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Monday, April 4, 2011

At the marina, Steffy continued to spy on Nick's boat, as inside, Bill tried to convince Katie to go home with him. Nick rasped at Bill to stop pushing her. Bill raged offensively at Nick, and Katie asserted that violence had no place in their lives. She ordered Bill to get control of himself and let her work things out on her own. "We're going to fix this. I'm going to fix it," Bill declared. He kissed Katie and slammed the door on his way out.

Katie gave Nick an ice pack and thanked him for not hitting Bill back. Nick figured it hadn't been the first time that she'd seen Bill be violent, and Nick was willing to listen if she wanted to talk. Katie called it complicated, and Nick didn't push. Before he left to return home to Jack, Nick joked that he'd been happy to take the punch like a good ex-boyfriend.

Outside, Steffy yelled for Bill to wait up, but he went home and poured himself a drink. When Steffy arrived at his house, he warned that it wasn't a good time. He asked why she'd followed him there. "Why do you think?" she asked with a clever smile. Steffy noted that Katie hadn't returned home. Bill said he was working on it, and he started to phone Katie. Offering to give him privacy, Steffy meandered into the bedroom, but listened from the door.

When Katie answered her phone, Bill said he was the same man who'd pledged vows to her on their wedding day. He knew that he was coming up short, but he said he had never failed at anything. He had an idea of how to fix things, and he asked Katie to let him execute it when the time arrived. He expressed his love for her and clicked off the line.

At the Malibu house, Liam pulled away from Amber and said he couldn't be with her. He murmured that he'd just broken up with Hope, and he hardly knew Amber. Amber stated that he was right, and she wanted to get to know everything about her baby's father. Liam was reluctant, so Amber suggested that she and the baby leave town. He claimed that wasn't the answer, and she replied that the answer was for them to unite for the sake of their baby.

Liam still resisted. He said it wasn't Amber, and she replied that she just wasn't Hope. Amber wondered how they'd teach the baby to love if they couldn't even touch each other. She implored him to touch her, and Liam slowly put his arms around her. Amber told him to let their child feel its father's love. Liam wrestled with his feelings, but gave in to the hug.

Amber noted that no one had hugged her in a long time, and their baby needed to feel its parents' closeness. Liam pulled back, and Amber feared that his resistance would cause him to resent the baby. She was sure that if he tried a little, he'd like her.

Liam resisted again, but she told him not to speak. "Just feel. Feel me," she uttered, kissing him. Amber led him to the couch, where she climbed on top of him. Kissing his neck, she instructed him to feel her and feel the closeness of their baby.

In Ridge's office, Brooke arrived early for a meeting, and Thomas asked her to preview his Taboo women's line. Brooke was impressed with it, and Thomas said he'd worked tirelessly to prove to Ridge that he could create outstanding women's designs. Ridge arrived, and Thomas said he was sure that Ridge would agree that the new sketches were Thomas' best work.

Ridge reviewed the sketches, but said he needed to see the designs on models. Having already predicted that, Thomas called in some models who were dressed in samples. As Ridge examined the samples, Thomas explained that Forrester needed a ready-to-wear collection to compliment their evening gown collection. The models left, and Ridge said the designs were good, but not good enough. Ridge decided he would not move ahead with a Taboo women's line.

Brooke and Thomas were surprised by Ridge's reaction, but Ridge said he'd never approved a women's line in the first place. Thomas cited that Eric was on board, but Ridge replied that he, not Eric, was CEO. Thomas pressed, and Ridge stated that Thomas' designs weren't up to Forrester's standards. Thomas guessed that was because he'd kissed Brooke, but Ridge claimed he was acting in the best interest of the company.

Brooke said Ridge wasn't being fair. Ridge, however, felt he was being more than fair by agreeing to let Thomas and Brooke continue the Taboo line. Ridge was adamant that there would be no women's line, and he left for another meeting. Alone with Brooke, Thomas growled and said he couldn't believe that no matter what he did, his own father kept shutting him down.

Brooke understood Thomas' frustration, but she didn't understand why Ridge couldn't see his son's talent. Thomas noted that Brooke always supported him. He wondered if he should go against his father, but Brooke quickly deterred him from that. She advised Thomas to persevere, and Thomas stated that things would work out as long as Brooke believed in him.

