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Monday, July 2, 2012

At the Spencer beach house, Bill proudly stared at the baby's sonogram picture, and Katie said he could stop patting himself on the back. Bill admitted she'd had something to do with the baby, too, and they kissed. Dani and Karen arrived, and Bill guessed the women just couldn't stay away.

Karen reminded Bill that they hadn't finished their talk; however, Bill, who had news of his own, replied that he and Katie were having a boy. Karen supposed that he and Katie wanted to celebrate alone. Bill stated that he wanted to celebrate with family, and Karen and Dani looked surprised as Bill handed them some champagne and gave Katie a glass of juice.

After a toast, Bill told Karen that it was her turn to get cracking on having more kids. Karen replied that she'd wanted to talk to him about just that type of thing. Excited, Bill offered to call Justin for Karen, but Karen said Justin wasn't her type. Karen became agitated, insisting she had something important to talk about. Bill seemed concerned by Karen's demeanor, and Katie took Dani to the front porch to give Bill and Karen time to talk alone.

Dani worriedly gazed through the house windows. Dani wanted to be inside, supporting Karen, but Katie assured Dani that Bill would not shun Karen. Katie was certain that he was a lot more open-minded than Dani and Karen had given him credit for.

Inside, Bill sensed Karen's nervousness and wondered what was so important. Karen replied that she was what was so important, but for many years, she'd made it easy for Bill to overlook her. He figured he knew what she'd say, and he concluded she didn't want him choosing her dates. Bill didn't care what man Karen dated -- as long as the man wasn't a Forrester.

Karen asserted that it wasn't about a man. She recalled her rough relationship with their father, and she said she'd kept her distance from her brother, Bill, out of fear of what he'd do to her family. Confused, Bill asked what he'd possibly do to her and Caroline. "And Danielle," Karen added. Bill became perplexed, and Karen blurted out that she just wanted him to know that she was gay.

"No, you're not," Bill a matter-of-factly replied. Karen was amazed when Bill said Dani wasn't gay either, because Dani had flirted with him. Karen insisted that she and Dani were a couple and had raised Caroline together. Bill recalled that his sister had been engaged to Thorne once. Karen explained that, in the past, she'd convinced herself that everything would be fine if she could find the right guy; however, she'd eventually realized that it wasn't a man that she wanted.

Karen explained that it hadn't been an acceptable thing to talk about, and once their father had learned about it, he'd threatened to cut her out of his life. Bill figured that it sounded like it would have been their father's reaction to lesbians raising a child together in that time and age. Karen said she'd hidden it from her brother, Bill, because he was so much like their father.

Bill agreed that he was a lot like their father, and Karen quickly and bitterly concluded that Bill couldn't accept her, either. Bill noted that she looked at him as if he'd done something wrong -- even before he delivered an opinion. He said that he knew what it had been like to be their father's son, so he could only imagine what it had been like for Karen to reveal herself to their father.

Bill decided that he'd say something to Karen that she'd never heard from their father. "I accept you for who you are. And I...uh...I love you as you are. You're my sister. You're family," he uttered and hugged her. Karen sobbed in his embrace. Katie and Dani entered the house and smiled at the hugging siblings. Bill turned to Dani and welcomed her to their family.

Bill announced that it had been quite a day. He'd seen his son, he'd learned that his sister was gay, and Karen and Dani had shown him that he wasn't as irresistible as he'd thought he was. He assured Karen that her sexuality wasn't a lifestyle; it was who she was, and he accepted her. The pair hugged again.

On the Forrester rooftop, Caroline found Thomas to show him a design created by one of her New York friends. Thomas wanted to show it to Ridge, but Caroline said Taylor and Steffy were alone in Ridge's office. Thomas wondered why Steffy and Taylor had been talking for so long.

In Ridge's office, Steffy told Taylor that, in Italy, Liam had asked Steffy to fly home with him, because it hadn't been over for them. Steffy flashed back to kissing Liam and pulling off his jacket and tie. Taylor grew concerned about how far things had gone with Steffy and Liam. Steffy flashed back to kissing and making out on the resort bed in Liam's room. Steffy answered that she and Liam hadn't made love, but for the few intimate moments, she'd felt like they were husband and wife.

