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Monday, November 28, 2011

At Forrester, the family was in Ridge's office, busily rebooting in the wake of Hope's campaign. Eric said they'd returned to their couture roots just in time for the fashion previews, and Stephanie commented that he'd done some of his best work. Eric told his family that teamwork was essential to their success. Eric and Stephanie thanked Ridge and Thorne for being at Thanksgiving dinner the other evening, and they also thanked Ridge for helping to rectify things in their marriage.

Rick announced that he'd decided to remain in Los Angeles, instead of returning to Forrester International. Rick said that, with Eric and Ridge's designs, their spring showing would "kick ass." Aside with Eric, Stephanie expressed her disappointment that Pam hadn't stayed at their dinner. Stephanie thought it was nice to see the men in the family uniting, and she thanked Eric for hanging in there with her. Eric turned and asked Ridge to put his family leadership skills to work in the business.

Ridge apologized for taking Thorne for granted, and Thorne decided that he'd cut Ridge some slack. The two called a truce and, as they shook on it, Stephanie and Eric agreed that it had been a wonderful Thanksgiving. Stephanie was happy, too, that Sally had called her. Eric fondly said he missed "the old broad," but not the design-stealing she'd pulled.

Before their meeting ended, Eric showed the family his final design. Everyone gasped, and Rick said there was no way any company could touch them. Thorne stated that Jackie M had been competition once, but there was no way they could create something like that.

At Il Giardino, Donna and Justin sat down with Katie and Brooke and said they had an announcement. Katie guessed that Donna was pregnant, but Donna explained that the couple had decided to end their marriage. Though Justin and Donna had tried to make it work, they'd realized that they'd moved too quickly and were better off as friends. Brooke and Katie said Justin would always be like family. Katie asked if Marcus knew, and Donna said they'd tell him soon.

Justin left, and with a sob, Donna's fašade crumbled. She assured her sisters that the decision was for the best; however, she was afraid because she had no job or place to live. Her sisters readily offered to let her stay with them, but she wanted to be alone to sort things out. Donna thought of leaving town, but Brooke said she had the perfect place for Donna to go.

At Jackie M, Nick was worried about saving the company. Jackie said she was grateful for Pam's professional and personal efforts, but Nick needed a real relationship. Nick warned Jackie not to disrupt the win-win situation with Pam, and Jackie guessed their new strategy was like paying homage to Sally. Jackie envied Sally, who, as Jackie had last heard, was on an island, surrounded by cabana boys.

Just then, Pam entered disguised as a Russian spy, and in a Russian accent, she stated that she was there to help them. Nick and Jackie looked confused, and Pam whipped off her wig, exclaiming, "Ta-da!" Pam said she'd dressed that way to keep others from seeing her enter the building, but Nick suspected that the aroma of lemon bars might give her away.

Before Pam showed off her latest theft, she put out a plate of lemon bars and complained that Stephanie had refused to serve them during the holiday. Nick and Jackie claimed to love the treats, but they had a tough time chewing them. The meeting was interrupted when Brooke called to ask Nick to meet her on his boat. A worried Pam hoped Brooke hadn't discovered their plan.

Nick left, and Jackie tried to reassure Pam. Pam said she felt a little guilty about stealing designs, but she didn't know why she should be loyal to Forrester when she'd never felt she'd belonged there. Pam felt at home at Jackie M, and Jackie assured Pam that she was always welcome. Pam replied that she wanted to help the company, and Nick was dreamy.

Later, Jackie cooed over Pam's newest steal, but said they'd need a lot more. Pam replied that she'd need "a lot more" in return. Pam contemplated receiving a kiss per design, and Jackie nervously replied that Nick wouldn't mind whatever Pam wanted. Jackie added that Nick was lucky to have found Pam.

On Nick's boat, Nick was surprised when Donna and Brooke entered. Brooke explained that Donna and Justin were getting a divorce, and Donna got embarrassed. Brooke stated that Donna needed a place where she could wake up and smell the fresh air. "Hear seagulls outside and fog horns in the distance," Brooke hinted. Donna and Nick frowned as they realized what Brooke was asking.

