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Monday, January 16, 2012

With Rick in an office at Forrester, Amber was worrying about Ridge's opinion of the designs. Rick said that he'd go over Ridge's head if Ridge disliked them. Sitting on Rick's lap, Amber declared that, if Rick stuck with her, they'd reclaim what Ridge had stolen from Rick.

Across the hall, Eric was in Ridge's office, admiring Rick's designs. Ridge entered, looking for Brooke, who wasn't there. Reviewing the designs, Ridge said they weren't bad. He was shocked and suspicious upon hearing that Rick had made them. Eric doubted that he had to question Rick's inspiration, but Eric was anxious to get the pieces into production.

Rick arrived, and Eric said he and Ridge had just been discussing the new designs. Ridge deemed the work "not terrible." At Eric's sharp stare, Ridge said the designs weren't half bad -- but they obviously weren't Rick's, either. Ridge felt that something was off, and Rick readily admitted that he'd hired a draftsman to sketch his concepts. Ridge told Rick to peddle the designs elsewhere, because they weren't acceptable at Forrester.

Eric asserted that he'd already approved Rick's designs for production. Ridge haughtily stated that they had a problem, because Eric wasn't authorized to do so. Rick snarled that Ridge's ego was out of control, and he wondered how Ridge dared to dismiss their father, the company's founder, that way. Ridge stated that the policy was that the CEO made the decisions.

Determined to stand or fall on his decision, Eric called for an exception. Ridge granted the exception, but warned that the sales figures would ultimately tell all. Ridge announced that Rick was in the big leagues, but then added, "Let's see if you got what it takes to stay here."

Later, Rick returned to the waiting Amber, who guessed that Ridge had dropkicked the designs. Rick acknowledged it, and Amber figured that Ridge had been intimidated. Undeterred, Amber began formulating a new plan. Rick interrupted to say that Ridge had caved in to Eric. "We're in business, baby!" he announced, and the ecstatic Amber kissed him.

At Spencer, Bill and Justin discussed Bill's trip to Mexico. Justin asked why Bill cared so much about Liam's marriage. Bill reasoned that his son was susceptible to making rash or wrong decisions, and Bill needed to keep Liam's future on track. Bill confided in Justin about the brain condition that Bill had bought for Steffy and said she couldn't be upset for several months. Justin applauded the simplicity of Bill's plan, but wondered if it were for Liam's benefit, or Bill's.

At the cliff house with Liam, Brooke insisted that ending his marriage was the only fair thing to do for all parties involved, including his wife. Brooke said that, despite a deep pain over Liam's choices, Hope had never shut him out. Liam admitted that he'd intended to end his marriage in Mexico, but the accident had complicated things. Brooke insisted that she wasn't being insensitive, but Liam disagreed.

Brooke said she wanted Steffy to be healthy and have a wonderful life -- just with a man of her own, not Hope's. Liam stated that he cared about Steffy, and he wanted her to get better. Brooke insisted that Hope wouldn't wait around forever, and Liam became incensed by Brooke's insinuation that he should turn his back on Steffy. Liam felt that, regardless of what Steffy had done, she could die without him, and that was the end of the discussion.

Liam went to Steffy's room. Steffy awakened and reported that, little by little, her head pain was subsiding. Steffy had spent her down time thinking of her mistakes and regrets, and she felt that she'd been wrong about hiding Hope's presence in Cabo San Lucas. Steffy wanted to explain her position to Liam, and he agreed to listen, as long as she didn't upset herself.

Steffy stated that their trip had been amazing to start, but then she'd seen Hope. Steffy claimed she hadn't wanted Hope to ruin things, because Steffy knew how much Hope still meant to Liam. Liam seemed to understand, but said he hated lies. Steffy knew her fear had been no excuse, but said it had been justified when he'd been determined to make sure Hope was all right -- despite his "inconvenient" wife. Steffy got worked up, and Liam begged her to calm down.

