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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 19, 2011 on B&B
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Monday, September 19, 2011

At the office the next day, Hope felt guilty for not meeting up with Liam after the press conference the previous night. Liam had called her before bed, but she'd missed it because she'd been exhausted. Brooke supposed that Liam had left the conference early because he'd been embarrassed that the main topic had been their personal life. The thought hadn't occurred to Hope, but Brooke assured her daughter that Liam understood and supported Hope.

Brooke knew that busy schedules made it hard for Liam and Hope to find time alone, but suggested Hope call him to schedule some. Hope called Liam, but when she didn't reach him, she became worried that she was neglecting him while Steffy was coming on strong.

At Spencer, Bill and Justin checked the surveillance camera at Liam's house. It delighted Bill that Steffy's car was still parked outside. He figured it was about time his son starting having fun, but Justin wondered what that meant for Hope. Justin was also curious about Bill's true feelings for Steffy. Bill asserted that he was committed to Katie, and Steffy was truly in love with Liam. Bill bet that Steffy's night at Liam's meant the engagement with Hope was off.

Justin was worried that Liam really loved Hope; however, Bill insisted that Hope caused Liam to be distracted, which was holding up their entire magazine. Bill said Hope wanted to control every aspect of the relationship, and she was weakening Liam. Bill figured Hope could have a sap like Oliver, because Liam needed an intelligent woman like Steffy.

At Liam's house, Liam awakened with a start and recalled sending Steffy home the previous evening. He was surprised when he went into the living room and discovered that Steffy had stayed to write his editorial. She entered with coffee, and he said she deserved credit for the work. Steffy, however, claimed that she'd only wanted to help him relieve his stress. She added that if he'd had a true partnership with Hope, then Hope would have been there for him instead.

While reviewing Steffy's work, Liam remarked that he was still tense. Steffy readily sat down to massage his shoulders. As they joked around, he thanked her for being there for him and wished he could repay her. She decided that he could go for a walk on the beach with her and give her a friendly kiss. He said he couldn't do that, but she insisted that she'd earned it.

As Liam's phone rang in his house, Liam walked along the beach with Steffy, who coaxed him into putting his arms around her. As a romantic song played, they climbed some cliffs and splashed in the surf. The wet and breathless Steffy pulled Liam in for a passionate kiss.

Liam and Steffy returned to the patio and saw Bill inside the house with Liam's laptop. Steffy remained outside while Liam entered. Bill, who'd been reading the letter, said it had been worth waiting for. Liam confessed that Steffy had spent the night, and Bill immediately said that he approved. "No, Dad, not that," Liam responded and explained that Steffy had been composing the letter all night. Liam called Steffy in, and Bill thanked her.

Steffy went to the bathroom, and Bill stared expectantly at Liam. As Liam became bashful, Bill urged him not to let Steffy go. Bill insisted that Steffy had made Liam become himself again, because she knew what he needed. Bill claimed that Liam hadn't been that happy since before the proposal, and he wondered why Liam would look past Steffy.

Steffy returned, and Bill left. She wondered what Bill had said. Liam shared that Bill thought Liam would be crazy to let Steffy go. Though Steffy agreed with that, she claimed she wouldn't pressure Liam. She said she could be his true partner, and he could have much more than Hope provided him. His phone vibrated, and he saw that Hope had called. Hope had also text-messaged a proof of the wedding invitation. Steffy stated that it wasn't too late, and Liam didn't have to marry Hope.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy told Thomas that she and Liam had kissed during a walk along the beach, but she professed that it had been an innocent kiss. Thomas worried that Steffy had fallen in love with Liam, who was going to marry Hope in a few months. Thomas pointed out that Steffy had turned her gratitude to Liam for saving her life into an impassioned love story. Thomas tried to discourage Steffy from pursuing Liam, but Steffy scoffed that her relationship was merely friendship.

Ridge, Hope, and Brooke interrupted Thomas and Steffy when they arrived for a meeting. Thorne, Stephanie, and Eric joined the family meeting. Ridge announced that Hope for the Future had exceeded sales expectations, based on company results from around the globe. Eric said that it'd been a long time since there'd been so much excitement about a line. Thomas piped up that Taboo had been a very successful line with as much excitement.

Thorne argued that Hope for the Future had gained attention because the company had put a lion's share of Forrester's ad dollars behind it at the expense of every other line, including Steffy's, and the former Taboo line. Thorne warned Ridge that it was the wrong decision. Ridge tried to silence Thorne, but Steffy and Thorne argued that Ridge clearly needed a more balanced approach to advertising. Thorne added that Ridge had been wrong about Taboo. Ridge refused to discuss his decision.

