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Monday, June 4, 2012

At the cliff house, Steffy told Liam that he still had time -- if he still wanted her to remain his wife. She found it strange to finally be at that moment where they ended; however, Liam replied that they'd never end, because their feelings wouldn't end -- whether they were married or not. She noted that it appeared the clock would run out. "Unless..." she added, glancing at him.

In Rick's office, Hope anxiously watched the clock. She hoped Liam was okay, because it was tough to say goodbye to a marriage. Brooke wondered if Hope wanted to visit him, but Hope figured he wanted to be alone. "If he's alone..." Brooke remarked. Hope, however, wasn't worried about Steffy, because Hope was certain that the marriage would end at midnight.

Hope decided that -- even if it were bad luck -- there was something she wanted Liam to see. Hope tried on her wedding dress, and she and Brooke cooed over how beautiful it was. Hope decided that she wanted Liam to see the dress. Brooke didn't think Hope should drive over there with the dress, and Hope agreed, because she didn't want to interfere with whatever closure Liam was having that night.

Instead, Hope called Liam on her video phone, and she was full of giggles as she said she had something to show him. Steffy stood demurely unseen in the background at Liam's house and watched as Hope handed her phone to Brooke and spun around so that Liam could see the wedding dress. Liam said that it was beautiful, and Hope was beautiful. He thought the dress looked perfect.

Hope told Liam she loved him, and Liam said that he loved her, too, and would see her the next day. She cooed that he'd no longer be a married man, but he'd better not get used to it. He said that he wouldn't. Steffy choked back tears as Liam ended his call and stared apologetically at her.

Back at Forrester, Brooke was anxious to thank Eric for the gown. Hope sadly said she loved it, but Brooke guessed Hope had really wanted Ridge to design it. Brooke assured Hope that Ridge would be there for Hope, and he'd walk her down the aisle. Brooke left to find Ridge, and Hope uttered to herself, "But that's what my father's supposed to do."

Hope smoothed down her dress and grinned as she flashed back to all the wonderful and romantic times she'd had with Liam.

In Bill's office, Bill poured himself a drink. He thought of calling Steffy, but wound up calling Taylor, who informed him that Liam had summoned Steffy to the cliff house. Bill thought that was promising news. Taylor hoped Liam would make the right decision. Glancing at an Internet picture of Deacon, Bill hoped Liam would, as well.

In Ridge's office, Taylor stated that Liam sure knew how to wait until the last minute. She didn't want to be in Ridge's shoes by having two daughters at odds over a man. Ridge hated to see the letdown happen to either of them, but it was unavoidable. Taylor wondered if they should return to the house to await Steffy, but Stephanie said Steffy probably wouldn't leave her husband that night.

Brooke entered and wondered what the talk was about. Stephanie touted that Steffy had gone to see Liam. "What? Why would she do that? Is she desperate?" Brooke asked. Brooke was unfazed to hear that Liam had invited Steffy there, and though Brooke could see that Liam had gotten all their hopes up, she insisted that the divorce was happening that night.

Brooke said that even if Steffy were talking to Liam, no one knew what he was saying. Brooke revealed that she and Hope had called Liam and excitedly talked about the wedding. Brooke frowned, wondering if Steffy had been there during the call. Brooke said that it didn't make any sense, because Hope and Liam had worked so hard, and there was no way he'd return to Steffy.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy complimented Hope's dress. Liam said he shouldn't have taken the call, because the last thing he'd wanted to do was make Steffy feel uncomfortable -- especially that night. Steffy was glad that he had, because she'd been able to see how different the night was for Hope and him, versus herself. Liam started to speak, but Steffy told him not to. She said part of him wanted to call off the divorce. She'd been counting on that, but it couldn't happen.

Steffy said she'd watched Liam talk to his bride, and she'd seen the love in his eyes. She knew what the commitment he'd made to Hope meant to him, and he couldn't disappoint Hope. "Or you," Liam replied. Steffy stated that he couldn't have both, and he and Hope was the way it was supposed to be. Steffy believed that Hope would give him what he needed. Liam and Steffy were both tearful as Steffy slid off her wedding rings.

Liam held Steffy's bare hand and stared at it. She said it was almost midnight, and she asked him to hold her. They hugged and kissed each other. The bells on Steffy's phone chimed, signifying that it was midnight. "Thanks for the memories...Cha...cha...cha..." Steffy tearfully said and strode out the door.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's house, Bill visited, and Liam told Bill that his marriage had ended. Bill shouted at Liam that he had been crazy to divorce Steffy. Liam interrupted Bill's rant and explained that Steffy had ended the marriage. Liam explained that Steffy knew Liam better than anyone.

