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January 2 to January 6, 2012
In spite of Steffy's attempts to keep Liam and Hope from seeing one another at the resort, Liam saw Hope. He tried to get her attention, but Thomas whisked Hope off on an ATV. Liam followed and caught up with them. Liam pulled Hope off the ATV and kissed her passionately. Steffy followed Liam, but her ATV overturned, and she ended up unconscious and in the emergency room. At the hospital, the doctors worried that Steffy had not regained consciousness. Bill, Taylor, and Ridge traveled to be with Steffy and Liam. When Steffy awakened, Liam realized she would be fine. Liam met with Hope and told her that he wanted Hope back and would end his marriage to Steffy. The doctor told Bill that Steffy would be fine, but Bill bribed the doctor to say that Steffy was in danger of dying if she experienced any stress or anxiety. The doctor shared the false news with Liam.
January 9 to January 13, 2012
Amber persuaded Rick to use her designs as his own to improve his standing at Forrester. The Forresters were amazed that Rick's first designs were so good. Eric loved them and put them into production, surprising everyone. Donna and Nick grew closer. At Jackie M, Owen told Jackie that he wanted her back in his life and did not want a divorce. Pam continued to pressure Jackie and Nick that she had stolen Forrester designs for them in exchange for a relationship with Nick. Pam knew that Nick and Donna were getting closer, so she continued to play tricks on Donna. Bill convinced the doctor in Cabo San Lucas to lie about Steffy's condition. When everyone returned to Los Angeles, Bill persuaded another doctor to maintain the lie, and Bill told everyone that Steffy had a blood clot and needed calm in order to heal. The Forresters pressured Liam to stay with Steffy to supposedly save her life, but Liam had promised himself to Hope. Liam was torn. Katie was suspicious of Bill's continued interference in Steffy's medical care.
January 16 to January 20, 2012
Brooke discovered that Amber was working with Rick, and Brooke and Ridge told him Forrester would never use designs that had anything to do with Amber. Rick was deflated, but he promised Amber that he would stand by her. Nick and Pam went on the "Let's make a Deal," but lost. Donna saw the show and freaked out on Nick. Donna said that Pam had been responsible for all the craziness in her life. Nick said that he loved Donna. Owen and Jackie talked about getting back together, but didn't. Everyone put pressure on Liam to stay with Steffy. Katie stole the MRI that Bill claimed was Steffy's, and Katie discovered that it was not Steffy's. Liam took Steffy to another doctor to check out her condition. Steffy claimed that she felt fine. Katie confronted Bill about what he had done. She planned to tell everyone, but Bill chased after her.
January 23 to January 27, 2012
Bill locked Katie in the tower of Liam's house because she had threatened to tell everyone that she had discovered the truth -- that Bill had lied about Steffy's condition in order to preserve Liam and Steffy's marriage. Katie escaped from the tower, and Bill had to admit to Liam and Steffy what he had done. Steffy, Katie, and Liam were furious with Bill, who tried to justify his actions. Katie said she had to think about what to do about her relationship with him. Steffy was angry with Bill because she had worried for weeks that she was going to die -- all because of his lies. Steffy tried to convince Liam that she'd had no part in Bill's lies, but Liam didn't believe her. Liam left Steffy and went directly to Hope. They planned a future together. Steffy refused to believe her marriage was over, and Steffy told Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke that she planned to save her marriage. Hope and Liam visited Bill, and he tried to appease them, but Liam refused to forgive his father. Bill begged them to keep the issue quiet and within the family to protect Spencer Publications, but Hope refused. Steffy showed up, and Bill reminded Liam that Steffy had known nothing about his ruse. Bill and Steffy begged Liam not to leave Steffy over the lies Bill had concocted.
January 30 to February 3, 2012
Pam admitted to Stephanie that she had stolen the Forrester designs and given them to Jackie and Nick. Pam said that she had been furious with Stepanie because Stephanie had not welcomed Stephen into the family. Stephanie said that Pam could not blame Stephanie for Stephen's decision to leave Pam. Stephanie said she had nothing to do with their breakup. Ridge admitted to Rick that the designs Rick had worked on with Amber had outsold Ridge's designs. Liam confronted Bill about his manipulations of Liam's life. Bill apologized but insisted that he had Liam's best interests at heart. Liam angrily told Bill that Bill treated people he loved like possessions. Liam said that Bill wanted Liam to choose Steffy as his wife because that is who Bill would have chosen. Liam reminded Bill that he could not control Liam's life. In an emotional encounter, Liam told his father that he wasn't sure he would ever trust him the way he had. Liam said that Bill had, at one time, been his hero. Liam decided to meet with Steffy and Hope. When Hope and Steffy arrived at Liam's home, Liam first met privately with Steffy, who reminded him that she and Bill only wanted what was best for him. Steffy regretted conspiring with Bill in Colorado, but she added that Bill had lied to both of them in Cabo. Liam admitted to Steffy that he loved her, but he needed to get away from all of her lies and manipulations. He wanted to return to his life with Hope before he and Steffy had run away and married. Steffy left, and Liam met with Hope, who wondered if Liam planned to remain with Steffy. Liam revealed that he had removed his wedding ring, and they both smiled and kissed.
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February 6 to February 10, 2012
Liam told Hope that he wanted to marry her as soon as possible. Steffy confided in Ridge and Taylor that she knew Liam had to explore his relationship with Hope. But, she was also confident that Liam would return to Steffy. At Hope's suggestion, Liam asked Justin to draw up paperwork for an annulment, and Justin delivered the papers to Steffy, who refused to sign them. Liam visited Steffy, and encourged her to sign the papers, but she refused. Steffy told Liam that a divorce would take a few months, and by the end of the few months' time, Steffy was confident that Liam would be bored with Hope and return to Steffy. Rick, Brooke, Taylor, Ridge, and Katie each visited Liam to make a case for either Hope or Steffy. Liam told everyone that he planned to marry Hope. Everyone gathered at Brooke's house for a wedding, and no one told Hope that Steffy hadn't signed the papers, so Hope was ready to be married. Brooke sent Ridge to encourage Steffy to sign the papers. When Ridge returned to his home, Hope was ready to walk down the aisle.
February 13 to February 17, 2012
At the last minute, Liam and Hope couldn't get married because Steffy had refused to sign the annulment papers. Hope went directly from her failed wedding to see Steffy. They threw chocolate from Taylor's chocolate fountain all over each other, destroying Hope's wedding gown. Liam persuaded Steffy to sign divorce papers. Steffy was convinced that Liam would return to her before the divorce was final in six months, but Liam said that he would marry Hope. At Forrester, Steffy and Rick were forced to work together on the Intimates line, and Rick romantically pursued Steffy with champagne and kisses. Rick supposedly persuaded Steffy to move past her relationship with Liam. Rick also supposedly persuaded Steffy to sign annulment papers. Rick delivered them to a surprised Liam and Hope.
