even his type. Steffy stated that Ridge wasn't convinced of that. Thomas said he never would have worked with Brooke if he'd known Ridge would overreact that way.

Steffy thought Ridge's impending decision about Taboo could have been avoided if Thomas had kept himself under control. Thomas countered that it could have been avoided if Ridge had respected Thomas. Steffy claimed that none of it would be happening if their parents had remained married. Thomas said Brooke and Ridge were perfect for each other, but Thomas just needed Brooke for Taboo. Steffy warned Thomas to brace himself for Ridge's decision. Thomas figured she thought Ridge would pull the line. "And divorce Brooke," Steffy added.

Steffy said Thomas didn't need Taboo or Brooke to make his mark. Thomas disagreed and cited that Steffy didn't need a line because she owned a chunk of the business. Steffy hailed him as a brilliant designer, which she wasn't. He thought that meant nothing if Ridge killed the line. Thomas considered such a move to be an insult and a bad blow to the company.

Steffy didn't know how Thomas expected to defy their father and CEO without consequences. Recalling her own firing, Steffy said it had been horrible to be estranged from Ridge, and she wanted to help Thomas avoid it. Thomas appreciated her help, but he said that if Ridge pulled the line, things would be over between father and son.

In Paris, Ridge entered his hotel room and wondered why Taylor was still in France. Taylor claimed she'd been tired and had things to sort out. Ridge said he'd dealt with his labor problem, and Brooke and Stephanie were on their way to Paris. Taylor asked why, and he replied that he planned to do something about Brooke and Thomas defying his orders.

On the jet to Paris, Brooke mentioned that she and Stephanie had barely even spoken. Stephanie said everything had changed because Brooke had broken Ridge's trust, and Stephanie wished she'd never trusted Brooke in the first place. Stephanie insisted that Thomas would never have kissed Brooke without believing he could. Brooke said she'd never intended for the kiss to happen. Stephanie recalled the mistakes with Oliver and Deacon and said the road to "hell" was paved with Brooke's "never-intended intentions."

Brooke said she loved Stephanie and didn't wish to battle. Brooke insisted that she hadn't mentioned the kiss to Ridge because she'd wanted to avoid all the fervor it had created. Stephanie, who disagreed with Brooke's parenting style, asserted that one should never side with a child over the parent. Brooke claimed that she'd been protecting Ridge and Thomas, not taking sides. Brooke felt that it would have been fine if Taylor hadn't opened her big mouth.

Brooke defended her reasons for hiding the kiss and said she'd protected Taboo to save Ridge and Thomas' relationship. Stephanie quipped that Brooke always had all the answers. Stephanie had been grateful for Brooke during the cancer battle and said they might be friends again - but not until Brooke divorced Ridge. "I don't want you in the family. You're just too disruptive," Stephanie declared.

Back in Paris, Taylor called Whip to see if he'd gotten her message about her flying to Paris with Ridge to deal with an important issue regarding Thomas. Whip was afraid to ask where she'd slept, but she assured him that she had her own room. She claimed she'd tell him everything once she arrived home. Whip warned her to be careful.

After the call, Taylor expressed that Whip wasn't happy about her trip and wondered if Brooke knew Taylor was there. Ridge said he'd seen no reason to mention it to Brooke. Taylor warned that Brooke would go ballistic, but Ridge replied that Brooke was in no position to do so.

Taylor offered to support whatever Ridge decided about Taboo; however, she was worried about his unlimited ability to forgive Brooke. Ridge claimed that it wasn't unlimited, but Thomas was the wildcard. Taylor saw Thomas as the victim because he was no match for Brooke, who knew the effect she had on men and wasn't afraid to use it.

Ridge felt that Thomas had to account for his actions, but Taylor insisted Brooke hadn't prevented the kiss. Ridge mentioned Thomas' press conference, but Taylor again blamed Brooke for not preventing that, either. Taylor said she didn't know how Ridge could trust Brooke.

Ridge and Taylor heard a knock at the door, and Ridge answered it to find Stephanie and Brooke on the threshold. Brooke scoffed upon seeing Taylor, who casually explained that she'd flown there with Ridge. Stephanie added that Taylor and Ridge had needed to handle a serious problem with their son. After greeting Ridge and Taylor, Stephanie asked what Ridge's big decision was.

