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Monday, July 23, 2012

At the Forrester wedding, Caroline stood behind the half-opened front door as she told the detectives that it was a bad time because Marcus was getting married. Thomas and Marcus tensely glanced at the front door, and Charles suggested to his father that they return at another time. Lieutenant Baker asked Caroline to tell Marcus that they'd be in touch.

Marcus seemed relieved to see Caroline close the front door, and he returned his attention to the wedding ceremony. Clarence, the officiant, said that the couple had asked him to keep the wedding light and fun, and in line with that, he joked that the couple would remain together as long as Marcus could learn to stay off his cell phone. The guests laughed, but Marcus and Thomas clenched their jaws.

The guests pledged to support the couple, and then Justin read aloud a selection about love. Clarence asked the couple to remain honest, true, and dedicated to their commitment no matter what life offered. Dayzee recited vows that she'd composed herself, and in them, she committed herself to Marcus and his daughter, and she called Marcus her best friend.

In Marcus' vows, Marcus thanked God that he'd remained in Los Angeles after finding his mother, because finding her and his new family had led him to Dayzee. He thanked Dazyee for making him a better person, and he asked her to forgive him and steer him in the right direction whenever he made mistakes. The bride and groom exchanged rings, and Clarence pronounced them husband and wife. The newlyweds kissed as their family and friends cheered.

After the wedding, Caroline mentioned the police visit to Thomas, and he asked her not to say anything to anyone else about it. A short distance away, Katie and Rick watched the couple, and Katie encouraged Rick not to give up on Caroline. Rick figured that Thomas and Caroline were starting something together, but Katie urged Rick to send Thomas off to make a toast, so Rick could steal some time with Caroline. Rick did so, but as Thomas made his toast, his arm remained around Caroline.

As the reception continued, Dayzee was disappointed that Anthony hadn't made it to the wedding. Marcus covered by saying that they'd hold another reception at the café and invite Anthony. Nearby, Brooke filmed Donna and Justin's wedding wishes for the newlyweds. Pam quipped that she hoped it would last. Donna gasped, but continuing her dig at Donna, Pam stated that half of marriages failed, and in some cases, all of them.

Aside with Thomas later, Marcus was a wreck about Anthony. Thomas convinced the groom to wait until the next day to tell Dayzee what had happened. Marcus was very worried about Anthony, but Thomas promised to check on things at the hospital, too. Thomas added that he'd tell the police that Marcus would visit them the next day, and Thomas believed the detectives would understand why Marcus had waited until after his wedding to see them.

Caroline, who'd been watching the men, strode up to Thomas once Marcus had walked off. She was full of questions about the men's grave demeanor, and Thomas confided in her about what had happened to Anthony. Thomas also revealed that Marcus had been texting and driving. A shocked Caroline figured that Marcus hadn't told Dayzee yet. Sure that Marcus would do it the next day, Thomas reasoned that the newlyweds deserved their day to celebrate.

At the hospital, the detectives arrived to question Anthony. Dr. Meade asked them not to wear the patient out. Anthony told the detectives that Marcus, who was marrying Anthony's dear friend, had saved Anthony's life. Anthony remembered that he'd been crossing the street one moment, but had been in the hospital the next. To Anthony, Marcus had been the hero who'd called for help; however, Lt. Baker disagreed, because Marcus had been the one who'd struck Anthony in the road.

Anthony, who was six feet tall, was amazed that Marcus hadn't seen him in the street. The detectives told Anthony that it was hard to concentrate while on a cell phone. Lt. Baker revealed that Marcus had been texting while driving, and Anthony gravely shook his head. Anthony wanted to see Marcus immediately, but Baker said Marcus was at his wedding. Anthony grumbled that Marcus could not have told Dayzee, because she would have stopped the wedding.

Anthony was angry that Marcus had been sorry about the accident, but hadn't mentioned that it had been his fault. Anthony wondered what kind of a man would leave him in that condition to go ahead with a wedding. Baker said he wanted Anthony to take his time in deciding what he wanted to happen next. As a clip of Marcus and Dayzee dancing at the reception played, Anthony asserted that he wanted the Bakers to throw the book at Marcus. "Lock him up!" Anthony painfully exclaimed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

by Pam

At Ridge and Brooke's house, Ridge hope that Brooke would get caught up in the romance of weddings so they could plan their own wedding. Brooke asked Ridge to load the wedding video she had taken of Dayzee and Marcus onto her laptop. Brooke said that she had a wedding folder on her computer desktop where she had downloaded all the wedding photos from Liam's iPad. Brooke and Ridge laughed that they had become techno geeks.