February 20 to February 24, 2012
All the Forresters discovered that Steffy had tricked Rick into believing that she had signed the annulment papers. Hope was discouraged, but Liam suggested they could start their lives together without the benefit of marriage -- just living together. Hope wasn't ready to give up her role-model status, but Brooke encouraged her to rethink her decision. While Liam was alone at his place, Steffy called to ask him to visit her at her place. She had romance in mind. Bill visited Liam and told him that he needed to patch things up with Steffy. Rick continued to romantically pursue Steffy in the hopes of persuading her to let Liam go. Katie, Bill, Brooke, and Ridge went out to dinner together. Brooke and Katie agreed that Liam and Hope belonged together, while Ridge and Bill agreed Liam needed some time alone.
February 27 to March 2, 2012
Hope decided to live with Liam because, in her heart, they were married but had to wait six months for the legality of it -- only because Steffy would not sign the annulment papers. Liam was thrilled, but parents and grandparents had to weigh in. Bill tried to persuade Liam that he belonged with Steffy. Stephanie visited Liam to try to dissuade him from discarding his marriage with Steffy. Hope visited Steffy to tell her the news that Hope and Liam were moving in together. Liam followed and told Steffy that he planned to move on with Hope. Liam told Steffy that she needed to move on, as well. Steffy was heartbroken. Hope awaited her night of passion with Liam. Brooke and Ridge tried not to let Steffy and Hope get between them. Bridget and Owen announced to anyone who would listen that they did not belong together. Owen visited Jackie and said that he wanted to return to her. Bridget gave them her blessing.
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MARCH 2012
March 5 to March 9, 2012
Hope and Liam finally made love, but it didn't go well. Steffy's accusations of adultery echoed in Hope's head. Hope also recalled her press conferences where she announced to the world that she was saving herself for marriage. Afterwards, Liam said they had the rest of their lives to make love. Hope told Brooke about the situation, and Brooke took Hope to a therapist. Bill and Liam discussed that the evening hadn't been perfect, but Liam planned to marry Hope. Liam put on his sword necklace again. Eric and Stephanie decided to get married again in order to celebrate their anniversary. Brooke planned the anniversary event.
March 12 to March 16, 2012
Hope attended a therapy session to analyze why she was so afraid of intimacy. With Brooke in the room, Hope shared that Brooke had always been a sex symbol, and Hope did not want to be the same kind of person. The therapist prescribed some antianxiety medication for Hope. Liam made a romantic dinner for Hope, and she worried again about Steffy's accusations of adultery. Hope took one of the antianxiety pills, washed it down with some wine, and made love with Liam. She was relaxed and happy. Steffy almost gave Liam an annulment, but Bill talked her out of it. Bill advised Steffy to return to Aspen, and Steffy agreed. Steffy shared the news with Ridge and Brooke that she had planned an extended vacation in Aspen. Ridge was concerned, and Brooke suggested anywhere but Aspen.
March 19 to March 23, 2012
Steffy left for Aspen. Hope revealed all to her therapist, including Brooke's masked sexual debacle with Oliver. The therapist suggested that Hope's intimacy issues were much deeper than growing up with Brooke, the eternal sex symbol, as a mom. The therapist said that Deacon's lack of a role in her life could have had an influence on her issues. Marcus asked Dayzee to marry him at Dayzee's in front of a crowd that witnessed Liam and Hope kissing. One of the moms in the coffee shop laid into Hope for kissing a married man and being a hypocrite about her message to young girls. The woman's daughter caught the kiss on her phone and sent it viral. Stephanie was angry that Ridge had put so much into the Hope for the Future line. Ridge insisted that Hope leave Liam and return home. Both Liam and Hope refused to give up their living arrangements. Brooke, Ridge, Hope, Liam, and Bill tried to decide what to do about the media coverage because it damaged the Forrester name. Bill sent the photo to Steffy's phone and said that Liam would soon realize Hope was not the right woman for him. Brooke and Ridge planned an anniversary party for Eric and Stephanie.
March 26 to March 30, 2012
Hope argued with her therapist that she needed more antianxiety medication, but the therapist refused to prescribe more pills without another appointment. The Forrester family gathered to share memories and fun during an anniversary celebration. The entire Forrester clan worked to determine how they could counteract the bad publicity that had affected the Hope for the Future line after a young girl posted a photo of Liam and Hope kissing -- and the girl noted that Liam was still married. Brooke and Ridge advised Amber that her services were no longer needed to help Rick at Forrester because Caroline Spencer was joining the company and would be working on Rick's line. Rick was confused at first, and he begged Brooke and Ridge to reconsider. Amber resented being pushed aside by everyone. Rick met Caroline, daughter of Karen Spencer, and Caroline made quite an impression on Rick and everyone at Forrester. Caroline sympathized with and Hope and Liam's situation, much to Bill's surprise and Hope's relief.
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APRIL 2012
April 2 to April 6, 2012
Amber found a way to fill Hope's antianxiety pill bottle with prescription medication and made it look like Dr. Barton had filled it. Hope started taking the medication quite frequently and wondered why she needed it so often. She started getting dizzy. Steffy saw Hope take the medication and asked what it was. Hope said it was for her allergies. The Forrester family held a party to welcome Caroline Spencer to Los Angeles at Eric and Stephanie's home. Amber crashed the party with Rosey. Rick and Thomas were smitten with Caroline. Taylor pushed Thomas toward Caroline, and Brooke tried to persuade Rick that Caroline was a much better match for him, professionally and personally, than Amber. Rick pressured Brooke and Ridge to make Amber a Forrester employee, and they refused. Thomas persuaded everyone that he should be designing again. Thomas asked Ridge to allow him to work with Caroline. Thomas and Rick planned to compete for Caroline's attention poolside at the Forresters.
April 9 to April 13, 2012
Hope took too much antianxiety medication at a pool party with Thomas, Caroline, Rick, and Liam. Hope danced on the diving board and embarrassed Liam. When Thomas, Caroline, Rick, and Liam were watching a video, Hope passed out, fell into the pool, and nearly drowned. Liam saved her, and she inappropriately laughed it off. Everyone wanted Hope to go the hospital, but she refused. Hope's behavior frustrated Liam. Hope finally came clean to Liam that she had seen a psychiatrist and taken prescription antianxiety medication. Liam was supportive. Hope begged Liam to ask Steffy for an annulment again. He didn't think it was a good idea, but he agreed. Hope admitted to Amber that the medication had made her behave erratically. Hope visited Dr. Barton, who told Hope that she had never filled a prescription for the medication. Dr. Barton warned Hope to throw the pills away because she didn't know what they were or where they were from. Dayzee caught Amber buying prescription medication on a website, and warned her that it was extremely dangerous. Amber scoffed at Dayzee's advice. Taylor warned Steffy not to wait too long for Liam. Taylor lamented that she had waited most of her life for Ridge, and she had been disappointed. Steffy said she had faith in her marriage and was convinced that Liam would return to her.