Steffy said she'd realized that Bill had manipulated everything -- even her. She'd been in the bathroom, listening to Hope and just wanting to scream. Steffy was sure that Liam had wanted to be with Steffy and start a life with her, but she'd felt that she'd had to let him go. Taylor figured that Liam would be with Steffy had it not been for the manipulations. Steffy wasn't sure of that, and she was upset that, due to all the manipulations, she'd never find out if it were true.

Taylor thought that it was important that Steffy hadn't let Hope and Liam be deceived, and Steffy said she'd rather give up the man she loved than to give up her dignity. Taylor believed it proved Steffy's integrity. Steffy sobbed because she was sure that Liam had meant the things he'd said.

With a knock, Thomas and Caroline entered, and Steffy sucked in her tears. Thomas decided that Steffy wouldn't mope around anymore. He invited her to go out with him and Caroline, but Steffy said she'd had enough of being a third wheel. Steffy figured she'd get over her heartbreak and move on. Steffy left, and Caroline commented that Steffy was strong.

Outside the door, Steffy struggled to hold in her sobs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

by Pam

At Dayzee's, Taylor and Steffy met for coffee, and Taylor said that she was concerned about what had happened between Steffy and Liam in Italy. Steffy said that she never should have told her mother. She asked Taylor to let it go. "The truth came out, thankfully," Steffy said, adding, "It's time for me to move on."

Taylor noted that Bill had been responsible for the entire thing, and Taylor added that Bill should not get away with it. Steffy agreed, but she added that she did not want to bring it up to Liam.

At Brooke and Ridge's, Brooke and Ridge welcomed Liam and Hope home from Italy. Hope was thrilled to return to pack up her things to move to Liam's, but Liam corrected her that they were going "home." Hope thanked Brooke for planning everything in Italy. Hope noted that with the exception of the wedding delay, it had all been perfect. They all looked at pictures on Liam's broken iPad. Liam said he needed a new screen.

Ridge and Hope shared an emotional moment when Hope thanked him for everything and said that she understood that he hadn't been able to design her dress. Ridge said that he was happy she had asked him to walk her down the aisle. Ridge said it had meant a lot to him to put Hope's hand in Liam's hand.

Ridge and Hope embraced, and Hope apologized that things had been so tense between them for so long. Liam left for work. Brooke insisted on calling Steffy to thank her for her graciousness in Italy, and Brooke hoped the call would help to reunite the family after a year of fighting. Brooke called Steffy.

Steffy answered Brooke's call, and Steffy wondered if Brooke wanted Steffy to stay away from Hope and Liam. Brooke said that she wanted to compliment Steffy and thank her. Brooke said that Steffy had changed. Brooke was grateful to Steffy for not turning the misunderstanding of the note into something else.

Steffy grew uncomfortable and asked Brooke to give Hope her best. Brooke added that she and Steffy had been close at one time, and Brooke wanted to be close again. Steffy agreed. They hung up.

At Brooke's, Ridge thanked Brooke for calling Steffy, and he prepared to leave for work. "Welcome back, Mrs. Spencer," Ridge said to Hope, and he went out the door.

Brooke and Hope discussed the wedding and how perfect it had been. Brooke wondered if Hope had heard any more from Deacon, and Hope said that she had not. Brooke said that Ridge had checked into how Deacon had made it to the wedding, and Ridge had found out that Deacon had been released early from prison. Brooke encouraged Hope to stay away if Deacon returned. Hope refused. Hope said that she had been very grateful to see her father.

Brooke said Ridge was the only dad that Hope needed. Hope said that she understood how much Brooke hated Deacon, but Hope wanted Deacon in her life. Brooke warned that Deacon was dangerous. Hope promised that if she and Deacon made contact, Hope would tell Brooke.

Hope changed the subject. She wanted to show Brooke some photos on Liam's tablet. As Hope skipped through the photos, Brooke said a video appeared to be on the computer, but Hope skipped over the video to show her mother the photo of a sunset.

At Dayzee's, Steffy told Taylor about Brooke's call. Taylor said that Brooke might not have been so gracious if she had known what Liam had done. Steffy ordered her mother to keep everything secret. Taylor agreed, but she warned that someone needed to chastise Bill. Steffy agreed that Bill was cruel to manipulate everyone's feelings.

