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Monday, October 3, 2011

by Chanel S. Garner

In Ridge's office, Brooke was aghast at the news about Liam and Steffy. Taylor claimed that she'd questioned the two, who'd seemed sure of themselves and their choices. Brooke wondered if Liam had known that Hope had been there, but Taylor replied that Hope had been too late, because Steffy had been with Liam the entire night. Brooke wondered what they'd do, but Taylor claimed that "they" wouldn't do anything, except support their daughters and make them accept responsibility for their choices.

Brooke began worrying about how complicated things had gotten, but Taylor claimed that Steffy was Liam's fiancée, not a complication. Taylor felt bad for Hope, who had to be heartbroken, and Brooke sympathized with Steffy, too -- even though Steffy's future seemed to change monthly. Taylor asserted that Steffy was resilient, and Brooke said that Steffy would bounce back again once Taylor convinced Steffy not to take an overnight engagement seriously.

An offended Taylor said was it natural to be single one day and engaged the next. Brooke questioned the progression of the engagement and predicted that Steffy would get hurt. Taylor figured that Liam and Steffy had helped each other grow up, and Hope had to do some growing up of her own.

At Liam's house, Hope refused to believe Liam had proposed to Steffy. Hope tried to call Liam, but he didn't answer. As Steffy and Hope bickered, Steffy asserted that Hope had cowardly and purposefully stabbed Liam in the heart; however, Steffy had been there for him all night. "We didn't discuss it; it just felt right," Steffy said.

Hope asked if it bothered Steffy to wear someone else's ring and live in a house meant for someone else. Steffy reasoned that they were just things, and Liam wanting her was all that mattered. Hope declared that it wouldn't last because Steffy needed to be wanted by someone new on a daily basis. Steffy called it dating and stated that a first kiss didn't always lead to marriage. She guessed Hope couldn't date, since her goal in life was setting examples for others.

Hope asked where Liam was; however, Steffy instructed Hope to respect the engagement, as Hope had asked Steffy to do in the past. Hope scoffed because Steffy hadn't respected Hope's engagement. Recalling that Hope wanted them to be friends, Steffy offered to relinquish the past and "just hang." Hope cynically guessed they'd sit and braid each other's hair. Hope admitted that she'd made mistakes, but declared that she wouldn't just hand Liam over to Steffy.

Steffy called Hope "such a Logan" and put down Brooke and Katie for their choices in their relationships. Steffy asserted that life wasn't equipped with an eraser, and Hope had lost Liam's trust. Steffy suggested Hope be a role model by accepting responsibility for her actions.

Just then, Brooke called Hope to find out if she were with Liam. Hope said she knew what had transpired with Steffy and Liam. Brooke urged Hope to focus on what she'd known from the day she'd met Liam. After the call, Hope acknowledged hurting Liam, but said she'd hold on to one unassailable truth -- Liam was in love with her. Hope advised Steffy not to delude herself. "I will get Liam back, and we will have the future we planned together," Hope vowed.

In Bill's office, Bill roared at some photographers until Liam arrived. Bill threw the photographers out, and Liam offered to repay Bill the money he'd wasted on the bachelor party. Bill guessed the engagement had ended; however, Liam replied that he was still engaged, just not to Hope. Liam explained the way Hope had ended their engagement, and Bill wondered how Liam could be engaged still.

Liam insisted upon knowing why Bill had gotten Steffy to drive Liam home the other night. Bill said he thought Liam had needed someone he could talk to and trust, and Liam admitted that Steffy had been there for him. Bill guessed that he'd been right, which was why Liam had proposed to Steffy. Liam claimed that it had felt right, because he'd been emotionally exhausted. Liam just wanted a real home and someone he could touch without fear, and Steffy had offered him that. Though Bill gave his blessing, Bill questioned Liam's decision.

Bill declared that there was no looking back, but Liam wished he had his phone in case Hope was trying to call him. Bill doubted it'd change anything and asked if Liam were in love with Steffy. Though he admitted having an incredible night with her, Liam questioned what kind of person took back an engagement ring from one woman and gave it to another. "William Spencer III, that's who," Bill replied and asked if Liam was worried about people's reactions. Liam replied that he was worried that he'd turned his back on the life he was meant to lead.

