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Monday, June 20, 2011

At the hospital, Amber's screams seemed to echo around the world, and Carl mouthed something to her about the papers in his hand. She gave her final, excruciating push, and Dr. Caspary placed an interracial baby girl into Amber's arms. As Liam cut the cord, Tawny questioned the reason for the baby's complexion. Tawny guessed it was jaundice, but Dr. Caspary said the baby was perfectly healthy. The guilty Amber uttered that she hadn't known.

Piecing together the clues, Bill grabbed Carl's collar, and Carl immediately revealed that he'd run a new paternity test, which had excluded Liam as the father. Liam raged at Amber for lying to him, and Bill emphatically said the baby wasn't Liam's. As the nurse exited with the baby, Liam reeled in the realization of what that meant.

Bill demanded to know how Amber had fixed the first test and just how long she'd thought she could pass Marcus' baby off as Liam's. Tawny interjected that she'd believed that Oliver had been the only possible father. A shocked Liam demanded to know if he and Amber had even had sex together.

Amber admitted that she and Liam hadn't slept together the night of his concussion. She sobbed because she'd only wanted to do well for her child. Tawny said Amber had done well, because the baby had turned out to be a Forrester. "You clueless bitch," Bill seethed at Tawny.

Bill wished to have Amber and Tawny arrested, but said he couldn't because his best friend had just become a grandfather. Bill went to the corridor and put the cigar from Justin into Justin's jacket pocket. "Congratulations, Grandpa," Bill said, and Justin looked confused.

Back in the room, Liam was upset because he'd experienced a beautiful moment during the birth, and he'd accepted fatherhood. He said that the next time it happened, it'd be with the woman he loved. Liam stormed out, and as he boarded the elevator, he called Hope, to no avail.

At Forrester, a model caught Marcus making out with another model in the corridor. The first model remarked that he'd been kissing her that way in Paris. The second model called him pathetic and walked off. Marcus told the first model that he liked his relationships free and easy. Just then, Justin called to order Marcus to get himself to the maternity wing at the hospital.

When Marcus met his father outside Amber's room, Marcus noted that his father was acting weird. Justin questioned Marcus about his relationship with Amber, and Marcus said they were just friends. Justin suggested that they hang out with Marcus' "friend" for a few moments.

In her room, Amber was awestruck that she finally had her baby. Justin and Marcus entered, and Marcus congratulated her. Marcus asked where Liam was, and Justin asked if "it" were true. A nurse carried Amber's daughter in and said it looked as if the father had arrived. Marcus said he wasn't the father, so the nurse congratulated Justin and left.

Marcus took one look at the baby and guessed it wasn't Liam's. "Me? That's my baby?" he asked. Justin said not to believe anything without tests. Tawny asserted that the test had been done, but Justin figured Marcus had been knocked unconscious, too. Amber said it had taken two people to make the baby. With an emotional grin, Marcus said, "Yes, it did. I'm a father."

At Forrester, Liam rushed as he looked for Hope, but Pam said that Oliver and Hope had gone to the Big Bear cabin. She advised him to be with Amber and the baby, but Liam explained that the newborn wasn't even his. A surprised Pam suggested that he get to the cabin quickly, then.

At Big Bear, it was raining outside as Oliver asked Hope to put on the ring and make it official. Hope remarked upon her feelings for Liam, but Oliver was insistent upon helping her forget the pain of that situation. He decided to let her have time to think about his proposal, and he poured her some wine. She declined the glass, saying that she needed a clear head.

Lightning struck, and Hope jumped into Oliver's arms when the power went out. She wondered if Liam would call her about the baby, but then murmured that she really didn't want to hear about it. Oliver convinced her to turn off her phone, so she could have time to think. Hope stared at the engagement ring in its box, and Oliver kissed her neck.

Hope started pacing, and Oliver wondered if he were pressuring her. She said he was a little, but he was making sense. She realized that Liam would be tied to Amber, and everything had changed. Oliver again asked her to marry him, and he kissed her. Just then, Liam crashed through the door and announced, "It's not my baby. I'm not the father!"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

by Pam

In Bill's office, Bill, Brooke, and Katie toasted with champagne because Amber and Tawny were out of their lives. Bill lamented that Marcus was the father of Amber's baby, and that meant trouble for his best friend, Justin. But he was glad that Liam had his life back. Brooke and Katie shared that Donna must have been going through a tough time, but they smiled and commiserated that they were great aunts while Donna was a grandmother.

At the cabin at Big Bear, Liam interrupted Oliver and Hope's time alone. Liam relished sharing the news that Marcus was the father of Amber's baby. Hope wondered how the paternity test could have been wrong and how Amber ever thought she'd pass off Marcus' baby as Liam's child.