Nick said the boat was his man cave, and Donna stated that it wasn't a good idea for her to live on the vessel. Nick warned that it would get cold in the winter, and Donna might get seasick; however, Brooke persisted in convincing them. Nick sensed that he was being manipulated, but he agreed to let Donna live there. Donna was unsure, but said change was good. Brooke assured Donna that she wasn't alone, because she had Brooke, Katie, and Nick. Nick seemed grouchy as the sisters hugged.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie discussed that Donna was staying at the Shady Marlin. Katie wondered how that could be a good idea, but Brooke explained that it would mean fresh air and a busy atmosphere all day on the waterfront. She added that Nick would be checking in on Donna all the time. Katie said that she hoped Brooke was right. Nick had always been the go-to guy for the Logans, but Katie worried about Donna.

The conversation turned to how Katie was going to cope with the new family arrangements of Steffy as her daughter-in-law. Katie refused to call Steffy her daughter-in-law. Brooke said that perhaps since Steffy had extracted her revenge on the Logans, she might become kind and generous. Katie believed Steffy only wanted more.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick explained to Donna where everything was located on the boat. He added that he had some lemon bars leftover from Thanksgiving. Donna warned Nick to throw them overboard and not feed them to a dog. Nick tried to teach Donna boat terms like aft, bow, head and galley, but Donna seemed confused. They discussed nearby restaurants, and Nick asked if he could keep it a secret that she'd be staying there. Donna said that no one would ask about her. She said that she was rich, passively pretty and sadly, that's what she had wanted to be when she grew up.

Donna went out and returned with peaches and apples. Nick opened beer and they talked about Nick's open sea adventures. Donna wondered if he missed his travels, but Nick said that his life with Jack was better than the lonely adventures. Donna agreed children changed lives. She said that her son Marcus was an independent traveler. She added that she had traveled after her divorce from Eric, but she wasn't fond of traveling alone. She said she just wasn't a very interesting person. Nick argued that she was, and that people would notice her.

Conversation turned to what supplies were on board, and Nick pointed out that they had honey, and Donna said she didn't need any of that after her marriage to Eric. And she made a reference to bears liking honey. Nick prepared to leave and reminded Donna to remove her high heels on the boat.

At Spencer, Justin explained to Bill that he and Donna had split and Donna had moved out. Steffy entered, and Justin left. Steffy wondered what had happened to Donna and Justin, and she warned Bill to be nice to Justin. Bill wondered why Steffy had shown up and she explained that she had told Liam the truth about Aspen, but she had not mentioned Bill's involvement.

Steffy admitted that she had everything she had wanted, but getting it by cheating didn't feel good. She wanted to enjoy her marriage, and she knew that Liam loved her. She added that Liam knew everything but Bill's involvement. Steffy knew that Bill didn't want Liam to find out because he might think it was improper that they had connected. They agreed that they didn't want Liam to think there was anything between them.

Steffy asked Bill to stop Katie from badmouthing Steffy and interfering in her marriage. Steffy complained that Bill owed it to her. Bill promised that he would try to help, and he hugged her. Katie entered and saw the embrace. She asked what was going on. Steffy said she didn't sign up for a conversation with Katie, and she left.

Bill assured Katie that nothing was going on, but Katie insisted that it all looked familiar. Bill said that he wouldn't fool around with his son's wife. They argued about how Steffy had trapped Liam into marriage in Aspen, but Bill reminded Katie that Liam was engaged to Steffy at the time they were in Aspen. Katie reiterated that Bill flew Steffy and Liam to Aspen to keep them away from Hope. "What else did you do, Bill," she asked.

Bill grew quiet, but Katie quizzed him. She asked if he had spoken to Steffy while she was in Aspen. Bill quietly said that he had. Katie knew he had stopped the gondola. Bill admitted it. Katie shouted that he had caged her niece like an animal, and forced her to watch the man she loved marry another woman.

