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Monday, December 12, 2011

In the Forrester corridor, Pam flashed back to her steam room time with Nick, and then she recalled how her deal with him had started. She meandered to her desk, where Oliver said it'd been crazy around there. As he manned the phone lines, he told Pam about the Jackie M theft. Pam feigned surprise, and he wondered who'd steal from them that way.

In Ridge's office, Beverly swore that she'd deleted the pictures she'd taken of the designs without emailing or uploading them anywhere first. Stephanie wondered why Beverly continued to lie when what she'd done was apparent. Beverly replied that the accusations were the very reason she hadn't wanted to take the internship. Beverly complained that she always got blamed when something went wrong, and that time, she didn't even know who Jackie Marone was. Bitterly, Beverly asked herself why she had to learn the same lesson again and again about trusting people.

Beverly guessed she was fired, and Stephanie confirmed it. Beverly was eager to get out the door, but Stephanie ordered her to stay put. Stephanie left to get answers from Jackie, and Beverly took off anyway. After Beverly stormed out, Hope, Eric, Brooke, and Ridge speculated about "Miss Beverly Hills," as Hope had dubbed Beverly from the story of Beverly's name. Hope, who was sure Beverly had been the thief, remarked that it was hard to believe anything Beverly said.

Eric and Ridge went to Pam's desk to ask her to hire a private investigator to find out who'd stolen the designs. The men said they had a good idea that the culprit had been Beverly, the young intern that Stephanie had trustingly hired. The men walked away, and Pam called Nick in a panic. Pam said she felt guilty for hurting Ridge and Eric, and she was disheartened that the blame had fallen on Beverly. Pam hoped that a pep talk from Nick might help ease her conscience. Nick asked her to calm down and meet him at Jackie M right away.

Ridge and Eric returned to Ridge's office and told Hope and Brooke about hiring the private investigator. Hope thought that was unnecessary because Beverly had done it. Skeptical, Brooke recalled that Beverly had only been working there a week, which wasn't enough time for Jackie M to put together a show. Hope figured they'd worked around the clock, but Eric started to doubt it, too, recalling that Beverly was still barely able to find her way around the building. Brooke wondered how Jackie had even known about Beverly. Hope began to worry that they'd accused the wrong person.

Eric and Hope left, and Ridge expressed disappointment about the lost designs. Brooke said the theft would inspire him, and once he turned out his new work, no one would even think about Jackie M again. Glad to have her on his side, Ridge kissed her. Brooke said they could survive anything together.

In Jackie's office, Jackie was alone working when Stephanie paraded in to announce that she'd fired Jackie's spy from Forrester Creations. Stephanie berated Jackie for using a young girl fresh out of foster care, and she guessed the tight-fisted Jackie had probably given Beverly only a few hundred dollars. Jackie replied that she had no idea who Stephanie was talking about.

Stephanie laughed knowingly, but Jackie insisted that Beverly hadn't stolen a thing. Stephanie pressed until Jackie declared, "It wasn't her!" Stephanie considered the statement to be an admission of guilt, but Jackie inquired more about Beverly. When Stephanie said Beverly had only been employed for a week, Jackie contended that it would take longer than that to put the collection together. Still, Stephanie persisted, because Beverly had been caught photographing designs. Jackie replied that it hadn't been done for Jackie M.

Jackie said she had no loyalty to Beverly, and therefore, no reason to defend her. Jackie implored Stephanie to see that she was wrong about Beverly. Stephanie demanded to know who it had been, but Jackie purported innocence. Pressing the elevator button and turning back to Jackie, Stephanie vowed to figure it out.

The elevator doors opened behind Stephanie, and Pam was standing inside it. Stephanie continued to tell Jackie that Forrester would prosecute. Pam pressed the elevator button, and the doors closed before Stephanie could turn around and see Pam.

When Stephanie returned to Forrester later, she heard Hope in the corridor, asking Madison for Beverly's contact information. Stephanie asked where Beverly had gone, and Hope explained that they'd made a mistake about Beverly. Stephanie agreed, saying that Jackie hadn't heard of Beverly, who hadn't been employed there long enough to pull off the job. Hope felt horrible about the situation. Stephanie decided to go to Beverly's house to apologize, and Hope chose to tag along.

At a bus stop, Dayzee met the distraught Beverly, who was angry and sobbing about her internship. Dayzee was confused, and Beverly barked that they'd wanted to call the cops on her. Beverly hopped on a bus, and Dayzee slipped aboard to figure out what had happened at Forrester. Beverly raged on angrily about Stephanie and Hope, but Dayzee still couldn't figure out what the matter was. Finally, Beverly explained that she'd been blamed for the Jackie M knockoffs.

