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Monday, September 12, 2011

In Ridge's office, Brooke wondered what Stephanie wanted from her, and Stephanie simply replied that she wanted another chance. Stephanie didn't blame Brooke for being skeptical, but promised that it was different that time. Stephanie was working for Brooke and Taylor's friendships, but doubted that Taylor would respond. Brooke suggested that Stephanie keep being sincere and honest, because that would eventually heal things.

Stephanie laughed about all the crazy things she'd done to keep Ridge and Brooke apart. She didn't know why she hadn't seen that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Brooke exclaimed that Stephanie hadn't wanted to see it. Stephanie chuckled in agreement, but stated that it had become clear that the pair belonged together. Stephanie deemed Ridge and Brooke the future of Forrester, and Stephanie concluded that she was okay with it.

In the corridor at Forrester, Thomas asked where Ridge was. Pam said he was at Taylor's, and Thomas wondered why that could be. Thomas went downstairs to handle a warehouse leak that had endangered Forrester's expensive fabrics. Ridge entered to find Thorne, but Thomas said he wasn't there. Thomas asked if Ridge had seen Taylor, but Ridge conveyed that an international call had delayed his trip over there.

Thomas mentioned that he'd been looking for Ridge. Thomas expressed his appreciation that Ridge hadn't fired him. Thomas claimed he'd learned from his mistakes, and he was thankful that Ridge had let him finish some designs for Hope's campaign. Citing that designing was in his blood, Thomas declared that it was time for him to restart Taboo.

Ridge felt there was nothing wrong with hands-on experience in Forrester's various departments. Thomas began to debate it, but then said he was just glad he hadn't been cut from Ridge's life. Ridge claimed that he'd never do that to his son. Ridge figured Thomas wanted to resurrect the line before it was forgotten, but said there was a lesson to be learned. Thomas asserted that he'd learned it, and he and Taboo would return even stronger if Ridge gave him a second chance.

Though Ridge wanted to see Thomas back where he belonged, Ridge felt that not enough time had gone by to heal the hurt. Ridge didn't say that it would never happen, just that it wouldn't with Taboo, which had caused numerous problems for their family. Ridge recalled that he'd even shut it down, but Thomas had gone behind his back to revive it. Ridge vowed that such a thing wouldn't happen again.

At Jackie M, Jackie and Owen searched around for Nick. Owen guessed Nick had gone to see Taylor, as they'd discussed earlier. Nick entered and said he hadn't left yet because he'd been on the phone with one of their creditors. Jackie had hoped he'd visit Taylor, but he said he'd do that the next day. Jackie remarked that Taylor needed someone special in her life. "Someone like you," Jackie added with a pointed stare.

On Taylor's doorstep, Thorne held his briefcase over his head to shield himself from the pouring rain and asked Taylor why she had such a weird look on her face. Taylor invited him in, but guessed he was there because Stephanie had sent him. He replied that he'd arrived because he'd been thinking about Taylor, and he wondered how she was doing.

Taylor offered Thorne a hot drink. They discussed their kids briefly, and then Thorne said he didn't understand why Stephanie had set such a plan in motion. Taylor reasoned that Stephanie had felt the need to get Ridge back for Taylor; however, Taylor couldn't see why Stephanie would think Taylor even wanted him back that way. Taylor sighed and said that Stephanie was "some best friend." Taylor stared out the window, and Thorne stood closely behind her.

Continuing the discussion about Stephanie, Taylor said she just couldn't trust Stephanie anymore. Taylor knew that Stephanie wanted the shares back, but Taylor intended to ensure that they remained with Thomas. She declared that Steffy and Thomas were the future of Forrester Creations. Thorne said that he understood her position; however, he joked that his understanding nature had caused him to remain in the basement at Forrester for years.

Taylor had assumed that Thorne would be upset that Taylor was keeping the shares. Thorne reminded her that he'd held zero percent of the company anyways. He looked at the trust paperwork and said that Taylor was in a very influential position. To her surprise, he informed her that she had voting power. Taylor wondered why he'd tell her that, and Thorne said he admired her guts. He stated that Thomas was in the basement, which wasn't fair. Taylor uttered that she hadn't thought anyone would defend her. Thorne said underdogs had to stick together.

