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Liam and Hope agreed to marry at Stephanie's. Ridge and Brooke helped to persuade Eric and Stephanie to allow it. Steffy kidnapped Liam, and they danced and partied all night. The next day, Steffy took Liam to the beach. He was supposed to meet Hope for dinner, but Hope stayed with Stephanie because she went into a coughing fit. Liam was angry and left. He met Steffy at a bar and partied again all night. He awoke with multi-colored hair and a henna tattoo -- all hours before he was supposed to marry Hope. Liam arrived to marry Hope, and he explained that he had partied all night. He apologized for the hair and tattoo -- but Hope suddenly asked if he had been with Steffy.
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Steffy kidnapped Liam, and they danced and partied all night
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Monday, August 13, 2012

At the cliff house, Steffy ordered Liam to stop making excuses for Hope, who'd walked out on him again. Liam insisted that Hope would return home, but Steffy wondered how long it would be until Hope walked out again. He doubted that would happen. Asserting that someone needed to knock some sense into him, Steffy decided that they were going out. Liam declined, but she persisted, because she felt that she was the one who could give him a first class lesson in how to live.

Later, Steffy and Liam met up with Ramona at a packed nightclub. In town on assignment, Ramona had decided to visit the club to hear Othello as disc jockey that evening. Ramona went to the bar to get everyone drinks, and Steffy told Liam that it wasn't so bad. He couldn't hear her, but she said she wasn't pushing herself on him. She felt that she was just being a good friend by getting him to live a little. Dragging him on the dance floor, Steffy insisted that he'd have fun, whether he liked it or not.

At the mansion, the swimsuit-clad Thomas and Caroline were making out in the living room when Dani arrived and joked that the two could use some cooling off. With Karen away on business, Dani had "empty nest syndrome," and she jokingly asked Caroline to move back home. Caroline stated that she and Thomas had become inseparable during their adventures helping Marcus. Dani responded that the pair made a good team, and Caroline said they reminded Stephanie of Ridge and Caroline.

Thomas stepped away to check on Steffy, who he said was having guy troubles. When he called Steffy, he could barely hear her over the club music at her location. Steffy relayed that Hope had decided to plan a wedding, and Steffy had taken Liam to a club to show him how happy he could be without Hope. "You mean how happy he could be with you," Thomas quipped. Steffy swore that she loved Liam and wanted to save him from Hope, who was just too immature and too young for marriage.

Later, Thomas and Caroline were alone, and Thomas slowly glided an ice cube against her cleavage and neck. Caroline said it was hot and humid like a New York summer. She recalled going to rooftops and having wine while listening to music and the sounds of New York City. City noise was soothing to her, and she missed it. "There's an app for everything," Thomas replied. She grinned as the bustling sound of city streets drifted from his phone and into her ears. Caroline uttered that it was much better, and the couple kissed.

Back at the club, Steffy and Liam tossed back several drinks as they partied on the dance floor. Steffy took over as D.J., and Liam cut loose on the floor with Ramona. Steffy told the crowd that she was dedicating the song I'm Free by Josh One to a man who needed to be reminded of what it felt like to be free. She then handed the microphone back over to Othello and rejoined Liam on the dance floor.

While dancing with Steffy, the drunken Liam exclaimed that he was a free man, living in a free world, and he did whatever he wanted to do. He claimed he'd never had so much fun. Steffy spurred him on and stated that, because he'd figured out how to be free, he shouldn't return to Hope.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke sat down with some wine, and Hope let them know that she and Liam had decided to start fresh with another wedding that would be filled with good memories. Brooke expressed worry that, just like his father had abandonment issues, Liam might have issues with Hope walking out him. Hope stated that she was just staying away until they could make the fresh start, and Liam understood that. Brooke, however, wondered if he really did.

Hope promised that it would be the last wedding she and Liam would have, but Ridge joked that he and Brooke were fans of multiple weddings. Just then, Pam arrived with some reports for Ridge. Ridge reviewed them and said they weren't what he'd asked for. He scowled when Pam said she'd have to see what "Madison" had done wrong.