April 16 to April 20, 2012
Amber admitted that she had given Hope the antianxiety pills -- not Dr. Barton. Hope and Amber struck a deal, and Amber gave Hope more pills even though Amber and Hope knew they were from an unreliable source on the Internet. Amber knew the site had been shut down because it was unsafe. Hope said the pills helped her, and she wanted to keep taking them. Brooke and Ridge wanted Rick to stop working with Amber, but Caroline defended Amber to everyone at Forrester. Brooke wanted Rick to work with Caroline and not with Amber. Caroline told Amber that she disagreed with the decision, and Amber thanked her. Amber knew Rick and Caroline had planned a date. Amber worked some magic with Photoshop and made it look like Rick liked to wear dresses. Amber showed the photo to Caroline, and that put the kibosh on Rick's date with Caroline. Thomas swooped in and snagged a date with Caroline ... and a kiss. Steffy met up with Liam, who was waiting for Hope. Liam and Steffy shared some memories and some laughs. Hope never showed up. Steffy kissed Liam, and refused to give up on their marriage. At home, Hope took a pill and passed out after she saw that Liam still had all his and Steffy's wedding photos on his laptop. Hope admitted to Liam that she had taken pills that Amber had purchased on the Internet. Liam was angry and insisted she stop taking the pills. Hope said she felt like she was living Steffy's life in Steffy's house.
April 23 to April 27, 2012
Liam asked Hope to attend Aspen Fashion Week with him, and Hope excitedly agreed. She also promised to no longer take the antianxiety medication. Brooke, Steffy, and Rick warned that Aspen was a media fest, but Hope insisted she would hide out at Bill's private estate. Bill, meanwhile, had Aspen insiders, Oliver and Ramona, working to undermine Hope's privacy. Bill told his people it was his mission not to give Hope a minute's peace and to drive her over the edge with media coverage. Oliver and Ramona announced cash bonuses to all media for coverage of Hope. Steffy reiterated to Liam that he belonged with Steffy because his life with Hope would always be fraught with drama. While Liam was working in Aspen, Hope was shopping, covered in a hat, but media tracked her down and hounded her. Rick's friend, Othello, took Hope to the Spencer retreat, but photographers followed and shot photos through the windows. A shaken Hope found the antianxiety medication bottle in her bag and stared at it amid the noise of the media right outside her window.
April 30 to May 4, 2012
The press trapped Hope in Bill's Aspen compound. During a panic attack, she downed one of her leftover pills. A photographer snapped a picture of her doing so and sent it to Bill. Steffy alerted Liam that Hope was under siege by the press. When Liam arrived at the house, the press had gone, and the spaced-out Hope wanted to go skiing. Steffy was already on the slopes, and in an inebriated stupor, Hope plowed into Steffy. Hope left Steffy there, not realizing that Steffy had a knee injury. Liam rescued Steffy and then berated Hope for being careless. Hope admitted to taking a pill, and Liam called into question her ability to handle being his wife. Liam took Steffy to the compound to recover and was surprised to see that Hope had left for Los Angeles without telling him. Steffy shocked him by giving him signed annulment papers, but after sharing poignant moments with her, he shocked her by ripping up the papers and kissing her. In L.A., Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie, and Taylor were all worried about the trio and the outcome of the trip. When Hope arrived home, she and Brooke had a counseling session with Dr. Barton. Hope owned up to her mistakes and decided that it was best to move out of the cliff house until she and Liam were married.
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MAY 2012
May 7 to May 11, 2012
Steffy told Ridge that Liam had signed the annulment papers, and Liam had torn them up. Liam also told Bill the same thing, but no one told Hope, who started planning a wedding in Italy. Bill insisted that Liam needed to reevaluate his plans for marriage. Steffy told Ridge that she was certain she would end up with Liam. Brooke wanted Ridge to design a wedding gown for Hope, but he refused because it would hurt Steffy. Ridge added that he didn't think Liam would end up with Hope. At Forrester, Steffy told Stephanie that she had signed the annulment papers and Liam had torn them up. Brooke overheard that Liam had signed the papers but missed the rest of the conversation. Brooke excitedly approached Stephanie and said that she couldn't wait to share the news with Hope. Stephanie warned against it. Stephanie snarked that Liam had torn up the papers. Brooke couldn't believe it. Stephanie added that Liam might not marry Hope after all, because it was clear that Hope was unstable. Stephanie added that Hope's instability was understandable because she was a product of Deacon and Brooke.
May 14 to May 18, 2012
Brooke blasted Liam about tearing up the annulment papers that Steffy had signed, but Liam said he refused to act like his marriage to Steffy had never happened. Liam asked Brooke not to tell Hope about the papers, and Brooke agreed. Steffy, Liam, Ridge, Stephanie, and Brooke had all been informed of the papers that Steffy had signed and Liam had destroyed. Speaking of secrets, Caroline introduced Thomas to her two mothers, Karen and Dani, at an awkward dinner party at Karen's new beach house, located close to Bill and Katie's place. Karen insisted that no one could ever tell Bill, who later visited Karen. Bill saw all the photos of Karen and Dani in the house, and warned that people might get the wrong idea about her and Dani. Thomas and Caroline grew closer and kissed, and Caroline introduced Thomas as her boyfriend. Hope discovered that Amber had convinced Caroline that Rick was a cross-dresser. Hope shared the cross-dressing news with Rick when Hope interrupted Amber's seduction of Rick. Hope also dished to Rick that Amber had purchased drugs for Hope online. Rick was furious. Amber tearfully apologized for everything and reminded Rick how much she loved him. Amber had given him her kidney and built a new Forrester fashion line with him. Rick told Amber that he never wanted to see her again. Katie shared news of her own. Katie told Bill that she was pregnant, but Bill insisted she would have to have an abortion.
May 21 to May 25, 2012
Bill emotionally confessed to Katie that he was terrified that he would lose Katie if she were pregnant. He didn't think it was safe for her to be pregnant because of her heart transplant and heart problems. Katie tried to calm his fears. Brooke told Katie about the annulment papers that Steffy had signed and Liam had destroyed. Ridge, Bill, Stephanie, Steffy, Brooke, and Katie all knew about the papers. Steffy told everyone that she was convinced Liam wouldn't end their marriage, but she was prepared if he did. Dr. Barton suggested that Hope should reach out to her father, Deacon Sharpe, to deal with her abandonment issues. Bill listened in on Hope's entire session with Dr. Barton, thanks to a listening device he'd had Alison plant in the office. Bill and Justin visited Deacon, who was in jail. Bill offered Deacon a deal to get out of jail as long as Deacon did something for Bill that had to do with Hope. Deacon refused, but Bill bribed the warden. Deacon agreed. Ridge refused to design Hope's wedding gown because it would hurt Steffy. Brooke told Hope that Eric would design the gown. Hope said that she might want Deacon to walk her down he aisle, but Brooke frantically urged her to avoid Deacon.
