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Monday, July 16, 2012

Backstage at Forrester, Liam stammered to explain that he'd really thought Hope had left him. Hope was trying to keep her composure as he reminded her that she'd been late, and so he'd gone to the Italian hotel to look for her. There, he'd found the note and assumed that history had repeated itself. Hope cited that, just like history repeating itself, Steffy had been with him again.

Hope wondered why Steffy had shown up to the room. Liam guessed that his father had told Steffy that Hope hadn't gone to the church. "Oh, how thoughtful of him," Hope murmured. Liam continued to say that he and Steffy had read the note, and though he'd wanted there to be another conclusion, all clues had seemed to point to Hope walking out on him.

Liam said he'd tried calling Hope, but Hope reminded him that she'd lost her phone. He wished he could have found a better excuse, because he'd known she wouldn't leave him. However, the note had said something very different. Hope bitterly guessed Steffy had made him feel better. Hope asked what had happened between him and Steffy. With a shrug, he admitted, "There was some kissing..."

Hope gasped, and Liam swore that had been it. "On our wedding day?" Hope exclaimed, asking again, "You were kissing Steffy the day we got married?" Hope tearfully asked why he'd chosen to tell her "this now." Liam claimed that he didn't want to lie or keep secrets. Hope said the problem she had was how quickly he'd turned to Steffy. Hope wondered if that were the way the marriage would be -- that each time he felt vulnerable, he'd turn to Steffy. Hope said he'd done the same thing when she'd been too busy with her campaign the other year.

Hope remembered how disheveled Liam had looked when she'd arrived at his hotel room, and she asked if he'd told her everything. He said he had and added that he wanted to stay married to her. Hope hated the thought of him kissing that woman on their wedding day, their "perfect" wedding day. Liam claimed that it had been perfect, and he'd never loved her more than he had on that day.

Liam only wanted Hope to remember the happy times during their wedding, but Hope exclaimed that she'd never be able to remember it without remembering what he'd done. She felt robbed, but Liam claimed he'd been living in an alternate reality at that time. He reasoned that Hope had gotten a glimpse of how badly he'd react if he ever lost her. Liam claimed that he loved her, and he'd never stopped loving her. He then implored her to forgive him.

Hope wondered if his feelings for Steffy would ever change. Hope didn't even know if he really wanted her and their marriage. Liam claimed he hadn't gone all the way to Italy for the pasta. Hope told him to prove it, because she needed to know that, from there on out, it was going to only be her. Crying, she stated that he was her husband, and she loved him; however, he'd better earn her forgiveness every single day. Before she could get all the words out, Liam pulled her into a passionate kiss.

In the showroom, Ridge rushed in, and Brooke was there with the cleaning crew. She wondered why Ridge had missed the show, and he said he'd been with Steffy. Brooke relayed that Liam was backstage, and he'd better be telling Hope the truth. Ridge wasn't sure about the whole thing, but Brooke reminded him of how bad secrets had been for their marriage. Brooke also didn't like Hope being at Steffy's mercy, because Steffy was still waiting on Liam instead of moving on.

Ridge reminded Brooke that they'd seen the newlyweds' love at the wedding, and he wondered how she could doubt it. Brooke said it was about commitment, and she and Hope needed reassurance from Liam. Ridge thought that Hope had looked very much like her mother at the wedding, and it had reminded him of another wedding that had happened on another beach. Brooke cooed that she and Ridge were engaged again, and Ridge said he didn't want to wait a long time to get remarried.

In Ridge's office, Steffy watched the Italy video on her phone. Taylor entered and said she'd been in the "dungeon" with Thorne, who'd thought that Hope had been at the top of her game. Taylor also figured that Liam had waited until after the show to talk to Hope. "This could be it. This could change everything," Taylor said.

Steffy wasn't interested in disrupting that marriage, and she didn't want Hope and Liam fighting over her. Steffy stated that all Taylor's talk did was cause Steffy to hope for something that would hurt Hope and Liam, who'd fought Steffy for their marriage. Taylor admired how Steffy was handling things. Steffy claimed to want the best for Liam; she'd thought it had been her, but she'd been wrong. Steffy was sure he'd have a happy life with Hope.

Ridge and Brooke entered and saw Taylor and Steffy hugging. Steffy was sure the newlyweds would work everything out, but Brooke said there'd be nothing to work out if it hadn't been for Steffy. Taylor replied that Brooke wasn't being fair, and Ridge asked the ladies to accept whatever would result from Liam and Hope's talk. Taylor was okay with that. Brooke was, too, but she advised Steffy to stop causing compromising situations.