Brooke asked to speak to Ridge first, but Stephanie said it was too late to lobby. Brooke retorted that lobbying was exactly what Taylor had been doing, and Brooke asked if Ridge had invited Taylor to go with him to Paris. Taylor explained how she'd wound up on the plane, and Ridge said the plane ride had given him and Taylor a chance to talk about the issue.

Ridge announced that he'd made a decision, and it involved the three women. Ridge asked Stephanie and Taylor give him time alone with his wife. Taylor and Stephanie looked surprised, but left for Taylor's room. Brooke said she was glad he'd heard all sides of the issue, and she repeated her stance regarding Thomas. She said she had acted out of love for Ridge, and though Stephanie and Taylor expected him to end his marriage, Brooke hoped he wouldn't.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

by Pam

In Paris, Brooke begged Ridge to forgive her, but Ridge seemed distant. Brooke worried aloud that Ridge was going to end their marriage, but she reiterated that she had only tried to help Ridge maintain his relationship with Thomas and Taboo's profitability for the company. She knew that Stephanie and Taylor were waiting with bated breath to hear that their marriage was over.

Ridge reminded Brooke that she had tested their marriage numerous times by keeping secrets and lying to him. He admitted that it had been a repeated pattern just as Taylor and Stephanie had noted. Brooke started to cry and said that she couldn't listen to him tell her that he was going to leave her.

Ridge said that he had no intention of leaving her. He admitted that she was right to ignore his order to end the Taboo line. It would have made a mess of things if she had allowed him to go through with it because it would have been a public relations nightmare for the company and a relationship barrier to him and Thomas. Brooke cried tears of joy and kissed Ridge. She warned that Taylor and Stephanie were never going to stop interfering in their relationship.

Ridge said that it was his life and he didn't need Stephanie and Taylor's interference. Ridge added that Taylor was rightfully concerned about Thomas. Ridge said that Thomas had crossed a line, and it could not happen again. He warned Brooke that she had to see that Thomas was enamored with her.

Ridge suggested that Brooke take a bath and relax because he had some business calls to make. While she was in the bathroom, Ridge made a call and asked if everything had been handled, and he was pleased that it had been. When Brooke emerged from the bathroom, Ridge played some French music and kissed her. He reminded her that they were in the most romantic city in the world.

Ridge said that he had to show Brooke something. They headed out onto the balcony and gazed at the illuminated Eiffel Tower with its sparkling lights. Suddenly, a lower section of it lit up with "Brooke and Ridge" in bright lights. Brooke said that it was magical, and she and Ridge kissed. Ridge said that he was happy that he had not lost his touch.

At Forrester, Thomas and Steffy argued about Thomas' treatment of his father. Thomas confidently told his sister that the Taboo line would go on. Steffy warned that Thomas had been foolish to defy their father. She reminded him that Ridge was the company CEO. She remembered how painful it had been when she had argued with their father.

Thomas said that he had made a name for himself with a new line because he hadn't had any of the company stock given to him as Steffy had. Steffy backed off slightly. Thomas said that he had no place in the company without Taboo. Steffy disagreed. She said that he was a talented designer who could easily rebrand the line. Thomas disagreed. He said that he needed Brooke and Taboo to remain a successful designer.

Steffy accused Thomas of having real feelings for Brooke. Thomas denied it, but Steffy persisted that she saw a chemistry between Brooke and Thomas. That, she said, was part of the problem and the reason that their parents would never agree to allow the line to continue. Steffy added that Ridge was angry with Thomas and Brooke. Thomas said that it was all acting with Brooke, and he claimed he had plenty of girlfriends and didn't need Brooke around. Steffy accused Thomas of using all his girlfriends to camouflage his feelings for Brooke. Steffy wondered where Brooke had gone, and teased that Thomas should call Taylor to find out what was going on.

Thomas scoffed that Ridge would never do anything to hurt the company or Brooke. Steffy informed him that Taylor had been on the plane to Paris with Ridge, and could have been very persuasive. Thomas was angry that their mother had become involved.