May 28 to June 1, 2012
Bill and Justin met with Deacon, who was in prison in Genoa City. Bill told Justin that Bill would get Deacon out if Deacon were needed to stop Liam and Hope's wedding. Bill said he would do anything to make sure the wedding didn't happen. Marcus overheard a portion of Justin and Bill's conversation via phone because Justin mistakenly dialed Marcus but was unaware of it. Marcus confronted Justin about what he had heard, but Justin told Marcus he would not discuss it. Liam lit candles and put out flowers at his home, and he invited Steffy over in the last hours of their marriage before the divorce was final. Steffy was sure that Liam would tell Steffy he wanted to remarry her, but Liam said nothing and looked conflicted. Hope decided she wanted to meet her biological father -- something Dr. Barton encouraged. After Ridge refused to design Hope's wedding gown, Hope realized Ridge would also not walk her down the aisle. Hope decided she might ask Deacon. Brooke visited Dr. Barton and said that Deacon would break Hope's heart. Bill interviewed Danielle for a job, and Bill told Karen that Danielle had hit on him during the entire interview. He worried it would be awkward to have her working for him.
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JUNE 2012
June 4 to June 8, 2012
In Liam's candlelit living room, minutes before his divorce was final with Steffy, it was unclear what Liam would do. Hope interrupted with a video call. She was wearing a Forrester wedding gown, and Liam told her that he loved her. Steffy saw it and realized that her marriage was over because she knew Liam would not disappoint Hope. She ended the marriage. Liam looked confused. Liam told Bill about it, and Bill went ballistic but later agreed to be Liam's best man. Stephanie visited Liam to tell him he didn't have to marry Hope because everyone knew Liam still loved Steffy. Liam again looked confused. Bill put his plan into action to get Deacon out of jail to stop Liam and Hope's wedding. Hope asked Steffy to join them at the wedding, and Steffy refused, but Bill persuaded Steffy to attend the wedding because he said Liam could change his mind. Brooke, Ridge, Hope, Liam, and Steffy traveled to Italy together. Bill took his own jet and made a stop in Genoa City to pick up Deacon.
June 11 to June 15, 2012
Bill, Alison, and Deacon traveled to Italy, where Hope, Liam, Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke had already checked into the resort. Bill hid Deacon and Alison at a farmhouse. Liam and Hope explored Puglia, and enjoyed romance throughout the week. Brooke and Ridge visited the olive groves, where Ridge presented Brooke with an engagement ring. Brooke flashed back to the first time Ridge had proposed to her when she'd fished the engagement ring out of her champagne glass. Steffy was miserable watching all the romance around her, but Bill persuaded her to stay because Bill was convinced that Liam would change his mind at the altar, and Bill wanted Steffy to be there. Alison told Deacon that he had a wonderful daughter and that Hope and Liam were very much in love. Deacon said that he hated to hurt his daughter, but he hated prison more. Bill planned for Deacon to see Hope before her wedding.
June 18 to June 22, 2012
When the wedding day finally arrived, Bill, Liam, Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke waited at the church for Hope. Deacon delayed Hope. They shared some emotional time together. Deacon admitted he was an ex-con, and Hope told him how difficult it had been never seeing him or hearing from him. Deacon explained that Brooke had ordered him out of Hope's life, and it had been for the best. Bill and Alison sabotaged Hope's attempts to get to the wedding. They bribed the limo driver to leave her at the hotel, and Deacon stole her phone. Hope hitched a ride with a gardener, but Alison arranged to have the streets in the village blocked. Hope ran to the church only to find Liam had left. He had returned to the hotel to find Hope and instead had found a note that Alison had written that said, "I love you, but I can't do this. I'm sorry." Liam was furious because he figured Hope had written it to him. Steffy showed up, and Liam said that he couldn't handle Hope's problems. Steffy said Hope might have taken a pill. Bill called and told Liam that he had arranged for Liam and Steffy to leave on his private jet. Liam told Steffy it was a new beginning for the two of them. They kissed passionately. Later, Hope pounded on the door, and Liam opened the door. He looked confused. Hope explained everything, and Liam still appeared confused and conflicted. Hope insisted that they marry immediately. Liam reluctantly agreed. Hope left to freshen up. After Hope closed the door, Steffy emerged from Liam's bathroom, with tears in her eyes.
June 25 to June 29, 2012
After Hope had explained to Liam what prevented her from getting to the wedding on time, she told Liam that the note he had found had to have been from her father. Hope left Liam alone to get ready for the wedding. Steffy had been hiding in the bathroom, and she overheard the conversation. She realized that Hope would never have left Liam. Steffy and Liam shared a passionate kiss and said goodbye. Liam and Hope finally married on a bluff overlooking the water. The villagers cheered. Brooke and Ridge spoke about how much they loved Hope, and they both welcomed Liam into the family. Bill publicly apologized to Hope for all that he had done. Later in Los Angeles, Bill and Katie met with the doctor and shared some emotional time at the doctor's office where they discovered that Katie was pregnant with a boy. Bill said that he owed his life to Katie. Katie discovered that Karen and Danielle were a couple, and Karen promised to tell Bill about it. Caroline encouraged Thomas to move out of his mother's home. At Forrester, Steffy admitted to Taylor that she and and Liam had almost gotten back together. Steffy explained the confusion about the note that Deacon had left, but she added that Liam had pledged his love to Steffy. If they had left the hotel before Hope had arrived, Liam and Steffy would have been married. Taylor asked if anything more had happened between Liam and Steffy, and Steffy looked thoughtful.
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JULY 2012
July 2 to June 6, 2012
Steffy told Taylor that she and Liam had made out in Italy before Liam married Hope, but they had not made love. Steffy begged Taylor to keep the secret. Steffy and Liam talked, and Steffy promised to tell no one of their intimate encounter. Liam told Steffy that he loved her and would always love her. Taylor told Ridge that Steffy and Liam belonged together, and Ridge told Taylor to give it up because everyone, including Steffy, supported Hope's marriage to Liam. Brooke and Katie discovered the video of Liam and Steffy kissing and rolling around on the bed in Italy. Brooke and Katie couldn't tell if Steffy and Liam had done the deed because the video stopped. Brooke confronted Liam about his time in his suite with Steffy. She questioned Liam about his commitment to Hope, but Hope interrupted and asked what was going on. Thomas and Caroline grew closer. Karen told Bill about her relationship with Danielle. Bill said that he supported her. He reiterated that she was his family, and so was Danielle.
