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Monday, June 11, 2012

On the Forrester jet, Steffy thought of Bill's premonition that she should be there if something went wrong with the wedding. The restless Hope kissed Liam, and Ridge stared at Steffy with concern. Also restless, Steffy decided to set up public relations appointments in Italy. Brooke stated that it wasn't a business trip, but Steffy replied that it wasn't a vacation, either.

Liam decided to document the entire experience by taking videos and photos on the jet. Ridge researched olive trees that produced giant olives, and he imagined dropping them into giant martinis. Brooke, Liam, and Hope were enticed by that idea, but Steffy sat taciturnly in a corner of the jet.

As the ride continued, Brooke noticed that Ridge seemed worried. Ridge privately admitted that he was worried about whether Steffy was really able to handle the trip. Brooke observed that Steffy seemed positive, but said things could wind up being very painful for Steffy in the end.

Liam found Hope in the galley and suggested that they watch a movie. Hope contemplated talking to Steffy instead, but Liam advised his fiancée to take baby steps. Hope stated that Steffy seemed to want things to work, unlike Bill. Liam said Bill knew that his son wanted Hope, so they just needed to give him time. Hope agreed, citing that Steffy being on the plane meant that anything could happen.

Hope left to change, and Liam checked on Steffy. Steffy wasn't thrilled to be there, but she wasn't ready to skydive out of the plane, either. She guessed it would be weird for him to have her in the wedding party, but he thought it said a lot about Hope and Steffy for agreeing on it.

Aside later, Ridge quietly conversed with his daughter. Ridge suggested that after their landing, Steffy should take the jet to visit friends in other Italian cities. Steffy, however, thought it was important for her to be at the wedding. Ridge figured there were a lot better ways for Steffy to gain closure.

The rest of the travelers discussed the nightlife in Italy, and Hope hoped Steffy wouldn't get bored. Liam guessed Steffy wasn't going for the club scene, and Brooke asked him what he thought Steffy was actually going there for.

They were interrupted when Ridge announced that they'd soon land. Hope told Steffy that they might not see much of each other unless Steffy wanted to be more involved with the wedding. Steffy said she intended to keep a low profile until the ceremony. Hope expressed that it meant a lot to her that Steffy had joined them. Steffy replied that she was glad she'd been asked.

Though Steffy was unsure of how she'd feel at the altar, she sensed that it was right for her to be there, because she and Liam were still connected. Nodding, Hope added that they all were, and they'd all grown a lot. Hope cited that she'd conquered her reliance on the pills, and Ridge interjected that everyone was proud of her for that.

Hope asked them all to be proud of Steffy -- and Bill -- because a few months earlier, they would have tried to stop the wedding. Steffy promised no more games, because she just wanted to be there for the couple. Hope gasped, unable to believe that it was finally happening. Hope hugged Liam, and Steffy faked a smile as she looked away.

After the jet landed, Hope and Liam took a red Ferrari to a secluded resort called "La Masseria San Domenico." Francesco, the concierge, welcomed them, and they scampered off to change clothes and enjoy the property. Liam spoke some romantic phrases to Hope, and Steffy, who'd just arrived with Brooke and Ridge, grew emotional upon witnessing a kiss between Liam and Hope.

On Bill's flight, Bill was upset that the weather had grounded his plane for half the night. He was worried that he couldn't trust the warden, and it was his last chance to pull Liam out of the fire -- with the help of Hope's "Daddy Dearest." Alison reminded Bill of the risk of alienating Liam, but Bill insisted that a marriage to Hope would be disastrous for Liam. The pilot notified Bill that they were landing, and Bill instructed the pilot that they'd take right off again after picking up Deacon Sharpe.

At the prison, the warden informed Deacon that they were back on schedule. Deacon seemed troubled, and the warden said Deacon should be glad to be freed. Deacon, however, felt that he was exchanging a cell for leash.

Later, Bill barged into the warden's office and demanded Sharpe. The warden notified Bill that he couldn't check a prisoner out like a library book. The warden handed over Deacon's possessions, which included a passport, and then guessed Bill needed Deacon to do something unpleasant. Bill stated that he wouldn't need a convict if it were pleasant.

Bill and the warden went to Deacon's cell, where Bill told Deacon that if anything went wrong, Bill would claim that Deacon had tried to escape. The warden opened Deacon's cell and declared that Deacon was no longer an inmate at the facility. Bill claimed that when people cooperated, everyone won. "Not everyone," Deacon quipped and snatched his belongs away from Bill.

