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Monday, July 9, 2012

In Ridge's office, Stephanie slapped down a pile of bridal magazines and vowed to light a fire under the engaged Dayzee and Marcus. Dayzee claimed Marcus was dragging his feet. He assured them that it wasn't the case, but he figured there was nothing wrong with being engaged for a year -- or two.

Dayzee seemed miffed, but in a placating tone, Marcus reasoned that they had the rest of their lives to be married. Stephanie countered that there was never a perfect time for marriage, but Dayzee said she wasn't going to pressure him.

Thomas entered and surmised that Marcus wasn't ready to take the wedding plunge. Marcus declared that he loved Dayzee, and his feelings hadn't changed. He wanted to wait for some issues to be wrapped up and for Rosey to be a little older. Stephanie took Dayzee and the wedding books off for some planning, because Stephanie was sure he'd find his senses.

After the women left, Marcus couldn't figure out why they didn't understand that he just wanted to press "pause." Thomas, however, didn't see the point in waiting, either. Thomas said Dayzee was an amazing woman, and he'd marry Dayzee as quickly as possible, if he were Marcus.

Unbeknownst to them, Dayzee had returned to the threshold, and she'd paused at the door to listen. Thomas said she was incredible, and Dayzee blushed. She stepped away from the door when Marcus got called away for a meeting.

After Marcus left, Dayzee entered and asked, "So you think I'm hot, huh?" Thomas doubted she should be surprised by that. Dayzee asked if he'd meant the things he'd told Marcus about her. Thomas affirmed it, saying that the time they'd shared had been some of the best moments he'd ever had. Dayzee felt the same way, but said she hadn't been ready to be serious or leave her old life. He felt she was the same generous person at heart -- and a knockout. She said he was terrific, too, and they hugged.

At the cliff house, Brooke and Liam stood in guilt-ridden silence as Hope asked what was going on with them. As they stammered, Hope asked Liam not to keep things from her, because she didn't want to start the marriage that way. Brooke agreed that they shouldn't start the marriage that way and added that Hope had the right to know what her mother and husband had been discussing.

Brooke explained that complicated and confusing things had happened on Hope's wedding day. Hope said she wouldn't change anything about that day. "You hear that?" Liam nervously asked Brooke. He apologized for jumping to conclusions on their wedding day about the note and said that Brooke was being overprotective. Though Hope appreciated Brooke's concern, Hope didn't blame Liam for his confusion on that day, and Hope suggested that they put it all behind them.

Hope went back to the bedroom to unpack, and Liam told Brooke that Hope was happy. "Don't make me take that away from her," he said. Brooke insisted that he couldn't start his marriage off with such a secret. He wished Brooke hadn't found out, and she explained that she'd seen a video while looking at the tablet photos. Liam guessed that the tablet had turned on after he'd thrown it. She murmured that the battery had run out, so she didn't know if he and Steffy had made love.

Liam swore that he and Steffy hadn't had sex, and he wondered who else knew about it. Brooke informed him that Katie had been there when Brooke had watched the video. Brooke wanted to know what had happened after Hope had left the hotel room. Liam said Steffy had been in the bathroom, and they'd both been shocked to learn the truth. Brooke said she had to wonder about him after he'd torn up the annulment papers and had turned to Steffy on his wedding day.

Liam huffed and wondered if Brooke were questioning his love for Hope, who was the most important person in his life. Brooke didn't want to keep secrets from Hope and said that lies and secrecy were poison in a marriage. Brooke felt that Hope was strong and would understand, but there was no other way. "You cannot begin your marriage with a lie," Brooke declared.

After Brooke left, Hope consoled her husband for having to deal with her mother. She reminded him that she'd meant it when she'd said what had happened in the past didn't matter. She only wanted to focus on where they were at the time, because she was happier than she could have imagined.

In Steffy's office, Katie said that Steffy didn't need to deny things, because Katie had seen and heard everything that had happened between Steffy and Liam in Italy on an accidental recording of the pair in the hotel room. "Then you know that we didn't make -- " Steffy started to say. Katie interrupted, saying that it still wasn't right. Steffy agreed, but begged Katie not to tell anyone about it. Katie said it was probably too late because Brooke was on the way to Liam and Hope's house.

Steffy seemed worried about Hope, but Katie didn't buy the concerned act. Katie redirected her attention to what had happened in the video. Steffy claimed that the video would show that it hadn't been calculated, and she and Liam had thought Hope had left him. Steffy claimed they'd realized their mistake, and Liam had done the right thing by marrying Hope. Steffy insisted that what had happened in the hotel room needed to stay buried, where it wouldn't cause any damage.

