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Monday, January 9, 2012

At the hospital in Cabo San Lucas, Dr. Rivera and Bill convinced Liam that it was a critical time for Steffy, who could not stand to be upset due to the "blood clot" in her head. Aside with Liam, Bill warned that ending the marriage would kill Steffy, and the guilt over her death would devastate Liam's relationship with Hope. A teary Liam asked what to do. Bill said he was sorry; however, things happened for a reason, and it was time to focus on Steffy, not Hope.

Liam turned to enter Steffy's room, and Dr. Rivera pulled Bill aside. Dr. Rivera said he couldn't compromise his Hippocratic oath, but Bill contended that the oath had been exceeded, because the doctor would save Steffy's marriage and Bill's cardio wing would save infinite lives. Bill ordered the doctor to stick to the story with a clear conscience.

In Steffy's room, Steffy told her family that she had a pounding headache, but she felt well. They started to leave to let her rest, but she said she didn't want to be alone. Liam entered, and her family exited. Steffy apologized to Liam for messing up. Liam stated that she'd lied to him again, and he didn't understand why there had to be secrets. Steffy sobbed that she was his wife, not Hope. Steffy guessed that she just got insecure at times. "Even when there's no reason to be -- right?" she sharply asked.

Just then, Bill led the doctor and the family back in to discuss Steffy's "newest results." Taylor took one look at "Steffy's scans" and gasped upon seeing the blot clot. Taylor instantly guessed Steffy would require blood thinners. Dr. Rivera assured them that Steffy wouldn't need surgery, but said she required more than medicine. Dr. Rivera stressed that Steffy's treatment required a stress-free environment, and it was up to Liam to provide it.

As the doctor left, Hope slipped out the door behind him, and Bill and Ridge readily noticed Liam abandoning Steffy's bedside to pursue Hope. In the corridor, Hope advised Liam to be with his wife, but he asked if Hope were okay. The two were tearful as they discussed Steffy's "tragic condition." Liam said he was sorry, but Hope replied that she was okay, because she'd known how it would end. He predicted that Steffy would be fine. "As long as you two are together," Hope somberly added.

Ridge approached and admonished Liam and Hope for all the weeping and touching they were doing. He ordered them to stop, because Steffy's life depended on it. Hope raged that she and Liam had merely been talking, and Liam asserted that everyone was committed to Steffy's recovery. Liam claimed that he loved his wife and wouldn't do anything stupid; however, he didn't plan to lie about his frustration. An offended Ridge ordered Liam to just deal with it.

Liam felt that he had every right to be frustrated with Steffy's insecurities, but Ridge countered that Steffy was insecure for good reasons. Ridge asserted that everyone saw the connection between Hope and Liam, but Liam had better sever it. Refusing to lose his daughter over it, Ridge ordered Liam to stick to his commitment.

Later, Hope was alone when Thomas approached to see how she was doing. Hope asked how deeply Thomas had been involved in the scheme to keep Hope and Liam apart on the resort. Thomas replied that he'd done what he'd had to do, because Liam wasn't being fair to either woman. Hope didn't think that justified keeping things from her, and she wondered what the big deal was about them being at the same hotel.

Thomas said that one look at Liam would have shut Hope down, but the purpose of the trip had been to show her that life could be fun again. Hope understood Thomas' view, but pointed out how bad the fallout had been. Thomas was confident that Steffy would recover, and he believed that the incident had taught Liam that his place was at his wife's side.

In the doctor's office, Dr. Rivera showed Bill some medication prescribed for Steffy and said that it would be where the trouble started. Dr. Rivera was only giving Steffy placebos and aspirin, but warned that a doctor in her hometown would find nothing wrong with her. Bill told Dr. Rivera to worry about nothing but Bill's check -- and all the lives it would save.

Dr. Rivera and Bill took the "medicine" to Steffy's room, and as the doctor tended to his patient, Bill reassured Taylor. Taylor was worried that Liam didn't understand the gravity of the situation, but Bill said he'd made sure Liam did.