In Paris, Stephanie and Taylor chatted in their hotel suite about how they fully expected Ridge to finally dump Brooke. Taylor wondered if Ridge could actually do it once Brooke started her flood of tears. Thomas called, and Taylor shared that Ridge had asked Brooke and Stephanie to meet him and Taylor in Paris because he'd had a decision to make. Thomas feared that Ridge would end the line and his marriage to Brooke. Thomas blamed Taylor for causing everyone to overreact for something that he had done.

Taylor tried to calm Thomas, but he was upset. He planned to call Brooke and Ridge, but Taylor warned that they were having a discussion. Taylor hung up and worried to Stephanie that Thomas would never forgive her. Stephanie assured Taylor that Ridge had stolen Brooke from Eric and married her, and Brooke and Ridge had forgiven one another.

Stephanie stepped outside on the balcony to enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower until she saw the "Brooke and Ridge" sign. Taylor had seen that Stephanie was awestruck. She joined Stephanie on the balcony, and when Taylor saw the sign, she freaked out that Ridge had forgiven Brooke again. She stormed back into the room and claimed that if no one would stop Brooke, she would. She promised to find a way to get back at Brooke and protect her son. Stephanie was speechless.

In Brooke and Ridge's suite, Ridge was in the shower, and Thomas contacted Brooke on her laptop. Thomas worried about Brooke and Taboo. Brooke didn't know it, but Ridge listened in the background. Brooke reassured Thomas that everything was fine including the Taboo line. Thomas said that he was so happy that he could have kissed her. Brooke laughed, but said that it was nothing to joke about.

Thomas fearlessly said that he was glad everything was all right. He wondered if she was still working with him on the Taboo line, and she said that she had given him her word that she would help him. She planned to keep her promise. She said they would talk when she returned. Behind her, Ridge had unhappily watched the exchange between his wife and son.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

by Pam

Amber called Oliver and told him that she had expected him to thank her because she had invited Hope and Oliver to dinner the previous evening. Oliver seemed confused, but Amber reminded him that Hope had seen that it was time to move on. Amber shared that she and Liam were meeting for their very first ultrasound at the hospital, and she was excited. Oliver wished her luck.

Tawny entered and asked what was going on. Amber said that she had talked to Oliver. Tawny inquired if Oliver had called her, but Amber admitted that she had called Oliver. She wanted to make sure that Oliver and Hope were getting back together. Amber told her mother that convincing Liam that he was the father of her baby was going to make a lot of people very happy. Liam showed up, and they left for the ultrasound.

At the hospital, during the ultrasound, the doctor said that everything was progressing normally. The doctor planned to have an approximate due date for Amber, and she asked if Amber and Liam had decided if they wanted to know the sex of the baby. Amber said that they had not decided. When the video popped up on the screen, Liam and Amber were fascinated to see the baby.

The doctor said that the baby had a very good heartbeat. She left to set up the next appointment. Liam and Amber agreed that the baby was an incredible miracle. Amber said that it was the mystery of life. Liam agreed. Amber told Liam that he would be a great dad. They hugged, and Amber said that she couldn't have picked a better man to be a daddy. Carl peeked in and saw Amber hug Liam.

Amber and Liam were in tears, and Liam admitted that he didn't expect to have such an emotional reaction. Amber said that she knew he would do what had to be done and be a good parent making difficult decisions about what was best for his family. Amber left to find the doctor. After Amber left, Liam remembered good times with Hope and kissing her. Then, he remembered Hope crying and he looked again at the ultrasound pictures.

Outside the ultrasound room, Amber ran into Carl, and he asked if everything was okay with the baby. Amber was uncomfortable. She said it was all fine. Carl said that he had been worried because he had looked for her and the trailer and discovered that it had blown up. Carl said that he was glad to see that Amber and Baby Spencer were all right. He admitted that he had seen Amber and Liam hugging. He added that the plan seemed to be working.

Amber warned that she could not be seen with Carl. She added that the plan was very delicate, but she was very grateful that he had helped her. Carl shot back that he couldn't pay the rent with gratitude. He warned that she had better come up with big bucks, or William Spencer III would hear the whole story. He added that Amber's entire future was in his hands. Liam walked out into the hall and heard Carl. Liam asked Amber what Carl meant by having Amber's future in his hands.

