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Monday, February 6, 2012

At Taylor's house, Steffy informed her mother that Liam had chosen Hope. Steffy claimed that she'd known from the beginning that he'd loved two women, and she'd begun to realize that letting him have a shot with Hope was the best thing for him. "That way, when he comes back to me, it'll be for good," Steffy concluded.

Taylor warned Steffy against interfering with Hope and Liam, but Steffy asserted that she didn't want to get Liam through trickery. Steffy claimed she'd learned from her mistakes, but Hope, who touted the same image and campaign, hadn't. Steffy figured it'd be a matter of time before Liam remembered what had drawn him to Steffy in the first place.

A dubious Taylor guessed that Steffy would then pick up the marriage where it had left off. Steffy said it'd be better the next time, because she had shed her insecurities, and all the questions about Hope would be gone. Taylor advised Steffy to prepare herself for the possibility that Liam would never return; however, Steffy was convinced that he'd remember Hope's boring, judgmental prissiness, and Steffy refused to lose faith in her connection to Liam.

Taylor knew what Steffy was going through and didn't want her daughter to be on the same emotional roller coaster she'd been on. Steffy, however, insisted that Liam wasn't like her father. Steffy asked for a keepsake box for Liam's wedding band, because she was sure he'd need it again. Taylor found one and then asked what Steffy would do with her ring. Steffy vowed to wear it, so Liam would see it when he inevitably returned to her.

Taylor wished Steffy would listen to her experienced mother, but Steffy doubted Liam and Hope would even make it the altar. Steffy assumed Hope's undoubtedly extravagant wedding would take months to plan, and the divorce would take time to finalize. Steffy figured that, by the time the divorce papers were ready, Liam would be so over Hope that he'd refuse to sign them. Full of confidence, Steffy refused to give up.

Outside at the cliff house, Liam told the incredulous Hope that he couldn't wait another moment to start living the rest of his life with her. The couple kissed, and Liam carried Hope into the house. The giddy Hope wished they could get married that very day, but settled for doing it as soon as possible.

Hope was worried about Steffy. Liam said he'd hated hurting Steffy, but he couldn't keep denying that his and Hope's plans had been derailed by Steffy's interference. He said he'd told Steffy that, and not only had she gotten it, but she'd also wished him the best. Liam and Hope recalled the agony of being apart, but they were elated to finally be together again.

In Ridge's office, Brooke paced and wondered what was happening with Hope, Liam, and Steffy. Ridge said that no matter the outcome, they'd be there for both of their daughters. Brooke conveyed that she'd seen Hope outside the house while Liam and Steffy were talking inside. Ridge assumed that it meant Liam was ending it with Steffy, but Brooke felt it could go either way. Brooke and Ridge hugged each other as they worried about their daughters.

Brooke suggested calling Taylor's house, because that was where Steffy would go. "If she's going," Ridge stated and reminded Brooke that Liam had already committed to Steffy. Ridge believed Liam would never have married Steffy if he hadn't loved her. Brooke didn't deny Liam and Steffy's connection; however, she said t didn't compare to Hope and Liam's. Ridge and Brooke agreed to contain their personal feelings about Liam's choice.

Just then, Hope called Brooke with the exciting news that Liam was ending his marriage to be with Hope. Brooke was cautiously excited, and Ridge grimaced a little. After the call, Ridge became disillusioned, because he'd been so sure that Liam would do the right thing. "Maybe he did," Brooke proffered. Ridge found it hard to keep his promise about containing his feelings, because in his view, Steffy hadn't deserved that. Brooke believed that Steffy would be okay, and everyone would move on from it.

Back at the cliff house, Liam guessed Brooke was pleased. Hope said her mother, who'd been their biggest supporter, had always known that the young couple would reunite. Liam felt that he and Hope had known it, too, because they belonged together. Hope wanted to get married right away, and she claimed she'd never put Liam through another campaign nightmare. Liam, however, figured he'd need to get divorced first.