Katie recalled all the poison that Steffy had brought to their lives, and how it had nearly ended their marriage. Katie shouted that Bill had sold Steffy to his son so she could continue to infect their lives. Katie grew breathless and shaky and Bill showed concern as Katie looked dazed.

At Jackie M, Jackie was involved in a phone conversation with Sally. Pam entered and overheard the conversation. After Jackie had hung up, she told Pam that Sally was full of advice on how to pass the stolen designs off as Jackie M's, but the connection was bad. All Jackie said she had heard clearly was "Deny, deny, deny," she said.

Pam said that Sally sounded like a lot of fun, and she couldn't believe that Sally had been a friend to Stephanie. Jackie and Pam agreed to become friends because they both admitted that people thought they were both a joke. Jackie said that Pam would be good for the company. Jackie said that she had agreed to stolen kisses for stolen designs because Nick needed female companionship. Jackie said that Nick had been broken-hearted when his marriage to Bridget had ended. After Pam left, Jackie decided to add a bow to one of Eric's designs because Sally had said that Eric hated bows.

At Forrester, Steffy arrived in Brooke's office and warned that if Katie didn't back off and butt out of her marriage, she might end up in the same situation as Donna. Brooke was shocked.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Steffy argued about Katie's feelings on Steffy's marriage. Brooke noted that Bill and Steffy had been involved, and Steffy countered that Katie had told Liam to annul his marriage. Steffy maintained that Katie was out of control, and Bill was going to cut her loose. Brooke defended Katie, but Steffy offered a stern warning that Katie better let up because Bill was fed up and Katie was driving him away.

Liam entered, and Steffy kissed him. Steffy told him that Brooke was going to get Katie off their backs. Brooke asked Liam what he thought, and he agreed with Steffy that Katie needed to back off. Steffy warned Liam that Brooke thought she was just lying about Bill and Katie. Steffy and Liam left.

At Dayzee's, Dayzee asked about Pam, and Stephanie said that Pam would not return her calls. Stephanie lamented her Thanksgiving argument with Pam, and admitted that she should have simply served lemon bars. Stephanie added that she had not approved of Pam's engagement to Stephen, and she understood why Pam blamed her for the breakup. Dayzee told Stephanie about a friend of hers named Beverly who needed a job. Dayzee said that she wanted to employ her but didn't have the budget.

Across the room at Dayzee's, Thomas and Hope shared coffee and conversation. Hope noticed Stephanie and wanted to talk to her, but Thomas stopped her. He complimented Hope on her gracious toast at Thanksgiving. Hope said she had only done it because she'd had no choice. They agreed that it was best for Hope to forget about Liam. Thomas visited another table to talk to some of Dayzee's patrons.

Dayzee stopped at Hope's table, and they discussed what a sweetheart Thomas was, and how often he'd been volunteering at Dayzee's. Beverly arrived, and Dayzee introduced her to Stephanie. Dayzee said that Beverly was too old to remain in the foster care system and needed a job. She wanted to go to college and had extremely high test scores, but was waiting for college funding to come through.

Beverly seemed shy and indicated that she wanted to be independent and go to college on her own. She wanted to be somebody who mattered and made a difference. Stephanie said that she had an idea, and wanted Beverly to attend a meeting with Stephanie.

Thomas rejoined Hope at her table, and they discussed Hope's feelings of loss over Liam. Hope started to laugh at herself for moping over a guy who had married someone else so quickly while Hope had an amazing, charming, sexy guy right in front of her. Thomas and Hope agreed that Hope seemed to be healing. They kissed. Hope thanked Thomas.

At Spencer, Bill ran to Katie's side and embraced her as she tried to catch her breath. Katie assured Bill that she was all right, but stressed because of what he had done with Steffy and Liam. They discussed Steffy, and Bill said that Steffy was a member of their family. Bill was upset that Katie had told Liam he should have his marriage annulled. Katie held up Steffy's photos that were all over Bill's desk, and ranted again at Bill for letting Steffy back into their lives. She accused Bill of having feelings for Steffy and planning a future with Steffy.