Taylor and Bill exited, and when Bill saw Liam in the corridor, he urged Liam to visit Steffy. Liam claimed he needed a minute, but Ridge joined the talk to remind Liam that he'd made promises to Steffy that he'd better keep. Taylor asked Liam not to let Steffy down, and the parents expectantly watched as Liam entered Steffy's room.

In the room, Steffy apologized for ruining everything, but promised to work on her insecurities. Liam asked her not to think of any of it right then. She thought that the blot clot situation was freaky, but she was sure that she'd get through it with her husband by her side. Steffy squeezed his hand. A sobbing Hope looked into the room, and Liam exchanged glances with her as Steffy nodded off to sleep.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke, Katie, and Donna discussed that Ridge had taken off for Mexico to make sure that Steffy was all right. They discussed that Ridge had said Steffy was going to be fine. Katie worried that Bill seemed to be constantly worried about Steffy and her marriage to Liam. Donna said that Steffy had been trying to keep Liam and Hope apart in Cabo San Lucas the same way she had in Colorado.

Conversation turned to Donna's relationship with Nick. Brooke reminded her sisters that Nick had helped steal Forrester designs. Donna admitted that she had fallen for Nick. She said that she had fallen for him the first time he had kissed her. Brooke was surprised that Donna would give him a second chance after Nick had stolen the designs.

Katie admitted that she had convinced Donna to give Nick another chance after the theft. Katie said that people did crazy things when they were desperate. Brooke said that if Nick had any remorse, he'd tell them who had stolen the designs. Donna received a text message from Jackie to meet her at Dayzee's. Brooke decided to go with Donna.

At Dayzee's, Jackie and Nick discussed Pam. Jackie reminded him that he was supposed to be courting Pam and not Donna. Jackie added that Donna had clearly made Nick very happy. At another table, Dayzee and Beverly discussed Rick, and Beverly said she was very interested in Rick, and that he seemed interested in her.

Rick entered, and Beverly said that it was nice to see Rick outside the office. He agreed and pointed out that Nick and Jackie, the thieves of the Forrester designs, were sitting at a nearby table. Beverly marched over to Nick and Jackie and told them that Forrester had blamed her for stealing the designs. She promised to figure out who had done it. After Beverly returned to Rick, he said that Beverly impressed him.

Nick and Jackie felt extremely guilty, and Dayzee interrupted. She asked Nick to participate in open mic night. He said he didn't have his guitar, but Jackie said that it was in the back of his car. He agreed and started to sing a song as Donna arrived. Nick saw her and noticed that Brooke was with her.

Brooke glared at Jackie and Nick from the back of the room. Nick sang a beautiful song, and after he finished, Donna kissed him. He warmly hugged her, and she told him that it was beautiful.

At Amber's house, Marcus arrived to pick up Rosey, and he noticed that Amber was preparing for a date. Amber said she needed to get on with her life, and she shared that she was waiting for Rick Forrester, the man she had loved her entire life. Marcus said a lot of women were after Rick. Amber said that she knew all about Beverly, but Marcus said he didn't think Beverly was a threat to Amber.

Amber told Marcus that she had always wanted a second chance with Rick. She said that she had screwed up before and wanted to make up for it. Marcus left, and Rick arrived at Amber's. She greeted him at the door by calling him Eric rather than Rick. He wondered what she meant by that, and she said that he needed to take his place as the rightful heir of Forrester Creations.

Rick said that he knew Ridge would have something to say about that, but Amber was convinced that Rick could do it. She reminded him that he was Eric's biological son, and that he was the most successful of Eric's sons because he had run Forrester International. Amber reminded Rick that Forrester's line had been stolen, and they had nothing to show. Although Eric and Ridge were hurrying to pump out a new line, they were never going to be able to think up designs as clever as Rick's line.