Liam explained that Amber had said that she had thought the baby was Oliver's child. Oliver was shaken. Hope was stunned. Liam added that Amber had admitted that Liam and Amber had never even had sex. Hope glared at Oliver, but Oliver said that he was "only human" when it came to Amber's sexual advances.

Oliver said that he had loved Hope, but Hope had repeatedly pushed him away. Oliver wished Liam and Hope well and quickly exited the cabin. Liam and Hope kissed and celebrated that they had their lives returned to them.

Hope thoughtfully noted that she was proud of Liam. He had accepted the fact that he was going to be a father and had most likely looked forward to it in one sense. She wondered if he felt a little let down. Liam admitted that he would have been able to be a dad, but he was glad that he was not a father to Amber's baby. He said that when he did become a father, it would be with the woman he loved, Hope, and he hoped that day was a long way away. Liam and Hope kissed.

Liam's phone rang, and it was Bill and Brooke checking on them. Liam and Hope agreed that they were happy beyond belief, and Bill and Brooke were happy for them. Brooke told Hope that her faith that the baby wasn't Liam's child had been rewarded. Hope promised to celebrate with her mother as soon as she returned home.

In Amber's hospital room, Donna, Justin, and Marcus had gathered around Amber and the baby. Marcus held the baby and was clearly a proud and happy father. Amber thanked him for their daughter. She told him that she knew she had made mistakes, but she was very grateful for their beautiful baby.

Justin warned Marcus that he had a lot to think about, but Donna said that it wasn't the time to discuss it. Marcus said that he felt the baby would make a difference in all their lives. He anticipated that they would all see a changed Amber. Donna wasn't so sure. She threatened Amber not to use the baby to hurt her family the way she had torn Liam's life apart.

Marcus worried about how to be a good dad, but Donna promised that he would be a great father. Tawny entered and asked if the baby had a name. Amber wanted to name the baby Ambrosia, and Marcus agreed. He said that that they would call her Rosie.

Tawny yakked that since Marcus was the baby's father, Rosie's last name should be Forrester. Donna, Marcus, and Justin glared at Tawny, and Amber asked her mother to leave. Marcus announced that no one would take advantage of the Forresters -- especially Tawny.

Marcus warned Tawny that his daughter would not be a source of money for her or Amber. Later after everyone left, Tawny returned and asked Amber about their "next move." Amber said that she would not use her baby to get rich. Amber asked Tawny to leave. Marcus entered, and reminded Amber that they were friends, but not lovers or spouses. He had no intention of being trapped by her the way she had tried to trap Liam.

Amber agreed. She said they would be partners and parents. She said it was the happiest day of her life. She thanked Marcus because he had given her a gift that she had always wanted -- a daughter of her own.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Eric had taken a call from Marcus, regarding his newfound status as a father. Stephanie listened while Eric expressed his concern and understanding for Marcus' situation. Stephanie took her medication with a glass of water and caught a glimpse of a photo of Thomas. She recalled how she had persuaded him to lie about having sex with Brooke. She remembered when she told him that if he repeated the lie often enough, it would become easier to believe.

After Eric had finished speaking to Marcus on the phone, Eric told Stephanie that Marcus had said he was prepared to be a father. Eric shook his head that Amber and Tawny's lie had caught up with them. He said that all liars eventually got caught. Stephanie looked away.

Taylor entered. She told Stephanie and Eric that she'd had an interesting day because Brooke had agreed to back away from Ridge. Brooke had presented Taylor with her wedding ring as a symbol that she wanted Taylor to love Ridge the way that Brooke had been unable to love him.

Taylor said that she believed Brooke had become a different person. Stephanie disagreed. She wondered what Brooke was up to, but Taylor said that she didn't think Brooke had an agenda. Eric left. Stephanie and Taylor agreed that Brooke seemed to have turned over a new leaf, but Stephanie remained skeptical. She claimed that Brooke might still find a way to weasel her way back into Ridge's heart.

At home, Brooke recalled that Thomas had been so convincing in his confession about their sexual encounter on the island. She chastised herself because she did not remember anything. Ridge entered while Brooke was deep in thought. He said that he had wanted to visit R.J., but Brooke said the R.J. had gone to a friend's house to spend the night.

They discussed that Hope and Liam were finally happy together without Amber and her baby in their lives. Brooke said that she had made a decision about their relationship. Brooke told Ridge that she agreed with Stephanie that Brooke didn't belong with Ridge. Brooke said that she had made a mockery of their vows and their marriage. She said that Ridge belonged with Taylor.

