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Monday, August 27, 2012

Outside with his mother, Thomas vented about Liam's treatment of Hope and Steffy. Thomas wondered how Taylor had dealt with it from Ridge. Taylor replied that she had no rational explanation, besides loving Ridge. Thomas felt that Hope deserved better than what Liam was dishing out. Taylor wondered if Thomas was hinting that Hope needed a man like him.

Taylor recalled that Thomas had wanted to marry Hope at one point, but then he'd begun dating Caroline. Taylor liked Caroline, but thought that he'd moved on from Hope rather quickly. Thomas quipped that Hope had all but kicked sand in his face on her way back to Liam. Taylor asked how he felt about Caroline and Hope. Thomas figured he could love Caroline, but he hadn't thought much about Hope. Taylor advised Thomas to sort out his feelings before making a serious commitment to Caroline.

In Rick's office, Hope pleaded with Othello to give her the truth. Othello, however, asked what Liam and Steffy had said about it. Hope responded that they'd lied to her before, and she needed to know if more than partying had gone on the other night. Rick urged Othello to tell her what she needed to know. Othello relented and admitted that he'd seen something.

Hope asked what that had been, but Othello just sighed. Rick chimed in and lied that Othello had seen Liam and Steffy making out in a corner of the club before proceeding upstairs to the cabana area. Othello huffed angrily. Rick asked Hope to protect her source because he'd technically revealed it to her, not Othello. Hope asked Othello if it were true, and he reluctantly answered that it was.

Hope sadly left, and Othello complained to Rick about hurting Hope with the lie. Rick replied that a lie was sometimes the only way to see the truth, and he didn't want Hope to have to wait for Liam to figure out who he wanted to be with on any given day. Othello asserted that they'd wrecked Hope's heart, but Rick suspected that Thomas would be there to help Hope over it.

Othello accused Rick of pushing Thomas toward Hope so that Caroline could be free. Rick denied it, but Othello figured Rick would be all over Caroline if Thomas weren't in the picture. Rick admitted that he might check in to see if there were any feelings left over between him and Caroline. A miffed Othello didn't appreciate being a part of a plan to break up Liam and Hope so that Rick could get to Caroline.

Just then, Thomas arrived, and Othello stormed out. Thomas asked why he'd been summoned, and Rick said Hope might need Thomas after the fallout with Liam. Thomas replied that Caroline would have a problem with that, but Rick quipped that Thomas didn't have to date Hope to be a friend to her. Rick then wished that Hope had agreed to marry Thomas in Mexico.

Thomas noted that he hadn't gotten that impression from Rick at the time Thomas had proposed. Rick claimed that no brother thought anyone was good enough for his sister, but a choice between Liam and Thomas was easy. Insisting that Hope deserved better than a man who always wanted another woman, Rick asked that Thomas be there for Hope if she needed him.

At the cliff house, Liam repeatedly text-messaged Hope. Bill lost count somewhere around the tenth text; however, he easily tallied that Hope had responded zero times. Liam claimed he wasn't going to beg Hope, but he'd text her until his thumbs fell off, if it would save the relationship.

Recognizing that shaking sense into his son hadn't worked, Bill attempted a "Zen-like" approach. Liam huffed that Bill could save his breath, and Bill's Zen went out the window as he yelled that Hope wasn't the one for Liam. "Dude, not your call," Liam quipped. Bill argued that Hope was weak. In his view, life only got tougher, and Liam needed a strong partner who wouldn't walk out.

Liam felt that Bill, not Liam, should reevaluate his feelings for Hope. Liam cited that no matter what Bill had done -- or how many times he'd tried to insert Steffy into the mix -- Liam had always wanted Hope from day one. Bill stated that he'd tried to accept Hope; however, they'd wound up back at square one, and Liam and Hope were not meant to be.

Liam countered that overcoming challenges meant that he and Hope were meant to be. Bill said no man needed to prostrate himself until his woman got over breaking a nail. Bill implored Liam to stop making "an ass" of himself; however, Liam replied that he didn't care how it looked to others.

Bill asked if Liam even cared about self-respect, because Hope's dress-down of him had set Bill's teeth on edge. Bill advised his son to live a little and figure out exactly who he was, but Liam said that wasn't happening. Liam reasoned that Hope was upset that he'd gone out with Steffy, but would be back once she figured out that nothing had happened between him and Steffy.

