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Monday, April 16, 2012

In Rick's office at Forrester, Amber was excited to see Rick, but rolled her eyes when Caroline strode in right behind him. Caroline was displeased with one of her designs, but Rick thought it was elegant. Amber zeroed in on the sleeves, and as she made some quick changes to the sketch, Caroline and Rick stole secret glances at each other. Once Amber finished, Caroline was impressed with the results, and Amber hoped Caroline would return the favor -- if Amber ever needed it.

Rick received a call from Marcus, who alerted him to a ruckus in the parking lot, involving Hope. At the same time, Brooke summoned Caroline to her office, and Rick escorted Caroline to see Brooke.

Amber hopped on the Internet to locate her online pharmacy. She gasped upon seeing a government sign pop up and alert her that the website had been taken down. Amber panicked as she read that the website had been removed because the disreputable company had been selling tainted, expired, and highly addictive medication.

In the parking lot, the press accosted Hope, who wore a floppy hat and sunglasses. Steffy exited her car and watched Hope beg the reporters to let her go. Marcus appeared and ordered the press to move. Shielding Hope from the cameras, he warned that he'd deal with Forrester's slack security later.

Hope went to Ridge's office, where she received a call from Dr. Barton, who was sorry she'd abruptly ended their session. Hope said it was okay, but mentioned her encounter with the press. Stacey asked Hope not to take whatever pills she had, because Stacey hadn't prescribed them. Hope asked if Stacey was sure, but Stacey ordered Hope to trash them. Hope ended the call as Steffy arrived.

Steffy revealed that she'd seen the awful scene in the parking lot, and she was sorry for what Hope was going through. Hope said it would all go away if Hope and Liam could just get married. Steffy nodded, saying it would happen soon enough. Hope, however, didn't feel that Steffy's timetable matched Hope's and Liam's, and she told Steffy not to be surprised if Liam asked for an annulment again. She advised Steffy to just give it, so everyone could get on with their lives.

Though sorry for Hope's agony, Steffy said the situation was Hope's own making. In Steffy's view, there was a price to pay for being with a married man. Steffy reasoned that things would resolve themselves, but she'd sign nothing. Steffy left, and a tearful Hope wiggled her jittery hand in the air.

Hope seemed on the verge of a panic attack, but then noticed the pill bottle hanging out of her purse. She struggled not to go near it, but ultimately, she rushed over to take a pill.

At Liam's house, Bill popped in to find out why Liam hadn't gone to the office for a second day in a row. Liam claimed that he and Hope were in the middle of a storm, but they'd get through it. Liam then revealed that Amber had shown up at the house earlier, and she'd seemed sincere. Bill grumbled and threatened to whack Liam in the head if he fell for another of Amber's pity acts.

Hope called Liam to talk about the encounter she'd just had with the press, and Liam tried to whisper his responses, so Bill wouldn't hear them. Liam suggested that she see her therapist, and he warned her to be careful with the antianxiety pills. Bill's ears perked up, and once Liam ended the call, he saw Bill leering mockingly at him.

Liam wished his father had given him some privacy. Bill said Liam should have gone to another room if he'd expected privacy. Bill then declared that Hope's problems were serious business, because there was no cure for what ailed her. "Crazy is forever," Bill concluded. Liam insisted that Hope wasn't crazy, but Bill knowingly asked why she'd seen a "shrink."

Later, Bill was alone when Steffy arrived to tell Liam that she wouldn't sign the papers despite Hope's insistence. Bill figured that Hope was like a dog with a bone about those papers. Bill was glad that Steffy was holding out because, in his view, Hope was a head case. Steffy replied that he'd been saying that all along. Bill, however, announced that he had proof to back it up.

Bill was thrilled to reveal that, not only was Hope seeing a shrink, but she was also popping pills. He claimed that he'd overhead Liam talking to Hope about her sessions and medication. Steffy didn't think those things made Hope nuts, but Bill declared that Liam deserved better than a head case. Bill ordered Steffy to remain strong, stable, and sane, because Liam would return to her.

