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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 3, 2012 on B&B
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This pre-emption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 4, and pick up where the Friday, August 31 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick gushed to Thomas that Thomas had helped Hope get over Liam. Thomas said that he knew Rick was using everyone in order to get Thomas away from Caroline so she'd be available to Rick. Thomas wondered why Rick would support Thomas' relationship with Hope when Thomas and Rick had rarely agreed on anything. Rick said they did agree that Liam did not deserve Hope.

Rick said that he was convinced Hope appreciated Thomas and that Thomas could easily become involved with Hope again if he wanted to. Thomas said Hope was still hung up on Liam. Rick tried to encourage Thomas that he and Hope could be together.

In Ridge's office, Hope shared with Brooke and Ridge that she had moved all her things out of Liam's place. Hope told her parents that she was done with Liam. She couldn't lead her life, wondering if Liam was with Steffy every time he came home late.

Hope added that Thomas had been supportive. Hope admitted that she had foolishly persuaded Thomas to spray-paint a heart and sword on Liam's house. Ridge was unimpressed that Hope had resorted to vandalism. Caroline overheard the conversation and offered her support of Hope.

Eric and Stephanie entered and asked about the press conference. Hope said she planned an important announcement. Brooke and Hope spoke privately, and Brooke tried to persuade Hope that Hope and Liam would find their way back together. Hope disagreed and said it was over.

At the Forrester reception desk, Pam and Donna greeted Jarrett. Pam offered lemon bars. The press and everyone gathered for the press conference. Dayzee and Marcus wondered what it was about, and Dayzee guessed that it was bad news.

At Spencer Publications, Bill angrily told Liam to stop moping around the office. Katie defended Liam. Katie said that Liam had good reason to be upset, because he and Hope had broken up.

Steffy arrived. Bill was glad to see her, and Katie told Steffy to get lost. Steffy told Katie that she had no ulterior motives but wanted to be there to support Liam because Hope had called a press conference. Bill was critical of Hope and said that Hope held a press conference every time she broke a nail.

Steffy said that she knew Hope's press conference would be tough on Liam, and Steffy had no idea what Hope was doing. Katie told Steffy to leave, but Bill told her to stay. Bill said that he had supported Hope in Italy, but she had quickly walked out on Liam twice.

Steffy used her phone to show Bill a photo of the heart with a sword in it that Thomas and Hope had spray-painted on Liam's house. Bill angrily showed it to Katie and said that it was juvenile. Katie and Liam defended Hope because she did have a broken heart, but Katie agreed it was immature. Bill called a crew to have it cleaned.

Katie pulled up the press conference on her computer, but Liam insisted that he did not want to watch it. As soon as he saw Hope, though, Liam was mesmerized. Hope started the press conference and announced that her bridal line and her engagement were over, and she was eliminating the bridal line.

Hope emotionally said that it was time to start fresh, and she was looking forward to it. Her voice trailed off, and she asked for a glass of water. Rick presented the water and whispered his concern. Hope said she planned to move ahead. Rick encouraged her to get on with the announcement.

Hope said that she was sure the audience had questions. Jarrett asked how Hope and Liam could have drifted so far apart after all they had been through. Rick intervened and said that Hope was a lady with class, beauty, and integrity. Liam was not good enough for Hope because he had proven too many times that he was not in it for the long haul.

Rick said that the Hope for the Future line would continue to the next level and would add a designer. Rick announced that Thomas Forrester would provide his hot and elegant style to Hope for the Future. Eric, Stephanie, Brooke, and Ridge were all surprised. So were Hope and Thomas.

Thomas joined Hope at the podium and said that he had great ideas for Hope's new line. He added that he wanted to help Hope achieve her vision. Thomas kissed Hope, and Caroline was shocked. So was everyone else, and Hope looked disengaged.

At Forrester, Liam looked angrily at the computer, and Steffy gasped. Bill, who could not see the computer, told Liam to stop being a sad puppy dog. Bill told Liam to quit being soft and get back into hard-hitting journalism. Bill insisted that Liam had to start acting like Bill's heir. Liam stared at the computer.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, during the press conference, Hope told the media said that she and Thomas were not involved. Rick chimed in and said that the new line had not yet been defined, but Thomas and Hope would announce that in the future. Hope whispered to Thomas that he needed to explain his kiss.