Eric and Stephanie weighed in that they were concerned. Ridge said that putting all the company dollars behind a winner -- Hope for the Future -- was the right decision. He announced that Forrester's entire advertising budget was going to pump up Hope for the Future to capitalize on the international wedding buzz.

Thorne told Ridge that he'd gone insane. Stephanie and Eric expressed their displeasure. Steffy noted that weddings often did not go off as planned, and it could be a waste of money. Hope argued that her wedding would go off without a hitch. Thorne, Thomas, and Steffy exited.

Steffy later warned Hope that she had been neglecting Liam. Steffy added that holding onto Liam might not be as easy as Hope had imagined since she had been such a busy girl. Hope tried to squelch Steffy's ramblings, but Steffy was undeterred.

In the Forrester basement, Marcus and Dayzee kissed and giggled during a romantic moment. Taylor entered and interrupted. She said that she'd been looking for Thorne. Marcus said that Thorne had a meeting with the family. Taylor inquired if it was a shareholder's meeting, but Marcus said that he didn't know, and he left to find Thorne.

Dayzee asked Taylor about Anthony's prediction and the mystery man Taylor was supposed to meet. Taylor admitted to Dayzee that Anthony's prediction had happened. Taylor acknowledged that the mystery man had been Thorne, who had proven long before that he was thoughtful and protective.

Later, Thorne, Thomas, and Steffy met and discussed that the entire Forrester ad budget committed to Hope's line was a slap in the face to Steffy and Thomas. Thorne said that things had to change. Steffy and Thomas complained that they had to accept Ridge and Brooke's authority, but Thorne explained that if Taylor had been in charge of all Thomas' and Steffy's shares, it would add up to a 55 percent share of the company -- some serious voting power.

Upstairs, after the company meeting, Brooke and Ridge discussed that Thorne had disagreed with them about managing the company's ad dollars. They talked about Stephanie's concerns about getting Taylor to return the shares that Stephanie had promised to Thomas. Ridge said that Taylor was the least of their worries. Taylor walked in and said that she wouldn't be so sure.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," Taylor said. Brooke left so that Ridge and Taylor could discuss the shares. Ridge tried to persuade Taylor to give him the shares or give him authority to vote them. Ridge said that he understood why Taylor would be hesitant to return them. Ridge promised that he would distribute the shares equally.

"You know you can trust me," Ridge said.

Thorne entered, and Taylor explained that Ridge had tried to convince her to sign over her shares. Thorne angrily encouraged Taylor to refuse to sign over the shares.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Thorne advised Taylor not to give her voting rights away to his brother. Taylor and Thorne discussed that Taylor should have been at the earlier shareholders' meeting and should have had the ability to exercise her voting rights.

Ridge encouraged Thorne to leave so that Ridge could discuss Taylor's voting privileges, but Thorne refused. Ridge reminded his brother that as long as Ridge was CEO, Forrester was his company, and he would make the decisions about voting. Thorne warned that Ridge might not be in charge much longer. Thorne suggested that the company needed new direction. Thorne recalled Ridge's recent decisions to backburner Steffy's line and eliminate Taboo in order to spend all the company's ad dollars on Hope's line.

Thorne said that Ridge had turned his back on his own children. Ridge said he had not turned his back on his kids. He had to make a choice because of the international market's comments on Steffy's line. Taylor disagreed, and she noted that only Thorne -- no one else -- had told her about her rights as a trustee. She added that Thorne was looking out for her kids, which was more than Ridge had done. Ridge suggested that it sounded like a mutiny from Thorne and Taylor. "Bring it on," Ridge said.

Thorne accused Ridge of being egotistical, and Ridge countered that Thorne had no right to challenge Ridge's power because Ridge had kept the company going. A physical fight ensued, and Thorne crashed to the floor. Taylor rushed to Thorne, and Ridge apologized. Taylor kissed Thorne, and Thorne told Ridge that he and Taylor were no longer taking orders from Ridge.

Ridge was shocked that Taylor had kissed Thorne, and Ridge mocked Thorne for believing that Taylor would allow Thorne to take control of Forrester. "Put it to a vote," Thorne suggested. Thorne told Ridge that it was time for someone else to sit behind the desk and call the shots.

Thorne said that he, Taylor, and Taylor's kids were tired of taking orders from Ridge and Brooke. He left, and Taylor glared at Ridge before she walked out. Ridge called out to Taylor, but she ignored him.

Downstairs at Forrester, Steffy and Hope argued again about Hope's views on abstinence. Steffy called her archaic, and Hope said that she was trying to be a positive role model. Steffy said that the idea was crazy.

Hope reminded Steffy that everything that she had done to break up Liam and Hope hadn't worked. Hope advised Steffy to have some pride and move on. It was demeaning to go after men who weren't interested in her.

