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Monday, June 18, 2012

In Italy, on the morning of the wedding, Liam video-phoned Hope. Worried that he'd see her makeup, Hope covered her lens and apologized for taking over his room during her preparations. Liam chuckled that she'd have it for the rest of his life, and she said she'd see him at the church.

After the call, Bill approached and implored Liam to regain his senses. Liam said it was time Bill started acting like a best man, but Bill asked what would happen if Hope let Liam down again. Liam wondered what could go wrong that day. Bill noted that the ceremony had been moved to Alberobello. Liam was ready to go there, but Bill decided to meet Liam later, after Bill had checked on something.

Bill went to his hideout, and Alison guessed he hadn't had luck changing Liam's mind. Deacon ribbed Bill for his lack of remorse about the plan, and Bill threatened to put Deacon back in jail if he didn't stop mouthing off. Bill said it was time for Deacon to get moving, and he'd better not screw it up.

Later, Bill dressed for the ceremony. Alison said that he looked dapper, and no one would ever suspect him. Bill hoped not, because it was his last chance to save his son.

In Ridge's room, Steffy searched for her father and was overcome by memories of her wedding to Liam. Ridge entered and hugged her. He said that she didn't have go through with things, and she tearfully claimed that she'd rather be anywhere else that day.

Later, Ridge found Liam at the resort's outdoor café. Ridge explained that he had two daughters that would be affected that day, and he wanted to make absolutely sure Liam was certain in his choice. Liam stated that it had been hard to let Steffy go, but he was committed to his future with Hope. Ridge wondered where Bill was, and Liam dubiously replied that Bill had claimed he needed to do something.

In Liam's room, Hope met with Brooke, who was surprised by Hope's decisions to change the wedding location. Hope beamed about how beautiful Fontana's church was, and Brooke said they could arrange it. Brooke urged Hope to get dressed before Ridge arrived. Hope grinned as she stared at a framed picture of the Logan family that her aunts had given her.

Steffy arrived, and Hope assumed Steffy had heard about the last-minute venue change. As Hope nervously babbled about it, Steffy interrupted to say that she'd changed her mind again about attending the wedding. Steffy didn't want to be "that girl," crying behind Hope and wishing things were different. Steffy claimed it should be about Hope and Liam's joy, and no one should detract from it.

Steffy left and later encountered Liam outside. She asked if he were supposed to be at a church, getting married. Liam asked if she were supposed to be at a church, objecting. Steffy replied that she would be, if she'd thought it would do her any good.

Steffy explained that she'd changed her mind about attending the wedding. She grew emotional as she explained that Hope had understood, and Hope had a heart the size of Puglia. Steffy told him to be happy, because that was all she wanted for him. Liam stammered and then decided that it was time for him to go. He turned and awkwardly walked off.

Back in Liam's room, Brooke gasped when she saw Hope appear in her white, strapless wedding gown. Ridge arrived. He said he'd heard they'd had a change in venue, and he wondered if Hope had changed her mind about anything else. He remarked that it was a father's dream to walk his daughter down the aisle. When Hope was silent, Ridge said that it was okay, and he'd always love her.

Hope asked for a few moments alone, and she assured her parents that she'd get to the church on time. As Ridge kissed Hope's forehead, Brooke said that all she ever wanted was for Hope to be with a man who truly loved her, and Liam was that man.

Ridge and Brooke went to the church and met Father Fontana outside. Fontana said he'd been impressed by Hope and Liam. Bill approached and didn't seem impressed by Hope's choice of churches. Fontana was disillusioned, but Liam arrived and said Bill was on board with the bride's decisions.

Ridge and Liam informed Bill that Steffy wouldn't be attending, and then Liam wondered where the bride was. Brooke said not to worry; Hope had just wanted a moment alone.

Back at the hotel, Hope received a knock on her door. She opened it and was stunned to see Deacon on her doorstep. Deacon was humbled by his daughter's beauty, and Hope was dumbfounded as she let him into the room. Hope gasped because she hadn't seen him since she'd been a very little. Deacon said that he'd had to be there on her wedding day, which he'd learned about by keeping track of her through the years. "Really?" Hope said and welled with tears.

Hope stammered because she was full of questions. Deacon promised to answer them, as long as she didn't tell him to get lost. Sobbing, Hope told Deacon that he had no idea how much she'd wanted and needed to have him there that day. "Dad!" she exclaimed and hugged him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

by Pam

In Hope's suite, Hope and Deacon happily stared at one another and embraced. Hope emotionally said, "Dad!"