July 9 to June 13, 2012
Steffy, Taylor, Brooke, Katie, Ridge, and Liam all knew that Steffy and Liam had made out in Italy before Liam married Hope. Brooke told Liam that if Liam didn't tell Hope about it, Brooke would tell her. Ridge disagreed, but Brooke would not back down. Steffy deleted the incriminating video of Steffy and Liam's tryst that was on Hope's iPad, but Steffy also emailed the video to herself. Liam told Steffy that he would always love her, but Liam told Ridge that he loved and married Hope and planned to honor his vows. Marcus and Dayzee planned their wedding at the Forrester mansion, and Dayzee selected a wedding dress that Thomas had designed for Hope's new bridal line. Marcus seemed nervous about selecting a wedding date. Liam tried to tell Hope about his time with Steffy before their wedding, but Hope had to start her fashion show. Hope introduced her new bridal line to the media, and she asked a nervous Liam to join her on stage. After the show, Liam told Hope that he had been alone with Steffy in his hotel room in Italy when he found the note that he thought Hope had written. He stammered about believing that Hope had left him, and Hope looked concerned. "Liam, what did you do?" Hope asked.
July 16 to June 20, 2012
Liam finally dished to Hope that he and Steffy had "kissed" in Italy, but he neglected to tell Hope that he and Steffy had almost made love. Steffy watched the video repeatedly on her phone, and Liam watched with her, but he persuaded her to delete the video. Hope never learned about the video, and Brooke promised not to tell her. Hope was upset with Liam and Steffy, but she told them both that she had forgiven them and wanted to forget all about their actions in Italy. Marcus and Dayzee scheduled their wedding at the Forrester mansion, and the Forresters held a shower for Dayzee at Dayzee's. Marcus was obsessed with texting people, to the irritation of everyone. While texting Dayzee, Marcus ran into Anthony with his car, and Anthony ended up bloody and unconscious in the hospital under Dr. Meade's care. Thomas showed up to assist Marcus. The Baker boys were in charge of investigating the accident, and they allowed Marcus to leave for his wedding. Later, the Bakers discovered that Marcus had been using his phone right before he had called 9-1-1 for help. Dayzee and Marcus' wedding started at the Forrester mansion, and it progressed without anyone telling Dayzee or anyone else what had happened to Anthony. The wedding was nearly over when the Baker boys showed up at the mansion.
July 23 to June 27, 2012
Thomas and Caroline bonded over keeping Anthony's accident from Dayzee until after her wedding. The day after the wedding, Marcus finally dished to Dayzee that he had hit Anthony with his car and Anthony was in the hospital. Marcus and Dayzee visited Anthony, and Anthony wanted Marcus arrested. The Baker boys complied despite Dayzee's pleas with Anthony and the police. Hope and Liam bonded after Hope had forgiven him when he told her his version of what had happened with Steffy in Italy, but the bonding didn't last long. Brooke had downloaded the Steffy and Liam video to her computer by mistake, and Hope saw it. Hope freaked out on Brooke after Hope realized that Brooke had known all along about the video and what Liam had done with Steffy. Brooke told Hope to let it go because Liam obviously loved Hope enough to marry her. Hope was furious and confronted Liam, but Liam told Hope not to overreact because nothing had happened between him and Steffy. Liam promised they would get through their problems, but Hope wasn't so sure. Steffy continued to recall her passionate moments with Liam. Brooke told Steffy that Hope had seen the video, and Steffy realized that Hope and Liam's marriage might not survive.
July 30 to August 3, 2012
Anthony had insisted that the police charge Marcus, and they did, much to Daisy's chagrin. During a hearing before a judge, Marcus admitted that he had been text messaging in the car. Marcus had to stay in jail. Thomas and Caroline discovered that the damage to Marcus' car was not consistent with hitting a person. Marcus had a flat tire and a bent rim, and Thomas had the exact same damage after hitting a pothole outside of Dayzee's. Caroline and Thomas checked the security camera video from Dayzee's and raced to the hearing to share what they had discovered about Anthony's accident. Hope confronted Liam and Steffy after she discovered the video. Liam begged Hope for forgiveness, but Hope said she needed time. Hope confronted Steffy, and Hope said she hated Steffy, who told Hope to get over it. Steffy told Hope to return to Liam, but Hope said that Liam and Steffy had a connection, and she couldn't forgive them. Steffy visited Liam and told him that Hope was behaving like a child because she wouldn't forgive them. Steffy told Liam that it was time for him to leave Hope, and start a life with Steffy. Liam seemed conflicted. Brooke warned Hope that Steffy would pursue Liam if Hope left him, but Hope didn't care. Hope said she needed time away from Liam.
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August 6 to August 10, 2012
Caroline and Thomas discovered that someone had hit Anthony before Marcus arrived on the scene, and Marcus was innocent. Marcus was set free, and Anthony apologized for falsely accusing Marcus of hitting him with his car. Steffy pursued Liam and told Ridge and Taylor that she planned a life with Liam because Hope and Liam were feuding again. Rick tried to persuade Hope that Liam wasn't worth her efforts because Liam was hung up on Steffy. Liam reminisced about his time with Hope, and he realized how much he had missed her. Steffy tried to persuade Liam that Hope wasn't the right woman for him. Steffy finally gave Liam an ultimatum to get back together with Hope or plan a life with Steffy. Liam and Hope patched things up and planned yet another wedding. Liam told Steffy that he loved Hope and planned a life with her, but Steffy persisted in trying to persuade Liam that he belonged with Steffy and not Hope.
August 13 to August 17, 2012
Liam and Hope agreed to marry at Stephanie's. Ridge and Brooke helped to persuade Eric and Stephanie to allow it. Steffy kidnapped Liam, and they danced and partied all night. The next day, Steffy took Liam to the beach. He was supposed to meet Hope for dinner, but Hope stayed with Stephanie because she went into a coughing fit. Liam was angry and left. He met Steffy at a bar and partied again all night. He awoke with multi-colored hair and a henna tattoo -- all hours before he was supposed to marry Hope. Liam arrived to marry Hope, and he explained that he had partied all night. He apologized for the hair and tattoo -- but Hope suddenly asked if he had been with Steffy.
August 20 to August 24, 2012
After Liam showed up for his wedding with multicolored hair and a tattoo, he told Hope that he had been partying. He apologized, but when it came out that he had been with Steffy, Hope called off the wedding. Liam begged -- on his hands and knees, in his underwear, in front of all the wedding guests -- for Hope to reconsider. Hope refused. Hope said that Liam clearly was not ready to be married. Bill later laid into Liam for begging and also told Liam that he was not ready to be married, especially to a little girl like Hope. Brooke told Hope to reconsider. Steffy told everyone that nothing had happened with Liam while they had partied. Rick got into the act and asked Othello, the disc jockey, to lie to Hope. Rick wanted Othello to tell Hope that Steffy and Liam had been all over each other. Hope arrived and asked Othello what he knew. Steffy and Liam met at the coffeehouse. Steffy tried to convince Liam to leave Hope. Liam said that he still wanted to marry Hope, and he left. Steffy recalled all her passionate times with Liam.