Thorne recalled her jitteriness at the door earlier, and Taylor revealed what Anthony had said to her about the rain and the cat. Thorne pressed to hear more, and she added that her prince was supposed to sweep her off her feet. "Am I your prince?" Thorne wondered. She bashfully called his arrival a coincidence, but with a grin, Thorne swoop in for a kiss. "Or maybe not," he decided.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

by Pam

Hope entered a meeting at Forrester, and Brooke, Ridge, and Eric welcomed her. They said that she had taken Paris by storm. Hope said that her line had taken Paris by storm, but the group disagreed and said that everyone was talking about Hope. Eric and Ridge teased that everyone wanted autographs from Hope. And they all agreed that the press hadn't stopped talking about Hope and Liam.

Hope admitted that everyone wanted to know about her relationship with Liam, and she wanted to know where Liam had been. Liam showed up, and Hope hugged him. Steffy spied on them from the doorway. Steffy suggested that Hope and Liam would like to be alone, but then Steffy turned irritable and whined that Hope had traveled the world to brag about her purity. Steffy complained that she'd been trying to promote her lingerie line, but all the press wanted to talk about was Hope, Hope's line, and Hope and Liam's love life.

Brooke warned Steffy to knock off her insulting comments. Brooke encouraged Steffy to leave because Steffy was trying to cause trouble. Ridge tried to get Brooke to let up, but Brooke refused because she said that Steffy had no respect for anyone. Steffy worried that Ridge wouldn't stick up for her, and Ridge said that he wanted Steffy to stay, but he warned her not to debate Hope's engagement or her plans to wait until she was married for sex.

Steffy left, and Brooke and Ridge left. Hope and Liam kissed. They talked about how much they had missed each other. Liam admitted that Steffy had visited him a few times while Hope was gone, but Liam said that Hope did not need to worry about Steffy. Liam reiterated that he knew how important celibacy was to Hope. He said that he was willing to wait for Hope, who cried happy tears and kissed him.

In Thorne's office in the Forrester basement, Thorne had been thinking about his kiss with Taylor when Thomas entered. Thomas wondered why they were stuck in the basement, working their tails off, instead of being upstairs, celebrating with the others. Thorne reminded Thomas that all the Forresters were not created equal. They discussed the shares that Thomas had that would have gone to Thorne, but Thorne said that he supported Taylor's position. He added that he planned to take a stand with her.

Thomas and Thorne discussed that Thorne would never whine about his job because his employees would not respect that. Thorne reminded Thomas that Thomas had hurt Taylor. Working for Thorne was Thomas' punishment, but Thorne admitted that he disagreed with Ridge's banishment of Thomas to the basement. Thorne said that he was going to support Taylor, and he planned to talk to Taylor.

Steffy arrived at Taylor's house and complained that Brooke had given her a hard time at the meeting because of Hope. Steffy said that she knew Ridge would side with the Logans because he was the champion of the Logans. Taylor sympathized.

Steffy asked if Taylor's mystery man had shown up and swept her off her feet. Steffy asked if the man was a superhero. Thorne arrived. Steffy told him that Taylor was expecting a prince to be entering her life. Steffy asked again about the prince at the door, but Thorne interrupted that he had papers for Taylor. Steffy said that their meeting sounded boring, and she asked for her mother to share details about the mystery man after Thorne left.

Taylor and Thorne eyed each other and smiled. Steffy left. Thorne teased that it was no longer raining and there were no cats, but her mysterious man had shown up yet again. Taylor said she couldn't have been happier to see him. They discussed the personal cost to Thomas of Ridge deciding to cut Taboo, and Thorne added that it had also hurt the company. Thorne added that Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas could make a difference.

Thorne admitted that he had lost his chance at the executive office and had become a footnote to Ridge's success story. Thorne gave Taylor a list of everyone who held shares at Forrester. He added that Taylor and her children had the majority of shares with all of Stephanie's 25 percent shares in Thomas' possession along with the five percent that Ridge had given to Thomas. Thorne added that Steffy had another 25 percent. With 55 percent of all the shares, bylaws indicated that they were able to make significant binding decisions about the management, which meant hiring the president, vice president, and CEO.