Bill figured that Liam had "emotional whiplash." Liam said that was the reason he should slow down and resolve things with Hope. Bill said Hope had to sleep in the bed she'd made, but Liam wouldn't be sleeping in his bed alone. Liam figured he owed Hope an explanation, but Bill didn't think Liam owed her a thing. Bill suggested that Liam get out of town with Steffy. Liam wanted to talk to Hope first, but Bill insisted that Liam forget Hope and leave town that night.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

by Pam

At Liam's, Steffy and Hope argued, and Hope warned that Steffy would never end up with Liam. Hope lamented that she should never have taken off her ring, but Steffy reminded Hope that she had removed the ring. Hope promised that she and Liam would be together. She left.

At Spencer, Bill met with Liam. Bill told Liam that Steffy was a better choice for him and suggested that they head out of town together. Liam admitted that Hope wasn't ready to get married, but he didn't want to discuss it with Bill. Bill's phone rang, and it was Steffy. Bill hid the fact that it was Steffy. Bill sent Liam out of the office while he took a "business call."

Steffy warned Bill that Hope was looking for Liam. Steffy worried that Hope was on a mission to get back together with Liam. Bill comforted Steffy and told her that he would take care of Hope when she arrived at Spencer. Steffy reminded Bill that Hope knew she had made the biggest mistake of her life and wanted to rectify it.

Liam returned to Bill's office, and Bill suggested that he pack his bags because Steffy was meeting him at the airport for a vacation. Liam was surprised that Bill was giving him time off. Bill congratulated Liam and told him the plane was waiting. Bill added that the trip was an engagement present. Bill hugged Liam and said that he was glad to see that Liam had his swagger back and was in charge of his life again. Liam left.

Bill called Steffy and filled her in on his plan. Steffy thanked him. Bill told Steffy to make sure that Katie never discovered that he had been involved. Bill also asked Steffy to take a photo of herself wearing the engagement ring. He congratulated Steffy and welcomed her to the family. Bill added that Liam's future was with her and not Hope.

Steffy wanted to know where she was going, but Bill said not to worry about it. Steffy admitted that she loved Liam, but added that things hadn't happened the way she had planned. Bill said that Liam would treat her better than anyone ever had. "He's a prince," Steffy said. "I guess that makes me the king," Bill said.

Justin entered, and Bill explained the situation with Liam. Bill wanted Justin to spread the news in the media about Steffy and Liam, but he didn't want it traced to Spencer. Bill wanted the world to know that Hope and Liam's engagement had ended. Bill also told Justin to leak the photo of Steffy's engagement ring to the press.

Justin left, and Hope arrived looking for Liam. Bill coldly told her that Liam had left town with Steffy to celebrate their engagement. Hope said it had all been a mistake. Hope remarked that Bill didn't seem very upset. Bill noted that the entire situation could have been handled better, but Liam was better off with Steffy. Hope apologized and said that she knew she had messed up. She wanted to correct her mistake.

Justin entered and paused when he saw Hope. Justin showed Bill a photo of Steffy wearing the engagement ring on the cover of a magazine. Bill showed the photo to Hope and advised Hope that her time with Liam had ended. He told her to accept it. Hope was shocked.

At Forrester, Taylor bickered with Brooke about how Hope needed to stay away from Liam because Liam had spent the night with Steffy and was engaged to her. Taylor was incensed that Brooke had told Hope to chase after Liam to put their engagement back together. Brooke said that that Hope and Liam had both overreacted. Ridge walked in and Brooke and Taylor shared the newest drama in the Hope/Liam/Steffy saga. Ridge was stunned that Liam and Steffy had spent the night together and become engaged. Brooke confided that she had told Hope to go after Liam and apologize.

