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Monday, November 14, 2011

At Dayzee's, Thomas guessed Hope thought he was out of his mind for being into her, but he figured that, with each smile on her face, she was forgetting about "what's his face." Thomas flattered Hope with more compliments and said he wanted to be a part of her honest and real message. Someone interrupted to tell them that it was closing time. Thomas meandered over to help Anthony, who noted that he saw good things in the future for Thomas and Hope.

Thomas and Hope volunteered to close up for Marcus and Dayzee, who eagerly took off. Alone together, Thomas and Hope laughed about their day, and he said he didn't know how Liam had let her go. Hope, who'd figured Thomas would plan some over-the-top date, revealed that he'd impressed her with a humbling experience. She claimed that she'd gotten to know how thoughtful and generous he was through their veteran experience, and she'd hardly thought of Liam. She found it remarkable that Thomas had found her beneath her dark cloud of depression. They kissed and grinned at each other.

At Liam's home, Katie implored Liam to end his marriage. She warned that he'd never know what the lying Steffy was capable of. Just then, Steffy arrived and asked why Katie was there. Katie bluntly said she was convincing Liam to get an annulment. Katie refused to pretend she supported their sham of a marriage and noted that Liam would be with Hope if it hadn't been for Steffy's lies.

Steffy guessed that Katie knew the truth about the gondola. Liam said Steffy confessing was most important, but Katie quipped that Steffy hadn't had the nerve to tell it to Brooke or Hope. Steffy said she owed only her husband the truth. Katie asked if her own husband had been involved, but Steffy replied that he'd been in Los Angeles. A cynical Katie found it strange that people kept saying that about Bill Spencer.

Steffy insisted that Hope should have respected Steffy's engagement instead of flying to Aspen. Katie scoffed that Steffy had never respected Hope's engagement. Steffy claimed that she'd been protecting her relationship, but Katie seethed that Steffy had been protecting herself. Asserting how much she'd wanted Liam, Steffy said she'd do it all over again to get him. Katie called Steffy a fool for thinking her cookie marriage would keep Hope and Liam apart. Katie then insisted that Steffy not get comfortable, because it was Hope that Liam truly loved.

Katie left, and Steffy set an intimate mood in the living room. After his shower, Liam said he was sorry about what Katie had said. Steffy was unscathed by the encounter, but wished Katie hadn't found out about the gondola. He apologized for letting it slip out, but Steffy said it didn't matter because she planned to renew her commitment to him daily and nightly. She revealed the sexy lingerie she was wearing beneath her robe, and they began to have sex on the couch.

In her bedroom with Ridge, Brooke was worried because Hope had relayed that she was out with Thomas. Brooke figured that Hope was on the rebound, which wouldn't be good for Hope or Thomas. The couple climbed into bed, and Ridge said he could see Hope and Thomas running the company together and achieving great things. Brooke frowned, but Ridge figured that Hope could do a lot worse than Thomas. Ridge was glad she didn't like bad boys, like her father, Deacon.

Ridge felt that Hope deserved to have some fun in her life. Brooke agreed, but emphasized that Hope was still healing. Though Ridge thought Liam was a good guy, Ridge had never been convinced that Liam belonged with Hope. Ridge sensed that Steffy was more Liam's speed; however, Brooke completely disagreed, insisting that Steffy had been up to something in Aspen. Brooke asserted that she and Katie believed that Steffy had stranded Hope in that gondola.

Ridge recalled that he and Brooke had made a pact to let their children live their own lives. He thought it would be great if things worked out for the two couples in question; however, Brooke uttered that she couldn't help worrying about her little girl. Ridge said he loved Hope, too, because she was a reflection of her incredible mother. Brooke recalled that she'd known Ridge half her life, and she'd become the Brooke she was because of his love and support. In her view, the best part was that she'd be with him for the rest of her life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

by Pam

At Jackie M, Bill, Liam, Nick, and Justin met with Nick and Jackie. The Spencer crew encouraged Jackie to accept the merger deal, but Jackie refused. Bill worked hard to pressure Nick and Jackie, but Jackie wouldn't be swayed. She said that she would rather fail on her own than be absorbed by Bill's conglomerate. Bill, Liam, and Justin left.

