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Monday, May 14, 2012

In Rick's office, Amber admired the photo of Rick in the dress. Caroline wondered why Rick's habit didn't faze Amber. Shrugging, Amber said he didn't do it all the time, and she even helped him accessorize. The grossed-out Caroline left, and Amber smoothed on some "drumbeat red" lipstick.

Rick arrived and wondered where Caroline was. He figured that Caroline was avoiding him, but he had no idea why. Amber tried to assure Rick that it wasn't the case, and he called her a sweetheart. She noted that she hadn't been called that in a while, and he gave her a hug, which led to a kiss. Unbeknownst to Rick, most of Amber's red lipstick transferred onto his lips.

Amber discreetly wiped the lipstick off her mouth. The lipstick-clad Rick was curious about Thomas' progress with Caroline, and Rick wished he knew what he was doing wrong. Caroline returned to the room, and when she saw the lipstick on Rick, she dropped a stack of files that she'd been holding.

Rick helped Caroline gather up the files and invited her to go out with him that evening. Glancing over his appearance, she said she was busy that night. Frustrated, Rick wondered if he'd done something to offend her. Caroline said Rick hadn't. Rick pressed to find out her problem with him, and she stammered that things sometimes changed when a person learned things about another person.

Rick wondered what others had said about him, but Caroline uncomfortably replied no one had to say anything, because it had been obvious after she'd gotten to know him. Rick realized that the problem had been him. He sensed that Caroline had been interested in him, but once she'd gotten to know him, she no longer was. Caroline quietly agreed with the statement, and on the verge of tears, she rushed out of the office.

Amber patted Rick's arm, and then she kissed him. The lipstick transferred back to Amber's lips.

In Steffy's office, Brooke warned Stephanie not to say another word about Hope. Stephanie insisted that Brooke and Hope had better start accepting that things might not turn out as they desired. Brooke asserted that wedding plans were in place, but Stephanie believed that Liam's act had proved that he wasn't ready to end the first marriage. Brooke assumed that Liam was just respecting the first marriage by waiting until the divorce was final. "We'll see," Stephanie said, shrugging.

Brooke still couldn't accept that Steffy hadn't manipulated the situation somehow. Stephanie insisted that it hadn't happened, and Steffy had been secure enough not to even rub it in with Hope. Brooke claimed that Hope wasn't insecure either; however, Stephanie said Brooke needed to let go of the wedding fantasy, because it would only hurt Hope. Sighing, Brooke strode to the door and said she'd send Stephanie a wedding invitation.

In Liam's office, Hope and Liam imagined exchanging vows on an Italian shore. She then filled him in on the dinner the other night with Steffy and assumed that Steffy had visited him afterward. Steffy entered in time to affirm that she'd done just that. Hope was eager to hear how Steffy's seduction routine had gone, but Liam responded that Steffy hadn't entered the house. Steffy added that it hadn't been because he hadn't invited her in, though.

Hope was impressed that Steffy hadn't taken advantage of the move out, but Steffy said she'd made up her mind not to renter the house unless she were moving back in permanently. Hope hoped that didn't mean Steffy wouldn't accept a dinner invitation from the married Hope and Liam.

Hope noticed that Steffy was without the knee brace and then remorsefully offered her help if Steffy needed anything. Steffy assured Hope that it was fine and that she'd accepted Hope's apology for the crash. Liam was blown away by the new civility between the women. Hope said the women had accepted the inevitable, but Steffy added that each one viewed the outcome differently.

Hope remarked that Steffy had alluded to an event in Aspen that had caused Steffy's new outlook. Steffy cited that her view change had been caused by her recollections of starting a life with Liam. Hope said that life had ended, but she didn't blame Steffy for not signing the papers, because it gave Steffy a chance to ease into being single again. Hope beamed that she'd soon be married, and as she hugged Liam, he glanced at Steffy.

Later, Steffy rejoined Stephanie at the office. Steffy wondered if she was deluded about Liam. Stephanie didn't think so, but informed her granddaughter that Brooke, who'd overheard the earlier conversation about the annulment papers, had gone to see Liam. Steffy huffed, because she'd tried to keep that kind of pressure off Liam.

Steffy called Liam to warn him that Brooke was headed that way after overhearing a private conversation between Steffy and Stephanie about the torn annulment papers. Steffy advised him to get out of there before the "freight train" hit, but Liam decided that it might be for the best.