Hope told Deacon how much she had wanted to see him and how happy she was that he had shown up for her wedding day. While they embraced, Deacon eyed her cell phone on a table.

Deacon explained that he had wanted to see her many times over the years, but he was a selfish jerk and not a standup guy. He explained that Brooke had warned him to stay away. Hope said that she had learned how to cope with selfish jerks over the years.

When Hope turned to get a tissue, Deacon stole her phone. Hope said that she wished her mother had allowed them to meet. Hope was so happy to see Deacon, she asked him to walk her down the aisle. Deacon said that he couldn't walk her down the aisle because her family would freak out. Deacon added that he was an ex-con, and it wouldn't be the best thing for her.

Hope paused and said, "You've been in jail?" Deacon acknowledged that he had been living in Genoa City, where he had run into trouble. Hope tried to be understanding, and she noted the trouble was obviously behind him. Deacon said that he had been released earlier than expected. Hope said that it was meant to be.

Deacon said that he wanted to be at Hope's wedding. Hope said that she had to leave because she was going to be late. Deacon stalled and said he wanted just a few more minutes with her. She said she would call her family, but her phone was gone.

Deacon reached out and told Hope that he had thought about her many times. Hope emotionally shared that birthdays were the worst for her. She said that every year, she had hoped he would contact her or send a card, but after a while, she had given up. Deacon told Hope that he had never wanted to cause her any pain.

Deacon apologized and said that Brooke had kept them apart, but that Brooke had been right about him. He warned that no one could ever trust him. Deacon added that Brooke had gotten a restraining order against him to keep him away. Hope said that she wished she had gotten to know him. She said that Deacon seemed to be hiding something,

Deacon said that he had expected Hope to hate him or yell at him or punch him. Hope said that she could never hate him. She understood that Brooke had kept him out of her life. She added that she knew Deacon would never hurt her.

Deacon said that she was sweet and wonderful and that Brooke and Ridge had done a wonderful job as parents. Hope noted that Ridge had tried to be her dad, but he had his own daughter, and he couldn't support her marriage the way she wanted her own father to support it.

Hope said that she had to leave. Before she walked out the door, Deacon said that the guy she was marrying had to have been a pretty terrific guy. He said that he was happy for both of them. "Go get married," he said.

Hope made Deacon promise that he would be there to see her after the wedding. Deacon said that he was back in her life. They embraced, and Hope thanked him. She happily ran out the door. Deacon sat down on the bed, and he looked guilty and drained.

At another spot at the resort, Steffy sat moping alone. She flashed back to the time that she and Liam had kissed in Aspen, and she recalled how Liam had ripped up the annulment papers and thrown them in the stream. Then she remembered how they had talked at his house the night their divorce had become final. She recalled that she had told Liam that she knew he would not disappoint Hope, and she had removed her rings and handed them to Liam.

At the church in Puglia, Liam wondered what was taking Hope so long, and Ridge said that he would have waited for her, but she didn't want him to wait. Brooke said that Hope was probably just taking a few extra minutes. Liam was growing impatient. Bill looked satisfied.

Brooke and Ridge made small talk about how Father Fontana had been a family friend for years and had visited them in Los Angeles when Hope was a freshman in high school. Ridge became melancholy and wondered if Hope would ever call him Dad again. Brooke said that Ridge had been Hope's father throughout her life. Ridge said that he wished that he could have walked Hope down the aisle, but he was sure she would be walking down the aisle alone. Liam suggested that Ridge ask her again, but Ridge said that he had asked Hope several times about walking her down the aisle.

Bill got away from the crowd and called Alison. Bill asked what was going on with Deacon. Alison said that the plan was on schedule. Deacon knew to call when Hope left the hotel. Bill told Alison to get rid of the limo driver -- to bribe him with whatever it took to get him to leave Hope behind at the resort.

Alison called the limo driver and offered him the bribe. The limo driver was surprised at the generous amount of money he had been offered. He sped away from the hotel, and Hope saw the limo drive off. She ran onto the road and yelled at the driver to return because it was her wedding day.

In Los Angeles at Spencer Publications, Marcus told Dayzee that he was concerned about Hope because he had overheard his father and Bill talking about sabotaging Hope's wedding. Dayzee wondered why Bill and Justin would want to hurt Hope. Marcus said that he had asked his father about it, but Justin had told him to forget all about anything he thought he had overheard. Dayzee told Marcus that he had to tell someone.

