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Monday, May 30, 2011

At Brooke's house, Taylor stormed in and bellowed that Brooke had better say Taylor hadn't heard what she'd just heard. "You slept with my son on that island!" Taylor yelled. Taylor was shocked that Brooke had used the berries, but Brooke asserted that she'd eaten them because she'd been starving, not because she'd planned something inappropriate. Taylor guessed that Brooke would next say that she didn't even remember it.

Brooke said it was true, and she and Thomas had been fighting for their lives. In Taylor's eyes, that made it even sicker. Taylor swore she wouldn't let Brooke get away with it, and Ridge would never forgive it. Brooke tried to defend herself, but Taylor insisted Brooke had pumped Thomas with aphrodisiacs because she'd known she'd never get a chance like that again.

Brooke said the thought of being with Thomas made her physically ill, and she didn't believe it had happened. Taylor accused Brooke of making it happen. She said Brooke had stolen any chance Thomas ever had of having a normal, loving relationship with a woman.

Taylor began talking about how Brooke and her "seduction" had plagued Ridge and Taylor's marriage for years. Taylor said she'd respected Brooke's marriage and had moved on with Whip. "Well, that marriage is over now!" Taylor proclaimed. Brooke expressed shock, and Taylor admitted that Whip had walked out on her the same way that Ridge had walked out on Brooke. Taylor declared that Ridge would never return, nor see Brooke the same way again.

Brooke refused to call Thomas a liar, but clung to the hope that he was confused. Taylor said Thomas wouldn't have spoken out if he'd been unsure. Taylor stated that Brooke had crossed the line with her and Ridge's son. To Taylor, the only decent thing for Brooke to do was to walk away to let them heal in peace. Walking away from everything she and Ridge "have" wasn't an option for Brooke. "Had," Taylor corrected.

Taylor wondered how everyone would react once they knew the truth. Brooke said Taylor couldn't tell anyone about it, but Taylor screamed that she wanted to prosecute Brooke. Brooke replied that Thomas had saved her life, and she'd regret hurting him until the day she died. Declaring that she'd get the help she needed, Brooke sobbed and wished it weren't true.

Taylor decided that Brooke had destroyed the last victim of the family. Taylor claimed that she and Ridge would heal their son, and she'd provide Ridge with the peace and sanity he deserved. Pronouncing Brooke and Ridge finished, Taylor said she'd pick up her life where she'd left off. She stormed out of the house, and Brooke sank to the floor and cried.

At the office, Thomas stewed over what he'd done to Brooke and Ridge. Steffy entered and joked about her having more stock than he did. "Kind of hope it stays that way, don't you?" she added. She questioned him about the berries, but instead of discussing them, he announced that Whip had left Taylor. Steffy recalled Stephanie saying Brooke's days were numbered.

Steffy asked if Thomas were keeping something from her, but he avoided the question. She wondered if Ridge had already reacted to Whip's leaving, but Thomas thought she was getting way too involved in the situation. Steffy knew that Thomas cared about Brooke, but said they only had one mother. She figured there had to be a way to deal with Brooke. Suddenly, Thomas said he had to see someone, and he left.

At home with her lawyer, Stephanie drew up the irrevocable trust for Thomas and asked that it remain a secret. The lawyer left as Ridge arrived, and Stephanie hid the documents. She claimed that Thomas had confided in her about the island indiscretion. Ridge insisted that no one else could know about it. Guessing that Brooke and Ridge were over, Stephanie said it was time for him to focus on Taylor, the best woman he'd ever known.

Stephanie stated that Whip had left Taylor because of her devotion to Ridge. Stephanie, who felt Ridge was lost to her when he was with Brooke, said she didn't want to die without seeing Taylor and Ridge reunited. Stephanie believed Brooke had to know that she'd done the unforgivable. Reminding him that Brooke had broken her promises again, Stephanie concluded that the only way to stop it was to end the marriage. Ridge wordlessly strode out to the garden.

Thomas arrived and asked Stephanie how Ridge was doing. She responded that Ridge was duly upset. Thomas declared that it was because of the lies Thomas had told. She showed Thomas the trust paperwork, but he still lamented the devastation he'd caused Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie said successful people didn't wallow in sentimentalities.

Stephanie claimed that Brooke had stolen Ridge from Taylor; however, Thomas had set in motion the chance to reunite the family, and he'd gained a hefty percentage of the business. Handing him the papers, Stephanie said he'd lead Forrester Creations into the future.