Hope suggested that Liam get an annulment because he'd been tricked into the marriage. Liam wondered if he'd been married too long for an annulment. He assured her that she didn't have to rush, because she deserved her dream wedding. Hope revealed that she'd once wanted a big wedding, but her new desire was simply to look into his eyes as she committed herself to him.

Liam was in awe of Hope's intelligence and values, and he felt lucky to be there with her. He said he loved her, admired her, and respected her. He mentally and physically desired her, and for him, loving her had been the most complicated and fulfilling thing of his life. Liam planned to thank God each day that they were finally living the life they should have been.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope confided in Brooke that she and Liam were getting married. Hope said that she had thought she'd lost Liam, but she'd stuck to her principles and finally was about to have everything that she had ever wanted. Brooke and Hope embraced. Brooke asked what plans Hope had for a wedding, and Hope said that she wanted a small, quiet ceremony at Brooke's home. She didn't want any big event.

In Steffy's office, Steffy lamented that her marriage had ended. She told her father that there had been nothing fake about her marriage. Steffy said that the situation was much more complicated than it appeared. Ridge agreed, but he felt she'd been hiding something. He asked for more information, but Steffy offered nothing.

Steffy said that she knew Liam would return to her. She added that Liam had to explore his relationship with Hope. Steffy was confident that Liam and Hope would end up unhappily separating, and Liam would return to her. When he did, Steffy promised to be a new and improved woman.

Steffy admitted that with her lies and manipulations, she had pushed Liam right into Hope's arms. She planned to move on. Ridge discouraged Steffy from believing that Liam would return to her. He didn't want her to wait for something that might never happen.

At Spencer, Justin reviewed the details of a legal annulment agreement that he had drawn up for Liam. Justin asked if Liam had any second thoughts. Liam answered that he and Hope had wasted enough time apart. They wanted to marry immediately. Justin remarked that Bill would not be happy.

Liam said it was time that Bill realized Liam planned to live his own life without Bill's interference. Justin asked what was next for Liam, and Liam said that it was marriage to Hope as soon as possible. Liam asked how long the annulment would take. Before Justin could answer, Taylor entered and was incredulous that Liam planned to hurt Steffy.

Taylor lectured Liam about the sanctity of marriage and working on a marriage. Taylor acknowledged that Steffy had made mistakes, but she encouraged Liam to work on his problems with Steffy. Taylor suggested counseling. Taylor said that if Liam loved Steffy, he wouldn't break off the relationship. Liam said that he regretted hurting Steffy, but his relationship with her was over. Taylor angrily left.

Later, Ridge entered Liam's office. Liam told Ridge that Taylor had just left. Ridge acknowledged that it wouldn't do any good to lecture Liam. Ridge added that he would respect Liam's decision because Ridge knew what it was like to love two women. Ridge admitted that it wasn't easy to be in Liam's shoes.

At Forrester, Hope entered Steffy's office and said that she was sorry Steffy had to be hurt. Steffy reminded Hope that Liam was still married to Steffy. Hope told Steffy that she and Liam wanted to be together as soon as possible. Hope added that Liam had never stopped loving Hope. Steffy noted that if she had been honest in her marriage, Liam would never have left her. Hope said that she and Liam belonged together. Justin entered and presented the annulment papers to Steffy, who angrily accused Hope of putting Liam up to the annulment.

Steffy refused to be a part of an annulment that acted as if her marriage had never existed. Justin said that the annulment enabled them both to move on with their lives. Steffy was upset that Liam wanted to act as if the marriage had been a mistake. Justin apologized, but said that Liam's intentions were very clear. Liam had already signed it.

Taylor angrily entered Brooke's office and said that she had just visited with Liam. Taylor and Brooke acknowledged that their daughters had become engaged in fighting over the same man the same way that Brooke and Taylor had fought over Ridge their entire lives.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope encouraged Steffy to sign the annulment papers, but Steffy was insulted. Steffy said she was convinced that Liam would return to her someday. Hope said that she and Liam planned to be married as soon as the annulment papers were signed.