Liam rushed off the phone, and Steffy repeated his cryptic statement. Stephanie believed it meant that he'd tell Brooke the truth about his feelings for Steffy. Steffy wasn't sure, but Stephanie could think of no other reason that he'd tear up the papers in the first place. Steffy figured that he could have done it out of respect for her and the marriage and to keep her from suffering humiliation. Stephanie considered Steffy's words, but in the end, Stephanie was sure that Brooke would force Liam's hand and cause the exact opposite reaction of what Brooke wanted to happen.

Later, Brooke arrived in Liam's office and demanded to know if he'd actually torn up the signed annulment papers. Liam frankly admitted to it, and Brooke couldn't understand why he'd done such a thing after he'd been asking for the signed papers for months. Brooke said she didn't know what had happened in Aspen, but Hope had left Liam there because she'd trusted him.

Brooke argued that Hope had been trying to put her life together, and that was why Hope had moved out of the house. Brooke figured that the annulment papers would have solved a lot of Hope's inner conflicts and noted that Hope had made many sacrifices for Liam's happiness. Asserting that Hope had been waiting for him for a long time, Brooke figured Hope deserved the truth. "Are you going to marry her or not?" Brooke demanded to know.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

by Pam

At Spencer, in Liam's office, Brooke angrily accused Liam of leading Hope on because Liam had torn up the annulment papers. Liam defended his decision and said that he agreed with Steffy that he did not want to pretend he had never been married. Liam understood that Brooke and Hope wanted him to get the annulment, but it was not what he wanted.

Brooke worried that Liam was not committed to Hope, but Liam said that he had been concerned about Hope's ability to cope with life. Brooke argued that Hope was fine and not addicted to pills. Liam said that he wanted to marry a woman and have kids and a normal life, not one filled with drama.

Brooke insisted that Hope would be devastated by the news that Liam had torn up the papers. Liam told Brooke that she should not tell Hope about the annulment papers. Brooke understood that he loved Hope and wanted to protect her. They hugged.

At Forrester, Stephanie and Steffy discussed that everything would work out with Liam. Steffy believed that Liam was going to tell Brooke that he planned a life with Steffy. Stephanie agreed. Steffy said she wanted to see Liam while Brooke was there, but Stephanie stopped her.

Later, when Steffy was alone, she ripped up papers and threw them in a trash bin. She flashed back to Liam ripping up the annulment papers. She smiled as she recalled kissing Liam in Aspen.

In Hope's office, she laughed at Rick when he entered. She noted that Rick had lipstick all over his lips. Hope wondered if it was Caroline's lipstick, but Rick lamented that something had turned Caroline off. Hope and Rick discussed that Caroline had been very interested him when they first met, but Rick said Caroline seemed to be avoiding him. Rick said that he had no idea why or what had happened. Rick asked Hope to talk to Caroline for him. Hope agreed.

In another office at Forrester, Caroline and Amber were at work, and they talked about Rick wearing lipstick. Amber said that she had accepted that Rick was the way he was. Caroline said she wished Rick had said something about his secret. Amber said they all had secrets, and Caroline agreed.

Caroline said she and Rick were similar in a way -- with secrets. Amber noted that Thomas really liked Caroline. Caroline said that Amber was transparent in that she was trying to keep Caroline away from Rick. Amber said that Thomas was terrific. Caroline said that she really liked Rick.

Amber left, and Hope entered. Hope asked Caroline about Rick. They talked about how great Rick was, and Hope said she knew he was a terrible flirt. Caroline said he hadn't been honest with her. Hope wondered what Caroline meant, and Caroline asked if Hope was aware that Rick liked to wear women's clothing. Hope was speechless.

At Rick's, Amber showed up wearing lingerie. She said that she loved him and reminded him what it was like when they had been married. Rick said that he didn't want to go backwards, but Amber kissed him and continued to romance him. Rick did not refuse.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, in Ridge's office, Ridge and Thomas discussed Thomas' latest design, and a model modeled it. Ridge called it exquisite. He asked the model if she was comfortable in it, and Ridge suggested only one minor adjustment. Ridge told Thomas that he was impressed and intended to add the dress to the couture line.

Ridge guessed that Caroline had been Thomas' inspiration. Thomas agreed. Thomas thanked his father and admitted that the time he had spent in the basement, banished from designing, had taught him a lesson. "Being a Forrester does not entitle me to anything," Thomas said.

Brooke entered and overheard Thomas and Ridge. The men discussed that Thomas and Caroline were headed out for a romantic dinner. Thomas exited, and Ridge told Brooke about how Caroline had been an inspiration to Thomas. Brooke reminded Ridge that both Rick and Thomas were interested in Caroline.