August 27 to August 31, 2012
Rick persuaded Othello to lie to Hope and tell her that Steffy and Liam had been all over each other at the club the night before Liam and Hope were supposed to be married. Rick also pushed Thomas to take care of Hope. While Thomas was busy with Hope, Rick pursued Caroline, but Caroline showed no interest. Taylor encouraged Steffy to pursue Liam because his relationship with Hope was over, but Steffy said that Liam had told her that he loved Hope and wanted a life with her. Hope told Liam that they were done. Liam turned to Steffy and found her at the beach, where Liam and Steffy spent another day together. Liam and Steffy returned to Liam's. Steffy asked Liam to move in with her. Hope showed up with Thomas to move Hope's things. Liam claimed he didn't understand why she had ended their relationship. Hope explained that she was tired of Liam loving two women. She told him to move on with Steffy because she was sick of him turning to Steffy every time they hit a rough patch. Thomas thought about a relationship with Hope. Liam spent some time alone.
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September 3 to September 7, 2012
Hope called a press conference to announce that her relationship with Liam and her bridal line were over. Rick and Thomas intervened during the press conference. Rick said that Liam wasn't worthy of his sister, and Rick announced that Thomas would be working as a designer on the Hope for the Future line. Thomas joined Hope at the microphone and kissed her -- sparking a buzz among the media and anger in Caroline. Later, Rick hugged Caroline. Liam watched the press conference with Bill, Katie, and Steffy. Bill badmouthed Hope, but Liam raced over to see Hope. Liam told his father that he loved Hope, and Liam didn't care what Bill thought of him. At Hope's office, Liam told Hope that he had been crushed when he saw Thomas kiss her. Hope told him that she knew how it felt. Liam begged Hope to try again with him, but Hope refused. She insisted that he had cheated on her with Steffy the night before their wedding. She was tired of him loving two women. Liam insisted he had not cheated. Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie discussed Brooke and Ridge's wedding and planned it at Stephanie's home.
September 10 to September 14, 2012
Liam wanted to get back together with Hope, but Hope tearfully told Liam that she didn't love him anymore. She said that she had fallen in love with Liam Cooper, not Liam Spencer. Hope said that Liam seemed too much like his father. Hope refused to get involved with Liam when he was in love with two women. Hope said she deserved better. Bill tried to get Liam to stop feeling sorry for himself, and Steffy helped. Steffy promised Liam that when he was ready, they would have a wonderful love story. Caroline informed Hope that Thomas was not available because he was in a relationship with Caroline. Hope said that she and Thomas were friends. Hope said she had no idea why Thomas had kissed her during the press conference, and Hope encouraged Caroline to talk to Thomas about it because Hope did not plan on having a relationship with Thomas. Rick tried to persuade Caroline to forget about Thomas, but Caroline wasn't interested. Brooke and Ridge married at Eric and Stephanie's home, with flashbacks of all their other weddings. Brooke and Stephanie flashed back to good and bad times, and they tearfully promised to be family. Brooke and Ridge left on a honeymoon. Thorne visited Taylor, and they kissed. Taylor said that she was ready to move on from Ridge.
September 17 to September 21, 2012
Bill persuaded Liam to man up, and Liam turned into a mini-Bill who treated employees badly. Caroline told Liam to stop behaving like a child and get back with Hope. Liam visited Hope, and Hope admitted that she still loved Liam, but she couldn't stand them hurting one another anymore. Taylor told Liam that he needed to mourn the loss of his marriage before he could move on. Liam sobbed and later visited Steffy, who was elated to see him. Deacon returned and visited Hope. Deacon had been concerned when he had seen Hope's press conference. He wondered why she and Liam had parted. Hope shared the entire story of how Hope had been with Steffy in both Italy and in Los Angeles. Hope was glad to see her father. Deacon visited Bill and threatened to expose everything that Bill had done in Italy to keep Liam and Hope apart. Bill warned that Deacon would be back in prison, but Deacon added that Bill would be in the cell next door. Katie overheard the entire conversation and confronted Bill. Katie went into premature labor. At the hospital, the doctor warned that Katie's heart couldn't handle the stress, and none of it was good for the baby. The doctor encouraged Bill to get Katie to calm down. The doctor said that a C-section to deliver the baby might be necessary, but it was dangerous to both Katie and the baby. Bill worked hard to calm Katie.
September 24 to September 28, 2012
Katie went into labor, and the doctors determined they had to perform a C-section in order to save both Katie and the baby. Katie told Bill he had to stop controlling Liam's life. She said she would not let him control the baby's life, and she made him promise. Bill agreed, and Katie insisted on staying awake for the delivery because she worried she would not survive. She wanted to see Bill hold the baby, and she did. Katie had a heart attack, and the doctors performed CPR. While the doctors worked, Katie thought she saw Storm, who told her it was not her time yet. Katie recovered. Hope and Liam bonded in the waiting room, waiting for word on Katie. Later, Liam said they were meant to be together, but Hope refused because she would not share him with Steffy. Liam left to spend time with Steffy. Bill bought Taylor's house and moved his family into the home. Donna visited. Rick continued to pursue Caroline, but she showed little interest.
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October 1 to October 5, 2012
Katie shared her concerns with Bill about how he had risked his family to keep Liam and Hope apart. Katie said she would not let Bill control the baby's life the way he had controlled Liam's life. Steffy and Liam spent time in an obscure cabin on Brooke's property, and they made love. Donna saw Steffy and Liam together in the cabin. Hope told Donna that she couldn't trust Liam, but she regretted that she had told Liam that she didn't want to get back together. Hope worried that she had sent Liam to Steffy. Donna acknowledged that Steffy had always been a problem and always would be. Hope and Donna agreed that Hope's relationship with Liam was over. Brooke returned from her honeymoon to visit Katie and the baby, but Ridge was not with her. Brooke said that Ridge planned to name an interim CEO. When Katie asked what had happened with Ridge, Brooke had a panic attack. At Forrester, Eric read an email from Ridge that announced that Thomas was the interim CEO. Rick freaked out. Rick and Thomas fought, and Thomas sent Rick flying through the front window at Forrester.
October 8 to October 12, 2012
Caroline told Thomas she didn't like the way he treated Rick, and Caroline and Rick grew closer. Brooke explained that Ridge had discovered that Brooke had sent text messages to Deacon to keep Deacon away from Hope. Brooke had lied about contacting Deacon to Ridge, and Ridge had said it was the last straw. He had left Brooke and visited R.J. at boarding school. Brooke met with Stephanie, and they bonded. Stephanie said that Ridge would return, but he was furious that Brooke had lied to him repeatedly. Bill begged Brooke to help him with Katie, who was distant and detached from both Bill and Will. Brooke forced Bill to tell her what he had done. Bill admitted that he had bribed the warden to get Deacon out of jail and had taken him to Italy. Deacon visited Bill and demanded a job, but Bill warned that Deacon had better disappear or he would be dead. Stephanie had a coughing attack, and she and Eric went to her doctor. They received bad news that the cancer had spread. Stephanie had little time left. Stephanie begged Eric to keep the news a secret. Hope got Steffy to admit that Steffy and Liam had slept together. Liam visited Hope at Brooke's place. Hope asked if Liam would marry Steffy soon, and Liam said that they had no immediate plans. Liam reminded Hope that he had wanted to be Hope's husband. Hope said that what Liam wanted to do and what he had done were two different things. Hope brought up Amber, Italy, and nights at the club with Steffy. Hope said that she and Liam loved each other but couldn't be together. Liam left, and Hope cried.
