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Monday, January 23, 2012

Outside the cliff house, Bill insinuated that Katie's doctor had been mistaken about Steffy's MRI. Katie rejected the idea and scoffed when Bill tried to bolster it with the second opinion he'd gotten from Ramon. Bill coaxed Katie back inside to talk it out, but she remained adamant that the blood clot had never existed. She doubted Bill cared about trapping Liam in his marriage because, as she'd suspected all along, Bill couldn't let Steffy go.

Bill said Katie was blinded by her fixation with Steffy. Katie wished she could ignore the truth and wondered if he really wanted her to be one of his lackeys, who was blinded by his money. Thinking of Ramon and Justin, Katie quipped that Justin had probably been unable to stay married to Donna because Justin didn't know who he was unless Bill was calling the shots.

Katie suspected that Bill would make Liam develop the same willful blindness, but Bill asserted that there was nothing wrong with his relationship with Liam. She stated that even though Liam adored his father and believed every word from his father's mouth, Liam didn't know Bill. "But that's gonna change," Katie ominously predicted.

Bill confessed to switching the MRIs. He claimed he was saving Liam's marriage, but Katie ordered Bill to be truthful. Bill scowled, and she insisted that Bill had planted Steffy in Liam's bed because Bill couldn't have her in his. Bill called that ridiculous, because he was honestly trying to save the marriage. Katie warned that Bill's own marriage was the one at stake.

Katie wondered how many times she was supposed to accept Bill's lies, so that he could covet Liam's wife. Katie said it was easy to be blinded by Bill, because when she closed her eyes, he was all she saw. Bitterly, she added that the truth had a way of ripping off the blinders.

Bill claimed that Steffy was merely a daughter-in-law to him, and he just wanted a suitable wife for his son. Katie reasoned that any woman Liam chose, including Hope, would be suitable. Katie figured Bill was in denial about Steffy. "Maybe what makes Steffy so suitable in your mind is that you know she's not the type of girl to agonize over cheating on her husband - especially if it's with you!" Katie seethed.

Bill said such talk was beneath Katie, but Katie asserted that Bill relied upon her, because he needed her to prevent that type of thing. "And because I'm the only person who really knows you and is still fool enough to love you," she said with tears in her eyes. She claimed to be the only one that his money and power hadn't sucked the life from, but Bill doubted that -- despite suffering his few character flaws -- she found being Dollar Bill's wife overly burdensome.

Katie believed that outsiders would agree with Bill. She believed other people would think Bill had rescued her from insignificance, but she claimed that she and Bill knew the truth. She contended that he'd chosen her because he'd known she wouldn't let him drown. She swore to keep that promise to him, because all the lies would stop that day.

Bill obstinately told his wife that he didn't need to be saved, and her loyalty was to him. Katie found it convenient that he could have his wedding cake and eat it, too, because he'd married Steffy off to Liam. Katie asserted that Bill never would have done so, if he'd valued his marriage. Bill insisted that it wasn't about him and Katie. Done with the argument, Katie asked where Liam was. Bill declared that he wouldn't lose his son over the incident.

Katie headed for the door, determined to reveal the truth to anyone who'd listen. Bill blocked her path and stated that she wasn't thinking clearly. She attempted to brush him aside, but he tossed her over his shoulder. He said he was saving her from doing something they'd all regret. Katie shrieked as he carried her upstairs.

Later, an aggravated Katie stared out of the windows of the white tower that topped the house. Bill, who'd presumably locked her up, watched her from an adjacent window.

In Ridge's office, Thomas entered and saw a grave Hope behind Ridge's desk. She said she was contemplating retiring. Thomas thought it was a joke until she handed him a letter she'd drafted to the "Friends of Hope for the Future." He said she couldn't cancel the line. Hope questioned her authority to do it, but then concluded that the line was already dead anyway.

Thomas contended that her line was their best-selling one. Hope didn't think that was saying much since their major collection had been pirated. She felt that it was time for her to take stock in herself, because wearing pretty dresses and getting her picture taken wasn't cutting it. Thomas tried to dissuade her, but she said to forget she'd even broached it with him. He stated that she could trust him, but Hope questioned whether that was really true.