Brooke wanted to know where Thomas and Caroline were going to dinner, but Ridge joked that he didn't know, and wouldn't tell her if he did. Ridge teased that they needed to stay out of the Caroline's relationships because Rick, Thomas, and Caroline were all adults. Ridge suggested they concentrate on their own love life. Brooke agreed. They laughed and kissed.

In Rick's office, Hope was amused by Caroline's accusation that Rick wore women's clothing, heels, and lipstick. Hope rejected the idea, but Caroline said that she had seen Rick in dresses, heels, and lipstick. Caroline said it didn't bother her, but she wished that he had been honest with her.

Hope asked for details on what Rick had worn and when. Caroline showed Hope a printout of Amber's pictures of Rick in dresses. Hope laughed that something was wrong, and she planned to get to the bottom of it. Hope left the office.

Karen, Caroline's mother, called Caroline. Karen said that she had rented a beach house and hoped that Caroline would visit. Caroline said that she had been spending a lot of time with the Forresters, Rick and Thomas specifically. Caroline promised to call her mother later.

Thomas entered and noticed that Caroline was working on a design. She asked Thomas' opinion. Thomas said it was okay. Caroline was somewhat offended and defended her design. Thomas said that it was bold, edgy, and trendy rather than timeless.

Thomas changed the subject to dinner. He had made reservations in two places to make sure that he made Caroline happy. He had made reservations at a beach restaurant and a rooftop restaurant. Caroline preferred the beach, she said, because she was beginning to like the southern California lifestyle. She added that her mother did also.

Caroline added that her mother had recently rented a beach house. Thomas said that he was surprised to hear anything about Caroline's family. Thomas noted that Caroline knew everything about Thomas' family, but Caroline had shared nothing about her own family. Thomas asked about Caroline's father because she used her mother's last name.

Caroline promised that someday she would tell him about her family, but she wanted to finish her design first so that they could leave for dinner. Thomas left, and Karen called again to suggest that Caroline meet her for dinner at the beach house. Caroline said she was busy and had a date with Thomas, but she promised to see her mother soon.

At Rick's place, Amber turned up the heat on her seduction routine, and Rick's shirt was coming off. She promised that she would always love him. She added that Caroline would never understand Rick the way Amber did. Hope knocked on the door and interrupted. Amber told Rick to ignore her, but Rick buttoned his shirt and answered the door.

Hope entered and noticed Amber. Hope said it would save her a trip. Hope told Rick that Caroline had some goofy idea that Rick was a cross-dresser. Hope was amused, but Rick wondered who would start that kind of rumor. Hope eyed up Amber, who pretended to know nothing.

Hope showed Rick the photos that Caroline had had, and he said they had obviously been altered with Photoshop. Rick said he had never worn heels, but then he admitted to wearing heels once on a dare with a model. He remembered that Amber had been with him. Then Rick started to see that Amber had set him up.

Hope blamed Amber and dished that Amber had been working Rick over to get back into his life for months. Hope told Rick about Amber getting pills for Hope from an online pharmacy in exchange for Hope's support of Amber's relationship with Rick. Hope said that she had been collateral damage. Amber argued that she hadn't forced Hope to take the pills, but Hope noted that Amber had taken advantage of Hope when Hope was devastated from all the media attention.

Rick told Hope to leave. Amber tried to defend herself and said that she had wanted to help Hope. She knew she had made a mistake, but she begged Rick to forgive her. In an emotional apology, Amber said that all she had wanted to do in her life was love Rick. She reminded him that she had given him her kidney, and she had loved him more than anything.

Amber said that she had panicked when Rick was interested in Caroline. She refused to give him up to a woman from out of town who knew nothing about him. She reminded Rick that they had been a team and were very close to greatness with their new line. She begged him to give her another chance. She was afraid of losing him after they had gotten so close to success. Rick stared at Amber in silence.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Caroline called her mother to say that she wanted to take Thomas with her to dinner at her mother's house that evening. Caroline was sick of keeping the secret, and she wanted to open up to Thomas, since they were drawing closer. Karen insisted that it wasn't a good idea to have Thomas over to Karen's beach house, and she suggested that the pair just go out and have fun.

After the call, Thomas arrived, and Caroline announced that she was taking him to meet her parents that evening. Thomas became concerned that her father might not like him. Caroline casually kissed him and wondered what there was not to like.

Later, Caroline and Thomas surprised Karen when they arrived on Karen's doorstep. Thomas gave Karen a bottle of wine and expressed excitement about meeting Caroline's father. After sending him to open the bottle, Karen murmured that Caroline knew that inviting Thomas there had been a bad idea. Caroline insisted that there was no reason not to be honest with Thomas, even if he'd be surprised.