Bill left, and later, a subdued Hope arrived. Relieved, Liam wondered if she'd gotten his plethora of text messages. Hope said she hadn't been able to respond, but Steffy had substantiated his claims about the other night. Liam assumed that meant Hope would return home.

Liam apologized again for the wrong that he'd done, but he insisted that he loved and wanted to marry Hope. He regretted going out with Steffy, and he wished he'd remained at home. Proclaiming that he regretted every single thing about that night, he hoped that he and Hope could chalk it up to "Liam's last big blowout." He hugged Hope, but she pushed him away and uttered, "No."

Liam said Hope had every right to be hurt. Hope replied that she was hurt and betrayed. She laughed because she had a bridal line but couldn't manage to get married. She claimed she didn't want a bridal line anymore, and she didn't want to be married. Hope declared that she was done riding shotgun with Liam and Steffy, and if he couldn't get Steffy out of his mind, then he should be with her.

Liam claimed that wasn't what he wanted, but Hope said he needed to figure himself out. She declared that she didn't want to be his wife, his fiancée, or his girlfriend, and she didn't want anything to do with him. Hope felt that she didn't even know who he was anymore. Liam said he was sorry, but she retorted that he was always sorry. She announced that he'd pushed her too far, and she was done. She decided that she'd return for her things when he wasn't around.

Sad music played, and the camera went into slow motion as Liam reached for the despondent Hope. She pulled away and walked out the door. In real time, she sobbed on the stoop, and Rick watched her from the foliage lining the house.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

by Pam

At Liam's home, Liam stared at photos of Hope. Liam heard the front door close, and he thought it was Hope. Rick entered and angrily said he had seen Hope leave Liam's earlier in tears. Rick said it was the last time he was going to watch Hope leave that house in tears. Rick warned Liam to leave Hope alone because their relationship was over.

Rick said that he had watched Liam make a fool of himself and ruin Hope's wedding day. Rick accused Liam of choosing to make mistakes and then run back to Steffy. Rick said that Liam had never deserved a second chance after what he and Steffy had done in Italy. "You lost my sister, and you're not getting her back," Rick said. Rick encouraged Liam to go after Steffy before he lost Steffy too.

At Forrester, Steffy sat gazing starry-eyed at photos of Liam. Taylor burst in all excited about what had happened at Hope and Liam's wedding. Taylor wondered what Steffy was going to do. Taylor said that Steffy's all-night partying the previous night with Liam had to have meant more to him than Steffy thought.

Steffy disagreed. Steffy said that she had already spoken to Liam. He had made it clear that he was still planning a life with Hope. Taylor encouraged Steffy to go after Liam. Steffy said she would never give up on Liam, but Liam continued to choose Hope.

Steffy said it was what Liam and Hope always did. They repeatedly broke up and got back together. Steffy said that she couldn't keep putting herself through the struggle. Steffy said the Liam had made it clear that he was interested in a relationship with Hope.

Steffy said she had to get away from the office. Taylor wondered if Steffy would take the trip she had talked about, but Steffy left for a ride on her motorcycle. Steffy teased that she would try not to run over Hope. Steffy left, but Taylor remained in the office.

Minutes later, Liam showed up. Liam told Taylor that he was desperate to talk to Steffy to explain something. Liam said that he had tried Steffy's cell phone. Taylor quizzed Liam about what he wanted. Liam said he needed to talk to Steffy. Taylor didn't want to tell him where Steffy had gone, but she relented and told Liam that Steffy had gone for a ride on her motorcycle.

In Hope's office, Hope told Thomas she was done with Liam. She wanted no more weddings and no more fighting for a man with divided feelings. She insisted that she was the most naïve girl in the world because she believed in true love. She believed that no matter what Liam did, he still loved Hope because he said he did.

Hope said that she felt like an idiot because she believed that she could have a relationship that lasted forever. She challenged Thomas to name one person who had that kind of relationship because she couldn't think of anyone. Thomas insisted that their grandmother and granddad had that kind of relationship. He knew they had challenges, but at the end of the day, they were still sipping martinis.

Thomas encouraged Hope to cut Liam's picture into shreds. They both smiled. Thomas told Hope it would be all right. Thomas promised that standup guys would be happy to make her the center of their world. He knew because he had done it at one time.