Steffy claimed she wasn't upset; she just wanted to clear the air before she and Liam moved forward. Liam admired her resilience and optimism, but Steffy said most people didn't see her as either. Liam didn't understand why she wanted other people's validation. He knew how wonderful Steffy was, but asked why she didn't know it herself.

Steffy claimed that she did know it sometimes. She said that small, happy moments made her realize it. She described private times with Liam that made her feel vulnerable and trusting. She said that she wanted to live in the absolute certainty that she deserved her husband's love. She vowed to be a better partner and a better person, but she implored him not to give up on her. "Please stay. Don't go," Steffy whispered and kissed Liam.

Back in the living room, Brooke was exiting when Katie arrived to retrieve the phone she'd left there earlier. After explaining that she'd been visiting Liam, Brooke asked for Katie's opinion of Steffy's condition. Katie reported that Steffy hadn't been complaining of many symptoms, and she'd considered returning to work. "Really..." a suspicious Brooke replied.

Brooke and Katie called themselves terrible and cynical people for their unsaid conclusions about Steffy's illness. Brooke stated that if Steffy got upset over a hangnail, she could die. Katie deemed Steffy's condition irritating and convenient. Brooke revealed that Liam and Hope had been on the border of a reunion. "And then Steffy crashed?" Kate asked. Nodding, Brooke repeated, "And then Steffy crashed."

Brooke and Katie were astonished that something extraordinary always stopped Liam and Hope from reuniting, and Katie suggested that Steffy "bottle" her timing. Brooke then realized that Katie was insinuating that Steffy had crashed her ATV on purpose. Katie noted that Steffy would do anything to hold on to Liam. Though she agreed, Brooke concluded that fate had kept Liam and Hope apart that time, not Steffy. "And thank God, not Bill," Katie added.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge kissed in his office. He chastised Brooke for visiting Liam. They argued, and Ridge changed the subject. He wondered who Rick's draftsman was. Brooke said that it didn't matter, but Ridge guessed that it was Amber. Brooke told Ridge that Rick would never work with Amber, but Ridge was sure that Amber was his designer.

Pam entered with Tiffany Coyne from Let's Make a Deal. Pam said that Rick had hired her. Rick entered and said that since Forrester was in Los Angeles, the company should hire famous models for campaigns and runway shows. Rick and Brooke said they loved the idea of working with Tiffany.

Pam chatted about how much she loved the show and wanted to work with Wayne Brady at Let's Make a Deal. Pam pressured Tiffany to get Pam a chance to meet Wayne Brady and get on the show. Tiffany encouraged Pam to visit the studio, and Pam promised to take her up on the offer.

Tiffany, Pam, and Rick left. Ridge and Brooke discussed that Rick was overstepping his bounds in hiring a draftsman and models and needed to remember that Ridge was CEO. Ridge worried about the company investing in Rick's designs, but Brooke said the designs were great, and Forrester needed them. Ridge insisted that Rick was working with Amber, but Brooke promised that Rick would never get involved with Amber again after what she had done to Hope and Liam.

In the hall at Pam's desk, Donna arrived, and Pam chatted about how she had just met Tiffany Coyne. Pam reminded Donna of the time that they had appeared on The Price is Right together. Pam said she used the baking set that she had won with Donna. Pam said that she used the set whenever she made something from scratch, a clear reference to when Pam had poured itching powder in Donna's clothes, although Donna had no idea what Pam had done.

Donna started scratching, and she entered Ridge's office. Ridge left, and Donna told Brooke that she had developed an allergy to salt air because she had been air-drying her clothes on the Marlin. Donna worried that she started itching after she put her clothes on.

Donna added that strange things had been happening to her ever since Christmas. She explained the eggnog spills and snow in her face at Nick's house at the hands of Jerry the elf. Brooke was suspicious and wondered if Pam was behind the odd episodes. Brooke and Donna recalled that when Donna had been married to Eric, Pam had played tricks on her to keep her away from Eric. Donna said that Pam had no reason to be conspiring against Nick. Brooke wondered aloud how Nick had managed to steal the designs.

