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Monday, February 13, 2012

At Brooke's house, the wedding march played, and Hope was poised at the altar, ready to marry Liam. To Brooke, Ridge murmured that they'd better stop the ceremony. Brooke gasped as Ridge apologized to Hope and Liam. Sensing trouble, Katie, Donna, and Rick decided to go upstairs. Hope panicked, wondering what was happening.

Brooke asked Hope to sit down, but a confused Hope asked if Liam knew what had happened. Liam stated that Ridge had just visited Steffy. Hope admitted that she felt sorry for Steffy, but Hope also felt that Steffy had to accept that her marriage was over. Ridge cryptically said Steffy didn't have to accept it that very day.

Liam explained to Hope that Steffy hadn't signed the papers. Hope was shocked, and Liam said he hadn't told Hope about it because Brooke had been confident that she and Ridge could convince Steffy. Hope asserted that Steffy had to sign, because Hope and Liam were about to be married. Liam, however, stated that they couldn't do so as long as he was married to Steffy.

Hope insisted upon getting married that day, because she'd waited such a long time. She figured Steffy wanted to cause trouble, but Liam said he understood why Steffy was okay with a divorce, but not an annulment. Brooke suggested that Liam and Hope have a vows ceremony that day and finalize the marriage at city hall after the divorce. Hope was reluctant to make a commitment that would mean nothing for another six months, and she wouldn't settle for being married in her heart. Refusing to go to bed alone that night, Hope headed toward the door.

Liam anxiously asked if Hope planned to visit Steffy. The incensed Hope said she was getting married that day, not six months from then. Hope told everyone to stay put because she'd return with the signed papers. Liam attempted to follow Hope out the front door; however, Ridge stopped him, because for better or worse, Hope needed to have her say with Steffy.

Upstairs, Katie readily guessed Steffy was involved in the wedding interruption. Rick wondered what Steffy could have done to get Ridge to stop the wedding. Katie figured it could be any number of things, because Steffy wouldn't let Liam go without a fight.

As the time ticked by, Donna figured they should see what was happening, but Rick and Katie urged Donna not to interrupt. The three expressed their pride in Hope for upholding her wedding-night principles, and they discussed how Hope deserved happiness. After more time passed, Rick, Donna, and Katie lost patience and went downstairs to see what the matter was.

When the trio returned downstairs, they were shocked to hear that Steffy hadn't signed the papers. Ridge said Steffy had every right not to sign, because she still loved Liam. Reasoning that Liam still loved Steffy, too, Ridge questioned Liam's rush for the new marriage to Hope. Liam admitted that he did love Steffy, but also conveyed that he and Hope weren't rushing, because they'd been together for a long time before his other marriage had happened. "I may always love Steffy, but my life is with Hope," Liam declared.

Liam guessed he hadn't made that fact clear to Steffy, who might be dragging things out in hopes that he'd return to her. "But if she thinks she still has a chance..." Liam speculated with a shrug. Ridge said that as long as Liam loved Steffy, there was still a chance. Ridge advised Liam to take advantage of the time Steffy was giving him to think things over.

At Taylor's house, Taylor arrived, and Steffy explained that her father had visited in a failed attempt to persuade her to sign the annulment papers. Taylor was glad that Steffy hadn't signed and didn't understand why Ridge would push it. Steffy cattily assumed that Ridge had only been doing Brooke's bidding.

Just then, a deliveryman arrived with a basket of decadent chocolates and a fondue fountain for Taylor. Steffy stated that Thorne had given her mother chocolates for Valentine's Day, but Steffy was stuck with annulment papers. Taylor insisted that her daughter was having chocolate, too, and the two women indulged themselves in Thorne's gift.

While eating, Steffy expressed bitterness about the pressure on her to annul her marriage. She refused to give in, because Liam needed time. Taylor doubted Liam would appreciate it because of Hope's virginity pledge. Steffy figured that if Liam wanted Hope, he'd have to accept everything about her, chastity included. It occurred to Steffy that Thorne probably wanted to share with Taylor the desserts he'd sent over. Taylor hightailed it out of there to go and thank him for the gift in person.

Later, Steffy was staring at the annulment papers when an irate Hope arrived to demand that Steffy sign the papers. Steffy said she was sorry that Hope had been shortsighted in planning a wedding with Steffy's husband. Hope demanded that Steffy stop clinging to an expired marriage. Steffy asserted that Hope was the one pushing, not Liam, and if the marriage ended, the way it happened was none of Hope's business.

