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Monday, May 28, 2012

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 29, and pick up where the Friday, May 25 episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

by Pam

At Genoa City Prison, Deacon told Bill that he'd do what Bill had asked, but he didn't like it. Deacon quizzed Bill about whether he would do the same thing to his own child in exchange for freedom, but Bill said that he didn't have to make that choice. Deacon said he had never been permitted to see or know his daughter, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. Bill told Deacon that he could turn Bill down.

Deacon seemed genuinely conflicted, but Deacon added that he couldn't stay in prison. Bill laughed at Deacon's misery over a decision that meant destroying his daughter in exchange for freedom. Deacon agreed to do what Bill wanted. Bill warned that Deacon would look back on his days in prison as the good old days if Deacon ever crossed Bill.

At Spencer, Marcus tried to visit Justin, but couldn't find Justin or Alison. Marcus used his cell phone to call Justin, but he got no answer. Alison showed up and said that that Justin was off with Bill, making the world a better place.

In Bill's office, Karen and Danielle arrived to meet Bill, but found Katie, who had also been waiting for Bill. After introductions, Katie shared that she and Bill were expecting a baby. Karen and Danielle were thrilled to hear the pregnancy news. Karen laughed at the thought of Bill changing diapers. After they talked at length, Katie called Bill and wondered why he was so late for his meeting with Karen and Danielle. Bill, who was still at the Genoa City Prison, admitted that he had forgotten about the meeting and asked Katie to reschedule it for him.

Once Bill was on board his private jet, Bill greeted Justin and said that things had gone well with Deacon. Bill called Alison, and Alison noted that Katie had been looking for Bill. Alison added that Marcus had wanted to see Justin. Bill instructed Alison to lie to Katie about his whereabouts.

Alison objected that Katie had always had a way of interrogating her that unnerved her. Bill warned that Alison was paid well to handle his business. He ended his call with Alison.

At Spencer, Katie called Alison into Bill's office and quizzed her about Bill's whereabouts. Alison followed Bill's instructions and said that Bill had been exploring long-term investment opportunities. Katie thought something was wrong. Katie added that it seemed odd for Bill to be so forgetful of appointments. Alison said that Bill had been preoccupied. Katie looked thoughtful.

At Forrester, Brooke told Hope that Deacon was not important to her. Hope argued that Dr. Barton had suggested that Hope's father was most certainly an important issue. Brooke angrily said that that Dr. Barton should never have suggested the issue. Brooke reminded Hope that Hope had to plan a wedding. Hope said that she wanted to be able to become Liam's wife without any issues from her past.

Brooke sternly advised Hope to stay away from Deacon. Hope argued that Brooke had been the one to keep Hope away from Deacon for her entire life. Brooke tearfully begged Hope to listen to her and keep Deacon Sharpe out of her life forever. Brooke said that she loved Hope and reminded Hope that she knew what was best. Hope tearfully acknowledged that she knew her mother loved her.

At Dr. Barton's office, Brooke waited to see the doctor, and flashed back to a conversation with Deacon. Brooke remembered when she had met with Deacon, and he had said that he had done everything she had ever wanted. He had given her everything, and she had treated him like garbage. Brooke recalled that she had told Deacon that he had promised to get out of town and stay away from Hope and Forrester.

Brooke remembered that she had warned Deacon to stop calling, or Brooke would have him arrested. Brooke addressed his drinking, and Deacon poured a glass of liquor but threw it at the wall behind Brooke, startling her.

Brooke shook off the memory, but then she had another more frightening recollection. She remembered looking in the bassinet for baby Hope, and the bassinet had been empty. Brooke had panicked, but Deacon had walked into the room from the balcony, carrying Hope. Deacon eerily said that Hope was a beautiful baby -- beautiful like her mother. Brooke demanded that Deacon give Hope to Brooke. Deacon hugged and kissed Hope, and he warned Brooke that someday, Hope would want to know more about her daddy.

The doctor entered and interrupted Brooke's flashbacks. Brooke nervously said that she knew Dr. Barton wanted to help Hope, but Brooke said that she had some concerns. Brooke demanded that Dr. Barton stop encouraging Hope to reach out to her biological father. Brooke said that she would not allow it. Dr. Barton argued that seeing Deacon would be advantageous to Hope's emotional development.

Brooke told Dr. Barton that Deacon had no morals and no conscience. Brooke said that Deacon had taken advantage of Brooke when she had been vulnerable. Brooke added that Deacon would manipulate Hope, lie to her, and hurt her. Brooke told Dr. Barton that Hope needed to stay far away from Deacon Sharpe.