Outside, Deacon grinned a little as he breathed in the free air. Bill warned that Deacon wouldn't enjoy it for long if he screwed up. Bill announced that they were headed for Italy and Hope's wedding. Deacon called Bill a "heartless son of a bitch." Bill owned up to the latter part; however, he said if he was heartless, Deacon would still be rotting in his cell, and Bill wouldn't be doing anything for Liam.

Bill and Deacon arrived on the jet, and as Deacon surrendered his passport to Alison, he told her he'd need it back. Turning to Bill, Deacon said he'd need some money, too. Bill assured Deacon that he'd take care of Deacon as long as Deacon took care of Hope. Deacon wondered why Bill hated Hope. Bill claimed that he hated the marriage, not Hope, and he'd use Deacon to get Hope out of Liam's life.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

by Pam

In Puglia, Italy, Ridge and Brooke headed off to their room, and Steffy struggled with her emotions as she watched Hope and Liam kiss and hug. It seemed that everywhere she had gone at the resort; she had seen Liam and Hope canoodling.

Later, Liam and Hope sat in Liam's room. They admired the view and noticed that the room had some amazing architecture. Liam said that he felt like he was back in the 15th century. Hope said that she would be staying in his room in a few short days as his wife. Until then, she would stay in her own room. She said she couldn't wait to become Mrs. Liam Spencer.

Hope was excited about their plans to get married in the village. She thanked Liam for being patient and understanding through all of her troubles and her moves in and out of his home. Liam said that he knew how important her values were to her, and her beliefs were all part of the girl with whom he had fallen in love. Liam and Hope talked about the wedding, and Liam assured Hope that Ridge would pull through for her as a dad. They hugged.

On Bill's plane, Deacon grew tired of Bill's bullying. Bill said that he could turn the plane around and return Deacon to prison. Deacon doubted that Bill had that kind of power, but Bill picked up the phone, and Deacon backed off.

Alison said they'd be landing soon. She asked Deacon if he wanted anything to drink, and Deacon said that he no longer drank alcohol. Deacon pressured Bill about what Bill wanted Deacon to do in Italy. Bill said that Deacon was going to save Hope and Liam from a life of misery. Bill admitted that he did not want Hope in Liam's life. Bill warned Deacon not to let him down.

After the plane landed in Italy, Bill posted Deacon in a farmhouse a short distance from the resort hotel where the Forresters were gathered. Deacon wondered if he could see the hotel, and Bill told him to stay put. Deacon said he had traded one prison cell for another. Alison noted that the quaint farmhouse was hardly a prison cell.

Deacon grew impatient and asked Bill what exactly it was that Bill had in mind for Deacon to do. Deacon wanted to see his daughter. Bill told Deacon he would give the orders. Bill said that Hope was wrong for Liam. Bill said that he had been watching Hope for the past two years, and Deacon had not. Bill reminded Deacon that Deacon had a job to do, or he could rot in a prison cell back in Wisconsin.

At the resort, in a spacious suite, Brooke and Ridge kissed. Brooke said that she wanted to see the grounds, and Ridge became amorous. Brooke said they needed to take in the sights of the beautiful resort. Ridge reluctantly agreed. He picked up a book and read about the history of the region. He asked Brooke why she had selected Puglia for Hope's wedding.

Brooke said that she had chosen it for the privacy, beautiful countryside, quaint villages, friendly people and delicious food. Brooke and Ridge laughed that they had both started to sound like travel brochures. They marveled that they had both studied up on all the rich history.

Ridge added that Puglia was one of the most well-known regions in the world for olive groves. Ridge said that Puglia had more than 60 million olive trees. Ridge was on a mission to find the biggest olive possible. Brooke joked that he wanted to put it in the biggest martini possible.

Ridge and Brooke stopped with the documentary talk, and Brooke noted that it would be very romantic to get married there. Ridge wondered if Brooke was living vicariously through her daughter. Brooke laughed, and Ridge looked thoughtful.

Ridge changed the subject and said that he had to check on Steffy. Brooke said that it was very gracious of Steffy to join them for Hope's wedding. Brooke said that Ridge might want to give Steffy some space. Ridge noted that it was not easy for Steffy to be in Italy.

In another part of the hotel, Steffy was miserable. She walked onto the balcony outside her room, and she saw Hope and Liam kissing. She flashed back to times that she and Liam had spent together kissing passionately on the beach, cavorting in the water, climbing rocks, and making love.

Hope walked the grounds and met with one of the hotel staff. Steffy interrupted Hope and said that she couldn't stay because it was too painful for her. Hope begged Steffy to stay and enjoy the resort, but Steffy said she couldn't do it. Steffy said she was going to get a car, and take a commercial flight home. She wished Hope luck.