Amber said it was time for Rick to step up with designs that would show Eric that Rick had the entire package -- design and business skills. Amber showed Rick the finalized designs that she had tweaked for him weeks earlier. Rick loved them, but he said that he knew Forrester would never rehire her.

Amber said that the ideas were his, and she had simply retouched them because his drawing skills were terrible. She told him that he should be taking them to Forrester as his own, and Eric Forrester would realize that Rick could save the company. Rick wondered what Amber wanted in return and she said she just wanted to be part of designing again but didn't want anything for her help. She wanted to repay him for everything he had done for her.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

by Pam

At Amber's place, Amber asked Rick if he was prepared to take his place as Forrester's CEO, and Rick smiled. Rick was amazed that Amber was offering her designs to use as his own. She reminded him that Forrester needed a new line in a hurry. Rick admitted that his guard was up because he was not comfortable trusting Amber.

After Amber told Rick that she wanted to design again, she said that she didn't care if his name was on them. She wanted to help him. Rick agreed that together they could help Forrester. He promised that he would submit the designs as his own at a meeting at Forrester. Amber kissed Rick, and they both smiled.

At Jackie M, Jackie chastised one of her employees for placing itching powder inside a model's dress. The employee said that it was a harmless prank, but Jackie took the powder away from the employee. Jackie disagreed and said that it was a juvenile thing to do and that it had to stop. Pam entered, and Jackie welcomed her. Pam lamented that she was getting nowhere with Nick. Pam was upset that Nick seemed to be pursuing Donna.

Pam reminded Jackie that she had stolen designs in exchange for dates with Nick, and she had kept her end of the bargain. Jackie promised that Nick would keep his end of the bargain as well. Jackie said that Nick was simply keeping Donna company after her divorce. Jackie added that Donna was living on the Marlin because she had no place to stay. Pam's eyes lit up when she discovered that Donna was staying on the Marlin.

Owen entered and wondered what Pam was doing at Jackie M. He worried that people would see her there and ask questions. He was concerned that Pam's visits would jeopardize the secret that they were all keeping about Pam stealing Forrester designs and delivering them to Jackie M. Pam said that she was going to stop stealing the designs and just remain miserable at Forrester because things hadn't gone well with Nick.

Jackie glared at Owen to be quiet, and Owen quickly started complimenting Pam. He told Pam that she was like family at Jackie M. Owen showed Jackie and Pam the latest sales figures as proof that Pam had saved the company. While Jackie and Owen were looking over sales figures, Pam stole the itching powder on Jackie's desk and raced out the door.

After Pam left, Owen told Jackie that he missed her. He loved his son and Bridget, but he missed his life with Jackie. He kissed her and said he wanted to stop the divorce and get back together. They kissed.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick and Donna flirted and talked about his song for Donna at Dayzee's. Donna took in some of her laundry that she had hung out to dry on the deck. Nick and Donna kissed and became passionate, but Donna stopped and said that she was worried they were going too fast. She feared that she wasn't ready for a relationship since she had just gotten out of a marriage with Justin.

Nick and Donna started kissing again, and Donna said goodnight to Nick. Pam had been watching from outside the window. Pam shook the itching powder all over the nightie that Donna had drying outside. Then Pam hid. Donna went outside and grabbed the nightie. After Donna put on her nightgown, she went into itching fits, and Pam enjoyed the scene outside the window.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

At Jackie M, Jackie wondered if Owen were bribing her with a bouquet of flowers he'd just given her. Owen explained that he'd been serious when he'd asked her to take him back, and he needed an answer. Jackie was worried about Bridget, but Owen stated that he wasn't the guy for Bridget, because he'd always be madly in love with Jackie.

Owen flirted with Jackie, who asserted that she was trying to work. He declared that he was trying to save his marriage. Though he loved Bridget and his son, Owen felt that he couldn't be fully present for his child, because he longed for Jackie. Owen said Jackie made him be a better man and a better father.