At Forrester, Hope remembered her last conversation with Dr. Barton about looking for Deacon. Marcus entered and said that something appeared to be wrong. Hope shared that she and Brooke had had an argument about Hope looking for her biological father. Hope added that Brooke had pretty much forbidden her to have any contact with Deacon. Hope worried that it could be really serious.

Marcus said that he had to take a call from his dad. Marcus started talking but realized that he could hear Justin, but Justin could not hear him. Hope guessed that Justin had pocket-dialed Marcus by mistake. Marcus tried to get his father's attention.

On the Spencer private jet, Justin was unaware that he had dialed Marcus. Justin and Bill discussed how Bill planned to use Deacon. Justin asked about the plan, and Bill said that Deacon would sabotage the wedding, and if his plan worked, Hope would be out of Liam's life forever.

Marcus overheard Bill and Justin's entire conversation, and he was shocked at what he had heard. Hope could see the frightened look on Marcus' face. She asked what was wrong, and Marcus was speechless.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill told Justin that he'd get Deacon out of jail if he needed Deacon. Bill had hoped that Liam would not divorce Steffy, so he wouldn't need to throw a Hail Mary pass. Marcus walked in and wondered if Bill and Justin had been talking about football. Bill said they had been discussing investments. Marcus asked to speak to Justin alone, and they left.

In Justin's office, Marcus asked where Bill and Justin had been. Justin said that he had been in Wisconsin, and Marcus asked why he had gone there. Justin played dumb. Marcus told his dad that his phone had butt dialed Marcus, and Marcus had overheard Bill and Justin discuss that they were trying to break up Hope and Liam.

Justin told Marcus that he had overheard a muffled conversation and nothing more. Marcus angrily told Justin to speak to him as his father and not Bill's lawyer. Justin said the conversation was over, and he warned Marcus that they would never discuss it again. Justin walked out, and Marcus was upset.

At Forrester, Hope entered Steffy's office to discuss some marketing plans, and Steffy wondered if Hope had been avoiding Steffy. Hope said she didn't think it was a good idea for them to talk until Steffy and Liam's divorce was final. Hope pointed out that it would be a little more than 24 hours. Steffy said that Hope seemed confident, but Steffy added that she did not want Hope's pity.

Hope said that she was too busy planning a wedding, and she had no wedding dress. Hope lamented that she had always planned to be married in one of Ridge's designs. Steffy said that Hope could wear one of Ridge's designs if she married someone other than Liam. They agreed to end their conversation, and Hope left.

Liam arrived and said he wanted to talk. Steffy told him Hope had just left. Steffy said that Hope was confident that the divorce would end their marriage, and she would be getting married in Italy. Liam looked confused. Steffy shared that gossip websites had countdown clocks to their divorce. She and Liam laughed. Steffy added that she had her own countdown clock scheduled to play wedding bells that would dignify the next chapter of their marriage.

Liam wondered if it was okay that he had visited her, and she said it depended on what he had to say. Liam said that he had thought things would be clearer to him as the months passed, but he admitted that things had not become clearer. Steffy told him time was almost up, and it had been a blast. She kissed him, and bit his ear and started her cha-cha chatter, and Liam finished it for her. He said the final "cha."

Liam said he should probably keep his distance from Steffy. Steffy walked out the door. She looked confident as she looked back at Liam, who appeared to be worried sick.

At Spencer, Karen and Danielle arrived, and Karen warned Danielle not to let Bill know they were a couple. Danielle was excited about a job availability as a writer at Spencer. Alison saw Karen, and Karen said that Karen had seen Bill pull in, and she planned to see him.

Karen walked past Alison into Bill's office. Karen angrily asked Bill what was so important that he had forgotten a meeting with his sister. Bill said that he had been busy with future investments. Karen was unimpressed.

Karen congratulated him on the baby, but Bill reminded her that it was dangerous for Katie to be pregnant because of her heart transplant. Bill admitted that he had told Katie an abortion might be best. Karen said that Katie was very happy to be pregnant. Bill added that Katie was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he worried about losing her.

Bill changed the subject. He told Karen that she needed to find a man. Bill encouraged her to get out of the house more. Karen said that Danielle was waiting outside for an interview with Bill for a writer's position. Bill said that he'd had a busy day and wasn't in the mood for an interview. Karen insisted.