Dayzee figured that Stephanie hadn't made such an accusation without a reason. Beverly admitted to photographing some dresses because she thought it'd be nice to look at them from time to time. She said she'd been corrected about it, and she swore she wasn't the cause of the designs winding up in Jackie M's showing. Dayzee suggested that they go back to explain things, but Beverly no longer cared what the Forresters thought, because she was done with them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

by Pam

At Jackie M, Pam worried to Jackie that she had stolen more than designs. She had stolen Beverly's future. Pam wanted to call the police and turn herself in. Jackie refused to call the police.

Pam suddenly realized how her act to hurt Stephanie had impacted many innocent people. Pam said that if Forrester fired Beverly, she would never be able to get a job. Pam said she couldn't forgive herself for hurting someone like that. Jackie tried to calm her.

At Forrester, Hope and Stephanie realized that they had accused the wrong person of stealing Forrester designs. Stephanie and Hope decided to get in the car and find Beverly. They tried to call her cell phone, but Beverly refused to answer.

On a bus with Dayzee, Beverly recalled Stephanie and Hope accusing her of stealing the designs. Beverly lamented to Dayzee that she had been treated horribly at Forrester. Beverly told Dayzee that Forrester personnel had asked if she had a green card.

Beverly said she never should have gone to Forrester. Dayzee told Beverly not to blame everyone at Forrester for their mistakes. Dayzee reminded Beverly that Stephanie had apologized, but Beverly said she was tired of being blamed when she had done nothing wrong.

Beverly's phone rang again, and Dayzee encouraged her to answer. Beverly answered, and Stephanie begged Beverly to forgive her and talk to her over a cup of coffee. Beverly was bitterly disappointed in Stephanie, but Stephanie wouldn't give up. She tracked down Beverly's address.

Hope and Stephanie waited at the bus stop outside Beverly's address. They saw the bus slow down near the address, but Beverly told the bus driver to ride by her stop so that she could avoid Stephanie.

Stephanie insisted that the bus stop. She stood in front of it to make sure the bus stopped. Dayzee and Beverly departed the bus, but Beverly refused to talk to Stephanie, and she scurried inside a gated community. Dayzee warned that Beverly was angry, and it was best to leave her alone.

Stephanie refused. Dayzee listened as Stephanie claimed that she wanted to apologize. She had been wrong, and she wanted to make it right. Stephanie explained that when they'd heard that Beverly had photographed the line, they had assumed she had been the one to sell the line to Jackie M.

Stephanie persuaded Dayzee to open the gate for Stephanie and Hope. The community, Dayzee explained, was a group residence -- transitional housing for kids who had aged out of the foster care system. Dayzee said that she had run away from the system, but that most of the kids ended up in shelters, on Skid Row, or homeless. She added that many of the state's inmates had aged out of the foster care system.

Stephanie promised to move heaven and Earth to correct her mistake. Dayzee explained that the facility was hosting a picnic for the recent graduates, and she told Stephanie that Beverly was getting ready for the picnic. Inside the facility, Stephanie found Beverly and explained how they were alike. Beverly told Stephanie that they were nothing alike. Beverly said that all Stephanie wanted to do was make herself feel better by apologizing.

Stephanie explained that she understood how difficult it had to have been for Beverly to have been in many foster homes. Beverly agreed, but she shouted at Stephanie not to judge her foster parents. Beverly said many of them had been very good to her, but some had ended up divorcing or losing jobs and Beverly had always been shuffled off to another house. She said many of them had loved her and treated her well.

Stephanie explained that she had been abused as a child, and she had promised herself that she would never ever return home again, and she hadn't returned while her father was alive. They argued that Stephanie had had money and could have gone anywhere, but Stephanie tried to understand how Beverly had felt.

The show turned to a documentary-style format, and Stephanie interviewed a young man, not an actor, who shared that he had aged out of the foster care system. His mom had passed away, and he had become part of several foster families that were abusive. He had run away and slept in parks, on rooftops, and in Union Station to survive. He had become an artist, and he had a daughter. He proudly announced that he wanted to break the cycle so that his daughter could grow up in a loving home. Stephanie announced that the journey would continue the next day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

by Pam

At the shelter for kids who had aged out of the foster care system, Stephanie finished speaking to a young artist named Ricardo. The stories in the episode were real-life stories not played out by actors. Stephanie spoke to numerous residents.