At Forrester, Hope entered Ridge's office and met with Oliver. She warned that she did not want to hear Amber's name, and he promised not to mention it. Oliver said that he expected her dad to walk in at any minute, but Hope said that her parents were in Paris. She wished that she could have a ticket somewhere that would get her away from her thoughts. Oliver suggested that she throw herself into her work.

Hope and Oliver discussed that Liam and Amber would be going for their baby's first ultrasound. Hope admitted that it had to be exciting for them to see the baby. Oliver added that he almost envied Liam, but not the responsibility. Oliver promised Hope that things would get better. He hugged Hope and showed her pictures from other times that they had been together. Hope said that it had seemed like a lifetime before that she had been that happy.

At the Shady Marlin, Donna showed up to see how Katie was doing. Katie said that Bill had not stopped calling her, so she had turned off her phone. Donna suggested that Katie return home. Katie said that she wasn't ready, and Donna said that she would trade phones with Katie because she didn't want Katie on the Shady Marlin alone without a phone. Katie's phone immediately rang, and it was Bill.

Katie answered and asked Bill to stop calling. Bill insisted that Katie had to return to the house. He insisted that if she stayed away, it was not going to fix anything, and he planned to wait for her for as long as he had to wait. Katie hung up, and Donna recommended that Katie return to Bill to determine if they had a future or not. Donna advised that Katie needed to return to Bill because they both knew that Bill hated being left alone. Donna said that no matter what happened, it was better than staying alone on the boat.

At home, Bill paced through the house, and Steffy knocked on the door and entered. She suggested that Bill spend the day with someone who did want to deal with him rather than his wife, who didn't want to talk to him. Bill was annoyed, and said that he did not blame Katie for her feelings. Steffy lightened the conversation and reminded him that Amber was just fine -- nothing had happened. Bill recalled that he had put Amber's phone on the ledge at the beach house, and it had resulted in the tree branch knocking her over the cliff and nearly killing her.

Steffy reminded Bill that Katie should have supported him and that she should have been at home with him. Bill warned Steffy not to say one more word against Katie or it would be that last word she ever said to him. Steffy continued to diss Katie because she needed to be doing what was in her heart. Steffy admonished Bill because he had not gone out and looked for Katie. Steffy reminded him that he waited for no one. Steffy said that she knew he didn't want her help, but she promised to help. Bill insisted that she get out.

After Steffy left, Katie showed up. Bill and Katie discussed what had happened. Bill told Katie that he was glad that she had returned. He reminded Katie that Amber was fine. Katie admonished Bill. She said that he had wanted to purchase the beach house to kill someone while she had wanted to buy it to build a life together.

Bill disagreed. He told Katie that she might look at him differently, but he was the same person she had married. What he had done, he said, he had done for love, a love that he had discovered because of Katie. Bill admitted that he had never known such a love for Liam, and he was convinced that Amber was trying to take Liam from him. He said that Amber was a manipulative gold digger who had tried to kill Liam. Katie quizzed Bill about why he hadn't talked to her about his feelings for Amber.

Bill stammered that he didn't know what to do. Katie seemed conflicted. Bill grabbed her and hugged her, and Katie embraced him.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

At the Spencer beach house, Steffy peered into the window as Katie grappled with the fact that Bill had left Amber to die on the cliff. Katie believed that the man she loved wouldn't have been able to live with letting Amber die. She asserted that everything she'd loved about him had been at the edge of the cliff, and it would have been tragic if he'd thrown it all away by pushing Amber.

Bill claimed it would have been tragic if Amber had killed Liam in that trailer. Bill asked Katie to see that he'd really thought Liam's life was in danger, and Bill had been desperate to protect it. Katie doubted that murder had been his only option. She didn't know how he expected her to trust him when he wouldn't divulge his darkest secrets to her.

Bill hugged Katie and asked her to return home. They expressed their love for each other, but Kate wasn't ready to return. Instead, she still wanted to sort things out on her own. Katie hurried out of the house, and Steffy followed her to the Shady Marlin. The shocked Steffy quickly called Bill and relayed that his wife was staying on her ex's boat at the marina.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge kissed and said Paris would never be the same after their trip. Hope entered, and Ridge noticed that she was gloomy. Hope said that Liam had gone to Amber's first ultrasound that day, and there was no denying that he and Amber were having a baby. Brooke pledged her and Ridge's support for their daughter.