Brooke called Thomas a charming tease, just like his father. "Who says I'm teasing?" he asked, smiling. Brooke replied, "I do." She said that she'd already warned him about playing with fire. Thomas corrected that she'd warned him not to kiss her, and he'd complied. Brooke couldn't see why he'd want to kiss her, because he had his pick of beautiful women. Thomas touched her face and claimed that there was only one Brooke Logan.

Brooke removed Thomas' hand. She said they had a wonderful friendship and then reminded him that they had to be mindful of Ridge's feelings. She asked if Thomas understood that nothing could ever happen between them. He said he understood and suggested that they get back to work. As Brooke began chatting about Taboo, Thomas bashfully smiled.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

by Pam

At the beach house, Amber romanced Liam and got him onto the couch, where she kissed him and seduced him. She panted about how important it was that the baby's parents bond together. Liam half-heartedly tried to resist, but finally gave in to Amber's gyrations and moans about how much she wanted him. After they did the deed, Amber slipped and said that it was wonderful for their first time. Liam questioned her, but she covered by saying as parents -- it was their first time together. Liam was distant, but Amber praised him as a lover and cooed that she would always take care of him.

Later Amber called Oliver and told him that she'd had sex with Liam. Oliver was with Hope and tried to cover who had called. Amber raved about how her relationship with Liam had gone to the next level, and she hoped that Oliver had the same luck with Hope. After Oliver had hung up, Hope quizzed him, and Oliver caved. He admitted that Amber and Liam had been intimate.

Hope refused to believe that Liam would fall for Amber. Panicked, Hope called Liam, and he answered. Hope begged Liam to tell her that he had not been with Amber, but Liam conceded that he had. Hope hung up on him. Liam guiltily recalled all the good times that he and Hope had enjoyed together.

At Oliver's, Hope stood on the patio and also recalled how happy she had been with Liam. Oliver tried to distract Hope, but she was dismayed that everyone she had ever loved had let her down. Hope acknowledged that she had forgiven Oliver for his accidental, masked-moment, sexual encounter with her mother, but she remembered that Oliver, Brooke, and Liam had all let her down.

At Forrester, Thomas whined to Brooke that his father had cancelled the Taboo women's line before it even got started. Brooke reminded Thomas that Ridge had said the timing wasn't right. Thomas recalled that Ridge had said the designs weren't good enough to be Forrester. Brooke disagreed and said that the designs were beautiful.

Thomas said that Ridge had been unfair in his assessment of the gowns because he was angry about the time that Thomas had kissed Brooke on the jet. Brooke defended Ridge. She said that he had not completely cancelled the line. She recalled that Ridge had said the timing wasn't right. She felt that Ridge would be open to it at another time.

Thomas blatantly flirted with Brooke, and Brooke told Thomas that he shouldn't be acting in such a fashion. They chattered about not crossing the line, but Thomas admitted that he had feelings for Brooke, who simply admonished him and said that he shouldn't have feelings for her. Brooke suggested that he was teasing because he had so many women. Thomas said that he knew his place. He teased that there was only one Brooke Logan.

Thomas told Brooke that he had a showstopper design -- his own one-of-a-kind -- that he hadn't had a chance to show to Ridge. He pulled out a stunning, one-shouldered, red satiny dress and begged Brooke to try it on. Brooke refused at first, but she agreed that it was beautiful. She reminded Thomas that Ridge had forbidden the new women's line. Brooke called the dress "red carpet red," and Thomas said that he would name it officially.

Thomas added that a woman who wore his red dress would be confident, carefree, and successful. He said that it was definitely Brooke's color and had been made for Brooke Logan. Brooke giggled and agreed that it was her color. She slipped behind a screen to try on the dress, and Thomas joined her to zip it up. Brooke stood in front of a mirror and admired her reflection. So did Thomas. Brooke gushed that the red dress was an extraordinary design.