Later, Ridge returned to the house, and Stephanie said Thomas had just left. She encouraged Ridge to reassure Thomas, who'd been subjected to Brooke's seduction. Ridge insisted that Brooke hadn't seduced Thomas; it had been the berries. Stephanie urged Ridge to return to the family that he trusted. She said she and Eric would help Ridge through it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

by Pam

At Stephanie's house, Ridge lamented that he had a lot to get over. He stared at a photo of himself and Thomas and shook his head. Stephanie encouraged him to move into the mansion while he sorted things out. Stephanie tried to persuade Ridge to leave Brooke.

Ridge lamented that he was unsure of what to do. Thomas entered, and Ridge and Thomas stared at one another. Stephanie asked Ridge to get her a glass of water so that she could take her medication and talk to Thomas. While Ridge was gone, Thomas said that he couldn't handle the guilt, and Stephanie pressured him to stay the course. She said that he would become majority stock owner if he kept his mouth shut, but he added that it wouldn't happened until she was dead. She reminded him that he and Steffy were the future of Forrester, and she had just signed the papers to transfer the stock upon her death.

Ridge returned and he glared at Thomas. Stephanie encouraged Thomas to leave, but Ridge wanted him to stay. Ridge wanted to speak to Thomas alone, but Taylor burst into the room and dramatically hugged Thomas. She told him that she would find a way to help him get through what Brooke had done to him.

Stephanie agreed, and she pointed out that Brooke had eaten the berries first and then offered them to Thomas. Thomas stammered, but Taylor said that she was going to take care of Brooke for taking advantage of Thomas. Stephanie stopped her and said that nothing was going to become public about Thomas and Brooke, and Ridge and Thomas agreed.

Ridge started to quiz Thomas, but Stephanie stopped him. Ridge paused and told Taylor that she had warned him about sending Thomas and Brooke to Australia. Taylor agreed, and she said that she had known something bad would happen. Ridge admitted that she had been correct all along. She had always told him about decency and honesty, and he had ignored her.

Taylor ranted that they had to focus on Thomas as a victim of Brooke's manipulations. Ridge wondered how Brooke, whom he had always trusted, could so totally betray him. Taylor told Ridge that she would help him get through his sorrow. Ridge insisted that Stephanie and Taylor leave him alone with Thomas. Taylor and Stephanie went out on the terrace.

Ridge said that someday he would forgive Thomas, but in the meantime, Thomas had to forgive himself. On the terrace, Stephanie urged Taylor to go after Ridge and to hurry before he went back to Brooke again. Stephanie proclaimed that she would go to her grave with Ridge and Taylor back together.

Stephanie and Taylor returned inside, and Stephanie dragged Thomas upstairs to speak to him. She wanted to leave his parents alone. In the living room, Ridge told Taylor that he was sorry her marriage to Whip had ended. Taylor admitted that Whip deserved someone who loved him, and she had always been in love with another man.

Ridge worried about what to do, and Taylor said that she didn't think Brooke could control herself around men. She ranted on about Brooke's sleeping with men, and then she kissed Ridge's hands and they hugged.

Upstairs, Thomas warned Stephanie that he couldn't live a lie, but his grandmother angrily insisted that he had to stop whining in order to get what they all wanted. She told him to look over the balcony at his parents and how happy they were together. Thomas watched Ridge and Taylor embrace, and he smiled.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

by Pam

During breakfast at Stephanie's house, Steffy and Eric wondered why Ridge wasn't at home with Brooke. Stephanie explained that Ridge had spent the night. Ridge silently ate his breakfast while Stephanie chirped that Ridge was going to get back together with Taylor. Eric asked what was going on, but no one answered. Eric continued to quiz Ridge and Stephanie, but Stephanie simply answered that Ridge had some thinking to do.

Steffy asked her dad about what had happened with Brooke, but he refused to explain. Steffy said that she would support her dad no matter what.

Ridge and Eric left, and Steffy asked her grandmother if she felt there was a real chance that Ridge would return to Taylor. Stephanie said that she was sure Ridge would consider it. After Steffy left, Stephanie called Thomas to bully him further into making sure that he didn't go back on his promise to lie about having sex with Brooke.

Thomas had been reliving his talks with Stephanie and her forceful speeches about how lying would save his family and that Brooke had done nothing but cause heartache in the Forester family. Thomas recalled that he had argued with Stephanie, but she had pushed harder with every argument and reminded him that he would have majority ownership in the company. All he had to do was lie.

On the phone, Thomas told Stephanie that he was guilt-ridden and sick about what he had done to Ridge and Brooke, but Stephanie pushed the fact that he had to do what was necessary to save his family and get his parents back together. She threw in that he would be a 30 percent owner of the company if he participated in her scheme. Taylor entered and interrupted Thomas' phone call with Stephanie. He admitted that he had been talking to his grandmother, who was worried about him.

Taylor ranted that Brooke had done terrible things to Thomas, and they would work through his problems. She went off on how Brooke had drugged him and taken advantage of him. Thomas disagreed and said that Brooke had not seduced him and had not taken advantage of him. Ridge entered and interrupted.