Danielle entered, and Bill quizzed her about her writing experience. Danielle impressed Bill with tales of her freelance writing career. Bill asked if Danielle intended to move out of Karen's house, and Danielle said that she didn't see how her living arrangements had anything to do with her work. Bill said that he was curious about her, and he added that Danielle intrigued him.

Later, Karen returned to meet with Bill, and Bill told Karen that Danielle had hit on him the entire time they had talked. Karen was amused and told Bill that he was wrong. Bill continued to tell Karen that Danielle had undressed him with her eyes. Bill said women threw themselves at him every day. He knew when women were attracted to him.

Bill added that Danielle was a beautiful woman, and he might have been interested before he had met Katie. Bill added that he felt it would be awkward to work with someone who was so clearly attracted to him. Karen said that he was wrong and needed to hire Danielle. Karen left.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

In her old room at Taylor's house, Steffy stared at her countdown clock, which designated about 13 more hours until the divorce was finalized. Stephanie, Taylor, and Ridge entered to check on Steffy, and Steffy said she'd stayed at Taylor's to be around family. Steffy showed them the countdown clock on her phone, which would chime at midnight, signifying the end of the waiting period. Ridge thought he'd save everyone the trouble of waiting by having a little talk with Liam.

Ridge left, and Steffy's phone chimed. She snatched it up, but saw that it was only a text message from Thomas. Steffy wouldn't believe that Liam would let the clock run out. Taylor thought it was safer to "be prepared," but Steffy and Stephanie chose to believe for the best. Steffy figured that if it didn't happen for her and Liam, she'd move on; however, things wouldn't be the same.

At Liam's house, Liam thought about Steffy. Bill arrived and insisted that it was do or die time, because at midnight, Steffy would no longer be his wife. Liam asserted that Hope would be his wife, but Bill figured that if Liam were sure of that, he wouldn't be pacing around his house all afternoon. Bill said that if Liam wound up marrying Hope, it could get ugly. Bill urged Liam to make the right decision.

Once Bill left, Liam thought about how he'd ripped up the annulment papers, and then he dialed a phone number. Ridge entered from the patio, and Liam put down the phone. Ridge said that he knew what it was like to be in love with two women, but Liam's indecisiveness was wreaking havoc in Ridge's family. Ridge asserted that Liam needed to get a backbone and make a decision.

Ridge explained that he knew about the Aspen event, but Liam said he'd prefer Hope didn't know about that. Ridge insisted that it was unfair of Liam to keep both women hanging on. Liam realized that Ridge was right, and Liam needed to talk to both women. Ridge advised Liam to do it right away.

Ridge left, and Liam took out a picture of Steffy. He had a long flashback of their relationship. At the same time, Steffy was remembering the same thing. Liam then called Steffy and asked her to meet him at his house. Steffy was grinning, but Liam's face was as emotionless as stone.

Steffy ecstatically dressed to go see Liam. Stephanie entered and shared in the excitement. Stephanie yelled, "Text me!" as Steffy scampered out the door. Taylor entered the bedroom, and Stephanie explained that Steffy was off to see Liam. Taylor realized that she'd get a call from Steffy, who'd be in tears -- or overjoyed that her commitment had paid off.

Later, Steffy arrived to a candlelit setting at Liam's house, complete with wine on the table. She rendered a sentimental smile when she saw Liam enter the house from the patio.

In Ridge's office, Eric arrived and guessed it was a big day for Hope. Brooke explained that Ridge wouldn't design a dress for Hope, and Brooke was concerned that Hope was being lost in all the concern for Steffy. Eric wondered how he could help, and Brooke asked him to make a wedding gown. Eric enthusiastically agreed to do it. Brooke was glad for the support, because everyone was ganging up on Hope. With a scowl, Brooke noted that Bill, Stephanie, Ridge, and Taylor were all "Team Steffy."

Brooke figured that the wedding should be a wonderful time in Hope's life, but instead, Hope had been talking about Deacon, whom Hope had suggested should escort her down the aisle. Eric objected and said that Hope didn't need to be anywhere near the dangerous Deacon Sharpe.

Hope entered. Brooke cooed that Liam's marriage would end at midnight, and all the people who loved and supported Hope would be in Italy to see her marry him. Hope thumbed through digital pictures of Eric's wedding gowns, and she became emotional when she realized that Eric was offering her one for the wedding. She hugged him tightly and gratefully thanked him.

