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Monday, July 30, 2012

In Ridge's office, Pam told Bill that she was starting to feel sorry for Donna, and Bill replied that Marcus was a screw-up not to see a full-grown man in the road. Ridge arrived and saw Bill leafing through Ridge's paperwork. Ridge berated Pam for escorting any old person into his office. Pam claimed that Bill had walked in by himself, and Bill reminded Ridge that Bill owned twelve and a half percent of the business. Ridge asked what Bill wanted to do with twelve and a half percent of Ridge's attention.

Bill suggested that the Forresters put up the bail for Marcus, because Justin was too proud to take Bill's help. Taylor opened the door, and Pam told Taylor that they were having a meeting. Annoyed, Ridge stated that Taylor, who had carte blanche, was allowed in the office. Pam reminded Ridge that she had scar tissue on her brain, so it'd be great if he could limit the number of times he changed his mind.

Pam exited, and Taylor asked if Bill had told Ridge that Hope and Liam's marriage wasn't legal. Bill didn't know what the big deal was and said he hadn't suggested that Steffy make a last-ditch effort for Liam. Taylor wasn't sure that Liam would have married Hope, but Bill thought they needed to face that they'd backed the wrong horse. After seeing the video first-hand, Ridge doubted Liam's intentions.

Taylor wondered how Ridge had seen it, and Bill asked what video they were talking about. Ridge was shocked that Katie hadn't informed her husband about the infamous pre-wedding video. Bill wanted to know who he needed to sue for making it. Ridge explained that Liam had made it himself accidentally and had confessed a sanitized version of the events in it to Hope.

Ridge said Hope didn't know about the video, and he figured Brooke had erased it already. Taylor thought it was interesting that the person who'd started all the controversy had gotten away. Bill wondered who that might be, and Ridge pointedly answered that it was Deacon Sharpe.

In Steffy's office, Steffy wondered how the video had gotten on Brooke's computer at all. She called Brooke a human wrecking ball for the mess she'd made by copying the video to the laptop. Brooke warned Steffy not to take advantage of the situation, but Steffy insisted that she'd urged Liam to marry Hope. Brooke wondered why Steffy had been at the hotel, kissing him in the first place. Steffy claimed that she was done undermining Hope, but Liam was someone that Steffy wouldn't say "no" to.

Steffy claimed that she and Hope had grown and matured a lot, and she had more faith in Hope to figure things out than Brooke did. Brooke insisted that it was different, because Hope had never seen Steffy and Liam together that way before. Steffy stated that Liam hadn't been operating on correct information; however, Hope shouldn't have been surprised by Steffy and Liam's connection.

Brooke figured Hope would get past it, since she was a married woman. "Almost a married woman," Steffy replied. Brooke declared that the couple was married, but Steffy lightly hinted that the two hadn't made it legal in the United States. Steffy figured that, though it wasn't the most ideal day for Hope to exchange vows again, she eventually would.

Steffy guessed Brooke would warn her away from Liam; however, Steffy claimed that she was living her life, not chasing him around with a butterfly net. Steffy figured that he knew what he could have with her, and he'd almost married her again. Brooke asserted that he'd married Hope. "Give or take a few signatures. What they do about that is their own business," Steffy quipped.

At the cliff house, Liam implored Hope to remember the vows he'd made. She said it had all been a façade, and they weren't really married. Liam gulped, stating that they were just signatures away from it, but Hope claimed she was glad they weren't. Liam reasoned that she needed to not be hasty and remember what it had taken to get there.

Hope remembered that she always seemed to be "the problem" in their relationship; however, she'd realized that Liam couldn't even see that there was something wrong with him. Liam stated that he wasn't pretending to be blameless. Hope asked why she was always the unstable one who overreacted, when in reality, it was his need to have a woman adore him that made Steffy and Hope interchangeable to him. Hope stated that ping-ponging between her and Steffy on the wedding day had been as easy as changing a channel for him.

