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Monday, May 21, 2012

At Katie's house, Bill asked Katie when he'd ever said he wanted to have children. Katie took a deep breath and guessed he didn't feel the same way about her pregnancy as she did. He reminded her that they'd talked about preventing pregnancy, and a baby hadn't been on the agenda. She felt they needed to be very careful about what they said at that point, but Bill demanded that she abort the baby.

Katie asserted that she was Bill's wife, not his underling. Bill knew exactly who she was, but after barely hanging onto her after his stupid mistakes, he refused to lose her to anything, including a baby. Katie said he hadn't wanted her to take the pill, but he contended that it had been because it would put her at risk of blood clotting and other complications due to her heart medications.

Katie reasoned that their other contraceptives had failed. Bill said she might as well ask him to push her out of a plane over the ocean. He hated the odds, and he refused to lose her.

Bill reminded Katie of what it had taken for him to let her into his heart. He claimed they didn't need a baby, and the "nonperson" wasn't more important than their lives together. Katie stated that it wasn't only his decision, but he declared that he wouldn't let her commit suicide.

Katie gently said that the professionals hadn't told them that carrying to term would be impossible, and when she'd miscarried before, she'd only had the new heart a few weeks. Bill wondered how many emergency room visits they would have go to through for her to understand. Katie said she could die the next day, or live 20 years. She cried that the baby was theirs, and she wanted it for them.

Katie pleaded, saying that the baby already had their strength to be conceived despite the odds. She wanted to see what it would do next. She reasoned that if she died in the next few years, then she'd at least know that she hadn't left him alone. Crying, Bill said that if it were up to him, he'd share beautiful children with her; however, he was afraid that it could kill her.

Bill knew Katie had never heard him say that he was afraid before, and he further feared that the pregnancy would lessen her life. "I am afraid that I will feel hatred toward my own kid!" he yelled. Katie calmed her husband down and reminded him of how much he loved Liam. She knew that he couldn't hate a kid once he'd changed its diapers.

Bill thought Katie was oversimplifying things, and he admitted that he broke out in sweats when he'd awaken to see that she wasn't beside him. Though Katie would be just in the other room, he'd panic to think of her being gone for good. Claiming that the "old, big, bad Dollar Bill" was gone, he felt he might be selfish, but he needed her and refused to live without her.

Katie didn't think that they had to take such drastic measures to prevent something going wrong, but Bill didn't want to wait until the doctors looked at him with the "I wish there were more we could do" face. She replied that it was her risk to take for their child, who was there and needed love to make it into the world. She stated that they couldn't refuse it, and she wouldn't refuse it. Katie hugged Bill, and fear-stricken, he hugged her back.

Thomas dropped Caroline off after the dinner party. On her doorstep, she murmured that she'd used him, and she was sorry. Thomas entered Caroline's place, and Caroline explained that her grandfather had refused to acknowledge Karen and Dani's relationship. Caroline had rarely seen the family patriarch while growing up, and each time, Dani hadn't been around. Bill Spencer Senior had even tried to force Karen to marry for show, but she'd refused.

Karen and Dani kept the relationship undercover, but they'd become free once Karen's father had died. Caroline guessed she shouldn't have asked her mother to move to Los Angeles, because she hadn't understood that Karen's relationship with her brother could be a problem. Karen had received half of their family's company upon her father's death, and Caroline guessed that Karen feared that Bill would exploit her weaknesses to gain power.

Thomas felt that Caroline's parents could live their lives the way they wanted to, but Caroline stated that there was always a trap. She said her grandfather had forced Dani and Karen into the closet, and the couple had forced Caroline into it, too, after the move to Los Angeles. It was hard for Caroline not to freely talk about her family, but she apologized for using Thomas to free herself.

Thomas didn't see it as Caroline doing that to him; however, he did wonder if the truth about her family had something to do with the distance between her and Rick. Caroline replied that Rick probably wouldn't object out of principle. Thomas stated that Rick was a good guy, just not good enough for Caroline. Thomas kissed her and left for the night.

In Ridge's office, Rick was sad about what had happened with Amber. Brooke guessed they shouldn't talk about it, and she changed the subject to Rick's designs. He said they were Amber's designs, but Brooke insisted that they were his ideas. She said that he could work with Caroline, but he doubted Caroline would want to even be alone with him in the same room.