Steffy noted that Bill had been disgusting, but she didn't want to get between Liam and Bill. Taylor suggested that Hope had a right to know that Liam had wanted to reunite with Steffy. Taylor noted that a matter of minutes had kept Steffy from marrying Liam instead of Hope. If Steffy and Liam had gotten on board Bill's plane, Steffy would again be married to Liam. Steffy said it didn't matter. Taylor wanted Steffy to talk about her feelings, but Steffy refused.

Steffy picked up their coffee cups to get refills and silence her mother. Liam entered the coffee shop, and Steffy ran right into him, splashing coffee all over herself. Steffy and Liam laughed, and Steffy had coffee dripping off her face, dress, and hair. They sat down and talked, and Taylor left. Liam worried about how they had left things in Italy. Steffy didn't want to haunt his marriage.

Liam recalled how everything had happened and how foolish he had been to believe the note had been from Hope. He smiled when he said that Hope had appeared in her wedding dress like nothing had happened, and he had married her in a romantic ceremony. He told Steffy that it had all be beautiful. He apologized to Steffy. She admitted she was hurt. Liam said that he had meant everything he had said in Italy. "I do love you, and I always will," Liam said to Steffy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

by Pam

At Dayzee's, Liam and Steffy discussed their feelings for each other. Steffy said that she wished Liam had told her he loved her and always would at some point in the last six months. She wished he had never ended their marriage.

Liam said his feelings for her were real. Liam and Steffy discussed that life was all about commitments and honoring them. They talked about how Steffy had done an honorable thing in letting Liam go again. "And now you're Hope's husband," Steffy said flatly.

Liam and Steffy discussed all the roadblocks that had almost kept Hope from getting to the church and how Hope had managed to get back to the hotel and interrupt Liam and Steffy. Then, Steffy lamented that they should have left Liam's suite. Steffy said that if they had left just five minutes sooner, Hope never would have found them. They would have been aboard Bill's jet and on their way to a life together.

Steffy acknowledged that it had taken every ounce of strength she had not to burst out of the bathroom where she had been hiding when Hope had entered. Steffy said that she'd wanted to tell Hope that Liam had committed to a life with Steffy. Liam wondered why Steffy hadn't said anything and had remained hidden in the bathroom. Steffy admitted that she had seen Hope and Liam talking from the bathroom. "I saw the way you looked at Hope, and I knew I had to let you go," Steffy said.

Steffy warned Liam that she had told her mom about what had happened. Liam asked what parts of their meeting she had shared. Steffy said that she had shared all of it, but she had begged her mother not to share any of it with anyone else. Steffy promised Liam that no one would ever find out what had happened between them.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Hope looked at photos on the broken iPad. The device was acting up, and Hope said that Liam had done more damage to it than he thought. Brooke asked what had happened, and Hope said that Liam had thrown it in a moment of frustration. Brooke and Hope looked at photos, and Hope admitted that she'd wished they had taken more, but they had been distracted on their honeymoon. She and Brooke giggled.

Some of the photos were locked, and Hope unlocked the screen to see more photos. Katie entered and said she was looking for Mrs. Liam Spencer. Katie, Hope, and Brooke laughed. Katie said that she had heard about Deacon showing up at the wedding, and Hope gushed that it had made her very happy, but Deacon's appearance had not pleased Brooke.

Katie shared that she was pregnant with a boy. Hope was thrilled that Liam would have a little brother. Brooke, Hope, and Katie reveled in the Logan women having a good week.

Katie asked about Deacon, and Hope explained how thrilling it had been to see him. Then Hope recounted the entire wedding for Katie and flashed back to how she had been late leaving for the chapel. She shared that the limo had left without her. Hope said she had ridden into the village in the gardener's truck, but Liam had left the chapel and returned to the hotel to look for her.

Hope explained that a roadblock in the village had prevented the gardener from driving her to the chapel, so she had run the rest of the way to the chapel. Hope added that Liam had arrived at his suite and read a note from Deacon to Hope that was a goodbye message, but Liam had thought that Hope had written it and meant it for him. Liam had been devastated, Hope shared.

Hope added that she had arrived at Liam's suite in time to sort it all out because Liam was prepared to leave Italy. Hope added that it had all ended well. They had gotten married on the bluff and had been serenaded by the entire village singing "Volare."

