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Monday, July 18, 2011

At home, Brooke, Ridge, Liam, and Hope pondered where Steffy had gone. Ridge prayed the vulnerable Steffy was in good hands. Ridge and Brooke went upstairs, where she offered him a backrub. "What about a brain rub?" he asked. He said Steffy had accused him of walking out her. He knew it'd be a difficult night for "his little girl," and he wished he could hold her hand.

Ridge noted that Brooke had been though a tough day, too, because of the wedding and Thomas' betrayal. Brooke said Thomas was in the most pain, and she was happy because she had her children and Ridge. Ridge wondered how he'd ever doubted her and caused her to lose her faith in herself. Ridge tenderly kissed Brooke's shoulders, and the two began to make love.

The couple lay together afterward, and Brooke was amazed that Ridge was actually home. Ridge hoped that they'd finally concluded the relationship-testing stage, and Brooke said she didn't ever want to live without him. "I can't live without you and still be me," she told him. He replied that she wouldn't have to be without him, and they cuddled together in bed.

Downstairs, Liam and Hope made out on the sofa, and Liam hoped that they wouldn't become a boring couple. Hope asked if her parents were boring. Inspired by Ridge and Brooke's love affair, Liam kissed Hope again. Hope remembered that he was supposed to be getting on a plane soon, and as he left, he assured her that life would work out well for them.

At the cliff house, Steffy said Bill didn't have to say those things. Bill, however, replied that he didn't say things he didn't mean, and he really did love her. Steffy felt childish about her tirade over her parents, but he assured her that she was no child. The two kissed more, and Steffy expressed her amazement that he'd called her on the very night that she'd needed him.

Steffy told Bill that she felt pathetic for being so upset about her father, but Bill said that not having his father around still affected him to that day. He advised her not to wallow in her feelings, but to use them to fuel her drive and ambition. He stated that she didn't need her father to hold her hand through life, but Steffy continued to bemoan her father's rejection of her. Bill reasoned that she'd made a choice to feel rejected, but she shouldn't do that to herself.

Steffy doubted Ridge cared about her, but Bill could tell that Ridge did care, unlike Bill's father, who hadn't cared at all about Bill. She insisted that wouldn't repair her mother's hurt. He replied that she couldn't be responsible for anyone's feelings, but her own. "You want him to love your mother the way he loves Brooke, and he just doesn't, Steffy," Bill explained.

Bill stated that Ridge couldn't walk away from his feelings for Brooke, and Bill had begun to understand what that felt like. Steffy found it ironic that she couldn't have either of the men she loved most in the world. "That isn't true," Bill uttered. He advised her to let the dream of her parents go and find another one. He offered to help her and be by her side while she accomplished it. As they hugged, Liam entered through the front door and froze upon seeing them together.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill reminisced about his time with Steffy at Liam's place. Liam interrupted Bill's reverie, and Bill was surprised to see his son because Liam had been scheduled to fly out the previous night. Liam blurted out that he had seen Bill and Steffy together at the Malibu house. Bill quickly tried to explain that Steffy had been hurt because she'd felt that she had been abandoned by Ridge. Bill added that Steffy had needed to talk about her feelings, and Bill had been there for her. Liam reminded his dad that Bill had been there for Steffy quite often in recent months.

Liam also reminded his dad that Ridge had not abandoned his family. Ridge had returned to Brooke and her family. Bill explained that Steffy had been destroyed by Ridge's decision. Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas had been close to reuniting their family many times, but it had never happened. Bill said that Steffy was as vulnerable as he had ever seen her, and he added that she was the brightest of the Forresters.

Liam wondered why Bill would have comforted Steffy. Bill said that he had bonded with Steffy when they searched for Brooke and Thomas on the island. Bill told Liam that he had not slept with Steffy. Bill said that Steffy was tough and that she would bounce back because she was a fighter. Bill said that Ridge did not appreciate what a wonderful woman Steffy had become.

Liam added that Steffy was smart, sexy, and had a lot going for her. Liam reminded his dad that Steffy was the one person who had taken Forrester Creations from Bill with lies and deception. Bill said that he had promised Steffy that he would never abandon her. Liam was disillusioned, and Bill ordered Liam to remain silent about what he had seen at the Malibu house. Bill didn't want Katie or Hope to learn anything about it. Bill demanded that as his son, Liam would be loyal and silent.