Steffy spotted a hotel car that had stopped. She knocked on the window and asked for a ride to the airport. The window went down, and Bill was inside. He told Steffy that she wasn't going anywhere.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

by Pam

In Puglia, Italy, Bill begged Steffy not to leave. Steffy said she never should have flown to Italy. She couldn't stand watching the Hope and Liam show. She added that they had been constantly kissing and touching each other on the plane and at the hotel since they had arrived in Puglia. Steffy lamented that she couldn't get away from them and never should have allowed Bill to persuade her that it was a good idea to join them in Italy.

Steffy said that she had become her mother, holding out for a man that she would never have and making herself miserable like a loser. Bill told her to stop throwing herself a pity party. Bill said she was not a loser.

Steffy guessed that Bill was holding out for some unforeseen disaster. Steffy reminded Bill that Hope and Liam would be married the next day. Bill said that he was there to support his son, but it was no secret that Hope had been known to go loony. He said that it could happen again.

Steffy said that Hope was not going to fall into another breakdown. Bill said that Liam might change his mind at the altar. If Liam could look into Steffy's eyes at the altar, he might change his mind. Bill said that Steffy should see the entire thing through. Steffy still wanted to leave, but Bill wondered how Steffy could possibly leave him alone with the Logans and Forresters. Bill asked if he had to beg her to stay, and Steffy softened. She teased that Bill Spencer didn't beg, and she agreed to stay.

In Liam's room, Liam kissed Hope, and they discussed how romantic Puglia was. Liam said that Brooke had truly planned a storybook wedding in the most romantic spot he could imagine. Hope said that Brooke had taken care of everything, and Hope was happy that she had nothing to do but enjoy time alone with Liam. Brooke and Ridge entered. They were searching for Steffy.

Hope said that Steffy had returned to Los Angeles. Ridge didn't think Steffy would have left without having said goodbye. Brooke said that it was just too painful for Steffy to watch Liam with Hope and that it was too soon. Liam noted that Hope had wanted the entire family to heal.

Brooke said that if Steffy couldn't support Liam and Hope, it was best for everyone that she did not attend the wedding. Conversation turned to Bill, and Hope confidently said that Bill would be supportive, but Ridge disagreed. Bill and Steffy entered.

Steffy said that she had reconsidered leaving Italy and wanted to be part of the bridal party if the offer was still available. Steffy stared at Liam when she spoke, and Liam and Hope said they were glad she had reconsidered. Brooke giggled and said that Hope's wedding would be everything Hope had ever wanted. Bill added that it could be even more. Ridge agreed to walk Hope down the aisle, but Hope gave him an out.

Hope said that she knew he didn't support her marriage. Ridge said that he did support it and that he loved her. Steffy chimed in that Ridge was there for Hope. Brooke pointed out that Ridge had been a father to Hope her entire life. Hope was sweet, but she said she was happy that he had promised to attend the wedding, and he didn't need to walk her down the aisle. Ridge said that he wanted to walk her down the aisle, but Hope said it was unnecessary.

Liam and Hope left followed by Bill and Steffy. Later when Brooke and Ridge were alone, Brooke apologized for Hope's remark. Ridge said he knew that Hope didn't mean to hurt him. He added that Hope should have her wedding exactly the way she wanted it. He acknowledged that he had refused to design her wedding dress, and he knew how much that had hurt her. He said that it didn't matter.

At the farmhouse in Italy, Deacon told Alison that he was enjoying the view. Alison noticed that he was flirting with her. Deacon teased that it was much nicer than the view he had in prison. Deacon wondered if Alison knew Hope and disliked her. Alison pointed out that Bill was her boss, and she did what he told her to do.

Deacon quizzed Alison about Liam and Hope. Alison said that Hope was very sweet and smart but had problems. Alison added that Liam was a wonderful young man and very much in love with Hope. Alison said that neither of them was going to call off the wedding. They had waited a long time to be together.

Deacon said that he had looked up all the information he could find about Hope. He had discovered that she was a very impressive young woman who had values. He was glad that he had stayed out of her life. He regretted that he had to meet her under circumstances that were going to break her heart. Deacon explained that he had made the deal to get out of prison because prison was hell. He wouldn't wish it on anyone including Bill Spencer.

Deacon complained that Bill seemed to hate Hope. Suddenly Bill called Deacon. Bill said that Hope would be alone the next morning before she left for the church. Bill expected Deacon to visit Hope before she left. Bill said that Deacon needed to complete his assignment or land back in prison. Deacon unwillingly agreed that he would do what Bill had asked because he never wanted to return to prison.