Brooke suggested that Hope could have the wedding there. Hope liked the idea of that, but said she'd always wanted to get married at Eric and Stephanie's house. Pam, Brooke, and Ridge stared at each other in stunned silence. Pam exclaimed that Stephanie never told her anything anymore, and Pam asked why Hope had to marry Liam again. Brooke, Ridge, and Hope reluctantly explained that the Italy wedding wasn't valid in the United States.

Pam thought there had to be a serious problem if Hope had also moved out. Hope exclaimed that she was tired of people saying that she'd moved out. Pam wondered what one called it when one wasn't living with one's husband. Hope simply replied that she was planning another wedding, and then she and Liam would be together.

Brooke was unsure about having a wedding at Stephanie's house, but Ridge said he'd do what he could to make it happen. Hope thanked him, adding that Italy had been breathtaking, "but so messed up." Hope imagined that the new wedding would be elegant and all about family. Hope asked Ridge to be understanding that Steffy would not be invited.

Hope rambled about planning and getting a coordinator, but Pam piped up that Hope had Pam for that. Brooke reminded Hope that they were keeping it simple. Brooke also thought that having it at Stephanie's would create some issues. Hope didn't feel that way and noted that having weddings at the mansion was part of Forrester family tradition. She said the wedding would be positive. She'd finally be Liam's wife, and nothing would ruin it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

by Pam

Steffy and Liam awoke side by side on a patio chaise at a hotel where they had crashed after partying all night. Liam didn't know where he was at first, and Steffy reminded him that he had danced all night and had a lot of fun. She added that if he married Hope, all those good times would be over. Liam begged her to stop.

Steffy did not let up. She told Liam to stop by Forrester for a fitting for a prison uniform because after he married Hope he would need one. Steffy claimed that he would settle down, and Hope would be pregnant in no time. His life would be over. Liam said she was exaggerating and getting ahead of herself. Steffy kept up the assault.

Steffy wondered why Liam was in such a rush to marry Hope or anyone. She suggested that he stay single and enjoy himself. Liam was tired of listening and said he had to get to work. Steffy said that she wasn't done with him yet because she had other things for him to check off his bucket list. Liam noted that bucket lists were what people compiled when they were about to die. Steffy said that was her point.

At Eric and Stephanie's house, Ridge, Brooke, and Hope asked Eric and Stephanie about holding Hope's do-over wedding there. Stephanie was cordial, but she told Hope that she had trouble supporting another wedding because she wasn't sure that Liam was able to commit to anyone. Eric agreed.

Hope prattled on about how important it was, and Stephanie worried about Hope and Liam. Stephanie warned that Liam still had strong feelings for Steffy. Hope said that she knew Liam loved her and had already married her in Italy. She needed a happy and memorable experience that erased the drama in Italy. Hope added that Steffy was not invited to the wedding. Hope said that she knew that might be a deal breaker, but Stephanie interjected that Steffy should never have been invited to any of Hope's weddings, especially in Italy. Hope pointed out that she had invited Steffy to Italy to help heal the family.

Stephanie and Eric suddenly agreed because they knew how important it was to Hope. Excited and grateful, Hope thanked them. Hope rambled on about planning and called Liam, who answered the phone while he was with Steffy.

Hope told Liam that Eric and Stephanie had agreed to the wedding. Liam was happy. He begged Hope to return home, but Hope said that she would be home as soon as they were remarried. Liam was disappointed.

Hope said that she was confident that what they needed was grounding in family and tradition. Hope said she had a lot of planning to do. Hope said that she loved him, and Liam said that he loved her. Steffy overheard him.

After Liam hung up, he told Steffy that he and Hope were getting remarried at Eric and Stephanie's home. Liam said that it had to be hard for Steffy to hear that, but Steffy said Liam needed someone to knock some sense into him. Steffy said that the whole wedding and perfect life speech was all about to begin again with Hope planning her perfect everything.

Steffy told Liam that she wanted him to have a last few crazy experiences before fun ended forever. Liam said that Steffy was exaggerating. Steffy disagreed. She said she had more plans for him, and that was why she had kidnapped him.

Steffy dragged Liam to the parking lot. She got on her motorcycle and insisted that Liam get on the back. He wrapped his arms tightly around Steffy. They rode around Los Angeles, weaving in and out of traffic. They stopped in a park, and Liam excitedly told Steffy how much fun he had with her.