In Rick's office, Amber kissed Rick after she discovered that Rick had been meeting with a beautiful model, Tiffany. Amber kissed him and hugged him to take his mind off other women. Rick assured Amber that models were just business. They talked about how Ridge had been upset about Rick's decisions. Amber reminded Rick that he had taken the first steps toward becoming CEO.

Brooke was eavesdropping at the door. Brooke entered and accused them of conspiring together, but Rick begged Brooke to keep his secret. Brooke reminded Rick that Amber had done horrible things to Rick and Hope. Brooke worried that Ridge had been right all along about Rick working with Amber.

At Jackie M, Jackie entered Nick's office and warned him that Pam was becoming impatient and that Pam knew all about Donna. Nick told Jackie that he understood her concerns. Pam showed up and warned that she had seen Nick kissing Donna.

Nick apologized and promised to make it up to Pam, who wanted him to appear with her on Let's Make a Deal. Nick quickly said it was too risky for them to be seen together on television. Pam threatened to stop delivering designs. Nick agreed to the show appearance. Pam warned that she would be flirting with Wayne Brady, and that Nick couldn't be jealous.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick begged Brooke to tell no one about his liaison with Amber until his designs were done and on the runway. Brooke angrily refused to keep the information from Ridge. Brooke advised Rick to get away from Amber, but Rick defended Amber, who also begged Brooke to reconsider. Brooke reminded Rick of all the terrible things that Amber had done to Rick, Bridget, Hope, and Liam.

Ridge entered and confronted both Rick and Amber. Ridge announced that Amber's involvement in the designs prevented the designs from ever seeing daylight at Forrester. Rick and Amber tried to convince Ridge that the designs were good enough to make the runway and help Forrester out of a jam, but Ridge said he did not trust Amber or Rick. Amber tried to convince Ridge and Brooke that she had changed, but they did not believe her. Rick said that she deserved another chance. Ridge and Brooke refused.

Rick asked to speak to Amber alone. After Brooke and Ridge left, Rick apologized to Amber and said that he hated Ridge. Amber encouraged Rick not to back down because of Ridge. Rick thanked Amber because she had given him the courage to stand up to Ridge. Amber said that she knew Rick would soon be the CEO of Forrester, and she would be cheering him on. Rick hugged her and said that he wanted her by his side.

At Spencer, Katie grilled Bill about why Liam hadn't left Steffy in Cabo San Lucas. Katie reminded Bill that Liam had told Brooke that Liam intended to leave Steffy for Hope. Bill said Liam had never said that he wanted to leave Steffy. Bill said that Liam had never said anything like that to him. Katie quizzed her husband about how suddenly convenient it had become that Steffy had a blood clot in her brain. Bill tried to persuade Katie to stay out of Liam's marriage.

Bill left, and Katie started tracking Bill's calls to Cabo San Lucas. She discovered that he had made a lot of calls to Cabo San Lucas. Alison, Bill's secretary, overheard Katie investigating Bill's calls to Cabo. Katie met with Liam and demanded to know if he had wanted to leave Steffy for Hope. Liam admitted that he had told Hope he planned to leave Steffy.

Liam refused to leave Steffy because she could have a stroke. Katie said it was coincidental that Steffy had developed a life-threatening condition right after everyone had discovered that Liam planned to leave her. Liam said that two doctors had confirmed the condition, but Katie didn't believe it. Liam said that he had seen the MRI himself. He was convinced.

Katie asked about all the calls to Cabo, and she wondered if Bill and Steffy had conspired again to keep Liam and Hope apart just as they had in Colorado. Katie believed that Bill and Steffy were lying about Steffy's condition. Katie said that Bill seemed obsessed with Liam's marriage, but Liam suggested that Katie seemed to be the one obsessed with his marriage.

In Bill's office, Bill met with Justin, and Alison entered to tell Bill about Katie's inquiries into his phone calls. Justin warned Bill that Katie had caught on. Outside Bill's office, Katie was alone at Alison's desk. She found the envelope with Steffy's MRI results and took it to the elevator.

