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Monday, May 23, 2011

At Taylor's house, Taylor went into anaphylactic shock. Whip and Thomas stood helplessly by as the paramedics prepared her for transport and wheeled her out.

At Brooke's house, Ridge said there was nothing that Brooke couldn't tell him. In her mind, Brooke recalled the hallucinations from the island, and he implored her to open up. Just then, Stephanie arrived with greeting cards that the coffeehouse employees had gotten for Brooke.

Thomas called Ridge and urgently said that Taylor was being rushed to the hospital for a suspected poisoning. Stephanie and Ridge took off for the hospital, and Brooke left a message for Thomas. She asked him to call her and let her know what had happened.

At the hospital with Dr. Lewis, Thomas explained that Taylor had eaten a berry he'd taken back from the South Pacific. Whip said Taylor had hallucinated and then collapsed. Dr. Lewis took Taylor to an exam room, and Whip blamed Thomas for keeping the poisonous berries at the house. Thomas claimed that he'd had them tested, and they weren't poisonous. Whip demanded that Thomas tell Dr. Lewis everything about those berries.

In Taylor's room, Dr. Lewis told Whip and Thomas that Taylor's heart rate was elevated, but her breathing rate was improving. Dr. Lewis had also given Taylor an antidote for opiates. Taylor opened her eyes, and Dr. Lewis stepped out for a moment. Stephanie and Ridge arrived, and Thomas confessed to accidentally drugging his own mother.

Thomas explained that he'd returned to the United States with the berries because he'd never seen anything like them before. He assumed Taylor had accidentally eaten one with her lunch earlier. Taylor murmured that it was okay, but Whip was livid at Thomas. Dr. Lewis returned to say that Taylor was recovering and could probably go home that evening.

As Dr. Lewis set up to perform more tests, Stephanie watched Thomas slip out of the room. In the corridor, Thomas called Brooke to say that Taylor had eaten the berries. He said Taylor had hallucinated, gotten ill, and had been unable to breathe; however, Taylor was making a quick recovery. Thomas asked Brooke to meet him at the office, where he'd explain things.

Thomas returned to Taylor's room, and everyone was curious to know what Thomas knew about the berries. He avoided giving any direct answers, and Stephanie had a flash of Brooke saying that everything had been lost because of drugs. Thomas apologized to his mother, and he left to call Steffy.

Stephanie asked to speak to Whip in the hallway. Before leaving, a worried Whip asked if Taylor remembered what had happened. Taylor dubiously replied that she'd been someplace else. He said that he was glad she'd returned. Stephanie and Whip left, and a nurse pulled a privacy curtain around Taylor's bed. Taylor smiled a little when Ridge sat at her bedside.

Ridge figured it might take Taylor a while to "come down from all this." Taylor said she wasn't sure that she wanted to. Thomas entered behind the curtain and listened in as Taylor tried to explain her hallucination. She said she'd somehow returned to the most special time in her life. She'd returned to St. Thomas, and it had felt real and perfect.

Taylor sobbed, saying that she'd felt secure being there with Ridge, and the berries had been a powerful aphrodisiac, because she'd been on fire for him. She said she'd relived every hope and dream they'd had before their family had fallen apart. She cried, saying she had a big hole in her heart because their time together was over, and she'd never feel that way again.

Taylor said she wasn't okay, and she wanted to get better. She'd forgotten how to feel happy, and she'd always love Ridge. He replied that he loved her, too. She smiled sadly, and they hugged. Thomas quietly looked on.

In the corridor, Stephanie questioned Whip about what had happened. He said Taylor had been talking about a beach and a treasure hunt. He admitted that the Joneses hadn't been intimate in a while, but Taylor had been rather amorous. Stephanie guessed the berries were an aphrodisiac. Whip bitterly wondered why Thomas had been so interested in the berries.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

by Pam

In a hospital bed, Taylor recalled her hallucinations. She told Ridge that the berries had returned her to a happier time in St. Thomas when she was with him. She told him that she would always love him. She had never stopped loving him, and as hard as she had tried, she never had been able to stop.

Ridge held her hand, hugged her, and comforted her. He remembered that they had loved St. Thomas so much that they had created their own Thomas. He reminded her that Thomas had become an incredible man and that they were both very proud of him. Taylor thanked Ridge, and he said that they had an unbreakable bond.