Outside at the resort, Liam wondered if Hope was sure about her refusal to have Ridge walk her down the aisle. Hope told Liam that she knew Ridge couldn't truly support their marriage because of Steffy. Hope added that Ridge wasn't her real father. Liam said that he didn't want Hope to regret her decision. Hope said that it was fine. Ridge had been a wonderful father, but she didn't feel that he truly supported them. Liam and Hope discussed how excited they were to get married, and they kissed and hugged.

Steffy and Bill watched Hope and Liam from a secluded spot. Bill advised Steffy to remain strong. Steffy glared at Bill and said that neither Liam nor Hope appeared to be ready to back out before or during the wedding. Steffy tearfully walked away. Bill watched Liam and Hope with disdain.

In an olive grove, Brooke teased Ridge about looking for the big olive he had wanted. She told him that she thought she had found it. Ridge was curious, and Brooke said that she saw nothing. She had only been teasing him. They laughed and kissed.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Ridge's office, Eric made martinis for a toast to the bride and the groom. Stephanie reluctantly toasted, but expressed worry about Steffy. Stephanie figured that Ridge and Brooke would be too busy with "nooky" to look after their granddaughter. Eric agreed and said they should have gone for the nooky, too. Stephanie jokingly raged that they should have insisted upon it, but then chuckling, the couple figured they were better off with the peacefulness of Los Angeles.

Eric hoped that Brooke and Ridge could reconnect while in Italy, and he and Stephanie tried to remember if Brooke and Ridge were legally married anymore. Stephanie concluded that the couple wasn't married; however, Brooke and Ridge were very committed, and Brooke made Ridge really happy. Eric was shocked Stephanie had said that. "Well, don't repeat it!" Stephanie responded.

On the roof of her hotel, Steffy recalled the first interview she'd done with Liam and the bathtub rescue. Steffy continued to have flashbacks of times she'd spent with him. Stephanie called to check on Steffy, who admitted that the trip was difficult. Steffy joked that she'd contemplated jumping off the hotel roof. Stephanie said Steffy should return home, but Steffy vowed to stick it out until the end. Stephanie advised Steffy to keep a stiff upper lip. On the Italian farm, Bill arrived at his hideaway for Deacon, but still wouldn't give Deacon the details of the plan. Deacon grew restless from being locked in the house, and Bill suggested they try the cellar. Bill informed Alison that he'd convinced Steffy to stay in town, and Alison apprised Bill that Katie's sonogram appointment had gone well.

Deacon wished Bill's new child would be a girl, so Bill could know what Deacon felt like. Bill claimed he'd never be a father like Deacon, and Deacon taunted Bill for enjoying playing God. Bill called Deacon a punk; however, Deacon asserted that he was anything but that.

In the streets of Puglia, Liam and Hope kissed and explored the city together. They searched for the grand staircase of Polignano, where Brooke had booked their wedding. The couple walked the narrow streets, exploring the village and stealing kisses. They reached a terrace overlooking the water, and following the Italian "Lovers' Lock" tradition, Liam chained to the terrace railing a lock with their names on it. As the lock settled upon a stack of similar locks, Liam tossed its key into the water. To their surprise, a young person dived into the water after it, and the couple kissed.

Later, the two found the statue of Domenico Modugno, and as Liam talked about it, Hope spotted the staircase they'd been searching for. At the top of the staircase, the beautiful sea seemed to stretch out forever. Hope proclaimed that it was the perfect place to get married. She jumped into Liam's arms, he swung her around, and they kissed.

Hand-in-hand with Ridge in an olive grove, Brooke claimed she was up for an adventure, but she'd never known about Ridge's giant olive obsession. Ridge asserted that he was obsessed with more than that when it had to do with her. Citing that there were 60 million olive trees in the city, he figured that he and Brooke had their work cut out for them. After a while, the worn-out Brooke suggested that they go to the pool. Ridge, however, insisted that they persist until they found the perfect olive.

Later, Ridge decided to play a game of hide and seek around a gigantic olive tree. While Brooke counted, he climbed the trees. "Mama Loves Mamba" played as Brooke chased Ridge from tree to tree. She grew winded and dizzy, and he finally appeared at the base of a knotted tree. Brooke cuddled with Ridge, and disappointed, Ridge figured that there were no giant olives to be found.