At Let's Make A Deal, Pam was dressed as a fisherman with a beard, and she had dressed Nick as a big red lobster. Wayne Brady started off the show and asked the audience for a couple in love. Pam dragged Nick up on stage. Pam hugged Wayne and told him that Nick was quite a catch. She got a big laugh from the audience. They won $1,000, and had to decide whether to keep it, or trade it for a box with a clue of "foreign." They traded and won a romantic trip to Paris that included cooking lessons with a pastry chef.

Pam was excited, and she gave Wayne lemon bars that she had taken to the studio for him. Wayne suggested they could trade the Paris trip for something hidden behind a curtain. The clue was "Seven Seas." Pam thought it could be a yacht or some type of boat, and she wanted it for Nick, but Nick wanted Pam to have her trip to Paris to cook with the pastry chef.

Pam insisted that they trade for the curtain because it might mean a new boat for Nick. When the model pulled back the curtain, it was an old, beat-up boat. Nick and Pam looked disappointed because they had lost the $1,000 and the trip, but they hugged.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

At the office, Nick called Donna and learned that, because she was sick, she planned to rest and watch daytime television. After the call, he realized she might see him on the game show. He rushed to the Marlin and nervously invited her on a boat ride. A confused Donna agreed to do it -- after they'd curled up to watch her favorite show, Let's Make a Deal.

As the show started, Nick blocked the television set and offered to play her a song. Donna squeaked that she loved the show, and Nick climbed onto the sofa bed. On the TV set, a disguised female gave Wayne Brady lemon bars. Perplexed, Donna studied the woman and figured out that it was Pam. Nick looked away as Donna tried to guess who Pam's partner was. "Oh, my God. It's you," Donna murmured in a dreadful tone.

Donna found the situation funny, except Nick seemed like he'd been a miserable contestant. She asked why he'd even associate with Pam, and he blurted out that it wasn't what Donna thought. Donna, who hadn't initially thought anything, quickly put the pieces together and deduced that Pam was Jackie M's spy. "You're using her, Nick!" Donna exclaimed.

As Nick squirmed, Donna wondered what Pam got out of the deal. Gasping, Donna noted that Pam had been clinging to Nick like a parasite. Donna said Pam was in love with him, but he claimed it wasn't like that. Donna asked if he knew what Pam had done to Donna in the past, and Donna slowly realized that Pam had been behind the holiday and itching powder pranks.

As Nick stammered to explain, Donna asked how far it had gone with Pam and Nick, and if he'd kissed Pam. Donna almost gagged at his noncommittal response, and she wondered why she shouldn't go to the Forresters with the truth. Hopelessly, Donna asked how Nick could have conspired with Pam. "And in return, you let her touch you!" a disgusted Donna said.

Nick admitted to letting Pam kiss him a few times, but claimed it was nothing. He said Pam was lonely and needed a little affection. Nick regretted making Donna feel bad, because she meant a lot to him. "I love you," he simply said. Donna laughed through her tears. She said she'd fantasized about Nick saying those words to her; however, he wasn't the man that she'd thought he was. A sobbing Donna ran out of the room.

In Liam's office, Katie arrived, but Liam claimed he was too busy to debate her suspicions about Steffy's blood clot. Liam was certain that Bill couldn't have created Steffy's predicament. Bill entered, and the two grew silent. Bill told them not to stop talking on his account, and Katie eagerly revealed her concern about Steffy's so-called condition.

Katie called it remarkable that Steffy had gone from a clean bill of health to a dangerous blood clot the moment Liam had wanted to leave her. Bill shrugged, but Katie noted that he never believed in coincidences. Liam objected to Katie's probing, and Bill offered to cover for Liam at work, so Liam could be with Steffy. Liam left, and Bill accused Katie of conducting a witch-hunt. He said it had to stop, but a frowning Katie wordlessly strode out of the room.