Brooke went through her closet and pulled out a sparkling jacket. She said that she was giving it to Hope who was branching out in her style. Ridge agreed that it was a good thing. Brooke told Ridge that Hope's wedding would have been as perfect as Marcus and Dayzee's if it hadn't been for Steffy. Ridge disagreed, and he mentioned that Hope still didn't know the whole story. In addition, Brooke said that the video had been deleted, so they could put the incident behind them.

Ridge took a shower, and when he returned to the bedroom, Brooke was asleep. Ridge prepared to load the video from Marcus and Dayzee's wedding into Brooke's wedding album folder on her computer desktop. He opened the wedding album folder and saw the photos from Hope and Liam's wedding. Suddenly Ridge saw the video of Steffy and Liam was visible in the folder. Ridge debated watching the video, but he did watch. He looked shocked as he watched.

A Forrester, Thomas and Caroline giggled after they hid in an office and started making out. Thomas started to take off his shirt. Caroline admired his body, but wondered if he thought they were going to do something in the office. Thomas laughed and said that he had planned to change his shirt before they went to the hospital to see Anthony.

Thomas and Caroline discussed whether it was a good idea to hide the information from Dayzee. Caroline and Thomas agreed that it was important not to ruin Dayzee's wedding night. Thomas called Dr. Meade to ask how Anthony had been.

At the Forrester cabin, Marcus and Dayzee discussed how amazing their wedding day had been. Dayzee said her favorite part of the day was kissing Marcus at the altar. Marcus said that his favorite part was putting the wedding ring on Dayzee's finger. Dayzee said she really wished that Anthony had been there to see the wedding, but she guessed that he had to have had a good reason for missing the wedding. Marcus looked pensive.

Marcus and Dayzee kissed and hugged. Dayzee said that she wanted Marcus to woo her occasionally throughout their marriage. She demanded that he deliver flowers also, on occasion. He responded that he would handle both. She also told Marcus that she wanted him to always be true to himself and kiss her every night before they went to bed.

Dayzee said that she had married her best friend and a man she trusted and respected. Marcus got ready to tell her about the accident, but Thomas called and interrupted. Thomas said that there was no reason to tell Dayzee about the accident and ruin her wedding night. Thomas said that the doctor had said that Anthony was much better. Thomas suggested that Marcus wait until the next day.

Later, Dayzee told Marcus that she was the happiest that she had ever been in her life. Marcus asked her to promise that she would always remember how much he loved her.

At the hospital, Dr. Meade checked on Anthony, and Thomas and Caroline visited. The doctor promised to make Anthony better than he had ever been before he left the hospital. Anthony said that the entire incident had been Marcus' fault. Anthony guessed that Dayzee didn't know about it because if she had known, she would have been at the hospital.

Anthony said that Dayzee would have wanted to know. Anthony said that he had thought that Marcus was a good man and would be a good husband for Dayzee, but he wasn't. Anthony said what Marcus had done was a flat-out crime. He had broken the law.

Thomas explained that he had advised Marcus not to tell Dayzee about the accident. Thomas apologized and said that he didn't want Marcus to ruin Dayzee's wedding day. Thomas told Anthony that he thought they had made the right decision. Anthony was disappointed.

At Hope and Liam's house, they agreed to spend time alone and unplug from computers and phones. Hope said that she was glad to hear only the breeze. They snuggled and discussed that they had missed Marcus and Dayzee's wedding. Liam said that he hoped they could pretend it was their wedding night again. Hope giggled and said that she felt bad that they had missed the wedding. Hope and Liam agreed that work and the last-minute wedding plans had prevented them from attending the wedding.

Hope said that she had a gift for Liam. She presented him with a new iPad. Hope said that his screen had been broken on the other iPad, and she wanted to offer a new one as a peace offering so that Liam knew that Hope was completely over what had happened between him and Steffy.

Liam thanked Hope and said that he should have showered Hope with gifts. Hope said that they'd had many crazy things happen recently. She added that most of them had happened on their wedding day. Hope recalled that her father had shown up for the first time in her life right before her wedding, and then she had found out about Steffy and Liam.

Hope said that she wished that it had not happened. She said that she was happy that Liam had been completely honest with her. Hope said that she was proud to be Liam's wife.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

by Pam

At Hope and Liam's house, Hope and Liam kissed, and Hope said she was going to borrow some of her mother's clothes. Liam said that he remembered Hope had worn one of Brooke's negligees. Hope laughed and said that she had kept the negligee and might wear it for him later.