October 15 to October 19, 2012
Katie continued to be despondent. Bill and Brooke tried to help Katie, but they realized Katie needed professional help. Taylor showed up and acknowledged that Katie had suffered emotional, physical, and mental trauma because she had given birth and had suffered a near-death experience. Taylor explained that Katie's hormones were also at work, and it was not unusual for Katie to feel distant from the baby. Taylor said that it was a coping mechanism for Katie to distance herself from the baby and Bill because Katie subconsciously feared that she would die and leave Will without a mother and Bill without a wife. Katie realized that Taylor was right. Steffy and Liam passionately professed their love for one another, and they told Taylor how happy they were. Rick realized that he should never have lied to Hope about Steffy and Liam being together because Hope was miserable without Liam, but it was too late. Rick almost admitted what he had done, but he checked himself and told Hope that Hope was better off without Liam. Eric and Stephanie discussed the news that her cancer had returned, and Eric wanted to have a party to honor her life. Stephanie agreed. Stephanie added that she wanted to break the news to loved ones in her own way. Stephanie told Brooke, and they shared emotional moments with many memories and flashbacks. Stephanie said that Ridge would return. Stephanie told Pam the news, and they shared memories of their mother. They joked, and they discussed that Stephanie would always watch out for Pam -- even in the afterlife. Stephanie added that she wanted to die as their mother had -- not in a hospital, but rather, surrounded by loved ones.
October 22 to October 26, 2012
Stephanie hand-delivered party invitations and broke the news that she was dying of cancer to Thorne, Steffy, and Taylor, who were moved to tears as they reminisced with Stephanie. When Stephanie told Donna, Donna put on a spiteful façade to mask her sadness. Stephanie called to invite Sally to the party. Fabio answered the phone, and Stephanie didn't have the heart to break her news through him. Rick admitted to Caroline that he'd sabotaged Liam and Hope, and Caroline left it up to Rick to make it right with the couple. Brooke confided in Bill about her breakup with Ridge and about Stephanie's cancer resurgence, and she forgave Bill for his involvement with Deacon. While with Dr. Meade and Taylor, Katie became convinced that her heart would give out and that she'd die and leave Will motherless. As Bill, Taylor, and Brooke sought ways to help Katie with her depression, Katie devised a plan to leave Will before he could get attached to her. Katie tried to walk out on her life through her front door, but when Brooke and Bill refused to let her leave, Katie escaped out the nursery window.
October 29 to November 2, 2012
Stephanie and Eric traveled down the memory lane of their marriage and then spent time with Dayzee, who was distraught over Stephanie's diagnosis. Bill tracked Katie's cell phone location to Aspen and asked Brooke to travel there with him. Liam had planned to surprise Steffy with a trip to Hawaii, but Bill commandeered the jet and took Liam, Steffy, Brooke, and Will to Aspen. At the Spencer compound in Aspen, Bill found an envelope Katie had asked her assistant to stealthily leave on the doorstep. In it, Bill found Katie's cell phone, her ring, and a note requesting a divorce. As Bill grappled with his feelings, he went into a bedroom to spend alone time with Will. Later, Brooke found Bill in a deep sleep beside an empty bottle of prescription pills. Taylor found Katie in Taylor's living room, and Katie revealed that she'd sent Bill on a wild goose chase to Aspen to buy herself time to get away. Taylor tried to reason with Katie, but Katie insisted that she had to leave so save Will the pain of grieving his mother. Believing she'd soon die, Katie took off and rented herself a grungy apartment to waste away in. To Rick's dismay, Thomas held a meeting announcing his plans to revamp Forrester Creations to appeal to a younger clientele. Thomas also unveiled his new line, Caroline by Thomas Forrester, and he pulled Caroline off Rick's team to work side-by-side with Thomas.
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November 5 to November 9, 2012
Hope set Caroline straight about trying to play Rick and Thomas against each other, and then Hope sent Rick the picture of Caroline and Thomas' embrace. When Rick asked Caroline where he stood with her, she revealed that she loved him. Brooke splashed cold water on Bill, who awakened with a start and barked that he was simply exhausted, not suicidal as Brooke had assumed. Liam and Steffy went parasailing and then babysat Will while Bill and Brooke took a hot air balloon ride that an unknown person in Los Angeles had booked. The foursome and Will returned home the day of Stephanie's party. Brooke was anxious about seeing Ridge at the event, so Bill offered to accompany her there for moral support. Katie and Taylor continued their rigorous debate about Katie's postpartum depression, to no avail. When Katie tried to pump Taylor for information about Brooke and Bill's Aspen trip, Taylor refused to give it unless she received Katie's callback number first. After Steffy and Liam told Taylor about the mysterious balloon ride reservation, Taylor promptly called Katie to say that her plans to unite Brooke and Bill wouldn't work, and Katie needed to return home. Kristen and Felicia arrived at the Forrester mansion, and Stephanie revealed that she and Eric were going away after the party. Stephanie was suspicious of Pam and Eric's behavior during the party preparations. Eric admitted that he'd cancelled Stephanie's chamber music and caterer because he was doing things his way that evening.
November 12 to November 16, 2012
Stephanie's party was filled with joy and tears as her loved ones celebrated her life with live Celtic performances and dancing. Stephanie revealed her plan to leave for parts unknown after the party, and the family was shocked to realize that it was the last time they'd ever see Stephanie alive. Stephanie said farewell to her family and traveled to Big Bear with Eric, who cared for her as her condition deteriorated. Liam comforted Steffy about her grandmother and offered her a key to the cliff house. Taylor was frustrated that patient confidentiality was prohibiting her from warning Bill and Brooke about Katie's plan. Sensing that Katie's plan was working, Taylor implored Brooke not to do to Katie's marriage what Brooke had done to Taylor's marriage to Ridge. Offended, Brooke smacked Taylor in the face. Though Brooke found Taylor's assertions to be absurd, Brooke heard stallions neighing when she accidentally got an eyeful of the naked and freshly showered Bill. Katie anonymously ordered takeout from Dayzee's and showed up in disguise to retrieve it. Taylor recognized Katie and followed her back to the hideout to implore her to return to her home before Brooke seduced Bill.
