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Monday, March 12, 2012

In Stacy Barton's office, Hope explained that conflicting thoughts had caused her to merely go through the motions of a special and intimate moment with Liam. She assumed she'd covered well enough not to alarm Liam, who'd later been reassuring about her concerns. Hope desperately wanted to fix things, but Brooke figured Hope had just been overly focused on pleasing Liam. Disagreeing, Hope said her thoughts during sex had been about the person she'd become.

Hope relayed that her mother had been a sex symbol, and Brooke grimaced. Hope stated that she'd chosen a different path from her mother, but that choice was haunting her. Stacy asked how Hope viewed sex. Brooke attempted to inject with her opinions, but Stacy urged Brooke to let Hope answer.

Hope said she'd seen sex as an act between married people, but she couldn't view it that way anymore. She was upset that Liam wanted to share his feelings with her, but she couldn't fully give herself to him. Brooke advised Hope to just relax and let go. Hope exclaimed that she couldn't, and Stacy realized that Hope was in conflict with her beliefs.

Citing Hope's campaign, Stacy asked why Hope had gone against her very public principles. Hope said she'd wanted to take the control away from Steffy, Liam's estranged wife. Brooke chimed in to say that it had been a good move. Hope replied that she hadn't really taken control. Brooke insisted that Hope had, but Stacy was glad Hope had realized that she hadn't. Hope said Steffy was no longer calling the shots, but something was still keeping Hope from fully giving herself to Liam.

Brooke figured that Hope's expectations had been too high. Hope said Brooke had always made it seem so simple. In Hope's view, Brooke hadn't had issues, and she'd freely given herself to men. Brooke said it wasn't true, but insisting that it was, Hope relayed that she'd seen a lot of people get hurt -- especially her mother. That had torn Hope apart, and she'd vowed never to be like Brooke.

Stacy asked if that had caused Hope to develop her own belief system. Crying, Hope revealed that Brooke had been raped, and later in Hope's life, someone had attempted to rape Hope. Stacy said that clarified things, but Hope then added that Liam was married, which further complicated the issue.

Hope said being with Liam didn't feel right, because she was committing adultery. Brooke stated that those were Steffy's words, but Hope insisted that the words were still true. Stacy concluded that Hope had a lot of work ahead of her in order to build a happy life with Liam.

Stacy gave Hope some anxiety pills, but Hope was leery about taking medication. Stacy said that it wouldn't knock Hope out or make her lose control; it would just ease her tension while with Liam. Hope took the bottle. She said she loved Liam, and she couldn't lose him to Steffy again.

Stacy left the office, and Hope admitted that things still felt wrong. Brooke said Hope was letting Steffy get in her head. Brooke urged Hope to celebrate Liam's return by having a wonderful night with him. She insisted that the only person who could take anything away from Hope was Hope. "Don't let Steffy get the best of you," Brooke said. A tense Hope stared down at the pill bottle in her hand.

In Liam's office, Liam figured Steffy would be more accepting of an annulment after the night he'd spent with Hope. Bill insisted that it would tear Steffy apart, just Liam shacking up with Hope probably had. Bill stated that Steffy had one weakness, and it was Liam. He urged Liam to be more sensitive, and Liam laughed at his father's sensitivity mantra.

In Steffy's office, Steffy, who'd wanted to send Hope a memo, asked Madison if Hope had made it the office. Madison hadn't seen Hope that day, but relayed that some of her associates had seen Liam at Spencer. Madison left, and Steffy smiled a little before also exiting.

Later, Steffy surprised Liam when she arrived in his office. After claiming she'd arrived because she was a board member, she awkwardly asked if the previous night had been all Hope had dreamed. Liam diverted the topic to the annulment papers. He figured there was no reason to wait for a divorce. "Wow, must have been an incredible night," Steffy quipped.

Steffy insisted upon knowing if it had happened between Hope and Liam, and Liam confirmed that it had. Shocked that Hope had gone through with it, Steffy wondered if she should move on. Liam said he'd always care about Steffy, and he didn't want her holding out for something that wouldn't happen. She felt that he still loved her, and she said she'd never forget their time together.

Steffy guessed it was time to sign the papers, because Hope and Liam had become a couple. Steffy had one request for him, though. "Don't forget me," she tearfully said. She kissed him and whispered, "Cha, cha, cha...." Liam slightly smiled and left her alone in his office.

Steffy picked up a pen to sign the annulment papers, but Bill entered and said, "I wouldn't do that." Bill wondered if she'd asked Liam about the "big night." Bill knew for a fact that it hadn't been the greatest night of Liam's life. Steffy was sure the couple would work things out, but Bill wasn't. He urged her to stick to her six-month plan to get Liam back.

Steffy was disillusioned because Hope had taken Steffy's man and life. Bill asserted that Liam would return to Steffy, who was the true woman for Liam.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

by Pam

At Spencer, Steffy was ready to give in to Liam's demands for an annulment. Bill encouraged Steffy to wait because he was convinced that Liam had made a mistake in choosing Hope for his marriage partner. Steffy argued that Liam had clearly made his decision because Hope and Liam were living together.

Bill was unconvinced. Bill said that Hope was an inexperienced little girl. Bill added that in a few months, Liam would realize he had made a mistake, and Liam would never think of leaving Steffy again. Bill pressured Steffy to stay the course, but Steffy said it was a waste of time. Bill disagreed.