Later, Rick went to see Caroline, who was in her robe, preparing for bed. She reluctantly let him inside, and the first thing he said was that it hadn't been true. He claimed that he loved women's clothes, and he designed them; however, he'd never put them on. Caroline claimed that she'd seen proof, but Rick explained that Amber, who felt entitled to him, had doctored the pictures. Caroline asked why Amber would do that. "Because I want you," Rick uttered.

Caroline felt foolish, and Rick wondered why she hadn't just asked him about it. She replied that it was hard to know what to say to people who were hiding things. She felt the kindest thing to do was to pretend she had no idea. He asked if it was a secret that he wanted to kiss her.

Caroline looked surprised, and Rick slowly kissed her. He whispered that he'd let her go to bed, and he was thankful that she hadn't turned him away. After he left, she gasped in disbelief.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, in her office, Steffy flashed back to her time in Aspen when Liam tore up the annulment papers and threw them down the river. Brooke interrupted Steffy's reverie and warned Steffy to let go of Liam. Brooke reminded Steffy that she and Liam would soon be divorced, and Hope and Liam were getting married. Steffy told Brooke that Steffy and Liam were still married.

Steffy added that it was Brooke who had shoved the annulment papers in Steffy's face, and Steffy said she had signed them. Steffy shouted that Brooke was still hassling her. Steffy told Brooke to leave her alone. Brooke told Steffy not to tell Hope about the annulment papers. Steffy said that she had no intention of telling Hope anything, but Steffy added that Brooke appeared worried.

Brooke said that she wanted a stress-free wedding without any drama from Steffy. Brooke accused Steffy of plotting something, but Steffy said she had no plans to beg Liam to stay with her. Steffy was confident that Liam would stay with her, and Steffy warned that Hope should be worried. Brooke left in disgust.

Alone in her office, Brooke worried about Steffy's interference in Hope's wedding plans. Marcus and Dayzee interrupted and said they wanted to discuss wedding plans of their own. Marcus and Dayzee didn't want to have a wedding that would conflict with Hope's plans.

Later, Steffy was alone in her office, watching a TV show on her laptop. Steffy laughed, and Liam entered. Steffy said that she was watching some Bob Hope clips because they always put her in a good mood. She added that Liam also always put her in a good mood. Steffy dished that Brooke had just left with an edict that Steffy could not tell Hope about the annulment papers.

Steffy said she had shared with Brooke that Liam had thrown the papers in the river. Steffy added that she had not told Brooke what had happened afterwards. Steffy kissed Liam on the cheek and left lipstick on his face. She told him that she hoped he decided to choose a future with Steffy so that they could make more memories together.

At Spencer, Hope greeted Liam with a kiss. She said she couldn't wait for their wedding day so that she wouldn't have to drive across town for a good morning kiss. She added that it had been a good idea for her to move out because she felt like her old self again. She added that she still had some work to do with Dr. Barton, but she felt much better about herself. Liam was glad that Dr. Barton had helped her.

In Bill's office, Justin congratulated Bill and guessed that Bill was excited to become a father. Bill was concerned because of how dangerous it could be for Katie, who was a heart transplant patient, to have a baby. Bill said that he didn't know what he would do with another kid because he couldn't take care of the one he had, and Liam was an adult. Justin acknowledged that Liam was an adult with adult problems, but Liam seemed to be handling issues without Bill's interference.

Bill said that he was trying to protect Liam and prevent him from getting hooked up with an unstable Hope. Justin shook his head and told Bill that a lot of people had therapists, but it did not mean they were unstable. Bill scoffed that he had problems, but he didn't need a shrink. Bill dished that Alison was earning a bonus -- Alison was bugging Dr. Barton's office.

Justin warned Bill that it was illegal to bug Hope's therapist's office, but Bill protested, "What happened to my Justin?" Bill said that Justin had been fun and agreeable in the past. Justin said he was an attorney, and if Bill got caught, he'd be in a lot of trouble.