Nick angrily told Jackie that she had blown the deal. Jackie said that she knew someone else who could help them with their cash flow problem -- Eric Forrester. Jackie sent a text message to Eric's phone to request a private meeting.

At Forrester, Hope told Brooke and Donna that Thomas had told her he was crazy about her, and she seemed interested in him. Brooke reminded Hope that she wasn't over Liam, and needed to slow down. Katie entered and announced that they had all been correct about Steffy's lies about the trip to Aspen. Katie told Hope that Steffy had trapped her in the gondola to prevent her from meeting Liam. Hope said that she had to see Liam because it could change everything.

At lunch at a rooftop restaurant, Stephanie called Eric to tell him that they had mistakenly exchanged phones when they left the house earlier. After she had hung up, Pam appeared sobbing that Stephen had called off the wedding. Pam lamented that Stephen had gone to Texas to take care of some business. She drowned her sorrows in wine.

Stephanie blathered on about how Stephen had walked out on all the women in his life and was no good. Pam shouted that she had loved him and spent her life waiting to meet a sexy man. Pam ranted about how Stephanie didn't understand her. Stephanie warned Pam to slow down on the wine, and asked her to calm down. Pam said she already had another man in mind. Pam said that the new man really baked her muffins, and she planned to go after him. Pam left, and Stephanie realized that Eric had a message from Jackie.

At Jackie M, Jackie received a message that she thought was from Eric telling her that he was on his way over to meet her. Nick received a text to meet someone in the steam room. He figured it was a woman in the office who had been pursuing him.

Stephanie arrived at Jackie's office with Eric's cell phone. Stephanie accused Jackie of having an affair with Eric, but Jackie denied doing anything wrong. Jackie said she had offered to listen and be a friend to Eric, who needed some companionship and comfort. Stephanie angrily warned Jackie to stay away from Eric.

After Nick arrived in the steam room, he found that Pam was waiting for him -- pearls and all. She was romantically interested in Nick.

At Spencer, Liam shared with Bill that he had discovered Steffy had deliberately trapped Hope in the gondola to prevent Hope from getting to the mountaintop to meet Liam. Bill defended Steffy, and Liam and Bill argued about Steffy and Hope. Liam got a call from Brooke, who told him that Hope had found out Steffy had lied to Liam and everyone. Brooke encouraged Liam to meet Hope at Forrester.

At Forrester, Hope told Liam that Steffy had lied and robbed him of the future they had planned together. Hope asked Liam to return to her, and she kissed him. Liam looked confused.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope tried to persuade Liam to leave Steffy. She told him how awful it was to watch him marry Steffy, and Steffy had orchestrated the entire thing. Hope said that she couldn't figure out how he could possibly continue his marriage to Steffy. Liam said nothing, and Hope said that she knew it would be difficult for Liam to find a way to end his marriage to Steffy.

Liam disagreed. He apologized for all that had happened to Hope. He told Hope that he felt horrible about what he had done to her, but he was serious about his marriage to Steffy. Hope reminded Liam that Steffy had lied, but Liam seemed unimpressed. Hope begged Liam to give their love another chance, but Liam seemed devoted to Steffy.

In another office at Forrester, Thomas showed Ridge his new designs. Ridge was impressed and said that he wanted to improve their relationship. They hugged. They discussed Hope, and Thomas said that he planned to sweep Hope off her feet. Ridge wanted Thomas to slow down.

Brooke entered, and told Ridge and Thomas that Steffy had trapped Hope in the gondola just as Brooke had suspected. Brooke tattled that Steffy had admitted her role in trapping Hope to Liam. Ridge agreed it was wrong for Steffy to treat Hope so poorly, but Ridge defended Steffy. He said that Steffy wouldn't have felt so defensive if Hope hadn't interfered in Steffy and Liam's engagement.