Thorne reminded her that Individually the shares meant nothing, but consolidating the shares gave them a controlling voice. "Maybe by changing your fate, I can change mine," Thorne said to Taylor. "A prince did come through my door last night," Taylor said. "You can decide who runs Forrester, Taylor," Thorne said.

Thorne later admitted, "I'm talking about an uprising." They plotted to join forces and make a difference at Forrester. "Together, we can do anything," Thorne said to Taylor.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke talked to Thomas, who appealed to them to reinstate Taboo. Thomas noted that the financial loss was affecting Forrester's bottom line. Thomas reminded Ridge and Brooke that they had been proud of the Taboo line. He added that clients were still interested in Taboo. Ridge reminded Thomas that the designs were no longer available.

"They are collecting dust -- racks and racks that could be making money," Thomas said. Thomas apologized for hurting Brooke, but Thomas asked how he could win back her trust when he was in shipping. He begged for another chance, but Brooke said that she couldn't do it. Ridge and Brooke left and told Thomas to ask Thorne to meet them upstairs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

by Pam

At home, Taylor and Thorne chatted about the possibilities of what could happen if she used her control of the 55 percent of the stock at Forrester. Taylor asked Thorne if he really thought that they could gain control of Forrester Creations. Thorne said that he believed that Taylor, Steffy and Thomas had been pushed aside for years. It was their turn to take over.

Taylor relished the thought of a position of power in the company, but she was concerned that it meant starting an uprising against Steffy and Thomas' father. Thorne reminded her of how many times Ridge, Brooke, and Stephanie had made Thorne, Taylor and her children feel unloved. They had been pushed aside time and again. Taylor recalled Stephanie's horrible gaffe at using Thomas to get back at Brooke.

Taylor agreed that it often felt like a conspiracy existed against Taylor and her children at Forrester. She announced that she was tired of being mistreated. Thorne told her that she deserved a voice in what was happening at Forrester.

Taylor said that she had been made a fool of over the years. She remembered that Ridge had walked out on her children, and Hope had received all the attention at the company. She added that Thomas had been pushed out of a position of power and so had Steffy.

Taylor worried that she would be forcing Thomas and Steffy to go against their father at Forrester. Thorne pressured Taylor to fight back and gain power at Forrester. Thorne warned that if Taylor didn't do something, Brooke and Hope would be in power and Steffy and Thomas would be in the background.

Taylor was happy that Thorne supported her. Taylor said that she appreciated Thorne and his wonderful sweetness. She lamented that she had cost him his wife in the accident that killed Darla. Thorne acknowledged that it had been a horrible accident. He encouraged Taylor to forgive herself. Thorne hugged Taylor. He added that Darla would want Taylor to move forward with her life. Thorne said that he was ready to take the journey with Taylor to do something wonderful for herself and her children. He told her that they would never be underdogs again.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke kissed, and Ridge told Brooke that he was concerned he'd made the wrong decision regarding Thomas. Ridge hated that he had placed Thomas in shipping. Brooke said that it was the correct decision when everyone considered what Thomas and Stephanie had done to Ridge, Brooke and Taylor.

Ridge received an e-mail from Rick at Forrester International, but Hope interrupted and said that she wanted to discuss Steffy's lingerie line. Steffy and Thomas followed her into the office and asked Ridge if he wanted to eat lunch with them.

Hope said that she had something to share. She announced that while she was in Europe, she had heard that Steffy's line was too provocative for Forrester. Steffy countered that it was too provocative for Hope, but Hope argued that it was too provocative for the international market. Hope suggested that it should be toned down a bit.

Steffy argued that the line had nothing to do with Hope, but Hope said that she was only relaying what she had heard in Europe. Brooke reminded Ridge that customers had always become more conservative in tough economic times. Steffy and Hope argued and Brooke pointed out that they could not ignore the European feedback. Ridge told Steffy that he had also heard negative comments from European customers. Ridge added that he had received an e-mail from Rick at Forrester International, and Rick had also heard similar feedback that the line was too suggestive. Ridge encouraged Steffy to tone it down.

Steffy and Thomas voiced their opinions that Ridge had turned his back on his own children. Steffy wondered how Ridge could constantly side with Brooke, Hope and the Logans, including Rick, who was Brooke's son.