Bill said that Justin needed to lighten up and get a new woman in his life. Bill suggested that Justin should date Bill's sister, Karen, but Justin looked surprised and said that he was not Karen's type. Bill said that he had to get rid of Hope before she messed up Liam's life.

At Dr. Barton's office, Alison earned her bonus by pretending to be a lovesick patient who was attracted to her married boss. Dr. Barton said that young women were often physically attracted to their bosses. Alison disagreed. She said she found nothing physically attractive about her boss. He was much older, balding and overweight.

Dr. Barton looked surprised, and Alison tearfully said that her boss was very kind. Dr. Barton's phone rang, and she interrupted the session to take the call. While Dr. Barton was across the room, Alison planted a sound device under the table.

Later, Alison returned to Spencer and told Bill that he could call a number on his cell phone and listen in on Hope's next session with Dr. Barton. She added that Hope's session would start shortly. Bill dialed the number and listened in on Hope, who shared that her anxiety was gone. Dr. Barton agreed that Hope seemed much more relaxed.

Dr. Barton asked Hope about her father. Hope admitted that she was curious about why he had never wanted to get to know Hope, but Hope said that it was all right. In Bill's office, his eyes lit up. He ordered Alison to find Deacon Sharpe. Alison showed Bill a photo of Deacon on her computer. Bill stared at the photo and said that Hope's daddy was the key to Liam's happiness.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy had kissed Liam, and he hugged her and thanked her for being "exceptionally cool" about the divorce. Steffy reminded Liam that she didn't want their marriage to end, but time was running out. She didn't want him to marry Hope, but he could make up his own mind how to spend the rest of his life. She added that she'd never stop loving him, no matter what. Liam kissed her on the cheek, hugged her, and left.

At Dr. Barton's office, Hope and Dr. Barton discussed Hope's biological father, Deacon Sharpe. Hope explained that Deacon had been married to Hope's half-sister, Bridget, when Deacon and Brooke had an affair that resulted in Hope's birth. Dr. Barton asked about Hope's relationship with her mother. Hope said that she knew Brooke regretted the affair but loved Hope unconditionally.

Dr. Barton suggested that Deacon's abandonment of Hope might play a role in her feelings. Hope admitted that it could have been why she reacted so strongly to rejection from her fans. Dr. Barton told Hope that it had been incredibly perceptive of her to see that Deacon's rejection had impacted her life. Dr. Barton suggested that Hope reach out to Deacon, but Hope said Deacon hadn't contacted her in all the years that had passed.

Dr. Barton said that it was common for kids to contact parents decades after estrangement because parents often felt that they would be rejected. Hope agreed that she might be interested at some point, but she wanted to focus on her wedding first and not her daddy issues. Dr. Barton congratulated Hope for making incredible progress.

At Spencer, Bill overheard every word of Hope's conversation with Dr. Barton thanks to the listening device that Alison had planted in Dr. Barton's office. Bill was adamant that he did not want Hope to marry Liam. Bill said that Hope had issues with her father, and Bill did not want Hope's issues to ruin Liam's life. Bill instructed Alison to find out everything she could about Deacon Sharpe.

Liam arrived, and Bill asked where he had been. Liam admitted that he'd visited Steffy. Bill encouraged Liam to move on with Steffy rather than Hope. Bill started a tirade on how Hope was withholding sex because she was childish and had no idea how to be part of an adult relationship.

Liam was outraged. Liam walked out and shouted that he would not listen. Bill shouted that he was trying to give Liam good advice, but Liam had closed the door. Alison entered and said that she had discovered that Deacon was in jail. Alison said it was impossible for Bill to reach Deacon.

Bill was disappointed that Alison would think anything was impossible for Bill Spencer. Alison couldn't believe Bill disliked Hope so much. Bill said that he didn't dislike Hope, but he didn't feel she was the right girl for his son.

At Forrester, Katie visited Brooke, and Katie shared the news that she was pregnant. Brooke was stunned. Brooke was happy for Katie, but Brooke asked what the doctor had said about Katie's heart. Katie paused to take a call from her cardiologist. After Katie had hung up, Brooke said that she wanted to attend the next appointment with Katie. Brooke wondered how Bill had taken the news, and Katie admitted that Bill was very emotional and worried about losing Katie because of her health.

