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Monday, June 25, 2012

At the Puglia farmhouse, Deacon beamed to Alison about his meeting with his daughter. He'd been amazed by Hope's beauty and desire to see him despite his absence in her life. Deacon couldn't believe that Hope had acted as if it had been the greatest thing in the world to see him. Alison called Hope exceptional, but Deacon guessed Hope wasn't exceptional enough for Bill.

Alison said Bill was complicated, and Deacon guessed Bill had gotten under her skin. Alison insisted that Bill was just her boss, and then she added that Bill's plan had failed. Deacon chuckled that he'd blown it and was going back to jail. Alison said he wouldn't be if she could help it, and she had a soft spot for bad boys. Closing the gap between them, Deacon claimed to be "as bad as they come."

Deacon remarked that Bill ought to appreciate Alison. Speaking Italian, Deacon uttered that she was a very beautiful woman. Alison replied that she'd help him if she could, but he shouldn't try to use her. Deacon stroked her face and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Outside the resort, Ridge pressed Bill about Deacon "coincidentally" being in Italy at the time of the wedding. Bill figured that it hadn't been a coincidence; however, he pretended to have no idea how Deacon had known about the event. Bill grinned innocently, but Ridge continued to look skeptical of Bill.

A chipper Hope interrupted the conversation as she skipped up to tell Ridge and Bill about the new wedding plans and to ask where her mother was. Ridge said Brooke was in her room. Claiming she hadn't the time to explain the craziness that had happened, Hope scampered off in search of Brooke.

In Liam's room, Steffy was crying as she stated that Hope hadn't written the letter, and Hope would never leave him. Liam stammered for a reply, but Steffy told him to get ready for his wedding. She said he needed to put a smile on his face and make it a day he and Hope wouldn't forget. Steffy asked him not to think of her, or what had happened, because he knew what he needed to do.

Liam uttered that Steffy knew he loved her, and she agreed that she did. Steffy prepared to leave, but he pulled her in for a kiss. She painfully kissed him, and then she left the room in tears.

Steffy reached an outside patio, and as she rounded the corner to head down a staircase, she collided with Bill. "How dare you!" she screamed, striking out at him. Bill wrestled her arms back to her sides, and she accused him of setting up everything with Deacon. Bill claimed that he'd done it for her. Steffy lashed out at him again, shoving his shoulder and berating him for torturing Hope and manipulating Liam.

Bill said he'd given Steffy and Liam a chance, and they should have gotten on the plane. Steffy seethed that she hadn't wanted to get Liam through trickery. Steffy asked if he wanted to know what had happened when she'd been alone with Liam, and to Bill's silence, she replied that she'd told Liam to marry Hope. "You're a damn bully, and I will not be a part of this!" Steffy exclaimed.

Steffy claimed that she'd had Liam, but Bill had messed everything up. She ordered Bill to accept Hope into his "stupid family," because Steffy had. In a mess of tears, Steffy hustled down the stairs.

In Brooke's room, Hope had put on a robe, and Brooke was pinning up Hope's hair as Hope filled Brooke in on her confusion about "Deacon's" goodbye note. Brooke wondered if they could be sure that Deacon was gone. "For now anyway," Hope responded. Brooke believed Deacon was trouble; however, Hope didn't want to discuss it, because she was determined to not be late for the wedding again.

After a hug with her daughter, Brooke left for a moment, and Hope re-dressed. Ridge arrived and said that even after riding in the truck and trekking up hills, Hope looked fabulous. The returning Brooke leaned in the doorway, and Ridge figured he'd ask once more if he could walk Hope down the aisle.

Hope wondered if he really wanted to after all that had happened, and Hope was still worried about Steffy's feelings. Ridge said he had been, too, but Steffy had seen -- as they all had -- how much Hope loved Liam. Hope agreed to it, and Brooke grinned as Hope and Ridge hugged.

Brooke left to pay Liam a visit in his room, where Liam claimed he was good to go, despite being freaked out earlier by Hope's lateness. Brooke mentioned how supportive Steffy had been, and Liam replied that he hadn't imagined Steffy would have been as supportive as she had been. Sure that Steffy wanted Hope and Liam's happiness, Brooke hugged Liam and welcomed him to her family.

Back in Hope's room, Hope opened her door to exit, but Bill was standing on her doorstep. He promised not to keep her long, and she let him into the room. Bill acknowledged that Hope and Liam had been through a lot, and Bill hadn't been supportive. He used his love for his son as his only defense, but he wanted the day to be special for them both. Hope wondered if she'd heard him right.