Outside the hospital room, Whip told Stephanie that Taylor had been a different woman after eating the berries. On one hand, Whip was furious that Thomas had allowed Taylor to eat one of the berries, even if it had been by accident. On the other hand, Whip shared that Taylor had clearly been living in another world and seeing things that weren't there. She had also become sexually aggressive, and he had never seen that in her before.

Steffy interrupted when she raced down the hospital hallway to find out what had happened. Stephanie took her, Whip, and Thomas into Taylor's room. Ridge said that if all of Forrester was at Taylor's bedside, no work was getting done, and he excused himself to return to work.

Steffy wondered what had happened, and Stephanie explained that Taylor had somehow eaten poisoned berries that Thomas had found on the island. She said that he had no way of knowing what they were, but she looked very thoughtful after she had said it.

Whip and Thomas left under Stephanie's watchful eye. Outside the hospital room, Thomas called Brooke and told her that Taylor had eaten one of the berries and had suffered an allergic reaction. He promised to meet Brooke in Ridge's office.

In her room, Taylor told Steffy that she would always love Ridge. She had enjoyed being close to him when they searched for Thomas, and she wanted Ridge back in her life. Steffy said that she understood because they had spent time together during a tragedy, and it made sense that they had renewed a bond that they had as parents. Taylor agreed.

At Forrester, Ridge returned and told Brooke that Taylor had experienced hallucinations as a result of eating the berries, and she'd also had an allergic reaction. He pointedly asked if Brooke had eaten the berries that Thomas had collected from the island. Brooke admitted that she and Thomas had eaten them. They had been starving and had been without food and water. Brooke said she had figured they were going to die, anyway, so if the berries were poisonous, it didn't matter.

Brooke said that they had been in a cave, but they had seen rainbows, flowers, and a waterfall. Ridge frowned. He asked if anything sexual had happened. Brooke promised that nothing had happened. She said that they had never kissed on the mouth, but they had touched each other. She said that it had been innocent and they had been in a state of childlike euphoria. Ridge wasn't convinced. He said that Taylor had experienced heightened sexual tension. Brooke denied it and said that after they frolicked in the waterfall, they had passed out and woken up totally clothed.

Ridge wondered why she had kept yet another secret. Brooke apologized and said that she had been ready to tell him about the berries when he received the call about Taylor's emergency trip to the hospital.

Ridge said that he was trying to understand, but she had not told him the truth again. Brooke lamented that she had been afraid to tell him because she had known what would happen. Everyone would think the worst about her and Thomas. She promised that they would never cross the line and hadn't even kissed. Ridge said that he wanted to believe her, but he was disturbed that she had not told him about the berries. They embraced.

In Thomas' office, Stephanie entered and told her grandson that she wanted to talk to him. Thomas said that he had a meeting, but she told him that it could wait. She knew that he and Brooke had eaten the berries and she figured that they'd had sex. Thomas argued that nothing had happened. Stephanie reminded him that she knew what had happened with Taylor. She wondered how he knew that nothing had happened. He told her that he and Brooke had hallucinated, but nothing more.

Stephanie pressed for more information, but Thomas reminded her that he and Brooke had suffered a horrible experience. They had thought that they were going to die, and eating the berries had been a last-ditch effort to stay alive after having no food or water for days.

Stephanie conjectured that Brooke had eaten the berries first, and then Thomas had eaten them. Thomas agreed. Stephanie reminded Thomas that his parents had saved them, and no one had ever imagined what might have happened to them. She told Thomas that he had proven himself at Forrester and that the Taboo line had been a huge success. She said that she had big plans for him.

Stephanie's plans were so big that she was going to change her will and leave her 25 percent share of Forrester to him when she died. She added that he had five percent from Ridge, and with her 25 percent, Thomas would become the majority owner.

Thomas was ecstatic. He smiled and thanked her and said that he would never be able to repay her, but Stephanie had an idea for repayment. She told him that he had indeed had sex with Brooke on the island. Thomas reminded her that he had not had sex. "You did," she said sternly. Thomas realized what his grandmother wanted, and he looked disappointed.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

by Pam

At the hospital, Steffy told Taylor how worried she had been about losing her mother. Taylor said that it had all happened right after they had almost lost Thomas. Steffy said that Taylor and Ridge made a great team.