Liam told Steffy that she was one-of-a-kind, and Steffy told him that he could have a lot of fun, but it would all be over if he married Hope. Liam admitted that he was tempted to continue to have fun with Steffy. She smiled. Steffy wondered if Liam was truly ready to let Steffy go. Liam looked conflicted.

At the Forresters', Eric explained to Hope that he and Stephanie loved her very much, but they were worried about her. Hope said that she understood Steffy was truly their granddaughter, but Eric said that had nothing to do with it. Eric asked about the ceremony, and Hope said that it would small, elegant, and traditional so that she could finally and legally become Mrs. Liam Spencer for real and forever.

Outside at the Forresters', Stephanie told Ridge that she was concerned that Hope and Liam were not meant to be a couple. Stephanie said that she loved Hope, but it was very clear that Liam was more than conflicted about relationships. Stephanie wondered how Ridge could stand by and let it all happen.

Ridge admitted that he was caught in the middle. He knew that Liam loved Hope because he had already married her, and Hope was clearly his choice. Ridge said that he had no room to be self-righteous.

At Spencer, in Bill's office, Katie shared the news that Hope and Liam were going to remarry at Eric and Stephanie's house. Bill freaked out and said that Hope was crazy to want a do-over, and she was pushing Liam away by moving out. Katie defended Hope and said that Hope had a lot to forgive, and it wouldn't happen overnight.

Katie reminded Bill that the Italy ceremony had been fraught with craziness including the appearance of Deacon after all the years that he had ignored Hope. Katie wondered how that had happened. Bill played dumb and teased that he would hunt Deacon down and interrogate him.

Bill then said he didn't care what had happened because he was watching his beautiful wife blossom with their baby. Katie was amazed that Bill had been so into her since she had become pregnant. Katie said that it made her very happy. Bill said, "Come to Papa."

Steffy ''kidnaps'' Liam and the two spend a ''fun in the sun'' day on Venice Beach

Steffy ''kidnaps'' Liam and the two spend a ''fun in the sun'' day on Venice Beach

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

by Pam

Steffy and Liam chatted in the park. Steffy wondered if Liam would actually marry Hope the following day, and he confirmed that he was getting married. Steffy insisted that she was going to continue kidnapping him and showing him a fun time. She told him that she was giving him a private bachelor party for the rest of the day.

Liam and Steffy watched skaters in a park, and they played volleyball on the beach. Steffy told Liam that she wanted to take him to dinner at one of the vineyards they had gone to when they were married, but Liam said that he had to return home for dinner with Hope.

Steffy took Liam home, and she teased that if Hope didn't make him happy, Steffy would kidnap him again. She teased that she might kidnap Hope instead. Then, Steffy became serious. She asked why Liam was marrying Hope. Steffy reminded Liam how much fun he had with Steffy. She begged Liam not to marry Hope because he had been stressed out ever since he had been close to Hope.

Liam said that everything was coming together for him and Hope, but Steffy dissed Hope. Steffy said that Hope loved weddings, and she was just like her mother. Steffy reminded Liam that Brooke had taken several years and numerous weddings to get it right with Ridge. Steffy kept up the assault. "I love you, Liam," Steffy said. She added that she hated to see Liam disappointed.

Liam thanked Steffy for showing him a wonderful time and throwing a great bachelor party. He said that she had always been his best friend, and he cherished that. Steffy hugged him and told him to be happy.

At Eric and Stephanie's house, Stephanie, Brooke, and Hope planned Hope's do-over wedding for the next day. Pam arrived and said she was the wedding planner. She claimed that she had great ideas and had asked a friend to step in and discuss flowers. Pam's friend showed up and told them that Asian weddings were very popular. She suggested kimonos. Hope, Stephanie, and Brooke smiled.

Pam said that she needed to make seating charts and get a wedding cake with a bride and groom dressed in Hope's Perfect Wedding attire. Hope said the wedding was small and private and needed little embellishment. Stephanie agreed and said that it was more like a holiday gathering. Pam said she understood.

After Pam left, Stephanie promised Hope that she would keep Pam out of everyone's hair the next day. They all discussed that Ridge was designing a simple dress for Hope. Stephanie seemed surprised. A caterer arrived and met with Stephanie. He seemed troubled that the wedding luncheon was scheduled before the actual wedding, but Stephanie said that it would be fine, and all the things he needed were available in her kitchen.