Liam figured that Hope felt the way he'd felt when he'd believed that the note had been from her. Hope asked why he hadn't had any faith in her, but then she sardonically recalled that it had been because she'd done it to him before during the first engagement. "When I caught you making out with Steffy!" Hope seethed.

Liam quietly stated that he was just trying to explain how the mistake had happened. Hope said that thinking the note was from her didn't make it logical for him to jump into bed with Steffy five minutes later. Hope recalled that he'd said he'd kissed Steffy because he'd needed comfort, but what he'd really needed was to tear her clothes off. Liam reasserted that he hadn't had sex with Steffy.

Hope wondered what she would have seen if the recording had continued. Then it dawned on her that she would have heard herself knocking on the door as he'd been rebuttoning his shirt. Liam stated that he and Steffy had already stopped before then, but Hope then realized that Steffy had been in the room and listening to them the whole time Hope had been there.

Hope wanted to know why Liam had kept Steffy hidden, if he and Steffy hadn't been doing anything wrong. Before he could formulate an answer, Hope asked what had happened after she'd left the hotel room. Liam claimed that he and Steffy had discussed their mistake, but Hope imagined that there had been a goodbye kiss. Liam claimed they were married and "better than this."

Hope recalled Liam's wedding vows, and Liam insisted that he'd meant them. Hope asked if he'd meant his words to Steffy and how she'd handled him leaving to marry Hope. Liam apologized for not having faith in Hope; however, he said he loved her, and they were married, as they'd always wanted. Glancing at the paperwork, Hope wondered if they really were.

Liam conveyed that it was just a formality. He picked up a pen, and Hope lifted the papers from the table. Thinking she'd sign them, he thanked her. To his mortification, she ripped up the papers. Hope called their wedding day a hoax. She refused to sign something that proclaimed that the day in that video had been the day they'd been married.

Liam asked if all their love, effort, hope, and happiness had amounted to nothing. He didn't believe that they would end in that way. He said he wasn't perfect, and he needed forgiveness. Liam reminded Hope that he'd given it to her when she'd needed it. Hope wished that she could hate him. "Forgive me, Hope. Say you forgive me," Liam uttered.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

by Pam

At Hope and Liam's place, Liam begged Hope for forgiveness. He said that he realized that he had "screwed up." He told Hope that he loved her and wanted to be married to her. Hope wasn't so sure.

"You're still in love with her," Hope said of Steffy. "That's what I saw in that video." Hope added that an hour after Liam had promised to spend the rest of his life with Steffy, he had left the hotel room and pledged his love to Hope.

Liam reminded Hope how happy they were when they walked down the steps in Italy. He reminded her of how much they shared when they spoke their vows and promised to love one another. Hope said she couldn't forget their vows, but she didn't think she could ever forget what Liam had done before the wedding.

"I wish I could pretend that you let Steffy go, but you didn't," Hope said. She headed out the door, and Liam begged her to stay.

At the police station, Justin told Marcus and Dayzee that he had hoped Bill Spencer could pull some strings and get Marcus out, but Justin added that Marcus might have to spend the night in jail. Lieutenant Baker said that Marcus had sent 157 texts per day for days. Baker added that Marcus had slammed into an innocent pedestrian. Baker chided that Marcus would miss his nice, cozy lifestyle. "See you in court," Baker said.

Justin told Marcus to say nothing because he could end up doing 30 days to six months. Dayzee added that Marcus had never meant to hurt anyone. Justin said that it all depended on the judge.

At Forrester, in Steffy's office, Steffy told Brooke that Liam had married Hope. Steffy wondered why Brooke had not made sure that Hope knew how much Liam loved Hope. He clearly loved her enough to leave Steffy again and return to Hope after a misunderstanding.

Brooke insisted that Steffy needed to avoid Hope and Liam, and let them work things out. However, Steffy made no promises. Steffy acknowledged that she knew how much Hope and Liam loved each other. Steffy complimented Hope on how she had matured, but Steffy added that if Hope let Liam go, Steffy would take him back in a minute. Brooke chastised Steffy and warned her to stay away from Liam. Brooke left.