Thomas also reminded Hope that she and Liam had survived a lot worse than Liam partying with Steffy the night before their wedding. He said their love had been tested many times. Hope agreed, but she said she was tired of trying to patch things up with Liam. She started to cry, and Thomas held her. Rick passed by the door and saw them together.

Hope said that Rick had told her that Liam had been all over Steffy the previous night, and she was thankful that her brother had told her the truth. Hope said that she was hurt and betrayed. Thomas promised to put a smile on her face.

Rick entered. Rick said that he had wanted to rip Liam apart for what he'd done to Hope. Rick admitted that he had gone to see Liam. Hope asked what Liam had said. Rick said he had gotten the impression that Liam was headed to Steffy's. Hope said that she shouldn't have been surprised. Thomas held her and hugged her. Rick left.

At the beach, Steffy walked around and revisited the last few places she had gone with Liam. She flashed back to memories of spending time with Liam, playing volleyball, sitting on the beach ,and watching skateboarders. Liam arrived at the beach and found Steffy while the song, "Back to You" played. Steffy smiled, and Liam sat down next to Steffy. They both smiled.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

by Pam

In Steffy's office at Forrester, Ridge entered and found Taylor there. Taylor excitedly told Ridge that Liam had just left, and Liam had been desperate to find Steffy. Ridge suggested that she shouldn't read too much into it, but Taylor insisted that Steffy had never loved anyone the way she had loved Liam. Taylor said that if Liam and Hope had broken up, it opened the door for Steffy.

Ridge reminded Taylor that he couldn't be excited for either of the girls because he loved them both. No matter what had happened with Liam, one of the girls would be hurt. Taylor told him that he was a good father.

In Hope's office, Hope thanked Thomas for always being there for her. Rick interrupted again and encouraged Hope and Thomas to get away from the office and have some fun. Thomas said that he would keep an eye on Hope. Rick left.

Thomas promised to try to make Hope smile. Thomas reminded Hope that he had done it before. He lamented that Hope hadn't seen what Liam was like when Liam, Thomas, Steffy, and Hope had all been in Mexico together.

Hope acknowledged that Thomas had been wonderful every time he had tried to help Hope get over Liam. She said that a romance never would have worked between Hope and Thomas because Hope had been so in love with Liam. Thomas asked, "Still?" Hope agreed she was still stuck on Liam, but she refused to go back. Thomas encouraged her to be strong and get past Liam.

Thomas told Hope that Rick had been right to discourage Hope from returning to Liam. Thomas added that Hope deserved someone who loved only Hope. Thomas took out his phone and joked that he had set up an online dating account for Hope. Hope and Thomas laughed. Thomas promised that Hope would find someone who loved only her.

At the beach, Liam and Steffy discussed that Hope had left Liam again. Liam didn't think that Hope would return. Steffy said she thought that Hope might change her mind.

Steffy and Liam walked along the beach. They walked into a leather shop, and Steffy persuaded Liam to buy a leather jacket. He tried it on, and they gazed at each other romantically. Steffy said that Liam looked great and needed to have more fun.

Later, Liam and Steffy returned to Liam's home. Liam looked at a picture of himself and Hope. Liam lamented that he couldn't believe that Hope was gone because all of her stuff was there. The closets were full of her clothes. He believed that he would still feel Hope's presence even if she left. Steffy told him he didn't have to stay there. Steffy invited Liam to stay with her.

Liam asked Steffy if she had peanut butter. Steffy said she did, and she promised that they could get bacon and bananas so that he could make his favorite sandwiches. Steffy promised that she would always be there for Liam, and that she wasn't going anywhere. They hugged.

On the rooftop at Forrester, Rick saw Caroline and explained that Thomas and Hope were together in Hope's office. Rick wondered how Caroline felt about that. Caroline said that she knew Thomas would support Hope. Rick explained that Thomas and Hope had a past and that Thomas had proposed to Hope. Caroline hadn't realized that Hope and Thomas had been that close.

Rick said that he had heard that family members thought that Thomas and Caroline were the next generation of Ridge and Caroline, but Rick said it didn't have to be that way just because Caroline's aunt and Thomas' dad had been so much in love.

