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Monday, August 20, 2012

At her office, Steffy was working when Taylor arrived to see how Steffy was holding up. Steffy admitted that she was fine -- after having spent a couple of amazing days with Liam. Confused, Taylor said Steffy was supposed to be in the Caribbean. Steffy replied that she'd changed her mind, because Liam had obviously needed her help. Steffy felt that, over the last two days, he'd been really living life, and there was much more fun to have without being "Mr. Hope Logan."

Steffy explained that she and Liam had been at the club and the beach. She claimed it hadn't been a big deal, but Taylor figured that it would be to Hope. Steffy reasoned that Hope could have called if she'd cared, but Steffy figured Liam wouldn't have heard the phone while on the back of her bike. Taylor admonished Steffy for riding her motorcycle and said Steffy would understand once she had kids.

Steffy wasn't planning on being a mother anytime soon. She claimed that she'd tried to point out to Liam that they were too young for marriage or babies, and they should be acting their ages and partying. Steffy claimed that Hope wasn't ready for a grown-up relationship. "Nor should she be," Steffy added. Steffy didn't think it made any sense for Hope and Liam to get married.

Taylor was sorry that Steffy hadn't convinced Liam not to marry Hope. Steffy, however, claimed that having fun had been her only objective. Smirking, Steffy said Taylor should have seen him when Steffy had dropped him off. Steffy described Liam's new look, and as Taylor gasped, Steffy laughed to think of Liam having a tattoo and fauxhawk at Hope's stuffy wedding.

Figuring that he'd cleaned himself up already, Steffy was glad that Liam had cut loose and tapped into a new part of himself. She believed that Liam had felt alive with her, and he didn't laugh as much with Hope. Steffy thought it was too bad he didn't realize that the marriage was a mistake.

At the mansion, Pam was a nervous wreck over the delayed wedding. Stephanie tried to calm her sister down, and Brooke whispered to Ridge that, for their wedding, they'd tell Pam that they'd eloped. Brooke then headed off to see what was taking Hope and Liam so long.

In the Forrester guesthouse, Hope asked Liam if he'd been with Steffy the previous evening. Liam stammered that he wished Hope had said something about Stephanie's condition. Hope replied that Liam wasn't answering her question. Liam admitted that he'd been with Steffy, the last person that Hope had probably wanted him to be with the previous night. "Any night!" Hope tersely corrected.

Liam's explanations sounded too familiar to Hope, and Liam worsened matters by saying that he "may" have gone out with Steffy the night before that, too. He added that he and Steffy hadn't crossed any lines, and Steffy was just his friend. Livid, Hope asserted that Steffy was his ex-wife, not his friend. Liam wondered if he should have just moped around the house on his last night of freedom. Scoffing, Hope asked if Liam saw their marriage as a loss of freedom.

As Liam apologized and retracted the statement, Brooke entered. With one look at Liam, Brooke's mouth dropped opened, and she asked if "all that" was permanent. Hope asked for a moment alone with Liam. As Brooke exited, she said everyone was there and would be waiting.

Hope returned to questioning Liam about his "last night of freedom," but he was hazy on the details. He recalled awakening with Steffy by a pool, and Hope gasped upon deducing that he'd stayed out all night with Steffy. Hope accused Liam of lying when he'd said he'd known what she needed. She asked if he even remembered why she'd wanted a new wedding. "Because of Steffy!" Hope exclaimed.

Hope guessed that Steffy had encouraged the makeover, but Liam said Steffy had been getting a car when he'd done it. Hope exclaimed that he'd been inconsiderate to be off partying with Steffy while Hope had been planning a wedding. Liam said it wasn't Steffy's fault, and she hadn't been trying to ruin anything. "Look in the mirror, Liam. She ruined you!" Hope quipped.

Liam claimed he'd made a mistake, but that didn't have to change anything. He took off his clothes, and in his underwear, he began scrubbing the tattoo off his neck. Hope screamed that it wasn't about the tattoo. As he splashed the water on himself, he claimed that all he'd wanted was one night with Hope. He admitted to making a mistake, but said he'd prove that it didn't have to ruin everything.

Hope murmured that the tattoo wasn't even rubbing off. Liam decided to shower and make himself into the man Hope needed him to be. Sadly resigned, Hope replied that it there was no reason for him to do that. She said he'd once been that man, and maybe he would be again someday. Liam became confused, and she said he was more like his father than he knew.