Brooke was clearly satisfied with the appearance and said that she couldn't understand why Ridge, who normally had such excellent instincts about design, had refused to consider Thomas' line of women's clothing. Thomas claimed that his father wasn't going to give him a chance because it was a personal vendetta. Brooke told Thomas that he was a very talented designer. She warned that he should never give up on himself. Thomas promised that he wouldn't give up because he had Brooke to remind him that he was talented. Brooke giggled and said that she was proud of him. The two started a conversation on how they could persuade Ridge to revisit the Taboo women's line.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

by Pam

After Amber seduced Liam at the beach house, Tawny showed up, and Amber excitedly blurted out the news that she had gotten into Liam's pants. Tawny and Amber celebrated and giggled that their plan had worked. Amber warned her mother that they did not want to get to too excited. Tawny agreed because they lived in fear that Carl might show up and spill the news that Amber was not carrying Liam's baby.

Amber shushed her mother. Amber said that she had made love to Liam, and she didn't want anything to spoil the moment. Amber said that she was focused on her future and the future of her baby. She hoped that her time with Liam would lead to a long-term relationship with Liam. Amber wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Tawny hugged Amber and acknowledged that Amber had really fallen for Liam.

Liam returned, and Amber encouraged her mother to exit. Amber sidled up to Liam and offered a backrub. Liam declined, but Amber purred that they could take a shower together. She added that the bath had wonderful water jets, and they could enjoy them. Liam was distant and refused. Amber begged Liam to make love to her again, but Liam said that he wasn't interested. Amber suggested that he could at least spend the night, but Liam said that he wanted to return home. Amber smiled and hoped that he had a good night. She promised to always be available to him.

At Oliver's place, Hope stood on the patio and tearfully remembered her conversation with Oliver about Amber and Liam's sexual liaison. Hope heard a knock at the door, and Liam burst in. He begged Hope to forgive him. She shouted that he had been with Amber; Hope looked sick. She wondered aloud how he could have possibly touched Amber that way. Liam told Hope that he had made a mistake. He admitted that he had finally caved in to her seduction, but he did not want anything to do with Amber.

Liam said that he loved Hope and he wanted to marry her. He wanted to have babies with Hope, not with Amber. He refused to allow Amber to dictate his life. Liam grabbed Hope and told her that he loved her and only her. He begged her to marry him, and he promised that they could deal with Amber and her baby together. They kissed passionately.

Suddenly, Hope was standing alone on the patio again, and Oliver called her name. It snapped her out of the daydream she'd experienced about Liam. Oliver promised that he would take care of her. He and Hope sat down on the couch, and Hope cried again. She realized that she'd experienced nothing but tragedy in romance. Oliver promised that it would improve.

Oliver put on some music and told Hope that she had to forget Liam and move on with her life. Oliver reminded Hope that she had told Liam to go on with his life with Amber. Hope cried and said that she didn't think he would do it so quickly. Hope wondered how Liam could have hurt her so badly, and she lamented that she had really loved Liam. She cried that she had saved herself for him.

Hope walked around the room and shouted that they had been happy together until the paternity test. It had ruined her life. Oliver finally calmed Hope down, and he hugged her. They started to kiss. Oliver and Hope became more passionate, and Oliver started to undress himself and then Hope. Things appeared to be hot and heavy, but Hope stopped Oliver and said that she wasn't ready. Oliver said that he understood.

Suddenly, Liam pounded on the door for real. Hope tried to re-button her shirt, but Oliver had opened the door. Liam saw that Hope's blouse had been unbuttoned, and he wondered what she had done. He told Hope that he loved her and he wanted to talk to her. Hope refused. She sneered and told Liam that she couldn't believe he could even touch Amber.

Liam apologized. Oliver told Liam to leave. Liam walked out, and Hope ran to the door and screamed at Liam through the closed door that he had hurt her. Liam stood on the other side of the door and appeared to be sick about what he had done.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

At the Malibu house, Tawny advised Amber to keep a smile on Liam's face and a fire in his pants, and he'd be a great husband. Amber thought marriage was pushing it, and she wished he could get over Hope. Figuring that Oliver was the key, Amber wondered what had happened between him and Hope the previous night.

In the Forrester studio, Steffy entered. She noticed Oliver's grin, and he revealed that he'd spent the past evening with Hope. He divulged that Liam had interrupted a make-out session with Hope, who'd been distraught because Liam had slept with Amber. A shocked Steffy wondered how Amber had pulled that off. Oliver theorized that Amber had seduced Liam, who took fatherhood seriously. "Man, I'm glad it's him, and not me," Oliver added.