Taylor argued that Liam and Steffy had already spent the night together, and they were engaged. Taylor said that Hope needed to stay away from Liam. Brooke argued that everything had happened too fast. Ridge tried to get Brooke and Taylor to agree that the kids needed to get together and sort out how they felt. Liam needed to make some decisions. Taylor looked concerned and accused Brooke of trying to manipulate the situation. Taylor defended Steffy, and Brooke defended Hope.

On the plane, Liam couldn't get any information from the pilot about where they were headed. Steffy showed up and greeted Liam with a passionate kiss. They laughed that they didn't know where they were going, but they looked forward to getting away. Steffy teased that she had packed very little and wasn't worried about where they were going because she was sure they could find a way to work up a sweat.

Liam worried that Forrester would miss Steffy, but she said that he was the only person she was worried about. They agreed that a getaway was perfect for them to connect away from the media. Steffy said that she was glad to get away from the judgment and gossip. Steffy added that it was time for them to relax and connect -- the beginning of a great love story that they would remember forever.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill coldly reminded Hope that she had dumped Liam, and Liam had moved on with Steffy. Bill noted that Steffy's engagement photo was all over the Internet. Hope begged Bill to tell her where Liam had gone because she had to talk to him and make things right. Bill disagreed that Hope could change Liam's mind. He added that Steffy and Liam's plane had already left.

Hope shouted, "Tell me where they went, Bill." Hope insisted that Bill could stop the plane, but she knew he was against her. Hope angrily asked Bill what was in it for him to have Liam and Steffy together. Bill said that Hope was too young and misguided for Liam. Bill recalled that Hope's abstinence ad campaign had taken a toll on Liam. Bill reminded Hope that she had even refused the one request that Liam had made -- to move up the wedding date. Bill angrily said that he couldn't tolerate Hope hurting his son.

Suddenly Katie entered and asked what had happened. Hope explained that she had overreacted after she had seen Steffy and Liam making out in Liam's car after the bachelor party. Hope admitted that she had broken her engagement with Liam and had left her ring at his house. Hope added that Liam had turned around and proposed to Steffy, who was wearing Hope's ring.

Katie suspiciously eyed Bill, who tried to look innocent. Katie asked how Steffy had shown up at the bachelor party. Bill said that it had been held at a popular club, but Katie wasn't convinced. Katie encouraged Hope to find Liam and apologize. Hope agreed, but she added that Bill had sent Steffy and Liam somewhere on his private jet and wouldn't tell her where they had gone. Hope angrily told Bill that she would find them. "You're not the only one with access to a private jet."

Hope left, and Katie angrily scolded Bill for becoming involved in Liam's love life and hurting Hope in the process. Bill said that Liam needed to get away from all the pressure. Katie seethed that they had just gotten Steffy out of their lives, but Bill was making her part of the family. "You shouldn't have gotten involved in this," Katie said.

Bill defended his actions and reminded Katie that Hope was a sweet girl, but she was too young to get married. Bill said that Liam needed someone other than Hope as his wife. Katie wondered why Liam would turn around and quickly become engaged to Steffy. Bill said that he was happy because Liam had been happier and more exuberant than Bill had seen him in a long time.

At Forrester, Taylor and Brooke continued to argue about who Liam was engaged to: Hope or Steffy. Brooke guessed that someone had pressured Liam because it was out of character for him to make such a drastic decision and change his mind from marrying Hope to marrying Steffy -- all in a matter of hours.

Taylor wondered if Brooke was accusing Steffy of interference. Brooke said that she felt there was more to it. Steffy called Taylor from the Spencer jet and told her mother that she didn't know where she and Liam were headed, but that Bill had sent them on a vacation.

After Taylor had hung up, Ridge inquired where Liam and Steffy were, but Taylor said that Steffy didn't know. Taylor added that Bill had sent Steffy and Liam on a vacation on his private jet. Ridge was angry that Bill had been manipulating both Steffy and Liam.

Brooke received a text message from Rick that the news of Steffy's engagement was all over the Internet with photos of Steffy wearing Hope's ring. Taylor defended Steffy and said that Steffy had probably innocently sent a photo to a friend that someone in the media had intercepted. Brooke disagreed, and more arguing ensued with Taylor warning Brooke to respect Steffy's engagement.