November 19 to November 23, 2012
Eric cared for Stephanie at Big Bear until Rick called to say Thomas had called an emergency vote on his agenda. Eric didn't want to leave Stephanie's side, but confident that Brooke would be there for her, Stephanie urged him to go to the meeting. Brooke rushed to be with Stephanie and made her as comfortable as possible as her condition deteriorated. Though Thomas had the votes necessary to put through his plans, Eric put his foot down and said they'd test Thomas' ideas at one boutique instead of revamping the entire chain at once. Katie experienced a major breakthrough in her depression when Taylor forced her to go to the hospital for tests. Katie figured out that she wasn't at death's door, and light entered her eyes when she saw Donna and Will outside her hospital room. Steffy agreed to move back in with Liam; however, she wanted to hang on to her independence and her loft in town.
November 26 to November 30, 2012
Stephanie gave her engagement ring to Brooke and passed away in Brooke's arms. News of the death quickly reached the family, who gathered together to grieve in the absence of a funeral. Bill rushed to be with Brooke at Big Bear, and overwhelmed with emotion, the two kissed. They returned to Bill's estate, where they were shocked to see that Katie had returned to reclaim her life with Bill. Taylor told Brooke about Katie's plan to unite Brooke and Bill in a relationship. Brooke avoided admitting to Taylor that anything had happened between her and Bill, but Brooke couldn't help daydreaming about her time with him. Bill threw a welcome home party for Katie, and Caroline overheard Katie and Bill discussing what he'd done with Deacon in Italy. Rick advised her to consider all the repercussions before telling Hope and Liam the truth about it. As Liam admitted to Caroline that he was happy with Steffy, Hope realized she still hadn't moved on from him.
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December 3 to December 7, 2012
Bill and Brooke discussed the kiss they'd shared. Though it had felt magical, they agreed to never speak of it again. Hope and Liam discussed where they stood after their breakup, and Liam explained that he'd let go after she'd refused him for the last time. Caroline told Steffy and Liam that Hope still loved him, but he assured Steffy that it didn't change anything. Caroline and Rick confronted Bill about his role in sabotaging the Italy wedding, but Bill and Brooke talked the duo into keeping quiet for the time being. After a frank talk with Hope, Caroline rushed into Liam's office, but Bill stopped her from saying anything to Liam. Later, Caroline returned and revealed the truth to a person sitting in Liam's chair with his back to the door. Thomas and Taylor figured that the stock that Stephanie had willed to Thomas would give him the unquestionable authority to run Forrester. Brooke and Rick appealed to Eric to challenge it, but he was powerless to do anything. Tempers flared in a meeting in which Thomas exerted his power as the interim CEO and majority stockholder. Eric discovered a video that Stephanie had made before her death. In it, she informed the family that a loophole in the company's original incorporation gave her the power to name a permanent CEO.
December 10 to December 14, 2012
In Stephanie's video about her final wishes, Stephanie nullified Thomas' trust and left her Forrester holdings to her husband. Thomas and Taylor were devastated by the news, and Thomas' attorney advised against challenging the decision. Eric decided to put a halt to the changes Thomas had been implementing at Forrester, and as the family factions bickered over who should control the business, Eric devised a catwalk competition to determine who'd help him run Forrester -- Brooke's kids or Taylor's. Caroline was shocked to discover she'd confessed the truth to Bill, not Liam, and Bill revealed that he'd sent Liam on an extended business trip away from Caroline's guilty conscience. Bill hoped he and Caroline would be on the same page by the time Liam returned. Taylor secretly overheard Bill and Brooke talking about the kiss they'd shared. Bill's "Spencer senses" tingled, and he sensed that Taylor suspected him and Brooke. While Brooke was assuring Bill that there was no way Taylor knew anything, Taylor was telling the information to an incredulous Katie.
December 17 to December 21, 2012
Taylor revealed to Katie that she'd overhead Brooke and Bill conspiring to keep their kiss from Katie. When Taylor told Bill what she'd done, he scolded her for her unprofessionalism. Katie confronted Brooke about having feelings for Bill, but Bill intervened to help Katie understand that his closeness with Brooke had occurred partly due to Katie's actions. Katie acknowledged her role in the issue, and the three decided to never speak of it again. Brooke and Taylor hashed it out about Taylor telling Katie about the kiss, and Brooke informed Taylor that Katie didn't believe Brooke was after Bill. Caroline and Rick exchanged barbs with Steffy over the showdown, and Steffy told Taylor to cut Brooke some slack because Katie had manipulated Brooke and Bill. To Bill, Steffy expressed that Hope still cared for Liam, and Bill began to worry about Caroline keeping her mouth shut. As Hope coped with her sadness over Liam, Rick finally confessed that he and Othello had lied to her about Liam and Steffy making out at the club. Hope rushed to find Liam and tell him the truth. When she located Liam outside at Bill's house, she kissed him.
December 24 to December 28, 2012
Caroline looked forward to her first Forrester holiday with Rick, and Taylor's family decided to volunteer at a shelter in Stephanie's honor. Pam tried to carry on the family holiday tradition at the mansion, but the heartbroken Eric had different plans. When the family gathered on Christmas Day, they all wondered where Eric had gone. Thorne and Felicia tortured Pam until she revealed Eric's whereabouts, and the family found Eric in a private theater box, taking in a Celtic Woman concert. On a table in the booth were two martinis, one for him and one for Stephanie. Hope revealed to Liam that Rick's lie had robbed them of their chance to be together, and she apologized for doubting Liam. Hope proclaimed her intention to fight for Liam, but Steffy vowed to hold on tight. Bill fumed over Caroline's decision to betray him, and nothing Katie or Brooke could say would calm him down. Caroline awaited Bill on his grand terrace to tell him what she'd done, and when Bill met her there, he seethed that she'd betrayed him.
December 31, 2012 to January 4, 2013
Bill accused Caroline of being disloyal to him and the family by getting herself involved in Rick and Hope's issues. Caroline, however, tried to plead with him to see that Liam and Hope deserved to know the truth. Bill jerked himself away from Caroline, who then tripped and fell off the balcony where they'd been talking. While recovering in the hospital, Caroline claimed that it had been an accident; however, Rick suspected there was more to it. Alison capped Bill's coffee off with liquor. Katie caught a whiff of it and chastised Bill for the inappropriateness. Karen was fed up with Bill's cruelty and out-of-hand drinking, and she asked for Katie's help in dealing with it. In his own living room, Bill found himself surrounded by Brooke, Katie, Taylor, Dani, and Karen. As Rick vowed to care for Caroline and remain by her side during her recovery, Hope went to tell Liam about the fall and to plead her lovelorn case again. Liam said too much had happened, and he and Steffy were closer. Steffy confronted Hope and again warned her to stay away from Liam. Hope, however, said that a reunion was just a matter of time. Liam charged into Caroline's hospital and socked Rick in the face.
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