Rick said that he thought Thomas was going to take advantage of the fact that Hope was available again. Rick felt he and Caroline should take the time to explore a relationship. Rick moved closer to Caroline and kissed her.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Ridge's office with Brooke, Katie revealed that her blood pressure had gone up after her confrontation with Liam earlier. Brooke didn't want to worsen it, but Katie insisted upon hearing an update on the couple. Brooke stated that Hope had ended it, and Katie thought that was odd, since Hope had forgiven Liam for worse. Brooke suspected that someone was manipulating the couple again.

Rick entered as Katie wondered what someone could possibly have said to sway Hope. Joining the debate, Rick said that Hope was fed up with Liam's antics, and she'd simply left. Katie and Brooke were confused by why Hope would break it off instead of working it out, because Hope loved Liam. Rick didn't think love should be so hard, and he asserted that Liam was more suited for Steffy.

Katie and Brooke quickly disagreed with that, but Rick felt that Liam would jump at any chance to be with Steffy. Rick reasoned that Liam had been starved for attention and hadn't been able to be alone for one evening. Brooke asserted that she wouldn't want Hope with someone who wasn't right for her, but Katie said that if others would get out of Hope and Liam's business, everything would be fine.

Rick thought it was time to admit that it wasn't working. After three attempted weddings, it was time to be grateful that Hope had the courage to move on. Rick cited that Hope had a lot more to look forward to in life, and they should all be glad that Hope wasn't hung up on Liam anymore.

At the cliff house, Steffy inspected Liam's hair and neck. She missed the hair coloring and tattoo, but figured that getting rid of them had made Liam fit to marry Hope. Liam replied that it hadn't been about how he'd looked; it had been about him being out with another woman -- Steffy -- on the eve of his wedding. He admitted that he'd been wrong, but Hope was gone.

Steffy hugged Liam and asked why turning to her was so wrong. Liam said Steffy knew there was a connection between them. Steffy claimed they hadn't acted on it, except in Italy. He said it didn't matter, because Hope was done.

Steffy suggested they get a pizza and watch a Bob Hope movie. He said it wasn't necessary, but she volunteered to drive his car to get the pizza, because her bike was still parked in Venice.

At Forrester that evening, Hope flashed back to the conflicting stories she'd gotten from Rick and Liam about what Liam had done with Steffy the previous night. Thomas entered, still up for the challenge of keeping her mind off Liam. Hope was sure that he had better things to do, but Thomas felt that he was right where he needed to be.

Thomas figured that Hope was wrestling with her forgiving heart, but said she had to stand her ground because Liam was probably with Steffy at that very moment. Hope claimed she had too much self-respect to put up with Liam's divided feelings. She wanted to eventually retrieve her things from Liam's place, but she dreaded running into Steffy or Liam. Thomas thought that the sooner Hope did it, the better, and he volunteered to help her move her things that evening.

Later the night, Hope and Thomas arrived outside Liam's house with packing supplies. Liam's car was gone, and the porch light was on. Thomas joked that Liam was probably at the club somewhere, getting tattooed. With a sigh, Hope resigned herself to getting the ordeal over with.

When Thomas and Hope entered the house, they found the lights on, and Thomas offered to call Steffy to see if she and Liam were nearby. Hope opted to just start packing as quickly as possible. She couldn't believe that it was her wedding night, and she was moving out instead of settling in.

Liam entered and was surprised to see Hope. Hope explained that she and Thomas were picking up her things. After a few awkward moments, Hope decided to get started. Liam grasped her forearms and said she didn't have to do it. Hope replied that she loved him, but she really did have to do it.

Liam was sad and quiet as Thomas and Hope boxed up her things. Thomas went to get more supplies, and Liam handed Hope some magazines that she'd forgotten. She figured that she'd probably forgotten something else, and Liam offered to call her if he found anything. Hope told him to just let her aunt know instead, and he sighed, guessing they couldn't even talk on the phone anymore.

Just then, Steffy returned with the pizza. Upon seeing Thomas and Hope, she was glad she'd gotten a large. Hope rolled her eyes, and Steffy suggested that she and Thomas give Hope and Liam time alone. Hope huffed at Steffy pretending to care about Hope and Liam's relationship. Steffy claimed to care about Liam. Hope said that if that were true, Steffy would have respected his choice to be with Hope. "It's just the same thing over and over with you," Hope seethed.