Hope entered, and Brooke broke the news that Steffy and Liam's engagement was all over the Internet. Hope angrily said that Bill had refused to tell her where Liam had gone. Hope reiterated that she had wanted to talk to Liam, and Bill had kept them apart. Hope announced that nothing would stop her from locating Liam. She didn't care that he had proposed to Steffy. She insisted that she would find the man she loved.

On the Spencer jet, Steffy and Liam sipped champagne. The pilot entered, and Steffy asked where they were headed. The pilot told them that they would be landing in Aspen, Colorado. Steffy excitedly said that she had gone there many times with her family.

Liam worried that Hope was going to have a hard time when everyone reacted to Liam and Steffy's engagement. Steffy tried to downplay Liam's worries. She asked Liam not to think about everyone else. She told him to think about himself, and she promised to help him. They kissed.

Later, Liam acknowledged that it probably bothered Steffy to wear a ring that had been selected for Hope. Steffy joked that it wasn't exactly what she had planned, but it was fine. Liam said that he would get another one, and they kissed. After they landed in Aspen, Liam and Steffy toured Aspen in a horse-drawn carriage, and Liam said that all the stress of the past few weeks had melted away. They smiled, joked, and kissed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

During a carriage ride through the streets of Aspen, Steffy wondered why she felt as if she were seeing the city for the first time. Liam kissed her in reply. Later, he took her for a stroll through the grounds of the Spencer corporate retreat, where they'd have an entire house and staff at their disposal. Steffy expressed her happiness, because nothing as wonderful had ever happened to her. Liam vowed to change that, but she said he already had.

Steffy went to check out the house, and Liam knelt beside a nearby stream. In it, he saw Hope's fading reflection, and he recalled special moments in their relationship. He remembered how shocked she'd been when he'd held up the "Will you marry me?" signs and proposed on the runway. He thought of how she'd said she'd wanted nothing more than to be his bride, and then he remembered her cryptic goodbye.

Steffy returned with wine to take Liam's mind off his troubles. They drank it as they strolled around the grounds. They stopped by a wooden wagon, and Liam held her from behind.

In Ridge's office, Rick arrived in the middle of the discussion about Steffy and Liam. Taylor took off, and Rick attempted to use the Internet to track Bill's jet. The website asked them to try again later, because it was bogged down with traffic, and Ridge exited. Rick eventually tracked the plane to Aspen, and as Hope raced out the door with Rick in tow, she told Brooke to ready their jet.

Ridge returned to the office, and Brooke filled him in on Hope's Aspen trip. Ridge wasn't happy that Brooke had authorized the use of the jet. He groaned, worried that Hope would get her heart broken because Liam had made a serious commitment to Ridge's other daughter. Brooke reasoned that she couldn't help but root for true love. Noting that it had worked for her and Ridge, she wondered how she could stop herself from rooting for her little girl.

At the airport later, Rick wondered if Liam were worth it. Hope affirmed it, and as they readied for takeoff, Rick couldn't believe that Bill had pushed his ex-mistress on his son. Hope figured that Steffy had taken advantage of Liam's vulnerability, but then Hope blamed herself for not being there for the man she loved. Hope swore she'd never again let Liam down. Rick cited that she didn't know where Liam was in Aspen, but Hope asserted that she'd find him.

In Bill's office, Katie demanded answers from Bill; however, Bill figured that Liam would contact Hope if he wanted to. Katie asserted that Hope would find Liam, because Hope loved him too much to give up. Calling Katie biased, Bill said Hope had blown her chance by screwing up her priorities. Katie couldn't believe Bill had ruined Hope and Liam's pure relationship, but Bill asserted that pure would only get one so far. Katie wondered if Steffy and Liam would even be engaged if it hadn't been for Bill. Just then, Taylor entered and said she wasn't surprised at Katie's attitude.