Bill returned to his office, and Katie eavesdropped as Bill directed Alison to retrieve the MRI. Katie left, and Alison searched her desk for the MRI, to no avail. Justin, Alison, and Bill each had a good idea of where the MRI was -- with Katie. Justin asked what Bill would do about it, but Bill said he'd do nothing, because a dozen doctors would tell Katie that the clot was real.

Later, Katie arrived at a doctor's office with the MRI in hand. Katie stated that her daughter-in-law had been in an accident on vacation, and Katie needed to confirm that the condition was as serious as everyone thought it was. After reviewing the MRI, the doctor questioned how Katie had gotten it and if Katie's husband knew that she'd taken it from him. Katie didn't know why any of that mattered. She demanded to know if Steffy really had a blood clot -- or if they were all being duped again.

At the cliff house, Hope arrived on the doorstep, and Steffy warned that she wasn't supposed to get upset. Hope offered to leave if her presence was upsetting. Steffy asserted that Hope pursuing Liam was upsetting. Hope guessed her idea to get Steffy up to speed on work had been a bad one. Steffy sighed and let Hope inside the house.

Hope relayed that they hadn't caught the design thief, and Steffy wished she were at work helping. Frustrated, Steffy asked if she looked sick. Steffy claimed not to feel sick, or have headaches. She couldn't understand how she could be so sick without symptoms.

Hope returned Steffy's concentration to work, but when Steffy became excitable, Hope said she hadn't visited to upset Steffy. Steffy quipped that Hope had really visited to see Liam, but Hope said she wasn't after Liam. Guessing Hope was making herself available, Steffy asked what had gone on while she'd been unconscious in Cabo San Lucas. Hope tried to sidestep the issue, but reminded Steffy that the situation with Hope and Liam was unresolved. Figuring that meant something had happened in Cabo, Steffy pressed Hope to reveal what it was.

Liam arrived home and became apprehensive upon seeing the two women together. Steffy kissed him, and she and Hope explained that Hope had arrived with some light reading. Steffy claimed she was feeling better, and she asked if she and Liam could take a walk on the beach. Liam told her that the doctor had said she couldn't leave the house. Steffy insisted, and he offered to ask the doctor -- if she'd get some rest. Before going into the bedroom, Steffy told Liam that she loved him, and he replied that he knew.

Once alone together, Hope and Liam discussed their determination not to upset Steffy. Hope revealed that Steffy had asked about Cabo, and even though Hope had denied that anything had happened, Steffy suspected differently. Liam noted that suspicions were flying, and Katie suspected that Steffy's condition was too coincidental.

Hope stated that it sounded like what had happened in Aspen, but she wondered how the MRI could be falsified. Liam claimed that Katie was just wrong, and he doubted that even Steffy wouldn't stoop so low as to fake the condition. Hope admitted that there was a lot she didn't like about Steffy, but Hope couldn't fault Steffy for loving him. With a hug, Hope said his wife needed him more than ever.

Friday, January 20, 2012

At Forrester, Hope was in Ridge's office, staring at her campaign poster. Beverly entered and said Hope looked like a fairy princess on the poster. Hope stated that she might have been sending the wrong message, because no one's life was a fairytale. Hope called herself na´ve, but Beverly said that people like her looked up to Hope. "You shouldn't," Hope replied.

Beverly was confused, because she felt that Hope had done an awesome thing by encouraging people to stand up for their values. Hope decided that she'd just set her listeners up for heartbreak and disappointment. Hope was tired of losing out and wondering why honesty and values meant nothing. She'd aspired to tell the world that people could do better for themselves, their bodies, and the planet; however, she didn't know if she believed it anymore.

To Beverly, it sounded as if Hope were about to cancel her campaign. Beverly reminded Hope that a lot of people believed in the message. Beverly didn't want to hear that it had all been for nothing. Hope admitted that her line had made an impact. Beverly corrected that Hope had made the impact, because she'd been the voice for girls who believed values mattered. Beverly said those who believed in Hope's message also respected Hope's handling of adversity.