Hope went to the bedroom, and aside, Steffy asked Thomas what he thought he was doing. In Steffy's view, he and Hope were being insensitive to Liam. Thomas scoffed because he and Hope hadn't known Liam would be there. Thomas figured Steffy ought to be glad that Hope was moving out, but Steffy claimed that it wasn't about her. She then wondered why "Mr. Caroline's Sun and the Moon" was with Hope. Thomas insisted that it wasn't like that, and he was just helping Hope.

Hope reentered the room, and Liam asked to talk to her. She didn't think there was anything to say, but Liam claimed not to understand why it was over. Hope stated that Steffy might be important to him, but there was a line that he shouldn't cross. Steffy interjected that he hadn't crossed a line, and annoyed, Hope asked Thomas to give her a minute alone with Steffy and Liam.

Thomas went outside, and Steffy insisted upon knowing what Liam had done that was so bad. Liam asked Steffy to back down, but she said, "No, it's not okay." Steffy listed Liam's clubbing mistakes, but noted that he'd cleaned up. Hope replied that one couldn't clean up everything. Hope figured that the breakup was good for Steffy because she no longer had to hide her feelings.

Hope gave Steffy and Liam her blessing to be together, party all night, shave their heads, and drink until they passed out if they wanted. Hope said that Liam didn't get to hurt her anymore. It was apparent to Hope that Steffy offered Liam something that Hope didn't. Hope urged him to go for it -- to be with Steffy without looking back or feeling guilty. "If you want to live your life on the dark side, live it with Steffy," Hope said.

Friday, August 31, 2012

At Forrester after her trip, Donna sat at herdesk, applying makeup. Pam reminded Donna that it was their desk. Pam asked how Stephen was, and Donna said he was enjoying Dallas. Hesitantly, Pam asked if he'd inquired about her. "Uh...nope," Donna awkwardly replied.

Rick approached and wondered if Hope were still in his office with Thomas. Pam said Hope had taken Thomas to Liam's house to move Hope's stuff, and Thomas' girlfriend was in Rick's office.

Rick grinned and headed into his office to ask Caroline to have dinner with him. Rick wouldn't hear of a refusal, because he knew Thomas was busy helping Hope move out of Liam's place. Caroline was surprised to hear that, and Rick stated that he was glad Thomas was helping Hope out.

Rick stepped into the corridor to take a call. Othello was on the line, expressing reservations about what he and Rick had told Hope about Liam. Rick felt that it was best for everyone, because Hope could be with Thomas, Liam with Steffy, and Rick with Caroline. Othello said that it wasn't best for Hope and Liam, because if Hope found out about the lie, she'd be back with Liam in a heartbeat. Quipping that there was no Hope and Liam, Rick abruptly ended the call.

Caroline peeked into the corridor and noted that Rick had sounded intense on his call. Rick claimed he was just ensuring that things worked out for Hope. Rick and Caroline returned to his office, and Caroline wondered if Hope and Thomas had said when they'd be back. Rick replied that they'd be very late, which meant that he and Caroline should have dinner. "Really?" Caroline quipped, laughing.

Rick remarked that Caroline hadn't been around the last time Thomas had latched onto Hope. Amazed at how much things could change in one evening, Rick noted that Liam's night out had resulted in a canceled wedding, Thomas being at Hope's side, and sexy Caroline being in Rick's office. Rick couldn't help but think that it was meant to be. In a forbidding tone, Caroline said his name.

Rick explained that Amber had damaged him, and he needed someone good in his life, someone that he could be proud of. He believed that he'd be running the company one day, and he needed a counterpart. Rick claimed that he had goals, and he didn't want to accomplish them alone. Caroline informed Rick that it couldn't be with her, because she was with Thomas.

Rick thought the relationship with Thomas was a cute summer fling, but wondered if it there were really a future for Caroline and Thomas. Caroline thought there was, but Rick claimed that Thomas was just like his father, Ridge, who liked saving damsels in distress. Rick said Thomas was in "full-on white knight mode" with Hope, and it was only a prelude of what was to be.