Katie took off, and Bill told Taylor that, despite the unusual circumstances, Steffy was the right person for Liam, and Liam wouldn't hurt Steffy. Justin barged in with the news that Hope had taken off for Aspen, and Bill, who'd been having Hope tailed, said that it was where he'd sent Liam with Steffy. Taylor groaned because Hope could ruin everything. Bill declared that Liam and Steffy were the power couple that Liam and Hope could never be, and Bill wouldn't let anyone interfere with that.

Friday, October 7, 2011

In Ridge's office with Katie, Brooke couldn't believe what Bill had done to them. Katie reasoned that Hope hadn't helped the situation, but Brooke asserted that Hope would fix it. Katie was astounded that Liam had hooked up with Steffy so quickly, but Brooke revealed that Steffy had been stalking Liam. Katie believed that Liam and Hope had shared something special, and they'd get it back, despite how Bill felt.

On the jet, Hope was upset that Liam was in Aspen without her. Rick sneaked a phone call to his dreadlocked friend, Othello, who was skateboarding through Aspen. Rick apprised Othello of the situation and then asked Othello to locate Liam and give him a message. "Don't give up Hope. 3:00pm, top of Ajax. Go alone," Rick dictated. Othello then retrieved a photo of Liam from the Internet and commenced his search.

Due to some crosswinds, the jet circled over the airport. Hope grew anxious, but Rick assured her that they'd find Liam. Rick told her that he'd gotten his friend to deliver a message to Liam, but Hope wondered if Liam would actually show up. Rick figured that there was only one way to find out. The pilot announced that they were finally landing, and Rick asked that the attendant hire a cab to meet Hope at the airport.

Upon landing Hope, hopped into "The Ultimate Taxi," which was a recording studio, disco, Internet-taxi. She told the driver to rush her to the gondola station. En-route, the cab driver played the drums and the keyboard, and fog shot from beneath the seats. Finally, Hope reached her destination and gratefully doled out cash to the driver.

At the Spencer retreat, Steffy and Liam sat out by the stream, and then Liam left to find a car. Steffy received a call from Bill, who warned her that Hope was on the way to Aspen. Bill advised Steffy to remain at the Spencer retreat, but once she was off the phone, Liam arrived with the car and insisted upon touring the town.

Later, Liam and Steffy shared some truffle fries, and she said Hope just need to grow up and gain more experience. Liam didn't want to talk about Hope, and as he looked away, he saw a blonde woman at another table. He froze until she turned, and he realized that it wasn't Hope. At the same time, Steffy scanned the streets and silently told herself to get Liam back to the house. She stepped away to pay the bill, and Othello approached Liam with a cryptic message about not giving up hope and meeting atop the Ajax. Without answering the surprised Liam's questions, Othello trotted off.

Steffy returned and tried to persuade Liam to go back to the house. Liam, however, wanted to check out the gondola rides to the top of Ajax. Steffy wasn't interested, but getting an idea of her own, she told him to go and have fun. He took off, and she said to herself that the top of Ajax was the perfect place.

Liam took a gondola up the incline and wondered if it could really be Hope that he was meeting. He made it to the top, but trotted out and saw no one there.

In Bill's office, Justin arrived to remind Bill that they had powerful assets in Aspen. Showing Bill Spencer TV's broadcast from Ajax, Justin stated that news anchors Oliver and Ramona would do anything for Bill. After the broadcast concluded, Bill called Oliver and said that Bill's son was vacationing with his fiancée, but Liam's ex-fiancée had stalked him there. Bill asked that Oliver and Ramona do everything they could to keep Hope away from Liam.

Bill called Steffy and was livid to hear that the pair had separated. Bill raged that he shouldn't have to remind Steffy of what would happen if "Miss Chasity-Belt" found Liam. Steffy claimed Liam was safe, and there was no sign of Hope. Steffy also said she had an insurance policy that would cause Hope never to bother Liam again.

Steffy went shopping for a special dress and encountered Ramona, who said Bill had sent her to assist Steffy. Steffy said she trying to pull off something big, and she could use the help. Later, Steffy rushed to the gondola station and spotted Hope waiting in line for a ticket.

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