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Monday, February 20, 2012

In Rick's office, Brooke, Liam, and Hope were astonished that Steffy had signed the annulment papers. They wondered how Rick had accomplished it, and Rick said he'd reminded Steffy that Liam wasn't the only guy on the market. Hope was anxious to get married, but Liam thought they should make sure it was legitimate before making plans. Rick insisted that it was; however, when he looked at Steffy's signature, he grumbled that Steffy had punked him.

Rick stormed out, and Hope raged that Steffy thought it was just a game. Liam said the divorce was still in process, but Brooke and Hope thought Rick could still appeal to Steffy. Liam felt it wasn't a good idea, because Steffy had seen Rick's game from a mile away. Hope scoffed that Liam was defending Steffy. Claiming not to like the situation, either, Liam asked to speak to Hope alone. Brooke left, and the flustered Hope ordered Liam to do something about Steffy.

Liam reminded Hope that he'd tried already, to no avail. Hope figured it was someone else's turn to try, and Rick had a lot of history with Steffy. Liam stated that it wouldn't be easy to sway Steffy, who wasn't as emotionally shallow as people assumed. Hope whined that she wanted to be with Liam in every way, but her marital pledge meant a lot to her. Hope worried that Steffy was trying to ruin everything that Hope and Liam had together.

Liam tried to reassure Hope, but she raged that Steffy was holding them hostage. Liam suggested that the quaking Hope calm down, because Steffy had legal rights. Hope argued that Steffy shouldn't have rights because the marriage had been a deception. Hope was fed up with Steffy, who'd been inserting herself into Hope and Liam's relationship since the beginning.

Hope went on a tirade about Steffy, who Hope believed was out to wreck everything. Hope spoke so fast that she could barely breathe. Liam asked her to get a grip, because no one could break them apart. The two kissed, and Hope said she wanted him very much.

In the studio, Stephanie arrived and saw Steffy having champagne. Steffy was toasting to making the right choice about the new annulment papers that Rick had drawn up. She said Rick had urged her to sign them because she was too incredible to waste her time with Liam. Stephanie hoped Steffy had torn those papers up, just like the last ones. Steffy said she'd signed them -- with the word "loser," because that was what she thought of Rick and his stunt.

Stephanie chuckled, guessing Rick hadn't bothered to read the signature before running off with the papers. Steffy relayed that Rick had been cocky, but flattering; however, she refused to give up on Liam so easily. "Too bad for you -- he's in love with my sister," Rick asserted from the doorway. Entering the room, Rick added that he and Liam weren't amused by what she'd done. Steffy quipped that her employees should pay more attention to detail.

Rick told Steffy that they'd had an understanding, but Stephanie stated that Steffy was onto him. He uttered to Steffy that he'd meant every word he'd said. Steffy asked to talk to Rick alone. Before leaving, Stephanie reminded Steffy that Rick always had an agenda.

Stephanie went to Ridge's office, where Brooke was working. Stephanie suggested that Brooke talk to her son, because he was trying to con Steffy again. Brooke said Rick was trying to be a friend by helping Steffy move on without guilt. Stephanie claimed that Rick was not Steffy's friend, and whatever Steffy and Rick had once shared had been dead for a long time.

Back in the studio, Rick asked if Steffy doubted his sincerity. Steffy replied that she saw him as a man who desperately wanted to help his sister; however, he was a man who'd overplayed his hand. She was tickled because he'd thought that she'd fall for his lines, but Rick said he'd take it as a good sign that she hadn't stopped him from kissing her.

Steffy suggested that Rick put his wasted effort with the annulment into their work. Rick insisted that Liam was the wasted effort, but Steffy declared that she was fed up with being hounded about her choices. She asserted that she wouldn't be guilt-tripped or seduced into changing her mind. Rick wondered why anyone so "smoking hot" wanted to spend six months alone with her memories when she could be with him instead.