Steffy thought she was being fair, but Hope argued that nothing had been fair about the way Steffy's marriage had happened. Hope stated that annulments existed because of marriages like Steffy's, and Hope demanded that Steffy let Hope get on with her life. Steffy claimed that Liam hadn't learned yet that Hope was just a rebound, and Hope smacked Steffy in the face.

A seething Hope warned Steffy not to say a word about rebounding, because Steffy had tricked Liam into marrying her. Steffy slung chocolate in Hope's face and screamed that she wasn't signing. The two women fought, slathering each other with chocolate. Hope picked the chocolate-smeared annulment papers up off the floor and shoved them against Steffy's chest. Hope ordered Steffy to sign, but instead, Steffy ripped the papers in half and threw them back on the floor.

Lily and Cane remarry in Provence

Lily and Cane remarry in Provence

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

by Pam

At Brooke's, Hope had gone to see Steffy, and Ridge tried to talk to Liam about taking some time before he rushed into another marriage. Liam wondered where Ridge was going with his conversation. Ridge pointed out that Liam should not be married to anyone for a while. Ridge added that Steffy deserved more than an annulment, and Liam agreed. But Liam added that Steffy wanted him to wait six months as the result of a divorce, and it wasn't going to make a difference. Liam said that he planned to marry Hope no matter how long he had to wait. Liam said that he needed to go to Steffy's to see what was going on because he was certain that Steffy would never sign the annulment papers.

Ridge discussed the situation with Brooke, Katie, Donna and Rick. Katie said that Steffy was trying to manipulate everything just as she always had, and Donna agreed. Rick disagreed. He said that Steffy and Liam had been married and clearly loved each other. Rick wondered how Liam, or anyone, could be so impulsive to marry another woman so quickly after Hope had broken off the engagement. Rick wondered if Liam was the right guy for Hope, considering his actions. Rick added that a lot could happen in the next six months.

Katie wondered how Ridge could side with Steffy over Hope. Ridge said that he worried about both the girls, but he reminded Katie that Liam clearly loved Steffy enough to marry her. Ridge worried that Liam needed some time alone because he couldn't give all of his heart to one woman. Ridge said that Liam needed to think about what he really wanted. Ridge added that he understood that Katie had misgivings about Steffy because Steffy had interfered in Katie's marriage.

At Taylor's, Steffy and Hope were still covered in chocolate after they had thrown melted chocolate, from the fountain that Thorne had given to Taylor, at each other. The girls bickered over Steffy's choice to set Liam free, but only if he agreed to a divorce and not an annulment. Hope was furious that Steffy had ruined Hope's wedding day. Steffy said that Liam still loved her. Hope reminded Steffy that Steffy had tried everything to keep Liam and Hope apart. Hope shouted that Liam wanted to marry Hope, and it was time for Steffy to let him go.

Liam entered and wondered what had happened when he saw both of them covered in chocolate. Steffy said that Hope had gone berserk and thrown chocolate at her. Hope admitted that she had lost it when she realized that Steffy had ruined Hope's wedding day and planned to keep Liam and Hope from getting married for another six months. Liam convinced Steffy and Hope that it was time to move on. Liam told Steffy that he planned to marry Hope, and another six months wasn't going to change that. He said that he understood Steffy didn't want an annulment, so he had already drawn up divorce papers and he was having them delivered within minutes. Liam told Hope that he would wait for the divorce papers to arrive so that he and Steffy could sign them. He added that perhaps before the six months was up, Steffy would agree to an annulment. Liam agreed that it was wrong for them to have expected Steffy to deny that the marriage was real.

Liam pointed out to Steffy that their marriage was over. He planned to marry Hope as soon as he could. Brooke entered and accused Steffy of starting a fight with Hope, but Hope admitted that she had started it. Hope and Brooke left. Liam waited for the divorce papers while Steffy showered. A messenger delivered the papers. Liam and Steffy reminisced about their time together. Liam took out the papers and asked about a settlement. Steffy cried that she didn't want a settlement. She wanted Liam, but Liam signed his name on the papers, and passed them to Steffy for her signature. She signed her name, and put her head on Liam's shoulder. He hugged her.

At Brooke's, Hope lamented that her wedding day hadn't materialized, but Brooke promised that she would have her day in six months. Hope agreed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

by Pam

At lunch, Brooke and Katie discussed Liam and Hope's wedding gone bad. Brooke admitted that she never should have allowed Hope to go ahead with a press conference and wedding plans without Steffy's signature on an annulment. Katie noted that the annulment was a bad idea because Steffy never would have agreed to it no matter how much pressure she got from Liam.

