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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 27, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, February 27, 2012

At Forrester, Marcus caught Amber daydreaming about her past relationship with the teenaged Rick. Glancing at her sketches, Marcus noted that Rick had inspired her to create beautiful designs. Amber wanted to fit in at Forrester, so she asked Marcus to put in a good word for her. She figured Stephanie and Brooke might be lost causes, but the new generation of Forresters, like Steffy, might be receptive.

Marcus remembered that he had to take a package to Steffy's loft. Amber insisted upon doing it for him, so she could bond with Steffy. He wasn't sure it was a good idea, but Amber promised she'd be unobtrusive as she delivered the package.

At Steffy's house, Steffy was frozen by anxiousness as her front door opened. Her visitor entered, and she uttered that he was one surprise after another. Rick stated that he'd returned to see if his new boss required his services. Steffy suggested that it was a little late in the evening for that, but Rick reasoned that it depended upon what she might need.

Steffy tossed her robe over herself to cover her lingerie. Rick deemed it unnecessary, but then guessed that she'd been expecting Liam. "Looks like he's a no-show," Rick observed. He offered to let her take advantage of him instead, but she stated that they were done for the night. Rick, however, responded, that he couldn't get enough of her.

Rick didn't want to base their relationship on deception, so he disclosed that Hope had sent him there as a distraction. Steffy was surprised to hear that she and Rick had a "relationship," but he claimed she was what every a guy wanted. She said they'd crashed and burned on that road before. "But you gotta admit, it was a hell of a ride," Rick replied.

Steffy clung to hope about Liam, and Rick reluctantly headed toward the exit. On the threshold, he said he wasn't done with her. He tried to draw her in for a kiss, but she wiggled out of his grasp and again declared that it wouldn't happen, because she was married. Rick tried to convince Steffy that Liam was a waste of time, but she insisted that her husband still loved her.

Rick strode into the hallway, but turned to say he'd be around if Steffy ever found her senses. As he hugged Steffy, Amber rounded the corner, saw the embrace, and darted back out of sight. Once Rick left, Steffy returned to her loft and heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was Rick again, Steffy opened the door. Amber handed Steffy a package and said, "This is from Marcus. And this is from me -- keep your paws off my man."

Steffy guessed Amber was referring to Rick, who hadn't given Steffy the impression that he was taken. Amber touted her history with Rick and asserted that he still cared about her. Amber wanted to be Steffy's friend, but said it wouldn't happen if Steffy was crawling all over Rick. Steffy revealed that she'd just told Rick that she had no interest in him. Amber assumed Steffy might if Liam left her, but Steffy declared that Liam was the only man for her.

At Brooke's house, Hope thought she was opening her door for Liam, but it turned out to be a deliveryman with a package. Brooke arrived from upstairs and asked where Rick was. Hope said he'd gone to see Steffy, who could be Rick's perfect match intellectually. Brooke was discomfited by the thought of Rick and Steffy being together and reminded Hope that Steffy had seen through him instantly. Hope revealed that Rick hadn't gone to see Steffy solely for Hope, but also because he was starting to have genuine feelings for Steffy.

"You really want to sacrifice your brother?" Brooke asked with a nauseas scowl. Hope insisted that Rick could distract Steffy from Liam, and she figured Rick and Steffy had matured, so things could work out for everyone involved. Brooke suspected that Rick might get hurt, because Steffy wasn't above using Rick to get Liam back.

Rick entered, and Brooke asked if he were out of his mind to be interested in the family "wrecking ball." A gloomy Rick said Brooke didn't have to worry about that. He relayed that he'd gone to Steffy with genuine intentions, and though she'd felt his sincerity, he still couldn't get anywhere with her. Hope figured Steffy would throw herself at Liam each chance she got, but Brooke asserted that Liam had already made his choice.

At the cliff house, Liam entered after a walk on the beach, and he was surprised to see that Stephanie had entered through his unlocked door. She joked that he'd better be glad she wasn't a serial killer. Stephanie had arrived to ensure that Liam had given plenty of thought to the choice he was making between his wife and Hope, who had her own set of problems.

Liam conveyed that Steffy was not without faults. Stephanie agreed with him, but reasoned that he'd known about them before he'd gotten married. She wondered how he'd felt when he'd found out that Rick's ploy hadn't worked, and he was still married to Steffy. Liam said his first instinct had been to laugh, because the "loser" stunt had been classic Steffy.

Stephanie, who'd observed that Liam's marriage had humor and chemistry, noted that marriages were based on a lot less than that. She urged him to think about his choice, because men would be lining up for a chance with Steffy. Assuming Stephanie was referring to Rick, Liam said he was only concerned about Steffy and Rick because he didn't want Rick to hurt her.