Rick visited Liam at Spencer and asked if things were really done between Liam and Steffy. Liam said he planned to marry Hope as soon as the annulment papers were signed. He wanted to move on with Hope. Rick said they'd get along fine as long as Liam was good to Hope.

At Forrester, Taylor shouted at Brooke that Hope had pressured Liam into filing annulment papers. Ridge entered, and he and Taylor agreed that Liam still loved Steffy. Brooke said they needed to respect Liam's decision to end his marriage. Ridge said an annulment was disrespectful.

Brooke said Steffy had committed fraud. Taylor told Brooke to stop blaming Steffy because Steffy had admitted that she'd made mistakes. Brooke wanted everyone to encourage Steffy to move on. Taylor said that Steffy would do no such thing and Taylor reminded everyone that Brooke had never moved on.

Rick entered, followed by Hope. Taylor accused Hope of putting Liam up to the annulment, but Rick said he had visited with Liam, and it was clear that Liam wanted to end things quickly for Steffy's sake. Ridge told Hope that he was concerned that Hope was rushing things. Taylor agreed. She said that Liam could change his mind again.

Hope said Liam wouldn't change his mind about getting married. Hope said that she had scheduled a press conference to announce that she and Liam were getting married the next day. Ridge and Taylor encouraged Steffy to wait. Rick, Brooke, and Hope planned a celebration.

Liam entered Steffy's office and noticed the annulment papers on her desk. Steffy refused to sign them, but Liam said he didn't want to drag out the end of their marriage. Steffy accused Hope of putting Liam up to the annulment. Steffy insisted that their marriage meant something. Liam said he still loved Steffy and didn't want to hurt her. However, he wanted to move on.

Steffy said she would let Liam go, but she refused to pretend that she had never been his wife. She said it had been an honor to be his wife, and she was proud of it. Steffy said that she understood Liam felt that his relationship with Hope had been interrupted, and he wanted to explore his relationship with Hope. Steffy said she knew that he would discover that he belonged with Steffy.

Steffy reminded Liam of all the good times they'd shared together. Steffy also warned that Hope was immature, and Liam had grown accustomed to Steffy's passion for life and her love for him. Steffy knew that Liam would become bored with Hope and return to Steffy. She advised that he had to be honest with himself. She was certain he'd return before the divorce was final. Liam hugged her.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In Steffy's office, Steffy refused to erase her marriage with an annulment. Instead, she offered to give Liam a proper divorce. Liam stated that he merely wanted to find a way to move forward, but Steffy claimed she was in no hurry. She figured that he planned to just pick up where he'd left off with Hope, but in Steffy's eyes, that hadn't been in a great spot.

Hope text-messaged Liam about the press conference, and Steffy snickered. Liam claimed that Hope was happy, but Steffy asked if he were, too. He stated that he would be, and Steffy would be, too. Steffy figured that Liam was tired of excitement and adventure and had opted for the traditional life and kids. She said she'd wanted to travel the world. He stated that she still could, but she snapped that she'd wanted to do it with him.

Steffy decided she'd remove her ring once the divorce was final, and she wouldn't fight it. She asserted that she wouldn't expedite it, either, and he'd thank her for it later. Claiming that Hope was a station wagon, Steffy likened herself to a 1,200-CC twin pipe crotch rocket ready to burn rubber around his heart. Liam sighed, figuring that was her final answer.

Liam left, and Steffy had her assistant hold her calls. Taylor entered, and noted that reporters were in the building. Steffy complained that Hope was dragging Liam right back into the spotlight. Taylor remarked that she'd tried to talk Liam out of the annulment. Steffy revealed that she hadn't signed the papers, because her marriage hadn't been a mistake.

Taylor questioned Steffy about the annulment and Liam's desire to move on. Steffy said Liam wanted things to be simple, but ending a marriage wasn't simple. She claimed that nothing had changed about Hope, who was still on her soapbox, blabbing about her principles. Steffy claimed that it would never be just about Hope and Liam.