At Taylor's house, over her morning coffee, Steffy reminisced about kissing and hugging Bill. Thomas entered, and Steffy wondered if Thomas had suffered a sleepless night because of his guilt. Taylor entered and asked them to be civil to one another. Thomas shared a copy of Stephanie's will that had the agreement to give him her shares. Thomas regretted his decision to go through with Stephanie's offer. Steffy was surprised that Thomas had a copy of the agreement, but Thomas said that he had insisted on it as proof that his grandmother would fulfill her end of the bargain. Steffy and Thomas exited, and Ridge later entered.

Ridge and Taylor discussed Steffy's feelings of abandonment, and Ridge reiterated that he did not want to hurt Taylor or the kids. Ridge said that he needed to pack up his belongings. Taylor told him that she understood. After Ridge had finished packing, he set his suitcase by the door.

Taylor told Ridge that she would always love him. She said that she knew he loved Brooke, but she reminded him that Brooke had always drawn scandal to his life. Taylor added that she knew he had returned to her, Steffy, and Thomas because they had always caused peace and stability in his life.

Taylor told Ridge that she could never feel the same for any other man as she did for him. Taylor said that Ridge had made a mistake in returning to Brooke. Ridge reminded Taylor that he and Brooke had been very happy. Taylor said that Brooke had betrayed him before.

Ridge apologized for hurting Taylor and the kids. He added that he had wanted to make Taylor happy when he agreed to marry her. Ridge said that he had made some difficult decisions, including that he had planned to cancel the Taboo line. Taylor balked at his decision. Taylor added that Thomas had already punished himself. Ridge wondered how he could allow Thomas to continue working the line.

Taylor handed Brooke's wedding ring over to Ridge. She told Ridge that Brooke had given it to her because Brooke had wanted Taylor to love Ridge the way Brooke felt she could not do. Taylor advised Ridge to tell Brooke that Taylor had returned the ring and it was on loan until Brooke screwed up again.

Taylor added that Ridge would wake up one day and realize that he belonged with Taylor. Ridge and Taylor professed that they would always love one another and they embraced. Ridge left and stood outside the door with tears in his eyes. Inside, tears streamed down Taylor's face.

At Forrester, Thomas and Steffy shared their feelings about what had happened after their parents' failed wedding. Thomas reminded Steffy that everyone had been worried about her. Steffy told Thomas that Bill had rescued her again, just like he had when Thomas had been lost after the plane crash.

Thomas reminded Steffy that Bill was a married man. "No matter what I want, there is always a Logan standing in my way," Steffy said. Hope entered, and Steffy lashed out at her. Hope said that all she had wanted was an explanation from Thomas.

Thomas confessed that he had lied, and he couldn't take it back. Steffy yelled at Hope to leave. Hope wondered how Steffy could defend Thomas, and Thomas begged Hope to let it go. Thomas left for a meeting and encouraged Steffy to join him. Hope followed, but Steffy insisted that she wanted to talk to Hope alone. Steffy shouted that Hope had to listen to how Ridge had hurt his "other family."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge told Brooke how happy he was that she had returned to Forrester. They shared a kiss, and Brooke told Ridge how happy she was that he had returned home. Ridge lamented that Taylor and Steffy felt that he had abandoned them. Brooke sympathized, and Stephanie interrupted. Stephanie apologized again to Ridge and Brooke, but they were not impressed. Ridge insisted that his mother would make good on her promise to make things up to Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge told Stephanie that her offer to give Thomas all her shares in the company upon her death needed to be revised. Stephanie explained that it was impossible to change because she had set it up as an irrevocable living trust. Ridge warned that she would have to change her will. He had already had papers drawn up for Thomas to sign.

Stephanie balked, but Thomas entered. Thomas apologized to Ridge for everything that he had done, and he said that he was prepared to accept the consequences. Ridge said that he had cancelled Taboo. Thomas said that it was the most successful line Forrester had, but Ridge warned that it was done. Stephanie tried to persuade Ridge to rethink the idea, but he refused. Stephanie begged Ridge not to punish Thomas for something that she had done.