Assuming Hope was referring to his actions in Cabo San Lucas, Thomas tried to defend himself. Hope, however, concluded that he'd done as Steffy had instructed, because he couldn't think for himself. Thomas declared that he wasn't his little sister's puppet, but Hope laughed.

Thomas said that, at times, Hope made herself miserable with her unrequited love, and he'd wanted to spare her more pain. Hope claimed that lying hadn't spared her, or Steffy. Thomas felt that Steffy, who was having a new MRI that day, would be fine.

Hope suspected that Thomas had collaborated with Steffy in Cabo because he'd had an ulterior motive. He couldn't figure out what she meant, so she blatantly asked if he'd been trying to get her into bed. Thomas defended his right to deeply hope for something that might not ever become true, and he said she knew what that was like because she had her own seemingly impossible aspirations. As he left, he concluded that they each knew what those aspirations were.

In Ramon's office, Ramon prepped Steffy for her MRI, and Steffy volunteered to walk herself to the testing area while Liam waited for her in Ramon's office. Ramon murmured that he needed to accompany her because he had special instructions for the technician. Steffy refused to be treated differently because she was a Spencer, but Ramon assured her that he was only thinking of his profession.

Steffy and Ramon left, and Liam decided to email some business pictures from his phone to Alison. When he pulled up his digital gallery, he paused upon seeing pictures of Hope. He flashed back to special times with her and to the kiss on the beach in Mexico. As he reflected about Hope, she called him, and he eagerly answered his phone.

Hope inquired about Steffy's condition, but then guessed it was a bad time to talk. Liam said it was okay, and he reported that it was hard to keep Steffy down. It reminded him of the time he'd had his tonsils removed as a child. He'd been impossible to keep in bed, because he'd wanted to feed his goldfish everyday. He then added that they'd died anyway after he'd eventually forgotten about them. He asked Hope to put in a good word for him in heaven, but Hope doubted they wanted her up there.

As Liam said he didn't see why not, Steffy and Ramon returned to the room. Hope heard their voices and clicked off the line. Steffy apologized for interrupting Liam's call, but as he observed the disconnected line, he guessed that he and the caller were done.

Ramon stated that he'd call the couple with Steffy's MRI results, and he hastily left. Steffy signed some paperwork and wondered who'd called Liam. He revealed that it had been Hope checking up on Steffy. Hugging Liam, Steffy said she felt amazing, thanks to him.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

by Pam

Locked in the tower at Liam's house, Katie could see Bill across the rooftop. She stared at him and begged him to let her out, but Bill walked away. Katie looked around the tower and tried to find a way out. She discovered a trap door and pulled on the handle, but could not get it to open. After several tugs, she finally pulled it open and found a tall ladder that led to another floor. Katie had found an escape.

Downstairs in the living room of the house, Steffy and Liam had returned from their visit to the doctor. Steffy was making tea, but Liam was looking at pictures of Hope on his phone. He turned off his phone, and Steffy sat next to him on the couch. They discussed that waiting to find out what was happening to Steffy was unnerving.

Liam said that he admired Steffy because she was handling it all so well. He knew how difficult it was for her to be inactive, and he knew that she wasn't sleeping well, but he also knew it would all soon be over if she followed the doctor's orders. Steffy agreed. She said that she had the most supportive husband and that he made it easy. She told him that he had been the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Suddenly Bill entered, and wondered what Steffy and Liam were doing there. Liam reminded his dad that they lived there. Bill started asking how long they had been home, and he said he had been there and had never seen them or heard their car. Steffy asked why Bill was acting so weird. Liam and Steffy heard a noise, and wondered what it was, but Bill said he heard nothing. He reminded them the house was old, and it made noises.

Bill quickly changed the subject as more noises emanated from the tower. Bill said he had news for them. He told them that Ramon, his friend the doctor, had called to report that results were back on Steffy's latest MRI. Bill said that the blood clot was gone. Steffy started to cry out of relief, and she and Liam embraced.

Steffy admitted that she had felt like she had a ticking time bomb in her head. She feared that she could stroke out or die at any minute. Bill said that they had to have a toast. He poured wine for all of them. They heard the noise again, and Liam said Bill must have heard it, but Bill dismissed it.