Liam said that Steffy knew that Liam wanted to honor his commitment to Hope. Liam said that Steffy understood even though Bill did not understand. Bill continued to rant that Liam had made a commitment with marriage vows to Steffy. Bill continued to angrily tell Liam that he had made a mistake because Liam clearly loved Steffy.

Liam said that Steffy knew his first commitment was to Hope. Liam said that he loved two women, but he needed to move on with Hope. Bill continued to argue. Liam angrily told Bill that he loved Hope. Liam ordered Bill to listen. "I love Hope," Liam said.

Bill protested that Liam didn't love Hope the way he loved Steffy. Bill wanted Liam to reconsider because Steffy was the right woman for Liam. Bill refused to stop yakking about Steffy. Liam told Bill that Bill did not understand, but Steffy did. Steffy knew that she had to let Liam move on. "She loves me that much," Liam said. Bill continued to rant, but Liam walked away from his father and out of the house.

At Forrester, Steffy told Taylor, Ridge, and Stephanie that her marriage had ended. Steffy explained that she had ended the marriage. Steffy said that she realized she had to give up when Hope had called Liam. Steffy said that Hope had video-called Liam in her wedding dress, and Hope had had so much trust in Liam. Steffy said she knew that Liam would not disappoint Hope, so she set him free. Taylor, Stephanie and Ridge wondered if Steffy was sure that it was really over, and Steffy explained that her love for Liam would never be over, but their marriage had ended because Liam wanted to marry Hope. Steffy said she had to set him free.

In another office at Forrester, Brooke quizzed Hope if Liam had called her after midnight because his marriage to Steffy had ended at midnight. Hope said Liam had not called, but Hope had called him to discuss her wedding dress before midnight. Hope didn't understand why Brooke had made such a big deal out of Liam's neglecting to call Hope later. Brooke dished that Liam had been with Steffy the previous night.

Hope said she felt bad for Steffy. Hope felt especially bad when she realized that she had interrupted Liam's conversation with Steffy. Brooke said it was fine.

Hope asked Brooke to stand up for her at the wedding. Brooke was elated. Liam knocked on the door, and Hope ushered him into the office. Hope welcomed him to their new life. Hope and Brooke chattered about the wedding in Italy.

Liam asked about the guest list, and Brooke and Hope said that it was only family. They wondered if Bill would show up. They hoped that Bill would be supportive. Brooke left.

Hope wondered if Liam wanted to discuss his visit with Steffy. Liam said that he did. Hope apologized for interrupting with her video call, but Liam said that he was happy Hope had called. Liam said that when Steffy had seen Hope in her wedding dress, it had opened Steffy's eyes to how Liam felt about Hope.

Hope and Liam discussed the wedding and a wonderful vacation in Italy. Hope said that she had been concerned that Ridge needed to support Steffy. Hope said that she felt Ridge would not support Hope's marriage to Liam because he was obligated to his biological daughter, Steffy. Hope said that she felt silly because she really needed a father, and Liam sympathized.

In Ridge's office, Steffy sat by herself, and Ridge entered. Steffy told Ridge that ending her marriage was the hardest thing she'd ever done, but she had done it for Liam and not for herself. Ridge hugged Steffy, and Brooke entered. Brooke told Steffy she understood Steffy's pain. Brooke said that she wished she could have done something for Steffy, and Steffy agreed, but she said there was nothing that anyone could do, and Steffy left. Ridge and Brooke hugged.

In her own office, Steffy sat at her computer, but she noticed her empty ring finger, and she rubbed her hand. A picture of Steffy and Liam caught her attention, and she sadly stared at it.

At Spencer, Bill angrily burst into his office, and Alison followed him. Alison rattled off his itinerary for the day, and Bill shouted at her to cancel everything. He ranted that Steffy had ended her marriage to Liam. Bill angrily babbled that Liam didn't know what he wanted, and Bill had to step in and make the decision for Liam. Bill planned to put plan B into motion and get Deacon Sharpe to ruin Hope's wedding.

Bill explained to Alison that he was going to use his considerable influence on the warden to get Deacon released. Bill added that he knew the warden had a wife and kids -- and a mistress that the warden would do anything to keep secret. Bill said that he would do anything and everything to stop the wedding. Alison left.