Ridge looked up knowingly, and Brooke's gaze followed his. She spotted a giant olive in the tree and hopped up to retrieve it. Inside the olive, she found a halo ring with an enormous black diamond center. Ridge asked her to marry him one more time. "I forgot we weren't married!" she gasped. Ridge promised to live his life for her, whether their days were "green or black -- or the pits." With a giggle, she agreed to marry him, and they kissed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

At the Italian farm hideout, Bill, who'd seen Brooke and Ridge head to the olive grove earlier, warned Deacon to keep a low profile. As Alison and Bill strategized, Deacon joked that they could synchronize their watches. Bill said Deacon wouldn't be laughing for long, but Deacon retorted that there was nothing funny about the scheme to mess his kid up.

Deacon wondered if anyone ever said "no" Bill. "Nope," Alison chimed in. Deacon figured that Bill wouldn't need Deacon if Liam had listened to his father. Bill revealed that Liam was just like his father, but Hope had snowed him -- just as Brooke had done to Deacon. "Just like her daddy," Deacon proudly corrected. Bill ordered Deacon to stay focused, because Bill didn't want any snags the next day.

Atop the grand staircase, Liam agreed with Hope that it was a great wedding location. He tried to kiss her, but she said the next time they kissed there, they'd be husband and wife. As the pair scampered off to meet Father Fontana at his church, Liam gave Hope a history lesson about architecture and tax evasion in the village they traveled through.

Father Fontana greeted the couple outside his church, and Liam recalled that the priest was a long-time friend of Hope's family. Fontana cited that he'd met Hope's parents on one of their trips to Venice. Hope fell in love with Fontana's church and asked Liam if they could throw the wedding there instead of on the grand staircase. Liam hesitated, but gave in to Hope's gleefulness. Fontana said it was meant to be, and Brooke would understand the change in plan.

Alone later, Hope asked Liam if he were sure about the change. He said it was fine, as long as she didn't change her mind about him. Hope said she'd try not to stand him up. Liam joked that it would be romantic to tell people that they got married at "blah-blah Bello," and the couple kissed.

The song Moonflower played along to a montage of Hope and Liam's city exploration. At the end, Bill wandered onto a street and snarled upon seeing Liam and Hope kissing on a rooftop.

In the olive grove, Brooke giggled about Ridge's fake giant olive surprise. He stroked her hair and wondered if they could handle another marriage. She reflected that marrying each other seemed to be a hard habit for them to break. Ridge replied that he kind of liked it, and the two kissed.

Later, back at the hotel, Steffy arrived in Ridge's room and saw Brooke there alone. Brooke said Ridge had just gone to find Steffy. Steffy noticed Brooke's ring, and Brooke apologetically explained that Ridge had proposed earlier in the grove. Brooke figured he'd wanted to tell Steffy himself, and Steffy noted that Italy was the most romantic place in the world for everyone -- but her.

Brooke conveyed that no one wished to make things hard for Steffy. Nodding, Steffy said that knowing why Liam loved Hope didn't make things hurt less. The empathetic Brooke said that Steffy wasn't alone because she had her family, and Brooke and Hope wanted to be Steffy's friends.

Steffy cited that Brooke was on her way back to being Steffy's stepmother. Brooke noted that they hadn't been very successful with their relationship, but they'd once been close. Brooke didn't think that Steffy needed a second mother; however, Brooke sensed that Steffy might need someone to talk to. Steffy claimed that the person she wanted to talk to was busy at the time.

Brooke said Steffy could still be in Liam's life, and Liam, Hope, and Steffy could be friends, if Steffy showed that she wasn't a stress on the new marriage. Steffy asked if Brooke really wanted Steffy to remain in Italy. Brooke admitted that she'd had her doubts, but Steffy had exhibited courage and restraint. In Brooke's view, Steffy had an incredible opportunity to end the tension and conflict, and Brooke advised Steffy to go to the wedding and do what she'd traveled there to do.

Steffy left, and Brooke gazed at her ring and grinned. She flashed back to the first time Ridge had proposed to her, and she'd fished the engagement ring out of her champagne glass. Ridge entered, and Brooke told him that his daughter had been there in search of him. She explained that Steffy had seen the ring and was sad to be in the romantic country.

Ridge assumed that Steffy had returned to her room to pack, but Brooke didn't think so. Brooke thought that it was better for Steffy to confront the wedding head-on than to go home and let the cycle begin again. Brooke didn't blame Steffy for her reluctance, because Brooke didn't think she could bear to watch Ridge marry another woman. Ridge suggested that they lock up all the horses just in case, but she playfully warned him not to tempt the fate of the wedding celebration.

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