Steffy said that Hope was wrong about making Liam wait for sex. Steffy said that Hope called her arrangement an engagement, but Hope refused to see that she was torturing Liam. Hope said that she wished she and Steffy could be friends, or at least show some common courtesy to one another at work.

Steffy felt that Hope had become the face of Forrester, and didn't deserve it. Hope begged Steffy to support her engagement to Liam, but Steffy refused. Steffy said that she was a better match for Liam than Hope.

At Bill's office, Liam entered, and Bill congratulated Liam on publishing his first edition of Eye on Fashion. They toasted, and Liam credited Steffy for helping him to get the job done. Bill observed that Steffy and Liam made quite a team. Bill pushed for Liam to match up with Steffy rather than Hope.

Liam insisted that Steffy was just a friend. Liam wondered if Bill wanted Steffy for himself. Liam guessed that Bill knew that he couldn't have Steffy, but if Steffy and Liam paired up, Bill could be around her.

Bill ignored his son's comments and wondered what Steffy had wanted in return for her work on producing the magazine. Liam admitted that Steffy wanted a friendly kiss. Bill asked about Liam's stroll on the beach with Steffy. Liam admitted that he and Steffy had kissed, and he should never have kissed Steffy. Liam said that he loved Hope and planned to marry her. Bill pushed for Liam to reconsider his options, but Liam left. After he left, Steffy arrived. Bill wondered about the friendly kiss Steffy and Liam had shared.

Bill thanked Steffy for being there for his son. He pressured her to get Hope out of Liam's life. Steffy said that she didn't want to throw herself at Liam because she had deeper feelings for him. Bill said that he understood.

Later at home, Liam found his house full of candles. Hope appeared with a glass of wine and apologized for being so busy. She said that she had not spent enough time with him. Hope said she wanted to celebrate his first issue of the magazine, and she presented him with a framed copy. They cuddled and kissed.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

At the beach house, Katie and Bill cuddled on top of the bed covers. Bill expressed his concern about Hope distracting Liam, but Katie reasoned that Liam had written a great editorial. Bill revealed that Steffy had helped, and Katie huffed. Bill claimed Steffy had been helping a friend, but Katie hoped Liam wouldn't fall for any of Steffy's games. Bill smiled innocently in reply. Katie deemed their bedroom a "Steffy-free" zone, and she and Bill began to make love.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was surprised that Brooke had waited up for him. He said his little brother had stirred up trouble at the office earlier, and it had gotten physical. Ridge was also outraged that Thorne and Taylor had kissed. Finding it cute, Brooke said the two might be good together. Ridge, however, grimaced.

Cuddling in bed with Brooke, Ridge worried about Steffy and Thomas feeling pushed aside for Hope. Brooke replied that they were adults, and Ridge had enough love to go around. Brooke felt that Steffy made things harder on herself by not respecting her family and backing off Liam. Ridge figured Steffy would eventually accept the marriage. Brooke hoped so, because she wanted nothing to interfere with Hope's happiness.

At the office, Steffy daydreamed about her kiss with Liam. Thomas entered and guessed Steffy's obsession with Liam had to do with sticking it to Hope. Steffy, however, stated that she thought she was in love with Liam. Thomas reminded Steffy about the wedding, and she pitied Liam for being tossed into the middle of an ad campaign. Behind Thomas, on an easel, was a poster of Liam and Hope as a bride and groom.

Thomas questioned Steffy's feelings, because she'd just been in love with Bill. She claimed that was over, and Liam had made her see that men didn't have to be powerful and mean to be attractive. She said Liam was everything she needed, and Hope was clueless about her relationship trouble. Steffy reasoned that a lot could happen between then and the wedding.

Steffy confided in Thomas about the editorial collaboration and the kiss with Liam. She said she just wanted to give Liam what he needed, and since Hope was waiting for marriage, Steffy had all the time in the world to work on him. Thomas left, and Steffy touched the poster. Recalling the kiss again, she shook her head and said she couldn't let the wedding happen.

At the cliff house, Hope and Liam made out, and Hope apologized for neglecting him. Liam said he didn't like who he was when she wasn't around, and she promised that they'd be together forever in just a few months. Liam replied that it couldn't happen soon enough for him. He said it had been rough since the engagement, but he was proud of her and couldn't wait to be her husband. Hope replied that she couldn't wait to be Mrs. William Spencer III.

Liam tripped on the way to the kitchen. He claimed he was a klutz, but then decided to be honest with Hope. He explained that he was distracted, irritable, and underperforming at work, and Hope wondered how she could help. Liam admitted that the waiting felt unnatural to him, and he felt like a pawn in her campaign. Hope revealed that she felt the exact same way, and Liam implored her to move up the wedding date for his sake.