Stephanie took the caterer to her kitchen, and Brooke told Hope that Donna was out of town and would miss the wedding, but Katie planned to be there. Hope prattled on about how excited she was to marry Liam. Brooke left.

Stephanie returned, and Hope thanked her again. Hope told Stephanie how important it was to have a true Forrester wedding. Stephanie told Hope that she had always loved Hope and had always believed in what she stood for. Hope thanked her grandmother and kiddingly asked Stephanie to give her away. They laughed, and Stephanie went into a coughing fit.

Stephanie warned Hope not to tell anyone about the coughing fit because the whole family would get involved. Stephanie said that Hope was acting just like Brooke had the last time Stephanie had been sick. Hope reminded her grandmother that they loved her and wanted to take care of her.

Hope was concerned, and Stephanie insisted that she was fine. Hope wanted to call the doctor, but Stephanie refused. Stephanie insisted that Hope leave for her dinner with Liam, but Hope refused. Hope called Liam, who had prepared dinner and decorated the house for Hope's arrival. Hope started to tell Liam that Stephanie was sick, but she stopped and said that she couldn't meet Liam because something really important had come up. Liam looked disappointed.

At a nightclub, Steffy sat with her friends, talking about Liam. Suddenly, Liam appeared and said that Hope had stood him up. Liam and Steffy said that they couldn't believe it. Liam said that it was his last night as a free man, and he was going to make the most of it. He and Steffy danced and hugged.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

In their bedroom, Brooke and Ridge made out. They figured that, with Hope out and R.J. at camp, they had the house all to themselves. The couple called R.J. to wish him a good night, and afterward, they joked that their son might be glad about missing his sister's "prim and proper" wedding. Brooke expressed surprise that Stephanie had agreed to host the wedding and figured that Stephanie really loved Hope. Ridge hoped it would pull the family together.

The couple got into bed, and Brooke said she was proud of Hope. Ridge felt that Steffy and Hope had shown a lot of strength, and Steffy had even encouraged Hope to work it out with Liam. Brooke corrected that Hope had made that choice herself. Ridge said Liam seemed to have made his choice, too. Brooke thought there was no "seeming" about it, because the wedding was the next day.

Ridge joked that he and Brooke would have the least dramatic wedding of the year, but Brooke assured him that Hope and Liam were past the drama. Brooke and Ridge kissed and recalled their Italy engagement. They teased each other about liking surprises and then began to make love.

At the club, Liam told Steffy that something important had cropped up and caused Hope to cancel her dinner plans with him. He didn't know what the matter was, but he figured he'd see Hope the next day. Dragging Steffy out on the floor, he proclaimed that he'd be dancing the night away.

Othello saw Liam dancing alone on the dance floor and asked Ramona if Liam was supposed to be getting married the next day. Ramona shrugged and walked over to ask Steffy why Liam was at the club. Steffy explained that Hope had canceled her dinner plans with him.

Steffy pulled Liam off the dance floor to introduce him to Rex and Jessica, who were "award-winning makeup and hair stylists." Liam retuned to dancing, and Jessica asked Steffy if Liam were getting married the next day. "Not if somebody changes his mind tonight," Steffy replied. As Liam partied on, Steffy told Jessica and Ramona that Hope was probably doing seating charts, and Liam didn't want to spend his last night of freedom alone.

Liam approached the table with a round of drinks. In celebration of Liam's wedding, the bartender had agreed to keep the drinks flowing -- on Liam's tab. Liam toasted to the night, returned to the dance floor, and somehow wound up with a lampshade on his head. Ramona and Steffy laughed at him from the sidelines. Ramona thought someone should slow Liam down, but Steffy replied that it could be the last night he'd ever have like that -- or not.

Later, Steffy and Liam took over the disc jockey booth, and as Liam danced behind her, he kissed her shoulder. They returned to the dance floor, and after a while, Steffy decided that he'd had enough partying. She walked to the front of the club to call Liam a car, but he continued dancing and staggering on the dance floor, telling people that he was already in his car -- his groove car.