Bill reminded Katie that he had broken it off with Steffy and it was history. Steffy was his daughter-in-law. Katie flipped out and said the pictures were constant reminders of his fling with Steffy. Katie tearfully asked if Steffy meant nothing to him. Bill hesitated but said that the pictures were work and had to do with advertising and making money. Then he warned Katie to stop harassing Liam and Steffy.

Liam and Steffy arrived. Bill announced that they would all pull together as a family. He insisted that Katie and Steffy had to find a way to get along because he'd appointed Steffy to the Spencer board of directors. Katie gasped, and Steffy and Liam were equally surprised.

"Bill, I don't know what to say," Steffy said. Bill told Katie and Steffy to play nice, and he prepared to leave with Liam. Katie tried to stop him, but he ordered her to work it out with Steffy because they were family. Steffy appealed to Katie to put the past behind them and call a truce. She said they were no longer Logans and Forresters, but Spencers.

Katie glared at Steffy. Katie said she had nothing to say to Steffy, but Steffy wanted to know what she could do to improve their relationship. Katie reminded Steffy that she had tricked Liam and many others. Steffy warned that they needed to get along. She promised not to diss Katie's marriage if Katie didn't diss her marriage to Liam. Steffy begged Katie to accept her as a daughter-in-law. Katie looked suspicious.

Bill took Liam to Liam's new office. It included large windows and doors to a deck. Liam was elated and thanked his father. He wondered if Bill was going to give new offices to Steffy and Katie to improve their attitudes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

At Spencer, Liam was happy about his new office, but doubted Bill should force Steffy on Katie. Bill, who was grateful for his unexpected family, said they'd all support each other -- period. Liam felt that Bill should have discussed the board seat with Katie first. Bill said there hadn't been time; however, he'd been running the company before meeting Katie, and he hadn't needed her approval. Bill reasoned that Steffy had outsmarted Bill, so she'd be savvy enough to win Katie over.

In Bill's office, Steffy tearfully tried to convince Katie to put their differences aside. Katie said she lacked the motivation, but Steffy wondered why family wasn't enough. Katie retorted that Steffy was only temporarily family due to her deceit. Steffy claimed that Katie was jeopardizing her own marriage by being the only family member against Steffy's marriage. Katie seethed that if Katie had tried to steal Steffy's husband, then Steffy wouldn't welcome Katie, either. Katie claimed she'd accept having a daughter-in-law; however, the woman had to be respectable, and Katie would never respect Steffy.

Bill entered and said he wasn't feeling the love. Katie remarked that things wouldn't be bitter if Steffy hadn't had an affair with Katie's husband. Steffy said it hadn't been an affair, and Katie wondered what Steffy would call it. Bill answered that it had been a mistake. "Yeah, just like Steffy's marriage to Liam," Katie retorted.

An offended Steffy claimed she loved her husband the same way Katie loved Bill. Admitting that she'd taken advantage of the situation with Hope and Liam, Steffy assumed Katie would do the same thing to have the man she loved. Kate, however, quickly refuted that.

Katie said Steffy could have given Liam and Hope a few days at least. Steffy claimed that Liam hadn't wanted to wait. Katie decided that she'd try to get along if Bill would rescind his board seat offer. Bill said that was mixing business and personal, but Katie insisted that the family was business and personal. Katie asserted that Steffy had to earn her position, but Bill replied that Steffy was Liam's wife. Katie retorted that she hadn't gotten a board seat that quickly, even as Bill's wife. Bill touted Steffy's business experience, but Katie said Steffy hadn't gotten a Forrester board seat in a month's time.

Bill insisted that he'd already made the offer, but an offended Katie felt that Steffy's treachery shouldn't be rewarded. Katie asserted that he was giving Steffy a major position in "our" company against Katie's wishes. Steffy told Katie that Steffy wasn't a threat. "Oh, my God! I'm not threatened by you. I just don't like you!" Katie exclaimed. Katie accused Steffy of getting way too close to Bill again and wondered how Liam would feel about that hug. Katie guessed that if Steffy had another moment like that with Bill, then Steffy's marriage would be over.