Hope stated that Bill didn't like her. Bill disagreed, but she insisted that he wanted his son with Steffy. Bill stated that Liam loved Hope. Hope said she knew that, but she was just waiting for Bill to accept it. Bill claimed he did accept it, and he didn't want to be at odds with his son, or his son's wife. "So if you'll accept it, welcome to the Spencer clan," he said and hugged the stunned and tearful Hope.

In the streets of Puglia, an Italian woman yelled through the alleys in her native language, calling upon everyone in the town to gather outside. Liam and Bill arrived, and Liam was shocked by the crowd that had formed. Bill said he wanted to talk about Hope. Liam grimaced, but Bill quickly stated that he'd welcomed her into their family. Bill remarked that Liam and Hope deserved the day -- more than Liam realized. Putting on his sunglasses, Bill said, "Let's get you hitched, huh?"

In the shady nook of a doorway, Ridge kissed Hope's forehead. A few feet away, Father Fontana approached Liam, Bill, and Brooke to explain why the crowd had formed. It was the town's tradition for the people of the city to follow the bride and groom through the streets to the altar with blessings for a happy marriage. Ridge took Hope's arm and walked her down a short path to Liam.

An Italian instrumental played as Hope and Liam walked together through the crowd. The citizens flew colorful banners and kites as they followed the couple and Father Fontana to the bottom of the grand staircase, to a tiny plateau by the Aegean Sea. People applauded, bells chimed, and Liam and Hope ginned at each other in the sunlight.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

by Pam

Hope and Liam stood on the bluff at the water's edge in front of a huge crowd of the village's citizens who lined a stairway. Overhead, colorful banners and kites circled the crowd.

Father Fontana talked about how Americans had a saying about try, try again. It had been appropriate for Hope and Liam. Father Fontana added that it didn't matter where people got married as long as they were happy. He added that he could see how happy Hope and Liam were.

Before Hope and Liam said their vows, Father Fontana asked if anyone wanted to speak. Ridge and Brooke offered to speak as Hope's parents. In an emotional speech, Ridge said he wanted to speak as Hope's father. He said that he had not been supportive of her marriage, for obvious reasons, but she had his full support. He said that he had been honored to be a part of such a gracious and poised young lady's life. He added that he had been privileged and honored to raise her from the time she'd been a little girl and to be her father. He told her that he loved her.

Tearfully, Brooke added that she could not have chosen a more wonderful man for her beloved daughter. Brooke noted that Liam was sweet, smart, handsome, loving, and had a terrific sense of humor -- something that would serve him well in getting through married life.

Father Fontana prepared to proceed with the vows, but Bill interrupted. Bill said that it had been no secret that he had not supported their marriage. Bill apologized and directly addressed Hope. "Hope, I will love you as my daughter," he said. He added that for a long time he had felt that he and his son were too good for Hope, "but it may just be the other way around," Bill said.

In Los Angeles, at Eric and Stephanie's home, they discussed the happenings in Italy. Stephanie mentioned that Steffy had decided not to be a part of the wedding. Eric agreed it was probably for the best. Eric told Stephanie that Ridge had told him the wedding dress was a hit and that Ridge had said he couldn't have done any better. Stephanie agreed.

Eric added that Hope loved the dress. Stephanie seemed thoughtful, and Eric said that he could tell that Stephanie was thinking about Steffy. Stephanie agreed. She said that she had been worried about Steffy.

In Italy, Steffy moped around the village and sat in a café, still wearing her pink scarf and black coverup. She recalled her wedding to Liam in Aspen. Then she noticed a young couple romantically kissing nearby. She got up and left. Her phone rang as she stood on a balcony. Stephanie called and asked about the wedding. Steffy shared that it had been delayed but was taking place as they spoke.

Steffy said that she and Liam had almost reconnected. Stephanie wanted to hear all about it, but Steffy was concerned about birds flying overhead that were making deposits in her hair. Steffy looked off in the distance and saw Hope and Liam getting married. Steffy said she had to say goodbye to her grandmother because it had been the day from hell, and she couldn't wait to return to Los Angeles. She hung up.

After Stephanie had hung up, she told Eric that Steffy sounded miserable. Eric asked about the wedding, and Stephanie said it was taking place. Stephanie snarked that Hope was her mother's daughter, and it could be the first of many weddings for Hope.

Eric warned that they should be happy for Hope. He said that two people they cared about were committing themselves to each other, and it was a new beginning for everyone -- Hope, Liam, and Steffy.

On the bluff in Italy, Hope and Liam exchanged vows with sweetness and humor. Liam said that he promised to love Hope and cherish her no matter how many cosmetics and jars were taking up counter space in the bathroom. He promised to never question her taste in music or toss her fashion magazines before she had finished with them. In a serious tone, he vowed to love and appreciate Hope and to tell her and show her every day that he loved her.