Hope said she'd been trying to cope with it, but she wished the baby belonged to anyone but Liam. Frustrated, Hope decided that she had to see Amber. Ridge asked Hope to give it more thought first, but Hope claimed it was time for action.

Hope exited just as Thomas entered. Ridge announced that he'd made an executive decision regarding Taboo, and that time, it would actually be carried out. Ridge had decided not to cancel Taboo. Instead, he'd restructure it, which meant it wouldn't be the same Taboo. Brooke stated that she was unaware of Ridge's new plan, and Thomas asked Ridge to spell it out.

Ridge said that, first, Thomas had to vow never to countermand another order. "I hear you, Dad," Thomas said. Ridge then advised his son to never think that Taboo was the sole reason that the company was on the map. Thomas denied ever thinking that, but Ridge expressed that Forrester Creations wasn't known for men's designs. The design house catered to women, and all other lines were minor divisions that supported their couture brand.

Thomas scoffed at being marginalized, but Ridge advised his son to "can the attitude," because it wouldn't fly anymore. Thomas calmed himself and asked to hear about the changes. Ridge stated that the first step was cutting Taboo's budget. Thomas defended his use of the budget and claimed the money had been well spent. Ridge explained that Taboo had been a successful trend; however, it wouldn't last, and it was time to create a new trend.

Thomas declared that Ridge really was killing Taboo, but Brooke stated that they'd still support Taboo -- just not as lavishly as before. Ridge said he'd email them the new budget figures, and he left for a meeting. Brooke told Thomas that it wasn't so bad. Thomas claimed that he'd hit a homerun, but they were making him stop at second base.

At the hospital, Liam demanded to know why Carl, the lab tech, believed he had Amber's future in his hands. Amber claimed that Carl was just a friend. Before Liam could question them further, he had to step away to take a phone call. Aside, Amber warned Carl not to threaten her. Carl said he was just asking her the same question that his bill collectors had asked him. She promised that he'd get the money, and he warned that it had better be soon.

Liam took Amber home, where Tawny waited. He went outside as the women cooed over the ultrasound picture. Once alone with her mother, Amber revealed that Carl had threatened her for the money. Tawny advised Amber to start working Liam for the money before the mother and daughter wound up on the streets or in jail.

Tawny left, and as Liam and Amber sat by the fire, Amber conveyed her hopes that the baby wouldn't grow up as she had. She cited that Liam hadn't known his father while growing up, and Liam said it wouldn't be that way for the baby. Amber was glad for that, and she expressed her bright hopes for the child's future. She wanted Liam to get to know her, so that he could trust her to be the best mother that she could be.

Amber claimed that Liam would be proud, and someday, Bill would, too. "We'll see," Liam murmured. Amber said that Bill might not be on board yet, but she was sure that she and Liam could add something special to Bill's life. "We could bring this into his life," she said, holding up the sonogram.

Liam felt pressured, but Amber claimed that she wasn't trying to do that. She hoped he'd forgive her for making a mess of his life and said that their child would be lucky to have him as a father. She promised to make Liam happy, and she bet the child's first word would be "daddy." She stroked his face and said he'd eventually want to give himself to the child. "But first, you have to give yourself to me," she uttered, kissing him.

Just then, Hope strode through the door. "Liam?" Hope meekly said as shock and disbelief washed over her. Liam and Amber broke apart, and Liam looked guiltily at Hope.

Friday, April 1, 2011

At the Malibu house, Hope saw Amber kiss Liam and congratulated Amber on him being conscious that time. Liam took Hope to the patio, and Tawny entered, saying she'd seen Hope drive up. Amber said Hope would never speak to Liam again after what she'd just seen.

Tawny and Amber sat down to play cards, but Amber shrieked when she saw through the window that Carl was at the front door. Tawny ducked and advised Amber to hide; however, Amber answered the door. Carl said they had unfinished business. Upon looking at the house, he suspected that Amber had his money.