In Ridge's office, Pam lurked in the background as the Forresters took high security measures to protect their designs. Security guards escorted the models out as Eric, Ridge, Rick, Thomas, and Hope discussed ceasing text messages and emails regarding the designs. Ridge got assurances from Thomas that Thomas' designs were in the "protected circle," in case Ridge gave Thomas a line.

Stephanie arrived with Beverly, whom Stephanie eagerly introduced to her curious family. Stephanie said Pam kept the office running smoothly; however, Pam called herself a glorified secretary and then left. Stephanie told the family that Beverly, who'd been released by foster care, aspired to go to college. Stephanie mentioned Thomas' work with foster children, which impressed Hope.

Aside, Beverly complimented Hope's campaign and message. Beverly wanted to make a difference, too, and Hope encouraged her to find something she felt strongly about. Beverly claimed she felt strongly about many things, but other issues got in the way. Hope admitted that issues had been getting in her way, too. Thomas joined the conversation, and Beverly said people like her didn't get breaks. Just then, Ridge, Eric, Rick, and Stephanie offered Beverly a paid internship at the company.

An amazed Beverly thanked the family, but said she didn't think she could handle it. Beverly was worried because she always got the blame when things went wrong. Stephanie said Beverly needed to learn to trust herself. Beverly asked why the family was doing it for her, but Eric wondered why they wouldn't. Beverly accepted, and as everyone cheered, Hope ducked out to take a phone call.

In the corridor, Hope was shocked to hear Liam's voice on the line. In his office, Liam stared at an old layout of Forrester's "Tradition" campaign that featured Liam and Hope as bride and groom. Beside it was an almost identical layout called "Freedom," which featured the single Hope and Thomas. Liam asked for a minute to talk about her new ad, and in a pouty voice, he said, "He replaced me..." Hope replied that times had changed, and Liam was married. "You know I still..." Liam stammered.

Hope cut Liam off because she didn't want to hear whatever he was about to say. He bitterly asked if the new ad was really the new "Hope for the Future." Hope asked what he thought it was, and Liam offered to get a cup of coffee with her. A tearful Hope quickly said she was busy and had to go. She clicked off the line and cried as she remembered his marriage proposal on the runway. Back in Liam's office, he twisted his wedding band, which seemed to have just become a little heavier.

Friday, December 2, 2011

In Bill's office in the evening, Bill warned Katie not to issue an ultimatum about Steffy. Though Katie claimed she wasn't doing that, Bill asserted that he was making a decision in the best interest of the company and the family. Katie wished to make a compromise, because Steffy and Liam's marriage was tenuous. Bill, however, insisted that Hope and Liam wouldn't reunite, and Steffy was their daughter-in-law and board member from that point forward.

Katie guessed Hope wouldn't have gotten a board seat upon marrying Liam, but Bill rasped that Hope wouldn't have had time for Liam or the board. Bill reasoned that Katie had to accept Steffy, because there would be family dinners, holidays, and vacations. "Vacations? Are you out of your mind?" Katie exclaimed. Refusing to back down, Bill asked Katie to accept it for the sake of their family. A livid Katie sucked back her tears and stormed out of the office.

Steffy said Katie would never accept her. Bill felt that Katie just feared something that was no longer even plausible, and Steffy offered to wear a chastity belt, to which only Liam would have the key. That statement reminded Bill of Hope, and Steffy said she was whittling down Liam's emotional ties to Hope. Bill called Steffy a breath of fresh air, and she warned him not to let Katie hear him say that.

Steffy exclaimed that she was in love, and Bill claimed to be happy for her. She remarked that Katie would never trust her, but Bill called trust overrated. Bill didn't appreciate having his motives questioned, and Steffy recalled that he'd made a clear commitment to his wife. Bill and Steffy said they appreciated having each other as in-laws, and Steffy thanked him for helping her get her true love. Steffy wished Katie would give Steffy a chance to prove her loyalty and love for her husband.