Katie was impressed, but Hope said that the best news was that no matter what had gone wrong, it had all worked out because it was meant to be. She added that Bill had been sincere and humble in his acceptance of Hope at the wedding. Brooke agreed that Bill had seemed like a different person and had given a very moving speech. Brooke said that she had seen a glimpse of the man that Katie loved. Brooke said that she could almost understand why Katie loved him. Katie thanked Hope and Brooke for telling her.

Katie asked Hope to walk out to her car to take in a wedding gift, and Brooke looked through the photos on the tablet. Suddenly, she saw a photo of Steffy talking to Liam in Liam's suite, and Liam was dressed in the suit he had worn for the wedding. Brooke looked concerned.

At Forrester, Taylor burst into Ridge's office and babbled to Ridge that Steffy and Liam would be married to one another if Hope had not married Liam. Ridge was unsurprised. He said that was old news. Taylor continued to dish that Liam and Steffy had literally bumped into each other at Dayzee's. Taylor said that when Liam and Steffy had looked at each other, it was "so powerful."

Ridge said that Liam fully intended to honor his commitment to Hope. Ridge said that he had witnessed the marriage, and Liam very clearly loved Hope. Ridge told Taylor in no uncertain terms that she had to let it go, but Taylor said that everyone had expected Steffy to let Liam go. Taylor said that Steffy had unselfishly let Liam go.

Taylor continued to say that Hope and Liam's marriage had been a mistake. Taylor insisted that Liam belonged with Steffy and not Hope. Ridge warned Taylor to stop her rant because Steffy and everyone had accepted Liam's marriage to Hope. Taylor insisted that there was more to the story. Ridge looked intrigued.

On the Forester rooftop, Dayzee and Marcus worked out with weights in the gym. Marcus admitted that he had been very worried about what Bill Spencer and Justin had planned to sabotage Hope's wedding. Whatever it was, Marcus said, had clearly failed because Hope and Liam were married and very happy. Caroline and Thomas entered, and Caroline and Dayzee worked out together while Marcus and Thomas played hoops.

Later, Caroline, Dayzee, Marcus, and Thomas sat down, and Marcus and Dayzee discussed their romantic history including the fact that Thomas and Dayzee had been an item at one point. Marcus shared that if he had not been sent to Paris for months, Thomas would have never have had a chance with Dayzee. Caroline said that Thomas was full of surprises.

Thomas warned Marcus that Marcus had better set a wedding date because someone could sweep Dayzee off her feet. Marcus joked that they would get around to the wedding. Dayzee said that Marcus had been too busy with work to set a date. Marcus promised to set a date.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

by Chanel S. Garner

In Steffy's office, Steffy daydreamed about Liam asking her to leave Italy with him. Hope entered with a bridesmaid gift she had gotten for Steffy. Inside the gift box was a blue scarf. Hope said it was a little piece of Italy that would help Steffy to remember how beautiful it had been. The two discussed the country, and Steffy suggested that Liam and Hope move there and expand the family businesses. Hope thought it was a good idea, but she figured that she'd miss home too much.

Steffy gazed at Hope's ring and said Liam had good taste. Hope noted that Steffy had been great about everything, and Steffy responded that no one liked a sore loser. Feeling that Steffy was certainly no loser, Hope hugged Steffy and said, "I wanna be just like you when I grow up."

Hope expressed that she was excited to finally be Liam's wife, but then she apologized for making Steffy feel awkward. Steffy, however, didn't want Hope to edit her words, because it wouldn't change the facts or return things to normal. Steffy felt that Hope was a good person, and she was sorry for giving Hope grief in the past. The two agreed to let bygones be bygones.

Hope and Steffy joked about the comedy of errors that the wedding had been for each of them, and Steffy remarked that Deacon had shown up. Hope beamed that it had been the most incredible gift, but Steffy stared back in knowing disbelief.

Hope commented on her surreal experience with Deacon, and Steffy asked if Hope would see him again. Hope said it was up to Deacon, because she didn't even know where he was. Hope reflected upon the huge misunderstanding that "Deacon's note" had created. Tensing, Steffy said, "Really?" Hope explained that Liam had believed the note had been from her, but she'd straightened it out just in time.

Hope decided that she needed to get home to Liam, and Steffy thanked Hope for the gift. Steffy said she'd always treasure Italy. Hope thanked Steffy for making it one of the best times in Hope's life. Hope left, and Steffy recalled making out on the bed with Liam in Italy.