Hope gasped, but Liam said he was at the end of his rope and needed to be her husband "STAT." Though he knew Brooke was preparing the wedding, Liam couldn't care less about the type of flowers they had. As he rambled on, Hope cut in to that say she'd do it. Liam spun her around, and she said the waiting had been too hard on them both. She stated that, because of what she'd asked of him, she wanted to get married as quickly as possible. She figured there would be a little family resistance because of the campaign, but she'd make it happen.

Friday, September 23, 2011

At Spencer, Liam danced into Bill's office and exclaimed that he had huge news. Banging the phone down as he cut off a call with Jarrett, Bill guessed the news was about Steffy. Liam, however, announced that there would be no more waiting because he and Hope were moving up the wedding date. A scowling Bill doubted Hope's parents would allow that due to the ad campaign, but Liam reasoned that changing the date wouldn't change Hope's message.

Bill reminded Liam that Steffy had been there when Hope had been too busy. He advised his son to leave the wedding date as it was to allow time for weighing more options. Liam insisted that he didn't need more time. He asked Bill to just accept the marriage, and Bill guessed that his only option was to throw his son a bachelor party. Bill asked if Liam had plans that evening, because no one could put a party together faster than Dollar Bill.

Steffy entered as the men discussed strippers, and Bill said Liam was getting married sooner than expected. Bill left to plan his party, and Steffy said she didn't think Liam should marry Hope at all. Steffy stated that she'd wanted to show him what she could offer, because Hope was incapable of giving. Liam countered that Hope had moved the wedding up for him, and she wasn't the evil person Steffy made her out to be. Steffy concluded that if he thought Hope was right for him, then that was all that mattered.

In Ridge's office, Hope gathered her parents and grandparents together to announce her decision to move the wedding up. Hope's family reasoned that they'd designed ad campaign around her wedding date, and Ridge concluded that it was impossible to change it. Hope expressed her disappointment that she couldn't give Liam the one thing he'd asked for.

Alone with Brooke after the meeting, Hope said Liam would be very unhappy. Brooke figured Liam would understand; however, Hope didn't think he should have to because she was ready to be his wife. Brooke asked if anything had happened to make Hope insecure about the marriage, but Hope claimed that she just wanted to be Liam's wife in every way possible. Brooke said the couple wasn't married legally; however, because they were completely committed to the relationship, Brooke saw no reason not to make it a physical one.

Hope believed that she was more than ready to make the move, but she didn't want to seem hypocritical. Brooke figured Hope had lived her message by waiting to find the right man and ensuring that he wanted what she wanted. Brooke said the message was about not succumbing to sexual pressure. Hope agreed, and Brooke added that no one else needed to know if Hope and Liam consummated the relationship. Brooke repeated that Hope was already married in her heart and her mind, so she wasn't wrong to take it to the next level.

Hope's phone rang as Liam called, and Hope beamed that she had bad news but also really good news for him. When she answered her phone, she tried to make plans to see him that evening to talk, but he said Bill was throwing him a bachelor party. Liam pressed to find out what the news was, even though Hope had agreed to meet him after the party to explain it. She reluctantly divulged that she couldn't move the wedding date due to the ad campaign.

On the other end of the line, Liam grimaced and glared at Steffy. Liam said he'd been hoping that Hope would keep her promise. Hope added that there was other news, but they'd talk about it in person. Liam didn't even say "goodbye" as he clicked off the line, and Steffy was outraged that Hope wanted Liam to wait because of a clothing line. Liam was disillusioned, and Steffy said Hope was being selfish and immature. "Stop, Stop it. Stop it, Steffy! You don't get to talk trash about her!" Liam raged, and then he uttered that he'd asked Hope to do just one thing.

Steffy figured Hope's actions had said enough, and they were a preview of the marriage. Steffy urged him to leave the relationship, but Liam said he loved and wanted to marry Hope. He couldn't walk away from Hope, to whom he'd made promises. Steffy claimed that Hope had broken her promises, but Liam didn't have to wait to be loved. Steffy asserted that she was ready right there and right then, and she advised him to begin a life with her. She said she loved him, and they kissed.

Back in Ridge's office, Brooke thought Hope should have told Liam the good news, too. Hope hadn't wanted to do that on the phone, but she figured Liam would be fine, because he was going to a party. Brooke reasoned that Liam might be too drunk afterward, and there would be no way to know when he'd get home. Hope thought it was perfect, because she'd pack at home and then be waiting for him when he arrived at the cliff house. She said that she wanted to move in with Liam and start their married lives together. Hope imagined how happy Liam would be, because everything would change that night.

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