Stephanie met with a young woman who had been in foster care, but had been forced to stay in a homeless shelter after she gave birth to her son. She could not keep her son with her. She had sent her son to live with her grandmother, who could not care for him. She had needed to place her son in foster care, which was the last thing she had wanted to do. Stephanie was amazed at what the young woman had been through.

Stephanie spoke to a young architect who had been in foster homes since he was six months old. His mother had dropped him off at his aunt's house and deserted him. He had wound up in foster care, and his only wish had been that his foster mother, who had passed away, would have lived long enough to see him realize his dreams. He had purchased his first home and succeeded in business. He said that it was all due to the love of his foster mother.

Stephanie met a surfer who had wound up in the foster care system at age 15 because he was being severely abused by his stepfather. He recalled being awakened in the middle of the night to being beaten. It had resulted in insomnia, a condition that he still had. He had been placed with other family members, but had ended up in foster care.

The young surfer's dream was to not be alone during the holidays, which he said was the hardest time for him. He said that he didn't have a family. He added that he was often invited to spend time with his friends and their families. He said he had grown stronger and that anything was possible

Outside the care facility for kids who had aged out of the system, Dayzee explained to Hope the challenges faced by young adults who aged out of the foster care system. Dayzee enlightened Hope that young men and women like Beverly were on their own legally. They had no one and nowhere to return if they didn't have careers. They had no families and no homes to return to if they failed. Dayzee took Hope to listen to a group session going on at the facility.

The next young man Stephanie spoke to said he had lost his home when he was four years old, and he had lived in multiple foster homes. He credited his high school track coach who had mentored him and taught him some tough lessons. His coach had told him that every action had a reaction. He was glad that he had learned so much from a caring coach.

Stephanie talked to a young man who had issues trusting others because his mother had deserted him. He said that his father was active in his life and apologized for his upbringing. The young man had entered foster care in the fourth grade and had become a discipline problem in school, but had had a great teacher who had mentored him and pushed him to go to college.

Another young man said he had not seen his parents in years. His mother had passed away, and his father was in and out of prison. He had lived with a brother for seven years and had then moved in with friends. He planned to major in criminal justice and law to help kids who were like him.

Hope, Stephanie, Dayzee, Beverly, and all the residents gathered to celebrate the unveiling of one of Ricardo's murals inside the facility. It included handprints and sayings that the young men and women had incorporated into a giant rainbow mural. While the song "True Colors" played, the group celebrated their unity and how they had made something beautiful together. They danced and invited Stephanie to add her handprint to the rainbow.

Stephanie hugged Ricardo. She announced that Foster Youth United Friends of the Children was a nonprofit that helped foster children prepare for the future.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

At Jackie M, Pam eavesdropped outside the door as Eric lit into Jackie about stealing his designs. He hailed her as the new Sally Spectra, but Jackie wondered why he couldn't believe that she'd designed the gowns herself. Eric said he'd thought she was his friend, and he lamented that it would have been his last collection, his grand finale, in the fashion world. Jackie interjected that he was too talented to retire. Eric asserted that he'd trusted her, but she quipped that trusting him hadn't gotten her very far.

Jackie expressed bitterness because Eric had abandoned whatever had been developing between them. In one instant, he'd been kissing her, but in the next, he'd run back to Stephanie like an obedient dog. Jackie seethed that he could have had more with her. Eric asked if she were making an admission. Jackie exclaimed that she'd done it, and he could lock her away to make Stephanie happy.

Eric guessed it had been all about Jackie portraying the scorned woman. Jackie murmured that her company had been in dire trouble, but Eric asked why she hadn't gone to him about it. She exclaimed that she hadn't wanted to be humiliated again. She said that she'd always loved him, and she'd been willing to give him what Stephanie wouldn't. "But it's too late now, isn't it?" Jackie sadly asked.

Later, Jackie was alone when Pam entered and said she'd heard the conversation with Eric earlier. Pam asked if she'd go to jail, but Jackie called that a silly thought. She assured Pam that it would work for them, just as it had worked for Sally.

At Forrester, Stephanie and Hope discussed the profound experience they'd shared with the former foster children. The two felt bad about accusing Beverly of theft, but vowed to make real thief pay. Hope was worried about their postponed show, the designers' wasted work, and the mistake with Beverly. Stephanie said Beverly would soften up, but Hope doubted Steffy would. Stephanie seemed perplexed, and Hope said Steffy's marriage was a farce, and Hope wouldn't give up on Liam.