Alone with Brooke, Ridge lamented that Thomas and Steffy felt slighted. Ridge worried that his children didn't understand how much he valued their contributions. Brooke said that they blamed him for everything and he didn't deserve their blame. She added that his kids needed to understand that business decisions had nothing to do with personal or family decisions. Ridge continued to worry.

Brooke reiterated that Thomas needed to remain in shipping a little longer. Brooke added that Steffy's campaign needed to be toned down based on public comment, not anything that Ridge had done.

Later, in Steffy's office, Steffy told Thomas about Anthony's prediction that a mystery man would sweep Taylor off her feet. Steffy explained the psychic reading that Taylor had received that included the appearance of a stray cat, a storm and a man at the door. Steffy noted that the storm and cat had appeared, followed by Thorne.

Steffy and Thomas reveled in the possibility that Thorne and Taylor might team up because no one in the Forrester family had played second fiddle as much as Thorne had. Steffy and Thomas wondered if Thorne was the mystery man.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

At the office, Hope received a call from Liam, who invited her to his place for a home-cooked meal. The jetlagged Hope said she only wanted to crawl into bed, and Liam joked that it worked for him. Steffy opened the door and heard Hope say that she and Liam were so busy that they might not be alone until the honeymoon. As Hope looked forward to seeing him at her presentation that day, Liam suddenly rushed off the phone to do something he'd forgotten.

Steffy entered, unable to fathom that the best Hope could do for her lonely fiancé was to invite him to a press conference. Hope declared that it was none of Steffy's business, but Steffy retorted that it seemed not to be Liam's either -- especially if he went along with Hope's virgin-before-marriage program. Brooke interrupted to tell Steffy that enough was enough.

Hope assured her mother that she could handle herself, but Brooke insisted that Steffy lay off Hope's personal decisions. Steffy claimed it was public knowledge, and Hope would continue spreading it around at the press conference. Steffy wondered how Liam would feel to stand in the crowd as Hope told everyone that he'd to wait until the wedding night. Steffy guessed that it was killing him. "I think it's killing you," Hope retorted. Hope said Steffy's tricks wouldn't work, and no matter how badly Steffy wanted Liam, she wouldn't get him.

Steffy left, and Brooke was amazed that Steffy wasn't getting to Hope. Hope stated that Liam had one of the hottest women in the city telling him not to get married. She figured that many men would listen; however, Liam hadn't because he was right for her, and nothing could change how they felt for each other.

In Bill's office, Liam rushed in and found Bill angry that the editor's letter hadn't been completed. An apologetic Liam claimed he'd been distracted, and Bill guessed Hope was the distraction. Bill took a call and ordered someone to halt the magazine press. Katie and Justin said Liam had put Bill in a tough spot, and they wondered if Liam could handle his new editor's position. After the call, Bill sent Katie and Justin out of the room and berated Liam for not focusing on the editorial position he'd wanted so badly.

Liam grumbled about the wedding, but Bill said to let the women handle it, because Liam needed to focus on work. Liam roared that all he had in life to focus on was work. "Okay. We were having a failure to communicate. You're still not having sex, right?" Bill guessed. Bill reminded Liam that he'd agreed to wait, and Liam murmured that it would be fine.

Assuming that Liam had agreed to attend Hope's press conference, too, Bill stressed that Liam didn't have to agree to everything Hope wanted. Liam admitted that he was unfocused, because he was anticipating that Hope could change her mind about sex at any moment. Observing that the sexual frustration made Liam jittery, Bill urged Liam to admit to Hope that he was miserable before it became a problem in the marriage.

Liam said Bill sounded like Steffy. Bill looked leery and stated that Liam was dropping the ball at work because he didn't want to pressure his fiancée. Bill questioned the viability of the relationship, but Liam asked Bill not to take Liam's shortcomings at work out on Hope.

Later, Liam arrived at Forrester. Hope and Madison reviewed a press statement, and Liam practically drooled as his eyes wandered over every inch of Hope's feminine frame. Madison left, and Hope kissed Liam, who decided that they shouldn't get carried away. Hope conveyed Steffy's sentiment that it was punishment to make Liam wait; however, he said Hope hadn't made him do anything, and she should take his support as a compliment. Hope promised that once they were married, she'd show her appreciation as often as she could.