Hope promised Liam that she would make his favorite banana, peanut butter, and bacon sandwiches whenever he wanted, and she would never complain, no matter how disgusting they were. She promised to always be by his side and never leave him because she loved him, and he could count on her. She wanted him to know that he was the one person in the entire world with whom she could share everything. "I'm yours," she said, promising herself to him emotionally and physically.

They exchanged rings, and Father Fontana pronounced them husband and wife. He said that they were two people who had become one, leaving their past lives behind. Music started, and the entire crowd sang "Volare," a song to signify saying goodbye to the old life and hello to a new one. Liam, Hope, Brooke, Ridge, and Bill all embraced one another and danced with one another while the crowd sang loudly and clapped.

In the distance, Steffy watched the wedding first from a balcony and then from a perch among the nearby rocks. Suddenly, she slipped and fell into the water a great distance below. She surfaced quickly, cursed what a horrible day it had been, and managed to swim her way to the water's edge -- still wearing her pink scarf -- and the crowd continued to sing "Volare."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

by Pam

After the wedding, Liam carried Hope into his suite at the resort. She said she had two things in the world she never thought she would have: her father and her husband. Liam poured champagne, and Hope discovered that her iPad was broken. Liam admitted that he had thrown it across the room in a fit of anger because he thought that he had lost Hope when he returned to the room, looking for her.

Hope said that the note Liam had found in his room had almost ruined everything. Hope added that Brooke had said that everything Deacon touched turned to poison. She wondered if the note had been one of those things that had nearly poisoned their relationship. Hope changed her tune and said that in spite of all the craziness, the entire day had turned out perfectly in its own really messed up way. Hope said that they would owe Brooke and Ridge for the rest of their lives for the wonderful and romantic day.

Liam said that nothing anyone bought would have matched the beauty of the day they'd had with the kites, the sun, the sea, and Hope. Liam and Hope decided to return to the village every year, but Hope wondered if the residents would remember them. Liam said that nobody who had seen Hope could ever forget her. He teased that no one would recognize them in ten years because he planned to be fat. They laughed and teased about what they would both look like when they aged. They agreed that it didn't matter -- they loved each other.

Hope asked Liam to unzip her dress, and they kissed. Later she waited for Liam in red lingerie. Liam entered the room, and Hope said that she wanted to just stare at him because she liked his body. Liam and Hope kissed, and Hope said that she was no longer the frozen young girl she had been. She was a woman who had the man she loved. Liam picked her up and took her to bed.

On Bill's private jet, Deacon, Bill, and Alison were in flight. Deacon suggested that he and Bill were family because their kids were married. Bill disagreed and said that Deacon was just a sperm donor. Bill said that Hope had become Bill's family. Bill presented Deacon with handfuls of cash and told him that he would be dropped off somewhere other than Los Angeles.

Alison noted that Bill didn't want to know where they were stopping to set Deacon free because Bill didn't want to have to lie about knowing where Deacon was last seen. Bill said that if the warden in Genoa City ratted out Bill or decided to look for Deacon, no one would know where Deacon had gone. Bill warned Deacon to never discuss how Deacon had visited his daughter's wedding.

In Los Angeles, Karen and Danielle discussed Danielle's article for a magazine. Karen said that she liked it and would pitch it to Bill when he returned to Los Angeles. Dani said it was unnecessary, but Karen said Dani had had a job interview and deserved an answer about the job. Karen and Dani kissed, and Katie entered. Katie said that she felt awkward, but she had suspected they were a couple, and she was happy for them.

The conversation turned to letting Bill know about Karen and Dani. Karen explained that Bill would not understand. Karen and Dani explained that they had been together since Caroline was little, but Karen's father had warned Karen to keep her relationship a secret or lose her job and her inheritance. Dani admitted that it had been very hard on Karen, but she did what she had done to protect their daughter.

Katie said that it was 2012, and she didn't think Bill would be anything like his father. Karen disagreed. She said that she didn't trust Bill, and she knew that Katie'd had moments when she questioned Bill's truthfulness. Karen said that Bill was adept at blackmail just like their father had been. Katie offered to speak to Bill, but Karen said that she would tell Bill about her relationship herself.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Ridge's office, Ridge told Taylor that he had an announcement. Taylor waited expectantly, and sighing as if to brace himself, he revealed that he and Brooke had gotten engaged. "Oh, well," Taylor replied, shrugging. Ridge asked if she were okay with it, and Taylor wished him the best. Ridge, who was glad they'd maintained a friendship over the years, hugged Taylor.