Later, Stephanie was alone when Eric somberly strode in. She guessed that he'd seen Jackie, but hadn't discovered who'd stolen their work. Eric said Stephanie was right and then asked what had happened with Beverly. Sighing, Stephanie started to recount the day she'd had; however, she decided to tell him later because she was preoccupied with the theft. Stephanie raged that they'd find out who had done it, and that person would go to jail right along with Jackie.

At Spencer, Steffy arrived in Bill's office at his request. She joked that he was the Grinch, but he called himself Kris Kringle for the family togetherness he'd planned. Steffy asked how Katie would feel about that, but Bill called Katie his problem. Bill said he'd wanted Steffy's opinion about a family vacation, but when Steffy gave it a "thumbs-down," he asserted that he never took "no" for an answer.

Bill raved on and on about all the details of their luxurious Cabo San Lucas vacation. "It's the perfect romantic getaway -- for the four of us," he said. Steffy whined that Katie wouldn't go. Bill assured her that Katie would go, because the last thing Katie wanted was for Bill to be around Steffy without her. Bill grinned and said to pack light, because Steffy wouldn't need more than a bikini.

Across the hall, Katie strode into Liam's office with the news that Bill wanted the four Spencers to spend the holiday together in Mexico. Liam guessed Katie wasn't thrilled about it, and Katie replied that she'd rather not have to share her husband with Liam's wife. Katie noted that Liam hadn't known about the trip, and Liam guessed Bill had wanted it to be a surprise. Katie listed Bill's other "surprises," like Steffy's board seat, and urged Liam not to go along with the newest one.

Liam saw nothing ominous about his father's beach vacation plans, but Katie insisted that Steffy and Bill together in Mexico could lead to a volatile situation. Katie stated that she still didn't understand why Liam hadn't gone to Hope when he'd learned about Steffy's lies. Liam claimed he had done so, but Hope had already been "locking lips" with Thomas. Katie saw that as no reason to be silent, but Liam said Thomas had advised Liam to stop hurting Hope and honor the marriage.

Unbeknownst to Liam and Katie, Steffy sauntered across the hall and paused at the door to listen. Katie stated that Liam still loved Hope, and it wouldn't go away. Katie assumed he loved Steffy, but insisted the marriage was based on lies. She reminded him about Steffy and Bill's fling and wondered if Liam could be sure it was an innocent family vacation. Katie insisted that Hope, not Steffy, should be in their family, and Liam would agree if he were honest with himself. Steffy darted away from the door as Liam left for a meeting.

Steffy entered the room and assumed that Katie was still trying to get Steffy out of the family. Katie stated that Liam felt the marriage was a mistake; however, he'd remained in it out of a sense of commitment. Guessing Katie was insecure about Bill, Steffy claimed to understand Katie's concerns. Katie asked if any of Steffy's men had ever been whispering to another woman about a future together.

Steffy said it was all in the past, and she had no desire for Bill. She declared that she and Liam were devoted to each other, and she didn't appreciate Katie trying to persuade Liam to go off with Hope. Steffy insisted she wasn't a home wrecker, but Katie said that was debatable. Steffy figured that her history with Bill and the way her marriage had happened gave Katie reasons to be skeptical; however, Liam hadn't left. Steffy knew that she'd been assertive in getting Liam; however, she felt that she satisfied him in every way. She implored Katie to put things behind them and accept the marriage.

Friday, December 16, 2011

At Spencer, Steffy told Katie that the campaign against Liam and Steffy's marriage was self-destructive because, no matter how things had started out, Steffy and Liam were a team, who made love to each other every night. Katie said she'd never accept Bill's mistress into the family, and she didn't desire to spend the rest of her life with Steffy for a daughter-in-law. Steffy warned Katie not to make Bill choose a side, because he didn't like Hope, and he was tired of being nagged.

Katie scoffed and chuckled at Steffy, who said she was trying to look out for Katie. Steffy said Bill was into family, but Katie was alienating him. Katie declined Steffy's advice, and Steffy wished she could change things, because she regretted her involvement with Bill. "Right," Katie quipped.

Steffy admitted that she'd behaved like an infatuated schoolgirl, just as Katie had said. Steffy guessed Bill had just seen something and gone after it. Katie angrily asked if Steffy were blaming it all on Bill. Steffy replied that she'd been way too available; however, since then, she'd fallen deeply in love with her husband, and Bill had returned his full commitment to Katie. Steffy said Bill wanted them to put the past behind them, and she asked Katie to give her a second chance.