Hope returned to Forrester, and she walked past Steffy's door. Hope gazed into Steffy's office in disgust. Steffy stopped Hope, and Steffy apologized. Hope mocked Steffy's apology and said that she had heard it all before. Steffy encouraged Hope to stay with Liam. Hope noted that Steffy and Liam had always been connected. Hope sarcastically remarked that it was noble that Steffy actually wanted Hope to stay with Liam.

Hope said she no longer wanted Liam. Hope held up her wedding ring and challenged Steffy to take it. "I know you want to," Hope said. Steffy hungrily eyed the ring.

At Liam's, Brooke showed up, and Liam explained that he couldn't get through to Hope. Liam didn't know if Hope wanted to be married anymore. Liam told Brooke that he refused to give up on Hope.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

by Pam

At Hope and Liam's place, Liam told Brooke about how Hope had ripped up the marriage document that Liam had asked her to sign to legalize their marriage in the United States. Liam said that Hope had said she hated their wedding day. Brooke explained that Hope was hurt, but Hope hadn't stopped loving Liam.

Liam lamented that he had made a huge mistake when he saw the note from Deacon and had assumed that it was from Hope. Liam admitted that he had not been thinking rationally. He regretted that he had turned to Steffy. Liam had not wanted to tell Hope about his time with Steffy because he had known it would hurt her. Liam realized that he had hurt both Steffy and Hope. Brooke left.

At the police station, Marcus and Dayzee discussed Marcus' possibility of getting out of jail. Dayzee said that she was thankful that Bill Spencer had pulled some strings to get Marcus out of jail. Dayzee and Marcus told one another that they couldn't wait to get back together. Marcus regretted texting in the car, and admitted that he could have killed Anthony.

At Forrester, Thomas and Caroline made out, but they stopped because Thomas said that he had promised to check on Marcus' car at the repair shop. Thomas and Caroline arrived at the repair shop to check on the vehicle, and the mechanic said that it had minor damages -- a flat tire and a busted rim. Thomas and Caroline wondered how Marcus' car could have such minor damage when he had supposedly hit Anthony. They both remarked that it was odd, but the mechanic said that was all that was wrong.

Thomas and Caroline left in Thomas' car, and hit a pothole that resulted in a flat tire and broken rim. They both realized that the same thing might have happened to Marcus.

At Forrester, in Steffy's office, Hope dangled her wedding ring and challenged Steffy to take it. Steffy refused, but Hope reminded Steffy that she had worn Hope's ring before -- for months. Steffy claimed that she didn't want Hope's ring or her husband. Hope said that she didn't want Liam anymore because he clearly wanted Steffy so much that he hadn't been able to keep his hands off her on his wedding day.

Steffy apologized and admitted that it had all been a mistake due to the note that Deacon had left for Hope. Steffy explained that Liam had panicked and thought that Hope had left him. Hope said that she would have expected Liam to wonder what had gone wrong and to try to find Hope -- not jump into bed with Steffy.

Steffy said she had known that Liam had wanted Hope all along. She had realized it when she heard Liam and Hope talking in Liam's suite. Steffy admitted that she had been hiding in the bathroom when Hope had returned to the suite. Steffy said that she had realized how much Liam loved Hope. Steffy said she had told Liam to marry Hope and enjoy his life with her. Steffy admitted that letting go of Liam was the hardest thing she had ever done.

Steffy encouraged Hope to get over everything that had happened and return to her husband. Steffy warned that Hope needed to learn to cope with adversity, but Hope countered that everyone had lied to her and hurt her. It wasn't adversity at all. Hope recalled that she had invited Steffy to Italy so that they could be close again like they had been when they were younger and truly sisters.

"I don't love you anymore," Hope said. She added, "I hate you." Steffy looked hurt, and Hope left.