Ridge wondered if Thomas had experienced any further flashbacks, but Thomas coyly turned away. Ridge said that he loved Thomas because Thomas was his son. He promised that they would work through their problems. Thomas left Ridge and Taylor alone. Taylor persuaded Ridge to sit down on the couch with her, and she snuggled up against him. She reminded him that they had spent many evenings, sitting on the couch, sharing what had happened at work, while the kids played and fought around them. She said that those were some of her happiest memories.

Taylor also shared that her hallucination after she had eaten the berries was one of her happiest moments when Ridge had proposed to her on St. Thomas. She flashed back to when they married in the small church on the island. Ridge said that she had never looked more beautiful.

Taylor snuggled with Ridge and told him that she would help him through his latest crisis. She said that they had to work together to help Thomas because it was obvious that he was troubled and had some horrible dark secret that he was hiding. She ranted on Brooke, and Ridge said that he had never given Taylor enough credit for being an upstanding, honest, and moral person. He said that he needed someone with strong morals in his life. Ridge admitted that he had loved Brooke for all the excitement she offered, and he wished that he had appreciated Taylor more.

Taylor said that she loved Ridge. She thanked him for understanding her. She said that she wanted to return to the life they had. She grabbed his left hand and told him that his wedding ring was a symbol of the pain he'd endured in his life with Brooke. She symbolically removed his wedding band and placed it on the table. Taylor moved closer to Ridge and softly touched his face. Then she kissed him and embraced him.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

On the Forrester rooftop, Liam located Hope and said he was tired of doing things via text-messaging. Hope complained because he'd stopped texting her, but he said it was because she'd told him not to in a text. She claimed that she'd never sent him any such message.

Hope explained that she'd been devastated by Liam's messages to move on with Oliver, but Liam denied ever saying that. They showed each other messages from their phones, and they figured out that someone had changed Hope's phone number in Liam's phone. Liam had a good idea of who'd done it. Hope told him to never question her feelings for him, and they kissed.

At the Malibu house, Tawny reveled in her belief that she'd broken up Hope and Liam with her text-messaging scheme. Amber cleaned the house while Tawny lazily read a magazine. Amber was gloomy because Liam still wasn't over Hope. Tawny suggested that Amber do her part, because Tawny couldn't do everything. Amber snickered at the comment, but Tawny said she was doing much more than Amber even knew.

Later, Liam and Hope arrived. When Amber opened the door, Liam said Amber was a liar, and he knew what she'd done. A surprised Amber called it crazy when they accused her tampering with his phone, because she and Liam had been in bed when he'd received the messages. Tawny admitted that Amber hadn't had anything to do with it; it had been all Tawny.

Ridge arrived at Brooke's house and guessed he should have called first. Brooke, however, reminded him that it was still his home. He wondered how they'd tell the children, and she stated that she'd been seeing James Warwick to help her cope with what had happened.

Ridge suggested that Brooke talk to her family, but she said she didn't want to risk the secret getting out. Though Brooke wanted to tell Hope, she feared jeopardizing her relationship with her daughter. Ridge twiddled his wedding ring between his fingers and pocketed it. Touching Brooke's hand, he said it wouldn't happen. Brooke noticed that he wasn't wearing his ring.

Ridge said it had pained him to look at the ring, which had become a reminder of Brooke and Thomas. He'd looked at the ring constantly when he'd been searching for her, and he'd thought nothing could separate them -- no scandals or plane crashes. He pulled out the ring, and she recited, "You are my constant. Wherever you go, my love will surround you. And like this ring, my love will be with you always."

Ridge remembered that Brooke had vowed that to him when she'd put the ring on his finger. He placed it into her hands and asked her to take it. Brooke, who didn't plan on asking for forgiveness, said she didn't blame him for his feelings, because she was just as disappointed with herself. She said the berries had affected her mind and body, but not her heart. The ring hadn't lost its meaning for her, and she said their love was the only thing that made sense.

Brooke had become ashamed of herself and conveyed that she couldn't look at herself in the mirror. She was angry with herself because she didn't know what woman would do something like that to her family. She said the act was undeniable, and she'd ruined the best love affair in the world. Ridge strode across the room and hugged her.

At the office, Stephanie reminded Thomas to hold fast, so they'd get everything they wanted. Steffy entered, bubbling with excitement about Brooke and Ridge's breakup. Stephanie tried to deter Steffy from discussing it, but Steffy guessed Taylor and Whip's breakup had precipitated it. Steffy pressed for details about it, and Stephanie said that what she was about to say couldn't leave the room.