Caroline refused to believe that Thomas was going after Hope and leaving Caroline out in the cold. Rick replied that she wouldn't be out in the cold, because he'd take care of her. Rick moved in to kiss Caroline, but she turned her head. She said that Rick was acting like it was a done deal, but she'd wait to hear from Thomas before she let Rick kiss her again, or take her to dinner.

Caroline decided to call Thomas, but Rick didn't want to pull Thomas from the grieving Hope's side. Rick offered to ask Pam when Hope and Thomas would return. Caroline thanked Rick, and they hugged.

At the cliff house, Liam couldn't understand why he and Hope couldn't work things out. He said that he loved Hope, but she retorted that he loved Steffy, too. Steffy interjected that he'd married Hope. Exasperated, Hope stated that "this right here" was the reason Steffy and Liam belonged together. Hope touted that actions trumped words, but Steffy wondered what actions Hope was talking about.

Liam sensed that something more was going on. Hope denied it, but he beseeched her to tell him. Hope said that whenever he was hurting, his instinct was to go to Steffy. Noting that Steffy was there at that moment, Hope guessed it was just meant to be.

The three heard a strange knock against the house, and Liam guessed it was the wind. Hope assumed that Steffy would get reacquainted with the old house once she moved back in. "Come on, Hope! You don't have to do this!" Liam exclaimed. Hope replied that he'd done it all on his own.

Thomas entered and said everything was set. Liam asked if Hope was going to leave their home that way. Hope said it had never been their home; it was his with Steffy. Hope had seen a lot of promise in her and Liam, but in the end, all she saw was a man with a sword around his neck, breaking her heart.

Hope left, and Steffy rolled her eyes when Liam went to the porch to watch Hope and Thomas drive off. Steffy joined him outside, and when she looked back at the front of the house, she said, "What in the world?" Liam's eyes followed her gaze, and he saw that a heart with a sword through it had been spray-painted over his front door. "I guess we know what Thomas was up to," Steffy stated.

Liam figured that it had been Hope's idea to put it on the house. He believed that Hope had wanted Liam to understand her pain. Steffy stated that she and Liam had gone out as friends, and Hope was just lashing out. He replied that he'd hurt Hope, and he kept making stupid choices over and over again. "What I did was wrong, and now I lost her," he said, and Steffy hugged him.

The two went into the house, and Steffy said it was Hope's problem if she didn't trust Liam, because he'd been faithful. "Italy?" he asked. Steffy then claimed that he'd been faithful since he'd taken the vows that Hope didn't want to recognize. Liam insisted that he'd been wrong and insensitive to be with Steffy the night before his wedding -- especially after what had happened in Italy.

Liam wished he'd been able to put Hope's feelings above his own. Steffy claimed to understand that Liam was a man of his word who felt like he'd broken it. "A sword through the heart. That's what I did ... to such a good person. Why do I hurt her like that?" he asked. Steffy said that time would take care of everything for "both of you."

Later, Thomas and Hope went back to Forrester, and Hope wondered if Liam had seen the sign. Thomas replied that Liam had been looking right at it when they'd driven off. Hope wondered if it had been a bad idea to spray-paint the house. Though Thomas had been surprised when Hope had suggested it, he said that Liam needed to see how he'd hurt her. Hope was glad that until Liam cleaned it off, he'd have a visible reminder of how he'd stabbed her in the heart.

Thomas was proud of Hope for making Liam accountable, and Thomas implored Hope to stay strong. Hope realized that she'd accepted Liam's love for another woman time and time again. She claimed that if she had another wedding, there would be no question as to what the groom would be doing the night before it. Thomas was sure the men would line up to love only her.

Just then, Rick entered. Hope and Thomas explained that they'd gone to Liam's to pack up Hope's things and do a bit of painting. Rick's brows rose, and Hope said she'd asked Thomas to spray-paint a heart on the side tower of the house. "With one of those stupid Spencer swords stabbing through it," Thomas gleefully added.

Hope left, and Thomas decided to get back to work and track down Caroline. Rick stopped Thomas and said Hope was finally free of "that jerk," which was what Thomas had once wanted. Thomas figured things would be different if Hope had married Thomas, and Thomas said he wouldn't treat her like Liam did. "Remind her of that. This is your chance. Make it happen. You love Hope. Make her yours," Rick urged.

As Thomas paced and considered Rick's words, Hope paused in deep thought in the hallway. At home, the sullen Liam stared out his window.

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