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In spite of Steffy's attempts to keep Liam and Hope from seeing one another at the resort, Liam saw Hope. He tried to get her attention, but Thomas whisked Hope off on an ATV. Liam followed and caught up with them. Liam pulled Hope off the ATV and kissed her passionately. Steffy followed Liam, but her ATV overturned, and she ended up unconscious and in the emergency room. At the hospital, the doctors worried that Steffy had not regained consciousness. Bill, Taylor, and Ridge traveled to be with Steffy and Liam. When Steffy awakened, Liam realized she would be fine. Liam met with Hope and told her that he wanted Hope back and would end his marriage to Steffy. The doctor told Bill that Steffy would be fine, but Bill bribed the doctor to say that Steffy was in danger of dying if she experienced any stress or anxiety. The doctor shared the false news with Liam.
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Steffy and Liam honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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Monday, January 2, 2012

At Forrester, Katie and Brooke laughed about Bill and the turkey on Christmas. Katie was glad that Bill had bailed out of the family trip, and Steffy was out of the way for a few days. Brooke expressed concern about the vacationing Hope, who'd spontaneously taken off with Thomas. Brooke was worried that Hope wasn't ready for a new relationship, and Katie stated that Liam loved Hope still. Katie figured that Liam was trapped by his own convictions about marriage. In her view, it didn't help that Bill had deemed Steffy the perfect partner for his son.

Katie doubted Hope would let Thomas push her into anything, but Brooke questioned whether Hope was ready to move on. Brooke reasoned that it might be her motherly side that couldn't let the matter rest, but Brooke just wanted Hope to find a love like Brooke and Ridge's.

At his spot by the beach, Liam was consumed with thoughts of Hope. He envisioned her face in his drink and then imagined her walking to him in a sheer dress over a white bikini. A blaring band interrupted his fantasy before he and Hope could share an imaginary kiss. Snapping out it, Liam called his father. He expressed his frustration with Steffy's disappearing acts, but Bill figured that Liam should let her be, because whatever she was doing, it was for Liam's benefit.

After the call, Alison and Bill telephoned Enrique, the band owner, and asked him to keep Liam distracted, so Liam wouldn't wander around the resort and bump into his ex-girlfriend. Enrique readily agreed and took his band back to Liam's spot on the beach. Liam smiled unenthusiastically as they serenaded him again and again.

On the Cabo shore, Hope couldn't believe that Thomas was serious, but as he knelt before her and extended the ring, he confirmed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Hope apologetically answered that she couldn't. She claimed that she liked him a lot, and someday, her answer could be different; however, she couldn't impulsively take that kind of step.

Thomas noted that Liam and Steffy had, but Hope said her brain wasn't wired that way. Though she was intrigued by where their relationship could go, she couldn't marry him unless she was absolutely certain. Thomas vowed to ask her again when she was ready and over Liam.

An overwhelmed Hope plopped onto a lounge chair by the beach, and Thomas strode to Steffy's spying spot. Steffy had seen the refusal, but pressed Thomas to make it happen. He said it would happen only on Hope's time. Steffy wondered if she could make time move faster.

After Thomas left to join Hope, Steffy instructed Claudia to continuously send Hope and Thomas margaritas and to claim they were on the house. Steffy called Bill to say that the proposal hadn't worked, but she had another plan. She stated that Thomas only needed one key ingredient for a successful hookup in Mexico -- tequila.

In the lounge chairs by the pool and the beach, Hope noted that Thomas had taken the refusal well. He asked if she wanted to leave, but she said she loved it there. Claudia approached with "complimentary" drinks, but Hope declined, because she wasn't a drinker. Claudia insisted that it was the finest tequila, and Hope accepted it.

The first drink made Hope tipsy, and with her inhibitions lowered, she easily accepted the next drink. Thomas looked nervously around for Steffy, but she was gone. The inebriated Hope was suddenly a ball of giggling energy, and Thomas called her sexy. Accidentally smearing margarita salt on her face, Hope guessed she hadn't mastered sexy yet. Thomas, however, disagreed.

The two went to a veiled cabana on the beach. They stretched out, and Thomas sensually traced the curves of Hope's face. She nervously decided she needed some water.

Back at Liam's spot on the beach, Liam had lost patience with the band. He shoved a tip into Enrique's hand and then took off running. The band cued up another song and pursued Liam as they played. The band chased him down the beach and back up to the resort, where he finally ran into Steffy near the pool. He announced that she was with his wife, and the band instantly backed off.

Huffing, Liam begged Steffy not to leave him, because he believed the band targeted singles.