Back at Forrester, Liam had arrived to check on Hope. She'd calmed down by then, but said she'd probably blown it with Steffy and the annulment papers. He hugged Hope and reassured her that it would only be a few more months. Unbeknownst to Liam, the effects of Hope's pill kicked in. She rendered a sublime smile, and he guessed she felt better. She slightly chuckled, saying, "Much better."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Amber visited the website where she had purchased pills for Hope. The site had been shut down, and a message announced that pills that had been sold there could have been out of date, tainted, and highly addictive. Amber looked worried.

In the photo studio at Forrester, Brooke and Oliver welcomed Rick and Caroline to a photo shoot. Rick and Caroline wanted to know who the models were. Brooke explained that Ridge wanted to divert attention away from the Hope for the Future line by announcing new designs and introducing Caroline as a new designer at Forrester.

Oliver snapped pictures, and Brooke applauded. Amber peeked in from the doorway. Brooke and Oliver said the shots were great. Caroline and Rick flirted, and Brooke interrupted. Rick noted that Brooke was on a campaign to get rid of Amber. Brooke warned that Amber would do anything to snag Rick. Brooke told Caroline not to believe anything Amber said.

In Hope's office at Forrester, Liam kissed her and encouraged her to try to ignore the press. After Liam left, Amber entered and confessed that she had given Hope the pills and forged the note from the doctor. Amber tried to explain her actions as concern for Hope, and Hope believed her. Amber advised Hope to stay away from the pills because they might not be good for her, but she added that she had more pills if Hope needed them. Hope drank several glasses of water while she and Amber talked. Amber acknowledged that everyone needed help sometimes.

Brooke knocked on the door, and Amber hid. Brooke warned Hope to take security officers with her when she went to her car. Hope said that she knew how Amber felt with people treating her badly all the time. Brooke wondered if Hope was feeling all right. Brooke left, and Amber thanked Hope. Amber gave Hope more pills.

At Spencer, Bill told Steffy that Hope was seeing a shrink and taking pills. Liam entered and angrily chastised Bill for sharing the information with Steffy. Bill left, and Steffy reminded Liam that her mother was a psychiatrist. There was no shame in asking for help.

Liam said that he and Hope were working things out. Liam and Steffy started talking about the fun they'd had when they were married, and Liam thanked her for the laughs. Steffy said she would never give up on him or their marriage.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Donna and Pam shared receptionist duties and argued over pretty much everything. Rick showed up and walked past the duo. He entered a meeting in Ridge's office with Caroline, Thomas, Ridge, Marcus, and Brooke. Discussion turned to Rick's line, and Brooke and Ridge warned Rick that he would no longer work with Amber.

Everyone argued about Amber, who burst into the meeting uninvited. Brooke and Ridge told her to leave, and Donna and Pam tried to drag her out. Caroline interrupted and said that Amber deserved respect because she'd done some great work. Thomas added that he wanted to work with Caroline. Amber refused to leave and pressured Rick to support her. Rick said that it would be all right, and Marcus urged Amber to leave. She left.

Rick thanked Caroline for speaking up. Brooke noted that Amber did not belong at Forrester, but Caroline did. Caroline said she was looking forward to working with everyone at Forrester. Thomas said that Caroline should work with him while Amber could continue to work with Rick because they had proven to be a successful team. Brooke disagreed and later demanded that Rick needed to get Amber out of Forrester.

Amber was eavesdropping outside the door when Jake showed up with a rack of dresses. Amber stopped him and pulled a dress off the rack. She went to the studio, altered the dress, and convinced a young man at Forrester to pose in it as a joke. Amber Photoshopped Rick's head onto the dress.

Caroline and Rick discussed Amber's role in Rick's life. Rick explained that he and Amber understood each other. Rick and Caroline agreed to meet for dinner. Outside the office, Caroline ran into Thomas, who also asked her to dinner. Caroline said she had plans, but Thomas suggested the next night, and Caroline agreed.

In Rick's office, Jake showed up and gave Rick the dress that Amber had taken from him earlier. Jake said that Amber had made some adjustments on it. Jake said that he was unsure of what Amber had done. Rick assured Jake that Amber would be around for a long time.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Brooke flirted, and Ridge teased that Thomas was going to steal Caroline's heart. Brooke wanted Thomas to back off, but Ridge said that Thomas seemed to be very interested in Caroline. Thomas said that he and Caroline had a dinner date for the following night.