Hope reasoned that it had taken Bill a long time to settle down for marriage. She guessed Liam would be the same way. Liam asked what she was talking about, because he was doing it at that moment. Hope said people had called her too young, but it was Liam who wasn't ready for marriage.

Liam apologized for clubbing, and he claimed he wanted to be Hope's husband. She screamed that she didn't care that he'd partied -- she cared that he'd done it with Steffy. Hope said she was ready to be married, but he obviously wasn't. She left the guesthouse, and he chased after her.

Back inside the mansion, Brooke told family members that Hope and Liam were arguing. The guests began tuning in as Brooke added that Liam had black hair with a red streak in it, and she thought she'd seen a tattoo on his neck. Thorne asked why Liam would do that on his wedding day, and shrugging, Brooke said all she knew was that Hope wasn't happy with it.

The guests grew antsy, and Katie guessed that Steffy was behind Hope and Liam's issue. Aside, Bill asked Thomas when he'd last seen his sister, but Thomas was reluctant to answer. Bill said that he supported Hope and Liam, but if the wedding didn't happen, it could be huge for Steffy. Thomas admitted that Steffy and Liam had been together at a club the previous night.

Just then, Hope ran into the house and up the stairs. Liam charged into the living room, and all the guests gasped. "What are you doing? Where are your clothes?" Bill angrily questioned his son. Over the guests' worried murmurings, Liam called out Hope's name.

Ridge said Hope was upstairs, but probably needed a minute. Liam continued to frantically call Hope's name until she appeared on the overlook and coldly stared down at him. Clad only in black boxer briefs, Liam declared that he wasn't leaving until they were married.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

by Pam

A Forrester, Steffy told Taylor that she had become a better woman because she had been with Liam. Steffy lamented that it had all happened too late -- because it had been just in time to lose him. Steffy admitted that she had been a vindictive woman before, but she just wanted to be happy. In addition, she knew it wouldn't happen with Liam.

At the Forrester mansion, Liam stood in the foyer in his boxers and begged Hope, standing on the balcony, to forget about his foolish antics the night before. He pleaded with her to forgive him because he had a mistake. He claimed that he hadn't cheated on her. He kept shouting that he had not done anything to hurt her. He apologized and said that she had to forgive him.

Hope seethed. "You have no respect for me, or you would never have been with Steffy," Hope hissed from the balcony. Stephanie interrupted and told everyone there would be no wedding. Bill asked Liam to leave. Liam insisted that he and Hope were getting married.

Ridge gently grabbed Liam, and pulled him away from the staircase. Liam encouraged Ridge to talk some sense into Hope. Ridge wondered if Liam had taken a good look at himself. Ridge forced Liam to look in the mirror in the hallway. "Is this how a man in love shows up for his own wedding," Ridge asked.

Bill insisted that he was going to take Liam home. Liam continued to beg for Hope's forgiveness. Hope said that Liam had made a fool of himself. Liam begged again for Hope to get married. Hope shouted that she was not a doormat. Hope said she would not spend her life worrying that every time she did something Liam didn't like, or she didn't do something exactly when or how he wanted that he would make plans with Steffy as a backup. Hope refused to accept that arrangement as a future.

Liam promised he would never do that. He refused to leave until Hope joined him downstairs. She obliged. Liam got down on his knees and clutched at Hope. He begged her to forgive him. He pleaded with her to say that she loved him. Liam said that he would become whoever she wanted him to be.

"Just say you love me," Liam begged. Hope said that she loved Liam, and he kissed her. Hope gently pushed him away, and she said, "You don't deserve me. I think you should go."

Marcus helped Liam out the door. Hope cried. Everyone hugged Hope, and she apologized. Stephanie told Hope that she had made the correct decision. Ridge wanted to take Hope home, but she said she had her car. Ridge said that he would pack up all of her things upstairs.

Marcus returned and said that Liam was in the guesthouse. Bill and Katie left for the guesthouse. Brooke hugged Hope, and Hope said she never dreamed that her relationship with Liam would end and certainly not that way. Brooke insisted that it did not have to end. Brooke wondered if Steffy hadn't planned for everything to happen because Steffy had taken Liam out the previous night.