In Ridge's office, Hope had Jake, Marcus, and Beverly hang a banner that read, "Reunited: Hope for the Future." The reluctant Ridge asked Hope to at least say "no comment" if Steffy's name came up in the press conference. Hope beamed that she merely wanted to thank people for their encouragement, and show everyone that her story had a happy ending.

Rick arrived and was surprised to see the banner. Though Rick approved of Liam and Hope, he wondered if Hope was moving too fast. Hope figured it should have happened months earlier, and she cooed that she and Liam would get married once the annulment went through.

Reporters filed in, and Liam finally arrived. He asked to speak to Hope alone, but she told him they'd have the rest of the day together once the conference ended. The couple went to the podium, where Hope announced that her campaign and personal life were back on track. She thanked her supporters for all their encouragement, and she urged them to take their moral stands, because things could turn out as good for them as they had for her.

Jarrett asked about the couple's past engagement plans. Liam stated that they still planned to get married. Hope touted that her values about waiting for marriage hadn't changed, and the couple would get married the next day. Ridge grimaced, and the reporters asked a barrage of questions about Liam's marriage to Steffy. Liam stated that he wouldn't discuss the marriage except to say that it had been real, and he and Steffy had parted on good terms.

Jarrett noted that a divorce would take months, but Hope cited that an annulment wouldn't. Liam meekly stated that they'd get married as soon as possible, and Hope steered the questions back to her own marriage. The reporters asked to see Hope's wedding dress, designed by Eric and Ridge, and Ridge escorted them to the showroom. Rick stopped Liam from following the crowd, because it was bad luck for Liam to see the dress.

Liam was alone in Ridge's office when Brooke entered. She noticed Liam had been surprised by Hope's earlier announcement. Brooke assumed the annulment papers had been filed, but Liam replied that they'd been drawn up, at least. Liam grew anxious, because he'd had no clue that Hope had planned to announce their wedding for the next day. He said he'd get married at that instant, but he couldn't because Steffy wouldn't agree to an annulment.

Brooke was shocked, and Liam began rambling about how Steffy felt about an annulment. He said he hadn't wanted to push the issue; however, Brooke urged him to do just that, because he'd made a commitment to Hope. He claimed he needed more time, but fed up with Steffy's "stupid games," Brooke stormed out of the office.

Liam tried to rush after Brooke, but Rick entered, wondering what Liam's hurry was. Liam explained the situation about the annulment papers and said Brooke was on her way to see Steffy. Rick became upset because Hope believed she was getting married the next day, and he hoped Brooke could get Steffy to sign the papers. Rick forcefully questioned if that were Liam's wish, and an agitated Liam agreed that it was.

In Steffy's office, Brooke barged in, asking for the annulment papers. Steffy said she wasn't going sign them, and Hope was going to have to wait for a divorce, just as she'd made Liam wait for intimacy. Expressing Hope and Liam's desire to get married the next day, Brooke seethed that they wouldn't wait another moment. Steffy refused to sign the papers, but Brooke ordered Steffy to do it, because she knew that it had been inevitable.

Steffy didn't know what the big deal was, if Hope and Liam were inevitable. Brooke yelled that Hope wanted to move on immediately, but Steffy said it was "too damn bad," because she wouldn't negate her marriage to speed up Hope's. Brooke reasoned that there was nothing wrong with an annulment, and it was what Liam wanted, because he wouldn't return to Steffy. Steffy believed differently, and she refused to end her marriage in shame and fraud. Steffy declared that she wasn't ashamed of her marriage, and neither was Liam.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hope marveled at Brooke's living room, which was decorated for Hope's wedding. Hope was ecstatic that she'd marry Liam and have her honeymoon that evening. She skipped upstairs to get ready, and Ridge entered, guessing that Hope still didn't know about the unsigned annulment papers. He said that holding a wedding was risky, but Brooke expressed confidence that Ridge would convince Steffy to do the right thing.