Katie entered and asked what Bill was trying to do that would hurt Hope. Marcus stuttered that he wasn't sure what he had overheard, but Katie said that if he had heard Bill and Justin mention anything about sabotaging Hope's wedding, Katie wanted to know everything immediately.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

by Pam

After the limo driver sped away from the hotel because Bill had paid him off, Hope saw a gardener with a pickup truck. Hope persuaded the gardener to give her a ride to the church, and she jumped in the back with the gardening supplies.

In Hope's suite, Deacon sat looking depressed. Alison entered and told Deacon that he had done well. Deacon lamented that he was a horrible father for what he had done to prevent his daughter from getting to her wedding on time. Alison showed no remorse. She told Deacon to get over it.

Alison called Bill and told him that Hope had found another way to the church. Bill commanded Alison to prevent Hope from getting to the church. Alison agreed and told Deacon to return to the farmhouse to wait for her. Alison made a few calls, and then picked up a piece of paper and wrote a note. She attached it to the mirror in Hope's suite.

The truck with Hope in the back cruised along the countryside and into the village, but villagers, presumably paid by Bill, set up a construction roadblock. Hope got out of the pickup truck and ran toward the church.

At the church, Liam and Brooke continued to call Hope, but her phone went directly into voicemail. Liam worried that something had happened to Hope. Ridge and Brooke continued to say that she would be there any minute. Liam frantically said that he couldn't wait any longer. He left the church, ran out the door and ran into Bill. Liam told his father that he was going to look for Hope.

Bill called Steffy at the resort hotel and told Steffy that Hope had never showed up for the wedding. Steffy was in disbelief. Bill told Steffy to look for Liam in Hope's suite. From a courtyard outside, Steffy watched Liam pull into the parking lot of the resort and run to Hope's suite.

At the church, Hope showed up -- she had run to the church from the village. Brooke and Ridge wondered what had happened to her. Hope told them that Deacon had visited her right before she left for the church. She told them that she had been very happy to see her father on her wedding day. Then she explained that the limo driver left her stranded at the hotel, so she had gotten the gardener to drive her to the village, but construction in the village had closed the road so she had to run the rest of the way.

Hope happily claimed she didn't care -- she just wanted to get married. Brooke told Hope to stay away from Deacon because he was dangerous. Hope said she didn't want to discuss it. She just wanted to get married. Brooke and Ridge explained that Liam had grown impatient waiting for her. He had left to find her.

In Hope's suite, Liam picked up a note that said, "I love you, but I can't do this. I'm sorry." Liam was devastated. He recalled all the loving moments that he and Hope had spent together during their days in Puglia. Suddenly he became furious. He threw the note and then picked up Hope's notebook and left her a video message asking how she could possibly dump him again.

Liam angrily threw the notebook across the room. He remembered when Hope had broken up with him the first time. He flashed back to how he had found her engagement ring on his mantel and his phone conversation with her when she'd said goodbye. Liam was emotional.

Steffy entered, and Liam told her that Hope had dumped him again, and she had done it right before their wedding. Liam claimed that his father had been right all along about Hope. Liam was furious. Steffy said that she couldn't believe that Hope would miss her wedding. Liam and Steffy embraced.

In Los Angeles, at Spencer Publications, Katie grilled Marcus about what he'd overheard between Bill and Justin. Marcus tried to backpedal and say that he wasn't sure what he had heard his father and Bill discuss. Katie noted that Marcus had told Dayzee something about Bill and Justin using the word sabotage in regard to Hope's wedding. Marcus said that he wasn't really sure what he had heard.

Marcus said that he didn't think Bill and Justin would do anything to hurt Hope, but Katie was unsure. She called Bill and reminded him that he had promised not to interfere in Hope's wedding, honeymoon, or marriage. Bill agreed and said that he loved her. Katie asked where he was, and he said that he was waiting for Hope and the wedding to begin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie poured tea for Taylor, her overnight guest. Stephanie wanted to call Steffy to check on her, but Taylor believed Steffy would call if she needed them. Taylor was worried, but thought it was graceful of Steffy to have gone to Italy to stand up for Hope. Stephanie, however, said Hope had been wrong to ask, and Steffy had been foolish to accept.

Thomas called Taylor to find out why she was out so late returning home and to say that Steffy hadn't contacted the house. After the call, Taylor figured the wedding might be exactly what Steffy needed to see, so that she wouldn't fall into the endless cycle of wondering when a man would return to her. Taylor wondered how many years she'd waited for Ridge. Shaking her head, Taylor thought the wedding might be the thing to make Steffy let the dream go.