Steffy decided to go, but Bill said that her company was refreshing. Steffy stated that she and Bill had shared something wonderful, but he'd ended it. They agreed that it had been the right thing to do. She affirmed that she and Liam were totally committed, and it was due to Bill. As Bill sat in his chair, he spilled his drink on his shirt. Steffy rushed over, knelt beside him, and began cleaning it. Suddenly, flashes of passionate moments with Steffy zapped through Bill's mind, and he seemed stunned by them.

Across the hall, Liam was in his office, silently stewing over Hope's new layout. Katie entered and, holding back tears, she said Bill had decided to keep the new board member. When Liam saw no issue with it, Katie bitterly reminded him that Steffy would be working closely with his father, who seemed to value Steffy's opinion above own wife's. Liam figured that Bill was right that Katie had to accept Steffy at some point, because Steffy wasn't going anywhere.

Katie told Liam that Bill and Steffy had worked together to stop the gondola. Liam na´vely stated that they'd done it to protect him, because they'd thought Hope was messing with his head. Katie gasped, amazed that he had no problem with Bill and Steffy scheming to get Steffy into the family. Liam snidely asked, "So what?" He reasoned that Bill had known how much Steffy loved Liam and that Steffy was better for Liam. Quipping that Steffy fell in love very easily, Katie reminded Liam of whom Steffy had loved before him.

Katie recalled that Bill had almost left her for Steffy, and then suddenly, he'd pushed Steffy onto Liam. Liam grew uncomfortable, and Katie said Steffy had wanted to take Katie's life, but once she'd seen she couldn't have it, Steffy had decided to take Hope's life. Katie wondered how anyone could blame her for not wanting someone like that in her life or near her husband. Katie stated that Bill thought he could turn his feelings on and off, but she knew better than that.

Katie told Liam that he could forget what had happened between Bill and Steffy; however, Katie wouldn't. "They were involved. He wanted her. He touched her. He kissed her, maybe more. Bill swears that he didn't, but we'll never know for sure," Katie continued.

Liam yelled that he didn't want to know. He admitted that it bothered him to think of what the two had felt for each other. "Or still feel," Katie added. Liam said that it was just memories, nothing Steffy and Bill would pursue. Liam insisted that Bill and Steffy were committed to their spouses, and there was no way anything would happen, because it'd be the end of both of their marriages.

In the Forrester corridor, Hope wasn't in the mood when she heard that Ridge wanted to meet her and Thomas about a problem. She strode into Ridge's office and was surprised to see that the dimly lit room had been filled with tea candles. On the tables were flower bouquets and rose petals. "Are you in the mood for this?" Thomas asked the awed Hope. Glad to see Hope smile, Thomas said Ridge had been too busy with the upcoming showing to notice all the flowers being hauled into his office. Hope giggled, and as Thomas kissed her, Brooke paused in the doorway.

Brooke interrupted and politely, but dubiously, inquired about what was happening. Thomas said he was setting the mood, and Brooke nodded, saying Ridge would probably want it all gone by morning. Brooke then stated that the stressed-out Ridge was in the sewing room. She asked Thomas to go to talk to his father while she had a word with Hope. Thomas left, and Hope beamed that Thomas had been really sweet to set the room up like that. "But he's not Liam," Brooke added.

Hope became visibly upset, and Brooke said Hope had been mature and brave at Thanksgiving. Hope wondered what else she could have done, and Brooke asked if Hope had given up too quickly. Brooke figured Ridge wouldn't like her pressing the issue, because his daughter and son were happy; however, Brooke said only Hope's feelings mattered to her. Hope explained that she wasn't rushing into things with Thomas, but Liam was unavailable. Brooke said a terrible misunderstanding had created a complicated situation, but Hope wouldn't give up if she truly loved Liam.

Hope said she'd tried with Liam, but she still had some pride. Brooke warned Hope not to settle for less than true love. Hope asked if Brooke thought Hope could have it with Thomas someday. Brooke said it might be possible. Hope concluded that Liam had made his choice, and Hope had to move on.

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