Brooke thought Steffy, who'd vowed to wait out a divorce, was taking advantage of the situation. Ridge reasoned that Steffy was in pain, but Brooke stated that, while the divorce was pending, Steffy would use Hope's chastity against Hope. Brooke felt that Ridge was the only one who could get through to Steffy, and she begged him not to let Steffy ruin it for Hope again.

Later, Rick arrived and complimented the décor. Brooke cryptically said she didn't want anything to ruin Hope's day. Liam entered, and Rick left to check the outside preparations. Brooke told Liam that no one but Ridge, her, and Liam knew about the annulment issue. Liam wondered how they'd pull the wedding off. Brooke assured him that Ridge would see to it that Steffy signed the annulment papers.

Liam figured they should just be honest with Hope about the annulment snag, but Brooke was certain that Ridge would pull through for them. Liam wondered what would happen if Ridge couldn't change Steffy's mind, but Brooke asked Liam not to think that way, because Ridge would ensure that they'd have a beautiful wedding. Liam grew worried, but Brooke insisted that Ridge wouldn't let them down.

Upstairs, Donna and Katie helped Hope prepare for the wedding. Rick entered and decided to dole out some brotherly advice about the honeymoon. Hope politely refused honeymoon advice from her big brother. Rick said he wanted nothing but the best for her, but he'd be keeping his eye on things.

Hope arrived downstairs, and Brooke warned that Liam shouldn't see Hope before the wedding. Hope said they weren't superstitious, and she wondered where Liam's father was. Liam doubted that Bill would attend, and Hope noticed that Liam was very worried. She assured him that the life they'd dreamed about would start that day. Hope returned upstairs, and Liam warned Brooke that Hope would be devastated if Ridge didn't make it happen.

Brooke went upstairs to help Hope dress, but Hope wanted Liam to be the first to see her in the dress. Brooke gushed with happiness, but asked if Hope wanted to wait a little while before going downstairs. Hope, however, was too anxious and happy to wait another moment.

At Taylor's house, Steffy mulled over the annulment papers. Ridge arrived and wordlessly hugged his daughter. Sitting on the sofa, Ridge comforted Steffy, who couldn't believe how she'd handled herself during her marriage. She felt that insecurity wasn't her, but Ridge said her feelings weren't surprising, because Liam loved two women. Steffy was sure that Liam needed her, not Hope. Ridge said Liam had made a choice, and she had to accept it. Steffy claimed that she wouldn't stand in Liam's way, but she wouldn't give him an annulment, either.

Ridge said Hope believed Steffy had signed the papers, and Hope had planned a wedding that day. Steffy guessed Hope didn't want to make Liam wait after the newest pledge of abstinence. Ridge asked Steffy not to take advantage of Hope's morals. Steffy, however, claimed that she had principles, just like Hope. Steffy refused to invalidate what she and Liam had shared, and she refused to pretend that it had never happened.

Ridge said Liam was clear about what he wanted, and Ridge didn't understand why Steffy would make Liam wait. Steffy conveyed that she was doing it so Liam wouldn't make the same mistake twice by rushing into another marriage with unresolved issues involving another woman. Ridge explained that Hope had a dress, a minister, and a groom waiting for a wedding to begin. Steffy said Hope just wanted to get a ring on Liam's finger, because Hope had made yet another pledge to abstinence.

Ridge couldn't blame Hope for rushing, after all she and Liam had been though. Ridge noted that the couple had made a choice, and it was a crushing blow to them to have Steffy stand in their way. He implored Steffy to move on and find the man for her. Ridge was sure there was someone out there to love and appreciate Steffy more than Liam. Ridge didn't want Steffy waiting for Liam or any man, and he urged her not to wait for something that might never happen. Steffy said she loved Liam, and she didn't know if she'd ever love anyone else again.

Back at Brooke's house, the minister called everyone to their places. Liam told Brooke that they had to tell Hope the truth, but Brooke insisted that Ridge would get the papers signed. Liam took his place at the altar, Hope arrived at the top of Brooke's staircase in her gown, and just then, Ridge returned to the house. Brooke rushed to him and desperately asked if Steffy had complied.

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