Steffy asked everyone to leave, so she could be alone. The others filed out, and Steffy returned to watching the video of her and Liam on the bed.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Steffy sat at her desk and watched the video of the tryst she and Liam had had in Italy. She smiled as she watched the kissing and undressing. Brooke entered, and Steffy turned off her phone. Steffy noted that Brooke was worried that she hadn't heard from Hope and Liam. Steffy insisted that she didn't want them to break up, and she didn't want to hurt Hope.

In another office at Forrester, Hope forgave Liam for kissing Steffy. She added that it had all been a horrible misunderstanding. Pam entered and said that Jarrett wanted the interview that Pam had promised. He was waiting outside. Liam asked if Hope was kicking him out, and she said that she was. Liam left, and Hope looked very dejected. She stared at the poster of her Perfect Wedding campaign and looked tearful.

Jarrett entered and interrupted her thoughts. He quizzed Hope about why her wedding day hadn't been perfect. He wondered if it had anything to do with the former Mrs. Forrester -- Steffy. Hope tried to hide her disappointment. Jarrett said that their conversation was all off the record. Jarrett's phone rang, and he was shocked to discover that his car had been towed. Jarrett left.

Outside the office, Brooke showed up, and Pam warned Brooke that Jarrett had been with Hope. Brooke wondered what had happened to Liam, and Pam said that he had left. Pam wondered if Hope and Liam already had trouble in paradise. Brooke raced into the office after Jarrett left. Hope dished to Brooke all the news that Liam had shared. "All this time, I thought it was perfect," Hope said. Brooke pretended she had never heard the information before.

Hope worried that Liam had turned to Steffy quickly. He hadn't even given Hope a chance and had so little faith in her. In spite of that, Hope said that she had forgiven him. Hope wondered why Liam would think she'd leave a note and run. She cried that he always turned to Steffy, but then she justified her forgiveness with it being a couple of kisses and nothing more.

Hope was grateful that Liam had told her, but she worried that Liam always ran to Steffy. Hope worried about their history. Hope said that she knew her marriage would be tested, but she'd had no idea that it would be tested so soon. Brooke hugged her.

At Dayzee's, Dayzee and Marcus invited all the employees to the wedding. Anthony teased that it was short notice, but he would try to make it.

Donna and Justin entered and asked what was going on. Justin teased that Marcus might be waiting too long to set the wedding date. Caroline, Thomas, Stephanie, and Eric joined the crowd after a delay with a tire problem. They wanted to hear the news.

Dayzee wanted to make an announcement, but Marcus was busy with his phone. Dayzee was disappointed. Marcus perked up and they announced that they were getting married the next day at Eric and Stephanie's home. Thomas chimed in that the dress was almost ready, and Caroline and Donna volunteered to handle the bridal shower.

Later, Stephanie and Dayzee spoke privately about the wedding. Dayzee said that Stephanie had been like a mom to her. Dayzee asked Stephanie to be her matron of honor, and Stephanie teased that she did not want Dayzee to get all mushy, but Stephanie agreed.

At Forrester, Liam entered Steffy's office and told her that he'd lied to Hope about their time together. He had told Hope that they kissed, but did not tell her about them undressing and their plans to run away together. Liam told Steffy that Hope had already forgiven him, but he acknowledged that Hope did not know about the video. He thanked Steffy for deleting it.

Steffy admitted that she had made a copy for herself because that would be the last time that they would ever share time like that together. She said that she understood he needed to protect Hope.

Steffy pulled out her phone, and she and Liam longingly watched some of the video. Steffy hesitated, but she deleted the video off her phone. Liam said he'd make sure that Brooke and Katie didn't share any more details with Hope because Hope didn't need to know any more than he had told her.

Steffy said she'd always remember how close they had gotten to starting a life together. Steffy said that she would always remember that Liam had told her that he would always love her. Steffy and Liam smiled.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Hope greeted Steffy in her office. Hope said that she was sure Steffy had been expecting her because Hope had discovered what Steffy had done with Hope's husband.

Steffy tried to justify it by saying that Liam had not been Hope's husband at the time. Hope was not amused. Hope told Steffy that it had meant so much to her that Steffy had agreed to stand up for her at her wedding. Hope said that she felt they had gotten closer until she had learned the truth.

Steffy said that it had all been a huge misunderstanding when they believed that Hope had left Liam. Hope said that she had forgiven Liam. Steffy said that she understood. Hope said that she would also forgive Steffy. Steffy was shocked. Steffy admitted that she wasn't sure she would have forgiven Hope if the tables had been turned.

Hope said that she had realized she had to be more accepting of humans being human. Steffy sincerely congratulated Hope on being an adult and treating the situation with maturity.