Liam stood firm in his choice to be with Hope. Stephanie reasoned that every marriage had problems. She explained that Eric and she had done terrible things to each other, but they'd grown to love each other more than ever. She implored Liam to hold on to his marriage, because he and Steffy could have an exciting life together.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope struggled writing her blog -- her update on how important it was for young women to be unafraid to wait for marriage for intimacy. Katie entered, and Hope said that she felt like a hypocrite because she wanted to be intimate with Liam. Hope lamented that she had made a horrible mistake in announcing to the world that she was saving herself for marriage.

Hope regretted that she had made the announcement with the belief that she would be married the next day. Hope added that she could not wait six months. Hope said that she had been na´ve in believing that Steffy would let Liam go with a simple annulment.

Katie sympathized with Hope. Katie reminded Hope that Hope had created a persona and an image for young women with her values. Katie added that Hope had remained true to her values, but she noted that things changed. Life changed and circumstances changed. Katie reminded Hope that what Hope and Liam did was private not public. Hope had created a public image but needed to keep her relationship with Liam private.

Katie told Hope that she needed to do what was best for Hope and Liam, not for her public image. Katie wondered if Liam had pressured Hope, but Hope said that he had been supportive. Hope said that she no longer wanted to wait. She wanted to be a wife and live with her husband immediately.

Katie reminded Hope that her public image had told young women it was okay to make choices that worked for them and not rush into sex because of peer pressure. Katie said that Hope had stayed true to that image, but it didn't have to define who Hope had become. Hope thanked Katie and hugged her. Hope said that she was ready to be with Liam.

In Eric's office, Bridget and Owen entered and shared the news that Owen was still in love with Jackie. Bridget said that she and Owen had been happy co-parenting Logan, but they were not romantically involved. Brooke and Eric were surprised. Bridget said that Owen planned to return to Jackie, but Eric noted that Jackie might not be interested.

At Nick's place, Jackie reminisced about a lot of romantic moments with Owen. Jackie and Nick discussed that Jackie still loved Owen, and Nick was fairly certain that Owen still loved Jackie, but Jackie said that she wanted Owen and Bridget to raise their baby together. Nick reminded Jackie that Owen had already told Jackie that he still loved her. Nick added that Owen had never divorced Jackie to move on with Bridget.

Bridget entered and told Jackie that Owen still loved Jackie and wanted to return to her. Bridget said that it was okay with her if Owen returned to Jackie. Bridget said that she and Owen would always be parents together, but they didn't want to live together. Nick wasn't surprised. Owen entered and asked to return to Jackie.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope left Liam a message that she needed to talk to him as soon as he got out of his meeting. Brooke overheard Hope leaving the message for Liam. Brooke wondered what Hope so urgently wanted to discuss. Hope said that she and Liam wanted to be together so badly that waiting was driving them crazy. She said that she and Liam were in love and committed to each other. Hope decided to take Steffy's power away by living with Liam. "My life with Liam starts tonight," she said.

At Spencer, Liam held a meeting that impressed all of the company's officials, including Bill. Afterwards, Bill tried to persuade Liam that he knew what was best for Liam, and it was Steffy. Liam and Bill argued, and Bill pretended to cry. Liam warned that he planned a life with Hope, and he planned to start a family with Hope. Bill needed to accept it. Bill believed Liam was miserable, but Liam said he wanted to get started on his life with Hope, and Steffy was holding that up. Bill left.

Hope showed up at Liam's office and teased that Liam had not returned her calls. She wondered if he was ignoring her. She asked what would make him the happiest, and he answered that he would be happiest if Steffy signed the annulment papers so that they could get married.

Hope said that she was tired of Steffy preventing them from getting together. Hope decided that she did not want to wait six months to start her life with Liam. She wanted to be his wife in every way immediately, and she planned to move in with him. She said they were committed to each other, and she wanted to give herself to the man she would always love. "In my heart, tonight is our wedding night," Hope said. Liam kissed her passionately.

At Nick's, Owen and Bridget agreed that Owen belonged with Jackie. Bridget thanked Owen and Jackie for making a sacrifice to be apart so that Logan could have both his parents. She left. Owen told Jackie that he wanted to get back together with her, but they were going to have a relationship of equals, something they had never had. He said that she had always worn the pants. She was the cougar, and he was her boy toy.