Steffy called Liam to tell him that she had tried to talk Hope into returning to Liam. Steffy added that Hope had said how much she hated Steffy. Liam apologized. Steffy said that it was okay because she wanted Liam to be happy. Liam told Steffy how wonderful she had been.

In another office at Forrester, Katie and Brooke talked about Liam and Hope's problems, and Hope entered. Katie hugged Hope, and they discussed that Katie had also seen the video. Hope said that she didn't know what to do. Brooke and Katie encouraged Hope to return to Liam.

Hope returned to Liam's, and Liam said that they should have been celebrating as newlyweds. He apologized and begged Hope not to give up on them. He insisted that he wanted to be married to her. Liam hugged Hope and kissed her cheek. "You're my wife, and I'm not giving you up," Liam said.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thomas and Caroline went to the mechanic shop and explained that his car had a flat tire and a busted rim -- the same type of damage on Marcus' car. The mechanic went to check Thomas' car, and Caroline and Thomas commented that it was strange that the car had sustained the exact same damage after hitting a pothole as Marcus' car had gotten while hitting a person.

Thomas recalled that the pothole was located outside of the coffee shop, in about the same spot as where Marcus had hit Anthony. Many shops in the area had installed surveillance cameras, and Thomas wondered if the camera outside Dayzee's café had caught Marcus' incident on tape.

Thomas and Caroline walked to Dayzee's café to research its surveillance videos. They spoke to Tony, who'd helped set up the surveillance system, and he searched the archive for a video from the night of Dayzee's bridal shower. Caroline and Thomas hoped the video held some answers.

In the jail visitation area with Marcus and Dayzee, Eric and Stephanie arrived for the bail hearing, and Justin hoped that Marcus would be home that evening. Marcus wanted the whole situation to be taken care of without telling his mother, who was visiting Stephen. Stephanie reasoned that Marcus had to tell Donna eventually, but Justin was hoping the charges could get dropped first.

Justin didn't think it was worth the state's time to peruse charges against Marcus, who had a clean record and had called emergency services for Anthony. Marcus was worried that they'd make an example of him, and he swore he'd never text and drive again.

While Eric and Justin talked to Marcus, Dayzee and Stephanie sat off to the side and discussed how relieved they were that things hadn't been worse and that Anthony would be okay. Dayzee said Anthony was still upset with Marcus, but Marcus was serious about not texting and driving again. Hoping that was true, Stephanie reminded Dayzee that actions spoke louder than words.

Stephanie and Dayzee rejoined the men, and Justin expressed hope that the case might not go to trial. Marcus explained that he was guilty, and he might have to face that he'd be spending one to six months away from Rosey and Dayzee. Stephanie advised the couple to go home, spend time with Rosey, and work on the marriage, because that was what would get them through it.

Stephanie, Eric, and Justin stepped out, and to distract Dayzee, Marcus talked about taking Rosey on roller-coaster rides, so that she'd know how much fun she'd have with her father once he was free again. Dayzee said that Rosey wouldn't need that, because they'd plead Marcus' case to anyone who'd listen. Dayzee was determined that she wouldn't lose Marcus, and she gave him a passionate kiss.

In Steffy's office, Steffy told her mother that Hope had offered Liam to Steffy; however, Steffy didn't want to get Liam back that way. Steffy wasn't interested in stepping in whenever Hope got emotional, and Steffy claimed that plotting and taking advantage just wasn't her style anymore.

Brooke entered, and Steffy guessed Brooke had arrived to thank her for sending Hope home to Liam. Brooke asked Steffy to stay away from the couple, but Taylor quipped that Hope was the one to offer her husband up to Steffy. Steffy chuckled and said that Brooke just didn't understand, and Taylor interjected that Brooke couldn't tell Steffy who to be around.

Taylor insisted that Steffy loved Liam and would be there for him, unlike Hope. Brooke stated that the couple just needed space. Steffy wished Hope would realize that she couldn't give up each time something bad happened, and Hope would lose Liam if she didn't stop being "Little Miss Everything has to be Perfect." Steffy hoped that Hope was at home and moving on, as Steffy had advised her to do.