Katie reasoned that Steffy always seemed to pop up at just the right time. Exasperated, Steffy insisted that she didn't want to interfere with the commitment Liam had made, and she didn't want to hurt Hope. Steffy suggested that Katie and Brooke let it go, because it was best for everyone.

Katie left, but Steffy was not thrilled when Brooke arrived soon afterward. Steffy said Katie had just left, and Steffy hoped Brooke hadn't said anything to Hope. Brooke doubted Steffy's concern for Hope. Brooke said that the misunderstanding had been no excuse, and she couldn't believe that Liam and Steffy would think Hope would give up on Liam so easily. Steffy cited that Hope had done it before.

Brooke said she'd hoped that Steffy had given up the rivalry, because she hadn't wanted Hope and Steffy to repeat Brooke and Taylor's cycle. Steffy replied that she had Liam hadn't crossed the line, but it had been a mistake that Hope didn't need to know about. Brooke insisted that Hope did need to know about it, because Brooke didn't want to let the marriage be based on a lie.

Steffy warned that Hope couldn't handle the truth from Brooke; however, Brooke said Liam would tell Hope. Steffy thought it was a bad choice, but Brooke said it was none of Steffy's business. Brooke was confident that Liam would tell Hope, and Hope would forgive him. Brooke ordered Steffy to stay away from Liam and move on with her life.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's, Steffy entered, and she and Liam discussed what they were going to do about what had happened between them in Italy. Liam explained that Brooke had given him an ultimatum that if he didn't tell Hope what had happened, Brooke would. Steffy apologized for the trouble she had caused by following him back to his hotel room when she saw him return to the hotel in Italy.

Liam told Steffy that none of what had happened was her fault because he had thought that Hope had left him at the altar. He was upset. "Trust me, I would have found you. I needed you," Liam said to Steffy. Steffy insisted that what had happened between them was none of Brooke's business. Steffy said that Hope would only be hurt by what had happened. Liam warned Steffy that Brooke would not give up until Liam told Hope what had happened.

Steffy said that she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liam disagreed. He said that Steffy had been in the right place. Steffy teased that she had saved him from breaking things other than his iPad. She guessed that he might have started breaking furniture if she had not shown up. Liam agreed.

At Brooke's, Taylor and Brooke discussed what had happened between Liam and Steffy. Taylor said that Liam and Steffy were always going to share a bond because they were in love. Brooke said that she knew Liam loved Hope, but Hope deserved to know what had happened before Hope and Liam were married.

Brooke told Taylor that she had demanded that Liam tell Hope what had happened. Brooke and Taylor discussed that Hope had to know what was going on. Brooke and Taylor agreed to go to Liam's together to encourage him to tell Hope the truth.

At Forrester, Stephanie and Dayzee discussed Dayzee's upcoming wedding date. Dayzee said that Marcus had not made a commitment to a date. Eric, Thomas, and Ridge entered, and they said that Dayzee had a choice to make. Dayzee was baffled. They showed her pictures of wedding dresses and told her she had to decide on one. They added that the gowns were part of Hope's new line of wedding gowns.

Dayzee was overwhelmed. She asked who had designed them, and she said that she loved them all. Eric said that the triumverate of Eric, Ridge, and Thomas had designed the gowns, but she could only wear one. Marcus peeked in to see everyone, but they sent him away because Dayzee was looking at wedding gowns. Marcus left.

Dayzee chose a gown, and Eric said that it was the one that Thomas had designed. Eric and Ridge were very proud of Thomas -- he knew Dayzee's taste. Thomas teased that it was nice to come in first with his father and grandfather taking second and third place in design. Everyone left the office with only Stephanie remaining in the office.

Later, Marcus returned to the office to speak to Stephanie. Stephanie quizzed Marcus about his reluctance to set a wedding date. Marcus admitted that Thomas had also reminded Marcus that he needed to set a date. Marcus shared that Thomas had suggested that Marcus needed to imagine his life without Dayzee. Marcus acknowledged that he did not want to ever imagine his life without Dayzee. Marcus said that he wanted to get married immediately, and Stephanie agreed it was a wonderful idea.

In another office at Forrester, Dayzee thanked Thomas for the design and all the sweet things that he had said to Marcus to encourage Marcus to set a wedding date. Thomas said that if he had been Marcus, he would have married Dayzee immediately.