Whip entered along with the doctor. The doctor said that the berries had a strong hallucinogen in them, but she didn't think there were any side effects other than flashbacks. She said that Taylor could return home, but needed to rest for a few days.

Steffy offered to take her mother home, but Whip insisted that he would take care of Taylor. Steffy said that she would share the good news with everyone at Forrester. Taylor apologized to Whip for everything that had happened. Whip worried that he had almost lost her and wanted to return home and let life return to normal. He promised to stay at home with her.

Taylor looked uncomfortable, and she suggested that Whip return to work because she knew that he had put a lot of projects on hold. Whip said that there was no way he was returning to work when he had been so worried about her. Taylor appeared hesitant and continued to protest that she was going to rest so there was no need for him to remain at home.

At Forrester, Ridge grilled Brooke about what had happened on the island. He said that it was impossible for her to know exactly what had taken place because she and Thomas had blacked out. Brooke tried to explain that there had been a closeness, but their lips had never met. She reiterated that it had been innocent, and nothing sexual had happened.

Ridge continued to pressure her and insisted that she couldn't have been sure that nothing had happened. Brooke said that they had been weak and dehydrated. She reiterated that they had lost hope, and the berries had kept them alive. She begged Ridge to believe that nothing sexual had happened. She said that it was not even a possibility. She swore that it was the truth.

Ridge accused her of keeping another secret. Brooke explained that Thomas hadn't wanted her to tell Ridge, but Ridge said that didn't make sense if there had been nothing to tell. He was angry that Brooke and Thomas had agreed to keep a secret. Brooke begged Ridge to believe her. Ridge forgave her, and Brooke promised that she would never lie to him. They embraced.

In Thomas' office, Stephanie bullied Thomas to lie about what had happened on the island. Thomas insisted that nothing had happened. Stephanie reminded him that he would be the majority stockholder if he participated in her plan and told Ridge that Thomas and Brooke had had sex on the island.

Thomas told her that it would devastate his father. Stephanie said that Ridge would forgive him. Thomas said that Stephanie clearly truly hated Brooke. Stephanie said that Brooke had caused a lot of pain in her family. Stephanie urged Thomas to lie in order to get his parents back together. Thomas noted that Taylor was married, but Stephanie replied that Taylor loved Ridge and had become more interested in him since they had spent time together when they rescued Thomas and Brooke.

Stephanie added that Whip had a dark side. He was the person who had taken the photo of Thomas and Brooke and spread it all over the Internet. Thomas wondered if Taylor knew, and Stephanie said that she did.

Stephanie added that Taylor would never be truly happy until she was with Ridge, and Ridge was never as happy with Brooke as he had been with Taylor. She again pressured Thomas to lie about having had sex on the island in order to gain controlling interest in Forrester and put his parents back together.

Thomas argued that Brooke had been good to him, and Stephanie agreed that Brooke had been good to her and helped her through cancer. But Stephanie warned Thomas that he had to learn life's lessons. "You do what's best for you and your family," she said. She added that it might be his last chance to get his parents together.

Thomas walked out of the office, and Steffy entered. Steffy shared that Taylor was headed home from the hospital. Steffy added that her parents had bonded during the search for Brooke and Thomas. Stephanie said that Brooke might make another mistake, and Taylor and Ridge would be back together. Steffy doubted that it would happen, but Stephanie coyly added that it might happen very soon.

In Ridge's office, Ridge told Brooke that he had almost lost her. Brooke added that they might not have survived without eating the berries. She told Ridge that she would never have crossed the line because both she and Thomas loved and respected Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke kissed, but Thomas interrupted. He said that he remembered things that had happened on the island. He mustered up some tears and he asked Brooke if she remembered. He said it was returning to him in flashbacks. Brooke tearfully reminded him that they had blacked out. Thomas disagreed. He apologized and stammered that he remembered it all. He said, "On the island in the cave, we made love." Ridge was devastated, and Brooke was shocked.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sam entered Kelly's to find that Abby had already ordered a cup of coffee for her friend. Sam gratefully accepted the coffee. Sam confided that she had slipped out of the house to see Dr. Lee for a post-surgery check-up. Abby was curious how the visit had gone, but Sam didn't want to talk about it. Abby respected Sam's privacy, so she switched gears to reveal that the preliminary hearing for Brandon's murder had been scheduled for the following Friday.