Rick noted that Steffy wasn't the type to pine away, and he didn't understand it, because Liam wasn't all that handsome or dynamic. Steffy said she loved Liam, and he still loved her. Rick, however, called it some kind of "fatal attraction." Steffy claimed that Liam was genuine, and he'd never tried to use her. Rick warned that Liam wouldn't change his mind, and Steffy, after vainly waiting the entire six months, would wind up kicking herself for wasting time.

Upset, Steffy was unsure she even wanted to work with Rick, because his ego couldn't fit in the office. Rick revealed that their past affair hadn't been just to rile her father, and he could still feel the chemistry between them. Steffy retorted that Rick didn't know who she was anymore because she'd changed due to Liam, who'd taught her real love. Rick said love should be nurtured, but she insisted nothing would happen between her and Rick.

Rick predicted that they'd rock the Intimates line. Steffy, however, insisted that it would end there, because it took two to "cha-cha-cha." As Steffy walked out, Rick followed her to the door, asking if they could just Rumba.

Rick returned to the room alone, and a panicky Hope called to implore him to do whatever he had to do to make the annulment happen. He clicked off the line as Steffy returned to the room.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, in Steffy's office, Rick continued to try to woo Steffy, but Steffy said that she had been onto him from the beginning. Rick teased that Steffy needed to move on from Liam and have some fun. Steffy challenged Rick to take her out on a date. Rick agreed, and they left for the Bikini Beach Bar.

In Hope's office, Hope angrily looked at the annulment papers where Steffy had signed "Loser" in the spot where her name should have been. Liam entered with some herbal tea to try to calm her. Hope was bitter that Steffy had made a mockery of them wanting to start their life together. Liam disagreed. He said that Steffy was trying to teach Rick a lesson for trying to trick her into signing the papers.

Liam said that he wanted everyone to stay out of their lives and their business. Hope lamented that they had to wait six months to get married because of Steffy. Liam said they were one day closer. He promised that one day they would look back on it and laugh.

Liam worried that Rick was trying to hurt Steffy by taking advantage of her. He suggested that it would all backfire, and a lot of people would get hurt. Hope warned that Steffy and Rick falling for each other wasn't all that implausible. Hope told Liam that Rick and Steffy had been pretty hot and heavy at one time and had almost been married. Liam seemed surprised. He suggested that they go to Bikini Beach and forget all about Rick and Steffy.

In Brooke's office, Stephanie warned that Rick was going to get himself into trouble by trying to persuade Steffy to sign the annulment papers. Brooke defended Rick and said that his heart was in the right place as far as Hope was concerned. Stephanie disagreed and said that Rick had no heart. Stephanie wondered why Rick had ever returned from Paris. Brooke said that Hope and Liam belonged together. Stephanie disagreed.

Stephanie warned that Steffy and Liam loved each other. She added that there was no point in Liam rushing into another marriage. Brooke pointed out that Steffy had stolen time from Liam and Hope. Brooke said that Steffy owed it to Hope to let Liam go. Stephanie said that Liam needed the six months to think about his next move. She added that Hope was young and needed the time to grow up.

Stephanie doubted that Liam would want to wait six months for Hope to have a physical relationship. Stephanie laughed that anything could happen in six months.

At Bikini Beach, Steffy and Rick flirted at the bar. Hope and Liam entered, and they saw Steffy and Rick seated at the bar. Liam wondered if Steffy and Rick were on a date. Hope said that she wouldn't be surprised.

Hope explained that Phoebe had died when Rick was driving and Phoebe had grabbed the wheel. Hope said that Steffy and Rick had gotten together after Phoebe died. Liam said that Steffy had never mentioned anything and that she never wanted to talk about Phoebe.

Later, Liam wondered why Steffy was with Rick, and Steffy laughed that Liam was jealous. She told Liam that she could take care of herself. Rick stopped at Hope's table while Liam was gone and told Hope that he was trying to woo Steffy and persuade her to sign the annulment papers, but he knew it would take time. Hope encouraged him to work faster.

Liam returned to Hope, and Rick returned to Steffy, who looked sad. Rick asked if she wanted to leave. Steffy tearfully said she wanted to get away from Liam and Hope. Rick hugged her and comforted her. Steffy admitted that she still loved Liam.