Thomas entered, and Taylor asked if he'd heard about Ridge's engagement. Thomas asked if she were okay, and she asked why everyone was worried about her feelings about it. Steffy entered, and Thomas and Taylor wondered if Steffy were okay after the trip. Steffy asserted that she was okay, and it was time to close that chapter in her life -- without dwelling on what might have been.

Thomas conveyed that Steffy shouldn't have gone to Italy in the first place, and Steffy agreed, saying she didn't know what she'd been trying to prove. Thomas received a text message and left to meet Caroline. Steffy and Ridge agreed that Hope's plan for family unity had worked. Steffy noted that Bill had given his seal of approval, and Hope had let Ridge give her away -- even though, from what Steffy had seen, it hadn't been much of an aisle that he'd escorted Hope down.

Ridge hoped Steffy wasn't upset that he'd given Hope away. Steffy was glad that things had worked out, because he'd been hurt by the implications of not being Hope's real father. Ridge expressed worry about Deacon getting into the mix. Taylor wondered why Deacon had chosen that time to see Hope and how Hope had reacted to him.

Ridge replied that Hope had responded like a hurt little girl who'd been neglected by her real father. Ridge hoped that Deacon had slithered away, never to be seen or heard from again. Taylor warned her daughter to stay away from Deacon; however, Steffy vowed not to repeat her mistakes, because it was a new beginning for her and for Liam.

Ridge bade the women goodbye and left for a meeting. The moment he left, Steffy swore Taylor to secrecy about what Steffy would say next. Taylor got a little leery about that, but Steffy still revealed that Deacon's release from prison had to be Bill's doing. Steffy didn't know how Bill had done it, but she was sure he'd gotten Deacon out of jail to try to stop the wedding. Taylor figured that Bill had bribed or blackmailed a public official, and if so, she felt that he deserved to be the one in prison.

On the rooftop, Caroline and Thomas met. Caroline talked about the whirlwind touring that she and Thomas had done in Los Angeles. He kissed her hand, and she marveled at how quickly things happened at Forrester. She cited that in the blink of an eye, Amber had been fired, Rick's line had been cut, and Caroline had been reassigned to work with Thomas, the new golden boy. Used to the fast pace, Thomas was surprised that it had taken so long to dump Rick and his ridiculous designs.

Thomas doted on Caroline and said he couldn't get enough of being with her. Mentioning that Rick had moved out of the other Forrester guesthouse, Caroline hinted that Thomas might want to move in. She hoped they wouldn't tire of living near each other, but then she and Thomas doubted that the boredom would set in. As she tweaked one of his designs, Thomas kissed her.

At the Spencer house, Bill was making out with his wife when Karen and Danielle unexpectedly entered the house. Katie tried to be hospitable, but Bill ordered his sister out, so he could get intimate with his wife. The siblings bickered about dropping in on each other unannounced, but Dani asserted that she and Karen had something important to discuss with Bill. "Ladies, there's the door," he replied.

Dani again stressed that it was important, and guessing that it was about the job for Dani, Bill promised to attend to it soon. Katie tried to get Bill to listen, but Bill was insistent upon being alone with his wife. Karen bitterly said that she got it -- he needed to catch up with his wife. Bill showed the ladies to the door, and as he ushered them out, Karen said they'd deal with it another time.

The couple left, and Katie prepared to go to her doctor's appointment. She mentioned that she'd heard that Deacon had shown up in Italy. "You didn't happen to have anything to do with that, did you?" Katie asked. Bill was flattered that she thought his reach was so impressive. Katie didn't take that as a denial, but Bill changed the subject to his epiphany about Hope and Liam. Katie was flabbergasted when Bill revealed that he'd welcomed Hope into the family before an entire village.

Bill had found it hard to admit that he'd been wrong about Hope, but claimed he'd said what had needed to be said in Italy. He said Katie had seen something redeeming in him, and it had made him a better man. Katie conveyed her pride in carrying his child, and her statement reminded him of his intent to attend her appointment with her.

As they left the house, Katie asked if she were getting fat. "Just a little bit," Bill said. Katie warned him that the answer to that question should always be "no."

Later, the couple met with Dr. Caspary, who asked if they were still choosing to keep the baby's gender a mystery. Bill said he'd changed his mind, because he couldn't stand for people to know something that he didn't. Dr. Caspary exited to get her equipment for the ultrasound, and Katie beamed in anticipation of learning whether they'd raise a son or daughter.