Liam stepped away to get some brochures, and Steffy strolled to her spying spot, where she saw Thomas and Hope slipping into a veiled cabana on the beach. Liam caught up to Steffy and complained that she'd left him again. She nervously darted her eyes from the cabana, but Liam demanded to know what she'd been staring at.

Just then, Thomas climbed out of the cabana and a wobbly Hope appeared behind him. "Thomas is here with Hope!" Liam raged. As Hope laughed in Thomas' arms, Liam yelled out her name. Steffy's bitter stare cut to Liam as he waved his arms to flag Hope down.

Steffy and Liam honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Steffy and Liam honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

by Pam

At home in their bedroom, Ridge told Brooke that Thomas had texted him earlier. He said that Thomas had proposed to Hope. Brooke was shocked. Ridge read another text, and discovered that Hope had turned Thomas down. Brooke was relieved. She reminded Ridge that Hope and Liam were still in love with each other.

After conversation about Steffy's itinerary, Brooke realized that Hope, Thomas, Steffy, and Liam were all at the same resort. Brooke worried that Steffy was plotting something like the horrible gondola incident. Ridge and Brooke discussed that Liam was caught between two women that he loved. Ridge insisted that Liam would never leave Steffy. Brooke wasn't so sure.

At Spencer, Bill was frantic that he had not heard anything from Mexico. He angrily bellowed at Alison that he needed information, and he wondered why they had not heard from Steffy or Enrique. Bill called Enrique and discovered that Liam knew Hope was in Cabo San Lucas. Enrique apologized and said that Liam had chased after Hope. Bill told Alison that Liam was making a fool of himself chasing Hope.

Katie entered and overheard the news. Katie wondered how long Bill had known that all of them were at the same resort. Alison realized trouble was in the air, and she left. Katie laid into Bill and inquired if he had planned to trap Hope again in a gondola or something. Bill said that he didn't want Hope messing with Liam's marriage.

Katie accused Bill of putting Steffy ahead of anyone else, including Katie. She furiously wanted to know what was going on in Mexico, and Bill said that he was trying to protect his family and Liam's marriage from Hope's interference. Katie was angry with Bill.

At Forrester, Dayzee visited Marcus, and he showed her a brochure for Cabo and asked if she'd like to go for a visit sometime soon. Marcus added that Thomas and Hope were already there, checking out the resort. Marcus explained that the resort wanted to partner with Forrester.

Marcus suggested that he and Dayzee could check out the resort for themselves and enjoy some "R and R" because they were long overdue for some alone time. Dayzee agreed, and they kissed. Amber arrived and teased them about making out in the office. Marcus questioned how Amber had gotten into the building, and she said she had told the security guard that she wanted to visit Marcus.

Marcus was worried that the security guard had not called him. The conversation changed as soon as Marcus realized that Steffy, Liam, Thomas, and Hope were all at the same resort. Dayzee, Marcus, and Amber wondered if romance was in the air. Dayzee said that she knew Thomas was interested in Hope, and Amber chimed in that they made a beautiful couple. Marcus wondered if there were fireworks in Mexico.

In Cabo, after Liam discovered that Hope and Thomas were at the same resort, Liam angrily confronted Steffy that she had been trying to keep him away from Hope. Liam saw Hope and Thomas on the beach and called to Hope, but she could not hear him. He waved his arms, and Steffy looked guilty but said nothing as Liam was clearly on a mission to contact Hope.

Thomas spotted Liam waving his arms. Thomas dragged Hope up the beach away from Liam, and Liam chased after them. Steffy followed Liam to the beach. Thomas and Hope hopped on their rented ATV and took off. Liam got on an ATV and followed them. Steffy also hopped on an ATV, but her ATV sputtered, and she had trouble keeping up.

Thomas and Hope laughed and enjoyed the ride until Hope realized that Liam was behind them. Hope insisted that Thomas stop the ATV, but he continued to drive over rocky terrain near the beach. Thomas finally stopped at Hope's insistence. Hope jumped off the ATV. Liam parked his ATV, and walked Hope down the beach away from Thomas. Liam kissed Hope passionately.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Ridge was busy designing, and Brooke entered. She admired his work. Taylor entered and inquired if Ridge had heard from Thomas. Ridge shared that Thomas had proposed to Hope. Taylor was surprised, and Brooke said that Hope had turned down Thomas' proposal. Ridge added that Hope, Thomas, Steffy, and Liam were all at the same resort. Taylor and Brooke worried, but Ridge said that the kids were handling it, and the parents needed to stay out of it.

