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Monday, April 25, 2011

At Ridge's house, Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie made calls to get updates about the jet crash and to charter a flight to Fiji. Hope, Taylor, and Steffy arrived for a meeting about Brooke and Thomas, and Steffy wondered what those two had done that time. Ridge explained that, during a storm, the F.A.A. had lost contact with Brooke and Thomas' jet somewhere near Fiji. Everyone grew upset as Ridge stated that the jet had crashed into the ocean.

Ridge said he'd been trying to charter a plane to get there, and he'd finally procured one to take him that afternoon. Taylor decided to accompany him, but a sobbing Steffy said they couldn't wait until that afternoon. Hugging her father, Steffy exclaimed that she'd lost her sister, and she wouldn't lose her brother, too.

In Bill's office, Justin guessed the Spencers' therapy session hadn't gone well. Bill revealed that he'd walked out on it, and subsequently, Katie wasn't answering his phone calls.

Later, Steffy called Bill, and he said she just didn't give up. Steffy sobbed that she needed his help, and in a rush of words, she explained what had happened to Thomas' jet. She cried that she didn't know what do to, and Bill readily said his jet could take off within the hour. Steffy sobbed a "thanks," but Bill said to thank him once Brooke and Thomas were home.

Bill tried to call Katie, to no avail. Offering to get Donna's phone from his car, Justin said maybe Katie would answer a call coming from it. Justin said it was a long shot, since the sisters were out to brunch together. Sighing, Bill tried Katie again. She didn't answer, which forced him to leave her a voicemail message about Brooke's plane crash. Bill asked Katie to get to the airport immediately to accompany him, Ridge, and Taylor to Fiji.

Back at Ridge's house, Ridge explained that R.J. would stay with his grandparents until Ridge returned from the trip. Steffy rushed in and said Bill had lent them his jet to go to Fiji. Ridge, Steffy, and Taylor left, and Hope thanked Stephanie and Eric for staying with her and R.J. Stephanie assured Hope that Ridge would find Thomas and Brooke.

Katie and Donna rushed into the house after receiving an urgent call from Eric. Eric explained what had happened and said Bill had employed his jet to aid in the search for Thomas and Brooke. A gasping Katie said Bill had been calling her all day. Donna hugged Hope, who explained that Rick and Bridget would be there, if need be. Katie checked her messages and sobbed that she was supposed to be on the jet with Bill.

On Bill's jet at the airport, Ridge and Taylor met Bill. Steffy rushed in and urged them to take off immediately. Ridge said Bill wanted to wait for Katie; however, Steffy refused to wait, because she had to find her brother alive.

The jet took off, and Steffy thanked Bill again. Ridge checked his phone and said that the search boat had moved into the next grid without finding anything. Taylor was worried that Brooke and Thomas couldn't hold out until help arrived. Ridge hugged a sobbing Taylor.

In the Pacific Ocean, Thomas washed up on a beach. In her tattered gown, Brooke lay facedown a few feet away. Thomas crawled to her and discovered that she was alive. Brooke, who appeared to be injured, leaned on Thomas as they limped up the beach.

The two discovered a cave, and Thomas checked to make sure it was safe. Brooke limped in and then promised that she'd be okay alone while he went to find help. Before he left, she thanked him for saving her life. Thomas left, and Brooke shivered from exhaustion and fright.

Thomas returned later to report that the island was barren, but Brooke said they'd check again in the morning. She hadn't heard any planes or boats while he'd been gone, but she assured him that they'd be found the next day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

by Pam

Brooke awakened in the island cave, sleeping close to Thomas. He put his arm around her, and Brooke cowered, but Thomas told her they had made it through the night, and they would survive. Brooke said that she had dreamt about her family. She worried that she would never see them again. Brooke looked dazed, and Thomas told her to rest. He joked that he was going to find them the best breakfast on the island, with pancakes and orange juice.

Brooke was asleep again, and she heard Thomas' calls to her. She opened her eyes, but saw a very blurry vision of Thomas. She sat up, and Thomas sadly said that he had not found much on the island. He had filled a clamshell with water that he had collected from the foliage, and they shared the water. They both admitted that they were starving and thirsty.

Thomas found a stick that he planned to sharpen so that he could spear a few fish for them. He told Brooke that they had to find some fruit and water. He believed a fresh-water stream had to be on the island. Thomas promised that he would not let anything happen to her. He said that they would survive, and he wanted to make his father proud. Brooke smiled, and Thomas was happy that he had finally gotten a smile out of Brooke.