Ridge was shocked. Brooke explained that she had already met with Taylor. Brooke said that she knew that Taylor could love Ridge the way that he deserved to be loved. She recalled that Taylor had always loved Ridge. Brooke said that she had been terrible to Taylor over the years. Brooke acknowledged that all Taylor had ever wanted was to love Ridge and keep her family together.

Brooke added that she had removed her wedding band and given it to Taylor as a symbol and a reminder to love Ridge. Ridge grabbed Brooke's hands and shook his head when he saw that her ring was indeed gone.

Ridge told Brooke that he wanted to forgive her. He acknowledged that there had been extenuating circumstances, but he couldn't find it in himself to forgive her yet. Brooke said that she still didn't remember it, but she was sure that James would help her. She apologized for ruining their life together.

Brooke promised that she would not contest a divorce and wanted to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. Brooke said that she had already spoken to a lawyer. Ridge wanted to slow down, but Brooke insisted that he needed to move on. They embraced, and Brooke cried as Ridge looked tormented.

At Taylor's house, Thomas worried about the lie he had told. He guiltily decided to go for a run. After he had returned, he recalled Brooke's constant support of him in Paris and at media announcements. He flashed back to Brooke's encouraging works and praise for his talent. He left the house.

At Forrester, Thomas barged in and interrupted Stephanie and Taylor. He said that he had been running to clear his head. Taylor inquired if he'd had an encounter with Ridge because she knew they were at odds. Thomas said that he had not seen Ridge. Stephanie quickly told Thomas that Brooke had given Taylor and Ridge her blessing to get together. Thomas seemed surprised. Stephanie noted that Taylor looked happier than she had looked in years. Taylor smiled.

Taylor left, and Stephanie reminded Thomas that they had a deal. Thomas warned that it was all based on a lie. Stephanie said that it was all worth it after everything that Brooke had done to her family. She flashed back and recalled Brooke's marriages to Eric, Ridge, and Thorne. Stephanie glared at Thomas and warned that they could not turn back.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

At home alone, Brooke cried over a photo album of herself and Ridge. Her sisters arrived and were determined to stay until she opened up to them about her problem. They sensed that Brooke hadn't been herself since she'd returned from the island, and they thought it was bizarre of her to give away everything she owned. Donna and Katie couldn't believe Brooke hadn't even discussed such a step with her family. Brooke said it was done and over.

Katie wondered if it went deeper than just quitting Forrester, and Brooke revealed that she'd told Ridge to marry Taylor. Donna and Katie were shocked, and Donna said that Brooke and Ridge still loved each other. Katie and Donna were confused, because Ridge and Brooke had seemed happy. Brooke said it wasn't about the marriage; it was about her being forced to take a hard look at herself and make some changes. Katie guessed Taylor and Stephanie were involved.

Brooke stated that she'd done it on her own, but Donna reasoned that Ridge would have been with Taylor if he'd wanted to be. Brooke was sure that he would be with Taylor, who'd give him peace and serenity. Katie said Brooke was making Taylor out to be a saint, which in Katie's view, certainly wasn't true after what had happened with Whip and Rick. Katie added that Steffy was no better, and Donna told her sisters not to even get her started on Stephanie.

Brooke asserted that Stephanie wasn't the problem -- Brooke was. Brooke said she'd done something horrible on that island, and she was ashamed. Donna and Katie kept trying to stop Brooke from being so hard on herself, but she yelled that she'd slept with Ridge's son.

At the office, Thomas raged that Brooke was working hard to make amends for something she hadn't even done. Stephanie seethed that Brooke had done plenty in the past. Aggravated, Stephanie asserted that Ridge was free, so they should all move on. She didn't understand why Thomas wasn't happy that he'd locked in his CEO seat. Thomas, however, didn't feel that he deserved it, if he'd lied to get it.

Steffy entered and cooed that she'd seen Ridge pull up at her house on her way out. Steffy thought his arrival had been significant, and Stephanie urged the siblings to go home and lend their parents a "helping hand." Thomas was reluctant to play matchmaker, and Steffy told Stephanie that they shouldn't push Ridge if he weren't ready.

While Thomas made a phone call, Stephanie told her granddaughter that Ridge was decisive in business, but not his personal life. Stephanie placed something into Steffy's hand and instructed her to hold onto it. Thomas returned to the conversation and finally agreed to take the evening off. Stephanie again urged the siblings to go home and spend time with their parents.

At Taylor's house, Ridge entered, haunted by recollections of Brooke urging him to marry Taylor and reunite his family. Taylor asked why he was there, and Ridge became nostalgic about the house and their past. After they'd discussed missing Phoebe, Ridge realized that he'd missed a lot of moments with Taylor's side of his family. She said he'd had two families, and he couldn't be everywhere at once.