Bill quickly said that he toasted both of them. He told them to appreciate how lucky they were. He reminded Liam to make sure he was deserving of Steffy's love because he had almost blown it. Bill said that love doesn't always work out. Bill raised his glass and said that he hoped Liam and Steffy had a long and happy life together.

Steffy thanked Bill for all his support during her illness and from the time that Steffy and Liam had gotten together. Liam brought up the noises again, and Bill said Liam was hearing things. Bill went to the door and pretended to leave. He headed up to the tower, but Katie surprised him by showing up in the foyer. Bill tried to cover. He told Steffy and Liam that Katie had shown up to check on them. Bill told Katie that he had just finished telling Steffy and Liam the good news about Steffy's MRI and that the blood clot was gone.

Bill reminded Katie that it was great news. Katie sneered that it was amazing news. Bill suggested that they leave and talk at home so that Liam and Steffy could celebrate alone. Katie refused. She warned that she couldn't undo what Bill had done, but she insisted that all lies needed to stop immediately.

Steffy asked what was going on. Bill tried to interrupt, but Katie silenced him. Katie told Liam and Steffy that there had never been a blood clot. Katie blamed Bill and Steffy for making the entire story up to keep Liam from leaving Steffy for Hope. Katie said it had become a pattern for Steffy and Bill to collaborate on lies to keep Liam away from Hope. Steffy looked surprised and Liam looked disgusted. Steffy and Liam looked at Bill and asked for the truth, but Bill was quiet.

At Forrester, Hope was modeling a dress while Oliver photographed her, but Hope was clearly not into posing. Oliver suggested different music. Rick and Brooke were watching, and Hope decided to take a break. When Hope returned, she said she felt that the entire Hope for the Future line had been a bad idea. Brooke and Rick were shocked.

Hope said that her idea to save herself for marriage had been a bad idea. She said she didn't feel that way anymore, and she had made a mistake. She regretted mixing her private life and business together. She wanted to pull her line and everything associated with it. Brooke and Rick balked, but Oliver said that he would support her. Hope thanked Oliver for his support. Hope wanted to know what was required legally to end the line.

Brooke decided to speak to Hope alone. Brooke told Hope that the line had been very successful and should continue, but Hope said that people didn't save themselves for anything anymore. She wouldn't suggest it to anyone because she had held out and used her body as a prize. She reiterated that it had gotten her nothing but a broken heart. Liam was married to Steffy, so she wished she had never made virginity an issue.

Brooke tried to comfort Hope. Brooke said that a failed relationship with Liam was not a good enough reason to question her principles or make a critical business decision. Brooke suggested that Hope sleep on it. Hope wanted to break away from her image.

Hope lamented that love wasn't enough in a relationship. She was tired of trying. She could tell by the way that Liam looked at her that he loved her. But seeing him got her hopes up, and every time her hopes were up, something dashed them and her heart was broken over and over again. She cried, and Brooke hugged her.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's house, Katie accused Bill and Steffy of conspiring to keep Liam away from Hope again. Katie revealed that the blood clot and everything had been lies fabricated by Bill, Steffy, and the doctors. Steffy and Liam protested that they had seen the MRI that clearly showed a blood clot, but Katie revealed that the MRI had indeed shown a clot, but it was not Steffy's MRI. Katie said that she'd had Steffy's doctor look at the MRI, and it was clearly not Steffy's MRI.

Katie accused Steffy of faking everything because she had to have been in on the ruse. Liam was furious, and he started to shout at Bill and beg him to say that Katie was wrong. Katie added that Bill had locked her in the tower to prevent her from telling Liam what Bill had done. Liam was amazed that Bill had locked Katie in the tower.

Katie continued to blame Bill and Steffy for the plan, but Steffy said she'd had nothing to do with it. Bill agreed and defended Steffy, but Liam angrily blasted both Bill and Steffy. Liam shouted at Steffy for all her lies, but Steffy tried to make Liam understand that she had not lied and knew nothing of what Bill had done.