Abby acknowledged that Diane was a wonderful attorney, but Abby realized that she faced an uphill battle. Sam appreciated that Abby didn't have a lot of faith in the justice system because of what had happened to Michael. Abby wanted to proceed with caution because the outcome of the case would affect Michael. However, Abby had no idea what to do.

Michael went to Jason's penthouse to find out if there had been any news about the hit woman who had framed Abby for Brandon's murder. Michael explained that Abby was running out of time because a preliminary hearing had been set. Jason urged Michael to have patience because a lot could happen before the hearing. Michael didn't want to take any chances, so he asked Jason to help him and Abby leave the country if they couldn't clear Abby's name in time. Jason explained that living on the run had consequences.

Michael was determined to keep Abby safe, so he didn't care. Jason argued that running away would make Abby look guilty, and it would violate Michael's parole, so Abby and Michael would never be able to return to Port Charles. Michael insisted that he would rather live on the run with Abby than risk her being sent to jail. Jason assured Michael that Diane would be able to get the hearing postponed, to buy Jason some more time, but Michael wasn't satisfied. Michael demanded to know if Jason would help them leave the country. Jason suggested that Michael calm down and then promised that, if there were no other options, he would help Michael and Abby disappear.

Later, Jason left a voicemail message for Diane to call him back as Sam entered the penthouse. Jason assured Sam that it hadn't been necessary for her to sneak out of the penthouse earlier that morning. Sam admitted that she'd had an appointment with Dr. Lee. She confessed that she had thought that she had been ready to hear what Dr. Lee had to say, but Sam had been wrong. Sam revealed that the procedure had been a success; however, she had mixed feelings about it because she didn't want their decision to have a baby to affect what they had. Jason and Sam agreed not to rush into anything, but Jason assured her that he loved her.

Johnny arrived home to find Anthony complaining about the penthouse being a "hovel" with poor lighting and no room to grow anything. Anthony also wondered why there were so many people wandering around the hallways. Johnny explained that those people were called "residents." Anthony argued that they could be witnesses. Johnny barked at his father, which Anthony blamed on Lisa's arrest. Anthony conceded that she was "lovely and lethal," so it was a shame that she would have to spend the rest of her life locked away.

Moments later, Anthony's cell phone rang. Anthony marveled at the wonders of technology as the phone kept ringing. Johnny reminded Anthony that cell phones had been around since before Anthony had gone to jail, so he ordered his father to answer the phone. Anthony pressed a button on the phone and then shouted at the phone, "Hello. Hello, is anybody there?" Johnny rolled his eyes in exasperation until Anthony finally seemed to get the hang on talking on a cell phone.

Anthony asked for some privacy, but Johnny refused to budge, so Anthony stepped out to the balcony. It was the hit woman whom Anthony had hired to kill Brandon. Anthony growled that he had instructed the woman not to contact him again, but the woman was unapologetic as she complained that Anthony hadn't warned her that Sonny Corinthos was involved. The hit woman threatened to go to Sonny if Anthony didn't give her more money. Anthony agreed to meet the woman and then ended the call.

Meanwhile, Johnny overheard Anthony's end of the conversation, so Johnny demanded to know what was going on. Anthony tried to pretend that it had been a woman that he had met, but Johnny easily saw through the lie. Johnny guessed that the hit woman Anthony had hired had discovered that Michael was connected to Sonny, so she was demanding more money for her silence. Anthony brushed it off as an "interesting theory," and then tried to leave. Johnny warned Anthony that paying off blackmailers was bad for business.

Michael went to Kelly's after he left Jason's penthouse. Abby confessed that she was nervous about her court date, so Michael suggested that they leave town. Michael explained that Jason and Sonny could help them disappear, so that they wouldn't have to worry about anything. Abby wasn't interested in running away, but Michael insisted that they would have all the money that they needed to travel the world and live comfortably. Abby refused to let Michael give up his family for her, but Michael argued that he couldn't let her go to jail.