Thomas and Brooke limped outside and looked at the endless ocean. Brooke struggled to walk and found several flowering shrubs with odd-looking speckled berries. She called out to Thomas. He quickly ran to her side and forbade her from eating them because he feared that they were poisonous.

Brooke cried. She wondered if rescuers would ever find them. She started to wonder if she would ever see her kids again. Thomas begged her not to lose hope. He told her that she had to snap out of it. He hugged her, but Brooke hung on to the berries.

On Bill's private jet, Taylor and Steffy slept, and Bill and Ridge discussed the possibilities for search crews. Bill continued to check the islands below them on two computer screens. He assured Ridge that the rescue team would meet them the minute they landed. The pilot tried to brief them that the rescue effort had been hampered by storms the previous night. Ridge was unhappy, and he wanted to contact the ground rescue team himself.

Steffy and Taylor awakened, and the plane landed. Bill called Katie, who was at Brooke's house with Donna and Hope. Katie tearfully thanked Bill for all that he had done. He told her that he would charter another private plane to deliver Donna and Katie to the rescue site. Bill apologized that he had left without her. Katie said that she understood they had to leave as soon as they could to get to the rescue team.

Katie said that she and Donna needed to stay in Los Angeles close to R.J. She added that the entire family had been trying to keep R.J. from hearing the news on television or anywhere. They were concerned about him. Katie said that she loved Bill, and Bill told Katie that he loved her. On the plane, Steffy watched as Bill spoke lovingly to Katie.

One of the rescue leaders boarded the plane, but admitted he did not have good news. He explained that the impact had broken the plane into two pieces. One had gone out to sea, and the other had broken apart closer to land. The rescuers had not found any survivors.

The rescue leader promised to take the family to a hotel so that they could freshen up, but Ridge exploded in anger. He said that he had to start looking for his son and his wife. He needed to do something and wanted to join the search effort immediately. The leader promised to get Ridge on board the helicopter. Ridge said that he was convinced that Thomas and Brooke were alive. Taylor cried, and Steffy comforted her.

At Brooke's house, Hope told Katie that she kept wishing that Brooke would walk through the front door. Katie promised that Brooke would indeed soon walk through the door. She was convinced that Brooke and Thomas had survived. Hope agreed. The conversation turned to the rescue, and Hope mentioned to Katie that Steffy had been on the plane with Bill, Taylor, and Ridge. Katie said that it was understandable, since the family has lost so many people in recent months. They recalled that Storm, Beth, and Phoebe had all passed away.

Liam entered the house, and Hope embraced him. Donna and Katie left the room. Liam reassured Hope that Ridge and Bill would never give up until they had safely returned with Brooke and Thomas. Hope said that she felt safe and loved in Liam's arms, and she didn't want him to leave her. Liam said that he would stay. Hope said she wanted to pretend that Amber and all their problems didn't exist. Liam agreed. Hope told Liam about how strong Brooke had been and how wonderful she had been as a mother. Hope worried about her mother's safety.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

by Pam

After the sun started to set, Thomas and Brooke returned to the cave. They lamented that neither of them had found any water. Brooke asked Thomas how long people could survive without food and water, and he told her not to worry. He knew that Ridge was looking for them. Brooke worried that they had not heard any planes or helicopters. Thomas encouraged Brooke to remain positive.

Thomas gathered firewood and grasses to start a fire in the cave and another on the beach so that rescuers would spot it. Thomas worked hard to get a spark going and then, finally, he caught the grass on fire, and then the twigs and branches. They rejoiced that they wouldn't have to spend another night in the cold.

Brooke talked about how hungry she was, and Thomas agreed that he was also starving. Brooke had taken the berries into the cave, and Thomas warned her that they could not eat the berries. Brooke mentioned that Ridge had always rescued Brooke every time that she had been in trouble. She flashed back to how he had saved her years before when she had a very rough time and had lost her memory. She recalled others times and said that she was confident he would save her again.

Brooke asked Thomas why he had kissed her on the plane from Paris, and Thomas wondered why she had brought it up again. He responded that Brooke had an energy around her that drew everyone in to be a part of it. Brooke was flattered and said that it had caused a lot of problems.

Thomas apologized. He admitted that only four women had prominently influenced his life: his mother, his grandmother, Dayzee, and Brooke -- all for very different reasons. Thomas said that he knew how much Ridge loved Brooke and that they had been destined to be together. He admired their love. Thomas said that he wanted that kind of love, and he wanted to make his father proud.

Brooke told Thomas that he had already made Ridge proud and that Ridge loved Thomas very much. They relaxed by the fire, and Brooke cried out for water. She walked outside and stood in the dark, speaking aloud to Ridge. She begged him not to give up on her because she was alive, and she wanted to see him.