Katie stated that Steffy, who talked a good game, would almost be believable, if Katie could forget what Steffy had done to Katie and her niece. Katie insisted that Steffy had caused Liam to marry the wrong woman, and Katie couldn't give Steffy a second chance. Steffy said she was sorry about it for Katie's sake, because Bill wouldn't be pleased.

In Bill's office, the newly single Justin tried to score a date with Alison Montgomery, but she said Bill forbade hanky-panky in the office. She left as Bill entered, asking where his son was. Justin guessed Liam was home with his wife. Bill said he wanted the newlyweds to spend as much time together as possible. Bill wished the couple -- and his wife -- would forget Hope existed.

Bill told Justin about the upcoming family trip, and Justin sarcastically said it sounded great. Bill acted as if he hadn't understood the sarcasm, so Justin asserted that, despite Bill's desire to compartmentalize everything, Bill's affair couldn't be tucked away in a box. Justin said Bill and Steffy dripped with chemistry, and Bill loved that Steffy understood him. Bill snapped that he didn't need Justin's advice about marriage or daughter-in-laws, and he ordered Justin to go chase Alison some more.

Bill went to Liam's office and found a downtrodden Steffy inside. Upset about Katie, Steffy couldn't help but to ponder if Katie had a point. Bill asserted that Katie needed to leave Steffy alone because Steffy and Liam were perfect together. Steffy said she couldn't deny the tie between Hope and Liam, and Steffy wondered when someone would love her for her. Steffy said she was done fighting Katie, and Hope could have Liam -- as long as Steffy got what she wanted.

Steffy ripped open Bill's shirt, and passionately kissed him. Suddenly, Bill angrily snapped out of it and realized he was alone in his office, daydreaming.

In the Forrester corridor, Hope and Oliver discussed the design theft mystery and Hope's eye-opening experience with Beverly and the former foster kids. Oliver wondered how Hope was holding up under the strain of her breakup with Liam, but Hope merely shrugged her shoulders.

In Thomas' office, Thomas met with Brooke to ask her to support his relationship with Hope. Brooke, however, said she couldn't. Exasperated, Thomas wondered why Brooke clung to hope about her daughter and the married Liam. Thomas said he could help Hope get through that; however, Brooke insisted that Hope loved Liam, and Brooke doubted that Liam's marriage would last.

Hope entered with some paperwork and suspiciously wondered what was going on with Thomas and Brooke. Thomas left the ladies alone, and Brooke explained that Thomas had asked for her support with Hope; however, Brooke couldn't believe that things were over with Hope and Liam. Hope revealed that she'd kissed Liam on Thanksgiving. She recalled the glances they'd stolen during the prayer and said she'd felt as if only they had existed. Though Hope hated the thought of Liam's marriage and sex life, she insisted that there was still something between her and Liam.

Brooke urged her daughter to resolve the issues, but Hope said the issues might resolve themselves. Hope explained that Katie was still concerned about the inappropriate feelings between Bill and Steffy. Hope didn't want to see Liam hurt, but insisted that he'd married the wrong woman. Hope believed that the mistake would someday be righted.

In Ridge's office, Liam arrived at the behest of Ridge, who sought to clarify Liam's relationships with Hope and Steffy. Ridge ordered Liam to honor his commitment to Steffy and to not let her down. Ridge was concerned because Hope's holiday toast hadn't seemed heartfelt to him. Liam recalled that it had been a tough time for Hope, but she'd done as she'd been asked. Ridge said Steffy loved Liam very much, and Ridge didn't want to see her hurt.

Liam said he'd never want to hurt Steffy, but Ridge noted that Liam's feelings for Hope had been evident at Thanksgiving. Liam admitted that he'd always have feelings for Hope, but said Ridge didn't have to remind Liam of his commitments. Glad they were on the same page, Ridge left for a meeting. Alone, Liam picked up a photo of Hope. Just then, she opened the door, and they gazed at each other.

Liam said Ridge had asked to see him, but had left for a meeting. Liam told Hope that she looked beautiful, and she said she and Brooke had been discussing Thanksgiving. Liam's mind flashed to the kiss they'd shared, and Hope said Steffy's lack of integrity would catch up with her. Liam declared that if Steffy crossed the line with any man -- especially his father -- then that would be the end of it.

Ridge went to Thomas' office to find Brooke for a meeting. Brooke remarked that she'd just talked to Hope, who was still smitten with Liam. Brooke believed Liam felt the same way, but Ridge said he'd just told Liam that he'd better uphold his commitment to Steffy. Brooke asked if Liam should do that despite his feelings for Hope. Ridge declared that Liam had a marriage, and Ridge demanded that Brooke and Hope to stay out of it.

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