Liam screamed at Bill and Steffy for everything they had done to manipulate his life. He said he was leaving all the lies behind. He claimed it was his turn to explain everything, and it would be to Hope. Steffy burst into tears, and she begged Liam to stay, but he was long gone. Steffy screamed at Bill for what he had done. She told him that she had thought she was dying. He had let her think she was dying for weeks.

Bill said he had been trying to save Steffy's marriage. Katie told Steffy that she could stop pretending that she wasn't in on it, but Steffy said she'd had nothing to do with Bill's plan. Steffy ranted that Bill had destroyed her marriage and more. She reminded Bill that Liam had left, and Liam clearly hated both of them. Steffy warned that Bill had destroyed her marriage and his own. Katie stared silently at Bill and Steffy.

At Forrester, Hope continued her rant about wanting to end her line because she no longer believed in virginity or anything that the line stood for. Brooke tried to convince Hope that her message had reached and resonated with young women, but Hope said none of it worked for her because she had lost Liam to Steffy. Brooke wondered if Hope's message was about saving herself and her dignity for a man who truly loved her or for hanging onto a man.

Hope realized that her experience with Liam should not rule her life. Hope realized that her message of self-respect was an important one. She decided that she wouldn't give up, even if she ended up an old maid. Brooke said she was proud of Hope, and they embraced.

Later, Hope stood on the rooftop at Forrester and recalled Liam's marriage proposal. Brooke found Hope and asked her to return to the office. Hope said she wished she could return to the night that Liam had proposed. Suddenly, Liam appeared and said he had freed himself from all the lies that Steffy and his father had started. He promised that Hope was his future. They kissed passionately and smiled. Liam said that Hope was his future.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

At the cliff house, Steffy felt devastated by the mess she accused Bill of creating. She raged that everyone had been worried that she could die, but not Bill, because he'd orchestrated the entire thing. Steffy, who had never thought to question the opinions of two doctors, screamed that it had been sickening of Bill to let her believe she had a ticking time bomb in her head. Steffy claimed that she, Liam, and her family were victims of Bill's lies.

Katie seemed perplexed by Steffy's profession of innocence. Bill explained that he'd do anything to protect his family, which included his daughter-in-law. He thought Steffy ought to thank him, not blame him, for protecting her marriage. Steffy quipped that he should have stayed out of it, but Bill stated that Liam had been planning to leave her. A confused Steffy listened as Bill said that if he hadn't acted, Liam would have jilted her in her hospital room.

Bill swore that he'd had good intentions, but then he'd realized that he'd created a problematic situation. Bill expressed frustration because Katie and Steffy were looking at him as if he were despicable. He claimed that he always made the impossible happen in business; that was who he was. Steffy stated that it was her life, not a corporate takeover.

Bill admitted that he sometimes forgot the human aspect of things. "Family" had once been a foreign concept to Bill, and he was still trying to grasp it. He asserted that his family might question his tactics, but never his loyalty. "We're Spencers. We stick together," he said.

Steffy claimed that she had promised Liam that she'd never lie to him again, but Liam was under the impression that she'd lied about the blood clot. She vowed to find him and get through to him. Bill urged her to go, but warned that no one else could know there was no blood clot. Katie guessed he was worried about Steffy going to the press -- and rightfully so.

Steffy stated that Bill was lucky that she no longer "gave a damn" about him. She said she'd tell her family that she was fine, because they deserved to know another family member wasn't about to die soon. She declared her intention to make Liam understand that it had all been Bill's doing, and she prayed she could save her marriage.

Steffy left, and Katie sadly realized Bill had carried out the scam on his own. She wondered how the puppet master would live with himself for making Steffy believe she'd die. Katie called his actions stupid, dangerous, and possibly illegal. Bill granted Katie the right to be angry, but he didn't want it to tear their marriage apart. He also urged her to keep the situation quiet, because the scandal could take down Spencer Publications.

Katie asked what would happen if Steffy convinced Liam that it had been solely Bill's fault. Bill hoped his son would forgive him, but he said his main concern was Katie. Katie asked why he'd risk everything for Steffy. Katie raged at him for locking her in a tower, but he contended that it had been just to cool her down. Katie, who didn't want to live with lies, said she needed time to think, and she'd call him from her sister's house once she was ready to talk.