Alone with Brooke, Taylor said that she'd tried to stay out of how Brooke raised her kids, but Taylor had to wonder if Brooke would ever let Hope think for herself. Taylor reasoned that the video had upset Hope. In Taylor's view, Hope shouldn't have to live with a man who loved another woman, or be second to Steffy. Taylor encouraged Brooke to let Hope live with her choice to give up on Liam.

At the cliff house, Liam declared that Steffy, videos, and certificates meant nothing, because his love for Hope was all that mattered. Hope, however, wasn't sure she wanted to commit her life to someone who'd kiss another woman on their wedding day. Liam's explanations hadn't changed how Hope felt about what he'd done, and she didn't know how he expected her to just get over it.

Liam insisted that he and Hope could work through it as long as they were committed. Hope replied that his commitment was the very thing she questioned. Hope stated that Steffy had directed him to get married, and he would never have said his vows had it not been for Steffy. Hope had to wonder if Liam would have run off with Steffy if Steffy had said to do that instead.

Liam figured that it was no secret that he loved both women; however, he'd married Hope for a reason. "And it wasn't that Steffy gave me permission," he added. He said that he'd turned to one of his closest friends in a terrible situation, and that friend had given her blessing to him to follow through on what she knew he'd wanted more than anything.

Liam recalled that one look into Hope's eyes had made all of his pain in the hotel room become a distant memory. He figured it could be the same for Hope if she'd work through it with him; however, he needed to know if she truly wanted their marriage. Hope decided that she needed some time away.

Frustrated, Liam asked how he and Hope could get through it if they weren't around each other. Hope didn't know, but she was insistent upon going to her mother's house until she could wrap her head around things. Liam said that she didn't have to go, but she declared that it had to be that way. Hope walked out, but cried outside on the doorstep.

Later, Steffy arrived at Liam's house and said she'd seen Hope leaving. Liam explained that Hope was walking out on him. Steffy couldn't believe that Hope was doing that again. Shaking her head, Steffy decided that it might be for the best. Steffy was upset that she'd walked away to let Hope have him; however, Hope had just walked away over a simple misunderstanding. "It's time to let her go, Liam," Steffy insisted.

Friday, August 3, 2012

At Brooke's house, Brooke agreed to let Hope stay there, but thought Hope should be working things out with Liam. Hope wanted time alone to think, but Brooke said Hope should make sure Liam knew she'd be back to work it out, because she couldn't end her marriage on that note. Hope claimed she wasn't ending it; she just needed to process how it all could have even happened.

Hope didn't want to acknowledge her wedding day, because her husband had almost left her on that day. Brooke was worried that Steffy would take advantage of things. Hope said she wasn't naïve about Steffy being a threat, and from what Hope knew of Liam's track record, she guessed that he was probably with Steffy at that moment.

Hope cited that she wasn't legally married to Liam, and whether they made it legal depended upon things changing. Brooke, who knew from experience, said that mistakes happened, but Hope had to face them with her partner. Brooke warned that Hope was leaving the door open for Steffy; however, Hope countered that Liam should have learned to steer clear of Steffy. Hope felt she couldn't change who she was or how she felt, and if Liam loved her, then he'd understand that.

At the cliff house, the frustrated Steffy claimed that she wasn't making light of Hope's pain, but Hope needed to grow up and realize that she'd gotten married. Liam was at a loss about what to do, but Steffy advised him to let Hope walk away. Steffy had realized that she'd made a mistake in Italy, and she wished she hadn't been the bigger person by encouraging him to get married that day.

Liam defended Hope's right to be in pain, but Steffy asserted that Hope should be expressing that pain right there in her own house with her husband. Declaring that Hope was crazier than Brooke, Steffy wondered if he'd had enough yet. Liam understood Hope being upset about what had happened on their wedding day, but Steffy figured that it had at least occurred before the ceremony.