At Spencer, Liam was livid that Thomas had kissed Hope. Bill said that Hope had already moved on, and Liam needed to do the same. Katie and Steffy disagreed with Bill. Katie and Steffy said that Hope had appeared lifeless during the kiss. They agreed that Hope still loved Liam.

Bill ranted that Liam could not humiliate himself again. Liam said that he was going after Hope. Bill mocked Liam, but Liam said that he loved Hope, and he didn't care what Bill wanted. Liam left, and Katie went after him.

Bill told Steffy to go after Liam and make Liam her man. Steffy said that Liam clearly wanted to be with Hope, and Steffy was tired of trying to manipulate Liam and Hope. Bill pressured Steffy to stake a claim to Liam, but Steffy said that Liam had feelings for Hope. Steffy admitted that she loved Liam, but she wanted him only on her terms.

At Forrester, Thomas and Caroline met in an office, and Thomas tried to explain that he had kissed Hope in an effort to create a buzz for the company. Thomas explained that Forrester had a huge investment in Hope's line, and Forrester needed to salvage what it could. Caroline was disappointed and angry. She left. Later, Rick showed up and cuddled with Caroline.

Stephanie and Eric met in Ridge's office and discussed their crazy grandchildren and their lives. Stephanie reminded Eric that they had done the same things when they were young. Stephanie added that they hadn't had social media to contend with.

Ridge whispered to Rick that he was displeased with Rick's decision-making during the press conference. Rick countered that he had had saved company face during the press conference that was clearly going nowhere. Rick added that he had saved the company's image, and Ridge seemed resigned to Rick's decision-making.

Rick said he had pulled the botched press conference out of the fire. Later, Stephanie reassured Brooke that Thomas had used his kiss of Hope as a way to convey his charm. Brooke angrily disagreed. Stephanie said that Thomas had saved the day because Hope clearly was unprepared to handle the press. Ridge agreed and said that Thomas wouldn't let Hope or the company down. Brooke argued that Hope belonged with Liam.

Brooke was angry that Thomas had kissed Hope, but everyone agreed that Thomas and Rick had saved the day. Eric and Ridge agreed that Rick and Thomas had saved the day at the press conference. Brooke and Ridge agreed to disagree, and they decided to discuss their own wedding.

Thomas joined Hope in her office. Thomas told Hope that the kiss was a nice publicity stunt just like when he had kissed Brooke at a press conference to create a buzz for the company. Hope said that Thomas belonged with Caroline. Thomas claimed that he found Hope irresistible and refused to promise that he wouldn't kiss her again. Hope said they would never be more than friends.

Liam entered and asked why Hope was kissing Thomas. Hope said that it was none of Liam's business. Thomas tried to intervene, but Liam told Thomas that Thomas had taken advantage of Hope. Liam pleaded with Hope to give him another chance. Liam told Hope that he loved her.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge contemplated having a quick courthouse wedding, but Stephanie suggested something small for the family. Brooke imagined that it could be fun tossing the bouquet to Donna. Stephanie said there was just one condition -- the bouquet had to be thrown to Pam.

Stephanie surprised Ridge and Brooke by asking if she could coordinate the wedding and host it at the mansion. They loved the idea. Stephanie said it would be her way of acknowledging that Brooke was part of their family. Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie grinned at each other.

Stephanie and Brooke got down to planning, and Brooke wondered if any out-of-town guests would make it. Stephanie thought it was a bad idea to have Stephen there, if Pam would be there. Brooke mentioned a new bakery that had just opened up, but Stephanie and Ridge warned that Pam would be appalled if she couldn't make the cake. Brooke insisted upon at least picking the flavor.

Stephanie wondered if they should have a big shindig, since it would be Brooke and Ridge's last time down the aisle. With a sentimental look, Brooke said she wanted a small wedding with the people they loved. Stephanie ordered Brooke not to get all mushy, but groaned when Brooke hugged her.

Stephanie left, and as Brooke sat Ridge's lap, she expressed amazement that she and Ridge were actually getting married. Ridge said that he and Brooke had been on an amazing journey, but even more amazing was the journey that Brooke and Stephanie had been on together. He believed his mother had finally accepted Brooke. "It only took half a lifetime," Brooke replied. Ridge said it was better late than never.

Brooke kissed Ridge and then suddenly decided to text-message Stephanie about a specific hors d'oeuvre she wanted at the wedding. Ridge joked that Brooke was always a caterer's daughter. The couple contemplated whether they would have met had it not been for Stephanie's dinner party years earlier. Ridge insisted that he would have found Brooke eventually.