By the time Steffy returned, Liam had disappeared with Jessica and Rex. Pointing Steffy in a general direction, Ramona stated that the trio had been gone a while. Steffy weaved herself a path through the crowded dance floor and found Liam on the other side of it. When she looked at him, her eyes bulged, and her mouth dropped open.

At Stephanie's house, Stephanie protested Hope's decision to change her dinner plans over Stephanie's cough. Hope insisted upon taking care of Stephanie and said that Liam probably had plenty of things to do on the eve of their wedding. Stephanie stated that Hope drove Stephanie crazy -- just like Brooke. Stephanie and Hope each asked the other if they were anxious about the wedding. They each claimed not to be, and Stephanie assured Hope that it would go well.

Hope intended to stay with Stephanie until Eric arrived, and then Hope planned to go to her mother's house. Stephanie asked why Hope wouldn't visit Liam, and Hope joked about not seeing the groom before the wedding. Hope figured that she and Liam had experienced enough bad luck.

Hope conveyed that Steffy didn't understand Hope's need for another wedding, or why Hope couldn't live with Liam. Hope admitted that it had been hard for her, but she felt that she had to get beyond what had happened with Liam and Steffy. The images of the two in Italy had scarred Hope's mind. Hope wondered if it were crazy of her to think that having a new ceremony would mean that the hurtful things hadn't happened on her wedding day. Stephanie replied that it was; however, it was okay if it gave Hope peace of mind.

Stephanie expressed her concern that Liam and Hope weren't ready for marriage. Hope was surprised by the statement, and Stephanie added that a little more life experience couldn't hurt the couple. Hope relayed that she and Liam had gotten plenty of experience, especially in dealing with the "worse" part of the "for better or for worse" in the vows. Stephanie said that Hope and Liam had experienced tiny bumps in the road, and Hope needed to be prepared for it to be much worse.

Hope asked if Stephanie's marriage had gone the way she'd expected. Stephanie conveyed that she and Eric were in a good place, but it had taken a long time to get there. Stephanie said that marriage changed people in ways they couldn't begin to imagine, and a short time earlier, Steffy had been saying the same things about Liam that Hope was saying. Hope figured Stephanie wanted Liam to be with Steffy. Stephanie revealed that her big dilemma was that she wanted both women to be happy.

Hope appreciated Stephanie's efforts, but wished she had Stephanie's blessing. Stephanie felt that the relationship was unhealthy because Liam had residual feelings for Steffy. Hope understood Stephanie's concerns, but thought they weren't needed. Stephanie wondered what the rush was for marriage, and Hope joked that she was rebelling against her nontraditional upbringing, because planning a traditional wedding was the most outrageous thing that a Logan woman would do. Stephanie laughed and hugged Hope.

Friday, August 17, 2012

On the rooftop of a hotel, Liam awakened, fully dressed, beside Steffy. With a towel on his head, he asked for the time and then realized he was late for the wedding. He had no idea what had happened the previous night. Steffy said the limousine had never arrived, so they'd wound up on the roof. He asked if anything had happened between them. Steffy said it hadn't -- not that she hadn't tried.

Hope called Liam to wish him a happy wedding day. Liam claimed he was off schedule, and to buy himself some time, he said he needed to dress and grab something to eat. Hope, however, stated that he could do all that at Stephanie's. Liam told Hope that he loved her and would see her soon.

After the call, Liam figured that he still had enough time, and everything would be fine. "Or not," Steffy replied and held up her phone to let him see himself in it. Liam removed the towel and freaked out upon seeing that he had black and red streaked hair and a tribal tattoo on his neck.

Steffy explained that Liam had run off with Rex and Jessica and then had returned with the new look. Liam exclaimed that he couldn't show up to the wedding looking like that. Steffy replied that it wasn't permanent, but Liam panicked as he tried to figure out how to explain things to Hope. He contemplated shaving his head; however, Steffy suggested that he jump in the pool, and he'd be fine.

Liam wondered what in the world he'd done, but Steffy told him not to ruin the fun he'd had with guilt. Liam was still frazzled as the pair hopped on her bike and zoomed away from the hotel.

At the decorated mansion, Stephanie greeted Hope, who asked how Stephanie was feeling. Stephanie had gone to see Dr. Lewis that morning, and she reported that there was no need to worry because she was fine. As Hope greeted her arriving guests, Stephanie noticed that Pam was fretting over appetizer arrangements. Stephanie clamed Pam down and said she'd done a marvelous job for Hope.