Taylor worried that Steffy continued to live her life on the edge to feel close to Phoebe. Taylor conjectured that Steffy was living life to the fullest as if she had been living for two -- herself and Phoebe. Taylor insisted that Steffy was very sensitive and fragile.

In Cabo San Lucas, Hope and Liam finished their kiss. Hope couldn't believe they were together. Thomas angrily interrupted and reminded Liam that he was married to Steffy. Liam and Hope boarded his ATV and left. Thomas jumped on another.

They all headed back to the resort, but they stopped when they discovered that Steffy had been injured in an apparent ATV accident. Steffy was facedown in the sand. Her helmet was missing, and her ATV had overturned.

At the hospital emergency room in Cabo, Thomas, Liam, and Hope waited while doctors attended to Steffy, who remained unconscious. The ER staff tried to determine the extent of Steffy's injuries, but the doctors worried that Steffy had not regained consciousness. The doctor asked if Steffy had suffered any other recent injuries. Liam brought up that Steffy had hit her head when she slipped in the bathtub months earlier. The doctor was very concerned that she could possibly have another head injury.

Hope comforted Thomas and Liam. Hope reminded them that Steffy was young and strong. Liam sat at Steffy's bedside and flashed back to them arguing about Steffy trying to keep Liam away from Hope. Liam regretted that he had hurt Steffy's feelings. The doctor said that additional testing was necessary. Thomas looked worried and said that he was going to call his parents. Hope comforted Liam, and Thomas gave them a disapproving look. Hope told Liam that Ridge and Taylor would probably arrive soon, and Liam worried about what he would tell them.

Liam pulled out his phone and called Bill. At Spencer, Bill and Katie had been arguing about Bill protecting his son's marriage. Katie said that she felt Bill was doing much more. Bill blamed Hope for creating problems. Bill stopped arguing with Katie to take a call from Liam. Bill teased that Liam probably needed more money, but Liam said that it was serious. He said that Steffy had been hurt and was unconscious. Bill said he was on his way.

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor argued about Steffy, and Ridge took a call from Thomas about Steffy's accident. Taylor worried that they would lose Steffy, but Ridge comforted her, and said that Bill was on his way. They would all travel to Mexico together. Bill and Katie arrived, and Bill said that all the arrangements had been made. Ridge asked Brooke to make sure the press never got word of the accident. Katie and Bill kissed, and Bill, Taylor, and Ridge left for Bill's private jet that was waiting to take them to Mexico to be with Steffy.

In the Cabo hospital, doctors returned Steffy to her room. Thomas sat with her and held her hand. He told her that their parents were on the way. He teased that a bump on the head would never affect Steffy. Thomas said that he loved his sister.

Liam entered and sat with Steffy. He said that the trip was supposed to have been the honeymoon they never had, and all he wanted was to see her eyelids flicker. He begged Steffy to return to him. Hope grew teary-eyed as she watched Liam tenderly talk to Steffy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

At Forrester, Brooke ended a phone call with Ridge, who -- along with Taylor and Bill -- had just landed in Cabo San Lucas. Brooke told Katie that Bill had talked to Steffy's doctor, and there hadn't been a change in her condition. Katie asked how Ridge felt about Bill taking charge; however, Brooke thought it more important to ask what Katie thought about it.

As the ladies waited for one of their husbands to call again, Katie murmured that Bill probably wasn't thinking of her right then. Katie said Liam needed his father's support; however, Brooke suspected that Katie questioned whether that was the real reason Bill had gone to Cabo. Brooke recalled that it hadn't been the first time Bill had gone to Steffy's rescue. Katie quipped that Bill could be quite the hero -- especially when Steffy needed it.

In Mexico, the doctor said Steffy's brain scans showed no internal bleeding, and her vitals were normal. Liam couldn't understand why she wouldn't wake up. Liam, Hope, and Thomas went into the corridor, and Hope assured Thomas that Steffy would awaken. Thomas quipped that Hope couldn't know for sure, and he blasted Liam for chasing them while on vacation with Steffy. According to Thomas, the accident had been all Liam's fault.

Thomas went to his sister's bedside, where he held her hand and cried as he implored her to wake up. Back in the corridor, Hope tried to make excuses for Thomas' anger, but Liam said Thomas had been right. Liam revealed that once he'd seen Hope, he hadn't thought about Steffy. Hope assumed Liam had given chase because he'd thought she'd been in trouble, and she said Steffy's injury was an accident, because he'd never meant for Steffy to get hurt.