Rick left to pay the bill. Hope showed up to taunt Steffy. Hope encouraged Steffy to sign the annulment papers so they could all move on with their lives. Steffy reminded Hope that she had signed divorce papers. They fought about how Steffy had married Liam when Liam was at a weak moment, but Steffy angrily told Hope that Hope knew nothing about Steffy's marriage.

Steffy warned that she and Liam would always love each other. Even if they divorced, Steffy was confident that they would never be over each other.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

by Pam

Hope accused Steffy of wanting to use the six-month waiting period for a divorce to pursue Liam. Steffy warned Hope to back off because Steffy was on a date with Rick and was certainly not pursuing Liam. Steffy added that Liam seemed a bit jealous that Steffy was showering attention on Rick.

Hope and Steffy started sniping at each other, and Steffy reminded Hope that Steffy would always be Steffy Spencer -- always. Steffy added that she and Liam had been intimate for months, something that Hope was going to deny Liam. Hope dredged up that Steffy had tricked Liam into marrying her, and they rehashed old history.

At Liam's table, Rick gave Liam a beer, and Liam suggested that Rick stay away from Steffy. Rick wondered why Liam was so worried about Steffy. Rick said that he and Steffy had been involved before, but Liam interrupted. Liam said that he knew Rick had used Steffy before, and he didn't want to see it happen again.

Rick said that he was hoping he and Steffy could be friends with benefits. Liam said Steffy had been through enough. Rick worried that Liam was a little too concerned about his ex.

Rick suggested that they interrupt Steffy and Hope, and they did. Rick promised to take Steffy home, and Steffy teased that Hope still hadn't moved out of her parents' home. Hope said that her next move would be permanent -- a move with her husband. Steffy added that she was living at her loft. Hope thought that Steffy was staying with Taylor, but Steffy said that she liked the privacy of her loft. Hope looked worried. Rick said that he would take Steffy home, and they left.

At home, Katie called to confirm a dinner date with Brooke and Ridge. Brooke promised they would meet at the beach bar. Ridge entered, and he tried to persuade Brooke to remain at home for a quiet, romantic evening. Brooke promised she would reward him when they arrived home after dinner. At Katie's, a similar scene played out with Bill begging Katie to cancel the evening's plans with Brooke and Ridge.

At Bikini, Ridge and Brooke sat down with Katie and Bill. Conversation turned to how Bill and Ridge agreed that Liam needed a six-month waiting period to decide what to do. Katie and Brooke continued to point out that Liam and Hope were meant for each other. They toasted all the kids and agreed to disagree.

At Brooke's place, Liam and Hope kissed. Hope received a text message from Brooke that Katie and Bill were dining with Brooke and Ridge. Liam and Hope laughed and kissed. Liam said that they should go to his house and start their lives together. Hope was speechless.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

At the Bikini Bar, Bill turned a confused moment about which lady at the table, Katie or Brooke, had ordered a bowl of soup into a parable about why Hope needed to back off with Liam. Katie couldn't believe Bill was comparing Liam to a bowl of soup. Ridge stated that his glass of scotch had made the dinner date tolerable, but some wine would help, too.

Bill, who claimed he was fighting Ridge's battles for Ridge, tried to get Ridge to side with him about Steffy. Ridge wondered why everyone wasn't satisfied with the traditional divorce. Ridge's wine arrived, and he added that he didn't need Bill's help defending Steffy.

Bill figured that Katie and Brooke wanted the annulment because they thought that if Liam were "getting some at home," he wouldn't stray. Bill stated that men thought about sex 35 times an hour. He asked Ridge to confirm that, but instead, Ridge wondered how they'd wound up with a second bottle of wine at the table.

Brooke called it unfortunate that Hope and Liam had to wait six months to be together. Bill contended that they didn't have to wait six minutes. Katie defended Hope for her values and said Hope and Liam had been through a lot together. Bill called Liam and Hope's relationship puppy love, because Hope was avoiding a full relationship for as long as she could.