In the guesthouse, Katie laid into Liam. Liam gave her attitude about how she could have expressed concern for him and his feelings. Katie told him to knock off the attitude. Liam stammered that he had made a mistake. Katie said that Liam had been messing with the emotions of two women and pitting their families against each other for months. Katie told him that he needed to check himself. Katie left.

Bill told Liam to get the "crap" out of his hair and off his neck. Liam tried to wash it off. He told his father that it was only temporary, but it would take a while to disappear. Liam said that he had wanted to marry Hope because there had been a time in life when he was the loneliest guy ever. He recalled watching his mother die. Then Liam said his life had revolved around paying rent and getting jobs until he found Bill. Liam said that with Bill and Hope's help, Liam had found happiness.

Bill interjected that his happiness never lasted long. Liam was surprised. Bill snarled at Liam that watching him apologize and get on his knees and beg was disgusting. "No son of mine is going to go begging for crumbs," Bill seethed.

Bill railed that Liam had begged a bunch of neurotic losers to forgive him. Liam replied that he had messed up, and he was not too proud to admit it. Bill said that Liam was pathetic, and Bill added that he was embarrassed. Bill lashed out that Hope had been in and out of Liam's life, and Liam was a basket case every time. Bill blasted Liam and told Liam to learn to love himself.

Bill snarled that Liam had been thoughtless and naughty and gotten drunk. That was what men often did, but Liam had allowed a little girl to humiliate him. Bill said that he had watched Liam beg for forgiveness in his underpants. He reminded Liam who he was and told him to stand up for himself instead of letting people walk all over him. He poked Liam in the chest, and pushed him around.

Liam warned his father to stop it, but Bill said Liam was too much of a coward to fight back. He kept poking at Liam until Liam finally took a swing at Bill, but Bill ducked and got Liam in a chokehold. Bill seethed that Liam needed to remember who he was and who he had been named for -- William the Conqueror.

Liam continued to try to swing at Bill even as Bill had him in a chokehold. Bill said he would not let go until Liam listened and realized that Bill was right. "I hear you," Liam screamed. Bill released Liam, and Liam and Bill hugged as Liam cried. Bill lectured that no one judged Spencers.

At Forrester, Hope walked in on Steffy while Steffy was on the phone, ordering flowers for the wedding couple. Steffy hung up in surprise. Hope snarled that Steffy had wanted Hope's wedding to fail -- again. And it had.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

by Pam

At the Forrester guesthouse, Liam told Bill that he realized that he had embarrassed the family. Bill said that he wasn't as worried about the family name as he was about Liam. Bill told Liam that he needed to get a grip on his life. Liam said that he still wanted to marry Hope.

Bill gently reminded Liam that Liam continued to say one thing yet do another. Bill said that Liam had been trashed the night before he was supposed to get married -- that wouldn't have been so bad, but he had done it with his ex-wife. Bill wondered of Liam was subconsciously destroying his own future with Hope. Liam didn't believe it, but Bill said that Liam clearly sabotaged his own wedding.

Bill conjectured that Liam deep down wanted to be with Steffy, but was afraid to commit to her. Bill said that Liam saw Hope as the perfect woman, but Steffy might be the one that Liam wanted, and it scared Liam. Bill told Liam that being with the perfect woman was the greatest feeling in the world. Bill left.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas and Caroline were making out. Rick interrupted. The three of them discussed that Liam was off his rocker and out of control. Caroline disagreed. She said that it had been sweet -- the way that Liam so clearly loved Hope. Rick and Thomas said that Liam had made a fool of himself.

Rick and Thomas agreed that Liam was hung up on Steffy, and neither of them wanted to see Liam hurt Hope again. They didn't want to see Liam picking on their little sister. Rick left and said that he was going to talk to Liam.

Thomas told Caroline that he thought Steffy and Liam might be a good match. Caroline teased that Thomas wanted Hope to be free so he could get her back in his life. Thomas said that they had never been as close as he had wanted. Thomas said that he believed a man should respect a woman, and Liam had certainly shown continued disrespect for Hope.

In the guesthouse, Liam relived the previous day's events, and he recalled begging at Hope's feet and begging her to say that she loved him. He remembered Hope's hardened glare and her words that Liam didn't deserve her. Rick interrupted Liam's flashback. Liam warned Rick to leave, but Rick said that he was there to tell Liam to get lost and leave Hope alone forever.