At Liam's, Taylor and Brooke entered, and Brooke wondered why Steffy was with Liam. They all argued about what to do, and Brooke insisted that Liam tell Hope what had happened. Steffy tried unsuccessfully to persuade Brooke that what had happened between Steffy and Liam meant nothing. Steffy reminded Brooke that Brooke had watched Liam marry Hope, and he obviously loved Hope. There was no reason to hurt Hope with something that did not affect their marriage.

Brooke insisted that Liam had to tell Hope what he had done. Steffy said that she wanted to talk to Liam alone, but Brooke objected. Liam told Brooke and Taylor to get out of his house. After they left, Steffy advised Liam to tell Hope what had happened. She reminded Liam that he and Hope were in love. She said that Hope would be angry, but she would forgive Liam, and they would move on.

Steffy and Liam discussed that they had almost run away together, but Steffy said that it clearly wasn't meant to be for them. Their encounter had been based on a misunderstanding, and it was very clear that Liam loved Hope. Liam looked conflicted.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's, Steffy and Liam discussed that Liam had to be the one to tell Hope what had happened in Italy. Steffy lamented that if Liam didn't tell Hope, Brooke would. Steffy reiterated that she wished that things had gone differently. They might have remarried. Liam said that he wished he hadn't hurt Steffy.

Liam teased that Steffy had fallen into the Adriatic Sea during his wedding. Steffy said that it had turned out to be the day from hell, but she realized that Liam and Hope were meant to be together. She also said that what had happened between them was none of Brooke's business, and Steffy said that Brooke had kept plenty of her own secrets. Steffy found that irritating, but she and Liam laughed about it. Steffy added that Brooke was never going to give up on making sure that Hope knew what had happened.

Steffy and Liam agreed that Hope would only be hurt by what had happened. Liam lamented that if Liam and Steffy hadn't had such a connection, Hope wouldn't be so hurt because Steffy and Liam's relationship was over. Steffy told Liam to remind Hope of their perfect wedding and how much he loved her. "Remind her; she'll understand," Steffy said.

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor told Ridge about the entire encounter in Italy between Liam and Steffy. Brooke said that she knew Liam loved Hope, but Hope deserved to know what had happened before Hope and Liam were married. Brooke said that Bill had told Liam to grab Steffy and pack, and meet him at the plane. Brooke claimed that Steffy had taken advantage of the situation. Taylor and Ridge disagreed. Ridge said that it appeared that Steffy had reached out to comfort Liam in the middle of a misunderstanding.

Brooke and Taylor agreed that Hope should be told about Liam and Steffy's encounter. Ridge disagreed. Brooke pointed out that she had learned that secrets always ended up finding their way out. Ridge said that before anyone did anything, he wanted to talk to Liam. Ridge left.

Taylor and Brooke discussed that they actually agreed on something for a change. They agreed that they might have been friends at some point if they hadn't spent their lives fighting over the same man. Taylor said that Brooke was annoying but also had a big heart and was very loyal.

Taylor added that Brooke needed to be prepared for what could happen if Liam told Hope about his encounter with Steffy. Taylor suggested that Hope could decide to leave Liam. Taylor added that they all knew Liam would return to Steffy if Hope left Liam. Brooke said that she didn't think that would happen.

In the Forrester showroom, Dayzee and Thomas discussed the new Hope for the Future bridal line with Hope as Hope prepared for a press conference. Marcus showed up, and he and Dayzee canoodled. Dayzee teased that they did not have a wedding date. Marcus told her that he had discussed with Eric and Stephanie that they could have their wedding at the Forrester home whenever they wanted. Dayzee was thrilled. Hope said that another perfect wedding was on the way, and Thomas looked jealous.

Marcus thanked Thomas for the nudge to get moving on the wedding. Marcus said that Dayzee was going to be a beautiful bride in a Forrester gown at the Forrester home. Marcus and Dayzee were excited.

Hope checked on dresses, and Steffy entered the showroom. Hope caught her up on the Hope for the Future bridal line. Hope said that she'd had the perfect wedding, and she was elated to share the idea that a perfect wedding was available to everyone, even if it didn't end up being exactly what people had planned. Steffy said that she had something important to tell Hope, but Hope said that it had to wait until after the press conference. Steffy said that it couldn't wait.

At Liam's, Ridge entered. Ridge and Liam discussed what had happened in Italy. Liam said that his relationship with Steffy was over. Liam added that he would have stayed married to Steffy if he had never met Hope, but he had met Hope and fallen in love with her. Liam intended to honor his vows with Hope.