Stephanie claimed that the Logan girls were always forgiven for everything. "Oh, well!" Taylor helplessly exclaimed. Stephanie wished that Taylor and her kids could have wound up on top. Taylor wished that, too, but figured that Liam and Hope were already married at that point.

In Liam's hotel room, Steffy tried to figure out what had happened to Hope. Liam presented the note, which said, "I love you, but I can't do this. Goodbye." Liam became emotionally distraught, and Steffy hugged him. Bill called Liam, who explained that Hope had walked out on him. Bill asked if Liam were alone, and Liam said he was with Steffy. Liam claimed that Bill had been right. With urgency, Bill instructed Liam to grab Steffy and to go the airport, because they all were leaving.

After the call, Liam said they were getting out of there. He started packing, but Steffy noted that he hadn't even spoken to Hope. Liam brooded, saying that Hope was the one who'd left him. Steffy suggested that something had happened; Hope could have taken a pill or had a panic attack. Liam hoped not, but he figured that his father had been right. Liam stared knowingly at Steffy and stated that Bill had been right all along.

Liam said Bill was waiting for him at the airport, and Liam asked Steffy to go with him. Steffy asked if he were sure, and he claimed that he was, because he was done. Steffy reasoned that he was just upset. Liam, however, asserted that he couldn't do it anymore -- the lying, the pills, and the moving in and moving out. He figured that Hope had problems that he couldn't fix. He hoped that Hope would get help, and he was sorry for what he'd done to Steffy. "You don't see me complaining," she replied.

Liam took Steffy's hand, and they heard wedding bells. Laughing, she said she'd set the phone bells to chime again. The bells were supposed to signify that Hope and Liam were married, and Steffy and Liam had ended. He claimed it wasn't over for them. Saying that it was just beginning, he kissed her.

Outside the church, the disheveled bride told her parents that she'd been with Deacon. Instantly upset, Brooke figured that he'd wanted money or something, and she warned her daughter to stay away from him. Hope, however, didn't believe Deacon had meant her harm, because he wouldn't even walk her down the aisle for Brooke's sake.

Bill walked off to make a quick phone call and returned as Ridge said they needed to find Liam. Hope wanted to call Liam, but Bill claimed to have Liam's phone in his pocket. Hope decided to call the hotel to look for Liam, but Ridge wondered if Liam was even at the hotel. Bill advised everyone to stay put, but Hope decided that she couldn't just stand around and not look for her groom. Ridge and Brooke followed Hope, and Bill claimed he'd stay at the church in case Liam showed back up.

As Hope and her family raced back to the hotel, Bill traveled to the airport and told his pilot to expect Liam and Steffy. Bill said only two people would travel, because he still had business to take care of in Italy. Bill instructed the pilot to take Liam and Steffy to Bodrum, Turkey, where Bill had a gullet waiting for them. Bill claimed that Steffy and Liam would be incommunicado for a week.

Later, the wedding party arrived at the hotel. In her room, Brooke flashed back to her tumulus past with Deacon. Ridge entered and said they needed to find out if Deacon was somewhere at their hotel. Brooke called Deacon's presence a nightmare. Ridge said it was a well-orchestrated plan, and he had to wonder if Bill had something to do with it.

At Liam's door, Hope knocked, and an upset Liam answered. Hope strode in full of apologies and excitement, and she gushed that he wouldn't believe what had happened. Wearing an untucked shirt with no tie or jacket, Liam asked why Hope was in her wedding dress. She laughed and said it was their wedding day. Liam claimed that Hope had walked out on him, and he handed her the note to prove it. Hope read it, but stated that she hadn't written it.

Hope guessed that the note hadn't even been meant for Liam. Liam looked confused, and Hope figured that Deacon had left it for her. "Your dad?" Liam incredulously replied. Hope said she hadn't believed it either, but Deacon had been there for her wedding day. She swore she'd never stand Liam up, and she was sorry for what he'd gone through while thinking she'd left him. Hugging him, Hope assured him that nothing had changed, and they were getting married as planned.

Friday, June 22, 2012

At the hotel, Brooke was relieved after she didn't find any record of Deacon at the hotel. Ridge couldn't locate Steffy, but Brooke figured Steffy was relaxing in the spa to forget the wedding. Brooke wondered why Deacon had chosen to see Hope that day of all days. Ridge suspected Bill's hand in it, but Brooke reasoned that Deacon could have located Hope, who was a public figure, on his own. Ridge figured Hope was just romanticizing Deacon, and she'd get over it, because Deacon had nothing to offer.