Brooke and Katie discussed Hope and Liam's wedding in Italy. Brooke shared the story of how Steffy had signed the annulment papers, and Liam had thrown them away. Katie said she had to leave. Katie visited Steffy and accused Steffy of having an agenda. Steffy said she had signed the papers finally because she thought it was best for Liam.

Katie said that she knew Steffy had a strategy. Steffy defended herself and said that she was not a manipulative bitch. She added that if she truly had had an agenda, she would have already told Hope about the annulment papers. Katie knew that Steffy had not given up on Liam, but Katie added that the wedding would take place in Italy. Katie left, and Steffy suddenly looked worried.

At Spencer, Liam sat in his office and gazed at sexy pictures of Steffy that were still on his laptop. He remembered tearing up the annulment papers and kissing Steffy. He then looked at a photo of Hope on his desk, and he remembered dozens of times he had kissed Hope. He shook his head and paced his office.

Someone knocked on Liam's door, and he opened it. He saw Hope and kissed her passionately. Hope wondered about the reason for the romantic kiss, and Liam laughed and kissed her again. Hope said her appointment with Dr. Barton had gone well, and she was glad to be all Liam's. They kissed and smiled at each other and kissed again. They hugged and lovingly smiled at one another.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Liam's office, Hope sat in Liam's lap as the couple made out. Hope expressed her gratefulness for Dr. Barton's help and Liam's love. Bill stepped in the room, but backed out to listen outside the door as Hope talked about being completely ready to get married.

Bill went back to his office, and he told Justin that a flight was ready for them to go to Genoa City to see Deacon Sharpe. Liam entered and seemed baffled by the men's sudden "business" trip out of town. As they hustled out the door, Bill said he loved Liam, and Justin added that everyone did.

On the Spencer jet, Bill announced that Hope was about to meet her daddy, Deacon Sharpe. Bill reviewed Deacon's rap sheet of petty art crimes and noted that he'd had entanglements with Victor Newman. Justin cited that Deacon had been involved with Amber regarding his son, and the men discussed Deacon's affair with Brooke while he'd been married to Bridget.

Bill said he didn't want to destroy Hope, but he didn't want her as his daughter-in-law, either. Bill claimed that, even if Steffy weren't in the picture, Bill wouldn't want his son involved with someone who had the loser Deacon for a father. Bill suspected that if his plan worked, Liam would finally realize he didn't want to be involved with Hope's baggage. Though Bill wasn't thrilled about dirtying his hands with a convict, he figured Deacon was the key to getting rid of Hope.

At the prison, Bill found the eye-bruised Deacon in his cell, doing push-ups, and Deacon asked who Bill was. Calling himself Deacon's fairy godfather, Bill stated that Deacon wasn't too bright, which was why Deacon was in there. Arrogantly, Bill cited that Deacon had six more years in there, but wondered if Deacon wanted to get out. "Yeah, right," Deacon quipped.

Bill decided to play a quiz show called, "How do I Stop From Getting my Butt Kicked in the Joint?" With a sly grin, Deacon decided to play along, and he asked if Bill had baked a cake with a file in it. Though Bill had no cake, he asked what Deacon would do to get out of there. Deacon said he'd do anything to get out to see his son. Bill stated that Deacon wouldn't be getting out to see his son. Instead, Deacon would see his daughter and do exactly as Bill said.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie walked in and discovered Ridge frustrated about a wedding dress design. Stephanie guessed it was for Hope, but Ridge said he'd told Brooke that he couldn't do the dress. Stephanie was glad, because designing it would be insensitive to Steffy.

Brooke arrived at the door and announced that she had booked a wonderful resort in Italy. Stephanie wondered if that was premature, but Brooke asserted that, despite anyone's feelings, the couple would be married in less than a month. Stephanie figured that Brooke was just in a complete state of denial, and Ridge said that the Liam issue hadn't been resolved.

Ridge felt that his daughter was an intelligent girl, and there had to be a reason that she'd been suddenly so happy. Brooke was confident that Liam had made up his mind, and she urged Stephanie to attend the Italian wedding. Stephanie saw no reason to fly to Italy and then figured Brooke wouldn't mind if Stephanie had a talk with Liam.