Steffy almost felt sorry for Hope, but said Hope was lucky to have Oliver. Steffy acknowledged that she'd been a factor in derailing Oliver and Hope's relationship, but Oliver preferred not to dwell on the past because he might be getting a second chance. Steffy wondered if it were surely over between Liam and Hope.

Steffy figured that Bill was going out of his mind. She told Oliver to forget Liam and focus on Hope, who'd be a fool to let Oliver go. Steffy left, and Oliver received a call from Amber, who insisted that she was on her way there to hear all about the previous night.

When Amber arrived, she plied Oliver for news about him and Hope. Oliver said they'd been together the previous night, and Liam knew about it. Amber promised to take care of Liam, who had nowhere to turn, but into her arms. Amber exclaimed that Liam and Hope were finally over, but Oliver didn't seem that convinced. Amber predicted that Liam was somewhere thinking about her, while Hope was basking in the glow of her night with Oliver.

Bill arrived in his office and saw a morose Liam inside. Liam mumbled that he'd messed up badly. As Bill questioned his son to determine the matter, Liam revealed that he'd caught Hope in the middle of something with Oliver. Liam said he wouldn't give up on Hope; however, he also was trying to work things out with Amber for the baby's sake. Bill asked what that meant, and Liam revealed that he'd let Amber seduce him. "You what?" Bill asked.

Liam explained that he'd been moving on as Hope had told him to do. Bill assumed that it had caused Hope to jump into bed with Oliver. Liam said it had appeared that way. Liam showed Bill the sonogram and said that, though he loved Hope, he couldn't abandon the child.

Bill insisted that the picture was the result of a conniving woman who'd taken advantage of Liam. Liam said he wasn't the one who'd put Amber up in the beach house, and he asked why Bill had done that. Bill asserted that he wanted Amber out of Liam's life, but Liam said he'd deal with it while Katie and Bill had a great life. Bill revealed that Katie had moved out.

Liam got upset, but Bill didn't want to talk about it. Liam claimed that he and his father had lost everything. "You think we've lost everything? You think we've lost everything!" Bill exclaimed. Bill asserted that the company was their empire, and they had each other.

Liam said they needed more than work. "What? Love?" Bill huffed and claimed he wasn't meant for that. Liam doubted Bill wanted to go back to the man he'd been before Katie. Liam said Bill couldn't give up on his wife, because she meant too much to Bill. Bill asked where Liam had gotten his smarts, because he sure "as hell" hadn't gotten them from his father.

Bill thanked Liam for the advice and offered some in return. Bill told Liam to figure out what he wanted. Bill said that if it were Hope, then Liam had to fight for her. Bill stated that he'd fight for Katie, too, because both women were worth it. The men hugged, and Liam took off.

At Brooke's house, Brooke bade Hope a good morning and asked if she'd been with Liam the night before. Hope explained that she'd been with Oliver until Liam had showed up. Brooke and Hope discussed whether Hope could really date Liam if Amber would constantly be around. Hope claimed that she'd advised him to be with the mother of his child, but hadn't thought he'd actually hop into bed with her.

Brooke's jaw dropped, and Hope said she'd practically forced Liam into Amber's bed. Brooke dismissed that idea and guessed that Oliver, who was still in love with Hope, had helped Hope cope with Liam's indiscretion. Brooke advised Hope to give the loyal Oliver a chance, but Hope uttered that she'd really thought Liam would be the one.

Brooke said it was time to move on, but Hope expressed that she was still in love with Liam. Brooke offered to spend the day with Hope to provide a distraction from Hope's problems, but Hope said she needed to be alone. Brooke asked Hope to call if she needed anything.

Brooke left, and Hope cried, gazing at computer pictures of herself and Liam. After a while, there was a knock at the door. She opened it to find Liam on the stoop. He silently pulled her into a deep kiss. They kissed again and then stared sullenly at each other.