Owen admitted that he liked it, but he no longer wanted Jackie to think that she knew Owen better than Owen knew himself. He told her she could continue wearing the pants, but they needed to make decisions as a couple. Jackie agreed and said it was a turn-on when Owen asserted himself. "You and I are forever," Owen said. They kissed passionately,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Steffy's office, Ridge checked on his daughter to ensure that she was still resolute in her decision to wait out a divorce. Steffy asserted that she might be in a holding pattern; however, until the six months were up, she was still Steffy Spencer, and no one could change it. She felt she knew Liam's heart, and Hope was blinding him to what he really needed. Steffy was certain that Liam just felt guilty for not giving the na´ve Hope the future he'd promised.

Ridge said that no matter how happy Liam had been with Steffy, he had always bounced back to Hope. Ridge wondered if Steffy wanted to wait out the next six months just to get rejected again. Steffy asked if it were so impossible to think that her husband would choose her over Hope. Though Ridge thought it was possible, he hadn't seen any indication it would happen.

Ridge wanted Steffy to be happy, but he was worried that Liam would hurt her again. Steffy asserted that Liam made her happy, but she wasn't surprised that no one understood that. Steffy said that no one knew what it was like when it was just her and Liam. She claimed it had been amazing, and it would be that way again.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie walked in as Brooke ended a call with Bridget. Brooke then updated Stephanie about the situation with Jackie, Owen, and Bridget. Stephanie thought it was highly unfair that Jackie could get away with design theft and get her husband back.

Stephanie had arrived to announce that she'd told Liam what a regretful mistake leaving Steffy would be. Stephanie claimed that, though Liam didn't have much to say even on a good day, he'd at least listened to her. Brooke quipped that Stephanie was such a big supporter of marriage, and Stephanie retorted that it had been true until Brooke had happened along.

Brooke wasn't surprised that Stephanie would support a Forrester, who "walked on water," over an "unfortunate" Logan girl. Stephanie claimed that it was true, but she was still looking out for Hope, whom Stephanie didn't want to become a home wrecker, like Brooke and her sisters.

Stephanie advised Brooke to give Hope some warm, motherly advice about staying away from Liam. Brooke said Steffy and Stephanie had better get used to it, "Because after tonight...." Brooke immediately restated her words to say Hope and Liam's future was solid, but Stephanie immediately guessed that "after tonight" meant Hope planned on sleeping with Liam.

Brooke denied saying such a thing, but Stephanie promptly strode to the door. Brooke asked where Stephanie was going, but she said it was none of Brooke's business.

Later, Ridge entered, and Brooke told him about Hope's plans to move in with Liam. Ridge asked why everything had to move so fast. Brooke said the couple had waited a long time. Asserting that Liam was still married, Ridge wondered what had happened to abstinence. Brooke said Steffy's prerogative was to wait for the divorce, but Hope didn't want to wait anymore.

Ridge was worried that Brooke could be wrong, and Liam might return to his wife. Brooke stated that Liam and Hope were soul mates, just like Ridge and Brooke, and nothing could keep them apart. Ridge didn't want either daughter hurt, but he felt it was inevitable. Ridge wondered what would happen if Liam changed his mind, and Brooke replied, "Then so be it."

Ridge was shocked by Brooke's response, but Brooke reasoned that, after desperately trying to make something happen that wasn't meant to be, the best choice was to put oneself back together and move on. She said that at least Liam and Hope would have had their chance. Ridge kissed his wife, who could always make some quirky sense of things.

At Spencer, Liam still couldn't believe that the thing he and Hope had waited so long for would happen. Hope responded that they didn't have to wait for a legal document to start their lives together, and Steffy could no longer stop them. Delighted to have stripped Steffy of her power, Hope cooed that she and Liam would be together forever.

Hope exclaimed that she had a million things to do to make the night special, one of which was to find the perfect thing to wear. Liam didn't think that was necessary. The insistent Hope said she'd go home to her mother's house to prepare, and then she'd "come home" to him permanently. Liam smiled as she left, but then sighed once she was gone.

Stephanie arrived, and Liam guessed she'd heard that Hope and he were moving in together. Stephanie urged him not to do it, but Liam stated that Stephanie couldn't tell him what to do. Stephanie persisted because she believed Hope wasn't the one for Liam. Stephanie said Bill was right -- Hope was not suitable. Liam, however, took exception to that statement. Stephanie reasoned that Hope was a Logan, but Steffy was a hot, intelligent Forrester. Stephanie claimed that Liam had already made the best choice, and he needed to let Hope go.

Later, Hope arrived in Steffy's office to give Steffy another chance to sign the annulment papers. Steffy once again refused and advised Hope to just savor the anticipation, because it was only six months. Hope acted as if she was fine with that, and Steffy wondered why she was getting complacency instead of a tirade. Hope touted that Steffy was no longer in control.