Thomas strongly protested, but Stephanie told Steffy that Brooke and Thomas had eaten the berries. Steffy instantly understood what that meant, and she railed at Thomas for having sex with his father's wife. At the top of her lungs, Steffy screamed at Thomas for pretending nothing had been going on during the Taboo campaign. He said they'd almost died on the island, but Steffy highly disapproved of him thinking that made it okay to sleep with his father's wife.

Stephanie ordered Steffy to stop blaming Thomas, because Brooke was the one at fault. "Dying or not, berries or not -- how could you let Brooke violate you this way?" Steffy asked. She wondered how Ridge could ever forgive Thomas, or how the family could recover from it.

Stephanie tried to calm Steffy down by saying that at least Taylor and Ridge had a chance for a new beginning. Steffy said that, if she were Ridge, she wouldn't be able to forgive Thomas. Thomas replied that he couldn't forgive himself. He didn't want Brooke to be blamed for it, but Steffy scoffed. Steffy berated Thomas more, but Stephanie intervened and said pulling together was the only way to heal the family.

Friday, June 3, 2011

At the office, Stephanie assured Steffy that it was a time for their family to heal and for her parents to reunite. Still disgusted by the news, Steffy left to confront Brooke. Thomas wished they'd stopped Steffy, but Stephanie was sure Brooke could handle it. He said they were supposed to keep things a secret, but Stephanie reasoned that they couldn't help it if the news got out. "As long as nobody finds out that nothing actually happened," Thomas retorted.

Stephanie sat Thomas down in Ridge's chair and asked if being CEO someday looked good to him. Thomas admitted that it did. She said he deserved to run the company someday, just as Taylor deserved happiness. Stephanie figured Brooke deserved whatever she got. Thomas hoped he and Stephanie wouldn't regret it. She said she wouldn't be doing it if she didn't believe Brooke would wind up okay. Stephanie admitted that it was a rough transition, but they had to keep their eyes on the prize.

At Brooke's house, Brooke asked Ridge to put on his ring, because removing it seemed too final. "I can't wear it right now, and nothing's final," Ridge replied and headed out the door.

Later, Steffy arrived and lit into Brooke for deciding to have one last roll in the hay before "dying" on the island. Steffy harangued Brooke, but James Warrick interrupted when he arrived for Brooke's session. Steffy quipped that James was in over his head with Brooke, the screw-up, and Ridge was probably in his rightful place with Taylor at that very moment. Steffy said Ridge had caught on to Brooke's perverted behavior, and he'd never go back to her.

Steffy left, and James got Brooke to relax on the sofa. He asked her to take him back to the plane crash, so they could unearth what had happened during her blackout. Brooke recalled the crash and unsuccessfully foraging for food. She said they'd had no choice but to eat the berries. James figured she'd blacked out at that point, but Brooke's memories were still vivid.

Brooke recalled the hallucinated flowers and the waterfall. She assumed that Thomas had seen the exact things that she'd seen. She explained that the touching and connecting had seemed spiritual, but Thomas had only kissed her forehead and nose. Brooke didn't get the sense that it had been erotic at all. James asked if she'd mistaken Thomas for Ridge, but Brooke replied that she hadn't thought about Ridge or Thomas. She'd been too enthralled with the clarity of the fantastical images.

James asked if Brooke had kissed Thomas or taken her clothes off. Brooke hopped up and said that was it. James, however, urged her to go forward. She said she and Thomas had seen the energy between them. James clarified that she'd seen the energy, but she didn't remember the sex. Brooke was aggravated because she didn't know why she couldn't remember. James declared that the sex had never happened in the first place, and Thomas was lying about it.

Ridge went to Taylor's house, where she had just set an appointment for Thomas with a sexual abuse therapist. Ridge said he'd returned his ring to Brooke, and Taylor let him know she was there for him. He recalled being very forgiving of Brooke in the past, but nothing could be the same after the woman he loved so deeply had been intimate with his son.

Ridge realized that he couldn't do it anymore, and Taylor encouraged him to back away from the instability. "And take a flight to safety?" he concluded. She agreed, saying that they'd been his words. She vowed to be there for him with no drama, and then she kissed him.

At the Malibu house, Liam didn't care if Amber were innocent in Tawny's scheme or not. He was fed up with both manipulators. He declared that he'd do right by his baby, and he'd do it with Hope by his side. Tawny claimed the text-messaging had been fun and games, but Hope wondered what else Amber and Tawny had been lying about.

Tawny defended Amber, but Liam warned the two not to cross him again. He said that it was his father's house, and he wanted time alone with Hope. When Amber and Tawny hesitated to leave, Liam roared at them to get out.

After Amber and Tawny scurried out, Liam and Hope said they had missed each other, and they had to be together. They decided that nothing would get between them. The two kissed, and Liam said he wanted her.

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