Ridge ordered Thomas to report to shipping because he would be working for Thorne until further notice. Thomas agreed, but he added that he would still design on his own time. Ridge approved of the idea.

Ridge said that he was not finished with Thomas. Ridge wanted to discuss Thomas' shares in Forrester. Thomas worried that Ridge wanted his five percent of the company returned, but Ridge said that he could not do that. Instead, Ridge demanded that Thomas return the shares that his grandmother had given him.

After the shares had been returned to Stephanie, Ridge advised his mother to sign the shares over to him so that he could distribute them to the rightful owners -- her children and grandchildren, who all deserved a share in Forrester. Ridge named Felicia, Thorne, and Kristen as deserving to share in the company. Stephanie said that she didn't think any changes could be made, but Ridge disagreed. Ridge pulled out papers that he had drawn up, and he insisted that Thomas had to sign to return the shares.

In another office, Steffy angrily told Hope that her family was intact while Steffy's family, which she continued to call Ridge's "other family," had been deeply hurt. Hope tried to reason with Steffy that the marriage plans Taylor and Ridge had made were all based on a lie that Stephanie and Thomas had crafted. Steffy quietly agreed. She expected Hope to gloat, but Hope said that she only wanted Steffy to stop placing all the blame on Brooke and Ridge when it was Stephanie who was at fault. Hope didn't want to see Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas miserable, but she was happy that Brooke had been vindicated.

Steffy lamented that Ridge had continually chosen Brooke, Hope, and R.J. over her family. Hope was sorry that Steffy had seen it that way because Hope felt that Stephanie and Thomas were at fault. Steffy said that Thomas had made a very sweet deal with Stephanie. Hope reminded Steffy that Ridge loved all of them, but he and Brooke had a once in a lifetime romance. Steffy said that it was too easy for Hope to see it that way because her family had won.

At Taylor's, Taylor sulked and stared at a photo of Ridge. She remembered good times with Ridge in flashbacks that dated back decades. Taylor recalled Ridge's most recent departure and her final words to him that she would always love him. Bill showed up at her door, and she was surprised to see him. She invited him in and assumed that he was there to see Steffy, but Steffy was at work. Bill said that he knew what had happened, and he knew how hard it had been on Steffy.

Taylor agreed, and she said it was difficult to be a psychiatrist and a mother who did not know how to help her daughter. Bill said that it was unfair of Ridge to choose Brooke over Taylor repeatedly. Taylor agreed, but she said that Thomas had been to blame for the latest fiasco.

Bill defended Thomas and said that Thomas had wanted his parents to reunite. Taylor told Bill about Stephanie's bribery for the lie. Stephanie had promised her shares to Thomas when Stephanie died.

Bill reviewed the paperwork and warned Taylor to prevent Thomas from returning the shares to Stephanie. Steffy entered and smiled the minute she saw Bill. She agreed with him that Taylor needed to convince Thomas to keep the shares. Taylor hightailed it to Forrester to catch Thomas before he could sign anything.

Bill told Steffy that he had been worried about her. Steffy and Bill kissed. Steffy said that she would be fine because he would never abandon her as her father had. Bill agreed, and he asked her to trust him. Steffy added that they would one day have control of Forrester with her 25 percent, Bill's 12.5 percent and Thomas' 30 percent. They both liked the sound of the arrangement.

At Forrester, Thomas signed the document that would return the shares to Stephanie under the watchful eyes of Stephanie, Ridge, and Brooke. Taylor raced in and stopped him, but Brooke said that Thomas had already agreed and signed the papers.

Taylor disagreed. She said that she was the trustee on the shares, and any paperwork required her signature. Taylor stood up for herself and said that her family was keeping the shares. Ridge asked Stephanie if it was true that she had designated Taylor as the trustee, and Stephanie calmly agreed that she had.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

At Taylor's house, Steffy kissed Bill and got his reassurance that he wouldn't abandon her. She said she'd always love Bill for her brother's rescue, and she was happy that Bill had urged Taylor to fight for the shares, because Ridge deserved for Taylor to really stick it to him. Bill kissed Steffy again and wondered how it was going at the office.