At Liam's house, Liam was impressed when Bill actually knocked on the door before entering. Bill had arrived to show Liam the sonogram of Liam's little brother. Liam congratulated Bill, who then assured Liam that he didn't have to be in a rush to make Bill a grandfather. Liam felt that Bill didn't have to worry about that for a long time.

Liam asked how Katie was doing, and Bill grew serious as he explained that the pregnancy was risky. Bill admitted that he feared losing Katie, but Liam felt that if anyone could beat the odds, it was Katie. Bill revealed that he'd been initially shocked and then outraged about the dangerous pregnancy; however, Katie had won him to her side, and he'd turned into a mushy father at the ultrasound.

Liam stated that it was new territory for Bill, and Bill apologized for missing out on Liam's life. Liam thought that Bill had made up for it, and Liam couldn't wait to meet his little brother, who'd be lucky to have Bill as a father. "Here, here! Sword necklaces all around!" Bill exclaimed.

The men hugged, and Liam said that he'd been grateful for what Bill had done at the wedding. Bill admitted that, whether he'd had the right to or not, he'd put Hope through her paces, but she'd persevered. Bill had a lot of respect for Hope's resilience, and he respected the fact that Hope and Liam's love had stood up to the tests. Liam said Hope was something else, and agreeing, Bill responded that he was proud to call her his daughter-in-law.

Looking around, Liam realized that he had to prepare the house for the newlyweds' first night home as a married couple. Bill figured he'd taught his son well, and he and Liam beamed about the bright future ahead. After hugging Liam again, Bill took off.

Later, Liam was still scrambling to straighten up the house when Hope knocked on the door. He told her to wait, but she said she'd waited long enough. Liam rushed to the door, and when Hope opened it, he swept her into his arms. "Hello, wife," he said and carried her over the threshold. Hope was amazed at how clean the house was, and he said he'd done it for her. She beamed that she was glad to finally be there as his wife, and the couple kissed.

At home, Brooke flipped through Liam's tablet pictures, but stopped cold when she saw a video thumbnail of Steffy and Liam. Brooke seemed torn about what to do, but before she could press the play icon, Katie entered the house to retrieve her forgotten phone. Katie told Brooke that Hope had gone to see Steffy, and Brooke stated that Hope and Steffy were trying to get close again. Katie didn't know if that was feasible, but Brooke replied that Steffy had been very supportive in Italy.

Katie and Brooke sat down to go over the Italy pictures stored in the tablet. The sisters wondered how the tablet had gotten broken, and then Katie noticed the video of Liam and Steffy among the icons. Brooke enlarged the icon, and a hesitant Katie wondered if they should watch it.

Brooke thought they probably shouldn't, but Katie wondered when that reasoning had ever stopped them. Brooke figured it was probably totally innocent; however, Katie asserted that it was Liam and Steffy. "Play it, or I will," Katie insisted, and Brooke pressed the button.

On the video, Brooke and Katie saw Liam raging to Steffy that he was done. Katie surmised that Liam and Steffy had been together on his wedding day. Brooke stopped the video, and Katie guessed the recording had been accidental. Brooke wondered why Liam hadn't mentioned the encounter, and Katie thought he obviously wanted to keep it secret. "Well, not anymore. I'm going to find out what happened between Steffy and Liam the day he married my daughter," Brooke asserted and resumed the video.

Friday, July 6, 2012

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Katie tensely watched the video of Steffy and Liam in the Italian hotel room. They were shocked upon seeing Liam and Steffy embrace, and as the video continued, Liam received a call from Bill. Katie's mouth dropped open, and she couldn't believe that Bill had instructed Liam to leave Italy. Brooke assumed Bill had been being a protective father, and she figured that Hope would enter the scene at any moment to clear up the confusion. Katie, however, was worried about what else that had happened before Hope's arrival.

Brooke stopped the video. She felt they shouldn't become interlopers in the private moment between Steffy and Liam; however, Katie ordered Brooke to press the play button. As they continued to watch, they heard Liam declare that Hope had problems he couldn't fix. Then the bells chimed, and Liam declared that he and Steffy were just beginning. Steffy and Liam began kissing.