Brooke and Katie laughed about the chocolate that Steffy and Hope had thrown all over each other. Katie wondered if Steffy and Hope's problems had interrupted Ridge and Brooke's celebration of Valentine's Day. Brooke said that they had found time to celebrate. Katie said that she and Bill had managed to patch things up.

Katie and Brooke discussed that Steffy would try to manipulate Liam over the next six months, and Katie said that Hope needed to have her guard up. Brooke and Katie agreed that Hope needed to drop the virginity thing so that Liam wasn't waiting six months to make love. Katie promised to talk to Hope.

At Forrester, Ridge encouraged Steffy to move on with her life ... without Liam. Steffy said she would always love Liam, and Ridge agreed, but Ridge added that Steffy could open her life to the opportunity of meeting other men. Steffy promised to be open to the possibilities. But Ridge warned Steffy to choose anyone but Bill, and Steffy promised that it would be anyone but him.

Rick entered and wondered who Ridge and Steffy were talking about. Steffy told him that is was Rick, but Ridge smiled and told Rick that it was a conversation for another day. They had business to discuss. Ridge said that they had too many designers working on different lines, and he wanted to coordinate things better.

Ridge said that with Ridge, Rick, and Eric all working on the couture line, they needed to pull one person off the line. Rick wondered if Ridge was trying to push him out, but Ridge acknowledged that Rick's designs had sold, but they were getting too many ideas into the line. Rick wondered if Ridge was trying to push Eric out. Ridge said that Eric only worked when he wanted to, but Rick said he would not be responsible for pushing Eric out of the company. Rick added that Ridge and Eric were a team.

Ridge wondered if Rick was interested in working on the Hope for the Future line, the Men's line, or the Intimates line. Ridge reasoned that Eric could work on another line. Steffy balked that she did not want Eric working on the Intimates line. Ridge said that opened a spot for Rick, who agreed to work on the Intimates line. Rick snarked that he had seen Steffy naked. Steffy wasn't for the idea, but she promised to try to make it work.

Rick left, and ran into Katie in another office. Katie told Rick that she wanted to leave a note for Hope. Rick explained that he would be working on Steffy's line, and Katie wondered how that had happened. Rick said that it could work to everyone's advantage. He reminded Katie that he and Steffy had quite a volatile and romantic history.

Katie remembered that Rick and Steffy had been engaged. She also recalled that the entire thing had ended badly, but Rick reminded Katie that he and Steffy had some wicked chemistry. He planned to put that chemistry to good use to see if he could tempt Steffy to let go of Liam. Rick hoped to get Steffy to go ahead with the annulment before the six-month waiting period on the divorce. Katie said that it was a plot she admired, and she asked what she could do to help.

Steffy entered and started bossing Rick around. Rick promised to do everything Steffy wanted because he wanted the line to succeed. Steffy agreed, and Rick added they had the same goals. Rick and Katie smiled.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

In Liam's office, Liam talked on the phone with Steffy about the divorce filing. Steffy figured Liam and Hope, his "Plan B," would celebrate. Sighing, Liam asked if Steffy would be okay. She ended the call by telling him that neither of them needed him to worry about her.

Bill entered, and Liam said he'd filed divorce papers, though he'd wanted an annulment. Insisting that he hadn't been involved in Steffy's choices, Bill stated that Liam ought to be as glad as Bill that Steffy hadn't allowed an annulment. Liam received a call from a reporter and then vented to Bill about how the Internet was buzzing about "the wedding that never was."

Sensing a lecture, Liam refused to hear it, saying he was ready to marry Hope, and Bill had to stop promoting Steffy. Bill said he wouldn't, but Liam needed to give Steffy the six-month waiting period she deserved. He suggested that Liam and Hope move in together, but Liam said Hope had reaffirmed her abstinence. "Here we go again," Bill responded.

Exasperated, Liam asked for his father's support. Bill, however, warned Liam to give plenty of thought to the woman he'd share his life with. Bill said Liam had six months to decide if he wanted a woman who was loyal to her principles, or one who was loyal to Liam's needs.

At Forrester with Rick, Hope wished her pending marriage to Liam could be as easy as the quick trip to Santa Barbara they'd just taken. Rick was sure things would change once Steffy became immersed in the "Intimates" line. Hope envisioned Steffy modeling lingerie for Liam, but to Hope's surprise, Rick said that wouldn't happen while he was working in that division.

Katie arrived, and Rick said he and Hope had just been discussing how he'd traded couture for "combat duty" with Steffy. Hope left, and Katie guessed that Rick hadn't told Hope about his plans for Steffy. He said Hope had a lot on her mind, but due to Rick's history with Steffy, it wouldn't take six weeks, let alone six months, for Liam to get out of his marriage.