Brooke called Bill and asked if Bill would be joining them in Italy for the wedding. Bill looked at his computer screen with information on Deacon Sharpe. On the phone, Bill told Brooke that he would be at the wedding. "What kind of father would miss his own kid's wedding?" Bill asked.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

by Pam

In Ridge's office, Brooke told Ridge that Hope understood that Ridge could not design her wedding dress. Brooke added that Hope felt that she was missing out on having her biological dad in her life. Brooke worried that it had come up in Hope's sessions with Dr. Barton. Ridge promised his support in everything but designing the wedding dress. Brooke worried that Dr. Barton had encouraged Hope to reach out to Deacon. Brooke feared that Deacon was dangerous.

In Hope's office, Hope asked Liam if he had learned any Italian words, since they were going to be spending time in Italy. Liam seemed distant, and Hope realized that Liam was still thinking about Steffy. Liam apologized and said that the breakup had been difficult on all of them. He changed the topic to Ridge. Hope said that she understood that Ridge could not design her dress, but she wondered if Ridge would walk her down the aisle.

Later, Brooke entered. Hope told Brooke that Ridge was not her father and that she expected that Ridge would be loyal to his own daughter, Steffy. Hope didn't want Ridge to feel obligated to be at the wedding. Ridge entered and said that he wanted to attend her wedding. Hope said that she understood that Steffy was Ridge's little girl and always had been.

Ridge agreed but pointed out that Hope had also been his little girl at one time. He added that both of his little girls had grown up, and they all needed to act like grownups and join together as a family. Hope said that she realized she had put Ridge in an impossible situation. Hope told Ridge not to abandon Steffy like Deacon had abandoned her. Hope exited. Ridge and Brooke were visibly upset.

Ridge told Brooke that he felt horrible for Hope. He said that Hope clearly wanted her father. Brooke said that Hope had her father in Ridge, but Ridge noted that Deacon was Hope's father.

At Spencer, Bill called the warden at Genoa City Prison and told him they'd be moving forward on the Deacon Sharpe situation. Katie arrived. Bill hung up and quickly asked how Katie felt. She answered that she was fine. Bill warned her not to pretend she had a normal pregnancy. He admitted that he was worried about her. Katie teased that his funky mood had everything to do with Liam's decision to marry Hope.

Bill said that Steffy had had made the decision for Liam, and Liam walked into the room. Bill announced that Katie was pregnant, and Liam was elated. They discussed her pregnancy, and Bill explained that it was a high-risk pregnancy because of Katie's heart transplant. Conversation turned to Liam's wedding, and Katie was very excited. Bill recommended that Katie should not travel to Italy. Katie argued at first, but Bill pointed out that he did not want Katie to expose herself to any risks. Katie agreed.

Bill said he'd be there with Liam in Italy. The conversation quickly changed. Liam asked Bill to stand up as his best man. Katie blurted out that Bill would be honored, but Liam insisted that Bill had to agree, and he wanted to hear Bill say that he would be his best man. Bill agreed to be the best man. Bill said that he would always be there for Liam. Katie left.

Liam said that he was glad Bill seemed to have a change of heart about Hope. Bill disagreed and said that he would always support Liam. Bill said he wanted what was best for Liam. Bill noted that Hope had let Liam down on numerous occasions. Liam assured Bill that Hope would not let him down. Bill and Liam discussed that Ridge was torn about supporting Steffy and Hope.

Bill said that dads were important to girls on their wedding days. Liam said that they were all going to fly to Italy together and do some bonding in the Forrester jet. Bill refused. He said he'd fly to Italy separately, but Liam protested.

Bill said that he had some very important business to attend to before he arrived in Italy. Liam was disappointed, and he assured his father that he was marrying Hope. After Liam left, Bill pulled up information on Deacon Sharpe on his computer. Hope walked into Bill's office and said, "Dad." Bill was in shock.

At Forrester, Stephanie entered Steffy's office and told her that she knew Liam still loved Steffy, and Steffy agreed. Steffy explained that she'd walked away from her marriage because Liam wanted to marry Hope. Steffy knew that Liam wouldn't let Hope down. Steffy said that Liam's loyalty was one of the reasons she loved him so much. Stephanie noted that Steffy's love for Liam wouldn't go away, and Steffy agreed. Stephanie hugged her. Later, when Steffy was alone, she recalled many romantic times with Liam, and she cried.