Back in Bill's office, Steffy arrived, hoping to find Liam. Bill said Liam was at the press conference. Steffy seemed anxious to leave, but reluctantly noted that Bill looked stressed. He grumbled that Eye on Fashion was behind schedule with Liam at the helm. Bill guessed that Steffy knew what had Liam unfocused. Bill asked if Steffy had anything to say, but she replied that she didn't anymore, because she'd moved on. Bill guessed she'd moved on to his son.

Steffy stated that she had a problem with the way Hope was treating Liam and making a public spectacle of the couple's nonexistent sex life. Steffy felt that Liam deserved a woman who was just as passionate as he was. Bill assumed Steffy thought she was that woman. "Here's to making it happen," Bill added, raising the drink in his hand.

Friday, September 16, 2011

In Bill's office, Bill declared that he wanted Steffy in Liam's life -- as more than friends. Bill liked Hope; however, he asserted that she was putting Liam in a diabetic coma with her sweetness. Steffy was skeptical of Bill's motives because of her past with him. Bill said he was committed to his wife, and he regretted hurting Steffy and Katie. Bill stated that Hope couldn't make Liam happy, but Steffy could make Liam very happy.

Bill questioned Steffy's intentions toward Liam, but Steffy replied that Liam was a big boy. "He's my boy," Bill quipped. He detested that Liam would always rank second to Hope's cause and urged Steffy to do something about it. Bill touted that she was a woman who got what she wanted, but Steffy claimed that Bill was the perfect example of how that wasn't always the case. "But you don't want me anymore, do you?" Bill pointedly asked.

Steffy stated that she wanted Liam, with whom she'd fallen in love. She figured she should have seen Bill's betrayal on the horizon, and she no longer loved him. Bill assumed that was cleared up, so he advised her to work her magic on Liam. She resented Bill's conclusion that she only wanted to seduce Liam. Bill claimed Hope was stringing Liam along, and a stubborn Liam would hang on to avoid failure. Bill urged Steffy to strike because time was of the essence.

Steffy argued that Liam was committed to Hope, despite Steffy's advances. Steffy said she and Liam were friends, but Bill countered that the best romances began that way. Bill raged that Hope was emasculating his son to the press, and he wouldn't allow it. Steffy guessed that Bill was using her yet again, but he warned her not to play the victim card.

Bill insisted that Hope was a girl, caught up in stardom, but Steffy was a woman who could challenge Liam. Listing all her positive attributes, Bill said the way Liam spoke about Steffy said everything. She responded that she'd save Liam, just as he'd saved her, but only if he'd let her. Bill urged her not to give up, because she and Liam would both regret it.

Steffy left, and Justin arrived, still looking for Liam's letter. Brad bemoaned Liam's relationship with Hope, and Justin said people at the office were gossiping about it. Bill showed Justin a surveillance system Bill had set up at Liam's house. As they watched Steffy's car pull up, Bill claimed that if Hope wouldn't give Liam what he needed, then Steffy would.

At Forrester, Liam tried to get more smooches in before the conference, but Hope held him at bay with the promise that he'd soon have all of her. Liam complained that the wedding was in "forever how many months." Brooke and Ridge entered and found Liam and Hope kissing. Ridge asked Liam if he needed a minute to cool off. Liam claimed he wasn't agitated. "Yeah, right," Ridge murmured, walking out.

Before the press conference began in Ridge's office, Jarrett teased Pam about her engagement to Steven. Hope took the podium and gushed about her trip. At question time, reporters were more interested in the man engaged to the abstinent Hope. She pointed him out in the back of the room, and Liam grinned nervously as he cowered in the flashes from the cameras.

Once the reporters turned their attention to photo ops of Brooke and Hope, Liam ducked out. Later, Hope mingled with the press and noticed Liam's absence. She found it odd, because he'd wanted to be with her later on. Hope asked Brooke to search for Liam, but by the end of the conference, Brooke hadn't been successful. Hope wished she knew where Liam had gone.

At the Cliff House, Liam arrived home and recalled Steffy's assertions that Hope wasn't being fair. He took off his shirt and left a voicemail for Hope that said he'd really been hoping to see her that night. Liam was plagued by Steffy's concerns about his relationship. To his surprise, Steffy entered. She claimed that Liam needed a woman that night, and she wouldn't let him suffer another evening alone. "Tonight is ours," she proclaimed.

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