Katie quipped that Rick was cocky, and Rick stated that he'd break Steffy from her obsession with Liam. Katie warned Rick that he and Steffy were more alike than he realized. Marcus arrived per Rick's request, and as Katie took off, Rick asked her to leave the door open.

Katie went across the hall to invite Hope to lunch. Hope was on edge still about waiting six months to be married. Hope was desperate to make love to her husband, but Liam wouldn't be her husband for 180 more days. Katie bet it would happen sooner than Hope realized.

Katie suggested that Hope concentrate on planning the perfect wedding. Hope revealed that she mainly wanted a wedding night, but she'd begun to think she was waiting for a perfect moment that would always elude her. Katie conveyed that Hope could be with Liam at any time, because Hope's love for Liam was etched into Hope's heart. Katie reasoned that Hope really didn't need to validate it with some court document.

Hope relayed that, in reality, she and Liam weren't married, and pretending that they were would go against her beliefs. Katie understood Hope's view and hinted that Steffy might decide to back off. Hope sincerely doubted it, but Katie said that miracles did happen.

Back in Rick's office, Marcus couldn't fathom why Rick wanted to work as Steffy's subordinate. Glancing into the corridor, Rick saw Steffy talking to an employee, and he subtly hinted the Marcus knew exactly why Rick wanted to work for Steffy.

Rick asked for his office décor to be softened up with flowers, because he wanted Steffy to be comfortable working in there. Rick remembered that Marcus had once dated Steffy, and Marcus recalled that Rick had put an end to that by shipping Marcus off to work in Paris.

Steffy overheard the men talking and peeked into the office in time to hear Rick ask Marcus to put in a good word with her. Marcus was amazed by Rick's interest in her. Rick called Steffy the sexiest woman on the planet. Rick said he'd been enthralled by the banter he'd had with her earlier, but figured she'd laugh in his face if he approached her romantically. Rick said it was best to help her with her line and hope she'd see him differently.

Steffy ducked away from the door as Rick asked Marcus to keep quiet about Rick's confession. Marcus left, and Rick cunningly grinned to himself.

Steffy returned to the door and bluntly asked Rick if he'd meant any of what he'd just said. Rick pretended not to know what she was talking about, but she said she'd overheard him and Marcus because the door had been left open. "Or was that intentional?" she asked.

Rick pretended to be flustered and anxious to get away from Steffy, but as he strode to the door, she reminded him that it was his office. He stopped at the door, and she asked if he genuinely felt that way about her. Rick asked how much she'd actually heard. Grinning, she figured that he still had the hots for her. "No," Rick awkwardly stated. He asserted that he didn't hate her, and they should just leave it at that.

Steffy said she didn't believe that Rick had feelings for her, but Rick dismissively said she didn't have to. Steffy mimicked what Rick had said to Marcus about hoping she'd see Rick differently, and she noted that, earlier that day, Rick hadn't acted like he'd cared. He stated that he disliked what Steffy was doing to his sister, but he didn't like to see Steffy in pain, either.

Steffy remarked that Rick had loved her once – or at least she'd thought so. Noting that things had been complicated back then, Rick confessed that he'd been an immature jerk. He wondered how she'd felt about him back then. Steffy said he'd driven her insane, and she'd wanted to strangle him at times. "It sounds like you still do," he replied, and she grinned.

Rick asked Steffy not to make a big deal out of what she'd heard him say, but Steffy wondered what would happen if she had feelings of her own. He asked if she did, but she replied that she was still in love with her husband. "So you're going to keep carrying that torch?" Rick quipped. Steffy stated that she didn't just carry it; she lit it. With an enamored expression on his face, Rick agreed that she did indeed.

"Oh, my God! You actually have feelings for me!" Steffy incredulously declared. Rick asked her not to analyze his every look. Shaking off her amazement, she decided they should call a truce and get to work. Steffy offered him a handshake, but certain they could do better than that, Rick hugged her. Steffy was even more stunned when he kissed her cheek, too.

Friday, February 17, 2012

In Ridge's office, Steffy prepared for a lingerie photo shoot. Thomas said he was happy to see her back at work and moving on. Steffy stated that she'd signed divorce papers, but that didn't mean it was over for her and Liam. Steffy asked about Thomas' feelings for Hope, and Thomas doubted anything was left since Hope had refused to marry him.

Steffy figured that there was plenty of hope for her and Liam. Thomas guessed she was betting on Liam leaving Hope because he couldn't sleep with her during the waiting period. Thomas wondered why Steffy would want a man like that, but she reasoned that Liam would return to her, not because of sex, but because of Hope's disregard for his opinions.