Eric left, and Hope thought about Ridge's hesitancy to make her dress. She figured that he'd probably be uncomfortable walking her down the aisle. Brooke dismissed the idea, but Hope said she'd already accepted that she wasn't Ridge's daughter. Hope hadn't thought much about not having her real father around, but the wedding had made her wish that he was there. Brooke was sorry for what Hope was experiencing, but said not to let anything interfere with Hope's wedding or happiness.

Hope left, and Ridge arrived. He said he'd been to check on Steffy, and he'd also gone to see Liam. Ridge explained that he'd urged Liam to make a decision, but Brooke felt that Liam had already done that. Ridge insisted that Liam had torn up the annulment papers for a reason. He wished Liam would tell it to both the girls, because Liam couldn't keep stringing them along.

Friday, June 1, 2012

In Ridge's office, Brooke was unhappy that Ridge had talked to Liam, but Ridge insisted that he'd needed to do something because Steffy loved her husband. Brooke was sure that Liam's love for Hope would win out, just as Ridge's love for Brooke had won out over his for Taylor. Brooke then mentioned that Eric had accepted that, which was why he had committed to designing Hope's wedding dress.

Ridge didn't want Steffy or Hope to think he was taking sides. Brooke figured the wedding was set in stone, but she wondered if Ridge would be there to walk Hope down the aisle. Ridge wanted to be there, but when he hesitated about the aisle walk, Brooke warned that Hope had mentioned reaching out to Deacon. Ridge was shocked, and Brooke said she wanted Deacon nowhere near Hope on that day.

Brooke tried to convince Ridge that the ripped-up papers didn't mean that Liam had chosen Steffy. Brooke empathized with Steffy, but felt it was time for Steffy to move on. Ridge wasn't sure they knew what would happen, but Brooke figured Liam wouldn't disappoint Hope after all that time.

Brooke left, and Stephanie and Taylor strode in to announce that Liam had summoned Steffy to the cliff house. Ridge wasn't sure Liam's call meant what Steffy wanted it to, but Stephanie and Taylor refused to think that way. Ridge wanted what was best for both his daughters, but Taylor reasoned that there wasn't any way around a broken heart for one of them.

Ridge knew what it was like to be in love with two incredible women, but Taylor huffed that he'd had his chances with her. Stephanie said Liam had better get his chance with Steffy right that time, and she was confident that he'd right the hurts he'd done to Steffy.

In the office across the hall, Eric noted that Hope kept checking the time, and midnight wasn't arriving fast enough for her. Hope expressed gratitude that Eric had decided to design the dress, though she was worried about what Steffy would think. Eric responded that he loved both ladies. Hope doubted Stephanie would be thrilled, but Hope was thankful Eric had agreed to it when Ridge couldn't.

Hope reasoned that it was okay, because it wasn't like she was Ridge's real daughter. Eric said Ridge thought of her as one. She pointed out that Ridge had his own daughter, and she had her own father. Hope remarked that Deacon could possibly walk her down the aisle, because it was just too awkward for Ridge and Steffy if Ridge were to do it.

Hope had begun to realize that Steffy did love Liam, and Steffy had made Liam happy -- just not as happy as Hope made him. Eric felt that Ridge was in a difficult position, but Ridge wouldn't do anything to undermine Hope's wedding to Liam.

Eric left, and as Hope reviewed her chosen wedding gown sketch, she had a montage flashback of her relationship with Liam. Brooke entered, complimented the sketch, and proclaimed that the path would soon be clear to focus on the wedding. It still nagged Hope that Steffy had seemed so mysteriously confident, but Hope proclaimed that she was the happiest she'd ever been.

At the cliff house, Liam poured some wine, and Steffy reminded him that he was cutting it close. Liam just gaped at her. She said it would be hard for her if the marriage ended that night, and she sensed it would be hard for him, too. He said nothing, but she noted that he wasn't disagreeing. She stroked his leg and guessed he'd invited her there because he had something to tell her.

Liam said he'd been thinking about the fun they'd had. Steffy had been like a whirlwind for him, and he wouldn't trade the ride for anything -- tough times included. Liam poured her more wine and noticed that she hadn't removed her rings. Steffy said she'd always treasure being his wife, no matter what would happen. She wondered if midnight was the end for them, or a new beginning.

Liam said their marriage had been one of a kind, and he and Steffy acknowledged that marriage had grown them up. Pulling out her phone, she reminded him that it would chime at midnight. She said she knew he was torn, though he hadn't revealed it to Hope. Steffy reminded him that she'd vowed not to enter the house unless it was to be his wife, and she asked if she'd still be his wife after midnight.

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