Justin interrupted, and Bill told him to return later because Bill was busy discussing Liam's future. Steffy got a call from the Spencer employee who had helped her set up her wedding in Aspen. Steffy said that she was sure the woman had heard about Steffy's impending divorce. Steffy said it was breaking her heart.

Bill took the annulment papers away from Steffy and put them in a shredder. He advised Steffy to hang on because Liam would return to her. Steffy said that she couldn't take dragging out her divorce, and she hated that Liam was living with Hope. Bill suggested that Steffy return to Aspen to spend time at the Spencer retreat. Steffy agreed that her time in Aspen had been the happiest of her life. Bill tried to convince her that she might end up on the mountaintop renewing her wedding vows.

At the therapist's office, after Dr. Barton left Brooke and Hope alone, Hope apologized to Brooke for her outburst about Brooke's younger days, but Brooke said that she understood. Hope said that she didn't want to offend Brooke. Hope admitted that she had told the counselor the truth about how she felt. Brooke said that she wanted Hope to be truthful and find happiness. Hope said that she did not want to tell Liam about her intimacy issues.

Hope insisted that Brooke not tell Ridge about it either. Brooke agreed. She complimented Hope for taking her life back. Brooke told Hope that Hope needed to know she was in charge of her own life, not Steffy. Hope promised that nothing would get between her and Liam again. Hope lamented that she was not interested in taking the antianxiety medication, but Brooke said that the doctor felt it might help her. Brooke reminded Hope that she did not have to take the medication unless she felt that she needed it.

At Ridge and Brooke's home, Brooke shared with Ridge that Hope and Liam's night had not been as special as Brooke had hoped. They discussed that Hope would find a way to share her concerns with Liam. Brooke told Ridge that she had not been a good role model and mother for Hope. Ridge warned her not to beat herself up. They made love and celebrated that they had found each other, much like Hope and Liam had finally gotten together. Brooke said that she hoped Hope and Liam could work on their relationship.

At home, Liam worked hard to set up a romantic welcome for Hope. He put candles out and placed fresh flowers throughout the house. Hope returned home from work and appreciated the gesture. Liam had also made dinner.

Hope told Liam that she was impressed. She admitted that she was almost headed to her mom's house until she remembered that she lived with Liam. She added that she loved being held in his arms the previous night. "We're here now together, in love, that's what matters," Hope said.

Liam brought up the previous night and told Hope that he wanted her to be comfortable. He said they had the rest of their lives to be intimate, and he understood that she had given up her plans to wait for marriage for intimacy. Liam was very understanding.

After they started making out, Hope again could not get Steffy's voice out of her head, telling her that she was committing adultery. Hope admitted to Liam that it was a problem to her. Hope felt that Steffy was the cause of their problems. Liam told Hope that they would be married soon. He added that there was nothing he could do about the waiting period.

Hope said that she understood. She excused herself and took some of the anxiety medication the doctor had prescribed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's, Hope sat in the bedroom waiting for her antianxiety medication to kick in. Liam joined her and thoughtfully inquired about how she was feeling. They returned to the living room, where they cuddled. Liam told Hope that she could tell him anything, and Hope said that she knew that. Liam explained that he knew it bothered Hope that Steffy was standing in the way of them getting married. He knew that it had to be uncomfortable for Hope and Steffy to work together.

Liam apologized that there was nothing he could do about Steffy's constant reminders that Hope was living with a married man. Liam understood that it bothered Hope. Liam wanted Hope to remember that they would be married soon. Hope agreed. She said she wasn't going to let Steffy's statements bother her because she knew Steffy was angry, hurt, and jealous. Liam agreed.

Hope and Liam got passionate. After they made love, Hope said that she wanted to forget all about the previous night. Hope happily said she felt like their life together had just begun. Liam said that it would only get better.

At Ridge and Brooke's house, Steffy visited. Steffy said that she needed to get away from Los Angeles for a while because she needed to get away from Hope and Liam. Steffy said that she had tried to throw herself into her work, and it hadn't worked. Neither had spending time with family or friends.

Steffy told Ridge that she planned to go away for a few weeks. Ridge worried that it was drastic, but Steffy disagreed. She added that she planned to stay at the Spencer retreat in Aspen so she could work remotely. Ridge disliked the idea. He did not want Steffy confiding in Bill.

Ridge asked Steffy to reconsider. He suggested that they all go away together as a family. He wanted to take Steffy and Thomas away on a trip like he had when they were younger. Steffy thanked him for being thoughtful, but she reminded him that he couldn't solve her problems the same way anymore. Ridge begged her to reconsider and at least to take Thomas with her.

Ridge had to take a call from overseas, but he asked Steffy to wait. Steffy and Brooke talked. Brooke told Steffy that she thought it was a good idea that Steffy had decided to heal and move on with her life. However, Brooke agreed with Ridge that staying in Aspen might not be the best choice. Steffy disagreed.

Steffy said that her time in Aspen had been the happiest time in her life. She remembered her time with Liam there and her wedding. Steffy added that Hope would not be with Liam if Steffy had been honest with him. Steffy said she would always love Liam. She also knew that Liam would always love her.

Brooke boldly asked Steffy to reconsider the annulment papers. Steffy was incredulous. Steffy angrily reminded Brooke that she had no intention of signing the annulment papers.

Steffy said that she knew Liam and Hope's first night together had not been as happy as it could have been. Brooke said that it was none of Steffy's business. Steffy said that she knew something was wrong, and anything could happen in six months. Steffy smirked and left.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 19, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 14 episode concluded.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA "March Madness" basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 19, and pick up where the Wednesday, March 14 episode concluded.

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