Liam refused to leave Hope alone because they loved each other. Liam admitted that he respected Rick for protecting Hope, but what he and Hope had was between them. Rick disagreed. He pointed out that Liam had been partying all night with Steffy and had probably had another Italy moment with Steffy.

Liam disagreed and said that they had been drinking and dancing and had crashed on separate lounge chairs. Rick said that Liam didn't know what had happened because he had been so drunk. Liam insisted that nothing had happened. Rick refused to believe Liam because Liam said that he had seen Liam in action in Aspen. Rick reminded Liam that Liam had married Steffy at the drop of a hat. "Who does that?" Rick asked.

Rick warned Liam to walk away and let her go. Liam refused. Rick reminded Liam that Liam clearly wanted Steffy because he wouldn't have risked everything with Hope for one night with Steffy. Rick said that Liam was not prepared for marriage. Rick warned that he would do everything he could to persuade Hope to stay away from Liam.

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy argued again about Steffy's interference in Hope's life. Hope accused Steffy of sleeping with Liam, but Steffy said that it had been innocent. Steffy reminded Hope that Liam loved Hope and wanted to marry her. Steffy chastised Hope for having so little faith in Liam.

Hope reminded Steffy what she had seen on the video from Italy. Hope wanted details about the evening, and Steffy reiterated that they had gone out drinking with friends and slept on separate lounge chairs. Steffy said that she had dropped Liam off at the wedding.

Steffy reminded Hope that Liam had been disappointed because Hope had stood him up. Hope explained the medical situation about Stephanie and that Stephanie had sworn Hope to secrecy. Steffy clearly felt badly and asked if her grandmother was all right. Hope said that she had never thought it would be a big deal when Liam was going to see Hope in hours.

Steffy said that she and Liam had never even kissed. Steffy chastised Hope for wanting life to be a neat little perfect package. Steffy said life wasn't perfect. Steffy said that if Liam had shown up like that to marry her, she'd have been disappointed, but she would have laughed it off. Hope demanded that Steffy tell her the truth about the evening.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

On the rooftop, Thomas and Rick worked out and discussed what a jerk Liam was. Rick said that, unlike Bill, Liam was a jerk who wanted to be liked. Rick complained that Liam had treated neither of their sisters right. Rick didn't fault Steffy for the problems, because Liam needed to make up his mind.

Rick received a call from Othello, who offered to put Rick on the list to get into the club. Rick replied that he couldn't hang out because he was dealing with issues regarding Hope's wedding.

After the call, Rick recalled that Thomas and Hope had once dated. Thomas added that Hope had chosen Liam, but Rick bet she was regretting that decision. Thomas said he'd always care for Hope; however, he was dating Caroline. Thomas suspected that Rick was gauging Thomas' feelings for Hope because Rick was still interested in Caroline.

Rick admitted that he and Thomas weren't buddies, but Rick didn't want Hope to wind up in a train wreck of a marriage, as he had when he'd married Amber. Thomas failed to see what it had to do with him. Rick acknowledged that, though Thomas was the last person Rick would want with his sister, Thomas had been good for Hope, and Rick was okay with it if Thomas were still interested in her.

Rick left, and Thomas flashed back to proposing to Hope in Cabo San Lucas.

At the mansion, Liam, who'd removed his hair dye and tattoo, searched for Hope. Brooke invited him to guess where Hope had gone and then asked what he'd been thinking to spend the eve of his wedding with Steffy. Liam sighed defenselessly and claimed he'd really only wanted to be with Hope that night. He knew he'd messed up, and he asked if Brooke thought he could fix it.

Liam was eager to marry Hope, but Brooke wasn't sure Hope wanted to marry him anymore. Liam desperately wanted to convince Hope, but he knew it wouldn't be easy. He revealed that Rick had warned him away from Hope; however, Liam couldn't stay away, because he loved her. "Then what are you doing here, talking to me?" Brooke asked.

Liam called Madison and learned that Hope was at Forrester with Steffy. After the call, Liam told Brooke that he'd been wrong, but he'd been honest. Brooke didn't know if the truth mattered anymore, because Liam had exhibited bad judgment in regard Steffy. Liam said he'd been wrong to go out and drink too much; however, he insisted that he hadn't betrayed Hope.

At Steffy's office, Steffy chuckled because Hope didn't believe Steffy and Liam's account of their evening together. The skeptical Hope doubted that Liam remembered it all. Steffy quipped that she was anything but forgettable. Steffy doubted Hope would believe her any more than Hope believed the man Hope loved. Hope pressed for answers, but the exasperated Steffy insisted that she and Liam had danced and had a good time without crossing any lines.