Jackie stated that she'd given Owen a precious gift -- the chance to bond with Logan in his early years. Owen replied that he couldn't teach his son happiness unless he was happy. Between kisses, Owen implored Jackie to return to him and the way it had once been.

During the jet ride home from Mexico, Ridge put Steffy to bed in the private room and then called to inform Brooke about Steffy's predicament. Ridge ended the call and advised Liam to get some rest, because once Steffy was home, she'd need all of Liam's attention.

Bill, Ridge, and Taylor pulled Thomas aside to find out if he'd had a talk with Hope. Thomas said he hadn't had enough time. Bill noted that they had a long plane ride ahead, but Thomas felt that even a flight to Alaska wouldn't give him enough time to explain.

Later, everyone in the cabin was attentive when Liam put Thomas on the defense about his and Steffy's manipulations on the trip. Bill ordered Liam to drop it, but Liam insisted upon knowing what had happened. Thomas explained that he and Steffy had stumbled upon each other by coincidence, but neither had wanted to leave, because they'd thought they'd been having a good time. Taylor said Thomas had made a regrettable decision, and they should leave it at that.

Hope asked if Thomas' proposal had been regrettable, but Thomas said he'd only regretted that she hadn't accepted. Hope cynically guessed that Steffy hadn't been involved with it. Thomas confessed that Steffy had set up the picnic on the beach and had gotten the ring, and Hope scoffed. Thomas claimed that his proposal had been real; however, Liam asked if Thomas had used his own words, or if Steffy had fed them to Thomas.

Ridge told Liam that it was pointless, and the questioning wasn't helping Steffy. Bill took Liam aside and ordered Liam to change his attitude before Steffy got wind of it. Bill theorized that the clot could stick around for months, and Steffy especially needed Liam's support.

As the flight continued, Bill noticed Ridge sketching on a pad. Bill said he should have been notified about what Jackie M had done, because he owned a percentage of Forrester. Bill asked how Ridge was protecting Bill's investment, and Ridge rasped that he was replacing the line.

Bill ordered Liam to get over there. Liam obeyed, but said he thought Bill wanted to drop it. Bill raged that his son was griping about a vacation while Ridge worried about Steffy. Ridge said Steffy had realized her mistake, and Bill claimed it was over, because Steffy had apologized. "Okay -- you are my father, and you are my boss. You are not my priest or my shrink, and you don't get to have an opinion about how things work in my marriage!" retorted Liam.

Liam stormed to the front of the jet. Witnessing the outburst, Taylor started to worry about letting Steffy recover at home with Liam. Bill acknowledged that Liam was a bit of a hothead, but said Liam would settle down once they'd gotten him to cut ties with Hope.

In the kitchenette, Hope urged the fuming Liam to let it go for Steffy's sake. Liam said he couldn't ignore what Steffy had done, and Steffy had promised to never lie again after Aspen. Hope stated that Steffy was his wife in sickness and in health. He claimed he still had questions, but Hope said the answers wouldn't change anything. Liam's anger turned to sadness, and Hope placed her head on his shoulder. Bill scowled as he looked on.

In Ridge's office, Brooke told Eric, Stephanie, and Rick about Steffy's blood clot. Everyone expressed their concern, and then Rick decided they should concentrate on something solvable. He said inaction was costing the company money, and they had to replace the stolen collection. Handing Eric a design, Rick claimed he had the first pieces ready.

As Brooke, Stephanie, and Eric looked in awe over Rick's designs, Stephanie remarked that Rick's talent was surprising, because he'd only worked on the business side of the company. Rick claimed that he'd found his muse. Rick stated that Eric and Ridge were hastily patching together new designs after the theft, but Eric had taught Rick that cohesiveness created memorable collections. Rick claimed his designs had a theme, which the patched designs lacked.

Intrigued but skeptical, Stephanie mentioned that the designs weren't Forrester's usual style. Rick countered that they had to break tradition to create a buzz. Eric mused that it was a collection worth waiting for. Rick figured he could have his designs in production by the week's end. Stephanie, however, asserted that only Ridge, the CEO, decided what went into production.