Horrified, Brooke couldn't watch anymore. Katie told her sister to keep playing the video, but Brooke said the recording seemed to have ended just as Liam and Steffy had fallen onto the bed together. Panicking, Brooke stated that they'd never know what had happened. Katie was sure that Hope had interrupted things, but Brooke was appalled that Liam had married her daughter after that.

Katie huffed that Steffy's newfound demeanor had been too good to be true. Brooke wondered what Liam had been thinking, but Katie quipped that men couldn't think around Steffy. Shaken and outraged, Brooke grabbed her purse and headed out the door in search of Liam.

In Steffy's office, Taylor was surprised to find Steffy there and not at Dayzee's with Liam. Taylor thought it was obvious that Liam was still in love with Steffy. Steffy didn't doubt that, but she said he was also in love with Hope and starting a new life in the home he'd once made with Steffy.

Taylor was anxious to know if Liam and Steffy had discussed Italy. Steffy said they'd had a good talk, but she doubted they'd have anymore good, laughable moments. Steffy figured she had to learn to be okay with him being someone else's husband. Taylor didn't know how Steffy remained so strong, but Steffy said she had her mother to look up to. Steffy revealed that he'd told her that he'd always love her, and even though it had been hard to hear under the circumstances, she was glad he'd said it.

Taylor insisted that Steffy needed to reveal the truth to everyone. In Taylor's view, Hope probably didn't want Liam based upon a lie, just like Steffy didn't. Taylor couldn't imagine how Hope would feel to know her husband had been ready to run off with another woman on his wedding day. Steffy insisted that it had to be a secret, and no one could ever find out.

Later, Steffy was alone when Katie pranced into the office, shut the door, and quipped, "Sorry to barge in." Steffy noted Katie's irritation, but couldn't understand it in light of the Logan family's good fortune. Steffy claimed that she was happy for Katie and Bill and joked that she'd be honored to be their child's godmother.

Katie guessed Steffy had quite the con game going, but wondered who'd taught Steffy that she could have anything and everything she wanted. Steffy had no idea what Katie was talking about, but Katie interrupted, revealing that she knew what had happened between Liam and Steffy in Italy.

At home, Hope basked in the feeling of kissing her husband in their home. Liam welcomed his bride home, and they kissed by the fireplace. Hope was impressed with the romantic setting, and she said that moving in as his wife had rid her of all her guilt about being a hypocrite. She wondered if he knew the feeling of lingering guilt. Liam replied that it was all in the past, and there was no need to feel guilty about anything.

Hope decided that she wanted to unpack, and Liam followed her into the bedroom to help. As they joked about all the lotions she had, they heard a knock at the door. Excited about their first visitor, Hope scampered to the door, and Liam murmured that the visitor had better not stay long. At the door, Brooke entered and stated that she needed to speak to Liam.

Hope noted that Brooke sounded grave, and Hope offered to take a shower while her mother talked to Liam. After Hope left, Liam wondered if Brooke were okay. Brooke noted that Hope and Liam had married after everything, and Hope had finally gotten past her issues. Brooke stated that it meant a lot to take vows to a woman, and a man needed to know in his heart that his bride was the one. "You made me like you. You made me want you as a son-in-law, and now I just don't know..." Brooke said.

Liam seemed offended and shocked, but Brooke asserted that she didn't know if he loved Hope -- or if the marriage should have happened. He asserted that his love for Hope was above question, and he'd said his vows with a clear conscience. Brooke contended that his confidence in Hope had waned while at the Italian chapel. He claimed that he'd just been worried, but when Brooke mentioned the letter, Liam tensed and admitted he should have known better than to think Hope had left him again.

Liam defended himself, saying that no one could have guessed that the note had really been from Hope's wayward father, who'd finally shown up after all that time. Liam didn't want to talk about it anymore, but Brooke accused him of having such little faith in Hope that he'd betrayed her. Liam angrily asked what Brooke was talking about. Brooke seethed that she knew he hadn't been alone in that hotel room, and Steffy hadn't been the one to reveal it to Brooke, who just knew it to be true.

Brooke stated that she knew about Liam trying to run off with Steffy on his wedding day. "And then you kissed her. It was your wedding day to my daughter, and you were laying there on that bed with your lips all over Steffy. How could you have done that? How?" Brooke raged. Just then, Hope emerged from the bedroom, saw the intense look on Liam's face, and asked what was going on.

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