Thomas refused to wait his whole life for Liam and Hope to break up, and he didn't see why Steffy would. Thomas urged his sister to agree to the annulment, but she didn't want to give up on Liam. Thomas directed her to live her life regardless of Liam. Thomas reasoned that Liam might return to her, or she might find a relationship with a man who loved only her.

Steffy revealed that she already might have it, but she bet Thomas would rather she pine away for Liam than pursue it. Thomas disagreed, but sighed when she said she could have it with Rick. She figured Rick was just then realizing how great things could have been between them.

At the door to the studio, Brooke overheard Rick talking to Marcus about Rick's renewed infatuation with Steffy. An outraged Brooke interrupted to say there was no way she'd let him be with Steffy again. Marcus left, and Rick told Brooke not to get involved. Brooke insisted upon knowing what he was up to, and Rick handed her a set of annulment papers.

Rick explained that he'd get Steffy to sign the papers by reminding her of what had once been. Brooke thought it was crazy to try to seduce Steffy into signing the papers, and she was leery about him doing that to Ridge's daughter. Rick implored Brooke not to tell Ridge about it, and she agreed, figuring that it might teach Steffy a lesson about messing with people's lives.

Brooke saw Steffy approaching the cracked entrance and suddenly raged that she wouldn't support Rick's renewed feelings for Steffy. "Awkward," Steffy said, strolling in. Brooke demanded to know what Steffy had done to spark Rick's interest. Steffy was perplexed by the question, but Brooke ordered Steffy to keep her hands off. Brooke marched out, but sneaked Rick a thumbs up signal at the door.

Steffy changed into her modeling lingerie, and Rick poured her some champagne. He said it was a prop, and it would help her get in the mood. As they waited for Oliver to arrive, Rick instructed her to remove her robe, so they could review the poses. Upon seeing her in the chemise and lacey boxers, he murmured that it had probably been hard for Liam to leave her. Steffy noted that Rick was the first Logan to admit Liam had wanted to be with her, even if he'd wanted Hope more. Touching Steffy's hand, Rick said that Liam's loss was someone else's gain.

Steffy asserted that Liam was still her husband, but Rick dismissed that, because a husband wouldn't dump her after what she'd given. She questioned why Rick wanted Liam with Hope, but Rick declared that he didn't want Liam with either woman. Rick didn't want to see Hope or Steffy go through what Brooke had. He said Liam was just a boy, who made boyish choices, and if Liam were with Hope, then Steffy would have the chance to be with a man.

Rick believed that Steffy was too smart to chase after a man who made her look foolish and desperate. Steffy uttered that she loved Liam, but Rick thought she was too intelligent to be in love with a man who didn't challenge her. Rick called Liam a boy lost in the fog of another woman while lying in Steffy's bed. Rick retrieved the annulment papers and handed them to Steffy, but she hopped up as if the papers were on fire.

Steffy started pacing, but Rick insisted that he couldn't stand to see her wrapped up with a boy who didn't appreciate her. He implored her to sign the annulment papers and move on with him. Steffy seemed enthralled, and Rick kissed her deeply. He asked her if the gesture had shown her what it was like to kiss a man who wasn't thinking of another woman. He wondered if she'd felt what it would be like to be with him. "Do you have a pen?" she meekly asked.

Rick wiped a tear from her face and handed her a pen. Steffy wrote on the papers and asked how soon the annulment could happen. Rick said he'd take the papers to Liam. "Do it," Steffy replied, adding, "I'll be waiting."

In Rick's office, Madison led Christine Johnson, an essay contest winner, in to meet Hope. Christine's sister and mother accompanied her, and the women said all the teens were wearing Hope For the Future because of Hope's message. Christine explained that the message had given her the confidence to talk to her boyfriend and her parents about her morals.

Liam listened at the door with a grin, and then he entered to meet the family. Madison returned with company gifts and took the family on a building tour. Liam said he enjoyed seeing the effect Hope had on people, and it made him love her even more.

Brooke arrived, and Hope said her meeting with the contest winner had confirmed that she'd made the right choices – even if they meant waiting longer for what she wanted. Brooke said it might not be that long, because Rick was talking to Steffy. Brooke figured that Rick could get to Steffy in a way that others couldn't, and Liam might have his annulment that day.

Liam hoped Rick wouldn't intimidate Steffy, but Brooke doubted Steffy could be intimidated. Just then, Rick entered and announced that they were free, because Steffy had signed the papers. Hope hugged Rick and jumped into Liam's arms. She beamed that they could get married at any time. Liam happily chuckled, but then concern crept over his face.

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