Rick felt that they couldn't wait for Ridge, whose first concern would rightfully be his injured daughter, not Forrester. With a raised eyebrow, Stephanie said Ridge would be there, because they needed him. Rick cited that Eric had founded the business and had created every collection before Ridge had taken over. Rick asked if Eric would move on the opportunity -- or continue to pay the shipping guys to play cards on the loading deck.

Eric smiled proudly as an impassioned Rick asserted that he was Eric's son, which meant fashion was in Rick's blood. Rick believed in his collection and hoped Eric would, too. "I do. Welcome to the design team," Eric said, and chuckling, he hugged his son. Rick left, and Stephanie pondered, saying that there was "something" about the designs. She asked if she were the only one surprised by Rick's sudden aptitude for design.

Later, Rick paid a visit to Amber to tell her that the designs had been a hit. Excited, Amber asked if Ridge had asked for any changes. Rick replied that his father had made the call, and Amber became ecstatic that Eric had been the one to approve her designs. She was elated that she'd be designing for Forrester again -- though Rick would get all the credit.

Amber deemed Rick the new renaissance man and said Ridge had better watch his back. She exclaimed that together, she and Rick could do anything, and then she kissed him.

Friday, January 13, 2012

At the cliff house, Katie answered the front door for Ridge and Taylor. Ridge said he'd made a doctor's appointment for Steffy, but Bill told Ridge to cancel it, because a doctor was examining Steffy at that moment. They went into Steffy's bedroom, where Dr. Montgomery was advising Liam to call if Steffy's headache worsened.

Steffy insisted that she was fine, but Bill said she wasn't. "Ramon, tell her," Bill said to Dr. Montgomery, who then resentfully stared at Bill. Liam gazed out of the window as everyone else debated about what was best for Steffy. Bill pulled Liam back into the conversation by saying that helping Steffy to relax was Liam's job. Ridge requested another scan; however, Bill shot that idea down and prompted Ramon to agree that it wasn't necessary.

Katie questioned how Dr. Rivera could have misread Steffy's CAT scan. Bill corrected that it hadn't been misread, and an MRI had revealed the clot. Katie asked Taylor how it was possible that a clot could go undetected on a CAT scan, and Taylor replied that an MRI was more definitive. Katie seemed unconvinced.

As Bill walked Ramon out, Ramon asked whose MRI it was. Bill stated that it wasn't Steffy's, and that was all that mattered. Bill elaborated that the MRI was his insurance policy, which would get his son to be more attentive to his wife. After doctor left, Bill stood on the porch. Katie appeared in the doorway and stared suspiciously at him.

Katie's skeptical glares at her husband continued once the two returned to Steffy's bedroom, where Steffy was concerned about who'd do her work at Forrester. Bill ordered her to concentrate on taking it easy. Steffy claimed she'd enjoy being pampered by her husband, though she didn't feel very sick. Bill insisted that she take her condition seriously.

Bill and Katie walked out with Ridge and Taylor. Liam hugged Steffy and suggested that they just concentrate on her getting well. He kissed her and then joined Bill, Taylor, and Ridge in the living room. Liam started to explain the Cabo San Lucas situation, but Bill said to forget Cabo. Ridge claimed they only had one concern at that point, and Bill added that Steffy couldn't be upset. "I got it -- I got it," Liam hastily replied.

Ridge insisted that Steffy would be upset if she sensed Liam's feelings for Hope. Taylor said her daughter's life was in Liam's hands. Liam stated that he wouldn't upset Steffy, but he didn't know what else to tell them. Taylor and Ridge left Bill and Liam alone to talk.

Bill recalled the time when Liam had been adamant about Bill honoring his wedding vows. Katie approached in time to overhear Bill render Liam that exact advice about Liam's marriage to the "one in a million" Steffy. Rolling her eyes, Katie slipped into Steffy's room.