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke discussed Hope and Liam's marriage. Brooke said that they were all fortunate that Hope would never see the video. Ridge said that he was worried. Brooke said that Hope and Liam were fine, and Brooke said the video was gone.

Ridge disagreed. He said that he had watched the video. He explained that he had discovered it on Brooke's laptop. Ridge conjectured that Brooke had copied all the wedding photos from Liam's iPad, and she apparently had also copied the video onto her laptop.

Ridge said that he had watched the video, and it was clear that Liam and Steffy were very much in love. Ridge said that he saw the things Liam had said to Steffy and the passion they shared. Ridge added that Liam hadn't appeared to be a man ready to be married to someone other than Steffy. Brooke said that Liam had told Hope what had happened, and she had forgiven him.

Ridge said that Liam had not been totally honest with Hope. Brooke agreed, but she said that total honesty was cruel when it came to the video. Brooke asked Ridge if he had deleted the video, and he had not. Brooke panicked. She said that Hope was at the house, trying on clothes with the computer in full view. Brooke hoped that Hope would have no reason to use the computer, but Brooke and Ridge worried that Hope would see the video on Brooke's computer.

On the Forrester rooftop, Liam met with Steffy. He thanked her for deleting the video. They chatted. Steffy cooed that Liam was fortunate that Hope had forgiven him. Steffy said that if she had heard about Liam kissing another woman on her wedding day, she would not have been so forgiving. Steffy added that Liam was also fortunate that Hope had never seen the video because it wasn't something from her wedding day that any bride would ever want to see. Liam agreed.

At Brooke and Ridge's house, Hope checked out Brooke's closet and took a couple of dresses with her. Hope saw the laptop sitting on Brooke's table. Steffy called Hope and asked Hope to email the new ad copy she had promised. Hope said that she would pull up her information on the Forrester server from her mother's computer. Hope finished gathering up some of Brooke's dresses and jewelry. Then she sat down at the computer and saw the wedding album file folder on Brooke's desktop.

Hope used Brooke's computer, and she marveled that Brooke had copied the entire wedding album file. After Hope sent the email that she had needed to send to Steffy, Hope opened the wedding folder and looked at the photos. Suddenly, she saw the video of Steffy and Liam. She stared in shock as the video started to play.

At the Forrester cabin, Marcus finally admitted to Dayzee that he had run into Anthony with his car. Marcus said that he hadn't wanted her to worry. Dayzee was tearful, and she wondered if he had been texting. Marcus lamented that he had only taken his eyes off the road for a few seconds. Dayzee said that she believed him and she loved him.

At the hospital, Dayzee and Marcus entered Anthony's room. Anthony told Dayzee that Marcus was the person who had hit him. Anthony chastised Marcus and advised Marcus to tell the police the truth about his texting and driving. Marcus admitted that he knew it was illegal to text while driving, but that he had only glanced away from the road for a moment.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the rooftop, Steffy got Hope's email and assumed that Hope had sent it from Brooke's house. Liam expressed surprise that Hope was still at her mother's house, but Steffy urged him to let Hope take her time, because there was no telling what she'd find in Brooke's closet. Imagining that Brooke owned a lingerie vault with some freaky things in it, Steffy was sure Hope would find something to change Hope and Liam's relationship.

Steffy joked that a trip of her own into Brooke's boudoir could teach her Brooke's secret to keeping a man. Liam grimaced as if she'd hurt him, but she figured she had to joke or cry. The two recalled a Bob Hope quote and laughed. Liam said Steffy could make him laugh when he felt like crap. She hoped he didn't feel that way as a newlywed, and he assured her that he and Hope were happy.

Steffy called Hope a genuine person, and Steffy was impressed that Hope had forgiven her. Liam noted that the two women were getting along well, and Steffy decided that Liam had great taste in women. She figured that she and Liam had learned a lot from each other, but she had to learn to let go and say "goodbye and good luck." Upon uttering a final "Cha-cha-cha," Steffy took off.

In Ridge's office, Brooke was worried about Hope finding the Italy video on the laptop in Brooke's bedroom. Brooke tried to focus on work, but all she really wanted to do was go home and erase that video. Wishing it could be put to rest, Brooke figured that Liam's honesty and apology to Hope should have been the end of it. Ridge figured that the video was as honest as it could get.

Brooke suggested that Ridge put it in context, because Liam had married Hope. Ridge added that Liam had done so after asking Steffy to leave with him, and Hope knew nothing about that. "And she won't," Brooke replied. Ridge, however, stated that Brooke didn't want her daughter to know that Liam was in love with another woman. "Cause that's exactly what that video boils down to," he insisted.