Brooke was shocked. She said that Hope and Liam were discussing the consequences of Steffy's lies. Ridge warned that Liam was married to Steffy and loved her. Brooke and Ridge argued, but Brooke promised not to let the situation with Steffy, Hope, and Liam get between Ridge and Brooke.

In the steam room at Jackie M, Pam flirted shamelessly with Nick, who was clearly uncomfortable. Pam angrily ranted about how Stephen had left her. She said that she wasn't going to mope at home and bake. Instead, she wanted a steam bath with a hot hunk of man -- Nick. Mortified, Nick tried to sneak past her and get out of the steam room, but Pam grabbed him.

In Jackie's office, Stephanie seethed that Jackie was getting a little too old to play the home wrecker role. Stephanie warned that Eric was never going to end up with Jackie.

Jackie tried to get Stephanie to understand that Stephanie had been mistreating Eric.

Stephanie suspected that more was going on with Jackie's sudden need to befriend Eric. Stephanie quizzed Jackie about her company's bottom line. Stephanie said that she knew Jackie M needed a designer because Bridget was gone, and things hadn't worked out with Amber. Stephanie warned Jackie not to expect help from Eric.

After Stephanie left, Nick raced into Jackie's office with Pam in hot pursuit. Pam lamented all that had gone wrong in her life and blamed Stephanie and Stephen.

Jackie tried to calm Pam down, and told her that Nick was surprised but not angry at her advances in the steam room. Jackie promised that Nick might take Pam on a date if Pam helped Jackie M get access to a few of Eric's designs. Pam said she'd do anything they wanted as long she got what she wanted.

At Forrester, Steffy met with Thomas, who told her that her lies to Liam were going to ruin her relationship with Liam. Steffy didn't believe him. She wondered how thing were going with Hope, but Thomas said that Hope had learned the truth about everything that Steffy had done. Hope was meeting with Liam, and Thomas fully expected that Hope and Liam would get back together. Steffy refused to believe that she would lose Liam.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

At Forrester, Liam didn't know what to say to Hope. Ridge entered, and annoyed, he told Hope that it was inappropriate for her to meet behind closed doors with Steffy's husband. Hope explained that Steffy's lies had kept Hope and Liam apart. Ridge, however, disagreed, recalling that Hope had broken it off with Liam. Hope said she'd ended the relationship because she'd caught Liam and Steffy kissing, but Ridge sternly replied that Liam had chosen Steffy.

Liam murmured that he hadn't chosen at that point, and he frankly hadn't known what he'd been doing. Ridge insisted that it had been a choice, and Steffy had been rightfully upset with Hope for being in Aspen. Ridge said Hope hadn't respected Steffy's engagement, but she'd respect the marriage. Ridge berated Liam for winding up in situations without knowing how they'd happened. Ridge said Amber had been one thing, but Liam would not claim he'd had a concussion when he'd married Steffy.

Liam said he hadn't known that Hope had been dangling in mid-air, unable to reach him. Ridge wondered what knowing would have changed. Ridge felt the real questions were whether Liam would have upheld his promise to marry Steffy, and if Liam would have meant his vows. Liam stated that he had upheld it, and he'd meant them.

Ridge said it wasn't easy to love two women, but ultimately, a man had to hurt one of them to keep from continually hurting both. Ridge told Liam to show his daughter and their marriage some respect by going home. "I thought I was your daughter, too!" Hope seethed.

Ridge claimed he wasn't playing favorites, but Hope noted that he had yet to make Steffy culpable. Ridge acknowledged Steffy's underhandedness in protecting her engagement. Hope scoffed, asking who'd protected Hope's engagement. Ridge said Hope had chosen to end it, and Steffy had a claim on Liam that Hope had never had. Ridge advised Liam to go, because his life was elsewhere, and Liam moped out of the office.

Hope was outraged that Ridge had taken Steffy's side. Ridge said the family had seen too many divorces and scandals, so he'd stand by the marriage. Hope raged that the way Steffy had stolen Liam was scandalous, but Ridge wouldn't see that because Hope was Deacon's daughter. Ridge said she knew better than that. He added that she'd made a stand for her principles, and it was time to live her values.