Brooke called for the check, and Ridge accidentally knocked Brooke's hand, causing her drink to spill on her chest. As she dabbed it away, Bill had a fantasy -- complete with seductive background music -- of Brooke sensually staring at him as she unbuttoned the wet, sheer top. Bill snapped out of it and rushed out of the bar to pull his car around for Katie.

Ridge stated that it had been an interesting evening, but he hoped it wasn't necessary to do it ever again. Katie called Ridge a spoilsport, but when Bill returned to the table, she announced that Ridge was looking forward to another double date. Ridge and Bill exchanged uncomfortable glances.

At Brooke's house, Liam proposed that Hope live with him and have her "little products" all over his bathroom. He complimented her beauty and said he'd do anything for her. He reached out his hand and invited her to go with him. Hope said she trusted him completely, and she placed her hand in his. He pulled her up from the sofa and into his arms for a kiss.

Hope said she wanted to go with Liam, but she'd made a commitment to herself. Liam, who loved her sense of values, claimed to understand that her private and public personas needed to sync up. She said she'd lived with deceptions and secrets all her life, which had made her uncomfortable with compromising her values. Kissing her, Liam declared that he loved her for exactly who she was. He said the waiting was eating him alive; however, he'd chosen it, and he was exactly where he wanted to be.

Ridge and Brooke arrived home. Brooke told the couple that she and Ridge had just had a lovely dinner with Bill. Everyone looked skeptical, and Ridge went upstairs. Hope saw Liam out, and at the door, she told him that soon, they'd go to their own home together.

After Liam left, Hope and Brooke talked about Rick and Steffy being at the Bikini Bar together that evening. Hope concluded that Steffy had been trying to make Liam jealous. "As if," Brooke quipped, rolling her eyes. Brooke believed that Liam had everything he wanted, but Hope said he was forcing himself to wait for her sake, and that had made her want him even more.

Brooke wondered what was stopping them, and Hope answered that it was the courts. Brooke contended that the point was love, not a court-filed document. Hope upheld her integrity, but Brooke explained it was part of life to adapt to changing circumstances. Hope said that was Brooke's life, not hers. Brooke advised Hope to gain some perspective, but Hope insisted that Liam respected her decision because he respected her.

When Liam arrived home, he was surprised to discover Bill there, drinking in the dark. Bill, however, wasn't surprised that Hope wasn't with Liam. Liam scoffed that he needed to go to bed, so Bill had to leave. Bill asked what the most important thing in a man's life was. An irritated Liam guessed money, power, and then respect; however, Bill said it was to never sleep alone.

Bill claimed that women thought men only wanted them for one thing, and it was a man's duty to never let the women know that they were right. Bill asserted that sex was the one thing that put a man in touch with his primal instincts. Though Liam agreed that it did, he said he didn't need Bill looking out for his future, because Hope was worth waiting for.

Bill contended that he was referring to Liam's "present," in which he was still married to Steffy. Bill ordered Liam to get Steffy on the phone and tell her that if she insisted upon dragging her feet about ending the marriage, then she'd better "get her ass" over there and be a wife to her husband.

Later, a lonely Liam meandered to the window and gazed into the night.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Steffy entered her loft, but Rick, who'd escorted her home, hovered on the threshold. Steffy asked if he were a vampire that had to be invited inside. Upon entering, Rick said he didn't want to be presumptuous about where the evening was headed. Steffy assured him that it wasn't going where he thought it was. As he poured himself a drink, he said it was good she'd held on to her loft -- in case a man wanted to spend the night.

After the two had drinks, Steffy figured it was time for Rick to go home. Rick quipped that just because they were "Eric and Stephanie" didn't mean they had to turn in at the same time his father and her grandmother would. Steffy revealed that she'd had a good time with Rick, but she suggested that he leave her wanting more. Rick reluctantly left.

Alone, Steffy gazed her bathtub. She remembered Liam rescuing her and the passionate times she'd had with her husband. She then slipped into some lingerie and lit some candles.