Taylor, Ridge, and Bill arrived, and Dr. Rivera explained to them that he could find no internal injuries or bleeding in Steffy's skull. He stated that he would have categorized her condition as "mild TBI," but her lack of response concerned him. Ridge put a comforting arm around Taylor as they and Thomas went in to visit Steffy. Ridge told his daughter that her parents would be there until she recovered, and in a sad but cheerful voice, Taylor encouraged Steffy to wake up because she had a lot to live for.

The doctor entered to examine Steffy, and the family returned to the hall, where Liam was responding to Bill's questions about the accident. Liam claimed he hadn't known what to think of Thomas absconding with Hope, so Liam had taken off after them. Taylor was disappointed that Steffy had needed to chase Liam because he'd been chasing Hope and Thomas.

Liam claimed that Hope had been out of it, and Thomas had been crazy to zoom off with her on the ATV. Liam then mumbled that he hadn't known Steffy had been behind him the whole time. "You didn't know, or you didn't care?" Thomas seethed. Liam lurched forward, but Bill slipped between the young men to chastise them for bickering about their vacation plans. Bill declared that from then on, they were all there for Steffy.

Bill entered Steffy's room, spoke to the doctor, and offered to fly in neurologists. Dr. Rivera said he already had top neurologists on staff. The doctor was sorry that they couldn't do more than monitor Steffy and wait. The doctor exited, and Bill sat at Steffy's bedside.

Bill stated that he'd do anything for Steffy, and when she needed something, he was the one she called. He declared that he'd done the impossible for her, but in their new dilemma, she had to do it on her own. Bill ordered Steffy to fight her way back, because he knew what she was capable of. He said she had to do it for her family, for Liam, and for Bill.

Steffy's family returned, and Bill went into the corridor, where he yanked Liam to the side to find out what Liam had been thinking. Hope observed as Liam explained how Thomas had taken off and wouldn't stop driving. Bill said he wouldn't either, if a married man had been chasing his girlfriend. Liam asked about Steffy's condition, and a cynical Bill was surprised at Liam's sudden concern. Liam claimed he'd been with Steffy ever since the accident. Though Liam hated seeing Steffy like that, he stated that he hated the lies more.

Liam was convinced that Steffy had conspired to keep him from seeing Thomas or Hope during the entire trip. Liam recalled that he'd thought he'd seen Hope, but a mariachi band had accosted him and tortured him by playing the same song again and again. Liam bet that it had been a distraction of Steffy's. Bill asserted that it wasn't important, because Liam had to support Steffy. Liam couldn't let it go, though, because he was seeing a pattern of mistrust.

Bill, who sarcastically figured Steffy had felt "all warm and fuzzy" watching her husband chase his ex, claimed it was no big deal that Steffy hadn't wanted Hope and Liam to realize that they were at the same resort. Bill declared that Liam would not leave Steffy over it, nor would Liam be with that "prim little prom queen." Bill predicted that Liam would be miserable with Hope. Bill started to go on about how Steffy was worth the trouble, but Liam said to lay off. "When you talk about her, it is so..." a disgusted Liam started to say. Bill, however, interrupted to insist that he was trying to get Liam's head on straight.

Liam claimed that ever since he'd gotten with Steffy, weird things had been happening -- like the wedding, the gondola incident, and the mariachi band. Liam felt that Steffy should have just told him about Thomas and Hope, but she hadn't because, "she had to lie!" Liam claimed that it had gotten beyond anyone's control, and there was only one thing he could do to fix it.

Bill asked what that was, but Liam said he had to talk to Steffy, first because he owed his wife that much. Liam insisted that the whole thing with Steffy, Hope, and him couldn't go on, and he announced that he'd made a decision.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ridge, Thomas, and Taylor kept vigil at Steffy's bedside, but there was no change in Steffy's condition. In the corridor, Bill and Liam argued, because Bill thought the only thing Liam should be focusing on was Steffy. Liam, however, couldn't ignore Steffy's deception.

Bill wondered why Steffy should have revealed Hope and Thomas' presence at the resort, and Liam shot back that it would have been the honest thing to do. For Liam, honesty was imperative in a marriage. Bill asked if Liam wanted to leave his wife for "Snow White," but Liam only replied that he planned to take control of his own life. Bill asserted that Liam's life was with Steffy, and Liam would regret holding onto Hope.

Ridge entered the hall, and as Hope and Liam lingered near each other, Ridge asked Bill why Liam wasn't with Steffy. Bill stiffly replied that Liam planned to talk to Steffy. Bill didn't know what about, but said Liam would do the right thing. Ridge warned that Liam had better.