Ridge asked Liam what he loved about Steffy, and Liam rattled off a number of qualities that he loved about Steffy. Ridge said that Liam certainly sounded like he still loved Steffy. Liam asked Ridge if Ridge thought that Liam should not have married Hope. Ridge told Liam that only Liam could answer the question.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Forrester rooftop, Eric and Stephanie found Dayzee and Marcus smooching. Eric said he was delighted to have the wedding at his house. Growing sentimental, Marcus stated that Eric was the best dad a guy could have. Marcus felt Eric had done a lot for him, and he couldn't thank Eric enough.

Thomas approached to remind them all that the preview would soon take place in the show room. They discussed Dayzee's dress, which Thomas had designed. The group told Marcus that he needed to wait to see the dress, but Thomas assured Marcus that it was an elegant gown. "One-of-a-kind," Thomas uttered, and he and Dayzee exchanged private glances.

Marcus thanked Thomas for the dress, but asked for another favor. Thomas listened with willingness, and Marcus asked Thomas to be the best man. Marcus figured that, since Dayzee didn't have a lot of family, she should be surrounded by loved ones. The honored Thomas agreed to stand up for Marcus, but hoped Marcus wouldn't say his vows via text messages. Marcus and Dayzee kissed, and Thomas seemed a little uncomfortable as he watched.

At the cliff house, Ridge questioned Liam's decisions, because Liam had almost run off with Steffy. Liam claimed that was because he'd thought Hope had left him. Liam asked if Ridge thought Liam had been wrong to get married. Ridge replied that only Liam could answer that. Liam said he'd married Hope because he loved her, but Ridge felt that Liam needed to do what was best for both women.

Just then, Brooke called Liam to say that, no matter what Ridge said, Liam had to tell Hope the truth immediately. After the call, Ridge doubted the wisdom in telling Hope anything, but he also figured that Brooke wouldn't let up. Liam decided that it was best if Hope heard it from him; however, he didn't think it was necessary to tell her about the video recording.

Liam thought it was ironic that Hope's line was called "Hope's Perfect Wedding." He said Hope felt that she wouldn't change a thing about their day. "Me, not so much," he added. Liam then noted that Deacon's uncanny appearance had been the catalyst for everything that had gone wrong. Ridge thoughtfully agreed that Deacon's appearance had been strange.

Liam didn't look forward to telling Hope that he'd betrayed her on their wedding day. Ridge figured it hadn't been intentional, but Liam declared that it had been wrong and stupid. Ridge, who understood what it was like to be in love with two women, said one couldn't help whom they fell in love with. Liam agreed and took off for Forrester.

Backstage at Forrester, Steffy said that the matter she had to discuss couldn't wait, and Hope wondered what was so important. The pair got interrupted several times as Steffy stammered for the right words. Noting how Hope happy seemed, Steffy decided that it wasn't the best time. Hope said it was fine. From her expression, Steffy seemed to change her mind about what she'd say, and then she stated that she was proud of how Hope had gotten things back on track.

Steffy hoped that she and Hope also could be friends someday. Steffy told Hope that their misunderstandings were in the past, and Steffy pledged her support for Hope's marriage. The deeply touched Hope hugged Steffy, and Steffy exited.

Hope continued to coordinate things backstage, and Liam arrived. Hope was on a career high, and Liam was glad that things were going so well for her. She bubbled with excitement about her line and said everything felt right to her because she'd returned to living out her values and principles. She claimed that, despite all that had happened on their wedding day, it really had been a perfect day.

Hope was glad that everything was behind them, and she could be authentic with the press and fans. She was sorry Liam had felt betrayed on their wedding day. Liam grew antsy and said he had to tell her something. Startled by his seriousness, she hoped it wasn't his health. Liam claimed it wasn't that; however, he hadn't been thinking straight on their wedding day, and he hoped she'd understand.

Later, Steffy arrived at Ridge's house to invite him to lunch. Brooke was there, and before Steffy made a hasty exit, Brooke announced that Liam he was on his way to tell Hope the truth. Brooke warned Steffy not to try to stop him, or cause more problems. Steffy claimed she was trying to protect Hope, but Brooke couldn't believe that Steffy suddenly cared for Hope.

Steffy claimed that if she'd been out to cause problems, she would have told Hope everything before the wedding. Brooke, however, was surprised that Steffy hadn't done just that. Steffy said that even though it would have been to her advantage, she hadn't said anything. Instead, she'd wound up on a bluff, unintentionally witnessing the nuptials. Steffy said that all she'd wanted was for Hope to never find out what had happened in the hotel room.