Back at their own house, Dani and Karen were livid about Bill's rudeness. Karen huffed that she'd been all ready to tell Bill about Dani and her. Dani asked Karen to keep her nerve up because Dani didn't want to hide anymore. Dani's love for Karen reminded Dani of the new glow surrounding Caroline. Dani grinned, suspecting that their daughter was in love.

Karen had been unsure about the cross-country move in the beginning, because she'd been worried that Brooke had been brewing up an agenda for Caroline. Dani said that Brooke had wanted Amber gone, and Amber was gone. Karen was glad Caroline hadn't been entangled in the drama.

Dani and Karen discussed how impressed they were with Thomas, and Dani said the look in his eyes had been like Dani's look when she'd met Karen. Karen laughed, saying she almost hadn't gone to "that party." Dani, however, was sure they would have met somehow. The ladies said they were still in love with each other after all the years, and they hugged.

Friday, June 29, 2012

In Dr. Caspary's office, Katie was excited about checking out the baby's health, but Bill wondered about the health of the mother. Dr. Caspary admitted that there was some pregnancy risk, but over the years, it had lessened for women with Katie's medical history. The doctor gave the couple a moment alone, and though Katie was optimistic, Bill said he couldn't stand the thought of losing her.

The doctor returned and performed the test. When the couple saw the baby on the monitor, Bill suspected that they might see a sword necklace, too. Dr. Caspary announced that they were having a boy and then presented them with the first ultrasound picture of the baby. The doctor left, and as Bill marveled at the picture, he stated that he hadn't been around for any of that with Liam.

Bill wondered how Katie could do it for him, but Katie said she hadn't done it alone. He realized that, before that day, he'd been too focused on losing her to think of how she'd risk her life to give them that chance at parenthood. He claimed that no one but her had ever given him anything. He felt he owed her his life and everything he had. Katie cried as he kissed her.

In Italy, Liam chased his bikini-clad wife into Ridge and Brooke's former hotel room. Hopping on the bed, Hope beamed that her parents had really done it up right. Liam noted that he hadn't heard her call them that in a while, and Hope reflected upon the wonderful things Ridge had said and done at the wedding. She said Deacon's appearance had made her see things differently.

The newlyweds laughed about Hope's race to the altar. Hope felt that the wedding day had been perfect, and she said she wouldn't change anything. "Would you?" Hope asked. Liam's face darkened as he thought of kissing Steffy. He stated that there were a few things he would have changed.

Hope guessed that Liam was referring to finding the note, and Liam agreed that it had been disheartening. Hope said she understood why he'd reacted the way he had, but they were married, and the drama had ended. Hope was glad that Steffy had accepted the marriage, but wished that Steffy had attended the wedding. Hope decided to call Steffy to check on her. Liam stood by the window as he thought of the last conversation he'd had with Steffy.

In Ridge's office, Taylor ordered Steffy not to protect Bill, but Steffy claimed she'd blasted him in Italy. Taylor suspected that more had happened than Steffy had told her parents, and Steffy admitted that something had happened with her and Liam. Steffy made Taylor promise to give Steffy the confidentiality of a patient, and Taylor agreed to do so.

Steffy informed her mother of the call she'd gotten from Bill on the day of the wedding, which had led her to return to the hotel in search of Liam. Steffy said she'd thought that everything had changed forever. Liam had found a note from Hope, and it had reminded Steffy of the first time Hope had left him. Steffy described how her heart had been breaking for Liam, and it had seemed as if nothing had changed for them. "And that's when I knew that we belonged together," Steffy said.

Taylor hugged her daughter, and Steffy continued to explain that Bill had called to urge Steffy and Liam to fly back to Los Angeles together. Before Steffy could continue her story, her phone rang. It was Hope calling to see how Steffy was doing.

Steffy said Hope hadn't needed to call from the honeymoon. Hope, however, had been concerned about Steffy's fall. Steffy said she was fine, and Hope beamed about moving to Brooke and Ridge's hotel room -- at Liam's request. Hope said they'd return in a day, and Steffy told Hope to enjoy her honeymoon and have a safe flight back.

After the call, Taylor urged Steffy to continue her story. Steffy replied that when she'd been alone with Liam in the hotel room, he'd told her that he loved her. Taylor was shocked that he'd done that on his wedding day. Steffy said that Liam had believed that Hope had left him; however, Hope had arrived in Liam's room, and Steffy had hidden in the bathroom.

Steffy said Hope had explained that Deacon had left the note, and Hope had been relieved that the misunderstanding had been resolved. Steffy stated that Hope had no idea that on her perfect day, Liam had pledged his love to Steffy, and if he and Steffy had gone to the plane, they'd be the ones married. Noting that Steffy and Liam had been alone in a hotel room, Taylor asked if Liam and Steffy had done anything.

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