At Spencer, Liam walked into his office and sighed a sigh of relief as he closed the door. Suddenly, he realized Stephanie was sitting on the couch, waiting for him. Stephanie promised that she did not intend to badger Liam, and Liam looked relieved. But Stephanie started yakking that she knew Liam still loved Steffy. Stephanie warned Liam that he did not have to marry Hope. Liam looked conflicted.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Steffy's office, Brooke arrived, and Steffy assumed that Brooke wanted to gloat. Brooke, however, said she was sorry that Hope and Liam's engagement was causing Steffy pain. Steffy apologized for being defensive, but claimed that she had ended things, not Liam. Steffy said the video chat Liam had shared with Hope had shown Steffy that Liam didn't have it in him to disappoint Hope, and so Steffy had realized that she had to let him go.

Brooke said that, in the end, Steffy had done the right thing. Steffy replied that her grandmother had advised her to do the opposite. Brooke thought it was a mistake to listen to Stephanie.

In Liam's office, Liam let Stephanie know that Steffy had made the final decision about the marriage. Stephanie thought that Liam was being noble to honor his commitment to Hope, but not very bright. Stephanie said it was not romantic to learn that one didn't totally fulfill her husband because another woman had a piece of his heart. To her, it would set the stage for a lot of misery.

Stephanie argued that Hope was an iffy proposition, and Liam would probably have to peel Hope off the ceiling whenever the anxiety set in. Liam claimed that Stephanie was like his father, and they were both wrong. Stephanie urged Liam not to make his decisions based on what others wanted, and she bet that if he had his druthers, he'd marry Steffy again.

Brooke arrived in time to hear Stephanie pressuring Liam, and Brooke ordered Stephanie to stop it. Stephanie innocuously grinned, and Brooke said that the "Liam ship" had sailed, and Stephanie needed to help Steffy to accept it. Stephanie wondered why Liam's love for two women wasn't Brooke's concern. Calling Hope an emotional breakdown waiting to happen, Stephanie said Hope had "daddy problems," and she wasn't stable or ready for marriage. Liam grimaced.

In Bill's office, Bill panicked and wondered why Hope was calling him "Dad." Hope said that she'd soon be his daughter-in-law, and she'd like to call him "Dad." Bill didn't think it fit. Bill noted Hope's wistfulness about fathers and Ridge, who Bill thought was usually neutral. Hope claimed she understood Ridge's support for Steffy, and Hope had told him that he wasn't required to attend the wedding. Hope said it wasn't her dream, but she could walk herself down the aisle, if need be.

Hope said Ridge had decided to attend, and she hoped that Bill would go with them on the jet. Bill claimed he had business to work on, but Hope didn't see why he couldn't do it on the jet. To her, it made no sense to take two jets. Bill ordered her not to change him into a tree hugger.

Hope insisted upon making peace and suspected that Bill could like her if he got to know her. Bill said Hope was marrying his son, not him, and she shouldn't expect more than he would give. Bill looked for confidence, sophistication, and mental stability in a Spencer woman. To him, Hope possessed none of those qualities; however, he didn't get a vote. Even though he'd attend the wedding and pay for the honeymoon, he said she couldn't expect him to be her new daddy.

Hope sullenly explained that she had an empty space in her heart for a father, and Ridge hadn't been filling it at that time. She said she'd had some thoughts, but shaking off her disappointment, she decided that she'd just try Bill again later, when he might be more receptive.

Later, Hope arrived in Steffy's office and announced that she was tired of the family being divided over love, because love was supposed to pull them together. Hope asked if Steffy remembered what it had been like to be a real family, but Steffy claimed she couldn't remember that far back. Hope reminded Steffy that they'd had fun, and they'd had each other's backs.

Hope really wanted the wedding to be a new beginning, and that was the reason she'd arrived for a visit. She said that Brooke would be the matron of honor, but she wondered if Steffy would stand up at the wedding, too. A surprised Steffy asked if Liam knew of the request, and Hope said he didn't. Hope wanted her whole family to be around her on that day. Steffy hesitated, but gasped that she couldn't do that. Hope said that if Steffy changed her mind, all she had to do was show up.

At home later, Hope was busily packing. She stopped and sighed as she thought of what Bill had said about the qualities that he felt she didn't possess.

Back in Steffy's office, Bill hugged and consoled Steffy. Steffy said that it was very hard, and Bill claimed it was hard for Liam, too. Bill felt it would be hard to stand up for Liam, but he couldn't let his son down. Steffy revealed Hope's request of Steffy and joked that it'd be a support group at the altar. Bill told Steffy to do it, because she needed to be there in case things changed.