Hope decided that Steffy had been right about one thing -- Ridge's love for Brooke wouldn't make him Hope's father. Ridge seemed shocked by the words.

Hope asserted that she'd weigh her integrity against Steffy's any day. Hope declared that the marriage was based on lies, and Liam still loved her. Ridge asked if Liam had said that. Hope replied that she could feel it, and Ridge could feel it, too. Referring to him as Ridge, not Dad, Hope ordered him not to tell her to give up on the man she loved, because she'd never just hand Liam over to Steffy.

At the cliff house, Steffy was throwing away the dinner she'd burned when Brooke arrived. Brooke taunted Steffy about the truth being revealed; however, Steffy said there had been no big reveal; she'd simply talked to her husband. Brooke figured that she didn't need to ask why Steffy had done it all. Offended, Steffy asked if Brooke thought Steffy had married Liam to get back at Brooke. "Did you?" Brooke responded.

Brooke recounted Steffy's misdeeds on the mountain; however, Steffy said Brooke didn't understand that Steffy had already confessed to her husband. Brooke quipped that Steffy didn't get points for that no matter how badly she wanted them. Steffy stated that lying to her husband had been horrible, and she didn't know how Brooke could stand to do it so many times. Steffy touted that she'd readily confessed, unlike Brooke. Brooke likened Steffy to a bank robber, who'd confess once all the money had been spent and the fear of having to return it was gone.

Brooke said Liam and Hope were together at that moment, and Steffy's lie-filled accomplishments were unraveling. Brooke warned that Steffy would learn that lies had consequences. Steffy claimed that she wasn't oblivious to Hope and Liam's feelings, but Liam knew that it was rare to have a future with one's first love. Brooke said Liam just didn't want to hurt Steffy, but he loved Hope. Steffy insisted that Brooke and her family accept that Liam loved Steffy.

In Ridge's office, Pam sneaked around and found a lemon bar in the trash. She set it on the desk and started taking cell phone pictures of some sketch boards on the table. Oliver entered, spooking her, and she tried to hide the phone. For a moment, Oliver grasped it, thinking it was his lost phone. Pam claimed it as hers and suggested that he go find his. Once he left, she resumed snapping pictures.

At Nick's house Nick was unhappy with the idea of being pimped out to Pam for designs. Jackie, who wasn't disgruntled enough to steal Eric from Stephanie, said she was miffed enough to lift a couple of his designs. Nick stated that Pam, the walking emergency flare, couldn't pull it off.

Before heading to the pool, Nick wondered what was supposed to happen if Pam succeeded. Jackie figured he'd have to give Pam what he'd promised. Nick claimed he hadn't made a promise, but Jackie said she'd been looking out for him. Nick responded that he didn't appreciate being offered up like meat to a homicidal maniac, but Jackie reasoned that Pam hadn't killed anyone in ages.

Nick left, and Jackie received a call from Pam, who'd stolen the two designs. She asked if she'd get what she'd been promised, and Jackie said Nick had been talking of nothing else the entire day.

Later, Nick returned from his swim and found Pam alone in his living room. She started unbuttoning her shirt and said, "I don't have a bathing suit, but what the heck? Stephen and I used to have whole meals with no clothes on." Nick claimed he'd just put chlorine in the pool, so they couldn't swim.

Pam waved a container at Nick and asked him to guess what she'd made him. He hoped they were Forrester designs, but figured they were lemon bars. She said there was nothing like lemon bars for breakfast in bed, and Nick decided to put his shirt on.

Pam asserted that she didn't want to beat around the bush. She said she'd arrived with something that Nick wanted, and she demanded to know if he'd give her what she wanted. Nick clutched his shirt, but she ordered him to drop it, so she could enjoy the view.

Friday, November 18, 2011

At home, Brooke saw Ridge lighting candles in the bedroom and wondered what it meant. Ridge replied that it meant she couldn't be mad at him. Brooke was confused, so Ridge assumed she hadn't spoken to Hope. He conveyed that he'd said what Hope had needed to hear -- that she had to accept Steffy and Liam's marriage. Brooke hoped Ridge wasn't playing favorites. He claimed that marriage was sacred, and he'd say the same to Steffy if the situation had been reversed.