Brooke thought Steffy shouldn't have been in that room to begin with. Steffy claimed she'd been concerned to see Liam back at the hotel, so she'd checked up on him. Brooke felt that every time she turned around, Steffy was showing up wherever Liam was. Sick of it, Brooke told Steffy to let go of the fantasy. Steffy claimed that she and Liam kept finding their way back to each other, but Brooke said that was just because Steffy wouldn't leave him alone.

Steffy swore that she wasn't trying to manipulate things, and though she'd always love Liam, she had to live without him. Steffy insisted that it had been a miscommunication in Italy, and she'd taken the high road to spare Hope pain. Steffy felt that she and Hope were finally in a good place, but after the revelation, Hope would hate Steffy. "Is that what you want?" Steffy asked.

Brooke said she didn't want that, but the truth had to be told. Becoming tearful, Brooke wished she hadn't found out anything; however, she had, and she would not allow her daughter to begin a marriage based on a lie.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Backstage at the preview, Liam insisted that Hope needed to know what he'd done on their wedding day before she'd shown up at the Italian hotel. Just as Liam was starting to tell Hope what had happened, Eric interrupted to alert Hope that the show was about to begin. Hope promised Liam that they'd talk after the showing, and she took off.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Steffy debated whether Hope was better off knowing the truth about the wedding day. Brooke acknowledged that Hope had everything she wanted, but Brooke wasn't sure they could say the same about Liam, who, for a moment on his wedding day, had wanted Steffy. Brooke said that, by the time she arrived at Forrester, Hope would know everything.

Brooke left, and Steffy called Liam to find out if he'd told Hope. Liam said he hadn't been able to because the showing was about to start. Steffy urged him to appeal to Brooke again, but he doubted Brooke would give in after seeing that video. He wished he'd deleted it.

Steffy was with the tablet and offered to delete it for Liam. Liam told Steffy that no matter how things had turned out, their moments in the hotel room belonged to them and no one else. Steffy promised no one else would ever see the video.

After the call, Steffy located the video on the tablet. She emailed it to herself and deleted it from the tablet. She went to Ridge's office and called Ridge to say she was headed to the showing. Doubting that Steffy should be there while Liam was confessing, Ridge decided to meet Steffy in his office.

When Ridge met Steffy, she assumed that he knew everything, and he added that Brooke and Taylor did, too. Steffy implored Ridge to reason with Brooke, because what had happened had been a mistake that no one should have to pay for. Ridge left, and Steffy turned on her phone to view the Italy video. She smiled and then seemed tearful as she watched.

Brooke arrived backstage and was miffed to learn that Liam hadn't told Hope the truth about their "perfect day." Brooke thought it was unfair to have Hope going on and on to the press about a lie. Liam figured it had been perfect for Hope, so he didn't see the big deal. Hope approached and beamed about sharing her "perfect day" with the world, and Brooke scowled at Liam.

Moments later, Hope took the stage to introduce herself as Hope Spencer and cordially invited everyone to her perfect wedding. During the bridesmaids' gowns segment, Brooke continued to give Liam anxious looks, and Dayzee made Marcus stop texting on his phone. Bridal gowns began appearing on the runway, and Liam gave Hope a "thumbs-up" sign as she peeked out from backstage.

The showstopper sailed across the runway to a round of applause, and Hope reappeared on the runway to answer questions. Jarrett asked if Hope had really had the perfect wedding in Italy, and she admitted that there had been unexpected twists and turns. Jarrett wanted the juicy details, but Hope said she and Liam would keep those to themselves.

Hope invited Liam onto the runway, where she told him that their day had been perfect, even though it hadn't gone off without a hitch. She claimed that it had been perfect because they'd ended the day as husband and wife. Everyone clapped as she and Liam kissed.

Backstage after the show, Brooke congratulated Hope and said the strength of Hope's marriage had been tested in the couple's ability to handle challenges. Liam announced that he wanted time alone with his wife, and Brooke's stare narrowed on him as she left with everyone else.

Hope put her arms around Liam's neck and beamed about how lucky she was to be his wife. Liam was glad she felt that way, and he wanted her to remember that he loved her. Liam decided that he had to tell her what he'd been trying to tell her before the show. He explained that her perfect day really hadn't been perfect, and he wished he'd stayed at the church, because going back to the hotel had been "such a mistake."

Hope was dismissive about it, but Liam asserted that he hadn't been alone. He stated that Steffy had been there. Hope grew nervous and slowly responded, "Okay...." He murmured that he'd thought Hope had left him, and Hope asked what had happened next. "Liam, what did you do?" she asked.

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