At Brooke's house, Hope stared at the Italy video on her mother's computer and then pressed the "play" icon. Hope was heartbroken and in tears as, on the video, Liam told Steffy that it was just the beginning. Hope then saw Liam and Steffy fall onto the bed together. Gasping, Hope hopped up and slammed the laptop onto the floor.

As Hope sobbed, Brooke strode into the room. Instantly, Brooke knew what had happened, and she hugged her daughter. Hope was disgusted by the idea of Liam and Steffy rolling around on a bed on his wedding day. Brooke tried to convince Hope that whatever had happened on that video had meant nothing to Liam once Hope had found him. Realizing that Brooke had seen the video, Hope asked why Brooke even had it. "What is that?" Hope tearfully yelled.

Brooke explained that she'd inadvertently transferred it onto her laptop with all the wedding photos, and Liam hadn't even known it had existed at the time. Brooke tried to reassure Hope of Liam's love, but Hope realized that Brooke had seen the video and forced Liam to reveal to Hope what had happened with him and Steffy before the wedding. Brooke stated that no one had wanted to hurt Hope, but she'd needed to know the truth.

Hope cynically chuckled about her "perfect wedding day," and Brooke decided that Hope didn't need to see any more of the video, because Liam had confessed everything. Brooke up-righted her laptop, but Hope grabbed it and quipped that Liam hadn't confessed everything.

Hope played the part of the video during which Liam had asked Steffy to go away with him. Hope exclaimed that he'd declared that he'd been done. "Done with me! Listen to his voice!" Hope said and played the part during which Liam claimed that it was just the beginning for him and Steffy. A disillusioned Hope wondered how in the world he could have said that and then turned around and married her. "How could he do that? Who did I marry?" asked Hope.

At the hospital, the Bakers assumed that Marcus had just made a confession; however, Marcus insisted that he'd been apologizing to Anthony, not copping to anything. The detectives persisted, because Marcus' words had been telling. Marcus explained to Dayzee that texting and driving was a crime, and Dayzee figured that meant he'd get a ticket. Lieutenant Baker replied that, because of Anthony's injuries, Marcus would receive a pair of handcuffs and a trip downtown.

Dayzee panicked and implored Anthony to tell the police that it hadn't been intentional. She reminded Anthony that Marcus had agreed to pay the hospital bills, and Dr. Meade could fix Anthony's foot. Anthony guessed it seemed as if he were being harsh, and Dayzee repeated that Marcus hadn't done it on purpose.

Lt. Baker remarked that drunk drivers never meant to hurt people, either, but Dayzee corrected that Marcus had not been drunk. Charles concluded that texting and driving was a serious offense. Charles cited that at 55 miles per hour, a driver could travel the length of a football field in 4.6 seconds -- the same amount of time a driver's eyes left the road during text-messaging.

The detectives explained that causing bodily injury while texting and driving could result in heavy fines, or one to six months in jail. Marcus exclaimed that he had a wife and a job, but Lt. Baker argued that Anthony had been seriously injured as a result of Marcus' negligence and disregard for the law. Anthony said that he'd warned Marcus to put that phone away and give Dayzee the attention she deserved. Dayzee begged Anthony not to take Marcus from her, but Lieutenant Baker said it wasn't up to Anthony. "A crime has been committed, and charges will be filed," Baker decided.

Dayzee sobbed as Charles attempted to handcuff Marcus, and Lt. Baker recited Marcus' rights to him. Marcus, however, promised to go peacefully without handcuffs. Dayzee begged Anthony to say something, and Marcus asked her to call his father. Dayzee sobbed, but as the police escorted Marcus out, he promised it would be okay. The door closed behind them, and Dayzee's stare sliced over to Anthony.

Friday, July 27, 2012

In Brooke's bedroom, the disillusioned Hope watched the video of Liam making out with Steffy on the bed, and Hope wondered how he could have done it. Brooke tried to convince Hope that things had ended between Steffy and Liam, but Hope was enraged that her mother could defend him. The red-nosed and teary Hope wondered if there were more to be seen than the abruptly cut video had shown. "The video stopped, but that does not mean that Liam and Steffy did!" Hope exclaimed.

Brooke said Liam had told her that it hadn't gone further. Hope rolled her eyes and huffed at the thought of taking his word for it. Hope stated that he'd lied to her, and she didn't know him anymore. Brooke attempted to talk Hope down, but Hope roared at her mother to stop defending Liam, who'd planned to leave with Steffy on Bill's jet.