Abby appreciated Michael's concern, but she urged him to think about his own life. She wanted him to graduate from high school, to go to college, and to complete his parole. Michael tried to persuade Abby to change her mind by suggesting that they sail around the world, but Abby explained that she couldn't enjoy herself if she were constantly looking over her shoulder in fear. Abby didn't want Michael to throw his life away to save hers. Michael argued that he could say the same thing to her.

Michael's phone rang moments later. It was Johnny. Johnny revealed that he had a lead on the hit woman who had framed Abby. In the background, Anthony was duct-tapped to a chair as he screamed for Johnny not to say anything to Michael. Eventually, Anthony yelled for Michael to stay away from "Jetty Docks." Michael quickly ended the call and then explained to Abby that he had to leave.

A short time later, Michael arrived at Jetty Docks. "Michael, what the hell are you doing here?" Johnny demanded. Johnny warned Michael that it had been foolish to race to the docks because it could have been a carefully orchestrated ambush planned by Anthony to take Johnny out. Michael argued that Anthony would likely go after Sonny next, so Johnny needed backup. Johnny reminded Michael that Michael's parole might be jeopardized if anything were to go wrong. Michael didn't care because the hit woman was the key to Abby's freedom.

Maxie bumped into Dante at Kelly's, so she was curious if Lulu were okay. Dante seemed confused by the question because he had thought that Lulu was at work. Maxie revealed that Lulu hadn't been at work for days. Dante realized that Lulu had been missing work because of Luke, so he promised to talk to Lulu about it. Maxie confessed that she didn't want to see Lulu lose her job, because Lulu was good at it, but Kate's patience was at an end. Maxie explained that she couldn't keep covering for Lulu, so it was time for Lulu to focus on herself instead of worrying about Luke.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu looked around at the covered tables and clean floor. She jumped when she heard a noise. "Dad?" she called out moments before Tracy appeared in the doorway. Tracy was curious if Lulu had expected Luke to skip out on rehab. Lulu admitted that she had meant to call Tracy to see how things had gone when Tracy had dropped off Luke at Shadybrook. Tracy revealed that Luke had been quiet, but determined.

Lulu was curious if Tracy thought that Luke would stay in rehab. Tracy admitted that she had no idea, but she assured Lulu that Luke appeared to have taken it seriously because he'd realized that he had hurt his children. Lulu admitted that she had regrets, but Tracy insisted that Lulu hadn't done anything wrong. Lulu confessed that she had tried to remember if there had ever been a time during her childhood when Luke had yelled, stumbled, or done something that might have indicated that he had a drinking problem, but there hadn't been a single incident. Tracy explained that over time, the alcohol had turned on Luke.

Lulu wanted Luke to stop drinking, but she confessed that she was afraid that he wouldn't be her dad anymore. Lulu hadn't realized that Luke had a drinking problem until Jake had died. Tracy suggested that they had all been blind to Luke's drinking. Lulu confided that Lucky had changed after he had gotten sober. According to Lulu, before rehab, Lucky had been fun, but afterwards, he had turned serious. Lulu was afraid that the same thing would happen to Luke.

Tracy explained that Lucky had simply grown up. Lulu argued that Lucky's dream had gotten smaller; he focused on keeping a job, raising kids, and staying sober, so that there wasn't any room for anything else in his life. Tracy conceded that Lulu made it sound grim. Lulu confessed that she couldn't see Luke going through the twelve-step program. Tracy chuckled as she assured Lulu that Luke would find a way to make it cool. However, Tracy insisted that Luke needed to focus on sobriety or else they would lose him.

Lulu recalled that her father had always smelled like cigars, soap, and scotch when he had hugged her. She admitted that she would miss it because she had grown to like the smell. Tracy didn't know what would happen after Luke completed the treatment, but she hoped that Luke focused on putting his life back together instead of trying to destroy it. Lulu wondered if Tracy thought that Luke would be able to do it. Tracy admitted that she didn't know, but she was certain that the burden of killing Jake would be something that Luke would have to learn to live with.

Later, Dante found Lulu sitting alone in the casino. He told her about his encounter with Maxie, so he figured that he would find Lulu at the Haunted Star. Dante was curious what Lulu was doing at the casino. Lulu explained that she had intended to clean up Luke's mess, but Tracy had taken care of it. Dante suggested that Lulu go to work, but Lulu confessed that she didn't know where she wanted to be. She revealed that she had spent so many weeks worrying about her father, that it felt as if there were a hole in her life.