Ridge hoped Brooke wasn't angry about it. Brooke replied that he'd said what he'd thought her daughter had needed to hear, and she couldn't be angry because she'd done the same thing with his daughter. Brooke felt it was okay that she and Ridge wanted different outcomes, as long as it didn't get between them. Ridge decided it wouldn't because they'd communicate, check their problems at the door, and light a few candles. "And do what we do best..." Brooke added, and they kissed.

At Nick's house, Pam said Nick looked sexy in his swim trunks. Nick offered to wear whatever she wanted once she handed over the designs. He recalled that the deal was for her to provide something for Jackie M, and he'd provide her with some fun. Pam impressed Nick with the cell phone photos that she'd taken of Eric's designs. She said she'd get more, but asked if they'd alter the designs some. "We're in the Spectra building. We know what to do," Nick assured Pam.

Though Nick was grateful for Pam's help, he couldn't understand her motives. Pam asserted that she'd had enough of the condescending Stephanie. In Pam's view, Stephanie had run Stephen off, and Pam refused to continue working at Forrester as the dutiful sister. After her design-stealing mission, Pam wanted to return to Jackie M, because it felt like real family there. Nick said she was welcome to return; however, he was leery that her anger toward Stephanie could suddenly revert back to loyalty.

Pam claimed that she'd sacrificed her entire life to Stephanie, but that was over. Pam pledged her new loyalty to Jackie M. As Nick poured her a drink, Pam said it was okay that he was only spending time with her for the designs. Nick admitted that she was right; however, he was also enjoying himself -- "in an odd sort of way." Pam remarked that her mother had often said that when God closed a door, he opened a window -- and Pam was enjoying the view from hers.

After Pam emailed him the photos, Nick asked if he'd have to parade around in his swim trunks each time she gave him a design. She responded that she just wanted fun and an occasional stolen kiss. Extending his hand, he said she could count on him. Pam, however, insisted that they were sealing the deal with a kiss. Nick swept her into his arms, dipped her, and then planted a kiss on her.

In Thomas' office, Thomas found Hope stewing over what had happened with "his" father. Hope was confused because Ridge had laid down the law about Steffy's marriage, but Brooke had instructed her not to give up. Thomas hugged Hope, but concluded that the tactless Ridge had been right. Hope asked how Ridge was right to make her respect a sham of a marriage, which wouldn't have happened if Steffy hadn't interfered with Hope and Liam.

Thomas said he was glad for Steffy's interference because it had changed things between Hope and him. Encircling her in his arms, Thomas kissed Hope and softly asked how to make her forget Liam. His kisses trailed to her neck as he whispered that he'd spoil her, and she'd forget Liam had ever existed.

At the cliff house, Liam arrived home and joked that married life was a pearl-wearing Steffy handing him a cocktail. Steffy offered to borrow Pam's pearls, but he cringed at the thought of it. Steffy remarked that Brooke had been there to announce that Hope and Liam had met for their grand reunion. Liam found it strange when Steffy didn't ply him with questions, but she wondered if she really needed to. She told him that people were gunning for them, but they'd proved that they could stand strong.

Later, Steffy located Liam on the deck and said he seemed stressed. She guessed it was work and offered to help. Liam said she didn't have to do that; however, she replied that she enjoyed pulling together to become one. Calling Brooke's ramblings background noises, she hoped Liam understood how great their life really was. Later, the two had dinner. When Liam tried to help with the cleanup, Steffy announced that she was taking care of him that evening.

The song "To Make You Feel My Love" played over a montage of scenes. At the office, Thomas shared a pizza with Hope, who kept reliving the wedding she'd witnessed from the gondola. Thomas held and consoled Hope, but she still seemed anxious. Meanwhile, Liam was at home, watching Steffy do dishes with a faraway look in his eyes. Steffy kissed Liam, and he smiled a little. She headed for the bedroom, but he remained on the couch, looking tense.

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