Keeping Carl on the threshold, Amber explained that Bill had loaned her the house, but he hadn't forked over any money. Carl asked to see the view from the patio, but Tawny announced that Liam was out there. Carl pushed past the women to enter the house and asked why a friend couldn't visit. Tawny warned him to be cool, or he'd blow it for everyone.

Carl said he was scrapping to pay rent, while Amber lived in the Malibu dream house. Amber repeated that she didn't have the money, but Carl decided the champagne on the table would do for the time being. Tawny complained, but Amber handed it over. "The chocolates, too," he said. Amber gave him those, as well, and leaving, he said he'd see them again soon.

Outside, Liam insisted that he wanted only Hope. Hope replied that she felt stupid for driving out there to stake her claim on him. He said that she wasn't stupid because they belonged together. He kissed her and claimed "that" was what a kiss should feel like. Liam asserted that he wouldn't find that feeling with anyone but Hope.

Hope said the baby was changing Liam's feelings. Liam wished it would change his feelings, because he didn't know how he'd get through the next 18 years of pretending. He admitted that the situation wasn't working, but he didn't want lose Hope. He was adamant that he could be a good father and be with Hope at the same time, if she'd give him a chance. Hope said she'd arrived there to give him a chance, "but look what happened!"

Hope asked to see the ultrasound picture. After staring at it, she said Liam would be a great father. She kissed him and agreed that it wasn't working. Hope stated that she'd always love him. She kissed him again and strode back into the house and out the front door. Tawny whispered to Amber that it was "now or never," and then she took off.

Once alone with Liam, Amber suggested that Hope witnessing the kiss might have been a good thing. Amber said that, as the mother of his child, she wanted to be there for him in every way that counted. She figured that Liam hadn't been with a woman in a long time, and being with her hadn't counted since he didn't remember. She said that Hope was gone, and Liam no longer needed to feel frustrated, because with Amber, there was no hoping she'd be ready. She said he'd given her the greatest gift, and she wanted to give something back to him.

Liam stated that he loved Hope. Putting his hand on her belly, Amber said he and Hope weren't together, and he'd be better off if he stopped thinking that they were. "Just stop thinking all together," she added and urged him to have fun for a change. She uttered that if their child were to have loving parents, then Liam had to let her love him. Amber believed that someday, he might love her, too. Unbuttoning his shirt, she promised that she wouldn't say "no." Amber kissed Liam, and he kissed her back.

At Forrester, Oliver concluded a call with Aggie, and Hope entered. She burst into tears, and Oliver hugged her. Hope told him about the kiss. He said it would take a while for her to get over the breakup, but he'd help. Hope and Oliver hugged again.

At the Shady Marlin, Katie thanked Nick for giving her a place to stay without pressuring her for details about her problem. Nick asked if Katie wanted to talk, and she changed the subject to him and Aggie. He revealed that his relationship with Aggie had ended because she'd wanted more than he could give. He said Aggie had gone to the east coast to look for a new job. Katie asked why he hadn't been ready with Aggie, and Nick said that if he got married again, he had to be sure it was to the right woman.

On the pier, Steffy looked into Nick's boat and saw Katie and Nick hug. Steffy called Bill, who was driving there, and said things had just gotten more interesting. When Bill arrived, Steffy informed him that Katie and Nick were on the boat together. "I'm sorry," Steffy said.

Back inside, Nick and Katie contemplated going over to Chuck's, and Nick noticed that Katie's chest scar was barely visible. Touching it, Katie said that sometimes the scar was all she could see, and other times, she didn't think about it for weeks. Touching the mark above Katie's breasts, Nick said that the scar had healed. He advised her to think of the scar's healing process and know that time would make the problems between her and Bill fade away.

"Get your hands off my wife!" Bill said, charging into the room. Bill bellowed at Katie for running to her ex, but Nick warned Bill against mouthing off. Bill socked Nick in the face. Katie held Bill back while Nick composed himself. Bill ordered Katie to go home with him. She said she ached to do so, but she acted frightened. Bill asked why she looked at him as if he were a stranger. Bill kissed her and said that he couldn't help her to trust him again unless they were together. Nick scowled as Bill whispered for Katie to "come home."

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