Hope left, and later, Brooke arrived. Before Brooke said a word, Steffy asserted that Brooke couldn't blame it on Steffy, and Steffy had already told Hope the truth about the evening and Liam's hair and tattoo. Brooke snipped that Hope didn't care about Liam's hair. In Brooke's view, Hope had been upset that Liam had spent the night before his wedding with Steffy. Brooke revealed that Liam had realized that he'd made a mistake, and it was one that would never happen again.

Brooke declared that Steffy had gone too far that time by humiliating Hope and making a fool out of Liam. Steffy disagreed that she'd done anything, except get Liam to Hope's "perfect wedding" on time without disrupting it. Steffy felt that Hope was looking for perfection, but Liam wasn't perfect. Steffy asked why Hope could have nervous breakdowns, but Liam couldn't let off steam.

Brooke countered that Liam hadn't been letting off steam that night -- he'd been taking tequila shots with his ex-wife the night before his wedding. Steffy wondered if Hope were actually bothered because Liam had been having a good time with Steffy. To Steffy, Liam and Hope miserable, and their relationship was destructive. "And the only person in the world that actually thinks it's healthy is you," Steffy quipped.

In Rick's office, Hope searched for Rick, but he wasn't there. Behind her, she heard Liam in the doorway, asking if they could talk. Liam told Hope that he hadn't lied to her, and Hope replied that Steffy had confirmed that. Hope was worn out from talking; however, she asked if he thought his claim that nothing had happened with Steffy meant that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Liam suggested that Hope put aside the drinking, the hair, and tattoo, and the earlier groveling in his underpants. To him, his honesty was all that mattered. He swore that he'd merely danced with Steffy and her friends, and he recalled that Othello had been at the club. Liam claimed he'd awakened by the pool. Steffy had been on one end of the lounge chairs, and he'd been on the other.

Hope still wondered "what the hell" was wrong with him to have spent a night out with Steffy. Hope asked if they'd gotten to a point where they didn't make sense anymore; however, Liam felt that they were the only thing that made sense. Hope figured that she always suppressed bad things so she didn't have to deal with them. Contemplating when enough was enough, Hope asked when she'd stop feeling hurt and when he'd stop feeling guilty. "Now. It stops right now," he replied.

Liam told Hope that he was done asking for forgiveness, because it wasn't helping. He'd realized that each time they patched their relationship, they lost a piece of it in the process. He figured that his apologies were becoming harder for her to believe, and the guilt and doubts were like poison. He reasoned that the cycle continued because something inside them spurred them not to give up, and relinquishing the fight would be unbearable.

Liam claimed to love Hope whether she forgave or believed him. Hope replied that she loved him, too, but his feelings for Steffy concerned her. "No. I love you," he repeated and insisted that their love was their foundation. Liam wanted to strip the relationship down to the only one thing that mattered -- love. Taking Hope's hand, Liam claimed that they'd make it. "I believe that. We're going to be okay," he uttered and smiled.

Friday, August 24, 2012

With Rick in his office, Hope was still in a quandary -- even after talking to Steffy and Liam about their night out. Rick said it had been inexcusable for the two to be within ten miles of each other after the Italy incident. Hope stated that they hadn't planned it. Rick countered that the pair was like magnets, and that should tell Hope all she needed to know.

Hope wanted to believe Liam, but Rick said that Liam being out with Steffy was bad enough. Hope added that Liam had wanted to be with Hope that evening, and he and Steffy kept claiming that they were just friends. Rick figured that Hope knew better than that. He said Steffy had been a problem since day one, and Steffy would continue to be a problem.

Hope sighed, saying that Liam kept proclaiming his love for her. Rick figured that Liam had hit the jackpot with Hope, but she was too good for him. Though Hope understood her brother's view, she didn't want to be the girl who got angry about her man hanging out. She reasoned she ought to forgive Liam if nothing had happened between him and Steffy.

Rick said the two had spent the night together in a cabana, and Hope wasn't going to get the truth out of them. He cited that Hope hadn't learned the truth about Italy until she'd seen the video. Hope was sure that if something had happened, Steffy would have thrown it in Hope's face. Rick decided that Hope should question other people from the club to get proof of what had actually happened.