On Bill's jet, Bill barked orders on the phone and requested more rescuers. Ridge returned from working with the search team and said that there was no sign of Brooke or Thomas. He lamented that they had made little progress. Bill said that he would demand more search teams. Ridge added that he planned to rent a fishing boat to get involved personally. Taylor and Steffy offered to join him, but he told them to remain with the plane. Taylor insisted on accompanying Ridge, and they left.

After Ridge and Taylor left, Steffy confided in Bill that she had not been a good sister to Thomas. She said that she couldn't remember the last time she had told her brother that she loved him. She lamented that she had lost her sister and couldn't lose a brother too. She wished that she had been more loving and told Thomas how much she cared.

Bill told Steffy that he had a sister, and she didn't have to tell him that she loved him because he knew. He told Steffy that she had behaved like any sister would, and that Thomas was well aware that she loved him. He promised that they would find Thomas. Steffy cuddled up to Bill and kissed him on the cheek.

On board the fishing boat, Ridge communicated with other rescuers over a radio. They told Ridge that they had found a male body. Taylor started to cry, but Ridge shushed her and inquired how old the man had been. The radio connection was bad, and Ridge couldn't hear the other rescuer. He and Taylor couldn't tell what age the rescuer had said the man had been. Ridge continued to ask the rescuer and explained that they had a bad connection. He and Taylor held their breath as the rescuer repeated several times, but his voice broke off every time.

Finally, the rescuer clearly stated that the man had been in his 40s. Ridge and Taylor sighed, and Ridge lamented that it had been one of the pilots, but he wondered which pilot. He added that they had to let the pilot's family know as soon as they could confirm an identity. Ridge asked the ship's captain to head toward the same spot where the other rescuers had found a body. Taylor worried that if the pilot had been found dead, Thomas and Brooke could also be dead. Ridge refused to give up. He said that he knew Thomas and Brooke were alive somewhere, and they were fighting to stay alive.

Ridge sat near a window and remembered his and Brooke's wedding in the sand with the huge heart on the beach with their names inside of it. As he recalled happier times with Brooke, he said, "Where are you, Logan?" At the same time, Brooke looked into the starry sky and endless ocean from her vantage point on the island. She begged Ridge to find her.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the jet parked on the tarmac, Ridge and Taylor called Ridge's house to update everyone on the search via speakerphone. Taylor and Ridge said Thomas and Brooke could be in the ocean drifting on debris, and Bill was coordinating a search of the island clusters. When Katie asked if Bill were there, Bill spoke to her, vowing that he'd find Brooke and Thomas.

As the call ended, Stephen and Pam arrived at Ridge's house. Dayzee entered, and Stephanie hugged her. Dayzee revealed that she'd become Thomas' girlfriend, and she guessed the Logans hated her, because she'd been dating Marcus. Stephanie assured Dayzee that the Logans weren't thinking of that. Outside later, Dayzee cried as she remembered special times with Thomas. Unbeknownst to her, Thomas was remembering them at the same time.

Back on the jet, Ridge and Taylor prepared to head out. Bill asked Steffy to help him take the search up a notch. Steffy's parents left, and Bill said they were "going high-tech" with satellite imagery. Steffy was impressed when a military general returned a call from Bill. The general, who'd never even met Bill, gave Bill exactly two minutes to state his business.

The general heard Bill out, but refused to employ government satellites for Bill's civilian rescue effort. Bill asserted that he was three days into a rescue, and his mission would fail without the best resources. Bill claimed he contributed huge sums of money to the U.S. armed forces through discretionary channels. The general said he'd send someone from a Samoan base to upload the clearance programs onto Bill's computer and then remove them once Bill was done. After the call, Steffy hugged Bill, who declared that they'd find Brooke and Thomas.

At Jackie M, Nick searched paper and Internet maps of the plane crash site and discovered that the plane had gone down along his old Marone shipping routes. "I know these waters. I can help find them," he asserted. Nick got the rescue team's coordinates, and Whip, Jackie, and Owen bombarded him until he asked them to go, so he could concentrate. After studying his maps more, Nick pinpointed something and declared that had to be it.

At the docks in the Pacific, Taylor and Ridge asked the boat captain to take them to the site of the body they'd found the other night. Ridge was prepared to search the nearby islands one-by-one, but the captain said it could take weeks. "I don't give a damn," Ridge replied.

As they sailed away, Nick called Taylor, who put him on speakerphone. Nick explained that he knew those waters, and he'd been studying the weather patterns in the region. Nick said there was a strong possibility that Brooke and Thomas had drifted in the opposite direction of the search. Ridge wasn't sure if Nick knew what he was talking about. Nick conceded that he might not, but Ridge had to trust him. Ridge agreed to go where Nick directed them to go.