Hope knew that Liam still loved Steffy. Brooke reasoned that Liam was committed to Hope. Hope wondered if that would only last until the next misunderstanding drove Liam into Steffy's arms and bed. Brooke asserted that Liam and Steffy hadn't slept together, but Hope wondered how he could bounce between her and Steffy that quickly. Hope sadly recalled that he'd made her feel like the most important woman in the world to him; however, she really wasn't.

Brooke insisted that Liam's vows had been sacred, but Hope wondered what she was supposed to do after seeing the video. Brooke stated that Liam had made a mistake, and he was sorry. Hope didn't know if he'd turn to Steffy again, but Brooke doubted he'd run around cheating on Hope. Brooke thought Liam just hadn't been thinking straight after finding the note.

Hope said that if she'd found a note like that, she would have chased Liam down. However, Liam had read the note, and that had been it for him. He hadn't tried, or fought for him and Hope. "All he saw was her, and all he wanted was her," the dazed Hope uttered and wandered to the bedroom door. Brooke called after Hope, but Hope wordlessly closed the door behind her as she left.

In Ridge's office, Steffy sat behind the desk, and she and Liam were shocked by what Madison had just told them about Marcus and Dayzee. Bill arrived with an envelope from Italy. Liam opened it and expressed surprise that he and Hope still had to sign something. "To make your marriage official," Bill responded. Liam said he'd thought it already was official, and Steffy took that as her cue to exit.

Steffy strode to her office to work but found Taylor waiting there. Taylor wondered if Steffy were still thinking about the video. Steffy said there was no video, and nothing could change Liam's marriage -- once it was legal. Taylor asked what that meant. Steffy explained that the couple still had to file paperwork in the United States, but they were married in all the ways that counted.

Taylor left, and as Steffy worked, she glanced at a photo of herself and Liam. She grabbed it to put it in a drawer, but her memories of her Aspen wedding overtook her. Then she recalled falling on the bed with Liam in Italy, and she put the photo back in its place on the table.

Later, Brooke arrived in Steffy's office, anxiously searching for Ridge. Brooke murmured that Hope had seen the video on Brooke's computer. Steffy stated that it wasn't possible, but Brooke huffed that she didn't have time to explain, because Hope was devastated. Steffy wanted to help, but Brooke ordered Steffy to stay away -- as she should have done on the wedding day. Brooke warned Steffy not to try to capitalize on the problem. "You really think they won't make it?" Steffy hopefully asked.

Back in Ridge's office, Liam reviewed the paperwork, and Bill promised that he'd put his agenda about Steffy and Liam in the past. Bill had accepted that Hope was the woman for Liam. The guilt-ridden Liam sighed and blurted out that something had happened between him and Steffy in Italy. Liam then explained that, before the wedding, some intense kissing had transpired between him and Steffy because of that note. He insisted that they hadn't had sex, and Bill wondered what the big deal was.

"I told Hope," Liam murmured. Bill sighed and wondered when his son would stop being such a boy scout. Liam admitted that it had been dicey, but Hope had forgiven him. He felt that he and Hope had never been stronger. Bill asked about Steffy, and Liam guessed that she was moving on with her life. "Are you sure about that?" Bill asked.

Later, Liam arrived home with his paperwork and giddily showed the package to Hope. He explained that the marriage wasn't yet official. He headed toward the door, saying he'd explain on the way to the courthouse -- and then they'd make the honeymoon official. Looking behind him, he realized that Hope wasn't following him. She said she wasn't going, and he guessed they could do it the next day.

"You told me you kissed her," Hope uttered. Liam tensed, and Hope stated that he'd done more than that. She said he'd been all over the bed with Steffy and making plans. "It's all on the video," she continued. Adding that she'd seen it on her mother's laptop, Hope wondered how he'd left the bed with Steffy to look into Hope's eyes and recite vows.

Liam claimed that he'd meant his vows, and he refused to let Hope overreact, because he'd told her what had happened. Hope corrected that he'd told her what he'd wanted her to know after her mother had forced him to do so. Liam wondered why she'd want to know details like that, but she couldn't believe he was playing "that card" with her.

Liam suggested that Hope calm down, but Hope declared that everything was ruined. Liam said that nothing was ruined unless they chose to ruin it. He claimed that he'd been hers with every breath he'd taken, and he'd continue to be hers forever. He felt that it had been a long haul to get to where they were, and they never would have made it to their beautiful moment if their love hadn't been strong enough. Kissing her cheek and hugging her, he insisted that they'd get through it.

In Liam's embrace, Hope hung her arms lifelessly by her side, and she shed a tear as she stared at the marriage paperwork on the table.

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