Bill wondered if he were getting through to Liam. Exasperated, Liam promised that he'd take care of Steffy, but he said Bill had to drop it. "It's getting on my nerves," Liam murmured.

In Steffy's room, Katie startled Steffy awake, and Steffy asked what Katie was doing. "Looking for answers," Katie said. Katie wondered what extremes Steffy would go through to keep Hope and Liam apart. Steffy said that the doctor had warned them about upsetting Steffy. Katie reasoned that marital insecurity was indeed upsetting, and it wouldn't go away.

Steffy declared that her husband loved her, but Katie countered that Liam would be with Hope if it weren't for Steffy's interference. Katie was sure that he wanted out of his marriage, but he wouldn't say it due to Steffy's condition. Kate asked why a strong woman like Steffy would cling to a man who didn't love her.

Steffy yelled that Katie had better not dare say that about Liam. Bill and Liam rushed in. Bill asked what Katie was doing to their daughter-in-law, who could die from agitation. Bill ushered Katie out, and with a hopeless look on his face, Liam hugged and kissed Steffy.

At the office, Brooke and Hope discussed Thomas and Steffy's attempt to keep Liam and Hope separated in Mexico. Hope called her brief reunion with Liam romantic. Hope said she hadn't known that Thomas had rented the ATV to escape Liam, and her alcohol consumption had made her ill on the ride. Hope had been amazed when she'd figured out Liam had been chasing them. Brooke was disappointed in Thomas for drinking and driving, but Hope insisted that Thomas hadn't been drunk. Brooke found it incredible that they all weren't injured.

Hope stated that something huge had happened between her and Liam, and Brooke was surprised to hear that Liam had kissed Hope. Brooke asked if Thomas had seen it, and Hope exclaimed that she hadn't cared who'd seen it, because Liam had proclaimed that he'd never stopped loving her. However, everything had changed when Steffy had crashed on her ATV.

Hope continued to explain that Steffy had regained consciousness at the hospital, and they'd believed that she'd be okay. Hope had been certain that Liam had decided to end his marriage; however, the doctor had returned with the news of the blood clot, and Hope had felt her chance with Liam slip away. "He has to be with Steffy," Hope said, and Brooke hugged her.

Brooke suggested giving it time, but Hope declared that Liam was trapped, because Bill had insisted that Steffy would die if Liam left her. Hope wanted to be married to Liam, but she didn't want Steffy to die. Brooke decided to pay Liam a visit.

Later, Hope was alone when Taylor and Ridge arrived to talk to Hope about Steffy's recovery. Ridge stated that they were worried about Hope, too, but with a shrug, Hope claimed she'd survive. Taylor stated that Hope had to be a little bit better than that. Taylor and Ridge claimed to care about Hope, but they emphasized that she had to accept Steffy's marriage.

Ridge stated that he was there for Hope. He wondered where Brooke was. Hope reluctantly replied that she'd told Brooke everything -- including Liam's declaration of love for Hope -- and Brooke had gone to see Liam. Ridge and Taylor grimaced.

Later, Liam answered his front door, and with a sigh, he let Brooke in. Brooke asked how Liam and Steffy were doing. Liam said things wouldn't change for a long time. Brooke mentioned that Hope and Thomas had been drinking in Cabo, but Liam angrily corrected that Thomas and Steffy had been trying to get Hope drunk. Sarcastically saying he could only imagine why, Liam claimed his concern had caused him to pursue them.

A shocked Brooke said it was like Aspen all over again. Liam asserted that Steffy had promised not to do that to him again, but Brooke figured Steffy would do it each time she felt threatened. Brooke said she knew Liam and Hope had reconnected on the trip, but Brooke questioned Liam's sincerity. He swore that he'd been honest, so Brooke urged him to end his marriage once Steffy was well. Brooke demanded that he take charge of his life and be with Hope, the woman that he wanted.

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