Steffy revealed that Hope had offered to give Steffy the wedding ring and Liam. Liam got livid, and Steffy stated that Hope was just throwing everything away. Steffy said she'd seen the ceremony from the cliff. Though it had been beautiful to Steffy, Hope felt that it had been ruined. Refusing to support the relationship anymore, Steffy insisted that it was time to let Hope go.

For Liam, letting go of Hope didn't seem possible. Steffy argued that it was easy for the childish Hope to let him go, because Hope thought she could have anything she wanted. Steffy felt that it was hard to find someone to spend a lifetime with, but a relationship wouldn't be perfect. Steffy said she'd tried to believe that Hope was a good person, but Steffy questioned whether he really wanted someone who constantly stormed out, only to realize she'd been a complete idiot later.

Steffy recalled the time Hope had escaped from Aspen, because she just hadn't been able to deal with the skiing accident. Liam said that even then, Steffy had believed he and Hope could work it out. Steffy reminded him that she'd tried to give him an annulment because he'd had questions in his mind; however, since then, he should have figured things out. Steffy asserted that he needed to tell Hope "thanks for the memories," because Steffy was the one for him, not Hope.

Liam chuckled, stating that Hope didn't get Bob Hope's humor like Steffy did. Steffy replied that a marriage needed laughter and the ability to work through things together. She felt that what had happened between her and Liam in Italy hadn't happened merely because of the note. It had happened because of their connection and his need to lean on someone. She claimed that it hadn't been a misunderstanding, but a man finding solace in his best friend.

Liam was silent, and Steffy asked if she had to hit him over the head with it. Liam replied that he didn't know what she wanted him to say. Steffy told him to say "goodbye" to Hope and look toward to a future with Steffy. She kissed him. He pulled back, and she stared at him with imploring eyes.

At Dayzee's café, Caroline and Thomas studied the traffic footage from the night of Dayzee's bridal shower. Caroline received a text message alert from Stephanie about the bond hearing that evening. Thomas felt like something wasn't adding up about Marcus and Anthony's accident. Thomas and Caroline located Anthony on the video and studied a couple of seconds of the footage. "That's it!" Caroline exclaimed, and Thomas stated that they had to get to that hearing.

At the jail, Dayzee and Marcus were anxious to spend their second night of marriage together, and they were glad that Marcus' family had pulled strings to get the bond hearing moved to that evening. Justin arrived and expressed confidence that Marcus would make bail.

When the hearing opened, Justin humbly admitted that Marcus had made a mistake in texting while driving, but Marcus' actions immediately following the incident had saved Anthony's life. Justin argued that Marcus had learned a valuable lesson and should be granted bail. The prosecutor countered by calling upon Lieutenant Baker to report details that would shed light on Marcus' true character.

Lt. Baker deemed Marcus a "serial texter," who'd sent 157 messages on the day in question. Baker reported that one text had gone through 27 seconds before the emergency call. The prosecutor doubted that Marcus could resist the texting habit, and she feared that he'd claim another victim. To reinforce the lesson for Marcus, the prosecutor asked the judge to deny bail.

Justin argued that denying bail was a bit harsh and cited that Marcus had a new wife and a daughter at home. The prosecutor quipped that Marcus should have thought of that before hitting a pedestrian. Ignoring the prosecutor, Justin noted that Marcus was also paying for Anthony's care and for an unrelated restorative surgery on Anthony's foot, because Marcus desired to make things right.

The judge was impressed that Marcus had shown remorse and had taken responsibility for Anthony's care; however, the judge believed that Marcus' wealth and assets made him a flight risk. The judge also felt that Marcus' family enjoyed exercising their influence but said it wouldn't happen in the judge's courtroom. The judge ordered that bail be denied, and an officer handcuffed Marcus.

Just then, Thomas and Caroline walked in with a laptop. They were shocked to see Dayzee sobbing and Marcus in handcuffs. Eric told Thomas that the bail had been denied, and Marcus had to return to lockup. "They can't do that!" Thomas asserted.

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