At the cliff house, Bill warned Liam about the cold showers ahead of him. Liam insisted that he'd always love Steffy, but that didn't mean he wanted to be married to her. Liam declared his loyalty to Hope, and Bill turned the topic to their father-son relationship.

Bill had decided he'd been in the doghouse long enough over his last deception. He asked Liam to wear his sword necklace again. Liam said it was too soon for that, but he knew Bill loved him. Bill replied that his love for his son was what drove him to persist about Steffy.

Bill figured there was no choice, and if he were Liam, he knew whose door he'd knock on that night. Liam asserted that he knew, too, and it would be Hope's door -- once she was ready. Bill countered that Steffy was keeping her bed warm for her husband, but Liam maintained that he would always choose Hope.

Bill called his son a liar and bet that Liam had fantasized about Steffy -- or some other woman. Bill admitted that he'd had a tipsy fantasy about Brooke. Liam was shocked, but Bill stated that it was just what men did. Bill urged his son to live out his fantasies while he could, because Liam would be trapped in an "I have a headache every night" marriage with Hope.

Liam remarked Steffy wasn't waiting around for him, because she'd been on a date with Rick. Bill figured Liam was jealous, but Liam claimed that he just didn't want her to get hurt. Bill urged Liam to act, because Rick was circling. Bill asserted that Liam was a Spencer, and he'd better start acting like one. He ordered Liam to go to Steffy and indulge himself.

Once Bill left, Liam tried to get some work done, but he was unable to get Bill's words out of his mind. Liam flashed to his sexual memories of Steffy. Just then, Steffy called him.

Steffy remarked that Rick had dropped her off like a gentleman, but she wished Liam were there, because she missed him. He said he missed her, too, but he couldn't go over there. "Don't worry about Hope. Just come over. I won't tell. I'm waiting for you," Steffy uttered and clicked off the line. Liam grabbed his coat and left the house.

At Brooke's house, Brooke reminded Hope that she'd been ready to be with Liam and live with him before the breakup, and Brooke wondered what had changed. Hope continued to stand by her principles, but Brooke warned that Hope might get hurt again by placing an unnecessary burden on the relationship with Liam.

Rick arrived and noted the tension between Brooke and Hope. Brooke vented about Hope's predicament, but Rick hinted that it would soon change, because he was making progress with Steffy. Brooke didn't know how, since Steffy had called him a loser earlier. Rick contended that Steffy had gone out to dinner with him afterward. Brooke insisted that nothing would happen between Rick and Steffy. Brooke urged Hope to consider taking Steffy's power away.

Brooke went upstairs, and Rick didn't understand why Hope would allow Steffy to dictate when Hope and Liam would be together, because Liam and Hope had already made a lifetime pledge to each other. A confused Hope said she'd been disillusioned by all the pressure around her, but she had to live out her principles for her impressionable followers. She just hoped that she wouldn't lose Liam because of it.

Hope asked about Rick's progress with Steffy, and Rick got a little anxious when Hope asked where he thought it was headed. He prattled off compliments about Steffy, remarked on his history with her, and then reluctantly murmured, "I really care about her." Hope grew worried about Rick, who then said he'd stop seeing Steffy if Hope wanted him to. Hope said she wanted Steffy's mind off Liam, as long as Rick was careful. Rick jokingly and bashfully asked, "What if I get hurt?" Hope quipped that he'd get over it.

Upstairs, Brooke called Katie's house. Bill answered and said Katie wasn't there. He wondered if Brooke had called to complain about the double date, but Brooke grunted that it had been lovely. She conveyed that she was concerned. Bill guessed that Brooke was afraid Hope would drive Liam away with her prim and properness. Brooke said she'd tried to reason with Hope, who really didn't want to disappoint her fans. "She'd just rather disappoint my son. Good night, Brooke," Bill said and clicked off the line.

A montage played to the song, "Arms." In it, Hope paced around Brooke's living room and contemplated her choices and her love for Liam. Meanwhile, at Steffy's house, Steffy chilled champagne, primped in the mirror, and waited. At each house, someone knocked on the front door, and each woman anxiously glanced at her entrance, hoping that Liam was at her door.

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