Lulu added that she was afraid that Luke might emerge from rehab as a completely different man. The conversation then drifted to the night of the accident. Lulu wondered if Dante believed that the alcohol had played a part in the tragedy. Dante was reluctant to answer the question because he didn't want to hurt Lulu, but Lulu insisted that Dante's professional opinion might help her see things more clearly. Dante conceded that Luke might have seen Jake or swerved away if Luke hadn't been drinking. Dante was also certain that Luke would have realized that he had hit something, and then called for help.

"Say it," Lulu tearfully urged Dante. "Yes, I think Luke's drinking contributed to the accident," Dante replied quietly. Lulu confessed that Luke had often let her down when she had been a child, and that she had always made excuses. She realized that she had to stop doing that because the same man who had let her down had also killed Jake. Dante was curious why she thought that Luke had agreed to go to rehab despite being so dead-set against it.

Lulu revealed that Tracy suspected that Luke had done it for his children. Dante wondered if Lulu thought that Luke would want her to spend all of her time in the casino feeling terrible. Lulu didn't have an answer, so Dante advised her to live her life the best way that she could. Lulu smiled when he jokingly suggested that she could start by writing poems about her wonderful boyfriend.

At Jax's office, Carly thanked Jax for letting her take Josslyn home the night before. Jax reminded Carly that he hadn't been given a choice. Carly ignored the bitterness in his tone as she told Jax about the wonderful morning that she had spent with their daughter as Josslyn became reacquainted with her home and Morgan. Jax argued that Josslyn had no idea about the danger that surrounded her. He revealed that Alexis had convinced him not to file for emergency custody; however, it was still an option.

Carly insisted that Jax could find a hundred reasons to be afraid or they could focus on finding reasons to make it work. Jax assured Carly that he wanted Josslyn to have both of her parents in her life, but the priority was to keep Josslyn safe. Carly was grateful that she only had to prove to the judge, not Jax, that Josslyn was safe with her. Later, Carly and Jax ended a business call. Jax was impressed that Carly had handled their client so well, so he offered to take her out to celebrate.

Carly didn't understand how they could close a complicated deal, but not figure out a way to share custody of Josslyn. Jax wished that they could because he hated that they had ended up on opposite sides. Alexis entered the office moments later. Alexis apologized for disturbing them, but Carly explained that the meeting had lasted longer than they had anticipated. Carly started to leave, so Jax asked if he could pick up Josslyn later that evening because he would be out of town on business the following day. He promised to drop Josslyn off in the morning.

Carly admitted that she had plans with Josslyn, so Jax decided to reschedule his meetings, so that he could spend the following day with Josslyn. Carly assured him that it wasn't necessary, so she promised to call later to arrange a time for Jax to pick up Josslyn. After Carly left, Alexis confessed that she was encouraged by what she had seen. Jax revealed that he wanted Alexis to file an emergency request for sole custody, so that Jax wouldn't have to return Josslyn once he picked his daughter up that evening. Alexis made the necessary phone calls, but then warned Jax that he was headed down a dangerous path.

Alexis explained that he would have to prove that Josslyn was in imminent danger and that the judge had made a mistake by granting temporary joint custody. Jax insisted that the judge had been wrong, but he was willing to find another judge to hear the case. Alexis warned Jax that it would make Jax look like a "rich and entitled" man. Jax was willing to take the risk to keep Josslyn safe. Alexis reminded Jax that Carly could prove that she had spent every night at the hospital with Josslyn, but Jax had not. Jax argued that he had left to keep the peace between him and Carly.

Alexis warned Jax that the court wouldn't see things that way, so Jax threatened to use Michael's shooting to illustrate the danger around Josslyn. Alexis pointed out that Michael had been with Sonny, not Carly, during the shooting. Jax made it clear that he would do whatever was necessary to keep his daughter safe.

Carly was surprised when Jason stopped by her house for a visit. She told him that Josslyn would be excited to see him, but Jason explained that he was there because Diane had received word that Jax had filed for an emergency custody order. Carly was livid when she realized that Jax had played her. Jason warned Carly not to let Jax take Josslyn because Jason was certain that Jax wouldn't return Carly's daughter. Carly wondered why she should continue to try to compromise with Jax when Jax refused to extend her the same courtesy.