Thomas served the ladies some wine and asked if Caroline's father was there. Caroline began to explain something, but Karen interrupted. As the women stammered, Jarrett entered with some wine, and a surprised Thomas assumed that Jarrett was Caroline's father.

Jarrett chuckled and said that he was just Karen's longtime friend. A woman entered from another part of the house, but before Caroline could introduce the woman, Karen blurted out that the woman was Danielle, another friend of Karen's. The foursome sat down to dinner, but Thomas felt bad about eating before Caroline's father arrived. Karen called Caroline away from the table to talk.

The ladies went to the patio, where Karen vented her frustration that Caroline hadn't respected Karen's wishes. Caroline wanted to open up to Thomas about her family and why her last name was Spencer. Karen insisted that it was a family matter, and they weren't going to say a word about it. From the patio door, Danielle, also known as Dani, glanced anxiously at the women.

In Ridge's office, Hope gleefully announced to Brooke that Rick was finally seeing Amber for who she was, and Amber would be out of their lives forever. Hope showed her mother the doctored photos of Rick and exposed what Amber had done with the online pills. Brooke was outraged at Amber's behavior, but Hope took responsibility for continuing to take the pills. Brooke figured that Hope had been vulnerable, but hoped that Rick wouldn't let Amber get away with it.

Worried that Amber would talk herself out of trouble with Rick, Brooke picked up the phone to call him. Hope said that Brooke didn't need to. Hope had seen the look in Rick's eyes, and it had been apparent to her that Amber would never be able to fool him again.

At the Forrester guesthouse, Amber pleaded her case, saying she did stupid things when she felt threatened. Rick claimed that Caroline was no threat; however, Amber said Rick looked at Caroline the way he'd once looked at Amber, and she'd give anything to have Rick see her that way again.

Rick was sickened because of what Amber had done by taking advantage of Hope, but Amber cried that she had been trying to help. Amber realized that it had been stupid, and she swore she'd never do anything like it again. Rick raged that he'd gone to bat for Amber when no one else had wanted her back in their lives. He'd believed that she'd wanted Rosey to have a better life than Tawny had provided. Rick felt that the only parent Rosey could be proud of was Marcus.

Amber begged Rick to give her another chance, because they always found their way back to each other. She loved him, and she'd hoped for a perfect night with him that evening. She couldn't imagine her life without him, and though she constantly messed up, she asked him to never doubt how much she loved him. She even offered to see a therapist to figure out why she did the things she did.

Amber reminded him about the line they'd created and bragged that they would become icons. She envisioned him taking over Forrester and asked him not to let one little thing get in the way. Rick, however, rasped that it wasn't just one little thing. He asserted that Amber would never change, and it was over.

Amber tearfully accepted that there was nothing she could do to stop Rick from washing his hands of her. She sobbed that she'd done a lot of things for him, including boosting his design career and giving him her kidney. Though Rick felt he'd always be grateful, he asserted that she wouldn't use those things to make him forgive her anymore, and he wouldn't stand for her hurting his sister.

Rick wasn't sure what had made Amber the way that she was, but it was always the same thing with her. He cited that he'd done many things for her, as well, but Brooke had been right about Amber. He declared that their collaboration was over. He felt that if she really cared about her daughter, she'd leave Rosey with Marcus and return to Genoa City.

Amber cried out that it was enough. She agreed to leave, if that was what he wanted, but she told him to remember that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Amber turned to leave, but hesitated. Rick yanked the door open and stormed out.

Friday, May 18, 2012

At the dinner party, Thomas looked on as Dani joined Karen and Caroline outside on the patio. Karen was adamant that they would do things her way. Despite her daughter's pleas, Karen insisted upon keeping her family life private that evening.

After dinner, the others put away the dishes, and Thomas asked Caroline if he'd done something wrong. Caroline said her mother wasn't used to her having a boyfriend over. Thomas smiled at the "boyfriend" label and roped her in for a small kiss. Caroline stepped away to appeal to Dani. Though Dani sympathized with Caroline, Dani said nothing would change Karen's mind that night.

Thomas asked Jarrett if Thomas had done anything wrong. Caroline approached, figuring that Thomas must have felt confused. Karen watched as Thomas shrugged off the awkwardness.

Over dessert, Thomas complimented Dani's pie, and Caroline said that Dani's cookies had been a hit at all her school bake sales. Thomas figured that meant Caroline and Dani had been friends for a long time. Jarrett quickly stated that they'd all been friends for a long time.