Hope thought that was weird, and she didn't want to do it. Rick tried to convince her that it would give her peace of mind. He asked if she knew of anyone else who'd been at the club, and she recalled that Liam had mentioned Othello. Rick figured Othello had probably been able to see everything in the club from the deejay booth

Hope was still leery of questioning Othello. Rick conveyed that she didn't want to suffer the same kind of pain that their mother had by marrying a man who loved two women. Hope got called away for work. She thanked him for his advice and exited. Once alone, Rick made a phone call.

Later, Othello showed up in Rick's office. After some chitchat with Othello, Rick inquired about Liam's actions at the club the other night. Othello relayed that Liam had been drunk and in rare form -- with everyone -- that night. Rick asked specifically about Liam's behavior with Steffy. Shrugging, Othello replied that it had been clear that the pair had chemistry, but it hadn't been physical.

Rick wasn't buying that nothing had occurred between the two. He continued to question Othello about the events; however, Othello reported that he'd only seen Liam and Steffy dancing together and then passed out by the pool separately. Rick asked Othello to talk to Hope about what had happened at the club. "You mean what didn't happen," Othello corrected.

Rick explained that he didn't want Hope to experience what he'd gone through with Amber. Rick didn't want Hope hurting and trying in vain to be with a man who couldn't give her what she deserved. Othello said it could be different for Hope. Reminding Othello of the chemistry he'd seen between Steffy and Liam, Rick asked if Othello really believed that it'd be different.

Sighing, Othello asked what Rick wanted him to do. Rick requested that Othello report to Hope what he and Rick thought really happened. Othello was leery about that, but Rick insisted that they really didn't know what had happened by the pool. Rick knew that things had happened between Liam and Steffy before, and something had probably happened again the other night.

Othello didn't want to cause Hope to be unhappy and alone. Rick insisted that Liam and Steffy hadn't been discussing politics in the cabana, and Hope wouldn't be alone, because Thomas might be interested in her. Othello noted that Thomas was dating the woman Rick was interested in. Rick claimed it wasn't like that, and Othello was the only one who could prevent Hope from getting hurt again.

Just then, Hope entered, saw Othello, and guessed that Rick hadn't wasted any time. Othello and Hope discussed his DJ jobs on the strip, and Hope began the uncomfortable task of questioning him about the evening at the club. Othello admitted to seeing Steffy and Liam; however, Othello hadn't seen a change in Liam's hair or the tattoo. Othello guessed it had happened in the back of the club.

Hope continued to question Othello, but he didn't seem to be forthcoming. Frustrated, Hope insisted that he'd seen something that night, and she pressed him to reveal what that was.

At the coffeehouse, Liam was reading at a table when Steffy approached. Liam guessed she'd heard that he'd been the talk of his wedding for making a fool of himself. Steffy relayed that she'd explained to Hope that nothing had happened between Steffy and Liam. Steffy said Hope would forgive him, because she'd be a fool not to.

Liam recounted what had happened at the wedding with him begging for forgiveness in his underpants. After making jokes about it, Steffy asked where he and Hope stood. Liam stated that his future was in Hope's hands. Steffy surmised that he still wanted to marry Hope -- if she'd forgive him for something he hadn't even done. Steffy understood Hope's reservations, because Liam hadn't exactly proven himself to be committed.

Liam said he was committed, and he'd prove it if Hope gave him a chance. He felt that it was his last chance with Hope, and he needed her to believe that nothing had happened between Steffy and him. Steffy insisted that nothing had happened, and Hope would believe him if she loved him. Liam stated that it wasn't that simple. Steffy agreed, acknowledging that she was Hope's problem.

Steffy conveyed that Hope would have problems as long as Steffy was in Liam's life. Steffy noted that they were innocently sitting together in the café, but if Hope saw them, she wouldn't understand. Liam insisted that he'd made a commitment to Hope, but Steffy said he hadn't, because a commitment was in the heart, not the head. Steffy thought his loyalty to Hope was amazing, but his loyalty to Steffy was even more amazing.

Steffy felt that if it weren't for her, Liam would be married to Hope. Steffy figured there was a reason that he and Hope weren't married. Steffy knew that Liam would be happy with Steffy, and she felt that they'd be together soon. She knew that he felt it, too. Liam shyly gasped.

Liam left, and Steffy daydreamed a montage of her intimate times with him.

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