Stephanie left, and Brooke told Ridge that she wouldn't be planning a wedding if she didn't think it would happen. She said they'd be there for Steffy; however, nothing would stop the wedding. Brooke figured that Ridge's heart wasn't into designing Hope's dress. She stated that Hope would understand, because Steffy was his daughter. Ridge noted that Hope was his daughter, too, and he wondered if Hope ever thought of Deacon. Brooke hoped not and was grateful Deacon had stayed far away.

In Liam's office, Liam contemplated pictures of Hope and Steffy. From the doorway, Stephanie asked which one it would be. Liam whipped around in surprise, and Stephanie stated that she'd spoken to Steffy about Aspen. Stephanie noted that the divorce was almost final, but he could stop things. He claimed it wasn't that simple, but Stephanie said Steffy was as good as it got.

Stephanie urged Liam not to give up on what he had with Steffy. Stephanie said Brooke thought Liam was happy with Hope, but others knew it wasn't true. Stephanie asked if he'd been happy with Steffy. Liam admitted that he and Steffy had shared their moments, but so had he and Hope. Stephanie didn't believe Liam really wanted to walk away from someone as special as her granddaughter.

In Steffy's office, Steffy again flashed back to Liam ripping up the annulment papers. Marcus and Dayzee entered to talk to make sure Steffy was comfortable with their wedding. They cited that Hope's wedding was around the same time, but Steffy claimed to be fine with it. Though Steffy didn't know what would happen in her own marriage, she was confident Liam would make the right decision. Hope entered and stated that Liam already had made the right decision.

Marcus and Dayzee exited, and Steffy guessed that Hope was there for the marketing reports. Hope stated that Steffy still hadn't given up. Steffy mentioned Hope's wedding plans, and Hope asked if Steffy were making plans for after the divorce. Steffy said she wanted to see how things would pan out. Hope said she wouldn't take pleasure in Steffy's pain, and Steffy cited that Hope might not have to.

Hope imagined that Steffy would find a wonderful man, but Steffy claimed she'd already found and married him. Steffy figured that Liam had a lot of things to weigh, and Hope guessed Steffy meant Hope's mistakes. Glad that Hope had pulled herself together, Steffy said she'd done the same. The women talked about how they'd both had help from therapists. Hope thought it was probably a good thing to have a therapist as a mother, and Steffy agreed.

Steffy and Hope admitted that they'd each had father issues. Hope relayed that she was putting everything behind her so she could happily say her vows. Though Hope knew Steffy didn't want to hear it, Hope said that Steffy was Liam's past. Hope gently asserted that she was his future, and nothing would interfere with their happiness.

Friday, May 25, 2012

At the Genoa City Prison, Deacon asked what kind of scam Bill was running and who'd sent Bill there. Bill said he'd sent himself, and he asked if Deacon wanted to get out of there or not. Deacon replied that it all depended upon what he had to do once he saw Hope. Deacon was tired of listening, but Bill boasted that he could give Deacon his freedom, if Deacon did something for Bill.

Bill revealed the cryptic thing he wanted Deacon to do, and Deacon immediately balked at the idea. Bill didn't know why it'd be so hard, since Deacon had never been a father to Hope. Deacon didn't know who Bill, with his "sissy-boy jewelry" and all his hair gel, thought he was. Bill rasped that he was losing patience and demanded to know if Deacon wanted to stay in jail another six years.

Bill turned to leave, and Deacon stated that he wanted out. Bill guessed they had a deal, but Deacon then decided that he wasn't interested. Deacon said that from the looks of Bill, Bill couldn't fix a parking ticket. Deacon called the guard and said he was done with Bill.

Later, Bill barged into the warden's office and announced that he wanted Deacon Sharpe out of jail. The warden cynically said everyone wanted someone released, but it wasn't going to happen. Bill noted that the warden had a beautiful family, and it'd be a shame for them to learn what the warden had been doing after work with that young woman. Bill said he had proof that could destroy the warden's marriage, but if Deacon was released from jail, the warden could avoid alimony payments.

Later, Bill returned to Deacon's cell, and Deacon chuckled at Bill's persistence. Deacon doubted Bill could get him out of jail, but Bill replied that if he wanted to get Deacon out, it would happen. The warden appeared, and Bill suggested that the warden show Deacon a little love.