Elsewhere in the room, Thorne received a call that Hope's wedding dress was on the way. Thorne expressed surprise that Ridge had designed the dress. Eric responded that Ridge had probably wanted to reassure Hope of his love after all that had happened.

Marcus and Dayzee admired Stephanie's event planning skills. Thomas noted that he hadn't heard from his sister, and Marcus commented that Liam hadn't text-messaged him back. Figuring Liam was driving, Dayzee assumed that others had learned the texting and driving lesson from Marcus' case.

Near the door, Rick asked Brooke where Liam was. Brooke advised Rick to enjoy himself instead of worrying about Liam. Glancing at Caroline, Rick said he planned to do that. He walked over to Caroline, offered her a drink, and invited her to go to the garden to help him work on his toast. Caroline couldn't believe he was at a loss for words, but he replied that it happened each time he looked at her.

Bill and Katie approached Hope, and Katie promised that her husband would behave himself. Bill complimented Hope's attire and asked where Liam was. Hope replied that Liam would be there soon. Hope heard a motorcycle engine in the driveway and decided to go outside to see who'd arrived.

Bill handed Katie a plate of vegetables and suggested that she feed their son. Katie walked off with the plate, and Bill noted that he'd seen Rick talking to Caroline. Rick said she'd helped him with his toast. Thomas guessed Rick would give advice to the newlyweds. Rick replied that they didn't need advice because the relationship was on track -- the opposite of what Steffy had hoped for.

After a while, Brooke wondered where Hope was, and Stephanie mused about the missing bride and groom. Ridge figured that he and Brooke could get married, so a perfectly good ceremony wouldn't go to waste. Everyone laughed, and he revealed that Hope was greeting Liam in the driveway.

Outside, Steffy and Liam pulled up to the mansion, and Liam hopped off the bike. After a goodbye handshake with him, Steffy poignantly tore back down the driveway. Liam headed in the direction of the guesthouse, but Hope startled him before he could enter it.

Hope was surprised that Liam had arrived on a motorcycle, and Liam claimed that he'd had a friend drop him off so that he and Hope could leave the event together. Hope asked who the friend had been. Ignoring the question, Liam asked if his clothes were in the guesthouse, and she said they were. She noted that he hadn't removed his helmet, and he asked her to wait for him at the main house.

Liam went into the guesthouse, but Hope followed him inside to get a kiss. He flipped back the mouthguard of the helmet and kissed her. Hope motioned to remove the helmet, and Liam mumbled that he'd do it; however, he needed her to understand that he could fix it.

Liam sheepishly removed the helmet, and to Hope's shock, he revealed his black and red hair. He swore that he could wash it out, but Hope then noticed the tattoo. "Totally fake. It's totally fake," he replied. Keeping her cool, Hope asked how it had happened. Liam admitted that he didn't know. Hope figured that he'd been drinking, because his eyes were red, and he smelled like a bar.

Liam revealed that he'd gone out the previous night. He stated that he'd planned a perfect evening for him and Hope, but when she hadn't shown up, he'd gone wild. He claimed that he'd been blowing off steam, something men did before they got married.

Hope nodded, and Liam said he'd met some people who were stylists. Hope assumed they'd done the makeover. Liam murmured that he was hazy on that part. He promised to fix himself up and asked if the minister had arrived. Hope said the minister hadn't, and Liam beamed that they were ahead of schedule. Reminding him of their promise of honesty, Hope asked if there were more to the tale.

Hope wondered if Liam had decided to blow off steam because he'd been upset with her. Liam replied that he'd been a little disappointed because he'd wanted to see her. Stating that she'd wanted to see him, too, Hope explained what had happened with Stephanie. He asked why Hope hadn't just told him that. She conveyed that Stephanie hadn't wanted anyone to know, but Stephanie was okay.

Hope explained that she hadn't stood Liam up, and Liam asked her not to be upset that he might have thought she had. Hope responded that she wasn't, and the relieved Liam promised that everything was going to be good. She thanked him for being honest, and he thanked her for not being upset. Hope hesitantly said that there was just one more thing. "Your crazy, wild night at the club...You weren't with Steffy, were you?" Hope asked.

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