Friday, April 8, 2011

At the Forrester studio, Amber realized that Oliver and Hope hadn't had sex the other night. Amber pressured him to seal the deal, and she gloated about doing it with Liam "for real." A confused Oliver said it wasn't like it had been the first time she'd slept with Liam. Amber nervously stammered and told Oliver to stop staring at her like that.

Oliver explained that Liam had arrived at Oliver's house that previous night and had left with the impression that Oliver and Hope had slept together. Amber expressed no problem with letting Liam keep that impression, as long as Oliver made it happen eventually. Oliver insisted that he wouldn't push Hope, but he'd be there when Hope was ready.

At Brooke's house, Hope pulled away from Liam, but he insisted that he belonged with her. As he said that he'd wished he'd been her first, Hope quickly explained that she hadn't slept with Oliver. She claimed her feelings for Liam had prevented her. He kissed her, but she pulled away and said they needed to discuss what he'd done the previous night.

Hope didn't understand how Liam could have had sex with Amber on the very night that he'd declared that Hope was the only woman for him. Unable to explain it, Liam said he'd messed up, but he wanted Hope, not Amber. He tried to kiss Hope again, but she insisted that he stop. "Living without you is not an option for me," Liam declared. He stated that the baby should have his and Hope's. He swept her into another kiss, but broke away when Oliver entered the house.

Hope stated that Liam was just leaving. Oliver ordered Liam out the door, but Hope said she could speak for herself. Pulling Liam's face close to hers, she told him that he had to stay away, because his life was with Amber and the baby. Hope kissed Liam again, and he said he'd always love her. Liam left, and Hope cried in Oliver's arms.

In Ridge's office, Thomas saw Steffy staring at Bill's website and offered her a "dollar bill" for her thoughts. Steffy wasn't up for any lectures about her and Bill from a guy who'd kissed his father's wife. Thomas claimed that he'd realized his mistake, but Steffy stated that she hadn't made a mistake. Thomas wondered what had made Katie so upset with Bill. Thomas joked that Bill must have tried to off somebody, and Steffy gave Thomas a knowing glance.

In Bill's office, Bill kissed Katie the moment she walked in. He'd asked her there to fix things, but said they couldn't do it while she was on her ex's boat. Bill admitted that he'd overreacted with Nick and said it wouldn't happen again. Katie claimed that Nick had been very supportive, and Bill vowed to win back her trust, whatever it took.

Bill revealed that Liam wanted Hope to return to him, but doubted Hope would do so after Amber had launched into full seduction mode. Bill exclaimed that he was a problem-solver, and Liam needed Bill to solve it, no matter what it took. Katie asked what that meant. Worried that he'd cross another line, Katie decided that he needed to talk to a professional.

Bill claimed that he had Katie to confide in, and it was a private, family matter. He claimed he didn't need a therapist to tell him why he'd reacted the way he had, because he already knew what his problem was. He also knew that he'd been wrong, and he claimed it wouldn't happen again. Bill asserted that he needed his wife back in their house and in their bed.

The couple kissed, but Katie decided that she'd move from the boat to Brooke's house. Bill urged Katie not to do that, but she said she couldn't return home until he agreed to see a therapist. She reminded him that he'd vowed to do whatever it took, but Bill replied, "Anything else, Katie. Not that." A disappointed Katie grabbed her purse and left. In the corridor, she said goodbye to Hillary, who was reading a magazine.

After Katie was gone, the magazine lowered. Steffy stood from Hillary's chair and sashayed into Bill's office in a short trench coat. "Not now, Steffy," Bill said, but Steffy locked the door. Pouring him a drink, she guessed he needed to relax. "You're not the first woman who's shown up in my office on a clear day, wearing a trench coat and pumps," he quipped.

Undoing her coat, Steffy doubted that Bill had seen one that looked "this good." Bill quickly stepped back and observed her in her red bra and panties. He agreed that she did look good, but closing her coat, he said she wasn't messing with one of her little boyfriends. Steffy claimed she didn't want a boy; she wanted Bill.

Opening her coat again, Steffy guessed Bill wanted a woman who wouldn't control or fear him. Lulling Bill into a kiss, Steffy uttered that she wanted to give herself to him, and she implored him to make her his. Bill clutched her jaw and pushed her an arm's length back. "Oh, God, I love you," she breathlessly whispered.

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