Steffy called Taylor, who affirmed that she was stopping the stock transfer. Steffy asked if Taylor knew how much power she had, and Taylor replied that she'd made it clear. After the call, Steffy cooed that she, Bill, and Thomas would one day control the business. Kissing her again, Bill said he wanted to know everything about her. "Show me your bedroom," he uttered.

Upstairs later, Steffy showed Bill her room and her origami hearts she'd made when she thought she'd grow up to be a doctor. She said in that room, she'd dreamed about her perfect man. Bill kissed her again, but she stopped him and said she couldn't be the other woman. "You won't. I'll leave Katie. I can't deny my feelings for you," he said, kissing Steffy again.

Steffy asked Bill to wait, and she left to change into a baby doll nightgown. Upon her return, he said she'd never looked more beautiful. She uttered that she'd never felt more beautiful. He locked her bedroom door and carried her to the bed to make love.

At the office, Taylor declared her friendship with Stephanie over. As the trustee, Taylor exercised her right to protect her son's interests. The Forresters, who'd heard the earlier call from Steffy, were surprised that Taylor had consulted with Bill Spencer. Taylor said she hadn't sought out his advice; however, he'd reminded her that nothing would ever be the same again.

Stephanie acknowledged the damage she'd done, and Ridge and Brooke tried to make Taylor see that the fair thing to do was to return the shares to have them evenly distributed. Taylor was unhappy about Thomas' actions, but she said it wasn't fair to make Thomas restart down in shipping. She lashed out at Stephanie for roping Thomas into the scheme and for refusing to let Thomas out of it when he'd begged to end it.

Thomas took responsibility for his actions, but Taylor persisted in saying he'd been manipulated. She cried that Ridge had proposed to her and had put his "other family" through "holy hell." She vowed not to let her heartbroken kids lose one more thing. Brooke figured the tirade was really about Taylor losing Ridge. Brooke surmised that Taylor wanted to put Brooke's family through hell, because Ridge had chosen them over Taylor's family.

Taylor wasn't surprised that Brooke would say that. In Taylor's eyes, Thomas and Steffy had been scarred by Ridge leaving them again and again, and Taylor bemoaned spending her life as a single parent. She felt that she'd raised her children to live right, so they could be rewarded, and she'd see that they would be by enforcing the irrevocable trust. Ridge wondered if it were fair that, on the day Stephanie would die, he'd lose his mother and the company at once. "I'm sorry. That's the way it's going to be," Taylor quipped.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone, and Ridge couldn't believe Taylor's method of protecting Thomas. Brooke reasoned that Taylor had believed she'd have Ridge, and though it had been based on a lie, Taylor's feelings hadn't disappeared. Brooke doubted Taylor would back down, because Taylor honestly believed her kids had a right to the company. Brooke said not to worry, though, because Stephanie hopefully wouldn't die for a long time.

Ridge thought it was big of Brooke to say after all of Stephanie's antics. Brooke admitted she felt sorry for Stephanie, who'd worsened things in her effort to make amends. Ridge thought Brooke was being extremely understanding. Brooke said that as upset as she'd been about things, her heart still went out to Stephanie. Ridge hugged Brooke and called her amazing.

Back at Taylor's house, Taylor knocked on Steffy's door, and Steffy and Bill froze in bed. Taylor twisted the knob back and forth, and Steffy yelled out that it wasn't a good time. Taylor replied that she needed to talk to her daughter. Wondering if Steffy had someone in there, Taylor demanded that Steffy open the door.

Friday, July 22, 2011

At Forrester, Brooke flashed a fake smile when Stephanie arrived in Ridge's office. Stephanie asked to discuss forgiveness, and she said was sorry things had gone badly with Taylor and the stock. Brooke, however, said she understood Taylor's need to protect Thomas the way Stephanie hadn't. Stephanie said she wanted forgiveness so she could move on with life. She remarked that Brooke had been there for her before, and she hoped Brooke would do it again.

Brooke said her absolution wouldn't solve Stephanie's problems, because neither Taylor nor Steffy would be persuaded by it. Brooke didn't know how to help Stephanie with Steffy, who despised Brooke as much as Stephanie did. Stephanie claimed she no longer felt that way about Brooke. "We'll see," a leery Brooke replied.