On the Forrester rooftop, Brooke told the married Liam to stop leading Hope on, because it was unfair to do so while Steffy was ill. Assuring Brooke that Steffy would be fine, Liam asked to be alone with Hope. Brooke left at Hope's urging, and Liam kissed Hope again.

Liam muttered that he should have known that Steffy and Bill wouldn't stop conspiring. He wondered how he could have married Steffy when he'd really wanted to spend his life with Hope. He claimed that he'd convinced himself that Hope hadn't cared about him after their breakup, and he'd been too blind to see Bill and Steffy's schemes.

Liam said that he'd trusted his father, who'd only wanted to control him. Liam said Bill had chosen Steffy for Liam, but Steffy wasn't Hope. Liam admired what Hope stood for and said everything about her was beautiful to him. He swore he'd never let her go again.

Liam wished he'd seen his wife and father's deviousness. He said he'd somehow become a married man, and Hope had respected that. He stated that he'd tried to honor his commitment. Hope said she'd respected him for that, but she'd been dying inside.

Liam felt that a fog had been lifted, but he figured he should have been leery about the lying after Aspen. He thought of Steffy and Thomas' antics in Mexico, which had resulted in the ATV "accident." Refusing to live his life combating schemes, Liam declared that it was over.

Hope started to worry about Steffy and the blood clot. Liam said someone in the world had a blood clot, but it wasn't Steffy. He revealed that Steffy and Bill had faked the blood clot to keep Liam married. Liam declared that Steffy's deed had been horrible, and the marriage was definitely over. Hope cheered, and the two kissed.

In Ridge's office, Brooke was working when Steffy barged in, looking for Liam. Brooke said Steffy should be in bed. Claiming she was fine, Steffy persisted about Liam. Brooke said that when she'd seen him, she'd gotten the impression that his marriage had ended. Steffy asked if Brooke knew why he'd act that way, and Brooke guessed that he'd finally seen the real Steffy.

Brooke asked what Steffy had done that time. Steffy quipped that Brooke was off-base, because Steffy had done no wrong. Refusing to banter with Brooke, Steffy guessed she'd find Liam with Hope. Brooke refused to say, but Steffy strode out, determined to find them herself.

Later, Steffy arrived on the rooftop and seemed rattled to see Liam and Hope together. Liam said that he and Steffy had nothing to speak about. Steffy cried that she'd been a victim, too, and Bill had deceived them both. Steffy begged Liam to believe her.

Friday, January 27, 2012

On the rooftop at dusk, Steffy implored Liam to believe she'd had nothing to do with the switched MRI. Steffy insisted that it had been Bill alone. Liam asserted that Steffy had worked with Bill, just as before; however, that time, they'd gone too far. Liam didn't even know who Steffy was anymore, because she'd made him believe she'd been on the verge of a stroke.

Steffy urged Liam not to blame Bill, Liam's only parent. Though Steffy was furious with Bill, she defended his inability to consider consequences. Hope wondered why Steffy would defend Bill, and Liam figured that the MRI switch was just one chapter in Steffy and Bill's long history of conspiring together. Steffy reasoned that Bill had taken action to prevent Liam from leaving the hospitalized Steffy, who'd honestly believed she would die.

Liam asked how many times he had regretfully believed Steffy. Steffy felt that she might not have deserved his forgiveness in the past, but she didn't need it that time, because she was innocent. Steffy asked Hope if she really wanted to end the Spencer marriage over something Steffy hadn't done. Steffy claimed she loved Liam above all and pleaded with him to believe her. Liam asked Hope to go with him, because they needed some answers.

In Ridge's office, Ridge entered and noted that Brooke seemed upset. Thomas and Taylor arrived to invite Ridge to dinner with them and Steffy, but Ridge said to hold off on that. Brooke then announced that Liam and Steffy might be ending their marriage.

Brooke relayed what she'd witnessed between Hope and Liam earlier, and Taylor and Thomas were shocked that Liam had behaved as if Steffy's condition had meant nothing to him. Brooke stated that Liam and Steffy had indicated that Steffy was fine, but Ridge and Taylor insisted that Steffy could have a stroke.