Bill announced that Deacon was free to walk out of there, but probably didn't even know what his daughter looked like. Deacon seemed embarrassed, and Bill displayed a picture of Hope. Bill figured that Hope had done a lot better without Deacon around.

Humbled, Deacon said he'd rather remain in jail than do what Bill wanted. Bill told Deacon to suit himself. Deacon looked at Hope's picture again and asked Bill to wait. "I'll do it," Deacon decided.

In Ridge's office, Brooke gave Ridge one more chance before she asked Eric to design the dress. Ridge apologized because, though he wanted to, he was uncomfortable with what it would say to Steffy. Brooke figured she shouldn't have even asked him, since their daughters loved the same man.

In Steffy's office, Steffy asked if Hope were prepared if things didn't go her way, but Hope was sure she'd be fine. Steffy knew that she hadn't acknowledged Hope's rough upbringing. Steffy said they both had abandonment issues, but noted that Hope's father hadn't been around at all.

Steffy figured that no matter what happened, they both had the support of their mothers and Ridge. Steffy realized that she had been selfish regarding Ridge, but she was glad that he could be the father for Hope that Deacon hadn't been.

Hope left, and Ridge entered with a hug for Steffy. Steffy was confident that Liam would uphold the marriage, but Ridge wished Liam would realize that before the wedding. Ridge warned Steffy that Hope was confident, but didn't know about Aspen. Steffy figured that, though Hope shouldn't be surprised if Liam stopped the divorce, Hope would be, because she had a one-track mind.

Steffy said Hope had been fixated on her line, but the new obsession was the wedding. Ridge mentioned that Brooke had asked him to design the dress. Steffy wasn't surprised by that, but she was surprised to hear that Ridge had declined to do it. Ridge said that Liam was Steffy's husband, and she was Ridge's only daughter. Though Ridge very much thought of Hope as his daughter, too, it just didn't feel right to do the dress under the circumstances.

The two hugged. Steffy said she'd been a brat about it before, but she was glad that Ridge had tried to be a father for Hope. Steffy didn't remember much about Deacon, but Ridge said that was a good thing. He figured that the best thing that Deacon had done for Hope was to get out of her life.

Across the hall, Hope arrived because Katie had said she'd had some news. Brooke didn't know if Katie's news was good, but said Katie was pregnant. Hope guessed Bill had to be in shock. Brooke said Bill was accepting the idea, and Hope hoped that Bill would accept her one day. Hope acknowledged that Bill wasn't facing the wedding and that Steffy still strongly believed in her marriage. Brooke, however, asserted that the wedding was right around the corner.

In discussing wedding details, Hope was curious at why Ridge hadn't scheduled any dress fittings. Brooke reluctantly said that Ridge wasn't comfortable designing the dress due to Steffy. Hope seemed hurt, but claimed she understood. Brooke suggested Eric could do it, and Hope nodded, saying Eric had made her one before. Hope said she'd use Eric because Ridge wouldn't do it.

Brooke didn't want Hope to be hurt because of Ridge's choice, but Hope reasoned that Steffy was his daughter. Hope sadly said that weddings were supposed to draw families closer together, and the father was supposed to walk the daughter down the aisle. She tearfully uttered that she might need to stop hoping for that.

Hope announced that she wanted her "dad" to walk her down the aisle. Brooke was sure that Ridge would do it, but Hope said she was referring to a real father, Deacon. "What? No!" asserted Brooke, who was unable to even say the man's name. Hope wanted to know about Deacon, and Brooke wondered where the sudden need had stemmed from.

Hope said she and Dr. Barton had discussed it in therapy. Hope wanted to know if Deacon had ever tried to reach out to her, or if Brooke had made him stay away. At first, Brooke said she didn't know, because a lot of time had gone by, but Hope asked if Deacon had tried to see her when she'd been young. Brooke said she'd made him stay away for Hope's own good.

Hope trusted that Brooke had made the best choices at the time, but Hope was done pretending that Deacon didn't exist. Brooke said she couldn't stop Hope from reaching out to her biological father, but it was the wrong time. Brooke begged Hope to just focus on marrying the man she loved.

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