Ridge remarked that Brooke had taken a new direction in her life, and he needed to do the same thing. Taylor hoped he wouldn't do something as drastic as Brooke's starting a foundation; however, Ridge said he was already a part of something great, something he'd been neglecting. Taylor assumed that he was referring to their family. Ridge said he'd never believed that Brooke would sleep with Thomas. "Of course you didn't; Brooke is your wife," Taylor replied. Ridge, however, corrected, "Was my wife."

Steffy and Thomas entered, and Taylor announced that Ridge was telling her about the changes he was making in his life. Thomas tried to slink off, but Ridge said they were family and should be together. Ridge admitted that he hadn't been as much a part of their lives as they'd hoped, and his decisions regarding Brooke had hurt them.

Ridge said that Brooke had confessed to everything, and she'd taken responsibility for it. Ridge still couldn't believe that it had happened, but apparently, Brooke was a danger to their family. Ridge was sorry he'd let it happen; however, he said he wasn't there to demonize Brooke. He told them that he was there because it was where he needed to be.

Taylor asked if Ridge's marriage to Brooke was over. Ridge said that Brooke had done the unforgivable, and their family had to move forward. He added that their family had been fractured, and they needed to pick up the pieces and rebuild. "This is our time. This is our beginning. I want to come home, Doc -- put our family back together. Marry me," Ridge said.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bill slammed the door to his office, breaking up Hope and Liam's makeout session. "It's my office. If anyone gets freaky in it, it's me," Bill asserted. Bill told them to hold off on their reconciliation until he could find out what was up with Brooke. Liam asked his father not to pressure Hope, and Bill told Hope that Brooke had better give him the exclusive when she was ready to talk. As Bill departed, he told the lovebirds to carry on as before.

Liam told Hope that he was sorry her parents were breaking up, but Hope said she could handle it. She believed that as long as she and Liam were together, nothing could go wrong.

At Taylor's house, Taylor was speechless as Ridge proposed marriage to her. She then agreed to the proposal, and Thomas became reticent. Steffy and Thomas gave their parents time alone, and Taylor expressed her wariness about jumping into things. Ridge said he understood that Taylor was gun-shy, but assured her that he'd never forget that Brooke had bedded their son.

Though Taylor believed Ridge, she didn't want to set herself up for disappointment. Desiring to be a good role model for the kids, she suggested waiting to have a physical relationship. Ridge said her convictions reminded him that he was where he needed to be.

On the balcony, Steffy cooed about the engagement as Thomas silently toiled over what he'd done. She thought that, in the past, she and Thomas had been stupid to scheme to reunite their parents, because it felt much better to see it happen naturally.

The siblings returned inside, and Thomas said he was happy about the engagement, but sad that it had resulted from his indiscretion. Ridge said not to think that way, and they'd all work through it as a family. Thomas looked ill with guilt when Ridge hugged him. Steffy called everyone's attention to a large diamond ring on her finger. Ridge recalled it being one of his mother's favorite rings. "Leave it my mother to think of all the details," Ridge said.

As he held the ring, Ridge thought of all the times that Stephanie had said that Brooke would fail him. He hadn't wanted to believe that the woman he "loves" would do that to him. He said that he was finally taking his flight to safety, and he'd never look back. Placing the ring on Taylor's finger, Ridge asked "Doc" to marry him and heal the family. She tearfully agreed to it.

At Brooke's house, Donna and Katie were stunned to hear that it had actually happened between Brooke and Thomas. Brooke explained what had happened with the berries, and the palpable energy she and Thomas had felt. Her sisters were surprised that she didn't remember any sex, but Brooke assured them that Thomas did. Brooke told her sisters not to bother standing by her, and she hoped the foundation would make her feel worthy again.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie and Marcus discussed his new baby, Rosey. He said he'd arrived to talk to Eric because Tawny and Amber wanted Rosey to be a Forrester. Marcus wondered how Stephanie felt about Rosey, along with Amber, having the Forrester name.

Later, Stephanie received a call from Steffy, who announced that Ridge had proposed to Taylor. Steffy invited Stephanie over to share in the good news. Stephanie said she, too, needed to spread the news to someone.

Stephanie went to Brooke's house and found Brooke working on the foundation. Wishing Brooke would take her name off the project, Stephanie warned that Brooke couldn't latch onto Stephanie just because Ridge was gone. Brooke insisted that she didn't want to be her terrible self anymore, and Stephanie was her inspiration to be better. Stephanie didn't want to be Brooke's inspiration, and she asked Brooke to leave her out of it.

Stephanie said she was there because Ridge had just proposed to Taylor. Brooke's heart sank, and she began to cry. Stephanie rolled her eyes as she reluctantly gave in to her instincts and hugged Brooke.

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