Steffy entered and assured her parents that she wouldn't have a stroke. Her family hugged her, and she announced that the blood clot had disappeared. Taylor said blood clots didn't just disappear. Steffy stated that her new MRI had confirmed it. Her family was happy, but then Ridge asked about the rumor that Liam was leaving her.

Steffy revealed that Liam was upset about matters stemming from their trip. She said she and Thomas had done things wrong in Mexico, but Thomas wished Steffy wouldn't defend Liam, who'd strung Hope and Steffy along. Ridge asked if Bill Spencer had been involved in the problem, but Steffy didn't want to talk about her father-in-law. Ridge took that as an affirmation.

Taylor and Brooke wondered where Liam was, and if he were with Hope. Steffy said Liam and Hope had gone to see Bill. Ridge asked why, but Steffy avoided answering by assuring her family that she was healthy, and she and Liam would sort out their problems.

Steffy left, and a relieved Taylor felt that Steffy and Liam would work out their misunderstandings. Brooke thought it was very serious, due to the way Liam had rushed to Hope's side. Taylor blew it off as Liam being upset. Brooke called it a truly romantic moment. Taylor rolled her eyes, but Brooke predicted that Hope and Liam might recommit to each other.

In his office with Justin, Bill revealed, "The cat's out of the bag." Bill said that instead of saving his son's marriage, he'd destroyed it. Bill explained how Katie had figured out his scheme, and he said he had to make it right because his family viewed him as criminal.

Later, Bill was alone when Hope and Liam strode in to get answers. Bill said he'd had to save Liam from making a huge mistake in his marriage. Liam quipped that he wasn't Bill's puppet. Liam assumed Bill had bribed the doctor, and Bill admitted to making a large hospital donation. As he spoke, he called Liam "son," but Liam said he felt like a chess pawn, not a son.

Liam demanded to know if Steffy had been in on the plan. Absolving Steffy, Bill stated that he reacted to problems. He said it was just who he was, but he rarely considered the human collateral damages. Hope called Bill arrogant. "It's a bi-product of my success," Bill stated. Liam said Bill hadn't been successful that time, and Bill claimed to regret his unsuccessfulness.

Hope accused Bill of being cruel and destructive to her, to Liam, and to Steffy. Liam added Katie's name to the list, and Bill revealed that he was suffering the consequences. Hope asked how Bill thought Liam and Steffy could get over what Bill had done to them. Hope pointed out that Bill had made Taylor and Ridge believe they could lose another child. "And then there's me, the thorn in your side that you just love to hate," Hope stated.

Bill claimed he didn't hate Hope. He said he respected her more than he ever had before. Hope ordered him to stop feeding her lines, but he vowed to make it up to her. Hope asserted that he couldn't buy her, and Liam said Bill couldn't treat his family like a business deal. "I know that. I'm still learning. Will you help me?" Bill asked.

Hope asked how they could do that, and Bill requested that she and Liam keep the situation quiet. Hope asked why she should help Bill after all he'd done to hurt her. She seethed that he hadn't cared about forcing her to watch Liam and Steffy marry, or about keeping her and Liam apart over a fake illness. Bill stated that he'd been wrong, and he'd give Hope anything she asked for. "I want your respect. I want your support, and I want your son," Hope demanded.

Liam asked how he was supposed to help. Bill asked for forgiveness, but Liam wasn't sure he could do that. Bill claimed to understand that being a father wasn't like being a CEO, and he asked that the incident not be a deal-breaker. Liam rasped that it was a relationship, not a deal. Bill said he was there for Liam more than Bill Senior had been for Bill Junior. Bill guessed he'd been overcompensating for his father's failings, but he asked for a chance to do better.

Steffy entered and hoped Bill had told Liam and Hope the truth. Bill claimed he had, but Steffy said she wouldn't blame them for disbelieving it. Bill asserted that Steffy hadn't been involved, and Liam couldn't end his marriage over what Bill had done. Bill apologetically told Hope that he wouldn't interfere in Liam and Steffy's marriage, and Hope shouldn't either. Bill thought Liam was lucky to have the love of two incredible women, but Bill implored Liam to do what was right by honoring his vows.

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