Stephanie pondered the fallout for Steffy, and Brooke couldn't believe Stephanie hadn't thought about how her lie would affect everyone. "God knows who else this is gonna hurt," Brooke stated. Stephanie hoped the worst was behind them, but Brooke asserted that it wasn't for Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor. Brooke was glad her other family members hadn't been affected by the lie, but said one could never know how far its ugly tentacles could reach.

Stephanie turned the topic to her relationship with Brooke, but Brooke laughed, saying they didn't have a relationship. Stephanie said the scheme had taught her that Brooke was a good person, and Stephanie had almost had a heart attack upon finding out about Brooke's new foundation, which had been named for Stephanie.

Brooke said she'd learned that she and Ridge could survive anything. Brooke guessed she had Stephanie to thank for the newfound confidence in her marriage, because she'd been questioning her and Ridge's destiny. Brooke proclaimed that she loved Ridge more than anyone else on the planet loved him. "Including you, Stephanie," Brooke pointedly added. Stephanie, however, contended that a mother's love was pretty strong.

Stephanie looked at Brooke and realized that Brooke had forgiven her already. Brooke was silent as Stephanie contemplated the extraordinary act of forgiveness. Stephanie concluded that Brooke was an extraordinary person for freely giving it, and it had taken Stephanie a long time to realize it. Stephanie vowed to never do anything again to require Brooke's forgiveness.

Outside Steffy's room, Taylor persisted to knock on the door, so Steffy reluctantly opened it a crack. Taylor insisted that Steffy had someone in there, and Bill pulled the door all the way open. Taylor gasped in amazement and commanded him and Steffy to get dressed and get downstairs. He said he hadn't felt chastised like that since he'd been a child. Taylor refused to talk to them while they were half-naked, and she again ordered them to meet her downstairs.

Once Bill and Steffy met Taylor in the foyer, Taylor demanded to know what was going on. Bill claimed that he was in love with Steffy, but Taylor quipped that Steffy had become the other woman. Bill said he was leaving Katie. "Oh, and when is your marriage scheduled to break up?" Taylor cynically asked. Bill claimed he was on his way home to do it right then.

Bill left, and Taylor began lecturing Steffy about the dangerous Bill. To Taylor's shock Steffy revealed that she was had been the first to know about Bill's plot against Amber, but Bill would never do that again. Taylor said her daughter was making a huge mistake, but Steffy insisted that Taylor should be happy for Steffy and Bill because they were in love.

Taylor declared that Bill had too many issues, and the last thing Steffy needed was an emotionally unavailable man. Steffy reminded Taylor of how she'd Taylor had felt upon seeing Ridge for the first time. Steffy claimed to feel the same way about Bill. Steffy said she didn't care about Bill's problems, his marriage, or even if he'd killed Amber. Steffy insisted that she and Bill were meant to be together, and he'd call her once he ended it with Katie.

At the beach house, Katie greeted Karen, who was in town on business. Liam entered and asked what Katie's mysterious party was all about. More guests arrived, but Katie still wouldn't reveal the purpose for the event. Hope mentioned that Ridge and Brooke couldn't make it, and she guessed Katie was going to announce that Katie was pregnant. Katie only revealed that the night was all about her loving husband, who'd also be surprised once he arrived.

Later, Hope admired Katie and Bill's relationship, but Liam only half-heartedly agreed. Hope figured her family still had to worry about Steffy, who hated anything Logan. Hope was certain Steffy would seek revenge for her family falling apart again.

Bill arrived and was stunned to see a room full of his family and friends. "Welcome home, Baby," Katie said and kissed a confused Bill. Karen said it wasn't often that someone managed to surprise Bill. As a minister arrived, Katie told everyone that she and Bill had faced their problems, and together, they'd become better. She said they'd learned to forgive each other. Bill didn't think she didn't needneeded his forgiveness, because he hadn't been the best husband.

Katie claimed she hadn't been a supportive wife, but her and Bill's commitment had seen them through. She felt that they were strong enough and brave enough to get through anything together. She announced that they'd renew their vows that night and celebrate their love. "Now and forever," she uttered and kissed him as everyone clapped.

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