Caroline met with Amber and apologized for the way the Forresters had treated Amber. Caroline said she wanted to make it clear that she had no intention of trying to take Amber's job. Amber said she knew that Rick would protect her because she and Rick had an intimate connection. Amber added that Rick really liked to connect with his own designs. Amber showed Caroline the photo where she had Photoshopped Rick's head into the dress. Caroline was in shock.

Rick entered the studio, carrying the dress that had appeared in the Photoshopped photo. Rick told Amber that he loved what she had done with the dress. He loved the feel of the fabric. Caroline was surprised, and Rick was surprised to see her.

Rick mentioned dinner, and Caroline stuttered that she couldn't make it. Rick was concerned. He looked at Amber and Caroline and asked what Amber had done or said to make Caroline change her mind. Caroline said nothing.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Liam's office, Bill instructed Liam to do a cover story about whatever new thing Steffy was working on at Forrester. Hope called Liam to confirm her and Liam's dinner plans at the Bikini that evening. After the call, Liam boasted to his father that he and Hope would go out like a real couple. Bill advised his son to rethink that, because the last time they'd done it, it had been a disaster. Refusing to let Bill's foreboding rhetoric ruin the evening with Hope, Liam cheerfully walked out.

At home, Hope prepared for her dinner date with Liam, but frowned when she opened his laptop and saw wedding photos of him and Steffy on it. Hope grew more and more frayed with each picture she looked at in the digital album. She then read some vicious blog comments about herself. Gasping for air, she scrambled to down one of her pills. Hope became flushed and disoriented. She drank water and plopped onto the couch, where she passed out.

At the Bikini Bar, Thomas and Steffy met and caught up on their lives and the dramas of others. Steffy was elated that, for the first time in her life, the drama wasn't about her. She was sure that if she were patient, Liam would return to her. Thomas reminded his sister about Hope, but Steffy asserted that the divorce would never happen. Steffy switched the conversation to when she'd meet Caroline, and Thomas decided to contact Caroline to persuade her to change her plans for the evening.

In the Forrester studio, Rick suspected that Amber was behind Caroline's sudden cancellation of their dinner plans. The women pretended that Amber had done nothing. Rick's back was turned to Amber, who flashed the laptop photo of Rick in drag. Caroline cringed and asked to speak to him alone.

Amber left, but listened outside the door. Caroline stammered to explain that she liked Rick, and she'd realized that he had a "personal" knowledge of women's fashion. She looked forward to working with him and his "different perspective;" however, she wasn't interested in dating him.

Rick left, and Amber returned to the studio. As Caroline and Amber looked at the cross-dressing photo, Caroline said that she liked Rick; however, his hobbies were a bit much for her. Amber suggested that Caroline take a look at the eligible Thomas. Just then, Thomas text-messaged Caroline with an invitation to the Bikini Bar. "You should so go!" Amber exclaimed.

Amber went to Rick's office, and Rick insisted that Amber had done something to affect Caroline. Amber played dumb, and as Rick took a phone call, Amber's model arrived at the door. Amber tried to get rid of the model, but he entered to tell Rick that he'd been uncomfortable with the photo shoot. Amber pushed the model out, and Rick demanded to know what was going on. She said she'd had the model pose in just a scarf, and Rick ordered her to fix it before they got hit with a lawsuit.

Back at Bikini, Steffy spotted Liam, trotted over, and put her hands over his eyes. She asked him to guess who, but he claimed he'd know her touch anywhere. Liam said he was meeting Hope for dinner, and as he had a drink with Steffy, he asked about her work plans. Steffy announced that she was starting a ski line, and she'd be in Aspen for fashion week. Liam chuckled that he'd be there, too.

Steffy wondered if it bothered him that they'd both be in Aspen at the same time. He said it didn't because they'd had good memories. Liam called Hope to see where she was, but she didn't pick up her phone. Certain that Hope wouldn't stand him up, Steffy returned the conversation to her fond memories of their time in Aspen. Though she knew things wouldn't be the same the next time they'd be there for fashion week, she said they'd be walking the streets and having the same memories. She claimed it'd be enough. Liam was taken aback when she reached over and kissed him.

At the bar, Thomas talked to Graham, the manager, and his daughter, Sandy, about a favor he needed. Thomas showed Sandy a picture of Caroline and said, "Here's what I want you to do."