Friday, May 27, 2011

In her living room, Taylor removed her wedding ring and stared at her wedding picture. She said she was sorry, because she hadn't known she couldn't stop loving Ridge. She looked back on memorable moments with Ridge.

At the office, Stephanie, who was surprised that Brooke and Ridge had even believed the guilt-ridden Thomas, told Thomas to stop second-guessing himself. Uncomfortable with the whole thing, Thomas wondered if it had been worth it. Stephanie reminded him that his 30% and Steffy's 25% would give them control of the business, and he'd be the largest shareholder. Though Thomas wanted that, he said it wasn't right.

Stephanie said guilt was a wasteful emotion, and everyone benefited from the plan. "Except for Brooke," Thomas added. He said it'd be fine if his parents reunited after Ridge and Brooke legitimately fell apart; however, Thomas didn't want to partake in a scheme to force it to happen. Heading to the door, he said he was sorry, but he had to live with himself.

Just then, Taylor entered. She was in tears, and Stephanie hugged her. Taylor explained that Whip had left her over her feelings for Ridge, and she didn't even want to bother trying to fall in love with someone else. "Who says you have to?" Stephanie wondered. Taylor whined that Brooke had made being with Ridge impossible, so Taylor planned to learn to live alone.

Stephanie comforted Taylor and said not to give up hope. Taylor believed that being with Ridge was just a fantasy. Stephanie tried to convince Taylor to keep her hopes alive, and Thomas murmured that perhaps Stephanie was right. Taylor left to talk to Ridge. Stephanie stated that Taylor had given Thomas the gift of life, and it was his turn to give her the gift of happiness.

Thomas asked when they'd announce that he had Stephanie's shares. "When I die," she responded. She reminded him that the deal was that she'd change her will. Thomas thought it was morbid, but she joked that he had something to look forward to. She gave him her word, but Thomas asked for an irrevocable trust. "That's my boy," Stephanie said. She agreed to it, as long as Thomas kept remembering what had "happened" on the island.

Stephanie couldn't believe Brooke had gone through three generations of Forrester men. Thomas replied that Stephanie had said it as if it were true. He insisted that nothing had happened on the island; however, Stephanie reasoned that the chemistry between him and Brooke was obvious, and it would have happened eventually. Stephanie ordered Thomas to lock it into his brain. "You and Brooke had sex," she said.

At home, Ridge wondered how anything could ever be the same after Brooke had made love with his son. Brooke declared her innocence; however, Ridge said Thomas had remembered, and she should consider it a blessing that she didn't. "If Thomas remembers it, why can't I?" a sobbing Brooke asked.

No matter what Brooke said, Ridge believed that Thomas had the story right. Ridge stated that the image of her and his son had burned itself into his memory, and he didn't believe he could ever get it out. Brooke told Ridge that sex had been the last thing on her mind, because she'd been consumed by fear, hunger, and a longing to be back with Ridge.

Ridge guessed that tripping off the berries had turned Brooke's desires toward Thomas, but Brooke asserted that it was a sick thought. She said she'd helped raise Thomas, and she was appalled by the mere thought of it. "But then, Thomas wouldn't lie..." a sobbing Brooke concluded. "...He wouldn't lie..."

A devastated Brooke admonished herself for apparently being depraved enough to do it. She recalled that Ridge had forgiven her before, and she knew her only hope was for him to do it again. She said he was the better part of her, and she needed him to help her raise R.J.

Ridge remembered how unforgettable Brooke had been when they'd first met. During the rescue, he'd felt their connection, and he hadn't given up searching for her. He said she'd cheated death, and she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Ridge kissed Brooke's lips and forehead. She whispered that he wouldn't be sorry.

Ridge reminded Brooke that he'd warned her not to cross the line with Thomas. It was apparent to Ridge that she'd made love to his son; therefore, things would never be the same. Brooke asked him not to give up. Ridge didn't want it to end, and he wished Thomas had been wrong. A sad Ridge said nothing felt right to him, and he just couldn't do it.

Ridge left, but clung to the outside of the door. He tore himself from the doorstep and strode off. Brooke sobbed and sank down on the sofa. As she cried to herself, Taylor whipped open the front door.

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