Brooke asked Ridge to guess what hors d'oeuvre she'd texted Stephanie about. Brooke hinted that it one of his obsessions. "Big, giant olives!" Brooke exclaimed. She and Ridge laughed and discussed the Italy proposal. Ridge said they couldn't have gone back to Italy without him proposing, because he'd had a reputation to uphold. "Well, you are Ridge Forrester," Brooke said, and they kissed.

In Liam's office, Katie was glad to see Steffy there, and not at Forrester, interfering with Liam and Hope. Steffy claimed she wouldn't interfere because it was Liam's business if he wanted Hope. Steffy didn't support that relationship; however, she supported Liam, and her love for him wasn't an act.

Katie noted that Steffy claimed not to be interfering; however, Steffy had a knack for being wherever Liam was. Katie said to give Liam some breathing room, but Steffy asserted that it wouldn't happen. Steffy planned to be there for Liam if anyone hurt him or if he was in pain. Katie figured Steffy was trying a new tactic, but Steffy claimed that being Liam's friend wasn't a scheme. Steffy felt that being there for him was how a wife should treat a husband.

Steffy left, and Bill arrived to whisk Katie away to plan dinner -- with Liam and Steffy at the cliff house. Katie insisted that she didn't want to have dinner with Steffy, and Katie was sure that Steffy didn't want to have dinner with her, either. Bill claimed Katie had to do it because he was the founder of "Team Steffy." Scoffing, Katie replied that she was the CEO of "Team Hope."

Katie reasoned that Liam could be escorting Hope back to their home that evening. Bill doubted it, since Hope only wanted Liam to suffer. Bill wished he hadn't changed his mind about Hope, but he claimed he was back on track to reunite Liam and Steffy. Katie reluctantly agreed to be at the dinner. Bill tried to talk her into cooking, too, but she roared, "No!" Bill frowned, and she kissed him.

In Thomas' office, Hope refused to give Liam another chance; however, Liam could see her love for him in her eyes. Thomas told Liam to move on and accept his mistakes. Liam claimed that he'd go if he believed Hope didn't really love him or that what he'd done was unforgivable.

Liam asserted that he would have understood if his and Hope's roles had been reversed. Hope felt that he was trying to guilt her, but she couldn't help how she had reacted to the way he'd chosen to treat her. He reasoned that they'd both forgiven each other for mistakes, but she called it an exhausting cycle. Liam stated that he loved her, and he'd say it again and again. He asked her not to let it end that way.

Thomas told Liam to stop, and Liam ordered Thomas to butt out. Hope claimed that Thomas was her friend, but Liam doubted that Thomas felt that way. Thomas claimed not to be the one bouncing between women, but Liam quipped that Thomas was kissing Hope while dating Caroline. Liam asked to talk to Hope alone, but Thomas refused to allow it. Hope told Thomas that it would be okay.

Thomas went to his office, where Steffy arrived and demanded to know what he'd been up to by kissing Hope. Thomas claimed that the kiss had been a publicity stunt, but Steffy wasn't buying it. She mused that, for some reason, Hope wasn't forgiving Liam, and it might really be over for them.

Back in Rick's office, Liam told Hope not to buy Thomas' line that the kiss had been just about publicity. Liam believed that Thomas had feelings for her. Hope said Thomas was dating Caroline. Liam revealed that it had hurt to see the kiss. Hope said she'd been there before, and she'd even watched an entire video of Liam and Steffy. "You can't play that off as a publicity stunt," Hope quipped.

Liam asked Hope to give him one more chance, but Hope said that too much pain accompanied loving him. Liam claimed he wasn't trying to minimize the hurt he'd caused. Hope yelled that he was still hurting her by not telling the truth. Liam became confused, but Hope said to forget what she'd said.

Liam pressed, claiming that he'd been as honest as he could be -- even about loving Steffy. He wished he could turn the feelings off, and Hope asserted that he couldn't stop acting on them, either. She said that any time that he was hurting, he ran straight to Steffy. Hope insisted that he did it because he loved Steffy, but he didn't have to fight it anymore.

Hope claimed that Liam and Steffy were good together. Liam asked if he had a say in it, because he'd prefer to be Hope's husband. Scoffing, Hope said it was hard for her to believe, because the night before their wedding, he'd cheated on her. "What? No, I didn't!" Liam exclaimed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today. This pre-emption was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 10, and pick up where the Friday, September 7 episode concluded.

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