Hope confided that she'd been very ready to marry Liam, but she'd had to accept his marriage to Steffy. Hope explained how Thomas had tried to help her, but had wound up keeping her and Liam apart in Cabo San Lucas. Hope said she and Liam loved each other, but Liam loved Steffy, too. Hope felt that each passing day made it less likely that anything would change.

At the cliff house, Steffy exited her room, but Liam tried to make her return to bed. Steffy, who was tired of being on the sidelines, declared that, once well, she'd go into overdrive to make up for lost time. She felt that Hope understood Steffy's need to remain calm, which meant that Hope had gotten the message to stay away from Liam.

Later, Liam told Steffy that they were about to be late for her MRI appointment with Dr. Montgomery. She squealed that Liam had scheduled it because he really cared about her, and he noted that he was husband. She hugged him, and his expression dampened.

At the hospital, Dr. Montgomery called Bill to say that Liam had scheduled Steffy for a new MRI. Bill granted him permission to perform it -- as long as it mirrored the previous MRI.

In Bill's office, Bill ordered Justin to stop staring, but Justin said he couldn't fathom that Bill would let Steffy and her family believe she had a life-threatening condition. Bill claimed that he'd done it to save a marriage, and once he saw that the marriage had healed, he'd order another MRI, which would show that the blood clot had disappeared. Bill declared that he'd had to stop Liam from being sucked in by Hope, who'd always be wrong for Liam.

Alison entered to say she hadn't found the first MRI. Bill said it didn't matter. Alison left, and Bill assured Justin that, if Katie had it, any doctor would confirm for her the presence of the blood clot on the MRI. Figuring that Liam might have taken the scan home with him, Bill decided to go to the cliff house, find the scan, and then put it away for safekeeping.

At the doctor's office, Katie's doctor concluded that the scan showed a blood clot in the brain. The doctor said surgery wasn't needed, but it was imperative that the patient remained calm so that the clot would not get dislodged. Katie expressed relief and said she needed her own head examined for doubting it. Katie tried to leave, but the doctor said there was more.

The female doctor questioned Katie about the origins of the MRI and learned that the MRI had been taken in Mexico after Steffy's accident. "This scan?" the doctor discerned, pointing to it. Katie explained that Dr. Rivera and Dr. Montgomery had reached the same conclusions that Katie had just heard again in that office. The doctor said she still agreed with the conclusions; however, that MRI did not belong to Steffy.

Katie was shocked into silence as the doctor explained that she'd pulled scans of Steffy's brain from the time Steffy had hit her head on her tub. Placing the scans side-by-side on the light board, the doctor asserted that they were obviously the brain scans of two different people. The astonished Katie got woozy and had to sit down.

The doctor figured there had been a mix-up with the scans, and she offered to schedule Steffy a new test right away, so they could gauge Steffy's actual condition. Katie said she'd handle it, and the doctor left the room. Katie stared at the MRI comparisons and then called Bill, who was alone at the cliff house. She instructed him to stay put, because they needed to talk.

Later, Katie arrived at the cliff house, and Bill conveyed that Liam and Steffy had gone for another MRI. Bill said that he wanted their marriage to survive, and Katie stated that she'd only begun to realize just how much. Bill cockily explained that he'd been looking for Katie because he'd known that she'd been unable to resist the MRI envelope on Alison's desk.

Katie asked Bill how much it had cost, but Bill claimed not to know what she was talking about. She said she'd taken the MRI to her doctor, who'd confirmed the blood clot. He wondered how many opinions Katie needed. She asked for the truth, but doubted he knew what that was. She asserted that Bill hadn't covered his tracks well enough, and the MRI that he'd tried to pass off as Steffy's wasn't hers. "For God's sake, Katie!" Bill cried out.

Over Bill's ranting, Katie elaborated that Steffy's MRI from the bathtub incident had been compared to the one from Mexico. "Two different people. Two different brains," Katie revealed. She accused Bill and Steffy of manipulating the situation because he wanted Steffy close to him without arousing suspicious. Katie seethed that what he'd done to Liam and the Forresters was cruel, but it would stop that night. Katie stormed out of the house, but Bill was hot on her trail.

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