Hope added that she had learned plenty of lessons. "Every lesson I've had to learn has had something to do with you," Hope said.

Steffy apologized. Steffy noted that they had all been on the merry-go-round with Liam for a long time. Steffy admitted that she had tricked Liam into marrying her. Steffy said that she knew she had done many things wrong, but she had changed. Steffy confessed that when she was married to Liam, she had thrown her marriage in Hope's face.

Steffy said that what had happened in Italy with Liam had had nothing to do with winning Liam or trying to hurt Hope. It was all about a misunderstanding. "Please believe that Hope," Steffy said.

Hope said that she understood and never wanted to discuss what had happened in Italy again.

In another office at Forrester, Liam showed up to see Brooke. He told her that he had told Hope about kissing Steffy. Brooke said that Liam had not told Hope the entire story. Liam said that it would only hurt Hope to hear everything. Brooke said that it concerned her that Liam was so quick to jump into bed with Steffy right after he'd had an issue with Hope. Brooke said that Liam had developed a destructive pattern of behavior.

Liam insisted that he loved Hope, and he had not made love to Steffy. It had all been based on fiction. Liam refused to rub Hope's face in the fact that he had nearly run away with Steffy. He encouraged Brooke to forget about what had happened.

"Now, you want me to lie to my daughter," Brooke said. Liam said that he loved Hope and wanted to spend his life with her and that he and Steffy were over. Brooke added that she wanted to believe Liam. "Stay away from Steffy," Brooke ordered.

At Dayzee's, the shower for Dayzee commenced, and Anthony chastised Marcus for his constant texting. Marcus and Dayzee discussed that they were both nervous about the wedding. Marcus promised Dayzee that she would never be a bride again because their union was for life, so she needed to enjoy every minute and let her guests spoil her.

Dazyee added that she was spending the night at Eric and Stephanie's home because she didn't want Marcus to see her before the wedding. Marcus said that he would miss her. He tried to persuade her to spend the night with him, but Dayzee refused. Marcus left and promised to return later.

Katie and Donna discussed how happy they were for Dayzee. Katie quizzed Donna about Justin. Donna admitted that she would always love Justin, but they were better off apart than together. Katie was disappointed. Donna told Katie that she had planned to fly to Dallas to see their father and take a cruise with him.

Pam and Stephanie noted that Dayzee was very happy. Pam remarked that she had almost had a wedding shower of her own. Stephanie said that it had been for the best that Pam had not married Stephen Logan.

Anthony hugged Dayzee, and he told her that his heart was bursting to see her so happy. He called her an inspiration. Anthony reminded Dayzee that many people loved her.

Later, Dayzee opened gifts from everyone. Katie had bought Dayzee a sexy nightie. Caroline had designed an outfit for Dayzee, and Dayzee's friend had made a necklace for her. Donna gave Dayzee a gift certificate for a day at a spa, and Stephanie and Eric gave Dayzee and Marcus an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii.

Later, Stephanie and Dayzee spoke privately about the wedding. Stephanie told Dayzee what an extraordinary young women she was. Stephanie said that Dayzee had taught her many life lessons. Stephanie said that she loved Dayzee.

Marcus was riding around in his car and texting Dayzee about how she would be spending her last night alone as a single woman. He suddenly hit something. He stopped the car, jumped out, and discovered that he had hit Anthony, who lay bloodied and unconscious on the side of the road. Marcus called 9-1-1 and begged Anthony to be all right. Marcus told the operator there had been an accident.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In Ridge's office, Donna arrived and found Eric in a nostalgic mood. The two bantered about their past marriage, and then Donna guessed that Eric loved getting to be father of the groom. Donna, on the other hand, felt as if she were giving Marcus up all over again -- and losing him to Stephanie, too. Eric said that Marcus had given up everything to find his mother, but Donna claimed Marcus had been looking for a sense of family, which he'd only gotten through Donna's marriage to Eric.

Eric replied that his adoption of Marcus would last forever. Donna was sad that Marcus had leaned on the Forresters instead of on her and Justin for the wedding. She felt left out of the family bond that Eric and Stephanie had built with Dayzee and Marcus. Donna figured Stephanie wouldn't allow her to participate in the bond, and Donna didn't really blame Stephanie for feeling that way.

On the street, Marcus tried to comfort Anthony. The paramedics arrived and rushed Anthony to the hospital. There, Dr. Meade admitted Anthony and sent Marcus for a toxicology screen.