Ridge approached Liam and Hope, and Liam assured Ridge that Steffy would get well, as long as the family supported her. Ridge warned Liam not to get any ideas about leaving Steffy. Liam didn't want to discuss it, but Ridge claimed that Steffy was fighting for her life because of Liam. As Liam walked off, Hope glared at Ridge and turned away.

Liam entered Steffy's room, and Thomas and Taylor exited. Liam told Steffy that the accident shouldn't have happened, but things had gotten out of control. He wished to see her beautiful eyes and hear her laugh. He urged her to return to him, and she squeezed his hand. Steffy slowly opened her eyes, and dazed, she stared around.

The family entered, and Dr. Rivera examined Steffy. Thomas told her about her accident, and Liam explained that she'd opened her eyes while he'd been talking to her. Dr. Rivera wanted to monitor her before sending her home the next day. She thanked the doctor, but he said to thank her husband for the words that had awakened her. Bill claimed that Liam's love and support had pulled Steffy back.

As Taylor and Ridge talked to Steffy, Liam slipped out of the room, and Bill rolled his eyes. Thomas pursued Liam to the corridor, where Thomas hoped Liam had learned that it was time to take care of his wife. Liam claimed to get the point, but Thomas didn't think so, because he'd seen the way Liam looked at Hope, even in the hospital.

Liam claimed he wasn't in the only one in the wrong, because he was married to a woman who plotted behind his back with her brother. Liam claimed that he might have been wrong to hop on the ATV, but Thomas had been, too. Insisting that Liam was obsessed with Hope, Thomas ordered Liam to "man-up" and stop stringing Hope along.

Hope approached and sighed. Liam said that Thomas had been right, but Thomas and Steffy should never have kept Hope and Liam apart. Taking Hope's hand, Liam said he'd always love her. He claimed that he loved Steffy, too, but Hope was his angel.

Hope was worried about destroying Liam's marriage, especially while Steffy was in the hospital. Liam reminded Hope that the doctor had said Steffy would be fine, but still, Hope was leery. Liam assured Hope that she wouldn't have to do anything; he'd do it himself, because he couldn't live with Steffy and Thomas' lies or manipulations. Liam vowed to do what he had to do. Hope sobbed and hugged him, and he uttered that he was hers.

In Dr. Rivera's office, Bill arrived, and the doctor expressed optimism about Steffy's condition. "She's not going to be fine," Bill declared to the doctor's amazement. The doctor offered his reassurances by comparing Steffy's brain scan to that of a sickly patient with a cranial blood clot. As the doctor explained the sick patient's grave condition, Bill took the name label off of the troublesome scan and put Steffy's label on it, and the doctor became confused.

Bill noted a fundraiser poster on the wall, whipped out his checkbook, and scribbled out a check. As Dr. Rivera complained about Bill's actions, Bill handed over the check and announced that he'd just bought the hospital a new cardiac wing. The doctor studied the check, and Bill asked for a smile, because in one shot, the doctor had reached his fundraising goal, gotten a state-of-the-art facility, and saved Steffy's marriage. Dr. Rivera was appalled and speechless as Bill instructed him to give Liam the same care instructions that Dr. Rivera would give to the sickly patient's family.

Bill left the doctor's office, and he caught Liam embracing Hope in the hall. Bill jerked Liam aside to remind him of his wife. Insisting Steffy would be fine, Liam said he was about to talk to her. Bill guessed it was about Liam's decision, and Liam said it was what he had to do.

In Steffy's room, Steffy's family visited, and she hoped to be released the next day, so she could be with Liam. Thomas said Liam wasn't going anywhere. Liam entered and asked to talk to Steffy alone. As the family left, Bill entered to insist that Liam talk to Dr. Rivera first. Liam thought it could wait; however, Bill persisted until his son followed him out of the room.

In the corridor, Bill stood behind Liam as a guilty Dr. Rivera showed Liam the other patient's brain scan. The doctor lied that it was Steffy's scan, which revealed a blood clot in her brain. The doctor claimed that Steffy could have a stroke if the clot loosened, but a disconcerted Liam asserted that Dr. Rivera had just said Steffy would be fine.

Bill guessed that the doctor had taken a closer look at the brain scan. The doctor explained that the clot could take months to dissolve, and in that time, Steffy required love and attention, especially from her husband. The doctor warned that undue stress could lead to Steffy's death. Liam gasped, overwhelmed. Bill asked if Liam understood what the doctor was saying. Bill and Liam glanced at Hope, and Liam sank into disillusionment.

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