Hope announced that she and Liam were moving in together, and the words seemed to cut Steffy like a knife. Steffy wondered if Liam was on board with it, and Hope affirmed that he was. Steffy accused Hope of using her body as a weapon, just as Brooke did. Steffy asserted that it was wrong of Hope to try to steal Steffy's husband, and there was nothing pure or moral about it. "It's adultery, Hope. You're committing adultery," Steffy declared.

Friday, March 2, 2012

In Liam's office, Katie arrived to talk about the decision Hope had made. Liam joked that there were no secrets in Hope's family, and he noted that Stephanie had been there earlier to weigh in about it. Advising him to focus on Hope, Katie said his supporters were behind him, because they believed he was committed to Hope. Liam claimed to love Hope very deeply.

Later, Bill entered Liam's office and found Katie there alone. He guessed his son was somewhere having another hand-holding session with Hope. Katie doubted that, since Hope was moving in with Liam that night. Bill recalled that Hope had gotten cold feet before, but Katie was confident that Hope was ready that time. Bill said it was the best news he'd heard all day.

Katie sensed sarcasm, but Bill stated that Liam would finally learn his lesson about the difference between a girl and a woman. Bill was willing to bet his Ferrari that Hope would be a disappointment; however, Katie contended that it would be a night that the lovebirds would never forget. "A nightmare they'll never forget," Bill corrected. He advised Katie to warn Hope about the big letdown. Katie insisted that Liam was in for the time of his life, and Bill would soon be blessed with a new daughter-in-law.

In Ridge's office, Ridge was worried about Hope and Liam. Ridge said Hope had made a public pledge, and if Liam returned to Steffy after sleeping with Hope, then Hope would be devastated. Brooke relayed that Hope and Liam were ready, and they felt married in their hearts. Ridge said that if Hope really felt that way, she wasn't the woman he thought he'd known.

Brooke reassured her husband that Hope knew what she was doing -- as long as Steffy backed off. Ridge believed Steffy would do the right thing, but he was worried that the night ahead might not be as wonderful as Hope and Liam were expecting. Ridge wondered if Steffy knew what was happening. Brooke hoped not. She said Steffy had already had her chance, and it was Hope's turn. Brooke hoped that her daughter's first time would be beautiful.

In Steffy's office, Steffy taunted Hope with the idea that sleeping with Liam was committing adultery. Denying it, Hope declared that she and Liam were married in their hearts. Steffy, however, claimed that it wasn't the eyes of the law, and she ordered Hope to own her adulterous plans.

Hope admonished the hypocritical Steffy for using morals, which Steffy hadn't practiced to hang on to Liam. Steffy quipped that Hope's beliefs were what mattered, and that made Hope, the poster girl for abstinence, the hypocrite for defying her beliefs behind closed doors. Hope informed Steffy that the message was about choices and being true to oneself. Hope asserted that she planned to be true to her love for Liam, and Steffy no longer had control over it.

Later, Hope arrived at Liam's house with her bags, and she gaily set up a romantic scene. In her white baby doll nightie, she lit candles. A montage to the song, "Shining Star," played, and during it, Hope relived touching moments with Liam.

Later, Liam arrived in Steffy's office, where he found Steffy alone and sullen. He said he'd arrived to tell her about his and Hope's decision, but Steffy revealed that Hope had already told her. Liam stated that he didn't regret a moment of his marriage to Steffy, but she stopped him from speaking. She said their feelings were already known; however, he'd better be certain of the choices he was making, because after that night, things would never be the same.

Liam affirmed that he was ready, despite hearing from Stephanie and Bill, who'd voluntarily spoken on Steffy's behalf. Liam and Steffy recalled that they'd had an amazing time together, and Steffy figured it would have worked if she hadn't messed up. Feeling strongly that he'd return to her, Steffy warned that being with Hope that night would only hurt Hope. Steffy asked him not to do that to Hope or to their marriage.

Liam said he'd arrived to make Steffy understand that he was beginning a new life that night, and she needed to do the same. Steffy asked if he really wanted her to give up all they'd shared and give her love to someone else. Liam insisted that it was over, but Steffy said real love never ended. He understood that, but he advised her to let it go.

Steffy refused to forget the best time of her life. She pleaded with Liam to stay, but he said he couldn't. Steffy asserted that Hope was never going to change. Steffy sobbed that she loved him. Kissing him, Steffy implored him not to go to Hope. He insisted that he had to leave. Steffy declared that they were husband and wife, and he didn't have to leave. "Just stay," she uttered, taking his hand.

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