Later, Marcus received a goodnight text message from Dayzee. At the same time, Dr. Meade entered the waiting area. Marcus plied Mead with questions, but Dr. Meade asked Marcus to leave, because Anthony wouldn't want the man who'd run him down to be anywhere around. Marcus asserted that the doctor wasn't being fair, because it had been an accident. Dr. Meade apologized and took off.

Lieutenant Baker arrived to question Marcus. Reviewing toxicology reports, Baker cited that Marcus hadn't been intoxicated while driving. Since the weather had been clear that night, Baker didn't understand how Marcus hadn't seen Anthony. Marcus seemed boggled by it, as well.

Baker quipped that Anthony had to have been on his knees, looking for his contact lens, for Marcus not to see Anthony. Marcus said Anthony didn't wear contact lenses, and Baker guessed Marcus knew the victim. Marcus replied that Anthony was close to someone that Marcus was "close to," and Baker figured that Marcus felt really bad about the incident. "Start at the top. Tell me what happened," Baker instructed.

At Stephanie's house, Dayzee couldn't believe that she was getting married the next day. She was surprised she believed in marriage, because she hadn't seen any succeed -- except for Eric and Stephanie's. "If you use my marriage as a model, honey, you'd be in big trouble!" Stephanie said as she chuckled. Stephanie felt that Dayzee was getting married because she could handle what the future had in store. Dayzee reasoned that one could prepare and prepare, and yet still somehow wind up unprepared.

While having a drink, Stephanie asked who'd give Dayzee away. Dayzee said that Anthony might -- if he made it to the wedding. Joking that he was a sweet man, but not their most reliable employee, Stephanie wondered if Dayzee had a contingency plan. Dayzee, who didn't have a backup, said that Stephanie and Anthony were the only two people Dayzee had chosen to honor with wedding positions.

Dayzee noticed that Marcus had been returning her text messages. She and Stephanie discussed Marcus being a ladies' man, but Stephanie was sure there was nothing to be worried about. Dayzee asked Stephanie about her first wedding night, but Stephanie claimed she didn't remember it. Dayzee threatened to fire Stephanie as the matron of honor, and Stephanie confessed that it might have been the worst night of her life.

Stephanie confided that she'd used her pregnancy to get Eric to marry her, and there had been a lot of secrets surrounding that pregnancy that hadn't surfaced for many years. Stephanie said she wanted Dayzee to know that, because she wanted Dayzee and Marcus to understand that keeping secrets wasn't the way to build a healthy marriage.

Dayzee went to bed, and Stephanie saw Dayzee's phone ringing. Seeing that it was Marcus calling, Stephanie answered it, but said he couldn't disturb the bride at that hour. Marcus claimed he really had to see Dayzee, and though he'd normally go to her, he didn't think "they'd" let him leave his location. Stephanie figured he had the wedding jitters, but claimed it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. He insisted that it was important, but she advised him to get a good night's rest.

After the call, Dayzee entered to retrieve her phone to use as an alarm. Stephanie remarked that Marcus had called, but she'd talked him through his wedding jitters. Dayzee said sleeping in that nice, big guest bed made her realize that she'd rather spend each night with Marcus than alone. Stephanie joked that there might be a time that Dayzee might want to put a pillow over his head.

Back at the hospital, Baker checked with Dr. Meade and learned that Anthony hadn't regained consciousness yet; however, there wasn't a skull fracture, and the doctor was optimistic about Anthony's recovery. Baker told Marcus that he could go home, but Marcus expressed surprise that he wasn't under arrest. Baker asked if Marcus had broken any laws, but Marcus guessed that was for Baker to determine.

Baker gave Marcus a business card and advised Marcus to cancel any travel plans for the next few days. Before leaving, Baker asked Marcus to text-message his phone number to Baker's phone. Marcus did so, and as Baker checked the message he'd gotten, he repeated that the weather conditions and the road had been clear that evening. He figured that Marcus had to have been distracted in order not to see Anthony before impact. A guilt-ridden Marcus stared down at his phone.

Friday, July 20, 2012

At the hospital, the panicky Marcus was relieved to see Thomas, who'd arrived at Marcus' request. Marcus explained that he'd accidentally hit Anthony with a car the previous night. Marcus mentioned that he'd been text-messaging Dayzee, and Thomas assumed that Marcus had been texting and driving. "No, Tom, I'm telling you, I just took my eyes off the road for a second," Marcus swore in a hushed tone.

Lieutenant Baker and his son, Charles, arrived and discreetly discussed the anticipated report on Marcus' cell phone activity at the time of the accident. Dr. Meade announced that Anthony had regained consciousness, and as he led Marcus in to see Anthony, Thomas and the detectives followed them.