Just then, Bill arrived with a bottle of wine and compliments about Karen's new place. He was surprised that Karen was having a dinner party, but said he couldn't stay because Katie was waiting for him. He guessed Dani was Karen's roommate and noted that they lived very close to him.

Bill glanced at the mantel and noticed a lot of travel pictures of Dani and Karen on it. Karen claimed she didn't like to travel alone. Bill joked about two women living alone together on the beach. As he strode out the front door, he said, "You know what people will think, right?" Once he was gone, Karen rolled her eyes and seethed, "That is why we are not going to say anything."

Karen poured herself a glass of wine, and Caroline said that keeping secrets was way too stressful. Karen detested feeling judged in her own home, and she missed their life in New York. Caroline wondered if her mother regretted the move, but Karen said she needed to be near her daughter.

Thomas thanked everyone for dinner, and Caroline noted that it had been an awkward evening for him. She pleaded with Karen to let down her guard for Caroline's sake. Karen reluctantly stated that Caroline's father was not in the picture, but Caroline did have two parents. Karen admitted that she and Dani were Caroline's parents. Caroline tearfully grinned, saying, "These are my moms!"

Thomas looked dumbfounded, and Karen guessed he had questions. She cited that she'd dated men in the past, including Thorne, but she hadn't been being true to herself until she'd met Dani. Thomas stood in stunned silence, and Caroline grew disillusioned.

Karen asked if Thomas were uncomfortable. Thomas replied that he felt bad that they'd felt they couldn't be themselves around him. He was sorry for asking about the father, because he usually didn't jump to conclusions about people. Karen said she was the sorry one for not trusting Caroline's judgment about telling Thomas.

Thomas, who'd seen firsthand how judgmental people could be, differentiated himself from those who thought certain kinds of love were wrong. He was glad Karen and Dani had found each other. Dani thanked Thomas for his support. Karen added that she wanted to keep her privacy, especially from her brother. She felt that Bill Spencer was not the man to share one's secrets with.

At Katie's house, Donna wondered if Katie had a special occasion in mind for the dinner preparations Katie was making for Bill. Katie gushed about her happy family life, but Donna cited that Katie and Bill had been butting heads about Liam's life. Katie felt that Bill was just being protective of Liam, and it had amazed her that Bill had become such a family man.

Donna asked if the Spencers had seen much of their new neighbor, Karen, and Katie said they'd been giving Bill's sister a chance to settle into her new beach house. Donna noted that Katie was sentimental about her family, but Bill barely paid attention to his sister. Katie claimed Bill was stopping by Karen's house on his way home.

The two women planned to do a sister's afternoon outing at a later date, and Katie considered inviting Karen. Donna thought they should hold off on that until they figured out whether Bill's visit would send Karen hightailing it back to New York.

Later, Bill arrived home to a romantic dinner setting. As Katie greeted him, he noted that Karen had been having a strange dinner party with Jarrett and Thomas. Though Karen was working at Forrester, Bill didn't like her mingling with "those people." Katie cited that Steffy was one of those people; however, Bill reasoned that Steffy was all business, unlike the rest of the artsy bunch.

Bill mentioned meeting Karen's roommate, but he didn't understand why she needed one. He figured that if Karen had needed a "wingman" in Los Angeles, Donna could have done it. Katie guessed he meant like he and Justin had been in the past, but she warned him that his single days were over.

The couple hugged, and Bill expressed how happy he was with his life. He wanted nothing more than himself and Katie. He figured that she was trying to romance him that evening because she wanted them to get closer to Karen. Bill warned his wife that his sister was a private person who kept to herself, and it would never change. Katie told Bill that things in their lives would indeed change.

Bill doubted it, but Katie expressed excitement about change and a new level of commitment and understanding. She praised them for being as solid as they'd ever been. Bill kissed her and said she was the greatest partner that he could have asked for. He claimed that she made him a better man. He promised her that they'd travel the world, and nothing would hold them back.

Katie beamed about all the unexpected things that had happened in their lives. She mentioned Liam, who'd landed in Bill's life with such joy. Bill wondered where Katie was going with her words. She said that when the unexpected happened, they needed to cherish it. She tearfully said something miraculous had happened, and she was pregnant. "We're going to have a baby!" she announced.

Bill's face hardened, and Katie wondered if he'd heard her. She continued to gush about having a baby, but Bill asserted that it wasn't going to happen. "You're having an abortion," he declared.

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