In the cave, Brooke roused Thomas from his sleep. Thomas retrieved a modicum of water and offered it all to Brooke, despite her protests about sharing. She noticed that her dress was falling apart, and Thomas offered his tank top to her. She proposed they eat the berries, but he said the berries were a last resort.

Thomas decided to go fishing, and Brooke insisted upon helping, too. Thomas instructed her to look for food and water. Smiling, she spoke of her unwavering faith in Ridge. She said Ridge had spoken into her thoughts the previous night and had said to hold on. Thomas looked unconvinced, but Brooke was adamant that Ridge would rescue them.

While foraging, Brooke found the bush of berries again. Almost drooling, she uttered, "Just one..." She brushed a berry against her lips, and unable to resist, she ate it. She licked her fingers and chuckled deliriously as she shoved more berries into her mouth. She got stomach cramps, but then looked carefree and satisfied as she munched away on the fruit. Thomas was upset to find Brooke eating the berries, but she giggled, insisting it was fine. Like Eve to Adam, Brooke extended her hand and offered Thomas the fruit.

Friday, April 29, 2011

At Ridge's house, Rick called, but Eric had no news for him. Hope arrived after dropping R.J. off at a friend's house. Stephen pitied R.J., who thought his mom was off having the time of her life in Australia. Eric figured they'd have to tell R.J. the truth, but Stephanie insisted that Ridge would find Brooke and Thomas before they had to do that.

Dayzee offered to make a coffee run, but Stephanie asked Dayzee to stay because Stephanie needed an Aly among Brooke's family. Dayzee said it was Stephanie's family, too, and Dayzee recalled the time that Stephanie and Brooke had gotten along. Stephanie reluctantly admitted that she loved Brooke; however, Brooke drove her crazy. Stephanie said she couldn't bear the thought of life without Brooke, who'd become part of Stephanie's heart.

Donna and Katie overheard the conversation, and they smiled tenderly at Stephanie. As Stephanie, Dayzee, Stephen, Pam, and Eric left, they gave hugs and reassurances to Hope, Donna, and Katie.

On the boat, the perspiring Ridge and Taylor followed Nick's instincts about where to find Brooke and Thomas. Ridge called Steffy, who explained that Bill was employing satellites in the search. Ridge pinpointed an area to focus on and asked her to tell Bill that Ridge was grateful for Bill's help. On speakerphone, Ridge and Taylor told Nick about Bill's high-tech operation, and Nick remarked that Bill never did things small. "Thankfully," Taylor replied.

Ridge was sure that Bill working the satellite and Nick navigating the search routes would yield good results. Taylor prayed Brooke and Thomas would hold on, and Ridge said he couldn't imagine what condition the two could be in. Nick tried to lift Taylor's spirits, but her fears overwhelmed her as she imagined what Thomas and Brooke were going through.

On the jet, Bill and Steffy were also perspiring as the military man arrived to set up the satellite links. A native boarded the jet to say that most of the islands were barren. He added that fruit and mushrooms grew in the area, but neither were fit to eat. As Bill and Steffy used the satellite feed to comb the islands, Steffy grew anxious. Bill left his computer to sit by her and reassure her. Just then, Brooke and Thomas appeared in the satellite viewing area.

Steffy wondered why there weren't more men like Bill. She said she'd traveled around the world to find herself a Parisian Bill Spencer while in Europe, but she'd had no luck. Steffy admired his determination to get the job done. The two returned to the satellite monitor, where all they saw was a deserted beach.

On the island, Brooke urged Thomas to partake of the fruit. He hesitated at first, but then ate a berry. Just like Brooke, he became giddy as he ate more and more of them. Brooke gaily flounced around on the beach in Thomas' tank top, but he said he felt ill. She told him it would pass and urged him to follow her.

Seemingly intoxicated by the berries, the elated Brooke and Thomas frolicked on the beach, rolled in wet sand and seaweed, and chased each other along the shore. The euphoric pair suddenly halted to marvel at a rainbow and then took off after it. The rainbow led them back to the cave, where vines and brilliant orange and red flowers magically cropped up out of the walls and from the ground. Heading out of the cave, they were amazed to see a waterfall, which spilled over rocks to form a shallow pool.

Suddenly, Brooke and Thomas were wearing togas as they rushed beneath the waterfall. They splashed and played in the water, and when they touched each other, golden light emitted from their hands. They laughed hysterically as they played with the magnetism that had created the light between them. Thomas picked her up, swung her around, and gazed into her eyes.

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