The bandaged and bruised Anthony opened his eyes, and Marcus said he was sick about what had happened. Just then, Marcus' phone chimed a text message alert. Marcus checked it and then looked at the Bakers, who each eyed Marcus with suspicion.

Marcus and Thomas returned to the waiting area, where Dr. Meade explained that Anthony had contusions, broken ribs, and a broken leg. Dr. Meade had learned that Anthony had suffered a foot problem prior to the accident. Dr. Meade, an orthopedic surgeon, said he could fix that while treating the other injuries.

Dr. Meade exited, and Marcus stammered that he couldn't get married, because he needed to be there for Anthony. Certain that Anthony was in good hands, Thomas advised Marcus to return to the hospital after the wedding. Marcus read an incoming text message from Dayzee. Just then, Lt. Baker approached and took notice of Marcus' "fancy" phone.

Baker asked to see the device, because he was contemplating buying one for himself. Marcus handed it over, and Baker guessed that Marcus did a bunch of texting on the phone. Thomas abruptly said they needed to get to Marcus' wedding. Baker returned the device, and Marcus and Thomas left. Baker guessed Marcus used a fancy phone like that constantly. "Maybe too much," Charles added.

The report on Marcus' phone activity arrived on Baker's phone. It indicated that there had only been 27 seconds between Marcus' last outbound text and his call to emergency services. Charles concluded that Marcus had been texting when he'd hit Anthony. "Let's go," Baker instructed.

At the Forrester house, Stephanie checked on Dayzee, who was savoring every moment of the morning. Dayzee hadn't heard from Marcus yet, but hoped that he was just as happy as she was at that moment. Stephanie briefly left to check on the preparations and returned to say that Marcus hadn't arrived; however, everyone was excited. Stephanie wished Dayzee happiness, and they hugged.

Downstairs, Rick, Brooke, Ridge, and Eric congregated in the decorated living room. Brooke flashed her video camera and sauntered off to video the wedding, per Stephanie's request. Katie, Donna, and Justin joined the festivities, and when Caroline entered alone, Rick grinned.

Rick approached Caroline and offered to keep her company while Thomas filled his duties as the best man. Caroline complimented Rick's suit, and Rick joked that he looked better in a dress.

Brooke filmed a congratulations message from Ridge, and he joked that his new fiancée was a handful. Brooke handed the camera to Pam, who then filmed a shameless kiss between Ridge and Brooke. "Oh, yeah...She is a handful..." Brooke purred.

Donna and Katie watched Brooke from across the room and joked that Donna would be the "Logan Spinster." Donna figured it was hard for Bill to be on a business trip during Katie's pregnancy. Katie said he was texting her every hour, but everything was fine with mother and baby.

Next, Katie and Brooke chatted about Hope and Liam, who hadn't been able to attend the wedding due to work. Katie was still bothered by the video they'd seen, and Brooke revealed that Liam had confessed to Hope. "Everything?" Katie asked, and Brooke frowned knowingly.

Thomas and Marcus arrived, and the guests became animated with chatter. While filming the guests, Brooke noticed that everyone had arrived except Anthony.

Caroline hugged Thomas and said that the wedding was inspiring. He asked if she'd thought about her wedding, and she replied that she hadn't until she'd met him. Thomas hadn't pondered wedding details, but confessed that he'd thought of who he'd like to stand beside him on that day.

Thomas flashed a nervous look at Marcus, and Caroline wondered where he and the groom had been. She hoped that Marcus hadn't gotten cold feet. Thomas replied that it had been nothing like that, and Caroline wondered if it had been worse. He told her that they'd talk about it later.

By the fireplace, Marcus hoped Dayzee hadn't been too worried about his whereabouts. Stephanie said she hadn't let Dayzee "go there." He remarked that Dayzee loved Stephanie like a mother, and he hoped he deserved Dayzee. Stephanie replied that he certainly did, but Dayzee would need all his support, because the giving life that she'd chosen wasn't an easy one.

"Clarence," the officiant, announced that it was time, and Stephanie left to inform the bride. Thomas approached Marcus, and in a hushed whisper, Marcus insisted he couldn't do a wedding with Anthony in the hospital. Marcus further stated that Dayzee needed to know everything. Thomas, however, warned the groom not to ruin things for the bride.

The bridal march played as Dayzee strode down the aisle. The ceremony began, and there was a soft knock at the front door. Caroline quietly opened the door about halfway. Baker and his son flashed their police badges at her. Caroline whispered that there was a wedding taking place, but Baker replied that he needed to speak to Marcus.

"Clarence" stated that anyone with just cause against the wedding should speak, or forever hold his peace. From across the room, Marcus' eyes locked with Lt. Baker's.

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