On the tarmac, Alison arrived on the jet, and Bill wondered where Deacon was. She said Deacon was at the farmhouse with no money or passport. Figuring he didn't need Deacon anymore anyway, Bill stated that Steffy and Liam would soon be flying out of there. Bill wondered where the pair could be, and Alison received a text message from the limo driver that Liam and Hope were together.

Alison doubted that could be good. Grimacing, Bill forced himself not to jump to conclusions. She wondered what it had been like for him to discover that he had a grown son. Bill asserted that she was getting too personal, but she figured that he'd had to have loved Liam instantly. Bill admitted that he hadn't wanted anything to do with his son at first.

Changing the subject, Bill ordered Alison to figure out where Steffy was. As Alison contacted the driver, she predicted that Liam and Steffy wouldn't arrive at the jet. Bill griped that Alison was giving in too easily after all they'd done. Alison claimed she was just being realistic, but Bill contended that they had no idea what Hope had walked in on at the hotel.

Alison expressed worry that Bill had overplayed his hand and lost control. Bill claimed that he never lost control, but she repeated that he had, because he'd gone beyond what any reasonable father would do to protect his son. She insisted that Bill couldn't live Liam's life for him, but Bill claimed that he was only pointing his son in the right direction.

Bill complained that Hope had ten different personalities, and Alison quipped that Bill hadn't liked any of them. Bill argued that Hope didn't know whether she was "coming or going;" she'd exploited her relationship in her campaign, moved in and out of the house, and had gotten hooked on pharmaceuticals. Bill felt that a blind man could see that Steffy was better for Liam, but Liam couldn't.

Bill left the jet and returned to the resort. He was standing outside when Ridge approached to ask if Bill had seen Deacon Sharpe. Bill asked what Deacon looked like, but Ridge asked how Deacon, a man who hadn't had any contact with Hope in years, had suddenly shown up on Hope's wedding day.

In Liam's room, the bed behind Liam and Hope appeared disheveled as Hope hugged the stunned Liam. She explained that Father Fontana was still on standby to marry them, but Liam guiltily replied that he'd actually believed that she'd left him for good. Hope apologized for all the confusion. She beamed that her father had visited her, making it the best day of her life.

Hope told Liam to put his suit back on while she freshened up. As she headed out the door, he told her to wait. She wondered what could be wrong, and she apologized to him for being delayed by her father. Liam claimed that Hope had done nothing wrong, and she said she'd lost all track of time, because she hadn't seen her father since she'd been a toddler. Liam was happy that she'd helped him find his father, and she'd just found hers.

Liam stated that a lot had happened, and Hope said things that she'd never thought possible had happened. "Me either," he mumbled. Hope wished Liam could have been there when she'd connected with her father. She explained that her phone had disappeared, and the limo had left her, so she'd hopped into an ape truck. She said the driver had taken her as far as a roadblock, but then she'd had to run the rest of the way to the church.

Liam told Hope that he'd been worried, and he'd returned to the hotel and found the note. Hope was still reeling about her meeting with her father, but then said the day was about her and Liam, not Deacon. Liam stated that he didn't think he could do it; he didn't think he could go back up to that church. "Not now. I can't do it," he tearfully said.

Hope was fine with not returning to the church. She didn't care where they got married. Liam stammered that he'd thought she'd left him for good, and he hadn't known that the note hadn't been from her. Hope claimed that it was okay, but he replied that it wasn't. Liam sighed, saying that he hadn't even known what he'd been thinking once he'd thought Hope had left him. He claimed that he hadn't known if she no longer loved him, or if she'd been on pills.

Hope assured Liam that neither thing would ever happen. She said all was fine, because he'd figured out the truth. Liam, however, responded that it wasn't fine. He said he didn't know how to tell her something, because he didn't want to hurt her; however, everything had changed.

Hope agreed that things had changed, and she added that they might not have been meant to have that church wedding. She decided that they could move the wedding back to the original location, and she beamed that it would be amazing. "Right now?" Liam asked. Hope figured that they had to freshen up first. She exclaimed that they were getting married that day, and she loved him very much.

Hope kissed Liam and left. He looked at his bathroom door, and Steffy sadly strode into the room. Steffy was crying, and Liam appeared to look torn.

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