Steffy refused to go through the torture and complained that Bill was acting as if Liam would see her there and magically change his mind. Bill stated that it'd never happen if she didn't show up. He ordered her to pack her bags and get on that plane. "Do not let me down," he insisted.

Friday, June 8, 2012

In Ridge's office, Brooke was anxious to get to the airport. Though Brooke understood it was hard for Ridge because of Steffy, Brooke said Hope and Liam needed her and Ridge's support. Katie entered and pledged to support the couple in spirit, because she couldn't take the trip. Katie claimed that Bill was softening ever since Liam had asked Bill to be the best man.

Katie acknowledged that it was a bittersweet time for Ridge and Brooke because of Steffy's pain. Ridge asked Katie to take care of herself, and she asked him and her sister to keep an eye on her tenacious husband, because "With Bill, you never know," Katie concluded.

In Steffy's office, Steffy asserted that it would be torture to watch Liam and Hope get married. Bill figured that it wasn't a done deal until the vows were said, and Steffy would want to be around in case something happened. Steffy insisted that it was just too much for her to even board the plane, and she wasn't interested in causing wedding drama.

Bill said Steffy had been selfless to let Liam go. Steffy insisted that she had never been selfless; however, whatever she was, it wasn't a masochist bridesmaid. Bill reminded her that she'd thought it had been over in Aspen, but Liam had shredded the papers. Steffy knew that Bill wanted to save Liam pain, but noted that she'd hurt Liam, too. Bill said Steffy had learned from her mistakes, unlike Hope.

Bill insisted that Hope would drag Liam down with all her drama, but Steffy said it made no sense for her to just show up there, expecting to be with Liam. Bill replied that the unexpected might happen, and she'd regret not being there if Liam needed her.

Later, Bill went to his office, where Alison briefed him on their trip to Italy, via Genoa City. Katie arrived and was ecstatic about Bill's decision to support Liam at the wedding. She was happy that Bill always "came through" for his family, especially because they were adding to that family.

Katie left, and Bill contacted the warden for an update about Deacon. The warden said that the status hadn't changed. Bill wasn't impressed that the warden hadn't moved on Bill's request, and he warned the warden that the escapades with the hooker would be splashed all over the papers for the warden's family to see. Bill said that the warden would implement Bill's plan exactly as Bill had laid it out. The warden rasped that he understood, and then he slammed down the phone.

Later, Bill's jet soared toward Genoa City, carrying Bill and Alison, and at the jail, the warden notified Deacon that Spencer was on his way. Deacon barely looked up, but after the warden left, Deacon stared at a picture of Hope.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Liam kissed, and Hope revealed that she'd broached the subject of their relationship with Bill. Liam figured it hadn't gone well, and she said they should just be satisfied that he was attending the wedding. Hope then added that she'd asked Steffy to join the wedding party. Taken aback, Liam wondered why Hope hadn't asked him first. He wasn't upset, but he didn't understand the reason for it.

Hope said that Steffy had been surprised, too, and Liam figured that Hope was trying to keep the family together. Hope recalled that she and Steffy had been close once, and Hope wanted it to be that way again. Hope relayed that Steffy had declined, but Hope wished Steffy would reconsider.

Though Liam was impressed with her efforts with Steffy and the family, he said not to count on it happening. The two prepared to leave for their flight, and taking one last look at the house, Hope remarked that the next time she returned, she'd be married to the greatest man she knew.

At the airport, Hope and Liam boarded the plane and smooched. The flight attendant, Kyle, mentioned that they were waiting for Hope's parents and Steffy. Brooke and Ridge arrived and wondered why they'd be expecting Steffy. Hope revealed that she'd asked Steffy to be in the wedding as a first step toward healing, but it had apparently been too soon for that. Brooke thought it had been a good gesture, but Ridge precariously asked what Steffy's response had been.

Steffy entered and said she'd declined, but after thinking about it, she'd decided that it beat remaining with the press in Los Angeles to answer questions about her ex-husband marrying her -- "Best friend?" Hope chimed in. Steffy stated that she'd learned that they never knew what the future would hold. Steffy said she also hadn't packed anything and wondered if her casual attire was suitable for the altar. Hope grinned and hugged Steffy, and everyone looked amazed.

They broke out the champagne for a toast to a new beginning, and Hope and Liam kissed. Ridge quickly stared at Steffy to gauge her reaction, and Brooke dubiously grinned.

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