Later, Caroline arrived. Sandy greeted her and led her to a private beachside table, which was surrounded by veils. Thomas arrived and cited that Caroline was more beautiful than the setting he'd created for her. Sandy left, and Caroline noted that he'd been good with the little girl. Thomas mentioned that he'd love to have a great kid like Sandy someday. Caroline said that at the moment, she'd settle for a great love like her aunt and Ridge's. "I bet I can arrange that," Thomas replied.

Friday, April 20, 2012

At the Bikini Bar, Steffy coquettishly refused to apologize for kissing her husband -- especially since the woman vying to replace her hadn't even shown up. Liam became perplexed about Hope's whereabouts, and he started to worry that the press or fans might have accosted her. Steffy and Liam stared lingeringly at each other before he left to look for Hope.

Liam went home and found Hope asleep on the sofa. She awakened, disappointed that she'd napped through their date. She was thirsty and drank water as Liam suggested that they could go out still. He saw the laptop with the wedding photos displayed. Angry, he snatched it off the table and decided to throw it out, because Hope shouldn't have to see such photos in her own home.

Hope stopped Liam and reasoned that it wasn't necessary because, in reality, he and Steffy still were married, and Hope's struggle with that had sent her into a panic earlier. He assumed that Hope had taken one of her doctor's pills; however, Hope revealed that the pills hadn't been from Dr. Barton -- they'd been from Amber.

Liam became outraged that Hope would put her life at risk by accepting Internet pills from Amber. He asked if it was even the same thing that the doctor had prescribed. Hope figured it didn't matter as long as they worked, but Liam yelled that she didn't even know what was in them. Hope claimed that she hadn't been thinking. She understood that pills weren't the answer, and she didn't want to be dependent on them. Increasingly worried, Liam asked if she'd become dependent.

Hope explained the horrible anxiety and trouble breathing she'd had, and Liam concluded that she'd had a panic attack. She promised him that she'd pull it together because she had him. Hope didn't think they should totally blame it on Amber, because Hope had screwed up, too. Liam said they couldn't have foreseen the things that had happened. Hope explained that she felt as if she were living in Steffy's house. Steffy was still his wife and wanted him more than ever, which added to the pressure.

Liam asked if Hope would have chosen to wait for marriage, but Hope said they couldn't turn back the clock. She didn't want to turn it back, because in his arms was where she wanted to be. Liam pledged that he'd be by her side, but he made her promise to never take the pills again. She vowed that she wouldn't. She said she was lucky to have him, because with him, she could get through anything.

In Ridge's office, Taylor and Ridge agreed that Thomas' crush on Caroline would put a kink in Brooke's plans for Rick. Taylor was confident that, like his father, Thomas had no real competition. Steffy entered and revealed that Thomas was romancing Caroline at that very moment. Ridge hoped it worked out for Thomas. Brooke entered and asked if Rick's happiness mattered. "Or does Thomas' happiness always come first?" Brooke quipped.

Steffy told Brooke that Thomas was a tough act to follow, but suggested that Caroline might have a sister for Rick. Brooke wondered if Caroline had a brother for Steffy, but Steffy happily relayed that she was off the market. "For now," Brooke murmured.

Steffy gloated about keeping Liam company while Hope had stood him up that evening. Steffy cooed that Aspen would work its magic for her and Liam during fashion week. Brooke doubted that, especially with Hope on Liam's arm. Steffy insisted that Aspen was the last place the pressured Hope needed to be, and Ridge agreed. Brooke bet that Steffy was banking on the pressure crushing Hope, so Liam would leave her; however, Brooke said that Hope was Liam's first love, and they would survive.

On the outside terrace at Bikini, Caroline dined and flirted with Thomas. In conversation, she said she'd made a real commitment to Los Angeles. He mentioned the competition between him and Rick, and Caroline acted na´ve to it. She relayed that Amber was being more of a friend than a competitor, and Amber had "set the record straight" for her about how much Rick loved his job and women's fashion. Thomas replied that Rick was kind of out there.

Over dinner, Thomas dazzled Caroline, and she noted that he hadn't missed a single detail to make the evening romantic. Thomas stared adoringly at her, and said that it was the best night he'd had in a while. Though she hated for the night to end, she mentioned that she had to get up early for work the next morning. Before Caroline could officially wish him a good night, Thomas pulled her up from the table to dance. As they swayed to a tune, he kissed her.

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